umm fluttershy

Its Okay I Have You

It’s been raining a lot the past few days, so while it was stormy, I needed a Fluttershy who’s always got the smallest critters in mind. 

Rarity : “Oh no, it looks like it’s going to rain!  I’m wearing silk, it simply CAN’T get wet!”

Twilight : “Looks like you’re right, Rarity..”

Rainbowdash : “Yikes, and it’s gonna be pretty heavy too, awesome!”

Fluttershy : “Oh my…”

Applejack : “Come on, guys, lets get outta here.  Warm cider back at the farm!”

Rainbowdash : “YE-AH!”

Pinkie : “Fluttershy, lets go! Watcha standing around for?”

Fluttershy : “Umm..”

Rarity : “You’ll get positively soaked, darling, we shouldn’t wait around much longer.”

Fluttershy : “Oh.. Well.. You guys go ahead.. I’ll catch up..”

Twilight : “You sure?”

Fluttershy : “Uhm.. Yes, very.”

Rainbowdash : “Whatevs! More for me! Come on guys!”

Pinkie : “Yay yay!”

Twilight : “See you later, Fluttershy, try not to get wet!”

Fluttershy : “Heh.. Okay.. I won’t…”

Fluttershy : “Get too wet..”


Mod: Just giving a small update on the progress I’ve been making on inking that large group picture. As can be seen, I’ve finished the flats on TCA_Sweetie Belle and PC_Apple Bloom. I originally did have Demotivated Pinkie inked, but I really didn’t like how she had turned out, so I’m re-inking her. Will probably have another update on this tomorrow.(remember to click on the full group picture to see it at full size)