A lioness does not fear a frog, no matter how old and ugly she might be. She should have gone, she should have listened, she should have run away. Instead she took the dagger Maggy offered her, and ran the twisted iron blade across the ball of her thumb.

In the dim green tent, the blood seemed more black than red. Maggy’s toothless mouthtrembled at the sight of it. “Here,” she whispered, “give it here.” When Cersei offered her hand, she sucked away the blood with gums as soft as a newborn babe’s. The queen could still remember how queer and cold her mouth had been.

“Three questions may you ask,” the crone said, once she’d had her drink. “You will not like my answers. Ask, or begone with you.”

asoiaf/got meme » one queen/king [1/1] » cersei lannister and maggy the frog’s prophecy

How to backup your blog if you are actually worried
  • Go to
  • Create a new website. Choose whatever category you think fits your blog best and whatever theme you like. You can just choose the free plan unless you want a custom domain for whatever reason. 
  • Click Settings on the sidebar. 

Then click import at the top of the page and go to “Other Importers”

From the list that appears, choose “Tumblr”

You should be asked to log in. Once you do, all your blogs will appear in a list. 

Simply click “Import this blog” and every single one of your posts, including all of their tags, will be imported into wordpress. It will take a very very long time but it should work. You will now have a wordpress website that contains an exact copy of your blog. I would recommend changing it to “Private” in the main settings if you don’t want people thinking that it is active, because at least I know I won’t actually leave tumblr unless it really does shut down, which I don’t think will happen.

what u want according to ur sign

aries - a klaine wedding
taurus - a klaine wedding
gemini - a klaine wedding
cancer - a klaine wedding
leo - a klaine wedding
virgo - a klaine wedding
libra - a klaine wedding
scorpio - a klaine wedding
sagittarius - a klaine wedding
capricorn - a klaine wedding
aquarius - a klaine wedding
pisces - a klaine wedding god damn