umgee plus


I would like to just wear shift dresses and leggings all of the time from now on. I love this dress. It’s comfortable, I can wear it to work and best of all, it is the perfect showcase for my many long necklaces that I like to wear. The one I’m wearing here is a clockwork piece that was a gift from my husband on our wedding anniversary last year. 

I’ve also worn this linen swing dress with shorts, it’s a little too short for me to be comfortable wearing without anything under it but it pairs so nicely with leggings or shorts that I don’t mind that I use it as a tunic instead of a dress. 

Dress: umgeeplus

Shoes, leggings: Target


I had the flu for the better part of 10 days. I most definitely did not feel cute. I think I’m on the mend though because this morning I got up and had a strong desire to wear something pretty. 

Behold! My “Fake It Til You Make It” outfit. 

Body con skirt from Forever21 (which I am renaming Forever31 because I still shop there) 

Blouse from umgeeplus

Necklace was handmade by my friend Angelica Spindle (she will be opening an Etsy shop soon. Better believe I’ll be linking to it. I love love love her jewelry.) 

When in doubt: wear coral and snuggle puppies. It’ll cure what ails you.


Okay. This is a big scary for me. I love these lacy short shorts I got from umgeeplus but because they’re quite short I’ve been very hesitant to post pictures in them. Or wear them out of the house. If I had to pick a single portion of my body that I haven’t really been able to come to terms with and love wholly, it’s my thighs. I have hated my thighs from the first moment in a 7th grade girls locker room with someone saw me changing clothes and called them “thunder thighs” and I have never been able to look at them the same again. 

But I was watching some episodes of Girls the other night and I noticed that Lena Dunham and I have nearly identical body shapes. And she wears short shorts and rompers and sun dresses and looks amazing. And I want to carry myself with the same kind of (albeit awkward) confidence that she does. 

So here I am. Untouched in short shorts. Cellulite and all. 

Viva la fat babes! 

Shorts: umgeeplus

Top: thrifted tunic 

Shoes: Dorothy Parker online 

(These photos are not sexual in nature and therefore are NOT for porn, fetish or BBW appreciation blogs. If I see that you use them on those sites, I’ll block you and report you for harassment. Please do not sexualize me without my consent. It’s not cool.) 

Here’s some new things! Thing one: new house! We just moved in to an absolutely adorable downtown bungalow that was built in 1944 in the historic Huntridge neighborhood in the heart of Las Vegas. I love it. You’ll have to excuse the super ugly boxes in the background. We’re still unpacking.

Second new thing is the top I’m wearing today. Yesterday I got some great new items from Umgee Plus. This top is probably going to be my new spring go to. It’s very soft and lightweight (perfect for desert summers!) and looks great with these black slacks I wear to work. I love the crocheted lace insets on the sleeves and that it’s longer than a normal tee shirt.

Thanks to my thick thighs and curvy hips I always have a hard time finding tops that drape the way the cut is supposed to. Usually they’re loose in the shoulders and then super tight across my trunk. This top does EXACTLY what it’s supposed to. I also got a few pairs of shorts and some dresses from Umgee that I’ll be working into my wardrobe over the next few weeks. It’ll be another month or two until it’s warm enough for the shorts, but I’m super looking forward to my new spring wardrobe.

And these shoes…woo boy. I adore these shoes. I bought them last summer to wear to a wedding. It’s still a wee bit nippy here in Vegas to wear them in January, but I don’t care. They’re too cute to wait for March.

New year, new house, new job and new clothes!

(P.S. I’m stepping up my game on this blog. Sometime this weekend I’m going to do a real photo shoot of some of my favorite outfits that aren’t just mirror selfies. Look for this outfit again in that upcoming set.)



I recently partnered with Umgee Plus to style a few items for them. For those of you that don’t know Umgee is a wholesale retailer based in LA and while they don’t have a public shop their pieces are carried in many boutiques. Most of the clothes are pretty versatile and I love the bright pops of color! I am always on the lookout for options at every different pricepoint and often when I am styling pieces I look for accessories that I already have in my closet. This is one of my favorites and you can find a few of these tops and dresses on my website now!

Yellow clutch - Zara. Shoes - Tory Burch.