All right, so Porter’s Ultra set was extremely impressive. Even if I didn’t have the luxury of a computer screen, or even being there, I was pretty much in awe just watching and listening to it on my phone. What I will say, is when I watch Porter, I see this guy who gives off this charisma that speaks loud enough to control thousands of people’s hearts and souls. During Language, the control he holds on his audience is something you can just feel, even if you’re just watching it through a electronic device. You’re on fire, and you’re pretty much just floating on a cloud because the joy and sincerity in his music transmits itself even thousands of miles across the planet.

That, is why he’s special. Any one that can continuously do that with their music and style of performance is not only truly dedicated to creating beautiful music, but is one of a kind too. So proud.

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♫ Hardwell – Live @ Ultra Europe (UMF, Croatia) – 13-07-2013 ♫
That the disfruteis to topeeeeeeee!!!
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