Xavier Vlad, who heads up the Center for Advanced Material Irradiation, describes an experimental oddity: one test sample vanished from the vacuum chamber at the end of an ion beam line and appeared in a separate chamber in a different area of the lab.

Dare we call it teleportation?


A group of University of Michigan Society for Women Engineers (SWE) are in India right now. 

1. SWE is launching their first intentional chapter in India and the students are there for the launch.
2. After that they are going to Walchandnagar where they are hosting a 2-week science and engineering camp for middle school and high school students.

They are blogging about their journey and their stay in their blog - SWE Overseas.


The 2013 class of Michigan Engineering graduates entered the next phase of their lives with the Commencement Ceremony held Saturday, May 4 at Crisler Arena. The ceremony included laughter, tears and applause from students, friends and family - and an unexpected twist for many from the Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering David C. Munson Jr.

“As many know, we offer alternatives to the traditional handshake here at Michigan Engineering. Fist bumps, hugs, high fives and yes, even chest bumps, are acceptable,” said Munson during the ceremony.

“Just remember, I’m old. I’m very, very old,” he added, laughing.

True to his word, the dean delivered dozens of chest bumps, as well as taking “selfies” (self-portraits with students via mobile devices), doing the do-si-do and even receiving a Hawain lei from one student. Students and families unaccustomed to the Dean’s friendliness were ecstatic about the performance, and conversations on Twitter using the #UMCOE13 hashtag showed their surprise.

Tweeted Maruping Mangwedi ‏(@Maru_123): “The Dean of the School of Engineering at the University of Michigan, David Munson Jr, is so very cool #UMCOE13.”

> Watch video of the ceremony

Follow the conversation and add your own memories by using the #UMCOE13 hashtag.

#MichiganEngineers feeling a little stressed with #finals around the corner?

Bust it out with a session at #Stressbusters. Take a break from studying and head over to the Dude for some relaxation. They’ve got a variety of activities lined up to help clear your mind and “flush away” negative thoughts (literally flush - like with a toilet).

It’s from 10-6 in the Dude Connector - don’t miss it!


The beloved #AnnArbor burger joint, Blimpy Burger, closed its doors yesterday. But, before it did, we asked people in this video what three words they would use to describe the artery-clogging restaurant.

What three words would you use?

Baja dubbed "Iron Man"

It may be covered in mud, but it’s for good reason… the U-M Baja Racing team took first in the Mike Schmidt Memorial Iron Man award, which is basically the championship award for the whole baja series.

So, for the first time ever, the U-M team took home the national championship. #HAIL!


Could cancer be diagnosed with a simple blood test? A new chip developed by Sunitha Nagrath, assistant professor of chemical and mechanical engineering, and her lab developed a chip that can trap cancer cells.

When the team runs a blood sample through the chip, it can catch breast, lung and pancreatic cancer cells. These cells can then be grown on the chip to learn more about the disease in a specific patient.

Read the whole story here.

What’s the deal with fracking, and how is it affecting our water?

A few U-M players are trying to figure that out, and they held a town hall-style meeting last night to discuss it. Watch the meeting and check out this short documentary on the future of fracking and how it may affect you.

Two #Aerospace #Engineering profs are turning to #Kickstarter to fund their interplanetary satellite mission. First time #umich professors have ever used the crowd-sourcing website. Re-blog to help the cause!

Oh, and you could make a donation to get your name laser-etched on a solar panel and exposed to deep #space. How cool is that?

Smartphones apps can help you live better

Jasprit Singh, who grew up in New Delhi, is a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at University of Michigan. He is also a yoga devotee and instructor with studios in Ann Arbor and Santa Barbara.

He challenged his students In a course called Imagine, Innovate, Act! to design mobile apps to help users set and meet wellness milestones.

“Technology,” Singh said, “can be a great behavior changer.”

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