March 2017: Maiko and Geiko of Kamishichiken dancing the Kamishichiken Yakyoku, the finale dance of the Kitano Odori.

From left to right: Geiko Umeharu, Maiko Umechie (Umeno Okiya), Geiko Umegiku, Geiko Naosome (Nakasato Okiya), Maiko Katsuna (Daimonji Okiya) and Geiko Katsuya (Daimonji Okiya).

Source: Yomiuri News on Instagram


Spotlight on: Umegiku 梅ぎく

Umegiku is a natori tachikata (master dancer) geiko. She debuted as a maiko from Ichi okiya in the early 1980s; at one point she was the only maiko in Kamishichiken! She had her erikae in 1984 or 1985 and is not currently associated with any okiya or ochaya in Kamishichiken. Umegiku is oneesan to geiko Umeharu. Umegiku is reportedly an excellent conversationalist and has quite the sense of humor. She usually plays a lead role in the Kitano Odori and has a solo or partnered dance in the Kotobukikai. You can see her dancing in this video (she’s wearing the green and yellow costume).

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