The Unique Way in Which the Locals of Umeå, Sweden Say Yes Without the Use of Words

Creepypasta #1272: Something's Wrong With My Flight

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Something weird is happening. I’ve taken my iPad off flight mode to connect to the internet and post this. I’ve tried checking the news but it seems different. I should be in Morocco by now. Actually more than that, I think I should have checked into my hotel and be relaxing by the pool already. My watch has stopped working so I could be wrong but we’ve been flying for so long!

To explain, I’m flying to Morocco for a holiday – my boyfriend, Lars, suggested we get some proper sun and he’d seen a cheap deal online with some new airline where we could fly direct from Stockholm. We left our home town of Umea and spent the night before the flight with my sister and her family in their cramped city centre apartment. That should mean last night but I feel like it was so long ago.

We had an early flight so it was still dark when we left for the airport. We had a light breakfast at the airport but neither of us ate much; we were planning to continue sleeping on the flight to make up for the lack of sleep the night before. Everything went fine with check-in and boarding, it was busy but everyone looked sleepy like us – just eager to get on the flight and get to some much needed sunshine. It’s been so cold in Sweden recently, everyone just looked grey and worn down from what I can remember, although I wasn’t studying them in my sleepy state. 

The plane is massive – I’m sorry I’m not a plane person so I don’t know what type it is (I have an uncle who’s a geek for this stuff and could tell you the difference between an A something and an airbus something – I don’t listen as you can tell, I just zone out because I don’t care). All I know is that it’s much bigger than the little planes I use to fly to nearby European countries – this plane has 2 aisles, that’s how big it is! I’m used to the little planes with 3 seats on one side, an aisle, then 3 seats on the other side. It’s pretty amazing to see one with an extra row of seats in the middle. Lars and I are in the middle row so we can’t see out of the windows at all. If I’d been by a window maybe I‘d have seen something, some change in the landscape, and could explain what’s going on.

I don’t know how long we’ve been flying. The pilot hasn’t made any announcements in ages. I read for maybe 30 minutes to relax before sleeping, while Lars just went straight to sleep. I feel like I slept for hours but it’s impossible to say. It was when I woke up and went to check the time that I saw my watch had stopped working. Lars woke up at pretty much exactly the same time as me and asked if we were nearly there yet, as if I’m flying this thing!

I sat up and looked around and that’s when I noticed everyone seemed to be doing the same as us – waking up, looking around and remembering that they were on a plane, and looking at their watches and finding them broken.

That was when I started feeling nervous. Why is every watch broken? I spoke to the young family behind us - they’ve stopped at different times. I don’t know if that’s comforting or not, but either way the mood on board began changing and people were looking scared. Nothing seemed obviously wrong – we were still flying, no turbulence, it’s just that everyone had gone to sleep and woken up with a broken watch. I realise there are much more sinister things that can happen on a flight but this is just weird.

Shortly after we’d all woken up, the flight attendants came past with a trolley of drinks but they just ignored everyone. They called out, offering drinks as they went and a few people tried to ask them the time and where we were on the journey, but they just brushed everyone off, saying they’d check and kept smiling at us. I tried to put it to the back of my mind. Other passengers shook their heads or shrugged and began reading books and magazines. Bit of a weird thing but no big deal – don’t they say that everything, no matter how improbable, can happen once just by pure coincidence?

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