I kind of wish I’d stayed at the book festival past 2:30 but ehh, I was really tired, didn’t have water or sunscreen, and I was getting very hungry (and since I’m basically living on tips right now, mall refreshment stand food is solidly out of my price range)

Sorry to everyone who called me asking for directions after I left; I hope you found the group and I promise I’ll stick around next time

On the bright side, though (and don’t get me wrong here, today was AWESOME):

  • I met 18 UMD Nerdfighters on campus at 7:30 in the morning and led them all into DC camp counselor-style
  • Walked into the tent where John Green was speaking to be met with applause (I mean REALLY I was definitely not expecting that but WOW THANKS)
  • SAW JOHN GREEN (again heheh)
  • Plugged NotGDCA to John’s audience
  • Had a great time just hanging out with other UMD and DC nerdfighters in the signing line

I’m glad I found that pole lying around my house last night so I could make the sign! It came in handy.


I love that the primary advice I got from both people who responded to the DCP post was “STAY CALM.” You know me too well. I should go dins something to drink that isn’t chock full o caffeine & sugar…

Also, I saw Aaron coming out of the South Campus Diner wearing the Pizza John Shirt, and totally just pointed at him & shouted “PIZZA JOHN!” Other people probably thought I was insane. Then we ended up talking for like 20 minutes, and now I kinda really want our Official Club Name to be #UMDFTBA.

I just got off of the phone interview. i think it went well? But I’m also REALLY terrible at telling those sorts of things. The woman on the interview seemed really nice and enthusiastic, and I really liked her. Her name was Claire!
I don’t think I did a terrible job of answering any of the questions, I just hope I wasn’t too rambly & long winded in some of my explanations. Y'all know how rambly I can get.