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Bring Me The Horizon have updated their official website! Once you open the site, the same rain sound from the video they posted earlier can be heard. If you listen long enough, you’ll hear the rain build up to something bigger, an intro to what’s assumed to be the lead single from the new album.

EDIT: I reversed the audio to make sure there wasn’t anything hidden like there was in the video, and there are no audible words in this clip!


[Anime Expo 2015 Log pt.2: Cosplay]

NOTE: to eveyone in the photos, if you find yourself in this set, please let me know via message or comment (im pretty sure replies are enabled) so i can properly credit you!

i think what i really want to do at some point is just spend most of a convention photographing neat costumes and going-ons. i dont have a decent camera on hand, so everything you see in these posts are from my phone. the auto-focus on it is really sensitive, so im sorry for the sometimes blurry imagery.

but for as long as im not tabling, i’d really like to just be able to take photos. that is, when im not spending my time lurking and buying stuff in the Artist Alley. in fact, if you look at all these photos, they were all in or near the Artist Alley! i literally did not leave that place 98% of the time.

that Bruce Lee is probably my favorite photo. there was actually second one that was shirtless and had the nunchaku. i even saw a vid of that Bruce cosplayer demonstrating some amazing “Bruce Lee” athleticism and well, he’s not a dude to be trifled with - even at a con.