Imagine that you’re walking home from your work at night and suddenly it starts raining heavily. You take your umbrella from your bag and try to open it, but it breaks. You let out a sigh of frustration because you’re already soaked and dripping wet, when suddenly someone lifts their umbrella over your head. You look up at the stranger and see extremely attractive, a tall man with shoulder length black hair and piercing green eyes. He holds the umbrella above your head as he walks you to your home.


I took my Resident Evil Hunter figure to work, and I had one final adventure with him before giving him a new home. My buddy in the television production department is a huge RE fan, and so, I thought my little hunter would go well with his dope Tyrant and HUNK figures.

Sometimes, the collection needs to be shared. 😊



I had the chance to story-board this beautiful episode of Miraculous LadyBug ! 
- Miraculous Ladybug
- Episode 23 : Origins part.2