Someone joked about how their fusion’s weapon combination was going to be an umbrella… so I made a quick doodle… omg why :’D

I also needed practice and get the hang of this tablet first before working on my other projects…

Gah! I’m only guessing her colors, you know, without the pink filter from flashback episodes…  But anyone can do better lol

A Walk in the Neighborhood von Hidehiko Sakashita
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After having walked a dog this morning, I went out again to shoot some flowers in the neighborhood. Soon the rain started falling down, it was just a ten-minutes walk, though. 昔はよく犬の散歩の後に近所に写真を撮りに出かけていたんですが、なぜか最近はとんとそういうことがなくなっていました。今朝はなぜか撮りたくなって出かけてみたのですが、すぐ雨が降り出して短い散歩になってしまいました。 May 9, 2015 Ageo, Saitama, Japan