One Man Extra Gone Long Enough - meeting Jacksepticeye on Omegle!
I was lucky enough to connect with jacksepticeye not once, but TWICE on Omegle. So, like he suggested, "Get back to studying dammit!"

I usually post my gaming videos from ZombiiChris here but here’s a shocker - I’m posting a vlog from meandmymagicalself! I had the AMAZING opportunity to talk with Jack for just over two minutes and it was a spectacular experience! 

JUNE is THE MONTH FOR FUN IN THE SUN!!! ☀️ Hime-chan looks great getting some sun at the beach!!! It’s the work of our May artist: Akairiot! 

Each month, we’re teaming up with a unique artist to produce a special commemorative piece featuring our one and only Crunchyroll-Hime!

Akairiot says:

“Summer!  The beach!  Cute gals in swimsuits!  That’s June for ya.  Or it would be, if you’re lucky enough to be anywhere near the ocean…the best I can hope for is a dip in the Mississippi River.  At least I can let Hime enjoy the sand and sun in my stead~  Now I’m off to hug my air conditioner and wait for fall…stay cool, everybody. ;) ”

⭐️ Find more of their art here: