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Pairing: Mycroft Holmes x Reader

Word Count: 629 words (It was a little too long for an imagine but too short to count as a separate one-shot)

Warning(s): Maybe slight OOCness? Like, a little tiny bit. 

A/N: Ah… So, I have some explaining to do. For any of you that have either a Lunaescence, Archive of our Own, or DeviantArt account, you may or may not have seen this before. That would be because it’s mine… I have many accounts that I used to use for writing, and then I found Tumblr and those three other accounts became inactive. I still have them, but I don’t post anything on them anymore… 
I just wanted to let you know so you don’t think I’m stealing someone else’s work! I was going to write a new fic for this prompt, but the drabble that I originally named “Companions” received such nice feedback that I decided to post this here. I hope that’s alright! :) Nonetheless, enjoy~!

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Humming the tune of your favourite song, you walked into Marks and Spencer with a soft smile on your face. Without stopping for a basket, you made your way through the crowd of people and to the section within the store that you came to most often. Stopping in front of a bin, you glanced at the objects inside and picked the plainest one they had, before making your way back up to the front to pay for your item.

Once again outside, you immediately hailed a taxi and told the cabbie the address. Closing the door behind you, you made yourself comfortable and waited to get to your destination.

It didn’t take long, really. Time flies by when all you can do is stare out at the passing streets of London. By the time you arrived, the skies had turned cloudy, and, just like a certain male had said it would, it started to rain. Shaking your head in amusement, you payed the cabbie and left an extra tip — just because you could. Then you rushed inside before the rain had a chance to get heavier.

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My boyfriend sends me things he thinks would be funny if I redrew them as Chara and Frisk. This is a few examples. The first 2 comics are anyway. I am so sorry XD

The third one is just based on the fact that me and foxgirlKira always give Asriel a cute whimpy voice. So when he says he’s a Boss Monster (which he is) it sounds so dorky. We can’t help but laugh.

The last one is a quote from Pokemon said by Brock