“Iron Lady” - [Jeremy Irons / Tom Hiddleston - Multi-chapter].

Summary: Widower Jeremy, falls for and marries his son’s friend despite tripling her age. And just a few years later, his health problems and the return of his best friend, Tom, to London, make him doubt his marriage and wonder if his wife would be better off with a younger man like his friend.

Chapter VII: “Wait”.

Previous chapter(s): 1.”Horses”. // 2.”Books”. // 3.”Wine” // 4.”Berries”.  // 5.“Birthday”. // 6. “Heart”. 

Written by: A.Wölf.


“It’s a great offer!” Tom exclaimed, “Of course I’d be out of London for god knows how long…”

He was comfortably lying on his couch with his hands behind his head, while Jeremy sat on a chair with his feet up on the desk, and smoked a pipe. The two tired men held a conversation while the satisfaction of a good game of golf wore off, and they relaxed in front of the fire and its crackling sound.

“But what’s stopping me, right?” Tom asked.

He glanced at Jeremy when he didn’t answer, and chuckled.


“Right”, he said absentmindedly.

“You’re miles away”.

“I’m thinking about a big bloody engagement ring”.

“Oh hell!” Tom exclaimed with a playful grin.

Jeremy laughed and it was the most honest sound Tom had heard in a while, but it didn’t stop him from talking.

“So you’re serious about her. But isn’t it too much too soon?”

“Not when you’re in love, my friend”.

Every time Jeremy spoke about her, his happiness seemed tangible. It even made him look years younger, Tom could see it. He wondered if he’d ever feel that; if he’d ever understand love and be as lucky as his older friend who would soon be going for marriage number two. His version of the feeling seemed to be more than enough. Jeremy sat up straight and reached for his shoes with a soft grunt that interrupted Tom’s train of thought.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity, Tom. You should take it”, he said putting them on before looking straight into his eyes, “Life’s too short”.

The memory and Jeremy’s words reverberated in Tom’s mind while he stared out the window of his home, witnessing the thunderstorm which seemed to melancholically harmonize with the hole he felt in his chest.

A lit cigarette dangled from Mrs.Irons’ lips, and it trembled mimicking her shaky hands as she paced back and forth in the darkness of Jeremy’s studio.

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Nu m-am schimbat. Am conștientizat cum stau lucrurile de fapt. Dacă ar trebui sa caut vinovatul, sigur aș începe cu mine. Am greșit multe. Nu m-am gândit atât de mult pe cât trebuia la momentul potrivit.
Sigur, mi-ar plăcea ca ceea ce scriu aici sa vadă și părinții mei, mai bine spus familia. Asta e puțin cam imposibil pentru că depinde de mine.
Nu stiu ce rost își mai au scuzele. Într-adevăr, e putin cam tarziu pentru unele si prea tarziu pentru altele. Nu-i învinovățesc, dar nici nu iau toată vina asupra mea.
Am încetat sa mai caut răspunsuri din moment ce mi-am dat seama că întrebările mele nu sunt intelese. Am renunțat să mai am așteptări cum că intr-o zi ma vor înțelege.
Nu stiu dacă ar trebui sa le mulțumesc sau nu, pentru că mi-au stors și ultimul strop de viața din sufletul meu.
Eu ma bucur. Nu mai simt durerea si nici Tristețea. Fericirea e ceva despre care nu-mi permit sa vorbesc la momentul de fata.
Pot spune si că imi pare putin rau pentru ei, pentru ca nu inteleg lipsa mea de interes față de problemele lor.
Greșit sau nu, sper ca intr-o zi să nu-mi mai simt sufletul atât de pustiu.
Mamă, tată… poate nu sunt ca sora mea și poate nu sunteți multumiți de mine din toate punctele de vedre, dar aici si acum renunț la a vă demonstra că mă pot ridica la așteptările voastre și vă las cu imaginea mea de om indiferent, obosit să mai lupte cu lipsa voastră de încredere si deschidere față de mine. Lăsați asa cum am lăsat si eu, umbrele in urma. Adică pe mine.

Latura ascunsă a copilului vostru !

DAY 3236

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Feb 6/7, 2017                 Mon/Tue 12;31 am 

Technology has no end .. and its indulgence has infinite value .. when ‘no end’ and ‘infinite’ meet side by side, in one sentence .. there is eternity to subject yourself to .. I do .. and have spent most of the time in its endless potentials .. the marvel really is the factor of assessing how it was thought of in the first place .. the minds that went in .. the feasibility, the endeavors and finally the joy of discovery to ease the pain of ill named innocence !!

yes it is the innocence that invites and drags us to this ultimate regimen .. in good faith and in good deed .. making our dailies ease with the benefit of short cuts and quick push button responses , is a marvel of the modern world ..

So, one such escapade was with Instagram, with music downloads, with sync on the dash board of the car, with dragging the music on the LapTop to be visible on the phone, to sync the content from one machine to several others .. and on ..

Life has become one large and complicated APP., .. there is one for all consequences - which really is a word that does not deserve to be here .. it should be situations .. but situations is such a commonly used word so went for the other ..

Our existence is virtually now being made as close to stationary as possible. All but all that is needed to be done or understood or found meaning of , rests within the fingers of our hand and at time the thumb or the palm itself - eating during the process could invite such  behaviour .. 

It is a fascinating story .. the legend of the wireless, of the network, of connectivity BlueToothed and the several other contingents that follow .. I mean the amount of material that must be running and scaling the waves of the optic fibres under the sea and on land .. of the multiple satellites that roam above, seemingly in quiet Blue Danube Waltz, but designed to send information, intellect, intuition and many other in the silent efficiency of the science, is quite quite remarkable .. for one that perhaps may have lived in those early years of centuries, and found themselves wandering about on the streets of today would , without any doubt, be of the impression that this indeed is and was the Kingdom of Heaven  .. I mean .. yeaahhh !! would it not excite such comment .. 

When I introduced my Father to the mobile phone - the first that had just come about - and got him to speak to a long distance number .. he actually never spoke a word - just returned the instrument back to me, with a look that kind of related me being someone from an alien outer space territory !!

The imagery of such occasions could well have been akin to the sighting of a super natural being in today’s times !! The most impossible, has been on service for long now .. and the ease of its adaptability, particularly with the kids of today, is at times quite scary … 

When you take your grand daughter out for a meal at a restaurant, and she will, after her sparse meal is over, seek her mobile, to play mobile games, while the elders discuss International and World politics, it is an open mouthed jaw dropped event .. for us .. not for her .. for her its natural ..

The general expressions of most young these days is one of relaxed confidence .. not one of awe, or surprise … for nothing surprises them .. they are so infiltrated with technology and its consequences that nothing in the material world or its living would alarm them ..

Today .. there is an answer to everything .. it was never like this before .. the complacent look of ‘chill’ and ‘chillax’ is one that this generation is born with.

Terminology and language used .. situations of society .. morals of conduct, could and are respected, but the ease of its conveyance, is what surprises .. naa .. is what brings a gentle cynical smile within my inwards, not outwards ..

Outwards would be at risk of ridicule ! That would be difficult to handle or digest. I mean I can take one at a time either the technology or the language. Both at same speed and explain would be a task .. a task .. not an improbability ! .. or so I would like to believe .. see .. the surety of confident belief is missing .. its missing because we are from a generation when we were never sure .. this lot of today is not that .. they are so umbrellered in the canvas of secure information and solutions to every aspect of life, that their demeanor will necessarily be what it is of today, unlike of our of yesterday   ..

I wonder if any sense is made ..

That look says it all .. I hear you, but I understand damn all .. !!

Good night  ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Umbrele fericirii mele

S-au pierdut demult de soare

Prinse in cavoul inimii

De unde nu mai au scapare

Si se zabat, striga si lovesc

Micile crapaturi de lumina

Cu o speranta moarta le amagesc

Ce vis nefiresc.

Dar eu pe inima am pus lacat

Si cheia s-a pierdut in neat

Nu stiu ca pe veci vor fi prinse

Chinuite de o falsa iluzie.

Umbrele fericirii mele

Tanjesc dupa libertate

Din lagarele sufletului sa scape

Caci acolo domneste a moarte.

Sentimente varsate in versuri ( @pheonixt )

When Vayle said she made matching outfits for Adon and Fiona, they certainly weren’t expecting there costumes to both be dresses.

At least now Adon’s got a disguise when venturing through the Noble Districts of the local cities!

“You see? This is what I love about that boy! He’ll wear anything, gender rules be dammed! He makes a very good Gender neutral model for my outfits! Plus…He REALLY makes that outfit work…”

“…I’m so proud of him. Mein son. Mein pioneer son…” [is a little buzzed from swigging booze from his flask…]

(Archimedes belongs to Brorotica)

(Adon belongs to Sanguynn)

rochu week, day 6: rain

it rain, and like yao doesnt own umbrell - so he decide to go to store to buy umbrell.

at store, yao’s like lookin around (like that john travolta gif) and cant find an umbrell, like

“wtf no umbrell?? its raining, mr. supermarket, get ur marketing str8″ (lol str8)

anyways he go down aisles and then suddenly he see a tol russian man on the top shelf of the umbrell aisle, with a label “this is ivan, 5xp″

so yao totally impulsive buys an aightvan for 5xp. and in the end ivan’s so tol he become an umbrell and yao is extra happy.

Și îmi doresc ca într-o seară de vară, când picături mari de ploaie se vor confunda cu lacrimile, să vii și să-mi șoptești, cu răsuflări umede și calde, povestea stelelor care cad pentru iubirea adevărată. Atunci, voi simți fiori de sentimente pe toată pielea, iar tu mă vei apăra de umbrele întunericului prin înfăşurarea delicată a brațelor tale de mult înghețate.

Uneori știu foarte bine ce simt acele persoane care își “mângâie” pielea cu o lamă.Focul se stinge cu foc.O durere o stinge pe alta.În acest caz,o durere fizică,chiar dacă nu total,te face să uiţi de cea sufletească.E ca atunci când un om al străzii bea ca își încălzească trupul îngheţat,sau un copil sărac se droghează ca să poată visa la viaţa minunată pe care și-o dorește.E evadarea celui care nu mai poate face faţă chinurilor din închisoare.
Semnele sunt martore…Semnele care rămân în urma tăieturilor sunt oglinda celor pe care le porţi în suflet,știi?Oh,doamne,câte semne ar trebuii să am pe mâini…
Nu mă înţelege greșit,nu mă refer la persoanele care își fac răul acesta din cauza că au fost părăsite de iubitul/a pe care îl/o vor uita într-o săptămână,că nu sunt înţeleși de părinţii care tocmai au refuzat să le ofere ultimul model de Iphone sau hainele cele mai scumpe…Nu…Mă refer la persoane care sunt obligate să îndure umbrele trecutului pe care nu l-au ales,care nu le aparţile.Persoane care sunt răpuse de o nevroză sălbatică,care vor,dar nu pot,care sunt obligaţi să privească cum familia lor se sfrânge,care se simt un nimic fără putere,care știu că viitorul lor e negru.Mă refer la tăieturile provocate de un cuţit greu din plumb,ce zace înfipt în inimă,răsucindu-se din când în când.Tăieturile alea sunt sincere.Durerea pură curge în același timp cu sângele.Și apoi?Și apoi nimic.Doar liniște și o dulce amorţire fizică.
Vă înţeleg…Vă înţeleg perfect,dragilor.Și eu simt nevoia să îmi port demonii “tatuaţi” pe corp.În momentele acelea dure în care simt că pur și simplu oboseala psihică adunată în 13 ani pune stăpânire pe mine,iar lacrimile îmi ameninţă obrajii,senzaţia aia de amorţire e bine venită.Păcat că sunt prea lașă…

Stii de ce te urăsc?
Pentru că eram fericită când erai cu mine. Dar ai plecat si m-ai lăsat iar să văd cât de distrusă sunt.
Sunt o ruină. Dar promit să fiu una frumoasa de acum.
Nimeni nu-și va mai lasa urmele in cenușa a ceea ce a ars. Nu voi lăsa soare sa aducă viața printre pietre. Îl voi lăsa doar să lumineze umbrele.
[translation] high☆speed fanbook end card story #3 “After School on a Rainy Day”

High☆Speed Free! Starting Days Official Fanbook End Card Story
#3 “After School on a Rainy Day”

○After school on a day when it’s raining non-stop, at Iwatobi Junior High School

Haruka and Asahi talks as they walk out of the classroom.

Asahi: Oooh Maaan, it’s been raining so much lately, it’s so boring! We couldn’t even get in the pool yesterday and the day before and the day before! I really wanna, like, go gaah and baaam and just swim, y'know~?

Haruka: (sigh) I want to get into the water…

Asahi: Anyway, where’s Makoto and Ikuya?

Haruka: Didn’t I just tell you that they need to take a detour to the staff room before heading here?

Asahi: Oh, okay. Well then, let’s change our shoes first and wait for them.

○ Entrance

They’ve been waiting for a while now, but Makoto and Ikuya are nowhere to be seen.
It’s raining outside.

Haruka: They’re pretty late.

Asahi: Are they getting yelled at or something?

Haruka: Speak for yourself. You’re the one who was called to the staff room for forgetting your homework the other time.

Asahi: Wha!? I just forgot to hand it in by mistake, that’s all!!

Haruka: (sigh) Haah…

Asahi: Don’t look so annoyed! (comes up with a bright idea) Hey, Haru, since we’ve nothing better to do, I’ll teach you something cool!

Haruka: Something cool?

Asahi: Just watch me~ you’re gonna be sooo surprised!

Asahi gleefully takes out his umbrella and without hesitation, flips it inside out so it looks like a bat.

Haruka: !

Asahi: And I’m gonna gather water in it!

He holds up the umbrella, and rain water starts collecting in the flipped part.

Haruka, stunned and with starry eyes,

Haruka: Amazing…!

Asahi, seeing Haruka’s reaction, proudly,

Asahi: What do you think? How cool is this? It’s really fun when you try to hold as much water as possible  in it without breaking the umbrella’s frame!

Asahi continues to rant, but Haruka’s eyes are fixed on the water inside the umbrella and he doesn’t hear a word.

Just when Asahi’s umbrella is quite filled with water, Makoto and Ikuya walks towards the entrance.

○ Corridor near the entrance

Makoto: That took so long~

Ikuya: (sigh) That teacher is so longwinded. They just kept on talking so we couldn’t end the conversation, I seriously didn’t know what to do.

Makoto: We must’ve made Haru and Asahi wait. Let’s hurry, shall we?

Ikuya: Yeah. (stops in a halt) … what on earth is he doing?

Makoto: Huh? What’s the matter?

Ikuya points towards the entrance,

Ikuya: That’s Asahi over there holding an umbrella, right?

Makoto: And it looks really wobbly…?

○ Entrance

Asahi’s umbrella is filled to the brim with water. Even though the umbrella is getting so heavy he hands are starting to shake, Asahi continues triumphantly,

Asahi: You know? There’s a tr-trick to this.

It becomes harder and harder to keep his balance, and Asahi continues as the umbrells becomes even more unstable.

Asahi: When you’re as good as I am, you can hold thi…this much water!

Haruka still can’t take his eyes off the water.
Asahi, finally losing his balance,

Asahi: Wooah!?

All the water in the umbrella spills onto Haruka mercilessly.
A loud splash.
Makoto and Ikuya quickly runs towards them,

Makoto: Eeeeehhhhh!? Haru, you okay!?

Ikuya: C'mon Asahi, what do you think you’re doing!?

Asahi absolutely didn’t see it coming and is completely flustered,

Asahi: Oooooooh man I messed up! So-sorry, Haru!

Makoto: Uuum let’s see, towel, we need a towel…

Makoto clumsily rummages through his bag in a rush.

Haruka: Water…!

While the other 3 boys are in a panic around him, Haruka, bathed in water, is in an ecstatic trance…


Scans courtesy of @aliasanonyme

Asta sunt. Asta sunt eu, cu toate umbrele mele. Cu toată nesiguranța mea, cu toate regretele, cu toate defectele, pentru că da, nu sunt perfectă, nu voi fi niciodată, firește. Dar te iubesc. Cât pot, cum pot,  te iubesc în ciuda puținelor lucruri pe care le știu despre tine. Te iubesc chiar dacă tu o iubești pe alta și alta te iubește, pentru că eu te iubesc pe tine, nu iubirea ta. Te iubesc pentru toate trăirile pe care le-am avut doar gândindu-mă la tine. Te iubesc și vreau să fii fericit. Chiar dacă nu pot fi eu fericirea ta.

also on the the topic of pride flags i’m?? still a little bit miffed that there is no transman and transwoman flag differences

like, most gender identities have separate flag options, but trans men and women have to share….. which let me be real, creates a lot of problems??

forcing trans guys to associate with pink and butterflies, forcing two very different groups to only have this thing that’s considered an umbrells flag, confusing ppl who already don’t understand that trans man means man and trans woman means woman (and?? even the blue stripes outside of pink stripes seems color-wise A Lot like the “you’re __ trapped in __’s body”)

i feel like trans men and women could benefit from each having their own iterations of the flag tbh

Another rainy day
  • Chat noir : My lady it is raining. Come here in order to keep you dry
  • Ladybug : I think I have something. Now we will be both dry
  • Chat noir : Oh you smart girl. You have an umbrel... wait a sec. I know this umbrella. I gave this to.. MARINETTE.
  • Ladybug : ADRIEEEN. Oh This is is so un un unexpected I mean wondercool no I mean wonderful
  • Chat noir : Keep calm bae ! Now I found you I'll never let you go ^_^