Advanced English Vocabulary

jubilant (adj.) - extremely joyful, happy (The crowd was jubilant when the firefighter carried the woman from the flaming building.)

knell (n.) - the solemn sound of a bell, often indicating a death (Echoing throughout our village, the funeral knell made the grey day even more grim.)

lithe (adj.) - graceful, flexible, supple (Although the dancers were all outstanding, Joanna’s control of her lithe body was particularly impressive.)

lurid (adj.) - ghastly, sensational (Barry’s story, in which he described a character torturing his neighbour’s tortoise, was judged too lurid to be published on the English Library’s website.)

maverick (n.) - an independent, nonconformist person (John is a real maverick and always does things his own way.)

maxim (n.) - a common saying expressing a principle of conduct (Ms. Stone’s etiquette maxims are both entertaining and instructional.)

meticulous (adj.) - extremely careful with details (The ornate needlework in the bride’s gown was a product of meticulous handiwork.)

modicum (n.) - a small amount of something (Refusing to display even a modicum of sensitivity, Magda announced her boss’s affair to the entire office.)

morose (adj.) - gloomy or sullen (David’s morose nature made him very unpleasant to talk to.)

myriad (adj.) - consisting of a very great number (It was difficult to decide what to do on Saturday night because the city presented us with myriad possibilities for fun.)

nadir (n.) - the lowest point of something (My day was boring, but the nadir came when my new car was stolen.)

nominal (adj.) - trifling, insignificant (Because he was moving the following week and needed to get rid of his furniture more than he needed money, Kim sold everything for anominal price.)

novice (n.) - a beginner, someone without training or experience (Because we were allnovices at archery, our instructor decided to begin with the basics

nuance (n.) - a slight variation in meaning, tone, expression (The nuances of the poem were not obvious to the casual reader, but the teacher was able to point them out.)

oblivious (adj.) - lacking consciousness or awareness of something (Oblivious to the burning smell emanating from the kitchen, my father did not notice that the rolls in the oven were burned until much too late.)

obsequious (adj.) - excessively compliant or submissive (Donald acted like Susan’s servant, obeying her every request in an obsequious manner.)

obtuse (adj.) - lacking quickness of sensibility or intellect (Political opponents warned that the prime minister’s obtuse approach to foreign policy would embroil the nation in mindless war.)

panacea (n.) - a remedy for all ills or difficulties (Doctors wish there was a single panacea for every disease, but sadly there is not.)

parody (n.) - a satirical imitation (A hush fell over the classroom when the teacher returned to find Magdalena acting out a parody of his teaching style.)

penchant (n.) - a tendency, partiality, preference (Fiona’s dinner parties quickly became monotonous on account of her penchant for Indian dishes.)

perusal (n.) - a careful examination, review (The actor agreed to accept the role after a three-month perusal of the movie script.)

plethora (n.) - an abundance, excess (The wedding banquet included a plethora of oysters piled almost three feet high.)

predilection  (n.) - a preference or inclination for something (James has a predilection for eating toad in the whole with tomato ketchup.)

quaint (adj.) - charmingly old-fashioned (Mary was delighted by the quaint bonnets she saw in Romania.)

rash (adj.) - hasty, incautious (It’s best to think things over calmly and thoroughly, rather than make rash decisions.)

refurbish (v.) - to restore, clean up (After being refurbished the old Triumph motorcycle commanded the handsome price of $6000.)

repudiate (v.) - to reject, refuse to accept (Tom made a strong case for an extension of his curfew, but his mother repudiated it with a few biting words.)

rife (adj.) - abundant (Surprisingly, the teacher’s writing was rife with spelling errors.)

salient (adj.) - significant, conspicuous (One of the salient differences between Alison and Helen is that Alison is a couple of kilos heavier.)

serendipity (n.) - luck, finding good things without looking for them (In an amazing bit of serendipity, penniless Mark found a $50 bill on the back seat of the bus.)

staid (adj.) - sedate, serious, self-restrained (The staid butler never changed his expression no matter what happened.)

superfluous (adj.) - exceeding what is necessary (Samantha had already won the campaign so her constant flattery of others was superfluous.)

sycophant (n.) - one who flatters for self-gain (Some see the people in the cabinet as the Prime Minister’s closest advisors, but others see them as sycophants.)

taciturn (adj.) - not inclined to talk (Though Magda never seems to stop talking, her brother is quite taciturn.)

truculent (adj.) - ready to fight, cruel (This club doesn’t really attract the dangerous types, so why was that bouncer being so truculent?)

umbrage (n.) - resentment, offence (He called me a lily-livered coward, and I took umbrage at the insult.)

venerable (adj.) - deserving of respect because of age or achievement (The venerable High Court judge had made several key rulings in landmark cases throughout the years.)

vex (v.) - to confuse or annoy (My boyfriend vexes me by pinching my bottom for hours on end.)

vociferous (adj.) - loud, boisterous (I’m tired of his vociferous whining so I’m breaking up with him.)

wanton (adj.) - undisciplined, lewd, lustful (Joanna’s wanton demeanor often made the frat guys next door very excited.)

zenith (n.) - the highest point, culminating point (I was too nice to tell Emily that she had reached the absolute zenith of her career with that one top 10 hit of hers.)

Improve your pixel art sprites!


In this tutorial, I will explain you how to use a couple techniques I used to improve Planet Centauri’s sprites before implementing them into the game (or before animating them).
Some of the rules shown here are very easy to use, and/or are purely  methodical;
so even if you aren’t very skilled, follow those simple guidelines to make your sprites cleaner.


A lot of basic mistakes will ruin the quality of your art.
Thankfully, they’re also generally quite easy to fix with some experience, and
by paying attention.

Too many colors

Pixel art is all about constraints. When two colors are very close, merge them into an intermediate one, so you see if it improves the result.
Using a small palette will help you improving your skills much more easily, and will make creating sprites also easier.
It also will make it easier to identify unwanted artifacts (i.e. misplaced pixels).


If you are constructing a palette with gradients, avoid at any cost independent gradients (i.e. only dimmed/lighted base colors). Use gradients that depends on each other.

You can also try to use yellow-ish or cyan-ish saturated light colors, and blue-ish and purple-ish desaturated dark colors. However, avoid using an over-saturated or an under-saturated palette.
This usually ends up bad and breaks contrasts.
You should also use gradients with outspread tints to avoid washy color contrasts.

Remember never to use more colors than necessary, and use gradients with contrasted brightness.
Feel free to try using other generic palettes on your sprite to compare it with your palette so you can improve it.

Neighbor colors

Avoid as much as you can excessive contrasts between neighboring pixels.
For example, a black line over a white background usually won’t look natural.
A line that fits the background color well gives a realistic volume effect.

This is as true for outlines, which has to fit with both the inner color and the umbrage of the surface.

NB: Obviously, this doesn’t work with any graphic style.

Pillow shading

Pillow shading is a nasty effect that occurs when the light source comes from the front.

Avoid pillow shading, unless you really know what you’re doing.

Lines and curves

Perfect line: A line that has a constant vertical and horizontal step.

Perfect curve: A curve made of perfect lines which step always depends on the other parts of the curve.

Dirty line: A line that has at least one sub-segment with more than one adjacent pixel on one end.

As you may have noticed on the pictures above, dirty lines should be avoided.
You should use as much perfect lines and curves as possible.


A cluster is a group, a pack of connected pixels with the same color.
Cluster shapes will greatly affect the final image.
Bony and crude clusters will give a sketchy aspect.
Round and straight lines are preferred so you get a precise, smooth and nice image.

Avoid lonely pixels. If one pixel is inside of a different color cluster without
any adjacent pixel with the same color, remove it.

Dithering et texturing

Contrary to popular belief, dithering isn’t as great as it seems. A lot of dithering between heavily contrasted colors will often give a dirty and noisy image.
It is also a very bad idea to use dithering when animating a sprite, because keeping coherent dithering will be awfully hard.

If you art style lets you do it, use texturing instead (the difference is that texturing does not induce color limitations).
But don’t forget, texturing means harder animation and worse clarity.
Again, it’s a matter of style.
If you want a cartoon-ish look, do not use dithering nor texturing.


Antialiasing a technique that reduces the staircase effect (aliasing) which is clearly visible on two lines between two contrasted surfaces.

Internal AA

There are two use-cases for internal AA :
Simply separating two surfaces, and using lines or curves cutting through two different surfaces.

In the first case, you may just need to insert an intermediate color where aliasing is visible to reduce it (generally, when the curve abruptly changes).

In the second case, you may just need to add a small intermediate color cluster between every horizontal or vertical sub-segment.
Its size directly depends on the sub-segment size.

External AA

External AA suffers from an important restriction, unlike internal AA: The background color in a game will constantly change, so you need to have an effect that looks good on both dark and light backgrounds.

This rule is quite easy: You only apply the effect inside of the sprite.
The end of an outline that neighbors with the background should never be modified.

In this image, the internal AA effect applied on the outer part of the sprite unveils some nasty artifacts, while external AA, even if it isn’t as efficient, gives a great effect on any background type.

The end.


You keep twisting my words the wrong way,
Throwing shade onto what I say;
Taking umbrage with a tantrum display…
I try to explain, but you won’t hear.

Throwing a fit is unbecoming,
Head-splitting, mind-numbing;
There’s no way I’m succumbing
To your demands, is that clear?

You’re bent out of shape and bending
My words, completely upending
Their meaning beyond comprehending–
They might as well have fell on deaf ears.

anonymous asked:

With regards to Elsewhere Uni - there was an ask a while back talking about darkroom photographers capturing the Fair Folk's true forms and the Fair Folk being the ones who ended up most disturbed by that. I was wondering, would they also be uncomfortable with art students drawing them? Because drawn/painted portraits can be altered with flattery in mind, would they like posing for an art student who had the Sight?

They don’t like being pinned down in any kind of concrete way - by nature they’re fluid in appearance and often in form, their desires change on a dime’s turn, and they lose interesting in things as suddenly as they gain it. To be in some way caught forever entirely stationary and stagnant is an unsettling, alien concept. Because of this, they’re loath to appear in photographs or realistic drawings (although more abstract work is open to interpretation); it’s also why they take such umbrage at bio/psyche majors trying to put them into neat boxes and uncover the why and how of them.


This is going to be a long story. 

Some of you, those who have been following me for a while or seen me at conventions, know that I am *trying* to branch out into designing toys rather than just making them. There are a lot of reasons for this, primarily so that I have time: time to design new things, time to rest, time to do literally anything other than crochet delightful sea creatures - you get the gist. 

It’s not that I don’t love making things, I do. And I’m certainly not going to stop making things; I’m pretty sure I can’t, to be honest. But I have to admit that it would certainly be much easier on me, at least for my wrists, to have sewing machines do most of the work. 

So. The dragons. 

I finally made enough money to get a run of plushies made, and I decided to start with my red dragons as my first line. Dragons were one of my most popular items, but they were a lot of work to make, so I figured they would be perfect as plushies. 

I decided to go with Gann Memorials for my production. Now that I’ve already made my mistakes, I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I should never have partnered with Gann, but since nobody felt the need to tell me anything about them previous to my giving them quite a lot of money, that’s who I went with. I did have one person tell me that they were “skeevy”, but since she wouldn’t go into any detail or even use any other words to describe them, I assumed her issue was personal in nature and dismissed it. I wasn’t planning on spending time with these people, I reasoned, just entering into a business arrangement with them. I don’t care if they’re skeevy. I care if they’re competent. 

Well, now I know. 

We began in July of 2015, a year and a half ago. I made the initial phone call (which was grand, because I have social anxiety and calling people on the phone is one of my least favorite things to do). Chris Gann (hereafter Chris) was a genial guy, very much a salesman - but, since I was looking to buy things from him, that was pretty much what I was looking for. We set up an account for me. Promises were made, verbal assurances; they specialize in quick turnaround for orders, I’d have them in less than three months (assuming that I don’t take forever making alterations, of course), they have very high quality standards, et cetera. 

A few days later he set up a Basecamp account. Basecamp is an app for communication between people working on a project together. I can definitely recommend it; it works out beautifully for that precise thing. The account was started July 27. 

So far, so good. 

On August 11, he sent me the first sample images. They needed some tweaking, but I was starting to get excited. I made my recommendations and he went off to relay them to the production team. 

On August 19, he sent the second sample images. These were very close. I accepted this version:

Cute, right? I think it’s cute. Grumpy, but not off-putting; now that I have a little more experience under my belt, I can see where I would make further changes, but it’s still very cute.  

September 1: Chris tells me that the dragons will be shipped to me in October. 

September 7: Chris informs me that these guys are going to need tags. I hadn’t thought about that, but I whip up an acceptable tag design (it’s not great but it’ll work) and send it off to him two days later. I don’t hear back from him until October 2nd, when I ask for a shipping estimate; Chris assures me that they’ll ship by the end of the month. 

October 21: Chris asks me to approve the tag design that I had sent him. I’m a little confused, but I approve. The day after, I approve of the shipping mark and I start to get myself emotionally prepared to receive a large shipment of toys. 

October 29: I check up again on the time frame. Chris says he’ll ask. 

November 2: Chris says that they’ll be shipped by the end of the week. 

I want to point out here that Chris told me they would be *delivered* by the end of October, not shipped at the beginning of November. I’m a little unhappy with this, but you know, things happen. Whatever. I’ll probably shop around for the next line of plushies due to this delay; he hasn’t lost my business forever at this point, but neither has he pleased me to the point where I would go with his company again as a matter of course. 

November 5: Chris sends me pictures of the final product. There’s not much in the way of variation from what I had already approved, so I assume all is well. He also tells me that I’ll be getting extra product on their dime. I am pleased by the prospect, as that would mollify me about the delay. Unfortunately, it turns out not to be true. 

Novemter 18: I receive the boxes. I do not believe in putting things off, so I opened them immediately and went through my product, counting and sorting carefully. I am widely dismayed by what I find. 

I ordered 350 dragons. It’s a small order, in the way of these things, but it was what I could afford. I did receive exactly 350 dragons, but they were not what I had approved. Every aspect was correct and acceptable *except* the most important part of any mammal, toy or not: the face. In this case, the eyes. Of the whole order, 17 dragons had split seams (not a big deal, I’m handy with a needle and I understand that they underwent significant squishing in order to fit them into as few boxes as possible to make shipping affordable); 46 were correct, as in their eye placement and shape were in a range close to what I had approved of; and a whopping 286 of them had what I have to call drastically incorrect eye placement. Here’s what I mean: 

The eyelids are too low and placed at the wrong angle, making it look sleepy (still sellable, but not what I paid for). The eyelids are, by the way, glued into place. 

These eyes are totally wrong (and, may I remind you, glued into place, so I can’t fix it without cutting the eyes out completely). That’s just… wrong. 

This guy has to be my favorite. One eye is significantly larger than the other one and has been placed about a quarter inch higher; the eyelids are entirely wonky - and still glued into place. 

Dec 3: Chris tells me he is trying to work things out with the factory; I send him the above images for clarification. He says he may just have me keep what I received and he will replace the entire order on his dime. 

I am, at this point, entirely depressed. I feel like a failure. I have a certainty that this issue will not be corrected, and even if it is, it won’t be corrected in anything like a reasonable time scale. I feel that I have wasted a very large sum of money and way too much time and it makes me angry and hugely, vastly, deeply disappointed. 

January 5, 2016: Chris asks me if the appearance of the dragons I received is somehow different from the sample I approved. I wonder to myself if he has working eyeballs, or at least knows someone who does, but I respond in the affirmative and re-send all of the pictures, including the one I approved for reference. All of these pictures are still in the Basecamp account. All I have to do is scroll to look at these exact same pictures, but I send them again anyways. I also ask for honesty, here; if he’s not going to fix this, please at least have the decency to tell me about it so I can move on with my life and not have to expend my energy trying to get something done here. 

January 7: Chris takes umbrage at the notion that he might just possibly not bother to fix these glaring mistakes, as he is nothing if not forthright and good. I point out that the delivery took much, much longer than he had initially told me, and that the extra product that was supposed to be included with the shipment never showed up. 

January 8: Chris says that he  misspoke about me getting extras; there will not be another box forthcoming, he was mistaken about that. He does graciously allow me to keep the gigantic pile of unsellable, wasted material that they sent me, and promises that he’ll have the dragons remade at his expense and the issue with the eyes will definitely be fixed in the next batch. (This also turns out to be untrue.)

January 9: Chris tells me that the next batch will ship out after the Chinese New Year. This makes sense to me; holidays always mess up shipping times, and these are travelling across the planet, after all. I settle down and assume they’ll be here in six to eight weeks. 

April 20: This is more than six to eight weeks, you will notice. Chris tells me to expect a shipment some time late next month. I have given up on ever seeing these damn things. 

September 23: Chris sends new pictures for approval. It has been over a year since the first time I went through this process; I was told that I would have them in under three months. Over a year. I’ve moved to a different state by this point and yes, I was snippy. I pointed out that in the FIVE MONTHS since I last heard from him, my address had changed. 

I liked the new ones. These looked angrier. If I got dragons like these, I would be able to sell them in exchange for money. 

November 16: Chris asks me for my delivery address. Again. I ask if this indicates that they will be shipped soon, but there’s no response. 

January 10, 2017: Gene Gann, another employee of Gann Memorials, informs me that I should expect my shipment by mid-February. 

February 8: Gene asks me for my phone number, which I supply, so the shipper can get into contact with me to set up a delivery time. 

February 15: The shipper calls me. We set up a delivery time. 

February 17, 2017: I receive six boxes full of dragons. They have the same qualities of the first batch, only there are more of them this time. Four - I repeat, four - are correct, in that they match the above picture. A further 189 are in sellable condition, looking sleepy or disappointed rather than angry but otherwise having no defects. 27 have split seams, only three of which I bother fixing since the other 24 have devastatingly bizarre eye placement. 303 dragons go into boxes with glued-on, incorrectly placed, wrongly sized eyes. 

In the end, I’ve received a total of 243 dragons that are in a sellable condition. Only a small portion of those actually resemble what I ordered. 589 dragons can only be sold as misfits. I put some in grab bags, feeling guilty. I see them in trash cans at conventions and can’t really blame anyone. 218 dragons, which should have been sold at a profit to fund the next line, are utterly unusable. I have scrapped them and am using their stuffing to fill other projects. 

I am bitter about the entire thing. I am angry. I am never, ever going to do business with Gann Memorials again, nor will I recommend them to anyone, as I cannot with good conscience do so, because if they had an experience anything similar to mine I would be wracked with the most horrible guilt. 

I *am* going to try again. As tempting as it is to simply give up, to assume that there is something lacking about my character, that there is something about me that makes things like this happen, I won’t do it. I’m saving up for another line of plush toys. I am shopping around for a different company to work with. 

My hands are tired and my blood pressure is high, but I’m still going. 

(I want to put in a disclaimer that I am not assuming anything about the personal morality of Chris or Gene Gann. I do not want them attacked or thought of in any wrong way because of how all of this went down. This was a business deal, and sometimes they go sour. This could have been a series of misunderstandings, mistakes, communication errors, unfortunate events, what have you. I don’t know what’s going on in their lives. These are things that happened, and they will affect who I do business with going forward, but I don’t assume that these are bad people. I don’t think I could encourage anyone to have a business relationship with this company and these people, but if you want to have a beer with them, I’m sure they’re very nice.)

anonymous asked:

What are messianic Jews and Black Hebrew Israelites and why are they considered "people who sometimes call themselves Jewish but really, really aren’t?" Sorry if this is a stupid question.

This is a bit of a thorny one, but not a stupid question. I’ll do my best to answer.

Messianic Jews, very broadly speaking, are Christians who appropriate the trappings of contemporary rabbinic Judaism in the process of worshipping Jesus. Sometimes, people who are actually ethnically Jewish are involved in these religious movements; this doesn’t make them not Jews, but it doesn’t mean they’re actually practicing Judaism, either.

Messianic Judaism is not considered Judaism by any normative sect of Judaism; rather, it is a branch of Christianity as described here. I also recommend reading this (long) post by a (non-Jew) who got involved with Messianic Judaism and later left.

Ultimately, though, Messianic Judaism is theologically incompatible with actual Judaism, and mostly manifests as non-Jews appropriating the practices of actual Jews. This is offensive to many Jews because Christians have historically been our oppressors, and Christianity has been an instrument of our oppression. For Christians, who spent millennia denigrating our traditions, to now turn around and steal them in service of a religion that was founded in opposition to Judaism, is very offensive.

The Black Hebrew Israelites are a diverse constellation of different groups, mostly African-Americans, who believe they are the descendants of the ancient Israelites. This often coincides with denial of actual Jews’ Jewishness, and calling themselves “the real Jews” or “the true Jews”, which is offensive, inaccurate, and hurtful to actual Jews. I know less about their religious practices, but they often involve Jesus, and so cannot be actual Judaism. They may therefore be seen as a type of Messianic Jew. 

The issue of race complicates this, especially in the North American context, where many ethnic Jews have access to whiteness, and white privilege. As a result, it can appear that our criticism is based in racism or anti-blackness - and unfortunately, sometimes it is, Jews being no more immune to prejudice than anyone else. (It should go without saying, but racism of any kind is unacceptable.) Further, there are Black Jews (both converts, and those whose families have always been Jewish) who take umbrage at being lumped in with Black Hebrew Israelites, even as they struggle to be accepted as the Jews they are in the (actual) Jewish community. 

(An addendum: I am not Black and so I’d like to defer further discussion of the Black Hebrew Israelites, and Black Jews, to actual Black Jews. So I invite further comment in general, and especially from any Black Jewish followers.)

The claim that Russia “hacked the election” has essentially been totally discredited

From the latest dump by wikileaks

The CIA’s hand crafted hacking techniques pose a problem for the agency. Each technique it has created forms a “fingerprint” that can be used by forensic investigators to attribute multiple different attacks to the same entity.

This is analogous to finding the same distinctive knife wound on multiple separate murder victims. The unique wounding style creates suspicion that a single murderer is responsible. As soon one murder in the set is solved then the other murders also find likely attribution.

The CIA’s Remote Devices Branch’s UMBRAGE group collects and maintains a substantial library of attack techniques ‘stolen’ from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.

With UMBRAGE and related projects the CIA cannot only increase its total number of attack types but also misdirect attribution by leaving behind the “fingerprints” of the groups that the attack techniques were stolen from.

UMBRAGE components cover keyloggers, password collection, webcam capture, data destruction, persistence, privilege escalation, stealth, anti-virus (PSP) avoidance and survey techniques.”

Iron Fist:  Real Racism

So I’ve read several reviews of Iron Fist and many, either in the review or prior, made statements about how Danny Rand being white is racist.  I’ve come to an actual conclusion on this.

Netflix’s Iron Fist does have something you could conceive as racist in it.

No, it isn’t about Danny.  And if ANYONE actually cared about racism, rather than tearing down white people, I’d actually take their critiques seriously.  But I have yet to hear this argument.  AT ALL.

So what is this issue in Iron Fist that I’d actually accept as racist, if that argument was made?

The inherent blending of The Hand, The Immortal Weapons, Gao and Kun’lun.

The Hand is Japanese.  They’re ninjas, use Japanese Kanji and their leadership are Japanese.

Kun’lun, and the majority of Iron Fist, deals with CHINESE concepts.  Chinese martial arts, Chinese philosophy, Kun’Lun is located around the Tibet-China region.  Gao’s actress is from Hong Kong.

So why is the inherently Japanese Hand now the mortal enemies of the Chinese area Kun’lun?  Why is The Hand, who are goddamn ninjas, learning Kung Fu and Drunken Boxing style?  

And why is Gao, who in Daredevil Season 1 is portrayed as separate from The Hand and who speaks Mandarin, now a Hand agent?  Why is the Bride of Nine Spiders a member of The Hand?

The Immortal Weapons, Kun’lun, and The Hand are different.  Danny didn’t even really FIGHT The Hand until well into his Heroes for Hire days and, in the comics, post Shadowland.

I have NEVER seen anyone make these arguments that by shoving all of these together, they’re effectively creating a homogeneous “Asian” category that interchanges between Chinese martial arts, Japanese ninjas and Tibetan monks almost on a whim.  

Personally?  I don’t take too much umbrage with this.  But I thought the people so concerned about racism that they’d boycott or penalize the show would’ve actually picked up on it.  So why didn’t they?

Well, for starters, lets get out of the way that these dipshits don’t care about racism.  They care about an easy way to show everyone who progressive they are and bitching about Danny being white is perfect for that.  Low risk.  Danny is white and it poses no problem to shit on a white person, whereas going after depictions of Asian people might actually open somebody, often white themselves, to a barrage of counter attacks.

Or we could also go with option 2.  They’re racist themselves.  After all, when you consider all black people to be the same, all white people to be the same, why should asian people be different?  Putting them all into one group won’t be hard, so why should they care?  

While I personally don’t much care, if these reviewers even deigned to mention that they’re turning The Hand into a “Homogeneous Asian Villain” or that a society of goddamn ninjas turned to Drunken Boxing style, Kung Fu and being at war with a Tibetan Mystical Nation, I MIGHT have bought that they were actually concerned with racism and not just trying to point score. 

One of the fun things about Tumblr is that posts sometimes circulate for days or weeks or even months so if someone takes umbrage to your popular post it might be months later so you just get some dumb like FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK BECOME A STATISTIC in your inbox and have no fucking clue what they possibly took offense to

A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 5

The three heroes quietly glared at each other behind Marinette’s back.  When the girl had proposed a movie night (thinking that it would be a nice, quiet activity), each had independently decided to bring snacks.

Chat’s ears drooped knowing that he had lost this round, even if Marinette had kindly smiled when she took the covered platter of (extremely healthy and utterly tasteless) finger foods that his chefs had prepared.

Queen Bee and Vixen had fared better, with the former bringing a large box of expensive chocolates, and the latter carrying a bag with bags of chips and containers of dips.

“Oh, it’s okay Chaton. Here, you can pick out the movie.” Chat perked up as Marinette handed him her DVD case and began flicking through it, while Queen Bee and Vixen helped in the construction of a blanket fort big enough to hold all of them.

It was when the movie was starting up and all four of them were piling into the blanket fort when the problem started.

Marinette had barely sat down on the thick comforter before she practically had three heroes in her lap. Vixen got there first and actually plopped across Marinette’s legs, resting her head against her chest and tickling her cheek with her flicking ears.  Grumbles ensued, but Chat flopped down and pressed against her left side, and Queen Bee her right.

Automatically, her hands buried themselves in Vixen’s and Chat’s hair, giving each a gentle rub and scratch behind the ears their Miraculouses granted them.  Both heroes slumped against her, Chat giving a loud rumble of a purr and Vixen humming deep in her chest in her own approximation of a purr.

Thankfully she had more control over her fox vocalizations than when she had first gotten her Miraculous, the first time she had let out a fox scream, it had taken a full fifteen minutes to get Chat down from the tree he had ended up in.

And don’t get Marinette started on the ‘growling’, no living creature should be able to make a sound like that.

It took over five minutes for Queen Bee to finally take umbrage with the fact that Vixen and Chat were getting pets and she wasn’t (honestly, she lasted longer than the other two thought she would).  Making an annoyed sound, she shoved her head under Marinette’s arm, making her laugh and remove her hand from Vixen’s ears to start stroking Queen Bee’s hair.

Vixen’s eyes narrowed, and she huffed before shoving her head up and under Marinette’s chin, ears pinning back and down.  Marinette rolled her eyes and moved her hand from Chat’s head to begin petting Vixen again, which made the fox hero relax.

Chat hissed softly, and headbutted Marinette’s shoulder insistently, making her frown. “Seriously you three, I only have two hands.  And Vixen, put your ears down, I can’t see the movie around them.”

Unfortunately, by then they weren’t listening to her, as evidenced by how Chat proceeded to shove Vixen out of Marinette’s lap and plop himself there, smirking as Vixen landed on Queen Bee.

Both female heroes squawked, then turned death glares on Chat, who had enough self-preservation to pin his ears and tuck his tail right before they tackled him.

They had approximately three seconds to tussle before a wash of fury made them all pause and look guiltily over at Marinette.

What.  Did. I.  Say.  About. Fighting.” She gritted out, making all three heroes squeak and shrink back in terror.

Thirty seconds later, they were sitting as far apart as they could get in the blanket fort, and Marinette was sitting apart from all of them, angrily crunching on a chip.

Chat hesitated, then glanced over at the other two.  “… Sorry. For screwing things up.”

“… We probably could have all handled that better,” Vixen admitted.  Queen Bee wasn’t one to admit when she had been in the wrong, so the fact that she gave a single nod of agreement meant a lot, coming from her.

Over the course of the movie, they all slowly drifted back in towards Marinette, although this time when they all pressed in against her, there was no fighting over positions. And if Queen Bee ended up in Vixen’s lap, and Vixen’s head on Chat’s shoulder while Marinette was cupped between them, well…

They would all claim that it was just more comfortable that way.

anonymous asked:

Can you do one where teddy starts talking to Harry about his relationship with Victorie. And Harry gives him some advice?

A/N: This is kinda silly but fun I think?  And it has some Godfather/Godson time (plus Ron!)  I hope you enjoy, even with the delay :)

Also available on FF and Ao3!


Teddy Lupin tends to be a rather cheery sort.  Quiet about it, but a cheerful young Hufflepuff with outrageous hair and an eye for pranks.  Which is why Harry is caught off guard by his godson’s sulkiness, puzzling over the cause.

A few minutes of quiet observation and a quick glance toward the animated Harpies calendar confirms the date is not one of personal significance to the young Lupin, so Harry mentally steels himself for a conversation that will hopefully gently prod Teddy to unveil his secret angst.  Despite his sigh at the prospect of confronting the teenage wizard, Harry can’t quite forget his own difficulties and briefly considers bringing Ginny in for a good telling off, but Harry’s own sense of responsibility and Ginny’s current location being some stadium in Eastern Europe require a more hands on approach.

Which doesn’t mean he goes in unprepared.  Remembering the older Lupin’s comforting techniques, Harry raids his stash of Honeyduke’s – reminding himself to confront a certain red head who clearly snuck a few slabs for herself – and settles himself across the table from Teddy.

After a moment, Harry slides one chocolate bar across the crayon-stained table, prodding Teddy’s forearm with the sweet.  “Wotcher, Ted.”

He doesn’t get much beyond a grunt and a hair flip in response.  And that’s when Harry really sees it – the lank, mousy brown mop of hair. Tonks had only appeared that way once that he knew of, and if Teddy was anything like his mother – which he was – then…

“Anything you’d like to talk about, mate?”

Teddy groans and his forehead drops to the table with a dull thud, and suddenly Harry’s dreading helping three more children wade through the teen years.  Before he can ruminate on the thought of doing this with a girl the floo flares a bright green and Ron’s in the Potter kitchen, brushing ash from his clothes.  “Alright Potters?” he pauses eyeing Teddy’s prone form, “Potter and Lupin?”

For whatever reason, a larger audience draws Teddy from his self-pity-induced silence enough that he turns his head to the side, sun-tanned cheek smashed against the tabletop so he can finally give a clue as to his predicament.  “Girls.”

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CS FF: Houseguest from Hell

Summary: Wish Realm Hook sneaks through the portal and ends up in Storybrooke.  This results in Emma and Killian getting an unwelcome houseguest and Emma an unwanted suitor.

Rating: PG

Note: I just thought it would be funny if Wish Realm Hook ended up in Storybrooke and met his counterpart, while stirring up some trouble.  This is the result.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

….Houseguest from Hell: Part 1/1…

Killian kicked the front door closed with his boot, as his lips remained fused to Emma’s.

“I missed you so much,” he breathed into her mouth.

Emma pulled back for a moment, caressing his cheek as she met his eyes. “After that portal closed, I was scared I might never find a way back to my family.  Back to you.”

Killian offered her a smile. “I never doubted for a moment that you would find your way back to me.”

Emma grinned as she captured his lips again.  She began to maneuver them to the couch.

“Henry is staying at Regina’s tonight, so we have the house to ourselves,” she managed to mumble between kisses.

Killian moved his lips to her neck.  “I want to take my time with you.  Let’s go to our bedroom.”

They didn’t stop kissing all the way up the stairs, nearly falling several times in the process.  By the time they made it to the threshold of their bedroom, Emma’s jacket had been shed, as had Hook’s.  Emma was hard at work on the buttons of his vest.

Killian wrapped his arms around Emma’s waist as he pulled her flush against his body and backed them into their bedroom.   Emma felt the back of her legs hit the bed and she felt onto it, Killian landing gently on top of her. She clawed at his back, a moan escaping her lips.  

“Do you mind? I am trying to sleep,” a voice sounded behind them.

Emma and Killian’s eyes flew open and they quickly parted, scrambling to their feet to face the voice.  Spread out on Killian’s side of the bed, was Wish Realm Hook.  

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Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles?

a news story broke  from british columbia a few years ago during PEAK TUMBLR involving an RCMP policewoman and a bear, accompanied with this photo:

the teenagers of tumblr found it oh, so adorable and produced fan artwork of it like it were an animated tv show a la gravity falls

then some had a bright idea and figured YOU KNOW WAHT, WE SHOULD MAKE A SHOW PILOT FOR REAL and got together a kickstarter for it


In their kickstarter, it included this completely arbitary breakdown of expenses:

Note how merchandising has a larger budget than the actual art teams. unless you are looking at “production costs” whatever the fuck that means. The project had just BARELY lifted off the ground and they were adamant on duping a quarter of all their earnings into toys for a pilot that was in all likelihood going to be awful.

or art crew… or just

none of this makes any sense

 nonetheless they made several thousand dollars in pledges.

But being this was AT THE TIME OF PEAK TUMBLR

some people did some effortless digging and found the teenager who made the kickstarter used to have a preteen internet handle of “Livethefaggotry”

which ENFURIATED THE PROFESSIONAL UMBRAGE TAKERS OF TUMBLR because they too were largely teenagers and were functionally incapable of chilling the fuck out over internet stalking to justify unloading their social justice rage on other kids.

So this is the silver to Dashcon’s gold, i feel. As far as awful tumblr projects go. With the Arkh Project being bitcoin, relatively speaking.

it was fairly dramatic and agonizing all around.

Written by Linda Sharp, one of the most talented journalists in the country. The sad thing is that those in greatest need of reading this article would quit midway through the first paragraph.

What Will It Take?

So, you voted for Trump.

You cheered his rhetoric of hate and phobias.

You proudly wore your “Fuck Your Feelings” t-shirts to his rallies.

You cried out “Lock her up!” at his events - not caring to comprehend that there is nothing to “lock her up” for. Hell, as recently as last night in Tennessee, you were still chanting that ridiculous mantra as he held another “Make Me Feel Great Again” rally.

You LOVED his blanket condemnations of Islam.

You grabbed your sac every time he hollered how Mexico would pay for his wall.

You death gripped your whiteness, so fearful of becoming the minority and having the treatment tables turned on you.

You happily lapped up every impossible promise he made.

You fact checked nothing. And you voted for him.

A man-baby so insecure with himself that he championed his own penis in a debate. A self-confessed womanizer, cheater, molester, and piece of excrement who has never had any use for religion was embraced by churchgoers because he said words like “abortion” and let people pray over him. A thin-skinned schoolyard bully who tweets as often and as foully as he farts his KFC emissions.

You voted for him despite the hordes of white supremacists who lauded him. You proudly stood shoulder to shoulder with them at his campaign stops. You joined in the mob mentality he meant to elicit each time he pointed to the penned in group of reporters and endangered their very lives.

You voted with your hate, with your ignorance, with your misogyny, with your fears, with your phobias, with your delusions.

You voted for his pledges to “drain the swamp.”

You spent 8 years hating on President Obama for every breath he dared to take, grabbing at every salacious made up story, ridiculing his time spent with his family, spent golfing, hell, you ridiculed his family as well. A family that never had a breath of scandal; a family that is affectionate, intelligent, close. A President who projected intellect, probity, empathy, sympathy; a President who was largely respected around the world.

When the election came around, you were more than happy to transfer your bullshit onto Hillary Clinton, believing all manner of made-up garbage, including that she runs a child rape ring from the basement of a pizza parlor.

Seriously, how fucking dense are you people?

Rhetorical question. No answer needed.

So, you voted for him. For that whole Make America Great Again emptiness, but then bumper sticker thinking tends to win the day in your crowd. Sorry, Trumper sticker thinking.

He has now been in office for just shy of two months. What will it take to make you finally wake up and see what you have let loose?

His great plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days? Where is it? Again, rhetorical question - it exists only between his ears and as expressed hot air when he rambles out loud.

He emboldened all the dullards who see only color, and who feel it is now their right to physically strike out at anyone who is not white - ripping off hijabs, punching people on subways, shooting them dead in bars - all accompanied by the words “Get out of my country!”

He hates Muslims so much (like you) that he has now tried twice to institute travel bans - except countries where he has financial interests, actual terrorists from those countries be damned - those Mu$lim$ are okey dokey? How do you reconcile that?

You gleefully supported over 33 hearings on Benghazi, not caring one whit how your tax dollars were being squandered on a witch hunt in which your own party could find no wrongdoing on Hillary’s part. Yet Trump orders an ill-conceived, bravado-laden raid over dinner resulting in women, children, and a Navy SEAL being killed, and you look away.

Seriously, the mental gymnastics you must be doing to be cool with that are worthy of a Simone Biles gold.

He promised you the “greatest health care” while stumping, and has now made it clear that what he supports is tens of millions being throw off their insurance, premium increases that will bankrupt your parents, and millions in tax cuts for his rich friends. Good luck when little Johnny needs asthma meds or you get ass cancer. Or you change jobs and your wife with diabetes can no longer get insured because of that pesky pre-existing condition of hers. Oh, and you are aware that her simply being a woman will be a pre-existing condition, correct? Perhaps you should have done your research and actually comprehended that the Affordable Care Act and the FOX slurred Obamacare are the same thing.

Maybe when enough of you start to die… will that be enough?

You derided Obama as elite for his impressive education, called him a celebrity because of his crowds. Then you elected a petulant, spoiled brat from Wharton, who was a reality TV star.

Does your hypocrisy chafe at all?

Trump assured you time and again that Mexico would pay for that big beautiful border wall. Mexico told him to fuck off time and time again. And now, today comes the confirmation in his own budget proposal sent to Congress that YOU will be paying the billions for a wall that will be meaningless.

Is that enough? What, no umbrage? No outrage?

You embraced his every childish taunt, his every 3 am Twitter rampage during the campaign, thinking them hilarious, brave, profound - how about now that he should be governing yet is more distracted by wars with Nordstrom and Snoop Dogg?

He making you proud by acting like a 12-year-old boy with his first cell phone?

That whole swamp draining thing? Um, he is surrounded by white nationalists, climate deniers, liars, and fellow million/billionaires. He loudly derided Hillary for giving a speech at Goldman Sachs - you booed and hissed and wanted her head - he has surrounded himself with former Goldman Sachs employees.

“Her emails! Her server! Security!!!!!” <—-There’s a popular one from the campaign trail. Yet you are as quiet as a ward of coma patients as his administration uses private email servers, he openly conducts the business of national security over dinner at his “winter White House,” invites Mar-a-Lago members to sit in on cabinet interviews, and he continues to use an unsecured Android phone.

Vacations? Golfing? Pfffft. “There’s just so much to be done,” Trump told CBS’ 60 Minutes in an interview broadcast Nov. 13, 2016. “So I don’t think we’ll be very big on vacations, no.” Melissa McCarthy (ahem, Sean Spicer), his sartorially challenged mouthpiece, told FOX “He will never take a vacation… he can’t sit still. He’s so eager to get things done and change things up – there is never an idle moment and so there is not going to be the word vacation will not exist in a Trump administration.”

He leaves tomorrow for the FIFTH weekend trip to Mar-a-Lago, where he most certainly fills his idle time with round after round of golf. He has played NINE times since taking office.

What, is golfing suddenly cool? Ok with all of you who derided every stroke Obama took? And the costs you all shit yourselves blind over in terms of “vacations” when Obama was in office? All these $3 million trips to Florida hunky dory with you? West Palm Beach is starting to realize what a bankrupting grifter he is as his repeated trips are threatening the very existence of many businesses: “We’re going broke.”  $1.7 million dollars in taxpayer money that has gone from the WPB coffers to his security? The White House refuses to even acknowledge the requests to be reimbursed.

Melania living in Manhattan and costing you (all of us) just shy of a million a day? Look, I am fine with their choice to let Barron finish the school year there. My own family has made that choice, hell, we are LIVING that choice, and have been for over 9 years. BUT WE ARE PAYING THE COSTS OF OUR CHOICE.

<Insert crickets.>

Of course, it’s ok with you. You’d rather eat from a buffet of Trump’s rectal remnants than admit, perhaps, that you got conned by a man who literally earned the moniker Don The Con DECADES ago. You got played by a reprobate who has made a very public display of constantly and consistently cheating, lying, ripping off, and threatening people all his life. The Art of the Deal? Sorry, the only art here is the art form to which he raised carnival barking.

So what will it take? THAT is a serious question.

Will you have to see your own grandparents starve to death as Meals On Wheels evaporates? Will Putin have to be caught with his tongue in Trump’s mouth and his hand down his trousers for you to stop with the “fake news” bullshit? Sorry, but just because news doesn’t make your head feel good or your pee pee hard does not make it fake. Will your child have to die in front of you because your healthcare disintegrated? Well, you can take heart in all those new weapons of death he has promised for the military.

What will it take for you to finally admit that you were lied to, vote grifted, used?

I suspect for most of you will take a target finally being squarely placed on your back.

Whether it is healthcare, bankruptcy, your coal jobs NOT coming back, your deployed spouse or child being blown to bits in a war of distraction and bravado, or finally being labeled a “loser” by Trump for being poor - it will happen.

You cheered as he targeted Muslims. Because you aren’t one. You applauded as he targeted the LGBT. Because you aren’t one. You proudly wore your MAGA hats as he targeted Mexicans. Because you aren’t one. You laughed as he constantly went after minorities (pssst, brown people). Because you are not one. You clapped like a deranged seal as he repeatedly took aim at Black Lives Matter supporters. Because you are not one. You blew off his obvious ridiculing of a disabled reporter. Because you are not disabled.

Your target is coming. It is inevitable. You will need something at some point - we all do - assistance, insurance, school lunches for your children when you lose your job, food stamps, housing aid, an emergency operation, and on and on. And when you do, you will be a loser, a taker, a welfare cheat. Too bad you can’t eat boot straps.

Some of you are slowly opening your eyes - comment sections now contain those who confess to making a mistake with their vote, TrumpRegrets collects all the staunch supporters who have finally realized they have been chewing on bullshit, not red meat, thrown to them by this fraud. Investigations into his lies and connections (and those of the cadre of villains around him) are ongoing and more is gleaned every day.

His house of cards is coming down. Alternative facts, fake news, Tweets meant to distract, all of it, will eventually give way to cold, hard facts that reveal how vile, corrupt, compromised, and naked is this emperor. Sadly, however, the damage has been done.

And you own it. All 62 million who looked the other way at every horrific statement, heinous promise, and pledge to hurt other people. You did this to our nation because, like Trump, you cared more about winning than you do about your neighbors, this country.

What will it take? Pain.

It’s coming Trumpers. But when you are crying, in need, damaged, bereft don’t expect the majority that tried to keep this from happening to feel sorry for you.

To quote your t-shirts: Fuck Your Feelings.

anonymous asked:

do you enjoy a little that tests you with her brattiness?

no. i dont. at all. only a maniac would.

the thing about brattiness… is that littles, contrary to popular belief, are not naturally bratty.  A good daddy… one who does his job correctly and efficiently never has to worry about having this issue

the bratty sub/little most commonly ends up being bratty as a result of the daddys incompetence as a caregiver or really human being in general. Its because hes failing at his job and she can only be so patient.. its because shes not getting what she wants and shes been incorrectly trained to deal with it through acting out in the past… its because she simply carries an attitude or a stigma that every relationship will be the same, so she ultimately tries to self sabotage as an effort of making things come to and end.

That way at least she can feel that it ended for a specific reason, by her own doing, and she can own it and feel ok instead of fearing abandonment, abuse, cheating, and anything else that some half wit jackhole who read 50 shades of grey would do to her…


What separates me from most of the daddys that I end up hearing about… is the fact that I am genuine, real and actually have a good record in the lifestyle of experience and training, and as such, I dont tolerate shenanigans.

 I especially dont tolerate unwarranted brattiness towards me when I have done nothing to deserve it. I put 100% of my best efforts into a person in order to improve their life.. and if after all that you spit in my face, youre not going to get an apology and a pat on the bottom from me while I grovel at your feet. You’ll be met with indignant umbrage and a reaction you didnt expect and wont like. 

test me with your brattiness? its a test youre going to absolutely fail.


We snakes, below, in dungeons live
beneath the lake’s soft, murky light.
A fellowship of Serpent’s might
with wisdom of our own to give.

Be not afraid of ambition–
desire to rise above the rest.
Succeed at each and ev'ry test,
and to none show your submission.

All umbrage caused by words and deeds
will find its end when we unite–
our cunning is worth all their swords.
For we are all the Serpent’s seeds,
and all is ours, by Serpent’s right,
as our cunning and pride affords.

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

I wrote a poem for each of the four houses: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor.

What did you think?


The Mando’a word for Mandalorian Iron is Beskar. It translates to Iron/Heart, or translated a bit more poetically Heart of the Iron or Iron of the Heart

But I take umbrage with the root of Iron, Besk. More specifically it doesn’t make sense as meaning Iron at all. You see Beskar is known and famous to be incredibly difficult to work and basically useless if you mess it up while preparing. It’s also super dense (which is theoretically why it stands up to lightsabers, but my opinions on that osik a whole other post).

I’m not sure how much you know about Iron in its pure form, but it’s not a very useful metal. Especially for weapons and armor. It’s brittle or crumbly at worst and a softer metal at best. Iron is a major component of another metal though, steel. Steel is an alloy containing predominantly iron and carbon, but for really good steels you need impurities (this isn’t a bad word among metalworkers and it shouldn’t be in Mando’a either). Molybdenum, Chromium, and nickel being the most common impurities. They make the steel denser, harder, and better looking.

So Beskar shouldn’t be iron but instead a steel-like substance. Probably infused with trace amount of whatever it is that makes cortosis and the handful of other lightsaber resistant materials (which is probably a crystalline substance but I digress).

But back to Besk. It’s usage makes me wonder if it perhaps is mistranslated as iron but should actually be metal. At least in common usage (using it as iron or steel makes sense poetically). 

But what do people associate with the Mandalorians. Armor (which should not be Beskar’gam but Besk’gam), specifically Mandalorian armor (which should be Beskar’gam). Beskar’gam, not Mandalorian iron, but Mandalorian Steel. Mandalorian Steel is an alloy, it joins together metals to create a better metal. Just like the Mando’ade do with people.

Beskar: lit. metal/heart. Mandalorian Steel

special thanks to @izzyovercoffee for putting up with my metalworking rant and encouraging me to make this post

clamanath  asked:

What's your opinion on this: www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=bFAPKDVXNnw

I think he’s out of his damn mind.

For starters, the title is extremely misleading. I won’t call it click bait, because if it was click bait it would look more like “I Went to the Comic Book Store Today and You’ll NEVER Guess What Happened Next!” but all the same he’s selling oranges and calling them apples. The video is called “The Rise and Fall and Plummet of Comic Books” and the majority of the video is just him pissing and moaning about how demographics he’s not part of are being reached out to. He barely even touches on the comics and sales themselves and mostly focuses on tired, beaten to death points like lady Thor and a black girl paling around with Tony Stark. Like, seriously people, even people who like those characters are probably sick to death of them being brought up all the fucking time. Also, describing Bat Woman’s sexual orientation as “Oh, she enjoys slurping some slatch!” And he wonders why people call him and his fans ‘man babies.’ It would be one thing if he was 12 or 15, but he’s not; he’s a grown ass man. When the hell is he going to start acting like one?

Also, describing a Mary Sue and citing Rey from The Force Awakens as an example? First of all, 2015 called, they want their easy target back, and second that whole “Ugh, Rey’s a Mary Sue, nyah nyah nyah!” has been long since debunked. There’s nothing you can say about Rey that can’t also be applied to Luke.

But putting all that aside, he’s not saying anything new. Comic books have been on the wane since the Spectator Boom back in the 90′s turned the industry on its’ head and it just never recovered. Comic books just aren’t a growth industry anymore. The upcoming video-game “Injustice 2″ will easily sell over three million copies if not more, but if DC made a comic book with the same exact story, characters, premise, and setting….it would be lucky if it sells 100,000 copies. By the way, those are considered GOOD sales. In any other industry, selling 100,000 of anything would be a death sentence for that particular intellectual property. If only 100,000 tickets were sold for a movie like Civil War or Batman v Superman then not only would that be a crippling financial blow to the studio, but the medium itself would have taken such a punch to the gut that it likely would have been DECADES before that studio made another superhero movie.

Having said that, I do agree that I’d much rather see these companies make new characters instead of just give a pre-existing character and giving them a race or gender swap. It’s tiresome, boring, and supremely lazy. The part I take umbrage with is that he’s acting as if this is some recent phenomenon that only surfaced in the last few years. Spoiler alert, it’s not. Comic books have been doing this for decades now, for it’s a tactic almost as old as comic books themselves. While it’s as exasperating as exasperating gets, it works. As much as I detest that method, I still have to admit that if not for it we wouldn’t have great characters like Steel, Power Girl, War Machine, X23, Batgirl, She-Hulk, pretty much every Teen Titan that isn’t Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and arguably Beast Boy (one can easily argue that’s he’s a green pint-sized Plastic Man, only with animals) and the list goes on and on.

Look, laugh and guffaw and cry “See, this is what happens when you pander to SJWS!” all you want over comics declining sales all you want, but again, falling sales are nothing new. Comic books and printed media as a whole with the exception of novels has been slowly but steadily going extinct for the past two decades now, and blaming falling comic book sales on SJWs or whatever online boogeyman is currently trending is like blaming EA for the video-game crash of 1987. By all means, criticize them all you want. You don’t have to like what they’re doing by any stretch. As someone who’s grown up reading comic books, I can’t tell you how utterly heartbreaking it is to not only see comic books and printed media in general slowly going extinct, but even more saddened that what comic books there are serve as little more than beta-testing grounds for future multi-media projects. By and large, Marvel doesn’t give a FUCK what comic is and isn’t selling. Would they like Korean Hulk and Ironheart to be best sellers? Sure, but they aren’t losing sleep over low sales. The only part they actually care about is when or if Riri Williams becomes a viable enough character to take the reins in future Iron Man movies once Robert Downy Jr. decides “Yeah, you know what? I made enough money.”

Again, you don’t have to like it or even respect it. I certainly don’t. But if your big KO to them is “Hey, your Captain Marvel comic isn’t selling very well!” all Marvel’s going to do is reply with “Sorry, what was that? We can’t hear you through this big pile of money we’re about to make from the Captain Marvel movie staring his female counterpart which will also become the go-to female superhero movie when DC inevitably fucks up Wonder Woman!”

One more thing. As for the whole SJW thing, again, you can criticize all you want. But if you’re going to lose your shit over a comic book talking about tampons, then grow. The hell. Up. Comic books have talked about problems of men and boys for as long as comic books have been a thing. Almost every teenage superhero have powers that are metaphors for puberty while at least one third of the entire Spider-Man lore and mythos is about how he can’t seem to ever get laid. Anyone who’s going to lose their damn mind over Marvel talking about girl problems while ignoring Peter Parker’s sex life often being a major selling point all the while acting as if they had been personally wronged because a comic book had the audacity to reach out to young girls for once, then they can take their selective persecution complex and stick it straight up their ass!

And for the record…

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Pine Has the Perfect Answer to Being Called 'Wonder Woman's' Damsel in Distress

Wonder Woman gave Chris Pine a firsthand look at the flip side of female objectification in Hollywood.

ET’s Nischelle Turner spoke to the 36-year-old actor – who has a nude scene meant to be deliberately objectifying in the movie – about his experience shooting the “Amazon pools” scene.

“It was a lot of sock stuffing,” Pine laughed. “Making sure I looked as fit as a fiddle.”

WATCH: Gal Gadot Breaks Down Her Intense Preparations For Her ‘Wonder Woman’ Role

But in all seriousness, it was an eye-opening shoot for the star.

“It was fun to be objectified for a day. I was thinking this happens to women so, so much, it’s about time,” Pine shared. “While that was fun, I think it’s the most compassionate I’ve felt toward women on what they may feel being sidelined or made to feel less important.”

Pine also pointed out that while a man being questioned about being objectified may seem unusual, it’s also a sign of how far the industry still has to go.

“During these junkets…the question for a film like this for me is, 'What is it like to be the damsel in distress? Giggle giggle,’” Pine explained. “I totally get it. It is funny.”

“But you’d never ask Amy Adams that because it’s demeaning,” he reasoned. “But it’s funny to ask someone like me because I’m a man. And I get it. I don’t take any umbrage to it at all. I do now have a great amount of compassion for women.”

WATCH: Why Gal Gadot Was a No-Brainer to Play Wonder Woman in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

“He came very prepared,” Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, told ET of filming the scene.“But aside from that, Chris is just a wonderful person and such a talented guy. I really, really enjoyed working with him.”

Gadot also addressed the importance she felt in shooting a film that portrays women as the hero, and not the princess.

“We had 300, which was so beautiful and such a spectacle, but finally to see it with women! It was mind blowing! So original and so beautiful,” Gadot explained.

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Pine Puts 'Hannibal Lecter’ Impression to Good Use’ on 'Angie Tribeca’ – Watch Now!

“Its important for me. Men and boys growing up, they always had Superman and Batman to look up to, strong male characters, and we didn’t have that,” she continued. “We had all the princesses. We didn’t have someone who was super proactive and strong. I think that it’s so great that we finally get to tell this beautiful, iconic character’s story. And it’s not only great for girls, it’s great for boys as well.”

Wonder Woman, in all her badassness, flies into theaters on June 2.

Watch the video below for our discussion with Gadot.

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