alaynest0ned asked:

this is probably a weirdly specific request, but I want to get Rex as a tattoo, growling. however, I can't get any good shots of him doing so. would it be too much of a bother to ask for a gifset or pictures of him growling?

I can defiantly try! 


Priorities couldn’t BE any more sorted. If they’re not going to bring the ice cream to Australia, then naturally the next step is to go to the ice cream.

I promise this, I will not give up! Jet lag will not stop me from finding them on the first day that I arrive. I’m giving myself a limit of the first day in LA. If I fail on that day, I’ll only allow myself to get them on the first day i’m in NYC.

I’m going to try and set myself some goals to keep me on my toes haha