umbilical chords


Featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Daveed Diggs and Black Thought from the Roots

I’m full of surprises, it might take a minute to digest
I’m gunnin’ for Pulitzer prizes. Ah, it’s a bit of a process
But I got a Grammy, got a Tony, got a Emmy
Goddamnit, homie, somebody show me the way to the Oscars

Upgraded the Railroad to a chariot with Harriet
And Marie Curie brought some shit so hot we had to bury it
Get my golden lariat, I’m a Wonder Woman gunnin’ for ‘em
What you runnin’ from?
You hear the thunder rumblin’ something’s coming
Shatter y’all, hurricanes on wood frame houses
The name’s Renée, you’ll never be the same
BLAO. Game: blouses

Diminishing returns make the burners come out, start to wave
Question me if you wanna, y’all, I was up on the stage
Playing a polyglot glutton, suckin’ a molly popsicle
So sick of the club I just turn up at the hospital
Ordering orderlies to turn the heat up four degrees
So I can take my shirt off and live out my California dreams
Scribble “Thug Life” in invisible ink
An umbilical minor chord-clipping metaphysical link
To the pastime high, wrecks, last time I checked
There was hella rappers in line for the time to scream “I’m next”
I just walked right in the door marked “Hamilton Stage,” stayed patient
Playing these dead presidents I’m getting my reparations

DAY 3325

Jalsa, Mumbai                      May 5/6,  2017                    Fri/Sat 12:06 am 

Jockeyed by the waves of the radio and swayed by the eminence of their presence, we learn to conduct our speech in a manner that offends not the Fourth Estate, lest they conduct their responses in a manner that offends us ..!!

Manifestations of the different moods and expressions of the person under the sword .. manifestations because one has to give the same response to the different mobile recording devices thrust into your face !!

Hehahaha .. same answers, but how does one devise a methodology to sound and express differently ..that is the test of a true artist .. without complain, without remorse, without any outcry .. and the hope that the opposite party with the modern technology in hand, does sympathetically understand the issue .. else all hell shall have to be faced .. 

My word .. this is such a fearsome occurrence .. !!

There was ‘homework’ tonight, or rather in the evening, for the coming months, which shall dictate what and how one shall demonstrate ability in front of that machinery which propels us into the world of the the mass .. and it was filled with great discussion and creative debate .. better to debate now than regret later after the deed is done .. simple principles of life .. 

The time passed by for the adornment of finger at particular reason and instruction .. the purity of the waters that consider divinity and the nectar of the heavens .. it be for some reason .. reasons asked not .. just followed and in silent agreement .. thats it .. effects shall come to notice later .. if at all .. but better optimistic that the other ..

The body is a complicated machinery  .. it desires certain curriculum .. a curriculum that comes with the umbilical chord almost in its creation and productive element .. accept it we must .. there are no other options .. and those options that do exist are not for you or me .. !!

My love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

anonymous asked:

Can I have a headcanon for how Levi would react to his so in labor/giving birth? Like how he'd handle the stress, the excitement, the MESS. :l Pretty please and thanks!!!!!

Sure, anon! Enjoy! 

  • Like mod Spookzz and I have mentioned before, this is a completely unplanned pregnant. Levi never planned on becoming a father to anyone but, now that it’s here, he is freaking the fuck out on the inside. 
  • Of course, he remains stoic and calm on the outside–maybe a little eerily so. It’s entirely a ruse to stop himself from panicking and giving his s/o even more to worry about, so he keeps it together and gets them down to the medical wing as soon as possible. 
  • Levi probably knew the basics of childbirth, but he probably never expected there to be so much blood of for it to take so long. He hates seeing his s/o in agony but what he hates even more is knowing that there’s absolutely nothing that he can do to help alleviate their pain except to be there and let them squeeze his hand as tight as they want.
  • In the back of his mind, Levi is worried about the possibility of losing his s/o. Childbirth is messy and hard on the body and he’s terrified. Of course, he doesn’t speak a single word about this and opts to watch his s/o like a hawk even though they are crushing his hand.
  • When his s/o is finally able to start giving birth, it’s hands down one of the most disgusting things Levi has ever seen. It’s bloody and his child’s head is stuck in his s/o’s vagina but it’s also really surreal to him, too. After the final push and the baby’s umbilical chord is cut and they are cleaned off, Levi lets his s/o hold him/her first because he’s actually pretty scared to hold his own child.
  • Levi has never held a baby before, so the nurse has to instruct him where to place his arms as he awkwardly cradles his baby for the first time. It’s bizarre and I don’t think he was planning on it happening, but Levi falls into parental mode pretty quick and has a sudden rush of love for his kid and his s/o.
  • Although he’s still worried, Levi relaxes after the first couple of days when his s/o seems to be fairing just fine and the baby is deemed healthy, too. Fatherhood still scares him if only because he has nothing to use as a reference guide to help raise this child, but he vows to do his best as both a father and a partner to his s/o.

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So you know how Brendon used to talk about his "umbilical chord theory" with his mom? Do you think after he grew up and his anxiety got worse he had to have someone else to 'connect' to bc of tour and not being able to be with his mom? Do you think that person was Ryan? Do you think after Ryan left Brendon would get crippling anxiety attacks and he'd have to call Ryan or maybe just wish that he could hear his voice and Ryan would be the only one who could calm him down?

This is quiet possibly the saddest headcanon I’ve ever read because it seems so real and adding onto this his anxiety would be especially bad with the mere fear that he would never see Ryan again which would send him into an anxiety attack and onto another level of missing Ryan

The squee heard ‘round the world!

As you probably know by now, a wild baby sea otter was born this morning in our Great Tide Pool! For the last several days, a wild female sea otter had been using the protected basin of our Great Tide Pool to rest from the winter storms. Last night, just as the Aquarium closed, she was spotted once again slinking into the pool for some shut-eye. It’s rare for a healthy sea otter to visit the pool so frequently—we started to wonder if she was doing all right.

Well, mystery solved! Around 8:30 a.m., Aquarium staff witnessed a BRAND NEW pup resting on her belly, being furiously groomed by a proud momma. We’re talking umbilical-chord-still-attached, whoa-is-that-yep-that’s-the-placenta new-born otter pup!

In steady waves, Aquarium staff, volunteers, and then the days’ visitors made their way to the back deck to watch a conservation success story taking place—and become fluffier in front of their eyes. Not that long ago, sea otters were hunted to near extinction. Maybe 50 were left in all of California by the early 1800’s. But now, thanks to legislative protection and a change of heart toward these furriest of sea creatures, the otter population has rebounded to steady levels in the Monterey Bay, and with 3,000 total in central California. 

We’ll keep you updated on this new otter family—mom may decide to head out any time. As of this writing though, she’s still grooming her pup and enjoying the comfort of our Great Tide Pool. The cute overload continues.

The Orphan of Kos and Gehrman: Thoughts and analysis

  • Aegon of Astora did a video proving that the sobbing sound in the Orphan of Kos cutscene is the same soundbite as Gehrman’s sobbing in his rare “dreaming” dialogue, where he calls out to Laurence and Willem and begs to be unshackled from dreaming. Given that they bothered to splice the new audio of a baby crying into it, this is probably not a recycled asset but a deliberate choice. Gehrman also has another “sleeping” dialogue where he’s addressing Laurence directly, who also happens to be in the Hunter’s Nightmare.
  • After defeating the OoK, the Doll has an extra dialogue where she talks about how she can hear Gehrman sleeping soundly, and that on any other night he would be restless and suffering.
  • This is less concrete, but IMO the OoK is visually and pacing-wise pretty similar to Gehrman. It’s placenta weapon (definitely a placenta btw, if you look closely it’s still connected by umbilical cord) kind of reminds me of the Burial Blade’s cleaving edge and the transformation into it’s second stage feels like Gehrman’s own power-up.

So with that in mind here is what I think happened:

  • Kos washed up dead in the Fishing Hamlet but it was pregnant with child, and this foetal Great One was still alive and gestating inside of Kos’ carcass, subsisting off it’s placenta.
  • When the Byrgenwerth scholars came, they extracted the still-living Orphan from it’s womb, a forced traumatic birth, and performed live experiments on it. This is where they obtained the Third Umbilical Chord that Gehrman kept at his Workshop, the Umbilical Chord that precipitated (accelerated, caused) his encounter with the Moon Presence.
  • EDIT:  I think that Kos’s umbilical chord was split into three and make up three of the four umbilical chords we find in the game. The one dropped by Fakesefka, that she pillaged from Byrgenwerth and was used to ascend Rom; the one used by the School of Mensis, successors of Byrgenwerth, to grant Mensis audience with Mergo; and lastly the one in Gehrman’s workshop that was used to contact the Moon Presence. This is why the note in the Lecture Theatre reads “three one third chords” - it’s actually been split. The one that drops from Arianna, I’m not sure about. I think it might be unrelated and belongs to her own body.
  • Gehrman played a major role in the purging of the Fishing Hamlet and therefore holds an enormous amount of the guilt. The Great Ones are described as being “sympathetic” in spirit, and I think that’s saying that their minds basically work on a similar enough wavelength to our own that they psychically sense and respond to our emotions. Presumably this works both ways, and they are able to impart their own emotions psychically onto us.
  • Revising my theory on the creation of the Hunter’s Nightmare, I now believe that the encounters that pulled the Fishing Hamlet and the original Grand Cathedral into Nightmare were separate. The nightmare Fishing Hamlet was created first, by the ghost of the Orphan of Kos, initially as a prison specifically to trap and torment Gehrman. This event might also have taken place at the Byrgenwerth Lecture Theatre, which is how it became adrift in Nightmare, although it’s more likely that this was a separate event as the Lecture Hall is more of a liminal space between nightmare realms rather than being part of the Hunter’s Nightmare.
  • All of the characters in the Hunter’s Nightmare seem to be suffering an appropriate fate for the sins they’ve committed. Ludwig is a twisted amalgam of all the lives he’s responsible for taking; Laurence burns eternally for his part in the burning of Old Yharnam, Maria is tormented by her failure to protect the Hamlet. The Orphan basically “imprinted” upon Gehrman, and Gehrman’s punishment in the dream is that every time he falls asleep in the Hunter’s Dream he slips into Nightmare and experiences the unimaginable trauma that the Orphan felt, of being torn from the womb broken and incomplete.
  • EDIT: u/FLRSH pointed out that this potentially recontextualizes the game’s endings, something I hadn’t fully considered. “In the vanilla game ending where we kill Gehrman, we’re setting him free to finally die as he should have long ago, except he’s actually going straight to the Hunter’s Nightmare to suffer, likely. By defeating the Orphan of Kos and stopping the curse of the Hunter’s Nightmare, where all Hunter’s go when they die to live out some kind of torturous hell, we’re allowing Gehrman to actually rest in peace when we kill him.” I think that Gehrman’s soul and possibly his body as well is tethered to the Hunter’s Dream - this is the plane in which he “awakens”. When he sleeps in the dream, he slips into the Nightmare. Presumably, killing Gehrman frees him from the Hunter’s Dream but without defeating the Orphan he would become trapped in the Nightmare forever. Perhaps this gives further context to why Gehrman sought ascension into the Dream and is so adamant about remaining there - perhaps his motives weren’t so selfless after all, he could not stand anyone else usurping him as the Moon Presence’s prisoner because it’s the only thing keeping him from being trapped in a far worse fate. I think that maybe Gehrman beckoned the Moon Presence and offered himself up as a surrogate hoping for some refuge (the Hunter’s Refuge, eh??) and the MP, being sympathetic to his plight, granted this to him. But I don’t think that she did this explicitly to combat the Orphan of Kos - her main motivation, if we can even fathom it, is simply to trap hunters in the Dream as surrogates, more or less playing dollhouse with their lives. Gehrman simply used this to his advantage.

Additionally, I’ve been playing around with of the Eye of a Blood Drunk Hunter being an actual portal through which we travel to the Hunter’s Nightmare. The description of the Blacksky Eye describes it’s pupil as vast stretch of black sky, a portal in which a meteor storm rumbles endlessly. The pupil of the Blood Drunk Eye is crushed by the Beast plague but strongly resembles the crushed sun in the Nightmare. Additionally, pretty much all the items that the messengers gift us in the Hunter’s Dream belonged to Gehrman (all the Bells especially) which makes sense because the Dream belongs to him in many ways, so it’s not a leap to imagine that the Eye belonged to Gehrman as well. It might not be his eye, but I believe that it belongs to him, and is portal through which the Nightmare pulls in the souls of Hunters. This is why the Orphan gazes so longingly at the sun, hoping to be freed. After defeating Amelia, Gehrman senses both your curiosity and your potential, and gifts you the eye in hopes that you might free him and his compatriots.

The apparition that hangs out around Kos’ corpse is the true ghost of the Orphan that sustains the Nightmare, with the Orphan that we fight being a constructed body based on Gehrman’s own wizened form. This doesn’t make him any less of a Great One; the Orphan we fight is still definitely the Orphan, only possessed in some part by Gehrman’s consciousness as well. When we destroy the Orphan’s ghost, we finally close off the link between the Hunter’s Nightmare and the rest of the dreamlands, which is why the crushed pupil in the sky disappears. This is why the Doll tells us that Gehrman is now sleeping soundly, having finally been freed from one of the dreams he’s shackled to.

I’m still trying to figure out what to make of the final cutscene and the deeply poetic dialogue in it. “A bottomless curse” probably refers to the curse placed upon the Hunters that traps them and all future sinners in Nightmare (curse the fiends, their children too), while “a bottomless sea” is less obvious. I think there’s a lot of associations between the dreamlands and the ocean - apart from several runes referring to great bodies of water as bulwarks guarding sleep (aka dreaming, I think this is actually alluding to blood and water being a medium through which the dreamlands can be accessed, as with the Moonlit Lake and Rom’s boss room), the Lecture Theatre is described as being “adrift” in nightmare, there’s a lot of ship imagery, etc. I think that the greater dreamlands are the metaphorical ocean, the infinitely vast bottomless sea, and when we destroy the ghost of the Orphan, we also free it from it’s own Nightmare that it had trapped itself in. The Orphan, the sweet, innocent child of Kos, was so consumed by it’s grief and pain that it had isolated itself from the greater dreamlands where the rest of the Great Ones reside and didn’t know how to find it’s way back. In freeing it, we end the curse of the Nightmare and the Orphan is returned to the oceans of dreaming, the infinitely vast freedom where all things are true and possible and accepted.

Worth It

Request - Dan x reader - having a kid (that painful part)

A/N: I’m making this fic working off of 3 hours of sleep because lately that’s all I get. There was an anon before this, but that one will be up later this week (probably) because it will most likely be longer. Sorry for the lack of fanfic I’m trying to make everything more organized so I apologize if you have requested something and I still haven’t written it.

Word Count: 1, 158

Warnings: Swearing, child birth? (not sure if that needs a warning but just saying)

Your POV

“Dan my water broke.” You stare at the wet puddle at your feet, then stare into your husband’s eye in shock.  

“I’m sorry you what?” Dan asks, staring back at you with the same shocked face. 

“My water broke." 

"OKAY WE NEED TO GET THE BABY BAG, AND OUR OVER NIGHT BAG….WHERE’S THE KEYS TO THE CAR Y/N?” Dan hurries around your house searching for the things you needed.  

“Well you left it somewhere random, so I left it near the front door.” You answer, Dan stopping in his tracks and running towards the front door. 


You sit down on the couch to put on your shoes but you can’t get passed your giant stomach.

 "Fucking…I can’t reach my feet.“ You laugh a bit, looking up at Dan with puppy dog eyes. "Can you help?” You say smiling. 

“God dammit Y/N.” Dan sits down on the floor and unties your shoes for you. After he slides them onto your feet he gets up and kisses your forehead gently. “You ready?”


"Okay, let’s go then.” He chuckles as he grabs your hands and helps you off the couch. Dan opens the front door to the house and you take a look outside. It’s pitch black, only street lights and the moon illuminating the darkness. Dan runs towards the car, dropping all the bags off in the back seat, then going back to the front door to help you walk. You waddle next to the car, and swing open the door. Finally, you sat down in the car, waiting for you panicking husband to get in. 

“Dan hurry up.” You yell, holding your stomach. 

“I’m sorry I was just double checking we had everything.” He sits down, and starts up the car.

“More like triple checked.” You giggle. 

“Shut up, you can never be not…too much prepared?” He sighs and shakes his head. “You know what ignore what I just said. Let’s just go.” He pulls out of the driveway and starts driving to the hospital.  

About halfway to the hospital, your hit with a strong contraction.  

“FUCK” You scream out, holding your stomach.

“Uh what’s going on?” Dan quickly takes glances towards you to make sure you’re okay. 


"You got this love, just a little longer.” Dan places his hand on your thigh and smiles. You could barely see his face because of how dark it is, but the moonlight was enough to show off his beautiful features.  

“Dan I love you, but don’t touch me right now.” Dan laughs at your comment, and takes his hand away.  

“Sassy.” He chuckles.

 "You feel how bad this pain and tell me you won’t be sassy.“ 


After what felt like forever, you both finally arrived at the hospital. Dan grabbed your hand, and helped you out of the car while carrying all the baby things. You waddle up to reception, and check in. You arrive in the room, and sit down on the bed. Dan dropped everything onto a chair at the side of the room, and walked beside you taking your hand in his. 

"You okay?” He asks, lifting your hand up and placing a soft kiss on the back of it. You smile up at him, even though you were in pain, Dan always knew how to calm you down. 

“Aside from the horrible pain in my stomach, then yes I’m alright.”  

The doctor walks in and asks you to rate your pain. You answer about a 4, and they check how far along you are.  

“You don’t need to start pushing yet. Were you thinking of getting an epidural?”  

“Um…” Dan looks at you confused, waiting for your answer 

“YES” You say. 

“Y/N you’re terrified of needles." 

"Worth it.” You both laugh and the doctor even giggles a bit too.  

“Alright, see you guys in a few minutes.” They leave the room, and you and Dan are left alone again.  

~Time Skip~


“Okay your cervix is at 10 cm. You ready to start pushing?” The doctor slides the glove onto their hand and gets ready at the end of the bed. 

“Yes, oh my god I want this baby OUT OF ME.” Your voice rises after another strong contraction hit you. Dan’s grip on your hand tightens, and runs his free hand through your hair. 

“Everything’s alright love.”
“Ready? Okay push.” The doctor says. You start pushing, groaning out at the pain. 

“Fuck” You feel tears building in your eyes as the doctor tells you to stop. After this process continued for a while, the room has been filled up with your screams. Dan stares at you shocked, and very confused, but his grip on your hand didn’t loosen the whole time. You hear cheering, and you look up.

“The baby’s head is out! Okay this part hurts a lot Mrs. Howell, you have to get the shoulders out. Ready?”  

You nod your head and wait for the doctor to tell you to start pushing. You look up at Dan, and he smiles down at you.  

“You’re doing wonderful love, only a bit more to go." 

"Would you like to see Mr. Howell?” The doctor asks. 

“Nope I’m good.” Dan instantly rejects and looks back at you quickly. 

The doctor finally gives you the signal to start pushing, and you scream profanities as you try to push. After the most painful process ever, you hear people’s voices filled with joy. 

“It’s a boy!” The doctor says, holding up the baby slightly to show you. 

You look up to Dan, smiling at him. He leans down to kiss your lips gently, and whispers, “You did it.” Then placing another soft kiss on your forehead. After the doctor cut the umbilical chord, they cleaned up the baby and finally gave him to you.  

“Oh my god he’s beautiful.” You say softly stroking his head while he was in your arms. Dan leans over the bed and holds your baby’s tiny hand with his own big one. You feel a tear roll down your cheek and you look up to Dan, who was also crying. 

“Oh Jesus, am I crying?” He says, taking his hand away from the baby and wiping away a tear. He chuckles and wipes away your tear. “So what shall we name him?” You scoot over in the bed and he sits down on the edge. 

“I don’t know.” You giggle, still taking in your newborn’s features. He had Dan’s gorgeous round, and brown eyes, and he had a little bit of (Your hair colour) hair at the top of his head. 

“We’ll figure it out, but can we make his middle name Phil?” Dan says looking into your eyes.

“Of course.” You smile.

The room goes silent, as you both stare into your child’s eyes for what felt like, the longest time. 

“What about (Choose a name you like)?” You ask. 

“Perfect.” Dan replies, kissing your lips lightly for the billionth time tonight.

A/N: Sorry if this was really shitty. I don’t know how to describe child birth, so I researched a bit while writing this xD

In terms of the Soul, the Fourth House connects the individual to the Mother Principle of life. We are then linked by an “umbilical chord of consciousness” to the Family of (Wo) Man. We see no separation between the races, hold no tribal prejudices, fear no lack of personal nourishment, have no sense of rejection. We approach The Mother as Anima Mundi (“The Soul of the World”). She is the home of the Master. Once we are safe and secure, anchored in our foundation of Mother’s Love, we may then proceed towards our Path of self-actualization and individualization
—  Alan Oken
You lose your baby

Masterlist | Request 


“ASHTON!” You scream from the bathroom. You’re currently perched over the toilet in excruciating pain.

“What? Y/N what’s wrong?” He rushes in and you can see him pale as he kneels next to you. “I-I don’t know. It really hurts.” You manage as a few tears drop down your face.

The next hour passes by in a blur, Ashton phoning the doctor and being instructed to take you to the early pregnancy clinic. He gently loads you into the car whilst you curse underneath your breath about the rippling pain in your abdomen.

The entire ride he’s talking to you and calming you down. Reassuring you that it’s nothing and everything will be sorted immediately. It works so well that when you arrive you’re collected and ready to face whatever the nurses have to say.

“What seems to be the problem?” A kind nurse asks as soon as you and Ashton are rushed inside. You’re in so much pain by now that you can barely speak. Ashton squeezes your hands and answers for you.

“She said she was going to the toilet and found blood. Then she started getting a severe pain kind of rippling across her, uhm, her vagina.” Despite the circumstances, Ashton still has trouble containing his immature laughter.

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yosoycordova In school I learned to #read#62milliongirls don’t have that chance. #Reading has been my strongest companion. Reading taught me to write and express myself when I felt unheard, unseen or misunderstood.
Reading opened up doors to magical worlds, unlimited possibilities and new opportunities. Reading transformed me. It transformed and strengthened my values, my ideals, my thoughts, my mind, my spirit and the world around me.
Reading gave me purpose, it made me a storyteller. Reading informed me of other like minded and like soul beings. Kindred spirits. Reading gives me hope and it planted a fight in me that reading continues to fuel. Reading is an umbilical chord between us all. Between our past, present and imagination.
Reading is a life line. Reading teaches us how to live. Reading is pure connection. Reading changes our inside world and consequently has the power to change THE (outside) WORLD. 62 MILLION GIRLS don’t have that chance. “When girls aren’t given the chance to realize their potential, the whole world loses out…” @michelleobama #62milliongirlscampaign
#girls #genderequality #globalcitizen#girlrising @girlrisingofficial#letgirlslearn #malala @glblctzn

anonymous asked:

It's actually never been stated anywhere that Sarada's bio mom is up for interpretation :S I know Kishi had said he was going to draw the birth scene but decided against it to leave it up to the imagination but that doesn't have anything to do with who her bio mom is. As for the DNA test, it was Sarada's umbilical cord, that's why it matched 100% to Sarada. Suigetsu thought it was Karin's from when Karin was born but it wasn't, he's just a dummy and tested her DNA with her own DNA haha

The test didn’t match 100%, so I don’t know where you got those numbers from. The umbilical chord carries the mother’s DNA, and I don’t think Suigestsu, who’s spent a majority of his life in a lab, would mess up a simple test. He’s not stupid like you seem to think he is (why would he think it was Karin’s umbilical cord when she literally has no reason to have it since it’s supposed to belong to her mother? like tf are you smoking right now?)

And Kishi never said he was going to draw the birth scene, so again, I don’t know where your getting your information from. He did say he wasn’t sure if Sas and Sak were happy together though, which might be why your making stupid ass comments because of a correctly tagged post. Go back to your own lane and enjoy your shitty ship while it lasts.

Daddy Poe

Request: Can I request a one shot story about Poe being a father? Like he finds out he’s a dad and the birth and when the child is able to walk and talk?

Character: Poe

Word Count: 2163

A/N: I know you wanted this as a one shot but I thought it would seem both easier and cuter as a headcanon so here you go

Author: Zoie

Originally posted by kil2dei

  • When you first found out you were pregnant you had no idea how to react yourself, not even thinking about Poe when you were told the news
  • When you went to tell him you tried to remain calm as possible
  • “Y-you’re pregnant?! It’s-We’re having a baby?!”
  • He got so excited he ended up winding himself out and falling back on the couch with a big smile on his face
  • He did everything to make the nursery perfect for you and the baby
  • “Poe, I don’t think the baby is gonna care if it’s blue or green”
  • When you went to go and find out the gender, Poe passed out finding out you would be having twins
  • There was a lot of waddling around as you got bigger quickly, Poe following you close behind in case you fell over
  • Lots of complaining to Poe about how your back hurt and you couldn’t sit in the control room for two minutes without having to pee
  • Hitting Poe in the back of the head when he’d rest stuff on your stomach and joke you were a living table
  • “Babe, the dining hall is still open, can’t you please go and get me ice cream?” “Y/N it’s two in the morning.”
  • Poe having dark circles under his eyes from going on constant flight runs to get you food or supplies
  • When you went into labor, it was two weeks early and Poe was on a mission
  • Pulling Finn down by his shirt collar and yelling at him for Poe not being there as your contractions were getting closer together
  • Being hooked up to all the machines and Poe running in, throwing his helmet on the ground since he literally just came back from his mission, not even caring about if he completed it correctly cause holy shit he was gonna be a dad any minute
  • Yelling at Poe and blaming him for how painful the twins would be coming out
  • “It can’t be that painful” he says trying to joke and you hit him hard in the gut as you get one of the worst contractions yet
  • Lots of yelling, it being shared between you and Poe from how hard you were squeezing his hand and how the baby wouldn’t come out after six pushes
  • When they finally came out, Poe just stared at them as he cut their umbilical chords and as they were cleaned up
  • “Are..are the twins okay?”
  • “Two healthy boys,” he whispered and looked back at you, his face beaming
  • You held one and Poe the other and you felt like the entire world stopped as you saw how much the boy you were holding, later named Jamie, looked like Poe and the one Poe was holding, later named Donovan, looked like you
  • “He looks like you” said a lot as you would switch between holding the twins
  • Presents. Lots and lots of presents from aunt Rey and uncle Finn and honorary grandma Leia
  • The day you brought them home, BB8 would stand guard over them and beep before they started to cry or if they were hungry
  • BB8 the honorary nanny
  • Taking the twins to the command center with you and everyone fawning over them, Poe just standing behind you all proud
  • Poe literally being the best dad okay okay
Team free will-Together

Title: Together

Parings:Team free will x reader

Word count:1115

Request:Hiya! Could you do one where the reader is pregnant and going into labor and team free will has to take care of her during an at home birth? Whether you make the father of the child a mystery man or one of the members of tfw is up to you! Really cute/fluffy please. Thank you darling!! <3


’'Whoa, whoa! What are you doing.” Sam yelped out as he rushed over to you and grabbed the box out of your hands. You froze, unsure of what to do. 

“I thought I was getting a box but it’s clear I was throwing fire’'You said, sarcasm dripping for the tip of your tongue as you got off the ladder. Sam grunted giving you his classical bitch face as he peered over the top of the box. 

’'You shouldn’t be carrying this with your condition’'Sam scolded, setting hte box on the floor and holding his hand out for you to grip onto. You rolled your eyes, gripping the larger hand in front of you and resting the other on your large stomach. 

’'Stop fussing over me’'You whined, rolling your soft orbs once more. Sam walked you to the living room where the other two boys were sitting at the table, either eating and discussing something. 

’'Oh, hey fatty’'Dean smirked. You scoffed, whacking the back of his head as you narrowed your eyes. 

’'I will sit on you’'You said making Dean stop laughing. 

’'So, you got any names yet?’'Dean asked as he shoved more pie into his mouth. You crinkled your nose at the pie dotting around his mouth before he raised his hand and wiped it off. 

Castiel got up and pulled out his chair for you. You knew he was fussing again but you gave him a kind smile and sat down in the angels chair. ’'I don’t know’'You shrugged. 

’'I was thinking (Daughters name) for a girl” You pondered. “And for a boy, Bobby.” You smiled. 

“That’s nice, (y/n)” Cas smiled, patting your shoulder gently. 

“yeah. I’m sure he’d be happy about that, (y/n)” Sam added, giving you a kind smile. 




You shot up, throwing your magazine on the table, panic coursing through your body. Sam immediately shielded you with his much larger body, gun ready. Castiel covering your back in case anything snuck up from behind you. Your hands snuck to your stomach in fear. 

’'Do not Panic (y/n). Nothing will happen to the child’'Cas nodded, a promising tone in his voice. You were worried about Dean, it was Dean who had cried out your name.

Dean suddenly came running in, skidding as he turned the corner and almost falling on his face. He held a huge grin marking his delicate features. You all sighed in relief You slightly grumpier. 

’'What the hell Man, you scared us!’'Sam scolded his older brother. 

’'Sorry, but look what I found!’'He exclaimed as he held up a little cowboy outfit. Your hands shot to your mouth in awe. 

’'Oh my god-”


“Sorry Cas’' 

’'Oh my Gosh, Dean! I can’t believe you got that! Look how cute it is!” You squealed. 

“I know right!” Dean grinned like a mad man. 

“It’s cute and all, but what if it’s a girl?’'Sam asked. 

’'Oh yeah…’'You trailed off. 

’'Already ahead of you’'Dean said as he held up a pink little princess dress. You started to squeal and clap again. 

’'Oh my gosh, they’re so cute-OWH!’' 

All three men rushed to you, panic laced in their features. Dean gripped your elbow to steady you. Sam faced turned white as he coughed, his cheeks lighting red. 

”(y/n), I think you just pee’d on me. But it’s okay, don’t wo-“

’'Sam. I think that is what you call, her water breaking’'Cas interrupted. Your eyes widened, hands shaking. 

’'Holy shi-OWH!”


“Deep breaths, deep breaths. That’s it” Dean coaxed. You sat with your back against the wall, sweat trickling down your forehead as you breathed in sharply and out. 

“Owh! God! Dean it hurts. It hurts’'You cried out. He smoothed back your hair from your forehead as he held you hand, ignoring how tight you were squeezing it. 

’'I know, I know baby. You’re doing great, Okay. I’m gonna be right here with you’'He soothed. 

’'I can’t do this. I can’t” You sniffled, head falling back as you face scrunched up just as the other two feld back into the room with towels. 

“ARGHHHH!” You screamed. You gripped Sam’s hand. “Why did I chose a home birth! I want the damn drugs!’' 

You had chosen to have a home birth since you wanted to keep quiet about the whole baby situation, in case of any 'things’. You also wanted it to just be you and the boys, you knew doctors wouldn’t let all of them in the room. 

Sam and Dean where either side holding your hands, and Cas was by your legs. He was going to be delivering the baby since he wouldn’t be awkward about it since he was an angel so the whole 'Beautiful life giving’ sheesh. Also, he wouldn’t be put off by how gross it would look. 

’'You’re going to have to start pushing” Cas said. You tried, you gripped harder onto their hands, teeth clenching as you pushed, It didn’t get you no where, you had to stop you were in to much pain. 

“I can’t.’'You cried. 

’'Yes, you can. You’re doing great!’'Sam encouraged, placing a kiss on your forehead as he gave your hand a gentle squeeze. You sobbed louder and turned to Sam, your head falling on his shoulder. 

’'I can’t. Sam, I’m scared. What if something goes wrong. I can’t do this. I’ll be a horrible mother!’'You sobbed, eyes closing. 

’'Listen to me (y/n)” Sam demanded. “You are the most loving kind, selfless person I have ever met. You will make the best mother in the world. The only one who will love that baby more than you is us. And you’re not going to be alone. We are going to protect and love that baby with everything we have. We won’t let anything happen to them’' 

’'Okay’'You nodded, sniffling. 

’'You’re going to have to push harder, (y/n)” Cas said as he glanced up at you. S you did. Thankfully it wasn’t long before you felt teh pain leave and heard a crying sound. 

“Would you like to cut it?’'Cas asked Dean. Dean gripped the scissors and cut the umbilical chord. 

’'Squishy’'Dean breathed out, nose crinkling. You laughed out of tears. Cas smiled at you proudly as he wrapped up the baby and handed the baby to you. 

’'What is it?’'You asked, as you took him in your arms. 

’'A boy’'Cas smiled. 

’'You got a boy!” Sam smiled. 

“He’s so beautiful’'You cried, the tears falling down your face. You sniffled and cried over the beautiful little bundle in your arms. 

’'Like his mother, Hey” Dean smirked. You shook your head, laughing tearly. 

“We’re so proud of you, (y/n)”

Banana Baby - A Harry Styles Imagine

Harry honked the car horn more times during that one drive home than he had during all past drives home combined and then multiplied by fifty. After years of being recklessly chased by paps and caught in fan induced traffic jams while under time-sensitive circumstances, he’d developed a very laissez faire demeanor behind the wheel.

However, he’d never driven home under circumstances quite as time sensitive as this.

About ten minutes ago he’d received an alarming voicemail from you—alarming in the sense that while it had him flailing uncontrollably about, spilling tea down the front of his shirt, knocking over stacks of sheet music as he ran in circles to collect his things, and slipping on the snow residue people had tracked inside of the recording studio as he sprinted to his car, you sounded perfectly relaxed and not at all stressed by the message you were relaying.

‘Hey love,’ your voice had chirped in his ear. ‘I was just about to run to the store for some of those frozen chocolate covered bananas—and I hate to bother you with something as petty as this because I know you’re busy singing your heart out for the world to hear in a few months—but my water just broke in the driveway and I’m not really feeling up to driving. So if you could remain calm enough to remember to stop and grab some as you rush home like a mad man that would be brilliant. Also, be careful of my water on the driveway it will have frozen by the time you get here and I don’t need you slipping, hitting your head and stealing my thunder at the hospital by having a life or death brain procedure.’

He heard you let out a sharp intake of breath and you continued with more urgency as you tried to keep the pain of a contraction from reaching your voice. ‘Again don’t forget the box of Banana Babies preferably dark chocolate they are crucial to the birthing experience. Ok love you bye.’

Naturally, he didn’t do any of the things you’d told him to. He did not remain calm as he weaved and honked his way through traffic like a madman, he did not stop at the store for frozen chocolate covered bananas, and when he finally pulled up to the house after the longest twenty minutes of his life, he did not remember to be careful of the patch of ice your broken waters had left on the driveway. Thankfully he landed flat on his bum instead of his head, and with one hand cupping his bruising backside, he scrambled to his feet and dashed inside.

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Life Knows No Time...Part 2

(Part 1  Part 3)

The pregnancy was hard.  Every time there was a celebration, it emphasized someone who should be there that wasn’t.  Every time you and Spencer shared a moment with the team, it emphasized someone’s absence.  Every time you went to go look at baby stores and order things online, it emphasized someone’s absence.

Her absence.

Spencer attempted to keep your feelings positive and your spirits high.  After all, everything you felt the growing child within you did as well, and you and him both wanted the absolute best for the growing little one.

But it was hard giving them the best when you weren’t at your best.

You and Spencer had decided to keep the gender of the child a secret.  The nursery and clothes were kept gender neutral, giving the team plenty to purchase like they wanted to once the baby finally came around.  Some complications had arisen in your pregnancy: amenia, gestational diabetes, and overall nausea throughout the entire thing, so your OB had decided to reserve you a Mommy/Baby recovery room to take some time and recuperate in the hospital after your birth.

The birth of your child that could come in less than a month.

Hotch had pulled you out of the field when your exhaustion from your nausea was overriding your ability to wake up in the mornings.  About six months in there was a case where you had been late into the police station everyday because of sleeping through your alarm, and he ended up putting his foot down on your traveling.

But not without a fight from you.

You knew it was residual anger.  Anger that she was dead.  Anger that you couldn’t deal with it on your own.  You couldn’t drink because you were pregnant, and you couldn’t get angry because you were pregnant.  You couldn’t eat all of the unhealthy foods because you were pregnant and you couldn’t even take an occasional sleeping pill to help you sleep because, again, you were pregnant.

And it only served to fuel your anger more.

You cried yourself to sleep at night more times than you would ever admit to Spencer, for fear of him giving you yet another lengthy ramble about how the chemicals secreted in your brain aren’t always filtered by your umbilical chord before hitting your fetus, and you were over being pregnant.

You were over Emily being dead.

You were over the hovering.

You were over not traveling and not working.  You were over the throwing up and the sleepless nights.  You were over not being able to drink wine or have your morning coffee or take your melatonin to help you sleep.  You were over watching your diet because of your diabetes and everyone always calling to check up on you and having your child kick at your bladder and peeing your pants twice a day and not being able to take hot baths because the doctors believed you could cook your child from the inside out.

By the time you pulled yourself from your mindset, you realized you were screaming.

Screaming so hard your throat was raw.

Time to come up with an excuse to feed Spencer.

When you dragged your feet in this morning, Hotch and J.J. were all over you.  They were asking how you were, surveying your massively protruding stomach, commenting on how big your child was going to be for only being 8 months along.

Just what every woman wants to hear.

You caught their side-glances.  And you caught their murmurings.  You saw them convening in Hotch’s office for the majority of the morning, only for J.J. to wave everyone into the round-room of doom as you sigh and hold onto Spencer’s shoulder for assistance.

The two of you would have to talk about moving him in pretty soon.

Plopping down into a chair as you groan, your hips aching as your vision begins to blur, you close your eyes and deep breath as you will your prenatal vitamin to stay down while Spencer lightly massages your shoulders.

“Do you need to go home?” he asks you lightly.

If you saw the four walls of your home any longer you might just throw up on those, too.

“No,” you say through your deep breaths, “I’m alright.”

“You’re my hero, you know,” he whispers into your ear, smiling lightly before kissing you behind your ear, causing a light smile to ricochet aross your cheeks.

It was moments like this that reminded you that you would always be taken care of.

“Welcome back,” Morgan says as Hotch walks into the room.

“Thanks,” he breathes, “everyone have a seat.”

“What’s goin’ on?” Morgan asks as your tired eyes pan around to your boss.

His eyes connected heavily with yours for just a second before continuing.

“7 months ago I made a decision that affected this team,” he begins, “as you all know, Emily had lost a lot of blood in her fight with Doyle…”

It was then that he panned his gaze over to you.

“…but the doctors were able to stabilize her.”

Blinking as your expression falls, you feel Spencer’s hand shoot to your knee as your eyes begin to widen.

“She was airlifted from Boston to Bethesda under covert exculpation.”

As your hands begin to tremble and your eyes begin to water, Hotch focuses his eyes back on his team as J.J. approaches his side with a very sorrowful look in her eye.

It was then that you realized she knew.

“Her identity was strictly need-to-know,” Hotch adds.


Feeling your breathing pick up as your heart-rate begins to sky-rocket, you feel Spencer lean into your ear as he breathes your name.

“Don’t!” you roar as you swivel your chair to him.

“Don’t you dare,” you warn through clenched teeth.

“She stayed there until she was well enough to travel,” Hotch continues, “and then she was reassigned to Paris where she was given several identities, none of which we had access to, for her security.”

It was only then that you realized you were standing to your feet, despte Spencer tugging at your wrist.

“Let go of me!” you roar as Spencer slowly stands to match your movements.

“Y/N, the child-”

Damn this child!” you roar as your fists ball up at your sides, “What about me!?”

“What about me?” you whisper desperately as your eyes connect heavily with Spencer’s.

He looked so lost…

“She’s alive?” Garcia asks, shock rolling across her face as you slowly turn towards Hotch.

A fire was bursting forth behind your eyes as you take a step towards your boss.

“But we buried her…” Spencer trails off behind you.

His voice sounded so far away…

“As I said, I take full responsibility for the decision, and if anyone has any issues they should be directed towards me.”

“That your way of covering for J.J.’s ass?” you hiss lowly.

“Y/N-” J.J. begins.

“Stop shutting me down!!” you roar, your eyes bugging widely as you feel something ricochet behind your back.

It hitched your breath in your throat as your hands plants solidly onto the table.

“Any issues?” Morgan asks, everyone still focused on Hotch as J.J. rushes over to your side.

“Get off of me,” you plead, shoving her away as you breathe through the tightening around your waist.

“Yeah, I’ve got issues,” Morgan continues.

“Morgan,” J.J. warns.

“Y/N?” Hotch asks.

But just as you went to shut your eyes tight from the pain in your abdomen, you hear heels clicking behind you as you turn your head, tears cresting your eyes as you see her…her form draped in black…as she walks into the room with her purse slung over her shoulder.

Like nothing had even happened.

“Emily?” you breathe, tears ricocheting down your cheeks as you hear Spencer gasp in fear.

“Y/N!” he yelps as you feel something begin trickling down your leg.

It was then that the pain wrapping around your back took you to the ground, J.J. catching you from behind as Spencer wraps his arms around you and your very large stomach.

“Call an ambulance!” you hear Spencer roar as Rossi scrambles for his cell phone.

But your eyes were hooked on her.


Your best friend…

…was alive.

Some people aren’t too sure
Why I spend so much time

But they don’t understand
How at birth
I was suffocated
By an umbilical chord.


—  Zienab Hamdan - And it’s been hurting since