On Thursday, February 4, SpaceX tested their Transporter/Erector at LC-39A for a second time. An initial vertical test was performed in early November. Since then, the T/E has been painted as well as other modifications.

Standing 212 feet tall, the transporter/erector brings a Falcon 9 or Falcon heavy rocket the 1,700 feet from the Horizontal Integration Facility to LC-39A’s launch mount. It then transfers the vehicle from horizontal to vertical, and provides umbilical connections.

LC-39A is almost ready for integrated Falcon 9 booster testing. The recovered OG2 stage was slated to make engine firings at the pad no earlier than last month, but last-minute modifications were required. SpaceX has not released when they plan on rolling the booster out.

Once activated, LC39-A will be the company’s second launch site at Cape Canaveral, and will be used for Crew Dragon and Falcon Heavy missions. SLC-40 will still be used for commercial Falcon 9 missions and as backup for pad A.


Here’s post part one of the thing I made from scratch on Friday. I sat down at a computer, took one hour to make the 3D model, and then it took 1 hour to print.

So, in just over two hours, I had made a thing! And it was real!

Of course, because of the looming process there’s lots of excess material that accumulates while the print is going on, so that gets cut off later, like an umbilical cord. :P (When I’m making Doctor Who things it’s ‘looming’, when I’m making Star Trek things it’s 'replicating’)

It’s MEANT to be a Doctor Who styled thing (Time Lord, specifically), based of the Gallifrey citadel, but adapted into a shape suitable for use as a chesspiece.


open your arms so I can tell you
how broken this life has
made me,
how I doubt making it.
Let me lie in your embrace and
confess how peace of mind is lacking
and I find myself slacking
when keeping happiness is due.
I’ve lost the part of me
you birthed to love.
Can i dig into the brown of
your skin and bury these fears
deep within you.
May I have your hands across
my back as I weep
because deep inside me
I’m failing to keep it all under control.
An entity is growing,
filling, pushing precious parts
of me out,
gnawing away at what I am.
Making me feel everything
while numbing the most.
may I rest on your chest
for a moment or two
just to reconnect with you
almost like your umbilical cord
is attached to my deepest
Mother ?


reminds me EXISTENZ (the movie).