umayyad mosque damascus syria

Shrine of Yayha ibn Zakariya (Saint John the Baptist) in the Umayyad Mosque - Damascus, Syria

Saint John (or Yahya) is a revered figure & prophet in both Islam & Christianity. It’s believed that his head is inside the shrine. Syrians of all faiths (& many foreigners too) make pilgrimage to the shrine.


10 Sacred Sites Damaged Or Destroyed In The Last 10 Years – And What Some Are Doing To Rebuild

Ten years ago, the 11th century minaret of the Umayyad Mosque stood in splendor above the city of Damascus, Syria. Today, the wreckage of the mosque offers a stark reminder of the cultural loss the world has experienced over the last ten years, as iconic spiritual sites have been destroyed as a result of war, short-sighted economic expansion and natural disasters.