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Request: Anonymous said: classmate!mark asks you out to prom!!

A/N: i may or may not hav cried while writing this b y e also i might add a part 2 ajlhzjfhzjfh bc like prom w mark amirite ;)) anyways enjoy!!!!<3

  • it’s time for me to be emo af again about mark lee 
  • ok so
  • mark lee, lee minhyung
  • apparently he’s a rlly good student too like renjun but like i don’t remember correctly so correct me if i’m wrong ahjehgljgh
  • anyways
  • a lot of ppl actually rlly like him!!!
  • especially girls tbh they think he’s v cute, rlly talented and he’s smart so like who wouldn’t like him
  • ofc ur one of them but ur just friends w him so :”))))
  • hmm you’ve probably been friends for a pretty long time and he helps u a lot w ur homework for music and writing too
  • mark is pretty famous at school for his music
  • like he’s always got his notebooks filled w all of his songs w him and everyone always wants to read his lyrics but mark doesn’t let them ofc
  • a lot of girls who have a crush on him always hope that one day he’d confess to one of them w a song that he wrote 
  • but ofc mark is always way too busy w other things to focus on that
  • tbh he’d have a tiny crush on u tho but like he’d never have the time to fully think about the crush that he has on u bc like,,,school
  • that is until one day tho
  • the date for the upcoming prom has been announced
  • and everyone’s so excited and everyone’s wondering who’s going w who
  • aajfhejfh ofc u were rlly excited too!!
  • but u had no idea w who u were going to prom ;;
  • mark had no idea either, that was until he saw u and he just knew ‘i want to go w y/n’
  • he’d be v v excited to ask u to prom
  • but
  • h o w is he gonna ask u
  • mark rlly rlly wanted it to be special but at the same time he didn’t want it to be too extreme and he wanted it to be smth that u would rlly remember
  • so ofc he spends hours and hours looking for ideas that he might like
  • and he just couldn’t find anything ;;
  • that’s when he thought,,,he could write a song!!!
  • it didn’t take long for him to write a song tbh 
  • ok lol sorry that’s a lie it took him a few nights buT HEY
  • anways
  • as soon as he finished writing the song tho
  • and got a melody and everything
  • he realised that he doesn’t know h o w he’s gonna sing the song to u too
  • so mark sends a message to the gc of his squad
  • ‘kids help me’ -mark
  • yikes he doesn’t get a reply after like 2 hours
  • donghyuck left him on read
  • the first one to reply tho was chenle
  • and so mark explained his whole situation when everyone finally started taking in the gc
  • and chenle was like 'mark!!!u could use the school radio!!’
  • mark liked the idea and he was like “let’s do it”
  • sooooooo
  • 2 days later, everything’s perfectly planned
  • and mark is stressedt af aklzhflhegjh
  • he’s scared you’ll say no :((((
  • chenle placed a camera in the class you’d be sitting and a microphone too so he could record ur reaction AND so u could immediately give mark an answer :”))
  • dw u wouldn’t have noticed the cam and mic
  • so ofc class starts and everyone sits down and that’s when u notice that mark isn’t there which kind of made u a bit :/ but like ur there to learn and not for the bois rite
  • 20 minutes after the teacher started his lesson tho, u can suddenly hear someone through the speakers
  • aljhgrljhg the person was trying to whisper but like,,everyone could hear him
  • “chenle,,how do u control this,,”
  • “mark it’s already on, u idiot” - probably na jaemin
  • and obviously u recognised mark’s voice and u were like ???
  • mark is so nervous but he has to do it, there’s not turning back now
  • and so he starts
  • “hello everyone, this is mark lee and as everyone knows prom is coming and i hope u all find the perfect partner to bring to prom!!ah,,,,idk if anyone has noticed yet but i don’t have a date yet but i think i found the perfect person to ask to prom,,,,and so uhm y/n this is for u and i hope u like it”
  • and he clears his throat, checks if his guitar is tuned correctly and starts strumming some chords on his guitar
  • ajhfejhfjefhk the girls in class are squealing 
  • and ur just like 0.0 as mark’s singing and guitar fills the whole school 
  • akajfhjehg chenle’s got it all on cam
  • when mark’s done w singing he’s like
  • “y/n, will u go to prom w me?”
  • and ofc ur like “YES”
  • the whole class cheers and mark runs all the way to ur class w a bouquet of flowers in his hand
  • as soon as he sees u he hugs u and probably kissed ur forehead
  • the class cheers again and now u and mark finally have each other for prom ;)
  • the end
  • or not 
  • :-)

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