Umaid Bhawan Palace (उम्मेद  भवन) is one of the world’s largest private residences. A part of the palace is managed by Taj Hotels. Named after Maharaja Umaid Singh, grandfather of the present owners of the palace, this monument has 347 rooms and serves as the principal residence of the erstwhile Jodhpur royal family. Located on the outskirts of Jodhpur, the current building is divided into a hotel and a museum dedicated to the Jodhpur royal family.

(Jodhpur, Rajasthan)

DAY 2531

Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur     Mar 20/21,  2015    Fri/Sat 12:31 am

The rehearsals are over in this most magnificent Palace, one of the largest private residences in the World, and one that has been maintaining its art deco and style from the days of its construct .. truly a marvel … and the feel of regal elegance at every pore of its structure ..

The cause is most worthy … and there are numerous prominent celebrities that have come forward to be a part of this initiative, instituted and given birth by the Maharaja Gaj Singh ji of Jodhpur, addressed lovingly as Bapji ..

Head injury capital is India unfortunately. The precautions that need to be taken by those on open vehicles, have been ignored for too long .. the toll is heavy and distressing and sad for the families of those that fall victims ..

I have volunteered to propagate this effort in Mumbai traffic department too - I wrote about it earlier - but on a global level it shall obviously be getting more value by the presence of this massive initiative by Bapji ..

My love to you as always …

Amitabh Bachchan


Shaana & Uraaz (Hindu Wedding) || Rajasthan, India || {celebrity wedding video}

GRANDEST wedding video I’ve seen yet! Shaana and Uraaz’s wedding in the Umaid Bhawan Palace was an extravagant celebration to watch. The palace was an absolutely stunning venue for the wedding decorated with tons of beautiful floral décor. Filmed beautifully by the wedding filmer, I loved seeing the brides beautiful lengha and all the male guests wearing the same turbans.

DAY 2530

Jalsa, Mumbai           Mar 19/20,  2015            Thu/Fri  12:21 am

Yes its 20 million on FaceBook and it could never have been possible were it not for the affection of those that are at this very moment reading this transcript .. !! Thank you all .. I survive another milestone !!

There is no conditioning of time when you get off a long flight … and there are a million suggestions and cures that come across voluntarily to get over it. Many and all have been given the try, yet nothing works quite as well as the good old rest and time for the body to adjust .. so one does just that .. rests and allows the body to take in during the entire day a superlative performance by the Indian Cricket team in the quarter finals of the 2015 being played in Australia, between India and Bangladesh … and the joy in winning it !!

Tomorrow is a journey to the ‘city in blue’ Jodhpur, for the charity event for the Head Injury foundation as stated yesterday, and the magnificence of the Umaid Bhavan Palace of the Maharaja !

‘City of Blue’ because most of the housing around the city are painted blue, making it a very picturesque site when you climb the ramparts of the old fort of the city. 

Jaipur as you know is known as the ‘Pink City’ because most of the structures and the surroundings are made of the typical pinkish Rajasthan stone, and hence the name …

But Rajasthan whether it is ‘blue’ or ‘pink’ is quite phenomenal with its culture and history and its art and its grandeur and most importantly for its valour - it being strategically and geographically positioned by the border area of the country, through which most of the invasions from marauding armies attempted to come through. They have had a very strong tradition of warriors, of keepers of the land and of their aesthetics. There is something about Rajasthan that transforms one into the age of regality, still omnipresent, despite the passage of time and political changes …

Its vibrancy is contagious .. 

My love and care ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2532

Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur       Mar 21/22,  2015    Sat/Sun  1:19 am

The event comes to an elegant end .. regal, cause conscious, involved and sonorous .. the music of the Shillong Choir backed by the Vienna Camber orchestra was ethereal .. some of the personal compositions of the conductor and the chief of it, Neil, giving some beautiful renditions of some of our more prominent songs through the ages .. and the fusion with western music as well ..

But … meeting Shivraj Singh, the Maharaja’s son and heir, who suffered the head injury, and on whose inspiration his Father started this Foundation, was so filled with joy and hope. He has suffered immense trauma, but silently fought it and has survived. He was thrilled to see me, and loved my beard .. hahah .. I wish him complete stability and repair, as he undergoes his life … 

I am back tomorrow .. and then prepare for Egypt and Cairo for the ‘India by the Nile’ festival and activities, starting in a few days ..

Egypt was a revelation on my visit there in 90′s … the enthusiasm and the love of the people was incredible and invaluable. It still remains presumably, and I hope that my short visit gives me ample time to reach out to my well wishers and friends ..

I feel inconsistent with my thoughts and feelings. There is so much to know and learn .. and now the realisation that time is not of the essence … its flown past too rapidly. The diverse acts that one wishes attention to be given, is so vast that even starting on one is difficult to chose …

So one sits in isolation .. in scant respect and consideration of how this malaise could be cured .. there is no solution, no care, no opinion of oneself .. frustrating, immature and worthless …

There is but one solution. Get back to work. Any kind. Just work. 

The advice though is the exact opposite. Sit back, be of one that does not succumb to the obvious. Be difficult, exclusive, incommunicative, sad and boring. That they say shall build greater curiosity and strength and position.

I argue that position is no longer there, so it shall be difficult to exercise value and worth. They disagree and condemn my career thoughts. I do not give value to this, when I should. For me, the idea of independent worth of talent is non existent … they think otherwise, a has been a spent force … a anything !

Fine so I am anything, nothing … good .. it will mean coming back to normalcy pretty soon … soon enough when there is space for one like me ..

I wish all a pleasant night ..


Amitabh Bachchan