nothing can kick me in the teeth quite like those posts that are essentially “here is a woman doing a really cool thing! what a cool thing! isn’t it great that this woman is doing this cool thing in the world?”

and then someone has added a comment to the effect of “AND she is traditionally attractive/feminine doing it!”

nothing quite reinforces that doing cool things is not enough, but that you must also look good doing it, like those posts

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harry potter

marvel (avengers, spiderman etc)

percy jackson/heroes of olympus


the 100

the hunger games

the maze runner

the secret history

the song of achilles

or photography/aesthetics in general


150705 Um Oh Ah Yeh

1:49: Seo Taiji’s Come Back Home dance

2:24: Hwasa’s adlib: Unnie, that guy or me?
Solar: For one thing, it’s not you.
Hwasa: Ok.