I have an idea for the next Disney movie. It’s about a young Chinese princess who falls in love with an enchanted talking suit of armor.  Are all of the supporting characters talking cats and a tiny, sassy panda? Why yes, yes they are.  Do the talking cats have multiple musical numbers? Um…duh. Is the villain a dark sorcerer who uses his wicked alchemic arts to disguise himself as a tall, handsome prince to trick the young princess into thinking she might really be in love with him, even though he’s actually a two-foot-tall blond gremlin? Seems likely.  In the end, does the princess find a way to break the spell and turn the armor back into a real boy? Well, it is a Disney movie.

BEBE: Oh, I’ve thought about this before!

CLYDE: You have?

BEBE: Um, duh?

CLYDE: You’re a girl, though.

BEBE: Girls can play superheros too, look at Callgirl?

BEBE: But omg, I’ve actually planned stuff out about it, but I’ve never gotten around to actually doing it.

BEBE: I’d be Fashionista, a gallant make up artist out to stop fashion disasters!

BEBE: I’d have a hot body suit and cute boots to go with it. And the two best looking purses anybody’s ever seen!

CLYDE: What would your kryptonite be?

BEBE: Ugly faces, of course!

CLYDE: What kind of powers would you have?

BEBE: Well I’d be a human, but I’d have sick moves to make up for it!

BEBE: I would be able to spin around really really fast, and knock people back with my bags as they helicoptered through the air!

BEBE: That’ll teach them to get into my personal space!

CLYDE: Yeah get away, uggos!

BEBE: I’d also have a handy supply of mirrors I’d throw at people, just to remind them to look in a mirror once in a while!

CLYDE: Why are you looking at me? 

CLYDE: Why did you look at me when you said that?

BEBE: No reason!


BEBE: And I’d be able to charm all the boys with my hot looks and sweet demure.

BEBE: They’d be tricked into doing my bidding, without a moment’s thought!

CLYDE: Wow, OP much?

BEBE: Says the one who can fly!

CLYDE: YOU!!! DON’T!!!! KNOW!!!!!! THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEBE: But yeah I think I’d make a great super hero!

BEBE: Or maybe a super villain. I mean, super villains always look the hottest.

CLYDE: Yeah I’ve noticed that.

CLYDE: That’s cool, though. I’d ask you to join us if playing with girls wasn’t lame.

BEBE: You’re lame!

CLYDE: You’re the lamest ever!

BEBE: Yeah, well Mosquito is even lamer than that!


halloween losers club

my brain suggested this idea to me while scrolling through Halloween costume ideas (im going as georgie and my bff is going as bill) and i was like “say no more”

lets just say bevs aunt lets her come down for halloween ok? ok.

- Beverly goes as Rizzo from Grease

- Richie goes as a Greaser from Grease (um duh)

- Eddie doesn’t normally participate in Halloween. Richie suggests that he goes as his pink lady, which Eddie immediately denies but he does indeed show up in a pink collared shirt, black jeans and one of the Pink Lady Jackets.

- Bill, Stan, Mike and Ben go as the Ghostbusters (can you imagine how great that is)

- Eddie has always hated Halloween because he gets scared so easily and you’re literally taking food from strangers.

- Richie, in a shxtty greaser accent- “Don’t worry Eddie baby I’ll protect you.” “Richie you’re a toothpick.”

-  1) “Guys wait you have to check your candy-” 2) “Oh my god you aren’t gonna eat that thing, right?” 3) “The man that gave that to us owned scary dogs. Don’t eat that.”

- Stan would occasionally space out every time he saw or heard any trace of a bird.

- Every time Richie saw anyone else dressed up as any character from Grease he would swing his arms around Beverly and Eddie’s shoulders and scream, “WE’RE BETTER!”

- Eddie, blushing- “Oh my god Richie stop your frickin’ retarded-”                           Bev, raising a fist in the air, “HELL YEAH!”

- the whole squad constantly screaming the Ghostbusters theme song.

- Richie would not stop singing songs from Grease terribly.

- ^^^^ “SumME r LoVIn HaD mE A blAAAsT, SummmmmE R lOvIn, HaPpENeD sO FA ST”

- you know that part from ‘Summer Loving’ where they’re like- “tell me more, tell me more!” uh so-

- Richie spinning Eddie around and them singing the song together.

- Having to run away from the bullies at top speed


- Ben telling everyone what the best candies are and what to look for and all his strategies while the group just silently nods.

- “Ok. so personally I love the tootsie rolls but- yes Mike what’s your question?”     “Which candies are specifically vegan-”

- Mike constantly stopping to pet every single dog he sees and give them a good tummy rub

- Eddie constantly burying his face in the back of Richie’s leather jacket every time he sees something scary 

- Bill staring sadly at sewer drains every time they pass one in the sidewalk

- All of them softly crying when they see a balloon.

 *que ‘fxck this shit im out’ whenever they see a kid dressed as a clown

ok bye thanks for your time

You’re Not Tall Enough; 2320 words

Usually Even hated being around drunk people when he was sober.

Truth be told, he wasn’t actually that keen on drunk people when he was drunk either.  Alcohol had never really been his thing; he had always preferred something a bit, uh, greener.

But seeing Isak absolutely wasted was proving more amusing than anything else Even could remember in recent history.  He was currently stood up on the sofa with Eva – it was always Eva who pushed Isak over the edge from drunk to wasted – racing her to finish a cup of some horrifyingly strong concoction Vilde had created.  Everyone was crowded around them chanting drink drink drink like some ridiculous TV show scene.

What wasn’t ridiculous, though, was the delighted look on Isak’s face when he swallowed down the last of his drink and tossed the cup aside.  His cheeks were flushed and his eyes were bright and he was smiling so wide that Even didn’t even care that he’d be nursing a hungover Isak for the entirety of the next day.

He’d do anything to see Isak’s face lit up like that.

He joined the rest of the crowd in cheering for Isak, who was up on the sofa basking in his moment of glory that he probably wouldn’t remember the next day.

When people asked later how he knew what was about to happen he tells them he knew from the way Isak blinked.  One second his eyes were bright, but after an uncoordinated looking blink they were completely vacant and Even was surging forwards with the bin firmly in his grasp.

He thrust the receptacle into Isak’s face mere seconds before his boyfriend lurched forwards and vomited.  The crowd that had been cheering him and Eva on quickly dispersed, not wanting to be in the splash zone.  Even was vaguely aware of Eva squealing that Isak throwing up meant she was the real winner seeing as she’d held her liquor, but he was a bit too preoccupied with keeping the bin under Isak’s chin to defend his boyfriend’s honour as the rightful winner.

Once Isak stopped retching Even walked him slowly away from the main bustle of the party.  He ended up sitting a very drunk Isak down on Eva’s doorstep with the bin in his lap, hoping the cool night air would sober him up a bit.

“Still having fun, baby?” Even couldn’t help but teasing as he knelt in front of Isak.

“Don’t call me that, I have a boyfriend!” Isak slurred.  He managed to sound outraged even in his drunken state.

“I know?  I am the boyfriend?” Even frowned.  Isak stared hard at him; his lips were pursed in a very unimpressed fashion and his alcohol-glazed eyes managed to convey a severe lack of belief at Even’s statement.

“You’re not tall enough t’be my boyfriend.” Isak shook his head for a second before groaning and doubling back over the bin, retching some more.  And damn, that was the first time in his life Even had been told he wasn’t tall enough for something.

“I’m crouching, Isak.  You’re sat down?” Even tried to explain as he rubbed Isak’s back, but Isak was having none of it.

“No, no!  Even didn’t want t’come out tonight; he’s at home!” Isak insisted.  And yeah, okay, Even hadn’t really wanted to watch all his friends get blitzed when he was just coming out of a depressed few weeks but he also didn’t want to be apart from Isak when he was finally feeling like himself again.

“You know what: I think it’s time we got you home.” Even suggested.  If Isak was so drunk he couldn’t even recognise his boyfriend of almost a year then it was probably time to call it a night.

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Jealous much ?

Word count: 1548

Request: Hey :) can you do an imagine where me and cam are best friends and i kiss nash then cam gets jealous

“Ow, That hurt” you rubbed your arm where a punch just landed moments before.

“You’ll live” Cameron chuckled at your response to his punch. This was the usual relationship you had with him. You’ve been best friends for as long as either of you could remember. 

“You’re right, what’s a minute worth of pain to a year worth of pain to your pride, since you just got beaten by a girl once again.” You smirked. You were both playing Mario cart at Cameron’s apartment since you were bored. And typically you always won. Cameron rolled his eyes at your comment as he pressed okay to continue to the next level.

“Hey guys, whatcha doing?” a voice said behind the couch.

 “Mario Kart” You replied not even looking up which was at least a response since Cameron just gave a grunt. You both were super competitive and in the zone and had no time to look up from the intense game that lay on the screen before you. It most likely was Nash who lived with Cameron or one of the other guys who came to visit every so often. They always stop by unannounced. 

“Alright, I play winner” The seat beside you sunk down a little by the weight of the person causing you to glance who it was. Nash. But the split second your attention was diverted caused Cameron to seize the opportunity and throw a shell at you. One you were unable to dodge since your attention was somewhere else. 

“Oh c’mon, Seriously, I was distracted” you groaned, seeing that you lost to Cameron.

 “All’s fair in love and war” Cameron said taking the remote from your hands and handing it over to Nash’s eager ones. 

“I don’t think that’s how that quote goes” You replied but Cameron just shrugged at your response leaving you with your arms crossed. You sunk down into the couch awaiting your turn to beat cameron.

“Hey the boys and I are having a bonfire at the beach tonight, you should come (Y/N)” Nash spoke over the game. Cameron gave him a glance but it was so quick you wondered if you imagined it.

 “I don’t know, parties aren’t my scene” You replied. They weren’t really. You’ve been to a few sure and had some fun but you didn’t really like the atmosphere. It was all about who was drunk and who was the prettiest and who can who hook up with.

“Lie, you enjoy them” Cameron called you out his eyes never leaving the game.

“Can i bring (Y/F/N)?”

“Sure, the more the merrier, Dang Cam” Nash groaned at his defeat, finally looking at you and handing over the remote. 




“We’re going” (Y/F/N) replied over the phone after you told her of the invite you had received from Nash.

“Why? It’s just a party”

“Yes and a golden opportunity to look good and meet hot guys” You let out a deep breath of air, there was no changing her mind once she had it set on something. And that something was the party tonight. 

“I’ll be over in a few” She stated.As soon as she hung up you heard a knock at your door. She probably was already on her way over as soon as you told her. As soon as you turned the handle she burst in the room chattering about hair, clothes and makeup. “..It’ll be perfect, should we wear bikinis under our outfits? or curl our hair? I’m thinking more natural so if we do swim we won’t look ridiculous.” She continued making it hard for you to catch everything she was saying. Before you knew it she had you sitting on your bed and was in a whirlwind of motions.

 “I forgot to ask what time it will be at…” You trailed off in between things being shoved in your face and clothes thrown your way. (Y/F/N) was a handful but she definitely made life a bit more interesting.

 “Um text Cameron, duh, that’s important” She replied, throwing another article of clothing your way.

YOU: Yo Cam, when’s the party tonight?CAMERON: Should be around 8ish, why?

YOU: because i’m going… ? duh

CAMERON: Right, i’ll see you there :)

“Its around 8ish” 

“Perfect” (Y/F/N) was finally deciding on her own outfit.




By the time 8 o’clock rolled around both you and (Y/F/N) looked great. (Y/F/N) pulled up to the parking lot by the beach where the music was already shaking the air. As you went to open the door to get out (Y/F/N)s hand whipped out to stop you. 

“What are you doing??” you questioned.

“Um hello you’re always supposed to be fashionably late, duh” She said in a tone like it was obvious.

“How late is fashionably late??”

“8 minutes”

“And how is that determined?”

“I don’t know i don’t make the rules?”

 “Who does”

“I don’t know, we just follow them” she threw her hands up in an exasperated sigh. You finally gave in and allowed her to make you wait until the clock reached 8:08pm. Then both the car’s doors opened as you both got out. The beach was amazingly wrote and the you could see some stars glitter through the LA smog. There were a bunch of teenagers already gifted with a red solo cup and dancing around the fire or lazily laying out. A few party goers were splashing around in the water. 

“(Y/N) you made it!” A familiar voice chuckled. By this point (Y/F/N) had already disappeared leaving you alone to face them. 

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world” you joked as you turned to face Nash. He handed you a red solo cup and you took a small sip. You didn’t mind alcohol but you didn’t always like the effects. Especially the ones that came when you became drunk.

“The stars are out tonight” He said pointing at the sky. You nodded your head in realization. Quickly an awkward silence filled the air like a blanket covering a child. 

“Well i’m going to go join the party, I’m sure Cam would want me to tell him i’m here” You said pointing off in the direction of the party. 

“Wait” He grabbed your arm as you were walking away and pulled you in close to him. Very close. Close enough that you could feel his chest rise and fall with every breath he took. He looked you deep in the eyes and bent down to kiss you. His hand fell to the small of your back holding you against him. You were in complete shock. But soon found your mouth moving against his and your eyes closing. You finally pulled away for a breath of fresh air but your heart broke to see the sight behind Nash. Cameron quickly walked away down the beach. 

“Cam. Wait” you sighed out in exasperation.

“Just let him go” Nash tried to pull you back in but you had one thought in your head and that was Cameron. 

“Cam” You tried again. When you finally caught up to him you grabbed his arm to make him stop. But he wouldn’t turn to look at you. “Cameron Dallas” You said emphasizing his full name, something you never do. His eyes finally met yours. You could see they were filled with emotions, anger, sadness, regret.

 “How could you?” He stated dully.

“How could I what?”

“Kiss him” He replied angrily.

“Why is that such a big deal? Why are you even upset?” Yu questioned until realization hit you like a ton of bricks. “Jealous much” you teased.“I am not”

“Then why else would you be upset?”

“Because he throws girls away like laundry, he just wants to sleep with you. Im looking out for you, as a friend” He emphasized friend at the end. You knew him better than how he let on though.

“No if you were being an overprotective friend you would have confronted Nash, this time you walked away” You pointed out “Why are you jealous?” 

“Because I LIKE you” Silence filled the air. You could hear the party going on faintly in the background.You were rendered speechless. Your best friend for as long as you could remember just confessed his feelings for you. Out of every girl he could have. “Oh just forget it, go back to nash” He started to walk away again. Away from you. But before you could register what you were doing you pulled him to you. You could smell the cinnamon scent that he had and see the speckles of light in his eyes.

“I never wanted Nash” As soon as the words left your mouth Cameron bent down and kissed you. The kind of kiss that you see in the movies where the couple is holding on to each other s tight and the girl props her one foot up. When you finally pulled away a small blush appeared on you cheeks along with a little smile. “You know seeing you jealous is kind of a turn on” You smiled cheekily. 

“Stay away from Nash” His eyes looked at yours in a glare but you could see that playful smirk in them as he bent down to kiss you again.

retardsareadorable  asked:

I find that I constantly have trouble trying to convey what I really want my character to say. Like I can picture it and everything, but to find the exact words to make it click is kind of hard. Any advice on this particular issue for an amateur writer such as myself?

Writing dialogue isn’t easy, the best writers have trouble with it, so don’t worry too much! 

Writing natural and fluid dialogue: Tips and Advice

Probably the best advice I can offer is to practise listening to how natural dialogue is spoken and apply it to your writing. Maybe you’re thinking “um, duh, of course, I know how people speak I do it all the time!”. True, but do you ever stop to listen to the way they form sentences? How they clip the ends of their words? Trail off uncertaintly…? Speak in one long breath of air when they’re excited and itallcomesoutsoundingalittlelikethis. Hardly anyone speaks without some form of contractions in full unbroken sentences, as it sounds stiff and unnatural. (Although you might have a character who you could choose to have speak like this to highlight how stiff they are or even inhuman). 

Time for some people watching!

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

Find a place with people to eavesdrop on. But don’t be obvious because some might find it a bit creepy… A good place is a cafe or park bench, somewhere you can hang about casually and not look odd for loitering. You could also try listening to your friends or family if a cafe or park bench isn’t available. Go sit with your family, play a game of monopoly, socialise with them (ugh). Now, sit and listen. Listen to how a normal person speaking naturally. sounds Take mental notes of how a speaker interrupts someone, how they place a noun in front of their sentence (”Coffe, want one? My treat?”) how they use run on and broken sentences that an English teacher would have a fit at. While you’re studying how people speak in their natural environment you might also overhear some quality lines that might spark your imagination. Maybe that blonde lady in the thick fur coat, despite the summer heat, who suspiciously looks like she put whisky in her latte, could inspire a character in your writing.

Read read read

Originally posted by xesoteric-extraterrestrialx

It might seem like an odd idea; “shouldn’t I be working on my writing instead of reading?”, but you can’t do one without the other. Choose a book that you know had natural dialogue, if you can’t think of a particular book that had good dialogue often the answer is a book that never once drew your attention away from the story, dialogue that always seemed right and never made you question your suspension of belief. Take this book and read it again, not for the scenery or the action, purely for the dialogue. Again, take real or mental notes on how the different character speak, the use of words and structure. Ingrain the pattern of natural dialogue into your head. And now find a terrible book. Find a book that the dialogue was stiff, unnatural and simply put, atrocious. Study how they never use contractions, how the characters hit the reader over the head with exposition (”Wow Emily, my half-sister, I haven’t seen you for two years since the ski trip that left you terribly afraid of snow!”), how they use jilted, outdated slang. Now, simply put, don’t do this. Look through your own work and highlight anything that feels similar to the dialogue in the awful book and rewrite it with focus on how

Script it

Originally posted by whosmithian

An exercise to do is to chuck scenery, description, and action aside for one minute. Toss it aside, you don’t need it for this activity. You’ll be focussing solely on the dialogue alone. Write your scene using only dialogue in script format. Don’t worry about clunky paragraphs of all that other stuff to get in the way and break the flow, just let the scene play out in your head like a movie and jot down what the characters say. When you have this script you can now add all that stuff you put aside, put the speech tags and characters actions, put in all the description and scenery perfectly woven around the dialogue, clip anything that breaks the flow until you have a scene with natural sounding dialogue that is well balanced within your scene. 

“I Come to You, Step by Step” Jinyoung/You

jinyoung is an international student and you’ve been paired with him for your university’s Pal Program

“Look,” you sigh, feeling more exhausted than any five minute interaction with a boy warrants. Jinyoung doesn’t protest when you plop into the chair opposite of him, or maybe he wants to, but shuts up when you barrel onwards. “Just meet up with me once a week. It doesn’t have to be life-changing or anything. Maybe we can just meet here, talk for ten minutes. We might even become friends.” It sounds corny, even to you, but you don’t think the face Jinyoung pulls is necessary.

“Fine,” Jinyoung says eventually, like he’s dredging the word up from a deep, painful place. 

The jinyoung au that’s been killing me for the last two months. I’m sorry in advance for the length. I hope you really like it. (rated T) 

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anonymous asked:

What were ur thoughts on Kent that ngozi agreed w!!

ok this is gonna be really long because it was basically the Best Day Of My Life, so. settle in kiddos.

(this is also very very heavily referenced from chat logs where I talked about this the day after it happened and a couple of posts I made / tags I wrote around that time. so even though all of this happened like four months ago, I think it’s still reasonably accurate. but obviously memories are flawed things etc)

  • so ok first of all ngozi is SO FUNNY AND NICE in person ahhhhh
  • I was wearing my kent parson jersey that I made!
    • …… but when I first saw her table, I got super overwhelmed and nervous so I like…… walked by really quickly without looking at her and just did a lap around the dealer’s room??? so I could calm down??? haha oh my god it was so awkward.
    • I was actually hoping she hadn’t seen me but apparently she DID because later I was talking to someone who’d been standing by her table when I walked by and APPARENTLY she whispered, “PARSE JERSEEEEYYYY” when she saw me omfg
  • but anyway she was super friendly right away and asked me if she could take pictures & wanted to know how I made my shirt / etc etc. we talked for a minute and then (of course) she asked me, “so, why do you like parse?”
  • and tbh…… I’m still not sure how I was this smooth but I immediately said, in a Very Diplomatic Voice, “I like characters who have a lot of room to grow.”
  • which made her laugh!!! she was like, “that’s refreshing!! that’s a really great answer!!! a lot of people are just like, ‘I like him because he’s an asshole!!‘”
    • …I think it makes her sad half because she doesn’t get why someone would like a character just because they’re mean, but also half because she doesn’t think of parse as an asshole? she didn’t clarify explicitly, though…. she just expressed that she’s sad and disappointed when people say stuff like that to her.

MORE under the cut oh god I’m sorry there’s a lot

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thuriweaver  asked:

Headcanons for this new University!verse?! Tell me everything!


- The four sides are college students (human au) and are all attending the same school (not sure where or if it’s even a real school but probably not for simplicity’s sake). 

- Roman is a junior at school on a football scholarship. He hails from a tiny little midwestern town where everything is heteronormative and old white dudes sit around on porches talking about the ‘good old days.’ So he’s been under social pressure his whole life to conform to those expectations. He’s always been the captain of all the Sports Teams and has dated The Cheerleaders ™ and basically could have stepped right out of an 80s movie about High School. He’s not a jerk but he’s never gotten to be his genuine self. His dad wants him to get a business degree and take over the family car lot. What he really wants to do, though, is act. 

- Patton is a senior. He’s getting a degree in secondary education and what he wants to do is teach elementary school. He’s a literal ball of sunshine and he meets Roman in one of their communications classes when they get paired up to do a group presentation together. The presentation is a ‘how-to’ and Patton insists they do ‘how to make no-bake cookies’ and they make a grand mess with their demonstration and the whole class has a grand old time and Roman leaves pretty sure he’s in love with this goofy nerd and what the heck his whole life is coming apart at the seams. 

- Patton is, as mentioned, a big ball of sunshine. He is the oldest of two brothers and his family is hella rich. Patton has never had a job in his life. But he’s volunteered at the local Boys and Girls club since he was like 14, and he’s been a part of Big Brothers and a camp counselor and basically if he could help kids he was there. He loves kids and he gets compared to one a lot, but he’s far from naieve. He knows there’s shit in the world. He just decides that if there has to be shit in the world, he might as well do what he can to bring in some sunshine, too, because there should be both. He thinks Roman is an amazing person and just needs to lighten up a bit. 

- Roman and Patton end up getting together when Patton offers to help Roman with his communications final essay. Roman could’ve done it alone but he was honestly looking for an excuse to hang out with Patton after class and the class was getting ready to be over and he sort of panicked and asked for help. Patton agreed and after like 3 “sessions” where Roman kept suggesting they order pizza or watch movies or go get coffee, he realized these were actually dates, and he was totally good with it. One night while they were “studying” (aka watching Netflix) Patton curled up right next to Roman and laid his head on his shoulder and laced their hands together. Roman was like, “holy crap yes” and they’ve been dating for about three months now.

- Meanwhile, Patton’s little brother Virgil has begun attending the school as well. He hasn’t declared a major and is basically just there to get his parents off his back because they believe in ‘higher education’ but he thinks it’s all pointless. He’s super smart but kind of bored with most of it so he drags by with Bs and Cs when he could easily be acing all his classes. He just doesn’t care. 

- Until he meets Logan. Logan is a grad student who is a TA in one of Virgil’s intro English courses. He doesn’t do much at first–he’s mostly there to grade papers because that particular professor is kind of a pompous windbag and refuses to let anyone else do his lectures because he loves the sound of his voice too much. Virgil sort of instantly puts Logan into this ‘boring nerd’ box in his head and ignores him. 

- Until the day the professor is out for a conference and Logan gets to teach the class. 

- So first of all Logan is hella sexy and how did Virgil not notice? His voice is clear and smooth and low and he is actually fucking funny and Virgil completely didn’t realize it because Logan had never spoken before but he is snarky and witty and sarcastic but like super smart and Virgil sort of hangs on his every word until class is over. 

- He ends up signing up for like every English class ever and even declares an English major even though he never really cared before because he wants a chance to see Logan more. It turns out Logan works both at the campus library and at the writing center, so Virgil starts making appointments to have Logan help him with his papers. Logan catches on pretty quickly because Virgil IS actually very smart, and he also wants to impress Logan so he starts really applying himself for the first time ever, and his papers are really damn good and Logan’s like, “Why do you keep coming here? You obviously don’t need my help.” And Virgil’s just like, “Um…well…you can never have too many proofreaders right?” and Logan’s like, “…okay?” but he’s totally oblivious because he has no idea how hot he is. 

- Logan himself is incredibly smart, too, but his family is nowhere near affluent. His dad died before he was born and his mom has been struggling to keep them on their feet but she has degenerative disc disease so it’s hard for her to hold down her jobs since the ones she can find are all very physical, like hotel maid or fast food worker. She’s in constant pain and Logan tries his hardest to make money to send to her so she only has to work as little as possible. He’s been working since he was 10, starting with lawn mowing but quickly moving to doing his own tutoring services. At one point in high school he let the seniors on the football team pay him to write their essays so they could maintain their C averages. The principal caught wind of that and put a stop to it, and Logan was threatened with expulsion, but he had been such a model student up to that point that he ended up just getting suspended for a few days. He’s still upset–not that he broke the rules, but that he got caught. 

- He’s always been so focused on taking care of his mom that he never really  had time to date. He’s never once assumed himself to be physically attractive in any way, nor has he ever cared. So when his fellow staff at the writing center start teasing him about his ‘boyfriend,’ he is stunned to realize that Virgil might be coming by so much because he likes Logan. One day when Virgil comes in (with a coffee and cheese pastry for Logan from the starbucks in the student union–which he almost always brings btw) Logan gets kind of embarrassed and says “So you know the other tutors have this crazy idea that you like me or something,” and Virgil just stares at him and says, “Um…duh?” And just like that they’re dating. Virgil wishes Logan would let him help more financially, but Logan is proud and refuses to let Virgil pay for everything even though he easily could (Virgil is a trust fund baby and he has also never worked a day in his life, but he lacks the altruistic streak his older brother has. Or at least, he did before he met Logan.)

- Logan and Virgil end up getting an apartment together. It’s a 2-bedroom off campus. It helps Logan out because even though it’s a little further from his jobs, it’s much quieter and he has an easier time studying and getting work done than he did in the student housing. Virgil insists that he doesn’t need to pay rent, but Logan does anyway, much to Virgil’s chagrin. 

-Virgil and Patton are extremely close. For all that he pretends to be this emo loner, he actually chose this college because it’s where Patton went and he adores his big brother. And Patton adores his dark strange little bro, too. The four of them start hanging out a lot, and eventually Patton suggests to cut costs for everyone, why don’t they look at renting one of the old houses that are always up for rent near the campus? 

- They do this as soon as Virgil and Logan’s lease is up, finding a little 3-bedroom place with a converted loft that’s just like a block and a half from school, and the four of them start living together as Virgil enters his sophomore year, Logan continues to work on his master’s thesis, Patton enters graduate school, and Roman takes the plunge and changes his major from business to performing arts. 

Um okay this is all I got for now????? But like you should probably expect to see little stories in this ‘verse from time to time. 

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what mech did you guys chose from the jade gate? :o

Michael: Um, the Iron Giant? Duh? I kicked ass using that mech! You should’ve seen how many Squips I KO’d during that final fight!

Jeremy: I chose Voltron. Normally you’d have to have five people to control it, but that was a special case so I pretty much had access to the whole entire thing. It was seriously badass.

Michael: The beginning of that fight was also right after we—

Jeremy: Y-yeah! Yeah. Um, I remember.

Michael: That was totally wild. I pretty much got to announce that we were dating to the whole country!

Jeremy: More like the entire world. Do you know how many stations were broadcasting that battle? Literally the whole planet was watching us.

Michael: That was one of the greatest moments of my life!!

Stare || Peter Parker x Reader

This is a request literally after forever. Like I feel so bad cause I still got another one to do that’s late, but like I had no motivation to do it and more motivation to write newt and stuff, so at least I’ve got two of those chapters done and notes down for the next couple of chapters. I’m so sorry this is late tho. I like it tho cause it’s like such a cute little concept and yeah, on with it!

request : Hello <3 how about Peter falls for the new girl who is nor is liz’s circle and popular etc. One day while he’s staring at her afar reader sends him a text saying something sweet about his staring bc she likes him too? love you babe I hope you write it :)

(Love you too boo)

tags : @munalisax @running-outta-time @i-just-wanna-run-hell @imaginesyes

words : 907



Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

“You’re staring again.”

Peter’s head shot to his best friend sitting beside him once the words left his mouth.

“What,” His face turned sheepish, “No, I wasn’t.”

Ned’s eyebrow raised, “Yes, you were. I think I saw drool.”

Peter’s eyebrows furrowed for a moment before his eyes widened, moving his hand up to wipe the little bit of drool with his blue sweater.

“Okay, maybe I was,” Peter spoke quicker as his friend’s face turned into one of ‘I-told-you-so’, “But only a little bit. Just a little.”

“Mhm,” Their heads moved to Michelle, who sat across the table, who was raising her head out of her book, “And I love happy time, sunshine, and rainbows.”

Ned let out a small laugh as Peter rolled his eyes at the girl, “Whatever, it’s not like I have a chance anyway. She’s popular; best friends with Liz Allen in only the span of three weeks; so, I’ll stare all I want, Michelle.”

Michelle smirked, “Well, here she comes now, so have fun staring, loser.”

Her head went back down to her book as Peter’s shot in the other direction. As Michelle had said, you were walking straight for him and Ned, giving a kind smile to the both of them.

As you sat down in front of them, Peter found his eyes widening and began to stutter profusely, “Duh-uh-um-uh,” he cleared his throat suddenly as your eyebrows furrowed and Ned’s smile faded and turned into one of panic for his best friend, “I mean, what are you- what are you doing here?, Y/N.”

You have a playful offended look, saying, “I’m just over to ask for your number.”

At that moment, Peter felt his mind go fuzzy and began to feel lightheaded. He couldn’t believe you were asking that, at least not until you said,

“Liz told me I should get the three of your guys’ numbers ‘cause of Academic Decathlon; being new and everything.” You gave them a shy smile, laughing lightly.

Ned smiled at you, beginning to pull out his phone, oblivious to the heartbroken boy next to him.

Clearing his throat once more, Peter mumbled, “Oh, uh, yeah, sure.”

Surely, after you’d retrieved the two boys’ numbers, and a “You’ll earn it soon enough.” from Michelle, you were on your way back to the popular table.

“Thanks, guys,” you smiled at them as you stood, “I’ll see you in decathlon practice today.”

With that, you sauntered off to the table Liz sat at, laughing as you walked when your friends had begun to make loud jokes and comments.

Peter looked down and mumbled, “I told you; I’m never going to have a chance with her.”

Soon enough, decathlon practice did come to start after school had ended for the day.

Peter had felt his heart drop when he saw you in the class, laughing and talking with Liz and Cindy. He knew he’d never be the one to make you smile and laugh like that.

He stood in place as Ned continued to talk to him about Star Wars and the new Lego Death Star he’d gotten; something Peter was usually excited about, but couldn’t help but feel glum. He couldn’t tear his eyes from you, watching your every move in desperation and helplessness.

As he continued to watch you, he saw you excuse yourself from the two girls, pulling out your phone and typing something in quickly.

Peter soon felt his phone vibrate, eyebrows furrowing in confusion as he pulled it out, the text had said,

From Y/N : As cute as u look when ur staring, why don’t u come over and talk to me instead?

His eyes widened as his pulse quickened reading the text. He looked back up, only to see you send a small wave and smile.

When he wouldn’t move, frozen in his spot, you turned back to him and gave him a small ‘come here’ motion.

“I gotta - I gotta go, Ned.” Peter said distractedly, beginning to move without waiting for a response from his friend.

Ned’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “Wait, where? Where are you goi-,” his face turned into one of comprehension but soon then a smirk, “Oh.

“Hey, Pete,” you smiled at the awestruck boy once he’d made it to your side. You crossed your arms over your stomach and raised your eyebrow playfully, “There any reason you’ve been staring at me for so long?”

Peer felt himself get even more nervous then before, uttering only, “Duh, uh, I don’t, I, uh, no, I guess I, uh, hm, ha-,”

You giggled softly, cutting him off by saying, “It’s okay, Peter, you don’t have to be so nervous,” you bit your lip lightly before saying, “Maybe you’d like to go out sometime?”

His eyes widened before responding with, “Duh, um, ye-yeah!” His voice got loud, “Yeah, sure, okay, cool! Good, oka-,”

You nodded along with him, both amused and endeared by his excitement, “Okay, yeah.”

You both broke into small fits of laughter before Peter spoke up, finally speaking words of English, “So…, so like an actual date?”

You smiled shyly, “Yes, Pete, like an actual date,” you looked around the both of you, seeing as practice was about to start, “Friday night.”

You leaned over quickly and left a small peck on Peter’s cheek, making his cheeks blush a furious red as you left.

‘Looks like I do have a chance with her… Take that, Michelle.’

Popcorn Perpetrator- A Killian Jones and Henry Mills One-Shot

Title: Popcorn Perpetrator
Request: Can I have an imagine where your dating Henry and your kilians daughter so it’s like your on a date with him and he’s not so secretly stalking you guys and like when your at the movie’s if he gets to close he will throw popcorn at you guys then hide
Pairing: Henry Mills x Reader x Killian Jones

“Dad can I talk to you?” Y/N asked walking up to her father, Captain Killian ‘Hook’ Jones.
“Of course love. What’s on your mind?” Killian responded. They sat at a table below deck of his pirate ship.
“So you know I’ve been friends with Henry for a while right?” Y/N said.
“Aye.” Killian responded.
“Well he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him tonight. Can I go?” Y/N asked.
“As a date?” Killian asked raising his voice.
“Um, yea duh.” Y/N laughed.
“Sure.” Killian said with a devious smile on his face.
“Thank you!” Y/N said, hugging her father.
“What movie is it, and what time?” Killian asked.
“Paper Planes at 7.” Y/N said.
“Ok. Have fun, don’t be stupid.” Killian said.
“I’ll try.” Y/N laughed, as she walked to cabin.
“Paper Planes at 7, aye? Well I like movies too Y/N.” Killian said laughing to himself.

That night, Y/N and Henry met at the movie theater.
“Hey Y/N!” Henry said.
“Hey!” Y/N said hugging Henry.
“I got the tickets, we can go get popcorn and sit.” Henry said. He then lead Y/N inside the theater.
From behind a bush close to the theater, Killian was watching his daughter, “Hug on the first date, bad start already Y/N.”
He slowly walked into the theater, going straight to a seat a few rows behind Y/N and Henry.

As the movie played, Killian focused on watching his daughter.
Henry put his arm around her, and Y/N put her head on his should.
“Damnit.” Killian said, picking up a piece of popcorn and throwing it at them. Y/N turned around, and Killian ducked.
“What was that?” Henry asked.
“Popcorn.” Y/N said, “It’s ok, let’s just watch the movie.
A few minutes later, Henry put his arm around Y/N again.
Killian threw a handful of popcorn at them this time.
"What the hell?” Y/N said turning around. No one was there, Killian had ducked once again.
To stop the popcorn from hitting them, Henry and Y/N put there popcorn in-between them guarding there heads. They couldn’t even see each other.
“That’s better.” Killian said, as he sat back in his chair to enjoy the movie.

After the movie ended, Killian hurried home.
He wasn’t fast enough though.
“Dad!” Y/N called, seeing him running.
“Oh damnit.” Killian said, turning around to face Y/N, “Oh hello love.”
“You were in there weren’t you.” Y/N said, “The mysterious popcorn thrower.”
Killian smiled, “Just making sure that Henry boy didn’t get to close.”
“You almost ruined my date!” Y/N yelled.
“But I didn’t.” Killian said, “Y/N I was just worried about you. You’re my only daughter, my everything.”
“Don’t come with us next week. We are going out to eat and I’m not saying where.” Y/N said.
“Fine. Just don’t you dare kiss him Y/N.” Killian said.
Y/N laughed, “I can do what I want.
Killian poked her in the stomach with his hook gently, making her laugh again.
"I was pretty good with my aiming right?” Killian said as the walking back to the ship.
“Good with aiming, not good with getting away.” Y/N said.
“Well next week I’ll do better.” Killian said.
“NO!” Y/N yelled.
“Fine, fine. Then when you get back you’re telling me everything that happened.” Killian said.
Y/N rolled her eyes, “You’re lucky you’re usually the coolest dad ever.”
“I know am I.” Killian laughed, “You’re the coolest daughter, most of the time.”
“Oh shut up.” Y/N laughed.
Killian put his arm around Y/N, and they continued walking to the ship in the midst of the moonlight.


Much love to you all!


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When Snake introduces RFI on IHeart Radio, she says the track is kind of like Crime and Punishment, about finding your partner in crime. Now this is far from what the novel is really about. Funny that Snake would want to reference a classical literary work only to betray her own ignorance. Not surprised that none of the swifties noticed the error.

I once had a coworker A who asked my other coworker M a question and it went like this:

A: M, why is it called Ben-Gay?
M: what? I don’t know, google it
A: But I thought you would know
M: Why?
A: um, Because you’re gay, duh!

Straight faced, totally serious🤣. We laughed at her for days. I don’t work with A anymore but I’m going to go ahead and assume she’s a Swiftie 😂

The Show Girl

Request: Anon: “I had an idea for a one shot where the avengers decide to take a break and go see a Broadway musical and the reader is in the musical so Bucky is like wwooooaaaahhh idk does that make any sense? Ily”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none I believe, fluff (?)

A/N: I hope this is what you had in mind, anon. I have never seen a musical but I heard it’s good and I read about it and tried to understand it so ye. I tried.

It was one of those rare times where the Avengers had a day off and here they were, arguing on what they would do.

“Let’s have a movie marathon.”

“No let’s go out to eat.”

“We can go watch a movie then go out to eat?”

“How about we go to Coney Island?”

“No, last time we went Bucky threw up.”

“That was one time.”

They continued to argue until Tony settled them down. “How about we let Wanda choose? I don’t think we’ve ever done something she wanted to do.”

They all agree and turn their attention to the wide eyed brunette. “Me?”

“Well your name is Wanda.” Tony says in a ‘duh’ tone.

“Um.. Well.. How about we go see a musical? I heard they’re showing Cabaret on Broadway tonight and I really want to see it.” her thick accent fills the air.

“A musical? Really?” Clint whines and Natasha smacks his head before looking at Wanda.

“A musical sounds wonderful, right guys?” she looks at everyone and they nod.

The Avengers take their seats which were in the third row from the stage (thanks to Tony) and settled in. Bucky sat between Sam and Steve, great.

The curtains open and that’s when Bucky zoned out. His eyes were on the stage but his mind was drifting other places. Should he ask out the pretty receptionist? Steve says he needs to get back out there and has brought it to Natasha’s attention as well.

For the past month Natasha and Steve have been trying to set Bucky up on dates with girls they think would make a perfect match. Their choices were a bit different though. Steve would pair him up with women that gave off that 40’s vibe, thinking it would help but it didn’t and Natasha would pick out the wild ones. The ones who partied, had the time of their lives but Bucky wasn’t about that life just yet. Too extreme for a man who was barely beginning to be himself again.

He zoned back in when he heard a female voice from the stage. He didn’t know how long he was out of it but when he came to, his eyes locked on a beautiful girl. He was immediately infatuated with the woman. She had a passion for performing, you could tell just by the way she sang, the way she was in character. It was amazing.

“Close your mouth, you don’t wanna catch flies.” Sam startled Bucky. “I think you might’ve been drooling.”

Bucky wipes at his mouth and glares at Sam. “What the hell dude?”

“You were ogling over the girl up there.” Sam chuckled as he nodded his head towards the stage. “I wouldn’t blame you though, she’s hot.”

“Whatever. I wasn’t doing anything.” Bucky huffed before looking back at the woman.

Sam scoffed and shook his head at the soldier before looking back at the stage as well.

Bucky needed to know who this woman was. She was amazing. He leaned over Steve and tapped Wanda’s thigh, causing her to look at him.

“Who is she?” Bucky questioned and Wanda smiled, leaning in as well.

“Y/N Y/L/N. She has the most amazing voice.” she responds and Bucky nods, sitting back in his chair as his eyes locked on Y/N.

Y/N. What a beautiful name.

He watched the rest, paying extra attention when Y/N would come on stage. He couldn’t stop watching her.

As Y/N was singing, she scanned the crowed before her eyes landed on a man. He was buff, had broad shoulders and long hair with a scruffy beard to match. She found him undeniably attractive. So attractive that she almost missed her cue.

Bucky’s breath hitched when she made eye contact with him. It was as if the whole world froze and it was just him and her in the room.

He’s never felt like this about a girl before. Not since.. Never, actually. It was a weird feeling to be felt but he liked it. He liked her.

The musical went on but once it was over, Bucky took his sweet time getting out of the building, hoping he’d bump into Y/N.

He wanted to talk to her, to get to know the woman who made his heartbeat go crazy with just a single look.

“Come on, Buck, we’re gonna go out for dinner tonight.” Steve says as everyone else exits the theater.

“I’ll uh, catch up with you guys outside I think my phone fell out of my pocket.” he lies.

“I’ll help you look for it.” Steve takes a step towards his best friend but Bucky stops him.

“No! I’m fine, I’ll find it on my own. You go and catch up with the others.” he says and Steve gives him a concerned look but nods.

“Alright, we’ll be waiting outside.” he pats Bucky on the shoulder before leaving.

Bucky then waits and waits and waits until the usher politely asks him to leave the theater. With a defeated sigh, he exits the building. His friends stood a couple of feet away from him and they waved their hands to catch Bucky’s attention.

“Bucky over here!”

He was about to walk towards them when another body emerged from the building. He turns to the person, realizing it was the woman on stage, Y/N. Woah. She’s even more beautiful without the makeup and costume on.

Y/N looks at Bucky and she smiles at him. It’s the guy from the audience, she thought.

“You did amazing tonight.” Bucky complimented and Y/N smiled even more, if possible.

“Thank you..” she trailed off and Bucky stuck his hand out for her to shake.

“Sorry,” he apologized, “the name is Bucky, Bucky Barnes.”

“I know you!” she gasped. “You’re the guy with the metal arm, right?”

“That’s me.” Bucky replied.

“I’ve seen you on tv with Captain America. You two go way back. Literally.” she giggled, causing Bucky to grin.

“That’s true.” he chuckled.

Y/N noticed that his hand was still out for her to shake and she gladly shook the attractive mans hand. “Oops, sorry! Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Wonderful name.” Bucky says out loud before his eyes widen. “I’m sorry, I meant to say that in my head and-”

Y/N laughs. Oh god he swears her laugh was made by angels. He could listen to it for the rest of his life.

“So what were you doing in there? I don’t take you for the type of guy who sits around watching musicals.” Y/N says.

“I don’t.” he admits. “My friend suggested we come and see one tonight so here I am.”

“What did you think?” she questioned.

“I loved it. It was absolutely amazing.” he responds. What he meant to say was she was absolutely amazing.

Before they could continue the conversation though, Clint’s voice called out to him.

“Hey, Barnes, hurry up I’m dying of starvation over here!”

Bucky and Y/N look over at him and she laughs. He turns back to her and runs his fingers through his hair with a smile on his face.

“I guess I should get going.” he says.

“I guess you should.” Y/N responds.

Bucky nods his head then turns around but before he could take a step forward, Y/N called his name.

“Yeah?” he has never turned around quicker.

Y/N pulled a pen out from her pocket and grabbed his right arm, scribbling down her number.

“Call me sometime, yeah? I’d love to get to know you more.” she says with a smile.

“Y-Yeah. I will.” he stuttered out.

Y/N giggled once more before waving. “Bye.”

She turned in the opposite direction and walked down the sidewalk, leaving Bucky with a stupid grin on his face.

A/N: sorry if this wasn’t exact, I tried my best and I actually liked how this turned out. Tell me what ya think :)