Winston: uhh…. pipppp, where are we??? why did we take a bus all the way here?? it smell’d funny… i think sumthin died on it??

Pip: Ehe… well um…

Winston: omg and the weather. it’s so hot here @.@ am i gonna die?? are those green popsicles growing out of the ground?? why do the birds look like they want to eat me?????? 

Pip: N-no! They’re just buzzards, they just look like jerks all the time. Anyways I uh.. I wanted to show you something.

Of Duvets and Fairy-tales

A/N: I’m sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself from writing this…Ineeded some fluff in my life, and fluffy illness is one of my weaknesses so,here you go. I swear one day I’ll write something really serious. Also, the endingof this…prepare yourselves I didn’t mean to even do it. It just HAPPENED OKAY.

Title: Of Duvets and Fairy-tales.

Genre: Pure fluff/fluffy illness

Description: Based off of a tweet by Dan. The amountof travelling and work Dan has done finally catches up with him, leading Phil to look after him when he wakes up ill.

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“How these fake allies be acting onlin”

[closed caption]

Woman: Men really suck

Dude whose name is probably Winston: “Um don’t you mean NOT ALL MEN?”

Ally: [to himself]gotta play it cool. How do i let her know i support her, but still seem cool to the fellas. I know! I’ll agree with him sarcastically!

Ally: [to the other two] YEA NOT ALL MEN *winks at woman*

Ally:[to himself] *snickers* You just got Allied. *backs away into shadows*

Brado and Winston

Description: In which Phil temporarily forgets his name is Phil out of sheer nervousness. Based on “hey so I gave you a fake name when I ordered my coffee but you wrote your number on my cup and we arranged a date now how do I tell you that the foundings of our relationship were based on a lie” au from this post (x)

Warnings: swear words?  

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