Why the fuck does Ben Winston exist, again? Who the Fuck is he?

Moments and events described in the book that we all need more one-shots/fanfiction/headcanons about:

”Steve Randle, Soda’s best buddy, had once held off four guys with a busted pop bottle”  
Page 4

“Dally had spent three years on the wild side of New York and had been arrested at the age of ten”
Page 10

“He never hollered at Sodapop - not even when Soda dropped out of school or got tickets for speeding.”
Page 13

“I wondered about them. The girls, I mean…Did they cry when their boys were arrested, like Evie did when Steve got hauled in, or did they run out on them the way Sylvia did Dallas?”
Page 15

“One time, in a dime store, a guy told him to move over at the candy counter. Dally had turned around and belted him so hard it knocked a tooth loose.”
Page 24.

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So, whilst I was away I came up with this blog, and cheers to phil-the-stone for the encouragement.

-What is it? A blog that compiles all our ficlets, stories, theories, headcanons and meta into one place with easy tags (eventually)

-Why? Because we’re growing the sw universe at an epic rate, stories are starting to overlap and reference each other. Now we can easily find links to reference each other and establish timelines, which will help the established fandom for stories and help newcomers figure out what we’re talking about.

-What if stuff clashes? Doesn’t matter, the idea is that everyone’s ideas are out there to be seen and discussed- civilly. 

-Do you have too much spare time? No, I don’t have any spare time. But I feel this is something the fandom could really use. 

-How do I get my story up there? Currently they’re being added slowly by author, I’m going through the blogs I follow and adding all of their stuff before moving onto the next (so you’ll get an influx of notes). But there is a submit button, you’re welcome to use it.

-This is stupid, can you take my stuff down? Of course, just pm me and I will do so. You can also blacklist yourself (again, via pm) and I won’t add your posts ever. 

-Do you need help? Eventually yes, I will be looking for some buddies to help curate. But only after the groundwork is set. If you think you’d like to help just shoot me a PM and I’ll keep it for reference. 

If you could reblog and share around the fandom, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks guys! 

“I think you should kiss me goodbye or you might regret it for the rest of your life.”

{ slipped- the national / love is to die- warpaint / element- matthew mayfield / draw your swords- angus & julia stone / please dont leave quite yet- adam agin / i wont fight it- andrew belle / need the sun to break- james bay / incomplete- james bay / patient love- passenger / ends of the earth- lord huron }

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I sat down and picked up my pen and thought for a minute. Remembering. Remembering a handsome, dark boy with a reckless grin and a hot temper.
A tough, tow-headed boy with a cigarette in his mouth and a bitter grin on his hard face. Remembering –and this time it didn’t hurt–a quiet, defeated-looking sixteen-year-old whose hair needed cutting badly and who had black eyes with a frightened expression on them. One week had taken all three of them. 


“Coming Soon”