Uno- Whole Gang

Request: I really love your blog and your writing it’s super cool! Could you do an outsiders gang imagine with 17. “This is the worst game of Uno I’ve ever played.” And if possible could you make the reader gender neutral or a guy, your choice really, thank you!

A/n: I’m so glad I’m getting back to writing!!!! I’m thinking about writing for Young Justice, so characters like Red Arrow, Dick Grayson, Superboy, Kid Flash….. So tell me if guys would like that..

“Come Y/n why won’t you play?” Two bit whines.

I turn around and put my hands on my hips, “Well for one thing, you guys always cheat.”

Two bit starts shaking his head violently, “Nah we don’t Y/n. Come on Dally do we cheat?”

“All day, everyday.” Dally starts to laugh. I raise my eyebrows at Two but he is more focused with sending hate to Dally.

Johnny comes up to me and has a puppy dog look on his face, “Come on Y/n, would you please just do it for me?” I stare into his eyes and take a deep breath. No not again, I can’t let his eyes work on me for a second time.

“Fine. ” I call out and I roll my eyes, mentally preparing myself for the time I’m about to waste.

“Do you even know what uno means?” Dally asks Two who kept randomly shouting the word.

“The real question is do you?” Two bit raised one of his eyebrows and let out a laugh. He started to roll around the floor and he bumped into Pony who let out a yelp.

“Watch where your going.” Pony called out.

“Ok who’s turn is it?” I ask and Steve’s arm snakes around my waist and he pulls me down so I’m basically on his lap.

“I think it’s yours gorgeous.” I roll my eyes and I lean forward so I can grab a card and then I sit back down so I’m fully touching the ground instead of Steve’s lap. I try my best to hide my smile as I go to put my last card down.

“No, Y/n you can’t win!” Soda yells.

“EARTHQUAKE!” The cards go flying left and right. Ponyboy stands up and throws his cards down on the ground and stomps away.

“Well that was fun.” I get up and head to the kitchen.

“You know Y/n,” I feel arms snake around my waist. “That was fun. But I have a few other games in mind.”

I wiggle out of his hold, “As if Randle!” I grab a piece of cake and walk over to Pony.