Definiton: perfidy ; the quality or state of being faithless or disloyal

Pairing: taehyung x reader 

Genre: spy au (put more info when i post the full chapter) 

Description: not sure yet 

Word Count: 700

a/n: this is just an idea i had in my drafts i wrote it after i saw the movie ‘Kill Bill’ for the 100th time lol (one of my favs btw), i wanted to post a little preview because when i have time i plan on working on this and my other on going scenarios, hope its okay might end up deleting but eh, thanks for reading it. 

“How much for it?” You ask the bulky man behind the counter as you eyed the shiny object in his hands. 

He leans in. “For you, around 1k.” He replies with a smile as if he had just given you the best deal. You glared at him, he was ripping you off. You could find someone who sold it for a cheaper price, but you didn’t have time to just go and do that. You needed it now. 

Time was ticking, you bite your lip and nod to the man. “Fine, I’ll take it.”

The man was taken by surprise at first, thinking you would reject the offer but he quickly starts getting the packs of bullets that went along with the gun, business is business after all. He was about to get a case for the weapon but you lift your hand stopping him. “I don’t need the case, is it loaded?” You press. 

A grin appears on his face. “Of course it is. Let me ask you something, a sexy lady like you comes in here wanting a gun like this-” 

“Here.” You put the money on the counter, all cash, and take the gun from his hands, you tuck it in the back part of your jeans not even bothering to examine the weapon.

A slight feeling of fear washed over you, if your aim failed you this time you’d lose, he was a way better shooter than you anyways, but you knew for certain that the sight of you would throw him off just a bit. Just the one half second where he is off guard is all you need to complete your task. 

“What about the other bullets?” 

You smile to yourself. No your aim wouldn’t fail, revenge is a sweet and powerful thing, it dragged you through hell and back just to get to this one small opportunity. “I don’t need them.” 

Without another word you exit the sketchy shop and enter your car that was parked in front. The time on the clock was 12:50, just ten minutes. But those ten minutes would pass by slowly, you knew patience is key in things like this, it was part of your training but with revenge patience becomes a difficult task. As you started the engine your phone buzzes. The caller ID read UNKOWN but you knew who it was. 

“Jimin.” You say coldly as your greeting. 

He chuckles on the other line. “You getting nervous already?” 

This jerk always messed with you, even now when he knew how much this meant to you he has the nerve to crack a joke. But you knew it was to make you feel more at ease. You couldn’t trust anyone anymore, except for him. “Are you 100% the location is correct?” You question ignoring his humor. 

“Come on y/n, I take that as an insult. I’m never wrong and you know that. He’ll be there I swear on my life, which I know you’ll gladly take if I’m wrong.” 

“Okay sounds fair.” You sigh liking the way he feared you a bit. You put the car in drive and follow the first directions the GPS gave you. 

Jimin was silent for a while and you didn’t hang up. You knew he was going to say something, he never hung up without a final word. “How do you feel?” He finally says in a quiet more serious tone. 

Your reply was quick and determined. “Ready.” 

Ready to kill the person you once called partner, the person who betrayed you, who left you for dead, the one person you thought would never turn his back on you. You were ready to put a bullet straight through his heart, just where he shot you on that day. 

The GPS said its final order in letting you know that you had arrived at your destination. You close your eyes and let the painful images flood your mind, letting them be your last reminders to not fail, to not believe a word he says. Today was the day you were getting your revenge and nothing would stop you. 

You open your eyes and wipe the sweat off your brow. “I’m ready to kill Taehyung.” 

Jimin didn’t answer at first, he was probably soaking in your words, he had a lot of things running through his mind as well. You thought this would be hard on him but his response told you otherwise. “Don’t miss, and if you get the chance give him another bullet for me. Let him know his brother is alive and well.” 

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made up fic title meme: "such things come in threes"

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Such Things Come in Threes
aka Weird Eldritch Shit, or:
Three Times the Force Said, Fuck This

The Jedi and the Sith have their Codes and their little Laws and Rules and all sorts of Truths they abide by. A Code, they think, can rule their lives, and there’s no use praying to the Force, because the Force is not sentient and does not hear.

Jedi and Sith also don’t like being told they are wrong. But they are, they are so very wrong, so very limited in their understanding of the Force that it’s almost embarrassing.

The Force is everything. Fire and ice, atmosphere and earth and oceans and the vacuum of space. The space between systems, the burning gases and pressed minerals of stars and black holes. Every living and every nonliving thing.

It’s also a great big cosmic power, and It gets a bit bored.

The restrictions the Jedi and Sith have imposed upon themselves over the years are boring. If a cosmic being could possibly understand what numbness felt like, then for the last two or three relative seconds of Its existence, the Force has literally been considering juggling planets out of sheer frustration.

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