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I wouldn’t consider myself an attractive person. I’ve never seen myself as a sex symbol. Very flattering when people do, but I don’t understand it at all. I mean, it’s not shit having people be like, ‘Oh I think–’ you know? But like, I don’t understand it. I don’t understand. So I can’t necessarily, um, 1. flaunt it, or 2. take advantage of it. I just kind of, I’m there being like, I don’t really get this.
—  Ed Sheeran on being considered a sex symbol. April 5, 2017. [x]
Stronger Together - Sanvers Packing Fantasy

Prompt from Maggie295: So amazing. Do we get to know what fantasy Alex had Maggie packing again to fulfill? [In response to Chapter 11]

Also prompt from Tumblr: just some more sanvers strap-on smut lol. I liked the drag king Maggie smut, how Maggie was packing and Alex found out maybe you can implement that again (: [Refers to Chapters 1-3 of Stronger Together]

Hope you both enjoy!

Chapter Text

A few weeks after the drag show, Alex blurted out, “Would you do that again?”

“Do what?” Maggie laughed, knowing Alex would work her way up to whatever it was she wanted to ask.

Blushing, Alex realized that her question really only made sense if Maggie knew everything that was going on in her head up until that point. “Uh, right. Well, you know how you dressed in drag a few weeks ago?”

“Mhm,” Maggie nodded. “Do you want me to put the outfit back on?”

“Not, um, not the full outfit necessarily.”

“So which part of it do you want?”

“The part we had fun with,” Alex mumbled, her cheeks tinged with pink.

“See, I think we had fun with all of it.”

“Maggie,” Alex whined.

“I think it would be hot if you said it, Alex.”

Taking a deep breath and looking slightly above Maggie’s head, Alex rushed out, “I want you to go out packing again.” …(Continued on AO3)


I met the most clueless straight cisdudebro at work tonight.

Also propably the worst Where’s Waldo-player in the history of humankind.

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a drabble number 4, 16 and 38 for yanan from pentagon please! your writing is really good~ keep up the good work and thank you

A/N: i almost got too caught up in this one lol it’s a bit longer than my last requests

4. Jealous + 16. CEO!AU + 38. “You’re so hot.”

Originally posted by kinoed

Yanan stood in the hallway nervously, pacing with a folder in his hands. His eyes kept flickering back to the door across from him, the frosted window keeping everything that was happening inside from him. He didn’t like that. He knew one of the interns had walked in fifteen minutes ago and now he was starting to get nervous. Why was he in there for so long with you? Why could he hear you laughing? With every passing second he felt envy consuming him, thinking what if she decides she doesn’t want me anymore?

Finally the door’s handle turned and out stepped the intern, smiling politely at Yanan before leaving. Yanan hurriedly walked up to the door and stepped inside, closing the door behind him. You turned to see him as a smile stretched across your lips.

“Do you have something for me, Yanan?” you asked, leaning against your desk as you unbuttoned your jacket revealing a satin blouse underneath. He swallowed before answering.

“Um, not necessarily. I just, I had a question to ask you,” he said in his small voice that made your chest tighten with flattery. The feeling you got when he called you his noona rather than the title of his boss. You nodded for him to continue so he said, “Are we … a couple?”

You dropped your eyes from his and bit your lip. Ever since the first time you kissed him, that one late night he’d stayed behind to help you meet a deadline, you had to admit you had feelings for him. There wasn’t necessarily a rule against the two of you dating but it would be greatly looked down upon in your workplace. There would be suspicions soon enough if he didn’t stay out of your office during work hours. But you couldn’t turn him away even if you wanted to, he was just too cute to you. You wanted him just as badly as he wanted you.

“Why do you ask?”

“Because, I- I was out there and thinking about you and that intern in here. I’m worried you’ll do what we’ve been doing with someone else. I don’t like the thought of you with anyone else but me,” he said, his ears turning pink in what you assumed was anger. It honestly made your body warm knowing he was jealous. You only ever saw this cute guy from work and now you wanted to see what darker things he was capable of.

“I wouldn’t do that to you, Yanan. But if I did, would it make you angry?” you asked, a smirk playing on your lips as you stepped closer, fixing his tie because you knew it made him nervous for whatever reason.

“Yes,” his voice wavered.

“How angry?” your eyes met his as he licked his lip, making your breath shake. “Angry enough to punish me?”

“M-maybe,” his dark eyes stared at you full of lust as your hands trailed down his chest, feeling his muscles. Sweat started to make his face shine.

You’re so hot when you’re jealous,” you practically whispered, letting your hands move farther down to his belt before you turned away to sit at your desk, leaving him standing there in his confused state, “Unfortunately, we’ll have to continue this after work.”

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I know you love to give him shit, but what are your actual thoughts on Niall?

I think Niall is a hardworking, talented guy with a genuine good heart. I think he values his friends as his family and he would do absolutely anything for them, and I think he’s much smarter than people give him credit for. He’s also a lot shadier than people seem to think. Yes, the guy loves beer and Ireland and he’s very happy go lucky and he has that Irish charm to him that makes it very easy for him to socialise and talk to people, but he’s more than that. 

That being said, there are some things that I do not feel comfortable speaking up about because I don’t want them thrown around on the internet, but I do think there’s a lot he’s not saying and a lot of stuff he’s purposefully, um… not necessarily hiding, but not giving any attention to. Mostly personal stuff, whether it’s about his family or relationships or deeper thoughts he has. 

He has a way of spinning personal questions, not in the way Harry does where he goes on a tangent and he just digs himself deeper until everyone is confused, but much more subtle. Niall is capable of spinning a deep question into something airily, of something happy go lucky, he’d come up with a bullshit answer and say “ I learned not to have a pint before I have to be underwater for a scene ” or some crap and everyone would be charmed, but that’s him not wanting to answer a personal question while not offending you when he doesn’t. He still gives you an answer. Just not the truthful one, and no one notices, and I HATE THAT HE GETS AWAY WITH IT. But I think he likes it that way, and I respect that, but I don’t trust a word that comes out of his mouth half the time hahah. I don’t with any of them, to be fair. 

Like I’m fond of him, I really am, and I see how funny and good he’s been to all of us lately, but he’s also one of those friends who I constantly want to slap in the face just because and expose his ass to the world hahah rip 

the space between us (chapter 8)

chapter title: dear, i fear we’re facing a problem
words: 2.6k
story summary: What’s a ladybug to do when her kitten becomes a cat?

previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

a/n: Awkward akuma battles and lovefool kids.

AO3 | FF

As Marinette and Adrien run to find a corner to transform in, Tikki and Plagg fly out of their hiding spots in Marinette’s purse and Adrien’s jacket pocket and exchange nervous glances.

“What? What is it?” asks Marinette. “What’s with the weird expressions?”

“It’s just…Marinette, you haven’t transformed since you had your growth spurt,” says Tikki, with a frown.

“And neither have you, kid,” adds Plagg. “Basically, we just want to warn you that things might not go as planned tonight.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” asks Adrien, brows furrowed. “Why didn’t you explain this to us earlier? We could have practiced.”

Plagg shrugs. “We were on holiday! I didn’t think an akuma would show up until we got back to Paris. Why bother making the effort?”

He sighs. “We were having such a good run, too.”

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Let me begin by saying how thankful I am to Riker for taking the time out of his busy day to chat with us. The weather was crazy and the two hour drive took us almost five in the blizzard like conditions. We ended up being late because our car went off the road and into a ditch and we were sure we weren’t going to be able to do the interview; but after two guys helped dig our car out and a quick phone call later we were able to do the interview at a later time! We ran into a little technical difficulty with the microphone so below is a transcript of the interview. 

Alyssa: Hey guys, I’m Alyssa Carson, here for DressLikeR5 and I’m here with Riker Lynch. 

Riker: Hello!

Alyssa: So actually I’m going to start this off really easy-

Riker: Okay.

Alyssa: You guys wear a lot of different clothes [Riker: Mhm.] So what are your favorite store to shop at?

Riker: My favorite are definitely um, Zara is a big one for me, I love uh Scotch & Soda is really cool, I don’t do lots of the shopping our stylist does all that stuff um so I just kinda wear but the cool thing is my stylist knows what I like. Um, Scotch & Soda is probably, if I had to pick one, it’s probably my favorite. 

Alyssa: They have some cool stuff! Has your fashion changed a lot since your Scorpio Rocker days till now?

Riker: *Laughs* Uh, yeah probably, my jeans keep getting tighter and tighter and tighter for sure. I have a pair of jeans that I used to be like, were way too tight and I like put um on and and I’m like ‘these are not nearly tight enough’. So definitely that. And uh, more boots. I like boots a lot. I was really big into like Supras and skate shoes. 

Alyssa: We heard from some interviews that you’re a good bar tender?

Riker: *Laughs*

Alyssa:So what’s your favorite alcoholic drink to make?

Riker: Um, I love, I’m trying to perfect the Old Fashioned , I had this really good one in London that is like insane and I’m trying to figure out how to make it just as good as that. So I’m working on that one but um, I love Pain Killers, uh cuz I love rum! So uh and you make it for the holidays you put like nutmeg in with it and it makes it more festive. It’s basically, it’s like a Piña colada but on the rocks. It’s like the best drink ever!

Alyssa: I bet that tastes really good actually! I’ll have to try that sometime! Give us your best pirate pick up line. And we have a little prop for you!

Riker: Oh very nice! Alrighty, um, I don’t know if I know any pirate pick up lines…Uh…

Alyssa: Need an example?

Riker: Uh yeah!

Alyssa: Okay, an example would be 'You can park your ship in my cove anytime.’

Riker: Ohhhh okay. *Laughs* Um, alright, not necessarily a pick up line but I saw a funny joke that was uh 'What’s a Pirates worse nightmare?’

Alyssa: What?

Riker: A shrunken chest with no booty. 

Alyssa: *Laughs*

Riker: Thank you very much!

Alyssa: There you go! Love it! 

Riker: That’s great thank you!

Alyssa: In your new song “Smile” running through the street naked to get a girls attention. 

Riker: Yes. 

Alyssa: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get a girls attention?

Riker: Umm…Oh gosh. Ummm that could be up there. Uh… trying to think of another one. Ummm… Ones going to come to me in just a minute, it’s gonna be good, hold on. Um, I mean, I guess writing song-It’s not necessarily crazy but it’s a very, uh, it’s like a very daring thing to do because you know if they don’t like the song that’s really awkward. Or if the song just sucks in general then you know… so that’s something where you’re really putting yourself out there and being very vulnerable and you’re sharing a little bit of a piece of you, you know for that person so that’s a little scary. I would classify that as crazy. 

Alyssa: Yeah Definitely. [And I can speak from experience with this one.] I have a round of rapid fire here for you, are you ready?

Riker: Okay, Ready!

Alyssa: Okay so here’s the first one: Where’s the rum?

Riker: Uh, it’s gone! 

Alyssa: Favorite Pirates of The Caribbean quote?

Riker: Um, he goes uh…it’s not really like a quote but he’s like 'we’re a lot alike you and I, I and you, us’. I don’t know why but I love that part!

Alyssa: That was great! So acting or dancing?

Riker: Acting!

Alyssa: Favorite swear word?

Riker: Umm. I mean, the F word is like, it just fits, it’s always so good you know? It always just so, it’s like the perfect length, it’s the perfect emphasis on the F, you know the 'Fff’. It’s probably my favorite. 

Alyssa: Captain America or Jack Sparrow?

Riker: Jack Sparrow. 

Alyssa: Drive to work or Ride to Work?

Riker: Ummm…Ride. I hate driving. I mean I don’t mind driving, I like my car a lot, but I’d much rather drive with somebody. 

Alyssa: Wrong Direction or One Direction?

Riker: *laughs* Wrong Direction! Whoo!

Alyssa: Last time you laughed so hard you cried?

Riker: Probably like 5 minutes ago! I just, for some reason it just happens to me, I laugh so-I laugh really hard all the time and I just- it just, it like, crying comes right out um…yeah. I’m sure it happened last night. We were, after the show,  we were all just in the hotel room just hanging out…definitely. 

Alyssa: That’s the best kind right?

Riker: Yeah!

Alyssa: So Shut Up And Dance With Me or Sleeping With A Friend?

Riker: Ooooo. Shut Up and Dance. It’s tough though. Sorry. I love them, I love both songs. It’s rapid fire!

Alyssa: High fives or hugs?

RIker: Ummm depends on the person.

Alyssa: Are narwhals really the unicorns of the sea?

Riker: *laughs* That was just the line I had for that TV show, so I don’t know. Probably though, I mean they do have [a] big huge horn….thing. So.

Alyssa: So before you go I have some surprises for you actually.

Riker: Sweet! I love surprises!

Alyssa: The first thing is, I know you said you lost your suitcase-

Riker: *laughs*

Alyssa: ..which was a joke, but we got you a little something so you wouldn’t quote have to go onstage naked.

Riker: Oh perfect! I can wear- 'Life Is a Beach Party’, I love that! I actually have a shot glass that has that saying on it. Thank you very much!

Alyssa: And the other thing is, this is for your birthday, we made a donation for Operation Christmas Child in your name. 

Riker: Oh my gosh! That’s amazing! Very very cool! Thank you very much! That’s nice of you!

Alyssa: You’re welcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with us!

Riker: Absolutely! No problem! It’s been great!You get a hug. You’re a hugger. 

Alyssa: Thanks. 

Riker: Thanks very much! This is cool. 

We called cut and let Riker go on his way but not before he gave us a final parting comment. 

Riker: That was like my favorite interview ever! Your questions were so much fun!

As we packed up Riker gathered up his gifts and got ready to leave, apologizing for not dropping the F bomb. “I wasn’t sure what the rating would be, if we were R rated I needed to be careful.” he teased before disappearing into the stage area for soundcheck. 

We can’t say thank you enough to Riker for taking the time to chat with us and for being such a fun interviewee! And the the wonderful person who set it up for us; you rock!

The first thing is my feelings. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and no matter how much I try to tug it off, it’s there for the whole world to see.

Number two is the word “sorry.” The word easily spills from my mouth like it’s the most bitter coffee. At the same time, I carry the word around my right wrist to keep me grounded.

Love is the third thing. It’s an invisible ring I wear on the ring finger of my right hand because putting it on my left hand will turn it into a forever, and I’m not ready for that yet. For now, I’m satisfied with whatever I’m getting from those I care about.

Number four is the question “why?” I’m typically never satisfied with just wearing answers to what, who, and where. So I keep numerous why’s around my left hand.

Lyrics are the fifth thing. They’re always wrapped around my head, constantly touching my ears with sweet words and memories.

Number six is my passion, whatever it may be on that day. What’s life without you being passionate about something? So I clothe myself in it, tugging it on my body as soon as I find it in my closet.

Books are the seventh thing - not the physical objects themselves, but the plot lines, the characters, the tragedies, and the triumphs. I tie them around my neck with the pendants as close as possible to my heart.

Number eight is a smile, whether it’s to hide a gnawing sadness or to enjoy the calming breeze. While most people put on makeup, I put on a smile because sometimes, it’s the only thing beautiful I see about myself.

Poetry is the ninth thing. I wear poetry like it’s my favorite sweater, even on a humid day. As much as it’s a comfort, it’s also a barrier to keep people from touching my skin and leaving marks.

The last thing is you. It’s actually the first thing that came to mind, but I’m a cliche and I save the best for last. Your name is repeatedly etched all over the insides of my skull that with almost every thought, fragments of you fall out with it. I also like keeping you in the pocket of my jeans, where I can occasionally hold onto and touch something beautiful when life is falling apart.

my 1st tattoo: who, sherlock and john? um. well it’s you know it’s a friendsh- i mean i d y know obviously way more has been made in the ether of that relationship than has even been put in the show. and the trouble is as soon as you start getting into a dialogue about that it sounds like you’re kind of ummm denying things or you know somehow being homophobic if you say they’re not actually fucking. dyknow what i mean. they’re not actually fucking. um. and it is possible (i think?) for people of the same sex to have a deep friendship without being attracted to each other. and the thing is people is attracted to each other in all sorts of ways yknow what i mean. it’s um. you don’t necessarily want to bone someone just because you love them! dyknow what i mean

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“Don’t yell at me.”

“I will yell at you if I fucking please, Derek Nurse!” Dex was fuming, and far from the mood necessary to deal with Nurse’s “chill” bullshit. He wanted answers.

“Okay,” Nursey said, still in a hushed tone, “but maybe we should leave the library before you do what you fucking please?”

Suddenly aware of his surroundings, Dex’s face went red for reasons other than anger. Every person within a 100 feet radius of them was staring, most looking extremely annoyed, but some looking intrigued as if they had been waiting all day to see some shit go down. Snatching Nurse’s wrist, Dex dragged him down two flights of stairs and into a custodian’s closet.

“Well this is cliche,” Nursey chirped with a smirk. “Is this little argument going to end in an aggressive makeout session? Because I’m totally down for that right now.” “Shut up. You aren’t getting out of this one, Derek.” Dex squirmed his way out of the arms that had found their way around his waist. “This is a serious issue!” He couldn’t believe that Nurse had thought so lightly of potentially dangerous situation. If people found out that he’s dating Nurse then he’d be put in a very prickly spotlight. “Did you or did you not tell the team about us?”

    “Will, listen to me,” Derek held his boyfriend’s face firmly in his hands and made sure he had eye contact before continuing. “Nothing bad is going to happen from people finding out. The team isn’t bothered by Bitty, and he’s gay!”

“I know, Derek, but–”

“Plus, this is Samwell! ‘One in four, maybe more,’ remember?” Nursey pressed a light kiss to his boyfriend’s nose. “And even if your family doesn’t understand at first, they’ll come around once they know it makes you happy.”

Dex couldn’t help but smile. Nurse was such a hopeless romantic, but as adorable as his worrying was, he was really blowing this all out of proportion. He really wasn’t worried about anything serious.

“If any douchebag gives you trouble, point him in my direction, babe. I’ll fight them all.”

Nursey had snaked his arms back around Dex’s waist, and leaned in to kiss him. Thank God, a way to get him to shut up already.

    “You still didn’t answer my question,” Dex persisted. “Did you tell the team that we’re dating?”

    “Um, I didn’t necessarily tell them. They guys kind of found the pocketbook I carry around for spur-of-the-moment poetry and, well,” Nursey trailed off.

    “They found out.” Dex muttered a few choice words under his breath.

    “Was keeping it secret that important to you?” Nursey looked a little hurt at this. Dex hated that puppy dog face, but found the ridiculousness of this whole situation hilarious. He chuckled a little bit and put his hands in Nursey’s back pockets.

    “It was a secret worth the $30 I bet Holster that you weren’t gay,” Dex smirked.

    “Oh,” Nursey laughed, quite relieved. “Well you can keep your money, then,” he said. When he saw the confusion on Dex’s face he added, “Boxes are stupid,” before kissing that dumb look off his frustratingly adorable boyfriend’s face.

thank you for the prompt!!
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“I’ve known Rob for years, and I’ve been a big fan of Rob’s. I really like the decisions he’s made. He’s used his celebrity in a very, very intelligent way. I’m always shocked that more people don’t use their celebrity in that way; To make sure that films they admire get off the ground. Um, I mean, this year he’s working with Werner Herzog and Anton Corbijn, and Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire, I mean a variety of really, really special people. Um, and not necessarily the usual suspects. Like, an agent says, ‘Hey I think this would be like a classic decision’, he’s really making decisions on his own.” ~Brady Corbet about Rob  #TheChildhoodofaLeader #RobertPattinson

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You are taking Olicity prompts?? Can I suggestion, Olicity stuck in a bedroom alone with no anyway + things got heated + they confess their feelings + Diggle/Detective Lance got them in action

(After writing this I realized you had specified that they were stuck in a bedroom. I’m sorry! And fair warning: SO MANY FEELS IN THIS ONE.)

“I don’t understand why you’re still trying,” Oliver sighed, picking at a piece of lint on his sweater. He watched as Felicity tried the door one more time, anchoring her foot against the wall. 

Thanks to an anonymous tip to SCPD about a bomb threat, Queen Consolidated’s employees evacuated the building in record time. However, thanks to Oliver’s dad’s security protocols, the CEO is supposed to be locked in a panic room built into the basement of the building. Felicity had been with him at the time, and the two were ushered into the panic room as quickly as possible. As it turns out, the entire event was a facade to try to break into the QC Applied Sciences department. Diggle, as head of Oliver’s security, was outside working with SCPD to get to the bottom of the ordeal. 

“I don’t understand why I had to get locked in here,” She muttered, banging her fist against the door. “Last time I checked, this panic room is for Queen Consolidated’s CEO. And I am not Queen Consolidated’s CEO.”

“Is it honestly that bad?” He smirked, folding his arms.

“Oh, no!” She turned quickly. He was sitting against the south wall, his legs stretched out in front of him. “I didn’t mean it like that, Oliver. If I was stuck in some heavily padded panic room, there’s no one I’d rather be trapped with than- Not that I’ve thought about being trapped in a panic room with you, it’s just - well, it wasn’t really a panic room that I imagined- Wow. Shutting up in three.. Two… One.”

She made a zipping motion with her hand across her lips, and even threw away an imaginary key. Oliver laughed and shook his head.

“The least my father could’ve done is put some games in here,” He muttered, looking into the plastic bin beside him.

“Or wifi,” She muttered.

“Let’s see, we’ve got cans of food, a can opener, some blankets, a flashlight, some water, some medical supplies… And that’s it. Nothing else,” He sighed. “Way to go, Dad.”

“Well, we could just… talk?”

“Talk about what?” He asked, tossing the items back into the bin.

“Um, I don’t know. How was your day?” She shrugged.

“Felicity, you handle my CEO schedule- you know exactly what my day’s like.”

“Fine. What about-”

“Are you still dating that Brody kid?” He cocked his head.

“Wow, that’s what you wanna talk about? Um, okay then. I wouldn’t necessarily say I was ‘dating’ him- Oh don’t you look at me that way!" 

He held up his hands defensively. “What way?”

"That-that eyebrow thing you do! You have no right to judge me, Oliver Queen. May I remind you of the one, two, three-” She began counting on her fingers then gave up. “Of the countless amount of girls you’ve slept with? And that’s only counting the ones I know about!”

“I didn’t mean to imply anything, Felicity. I was simply reacting to your dating of Brody, that’s all.”

“Yeah, okay,” She snorted, lowering herself down to sit opposite him. A moment later she muttered, “At least he means the things he says.”

“Excuse me?" 

"Nothing,” She shook her head. 

“No, please. Enlighten me.” He challenged.

“Oh, come off it, Oliver. You know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s been- what? Four months since we stopped Slade’s attack? And I get that you’re not the kind of person to talk about your feelings, but it’s been four months! Surely you realize you can’t just drop something like that to me and expect me to not have some sort of response to it.”

“You told me you’d understood,” He whispered, looking down. 

“And I did- I do! But I was expecting some kind of shift in our relationship. Not-not that we have that kind of a relationship. You know what I mean.”

"I’m sorry. Felicity, I-”

“Save it, Oliver. Okay? I don’t want you to talk about it now if I’m forcing you to talk about it.”

“You’re not. Just let me get this out,” He crossed the space between them and sighed as he took the seat beside her. “Felicity, you could always tell when I’m lying to you. It’s one of the things I quite enjoy, and at times kind of dislike, about you. That night, Sara told me that if I wanted to beat Slade - if I wanted to beat the unthinkable - then I had to have been willing to do the unthinkable. And at that moment, there was nothing more unthinkable for me to do than to knowingly put someone I care about in danger.”

“Why not Sara?”

“Because Slade already gave me a chance to choose Sara- back at the island. I had to choose between her and Shado, remember? I chose her, so Slade knew I already cared for her. That’s why he didn’t go after her in the first place.”

“Please, we both know it’s because Sara can take care of herself,” She snorted. “Even Laurel. They’re both stronger than me, Oliver. Admit it. We could’ve given Laurel the antidote and she could’ve stuck that stupid syringe into him herself." 

"Knowing Slade, he would have made me choose,” He explained. “The night he killed my mother? He made me choose between her and Thea. I-I couldn’t choose, Felicity, so my mother made the choice. And that’s when I realized he was going to make me choose again. His original plan was for me to choose between two of the things I care about: Laurel or the city. And remember? You were the one who told me to make him out-think me.”

“Oh, great. So this is my own fault,” She scoffed. 

“No, it’s not,” She looked down as he wrapped his hand around hers. “You made me realize that I could force Slade to change his plan, without him realizing what I was planning. So yes, at the mansion, I knew he was watching. And to be honest, I was hoping you’d give me an out and back out of the plan. When I told you to stay, I knew you wouldn’t give in without a reason. I know you, Felicity Smoak, and I know that you wouldn’t have stayed in that mansion just by my say so. You needed a reason.”

“So you gave me one,” She blinked.

“I did. I told you.. those words in hopes that Slade would have heard our conversation. I hoped that Slade realized his mistake of capturing the wrong woman, thereby realizing that he had to capture you too. I made him think that the choice he had to give me was going to be between you and Laurel. And I swear to you, Felicity, that it killed me inside to say those words to you because you didn’t deserve to find out that way. You deserve much better.”

“You lied to get him to fall for the trap. Okay. Are we done now?” She asked, a tear threatened at the corner of her eye.

“I didn’t lie!” Lifting a hand, he cupped her cheek. “Felicity. You’ve heard me lie. A laptop with bullet holes because my coffee shop is in a bad neighborhood? A sports drink in a syringe because I ran out of sports bottles? You saw through those lies the moment they left my mouth. I can’t lie, not to you. So I did what I had to in order for you to realize I wasn’t lying- I told you the truth.”


“No, stop. You waited four months for this conversation, right? Well here it is. It may have seemed like a lie, Felicity, but it wasn’t. I can never lie to you. I told you the truth that night, and it’s been killing me inside every day you think it was a lie. And once again, you’re right: I don’t talk about my feelings. I don’t like to. But somehow, with you, I can. But it’s the hardest damn thing I’ve ever had to do because it’s you that I’m talking to. You can tell when I’m lying and when I’m telling the truth, so the walls I’ve worked so hard at building up don’t exist when it comes to you. And what you said before? About Sara and Laurel being stronger than you? You couldn’t be more wrong. You’re the strongest person I know. You’re stronger than anyone, because you’re my weakness,” He took his other hand and cupped her other cheek, forcing her to look at him. “I did not lie to you that night, Felicity. I love you.”

The moment he said it her lips crashed against his. Tears were flowing down her face, her hair sticky on her cheeks. They fought for dominance, both neither caring who was winning. One hand was around his torso, pulling him closer, while the other cupped his face. One of his hands lowered to her waist, pulling her over him. 

She panted as he pulled her cardigan off, her own hands working to tug at his sweater. Once they were finally off and somewhere on the floor, she got to work on his button down shirt. His quick fingers tugged at her top, breaking their kiss to pull it off.

"Oliver,” She sighed, his lips nibbling on her neck. Oliver grunted as her fingers pulled his shirt off him, and he fought to remove the sleeves. He slowed, one hand returned to her cheek as he pulled her lips towards him.

A new fire ignited him. This wasn’t consumption, this was reveling. He didn’t want to consume her; he wanted to make it last. For months he’d been dreaming of what she would taste like- his imagination was nothing compared to her actual sweetness. He couldn’t ruin this- not this time. Not with her. 

“Felicity,” He whispered against her mouth. She pulled back, her hair plastered against her sweat- and tear-stricken face. 

“What?” She panted. “Why did you stop?”

“Because,” He grinned. “Because I- I had to. If we kept going, neither of us would have the strength to stop.”

“Who said I wanted to stop?”

He groaned internally at her words. Taking her hands in his, he kissed each of her knuckles.

“God, please don’t say words like that to me. Not right now. I have to have the strength to stop because you deserve better than this. You deserve better than a panic room at the basement of a building. You deserve to be lavished and loved and-and I want to give that to you. I have to give that to you.”

“No, what you have to do is keep kissing me.”

He laughed. A genuine laugh that hadn’t escaped his mouth in God knows how long. 

"Felicity, please. I want this. I want you. I’ve waiting so damn long for this, and I can’t ruin it. Not with you. I have to be good.”

She adjusted herself, leaning forward as she straddled him. He groaned again, then looked at her as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Can’t you be good after, like, ten more minutes? We don’t have to do anything… extreme. Just kiss. Ten minutes, Oliver, is all I ask. Please?” She pouted.

“You will be the death of me,” He groaned. 

“That wasn’t a no,” She smiled, crashing her lips against him again. He moaned in defeat, but in all honesty, it was more of a win. 

Suddenly, the metal door behind them clicked open. Oliver, who had been leaning against it, fell back in surprise.

“Oh my God!” Felicity shrieked, tucking her head in the crook of Oliver’s neck. He grabbed the closest thing to him- his shirt, apparently- and used it to cover up his now very exposed girlfriend. 

“Well, well. Look what we have here,” Quentin smirked. “So the entire Queen Consolidated building evacuates ‘cause of a bomb threat and you’re here making out with your assistant. Typical, Queen.”

“I, uh, I don’t think we’ll be needing your services anymore, Detective. Thank you,” Diggle said, fighting the smile on his lips. 

Detective Lance snorted before exiting the room.

“So is there, uh, anything you two care to share?” He asked, crossing his arms. 

“Not right now, no,” Felicity mumbled into Oliver’s bare chest. He sighed and stroked her hair. 

“I’ll let you two, uh, clean up. I’ll be outside,” Diggle gestured with his head. Before he exited the room, he shouted over his shoulder. “It’s about damn time! Tell Roy he owes his twenty bucks!”

anonymous asked:

Are there Christians who do not believe that the world was created ~6000 years ago? Is this actually stated in the Bible? :)

Um, I don’t necessarily believe that the earth is only 6,000 years old, or that each day of creation was only 24 hours long. The Bible does not state that explicitly. That number is an estimate based on the generations mentioned in the Bible in addition to time after it was written. 

As I’ve stated in the past, I believe that God created the Earth. I don’t presume to know how (or on what timeline) he did it. 

Drabble #12

For perplexistan‘s anon: Can you request the amazing Aloysia Virgata to write the fic in which Scully asks Mulder for help with IVF??????? I NEED THAT SCENE and I KNOW SHE WILL DO IT JUSTICE. Please!!!!


This is far longer than a drabble, but I am including it as part of this prompt series, so all the titles are staying sequential. Also, this is TERRIFYING TO POST. I am flinching, no lie. Please be gentle.


“Mulder, what I’m going to say, what I have to ask you…this is difficult for me. So please just…just let me get through it.” Her hands feel conspicuous, and she twists a rubber band.

Mulder’s on the couch, edgy, his worried expression sucking at her courage.

But she’s practiced in front of the mirror, in the shower, in the car. She’s unshakable. “As I said to you, I always thought that I would have a family of my own. And…um…my life…didn’t necessarily work out as I had expected. And I have…I am…in a place where, I believe, it is the right time for me to explore the idea of becoming a parent on my own.” Scully hears herself talking faster than she planned, sees that she snapped the rubber band.

He’s chewing his lip, hands clasped as he leans forward on his knees.

Scully tucks her hair behind her ears, aware that she is fidgeting, but the urge is desperate. “I have, my doctor and I, we found an egg donor. But obviously there has to be a sperm donor as well and he asked if, he said if I preferred-“ she falters here. It is essential to get this right.

She sits down in the chair across from him, their eyes level now. “Mulder, I am asking if you will be the sperm donor for this baby.” Scully wishes she had it in her to take his hands in hers, but she can’t, not when his eyes are so wide and her fingers have gone numb. “It’s not going to be my biological child. So it would mean a tremendous amount to me to have it share a connection to someone for whom I care so deeply, someone who means the wor-” she swallows, unable to continue. She blinks hard against her tears.

“Scully,” he says, something like reverence in his voice. “I am so-“

“No,” she says, rising. “Please, not now. Just take time to really think about what I’m asking.” She strides past him to the door, letting herself out.

In the hallway she feels a rush of joy, imagining a part of him to nurture, to make up for all he’s endured.