um... idk omg

Playlist for u

S- She don’t like the lights- Justin Bieber
T- Tumblr Girls- G-Eazy
A- Arabella- Arctic Monkeys
R- Really? Yeah!- Kyle
R- Ruin- Some Canadian kid
Y- You & Me- Merc E. Bassy, G-Eazy
N- No Pressure- Justin Bieber, Big Sean
I- I Wanna Go- Britney Spears
G- Good Girls- 5SOS
H- Honest- Who sings that? Sean Mendez… oh ok
T- That’s Life- Frank Sinatra
S- Shape of You- Ed Sheeran
H- Hero- Enrique Iglesias
A- Again- Fetty Wap
W- Wildfire- Demi Lovato
N- No Promises- Um… idk.. Who?



Fingers over dry, textured paper cracks skin in crisp white planes and corners. Unyielding lines slice through familiarity like a wound across the medium - shavings of graphite left in its wake, breaking identity into the page
I know who you are

Barry and Arin talking about my Widowmaker fired and missed parody during Suzy’s unboxing video??? I’m so so flattered and happy they liked it omg.