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some pure blue rose cub scouts content before s3 ruins our lives:

  • tiny 7 year old dale and tiny 7 year old albert, both in second grade. chet and sam are both one year older. tiny 6 year old tamara is their honorary girl cub scout and she basically just follows albert around like he’s her older brother. windom is like 12 or 13 and sometimes mean to the younger kids if he’s having a bad day. scoutmaster gordon with diane as coleader. 
  • dale being hyperactive and bouncy and excited because it’s his first night away from home camping and albert crying because it’s his first night away from home camping. older boy chet helping albert feel less homesick.
  • dale watching with super big eyes when Gordon teaches him how to make a fire. gordon was just going to have the younger kids help by collecting sticks for kindling but dale’s like “me me me I want to light it”
  • windom telling the second graders and tamara scary stories. gordon wakes up to the sound of the little kids crying in their tent and windom is in So Much Trouble
  • dale… holding hands with diane and walking down a trail, chattering away at her with literally every little thing that enters his seven year old head
  • “… um, and then diane, um, we went to the store, and my dad bought me ice cream, and then–.”
    “what kind of ice cream did you get?”
    “strawberry. [squirms] diane, I have to go to the bathroom.”
  • 7 year old dale seeing a rabbit or something and F R E A K I N G out
  • Gordon giving them piggy back rides. walking jungle gym gordon.
  • albert cries the most out of the bunch. albert having to sleep with his flashlight on in his sleeping bag. he is also very finicky and does not like getting dirty. 
  • windom making albert cry, maybe he pours dirt on him or something, and tamara pummeling him with tiny fists
  • one of dale and albert’s favorite games is to collect pinecones and arrange them by size. tamara copies them just because she likes to help and wants to hang out with them. 
  • sam also likes to arrange things so he probably joins them and then chet joins in too
  • Gordon leaving the kids with diane and then coming back an hour later after some errand and there’s this giant line of pinecones on the ground trailing into the trees, all arranged by size. who knows how far it goes. if windom’s around he probably kicks it and messes it up
  • dale’s most favorite activity is making dirt piles. lots of tiny dirt piles just all over the campsite. he sticks leaves and twigs into them to decorate them
  • Gordon asks him if they’re fairy towns and dale’s like “no I just like dirt piles.” dale asking Gordon to help him make his dirt piles and telling him where to put the twigs and things.

anonymous asked:

Im a huge fan of your writing, so i was wondering if you could write my dream, a meliodasxelizabeth story that basically takes place right after they leave to camelot and Elizabeth finds out shes pregnant with his child,and all the sins reactions. Something cute and funny that hits the heart. 💗

Okay, so I don’t know what happens in Camelot.  :(  Sorry.  BUT I think I can still fill the basic gist of this prompt without that info.  I will treat this as a “sometime in the future of their adventures” situation.  Hope that’s cool.

Also, I’m sticking with the main sins, Ban, Diane, and King.  I don’t want to get carried away with cast here.

This is long, but I’m nervous about using a read more.  Because on mobile they don’t always work, so sorry for the long post clutter on your dashes and in the tag.

**requests are closed.  Thank you for all the prompts!***

Elizabeth sat on the edge of the bed.  She had retreated from the general merriment of the others downstairs to the bedroom, claiming that she wasn’t feeling well.  She had quelled Meliodas’s attempt at chivalry to accompany her.  It was sweet and so like him, but she had assured him that she would be falling asleep more than likely and that he needn’t miss the fun on her account.

Which had been a very tiny lie.  She would not be falling asleep.  After the smell of his cooking had, for the twentieth time in a month, sent her insides rolling in protest she had come up first to get away from it.  From the smell.  From food.  Her fingers ghosted over her middle, her thoughts on a rampage as she sat in the silence and let the waves of nausea ease.

A month of his cooking turning her stomach like it never had.  A month and a half of occasional puking.  And she was two months late.  The evidence was stacking against her and Elizabeth had just needed…a moment.  To process.  Before she told him.  Before she told anyone.

Once the situation had settled in her mind, had dug it’s way into her brain as fact and real and happening, she felt a sputter of joy flare up amidst all the other questions and uncertainty.  She couldn’t help it, the smile rose to her lips unbidden, her breathing hiking as she leaned back on the mattress and settled her hands more firmly on her stomach. 

She let those pleasant thoughts take hold, overrule all other worry, and warm her down to her soul.  Pregnant.  She would be a mother.  A mom.  She wasn’t yet…married, but that was not as important to her as it should have been.  All she wanted in this moment was to be certain of the guy, to be certain in their future.  And she was absolutely positive about him.  A ring would only make official what already existed between her and Meliodas.  A technicality.  And in the light of such a potentially wonderful, amazing, beautiful discovery it was a technicality she could easily overlook.

Elizabeth sat up.  She would have to tell him.  She wanted to rush downstairs right at that moment, but Elizabeth was a sentimental creature.  She cherished moments and timing and the romantic in her wanted to tell him in a special way.  In a way that he would always remember.  The way she would always remember right here, right now. 

Over the next few days Elizabeth was walking on eggshells.  Jumping at every question he asked, every inquiry into her health after she inevitably threw up or had to practically run screaming from the presence of his cooking.  She had not figured out a way to tell him and it was beginning to worry her.  She didn’t want to carry all this joy alone, she wanted to share it.  With him more than anyone. 

Maybe she should forget a special declaration and just tell him.  She could whisper it in his ear while they tried to fall asleep.  She could answer his questions about her health directly instead of skirting the issue.  “Well, Sir Meliodas, I’m throwing up because I’m pregnant!

She blushed to her ears and hid more of her face behind her hair.  Gah!  Saying it out loud, even in her imagination, made her insides go haywire.  He noticed her blush and sent her that cocked head, raised eyebrow, unspoken question of “What’s up?”  She grinned into her fist and asked to be excused.

Outside, in the fresh air, she relaxed.  This was not going as planned.  She needed to think.  She wandered a bit, walking aimlessly toward the general direction of the town where they were currently set up and was not paying attention to her surroundings.  She was tugging on her hair and drawing her hand over her stomach, circling the exposed skin and cooing her thoughts to unborn ears.

“Um, sorry, but who exactly are you talking to?” 

Elizabeth gasped, spinning in place to see Diane.  Oh no!  She had not quite adjusted fully to the fact that Diane could be human sized and her sneak abilities had increased as a result. 

“D-diane.  Nothing.  No one.  I…was talking to myself.”

Diane put her hands on her hips, pursing her lips.  Clearly not believing her.  “Okay, but really, who were you talking to?”

“I, uh, um.  Diane, I…”  Then, all of a sudden, with the pressure of almost discovery upon her, the loneliness in carrying the knowledge, the desire for at least one other person to maybe offer her some ideas on how to tell Meliodas, Elizabeth blurted out her secret.  “I’m pregnant,” She wailed, though still careful to keep her voice quiet.  “And I don’t know how to tell him.  Please, Diane, I need your help.  I’m at such a loss for how to bring it up.  I want it to be a special moment.  I want him to remember it forever and, and….I just can’t think of anything.  I will simply burst if I keep it a secret much longer.”

Diane waited through the tirade with an even expression, allowing Elizabeth to rush through her garbled confession without interrupting.  Then she said, “Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  You’re pregnant?!?”

Elizabeth had tears rolling down her cheeks as she nodded.

Then Diane squealed until her frequency was undetectable by human ears.  Birds took flight from nearby trees in distress.  Diane clasped Elizabeth’s hands and wanted to crush her in a hug, but refrained and instead tenderly held out her hands over Elizabeth’s body. “I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe it.  I can’t–”  Another sound barrier reducing squeal.

“Diane, I need your help.  I need to tell Meliodas.  I just don’t know how.  I want it to be special.”

“Well, duh, obviously.  We need it to be perfect.  Hm.  That’s tricky, but we can come up with something.  If the two of us put our minds together.”  Diane danced around Elizabeth again, “I’m so excited.  I’m so excited.”

The giantess’s joy was an immense relief to all that pent up elation that Elizabeth had been hording.  She sighed, content that she had shared her secret.   Glad to no longer be alone in this.  And still brimming with jittery excitement about finally finding a way to tell him. 

The girls put their heads together over the next few days.  They met in arranged liaisons, working out how best to tell the unsuspecting Captain that he was about to be a father.  Diane was giddy with the anticipation of his face, of his reaction.  She kept speculating that he would faint.  Or that he would freak out.  She giggled, he was going to be such a boy about it, she couldn’t wait.

Elizabeth wasn’t sure how he would react.  She had imagined.  Oh, she had dreamed and fantasized and played it out over and over in her mind for the past week.  But honestly, she just wanted the real thing.  She just wanted to tell him.

“By the way,” Diane said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I really didn’t have a choice…I, um, recruited someone.”

“What?  Who?  Diane, you promised not to tell.”

“I know!  I know.  I didn’t tell…exactly.  He sort of just…found out.  It, uh, slipped.”  She grinned bashfully and then gestured to someone in the distance and all Elizabeth could think was please, not Ban.

“Hey, Elizabeth.  I guess, congratulations.”  King was bashful as ever as he stepped forward, averting his eyes and rubbing the back of his head.  “And Diane is telling the truth, she was mumbling in her sleep and, well, I overheard and then we talked and here I am.”

“You heard her in her sleep?”  Elizabeth asked, innocently.  Though, in hindsight, she should have known.  King blushed and Diane started twirling a pig-tail.  Then she quickly told them to never mind.  The awkwardness, thankfully, ended fairly soon after that.

“So.  You’re worried about telling the Captain, huh?”  King floated over, arms crossed.  “Understandable.”

“It’s not that I’m worried.”  Elizabeth said, “It’s that I want it to be special.  I know that he’ll be very happy and I want to make the effort for him.”

King cocked his head, that bored expression gracing his face.  “Forgive my bluntness here, but you sleep next to him every night.  Could you not find a moment there to just tell him?”

She blushed, then shook her head.  “I thought about it.  I just, that doesn’t feel special to me.  I was…Diane and I were considering making a nice evening of it.  She was going to help me clear out the Boar Hat and I’d cook and set up dinner.”

“That sounds good.  What’s the hold up?”

Elizabeth smiled, he could be so droll sometimes.  “It takes planning.  What to make, the ingredients.  The excuses to get everyone to leave for the night, but for Meliodas to stay.  I also wanted to leave hints all throughout the evening.  With baby themed foods.”

King sighed, though, Elizabeth had the feeling he was much more excited than he was letting on.  “I will help.”

“Thank you, King.  That is very thoughtful.”

He shrugged, staring over his shoulder.  “Don’t mention it.”

Diane went over to her and spoke behind her hand so that King wouldn’t hear, “Last night, he was practically crying.  Don’t let the act foul you.  He’s a sweetheart, even if he’s trying to act cool about it now.  Trust me, there were almost tears he was so excited.”

Elizabeth smiled, endeared to her two friends.  She was glad for the help, even if it meant including King sooner than she had intended.  First, it limited the obstacles.  Second, he proved to be the final piece to get their plan moving.  They had picked a day, a menu, he and Diane and shopped for the ingredients for her, and they were working on clearing Ban and Hawk from the Boar Hat without Meliodas noticing.

“Okay, okay.  Yikes, what’s got you all worked up?”  Ban said, after he had refused to move from where he was napping.  Diane had had to get…physical.

“What’s got me worked up, is your dumb self still sitting here when I told you to get up.  Now move it.”

Ban snorted, setting the rag back over his eyes to shield them from the light.  “Yeah, alright, Diane.  I’ll get right on that.  In like, an hour.”

Diane seethed, her hands settling on her hips.  “You are so lucky I’m trying to keep quiet right now.”

He grinned.  “Could have fooled me.”

“Ugh!”  She grabbed his ankle and hauled him forward with all her strength.

Ban went crashing to the floor, his head smacking the chair that had been his seat, and he bit his tongue.  Blood spurted from his mouth and he clapped hands over it.  “Ah!  Gah damn, Diane!  Wha the hell?”

“I said get up.  I need your help with something.  Urgent.  It can’t wait.”

He was pouting over his tongue, even as it healed and he used the rag to clean up the blood.  “Why would I help you after I nearly bite my tongue in half cause you can’t chill for two seconds?”

Diane rolled her eyes.  “You’ll help me because I will give you something in return.  Okay?”

He stopped scowling, intrigued.  “What is it?”

“Oh, just come on.  I’ll tell you once we’re far, far from here.”  She glanced at the clock on the wall and then back again.  Her foot tapping.  Ban watched her fidget and had not missed her glancing at the clock.  Now, at the very least, his interest was piqued.

“Alright there, Diane, I’ll help you out.”  He got up, stretching his muscles and yawning.  “Though, I want you to know it’s a great sacrifice to myself that I do so.”

“Oh, just come on.”

She started pulling on his hand, but he’d dug his heels in so she had drag him.  He must have found it amusing or something, judging by his smirk.  Except, it meant that Diane had missed her window to get him out of there by a few minutes.  So that while they were leaving, Elizabeth had already started set up in the dining room.

“Hey, Elizabeth.”  Ban waved with his free hand, still letting Diane haul him across the floor.  His boots creaked and groaned over the wood.  “What’s all this for?”

Diane gave Elizabeth a quick glance of apology.

He smirked.  “Oh, I get it, you want me out so you can romance the Captain.”  Ban smiled, “Lady, you could have just said so.”  He stopped resisting Diane and walked on his own.

“Wait, hold on.”  He stopped at the door, and both women gasped.  He stared at Elizabeth for a long time.  Brow furrowing.  He looked at the half set up table.  He sniffed at the scent of half cooked dinner.

“Whoa.  Hold on.”  He moved around Diane trying to shove him through the door.  Then he seemed to be connecting dots in his head.  Elizabeth fidgeted.

“Please, Sir Ban, don’t say anything.”

His face went slack, his jaw hanging.  Then he pulled himself together and walked forward.  Elizabeth braced for whatever was coming, but he simply put his large hand on her head and ruffled her hair affectionately.

“Congrats, Elizabeth.  It’s cool.  I’m not one to spill secrets that aren’t mine.  And Diane,” he glanced over his shoulder, “Nice subtly.”  Then he turned back to Elizabeth, his expression somewhat…genuine.  He lifted his hand off her head and lingered for a minute, words warring in his eyes, but then he stuffed his hands in his pockets and turned.  “I’ll just make myself scarce.  Don’t worry about it, Diane, you’re free to try and abduct Hawk instead.  He’ll have smelled the food and it won’t be easy to pry him away.”

Ban left the Boar Hat, leaving the two women with nothing to say to that reaction.  Diane shrugged and then set out to find Hawk.  King had been tasked with keeping the Captain occupied upstairs until the right moment, then King would leave and Meliodas would inevitably wander down to find Elizabeth’s surprise waiting.

The minor set-back of Ban finding out didn’t upset the plan too much.  Elizabeth got to work on the table while Diane extricated Hawk.  Then she saw King come down to check that she was ready before he disappeared, too.

Elizabeth was a bundle of nerves while she waited.  He was just upstairs.  The food was ready, the table set up, candles lit.  She had worn a special dress of pale blue, one that showed her shoulders and hug loosely over her stomach.  The menu she picked was as suggestive as she could get.  Baby carrots.  Baby baked potatoes.  Any baby themed food she could think of.  Then she had made a cake for dessert and written in the frosting was her announcement. 

Her heart jumped when she heard him on the stairs.  She felt a little sick.  This moment was happening.  Finally.

“Guys?  Hey,” he made it down the stairs enough to see her sitting alone, “Where is everyone?”

Elizabeth stood up and twirled her fingers together, moving to meet him at the bottom of the stairs while he started to take in the obviously set for two table and then sniffed at the prepared food waiting under lids on the bar.

“S-sir Meliodas, I was hoping you could, um, join me for dinner.”

Why was she so nervous?  She had not been this nervous around him in a long time.  And she had called him ‘sir’ another addition that she had not used since their relationship had progressed past such formalities. 

His green eyes, wide and sparkling, landed on her as his grin slowly grew.  Recognition sinking in, “Of course.  I’d love to.”  He took her hand gently, tucking it close to his side while he led her toward the table.  He even pulled out her chair and pushed it in for her, feigning a bit of over the top “fancy” when he called her “my lady.”

She smiled, her nerves easing naturally around him.  He sat down, taking everything in with excitement.

“Wow, you really went all out.”

“Yes, thank you, I wanted tonight to be perfect.”

Meliodas smirked, leaning toward her, “Every night with you is perfect.”

She shook her head, letting that blatant flattery ease the last of her nerves.  She served them their diner, the cake still covered and waiting on the bar.  Calling to her with all it’s potential.  She ate very quickly.

“So, you’re feeling better then?”

“Hm?  Oh, yes.”

“Good.  You had me worried, you know?  You were always getting sick.  I thought it might be something serious that you weren’t tell me.”

“Oh.  Well, I mean, I guess…about that…well, we can just talk about it later.  I do feel better tonight.”

He paused mid-bite, looking up at her.  “You’re bright red.  And, jeez Elizabeth, you inhaled your food.”

“Just hungry.”  She smiled, waving away his concern.  Except, now he was suspicious.  He leaned back, crossing his arms and studying her.

“Something’s up.  You’re not telling me something.”

“Well, I…”

He sighed, “Okay.  Okay.  I know.  You’ll…tell me when you’re ready.  Or, that’s what I keep telling myself.  I mean, I’m still worried.  But I trust you.  If you were sick…you’d tell me.” 

Elizabeth froze, not expecting him to suddenly turn so somber.  He looked almost hurt, the concern still making him tense.  And suddenly, she realized that she had been hesitating on purpose.  She was still scared, too.  She was still not sure about any of this.  Being a mother was huge.  Colossal.  It would change everything.  And as excited as she was, she was also terrified. 

“Meliodas, I made dessert.  I think we should have some now.”

Though he was doing his best to hide it, he was clearly a mess.  That bright, vibrant green of his eyes wavered with his concern, with dread.  He replied with less than his usual grin, but he tried for her.  And Elizabeth stood up and retrieved her cake. 

He was staring at his plate while she walked back to their table.  His shoulders falling.  She honestly hated that she had caused him so much grief, but it was also incredibly adorable.  Because she knew his concern was unfounded.  At least, that she was sick. 

“Here, why don’t you cut the first piece.”  She passed over the knife, but he wasn’t looking at her cake.  He took the offered knife halfheartedly.  He sighed, cutting into it without really looking.  Elizabeth just sat down and waited.  Watching him with a patient smile while he cut a piece.  Oblivious.

He sighed again, passing her a plate, his eyes flickering toward the cake finally, and then away. 

Elizabeth took her piece and picked up her fork.  Wait for it.

She looked up after taking a bite, where he was reading the words she’d made in icing.  His gaze darting back and forth, reading and rereading and rereading again.  His jaw was slack and when he looked up, she was surprised to find tears misting that brilliant green.

“Wait.  This was all…and you were sick…because…”

“Surprise.”  She said, watching him get up as if entranced and cross the table and fall down into her lap, hugging her middle.  She threaded her fingers through his hair, soothing him while his breathing hitched and his shoulders shook with laughter.

When he looked up, tears brimming his eyes and a grin so wide it lit his features, he put two hands on her cheeks and kissed her, firm and tender, with a bit of over-excited slipping in as he dipped her head back, breaking the kiss to press his forehead into hers.  He was laughing again, and he started to speak, but then stopped and just kissed her again.

Elizabeth eased him back with her hands on his shoulders, winded from all the attention, and she was crying.  He was crying.  Their lips and cheeks were soaked in each other’s joy.  “I…I’m sorry I waited.  I just wanted it to be perfect.”

He wouldn’t take his hands off her, nor move from being as close as she allowed.  He had pressed himself against her despite her position and the chair, and his fingers caressed her cheeks.  “I just can’t believe it.”

“I know.  Me either.”

“Elizabeth, I love you.”

“I love you, too.”  She nuzzled into him, finally, the burden of not telling him had lifted.  She felt lighter, happier even than she had been before.

He was still grinning at her, nudging her nose with his as he said, “To be honest, I will probably be a complete mess in the morning.  I just can’t be worried right now, I’m too happy.”

“I know how you feel.”

When he finally released her, he moved his chair so that they could twine their legs together under the table while they ate their cake.  Then he carried her–he insisted and would not be dissuaded–up to their room where he still refused to stop touching her until she had to pry him off so that she could change out of her dress for bed.  He had rushed through getting undressed and redressed in night clothes, then waited ready to spring as soon as she gave the okay.  Shaking her head, Elizabeth finished dressing and then said she was ready.

He, very gently because precious cargo, worked his arms around her and snuggled her into the covers.  She was giggling as they fussed over the blankets and getting their pillows in order while he refused to untangle his arms from her.  When they were finally comfortable, laying in each other’s arms, and staring up at their ceiling they whispered back and forth, unable to quell their excitement. 

They would worry tomorrow.  They would figure out clothes, toys, where this baby would live, what would happen to their traveling, and all the ways their lives were about to change tomorrow.  Tonight was for hugging, giggling, sighs of ‘I hope they like me’ and speculation over boys or girls and way more ‘I love you’s’ than they’d ever exchanged in a single evening.  And in the morning, things wouldn’t be nearly as scary now that they could face this together.

*tiptoes in* *leaves more robot!Elsa for the pleasure and joy of my people* *tiptoes out*

She was an early Christmas gift, or so her father said. He arrived one morning after a trip, with two men behind him carrying her in a box.

“It will keep you company during school break,” he explained.

“What is it?”

“One of the new robots, you know, the androids. The ones that can do everything for you. They’re high technology, the latest from Japan. It can help you with your homework. Not that you need any help, my smart girl,” he patted her cheek. “It cost a fortune, so be careful. All the instructions are in that booklet.”

Anna’s father opened the box and removed all the bubble wrap. She was there, lying completely still. It reminded Anna of a coffin, that large box and a lifeless girl with her arms to the sides and her eyes closed.

“It looks good,” said Anna’s mother. “What’s its name?”

“It doesn’t have a name. We name it however we want.”

Anna looked up. “Don’t say ‘it’. She’s a girl.”

“Anna, it’s a robot.”

“So how does it work?” her mother asked.

“It charges with solar power. The guy told me that it has a full charge now. Once we turn it on we can fix its settings and program its chores. Apparently they will do absolutely anything you want them to do. Well,” he clapped his hands. “I have a meeting to attend. I leave it with you, Anna. Explore and have fun.”

Anna was left alone with the robot girl. She took her carefully out of the box and admired her. She looked just like a doll, with impeccable smooth skin and silky hair. She was so peaceful, and so pretty…

After a lot of fumbling with the buttons on the nape of her neck, Anna managed to turn the robot on. It made no sound, there were no twinkling lights or automaton voices anywhere. Anna waited. And then, she opened her eyes and stirred.

Anna jumped back, a little surprised. The android girl began moving experimentally, first the head, then the hands, then the legs. Her movements were fluid, not at all machine-like but absolutely human. She looked around and finally her gaze found Anna. The blue of her glass eyes was startling.

“Hi,” she said.

“Um, hi…”

The girl’s voice was husky, velvety. Anna had never heard anything so soft. The android looked around again.

“I’m sorry, this must all be so confusing.”

“No, it’s fine. I’m your android, right?”

“Yeah. I mean, when you say it like that… You’re not like just a robot, I mean, you are an android, but not some android . And you’re not my android, or our android, well, my dad did buy you, but I don’t want you to feel like property. Does any of that make sense?”

The girl smiled. “Yes, it does. Thank you. May I ask your name?”

“I’m Anna. What’s yours?”

“I’m…” she stopped. “Well, I’m not sure I know. I don’t think I have a name. I think you’re supposed to choose it, so that it’s definitely something you like. You decide everything.”

“Really? Well, then we have to think about it, really think about it. I want you to like it, too, after all it’s your name.”

But first they had to configure her settings. According to the android girl there wasn’t much Anna could work on at the moment because most of her functions developed with use, as she interacted with Anna and her family and learned about their needs. Eventually, she would be customized to the smallest detail.

In the meantime, Anna grabbed her laptop and sat with the girl on the sofa to look up potential names for her.

“What about Julia? Or Diane?”


“Ok, let’s keep looking. Jessa? Caroline?”

“Maybe we should check another website.”

“Elsa,” said Anna suddenly.

“Where’s that one?”

“No, it’s not here. It just occurred to me. You look like a younger version of that Baroness from The Sound of Music.

“Elsa…” the girl repeated. “Elsa… I like it. I really do like it a lot.”

“Done, then. Welcome to the family, Elsa.”


“Elsa! Elsa!”

Anna ran out of the house, to the garden. But no matter how loud she called, Elsa wouldn’t answer and she was nowhere to be seen. Anna continued running around until she spotted the bright sliver head under a tree.

“Elsa, there you are!”

“Go away, Anna,” Elsa murmured. She was sitting on the grass, hugging her knees, and didn’t even look at her.

“Elsa, please, we need to talk. What just happened was beautiful, it really was, and you know it. If you felt half of what I felt you know it was really something.”

“Please,” Elsa whimpered, and hid her face. “Don’t.”

“No, you don’t, Elsa.” Anna knelt beside her. “Look at me. Look at me! You kissed me. And I kissed you back. And it was the single most perfect thing that has ever happened to me. Don’t you feel what I feel?”

Elsa exploded. “I’m not allowed to feel! I shouldn’t feel! This shouldn’t be happening! I wasn’t supposed to- God…” Elsa’s body began to shake. It was not in her design to cry, and the dry sobs were even more painful for Anna to watch. She desperately tried to find something to say that would soothe her.

“Elsa, what’s there to worry about? What could they possibly say against us?”

“Don’t you see, Anna?” Elsa cried. “It’s not about them, it’s about us, about me. I’m an android! I’m a machine, a robot! I don’t have anything to offer you! You’re human, you will live on, keep growing, exist. I’m nothing. I only have half a body. If you opened me up you would only find wires and circuits. I don’t have a heart. I cannot give you children. You deserve much more than half a woman, Anna.”

“You are not half a woman. You’re everything I could possibly want or need. I want your smile, your voice, your touch, more kisses. Don’t you feel the same way?”

“I don’t know,” whispered Elsa. “I don’t know how much of me is what you have put into my system, and how much is this stupid software, and how much is this… this thing, this curse, that won’t let me stop thinking about you. I don’t know who I am anymore, if I’m someone or simply something.”

“You are someone. You’re the most extraordinary girl I have ever met.”

“But what if that’s not me at all? What if you have shaped me to your liking and I’m only responding to your own settings? What if you subconsciously programmed me to act like this and none of the things I do are truly my own? What if by myself I’m nothing?”

Anna realized Elsa’s crisis was about much more than a kiss. What could she do to help someone who questioned their very existence, who didn’t know if anything they were was actually real?

“Alright, Elsa, I’ll show you.” She grabbed Elsa’s wrist, the one she knew had all her controls, and spoke into it as she stared into the android’s eyes. “I’m going to kiss you. And I want you to push me away and slap me, and tell me I should never touch you again, and walk back into the house. Do it. I own you and that’s my command.”

With that, Anna took Elsa by the shoulders and crashed her mouth against hers. One of her hands cradled her head to hold her in place. Elsa began to twitch in her arms, struggling to free herself. At the same time, she moaned quietly and parted her lips to receive Anna. The redhead insisted. Elsa put her hands on Anna’s waist to try and push her off, but also grabbed a fistful of her shirt and pulled her closer. Her body seemed to convulsion as the machine’s command and the girl’s feelings fought inside her. Anna kept kissing her. And then Elsa was kissing her back, and one hand cupped her cheek while the other stroked her torso, kissing her softly and passionately and perfectly.

They fell onto the grass, with Anna on top. She gave Elsa one more kiss on the mouth and then left a trail of little touches down her neck.

“Anna…” Elsa sighed softly.

She began to laugh. The robot was caught in a fit of giggles. Laughter that was so pretty and musical and clean that it had to be hers, and hers only. Anna rested her head on Elsa’s stomach and laughed with her.

“So,” she said, tracing patterns over Elsa’s ribs, “have I convinced you now?”

“Maybe,” teased Elsa, stroking Anna’s hair.




“I love you.”

Anna smiled, and leaned forward to give Elsa a peck on the lips.

“I love you too.”