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Harry Styles being interviewed but every time he says “um” it gets faster


I think Chris creates these worlds around you were you don’t really feel like you have to act that much. He makes it really instinctive…He makes it easy for you to just be very much immersed in it. One of them I don’t think was in. I think it’s just… he makes this world where you kinda react so naturally to something. Um yea, I used them up unfortunately. 

You’re Behind The Wheel

Ares and Aphrodite

Inspired by Behind The Wheel by Depeche Mode

It was very rare indeed that Ares ever handed himself on a plate, completely vulnerable and powerless. His biggest, most ruthless battle was the battle between him and the goddess of love, who was currently over him pressing harsh nips down the column of his throat.

He laid on the satin bed, his eyes closing in bliss as Aphrodite knotted his wrists to the wooden post of the bed. He breathed heavily as she kissed over the freckles on his jaw, feeling her press her body down to his.

“What do you want me to do?” Y/N spoke softly, her hand trailing lightly down his chest. The sensation just barely tickled, causing Harry to arch his back with a breath of stutter.

“Do what you want, I don’t care.”

Aphrodite sighed as she untied the small bow on her robe, leaving just enough time for Harry to catch a peak of her naked body before she turned around and off the bed. She tossed the garment to the side, pulling her hair to the side as she turned around and climbed back onto where Ares lay.

“You don’t care?” She laughed fondly. “What if I blindfolded you and then left? Got you all worked up and on the verge of exploding and just left?”

“Do everything to me.” He muttered, his pre-orgasm lust filled eyes twinged with humor,  not sure if she was indeed teasing or serious.

“Your cheeks are so red. Are you nervous?” She teased, cupping his jaw and stroking her thumb across the apples of his cheekbones.

He grunted, twisting his legs through hers and pressing his thigh against where she ached for him. It was only a half attempt to encourage her to touch him, one that she tightened her grip on his jaw for as he winced in pleasure.

I’m in charge; I’m behind the wheel. Do I have to tie your legs down too?”

“No.” Harry slurred, his eyes glossy at the sight of her above him.

Aphrodite raised her eyebrow as she leaned down and fingered over his hips, scratching down the v shaped muscles down to his hard, heavy cock. The tip was as ruby red as his cheeks were, as leaky as his eyes were the last time after hours of his cries and begging.

“It hurts.” Ares groaned, thrusting upwards into her hands.

“I know it does. What are you going to do to earn it?”

Harry shook his head, groaning as she teased and brushed her fingers over the tip. He tugged on his wrist restraints in anger.

“I’ll do anything.”

Y/N tutted, leaning back and laughing as Harry growled. He felt so cheap from his begging and pleading, the slow burn of his hanging arms only reminding him that he couldn’t even do anything about it.


Aphrodite rolled her eyes, leaning down and kissing random spots on his stomach. She watched as he moved and breathed heavily, his chest expanding and stuttering.

“Don’t be dramatic. You’ve fought in wars where death followed in each step you took yet you never surrendered. What’s so different about this?”

Ares shook his head. “The difference is that I’ve surrendered to you decades ago, my love. If I were to die this would be the sweetest death any man, mortal or not could ask for.”

Y/N crawled up his body, kissing him squarely on the mouth as she adjusted his cock, lining him up as she sunk down to the hilt. The feeling was euphoric, all the heightened sensations of lust and pleasure and dare say love swirling around each other.

“Take me.” Harry groaned, grinding his hips into her pubic bone.

Aphrodite leaned down, holding onto his wrists as she met his thrusts, tiny uh’s leaving his mouth as he watched himself slide in and out of her. She slowed as she leaned over his body, feeling him follow her and seizing her mouth with his in deep, hungry kisses.

Ares breathed in deeply, the room smelling entirely of sex and sweat as the coil in his belly tightened. In a world where everyone followed every war laced word he spat, every direction he ordered, it felt paradisal for the tables to be turned. He felt every grunt and gasp escaping her chest as she bounced on top of him.

“Please, oh…” Harry groaned. “I’m going to —…”

“Hold it.” Y/N ordered, deepening her pace as Harry whined, swearing to God as his legs jerked and twitched under her.

Ares nodded feverishly, wanting to do anything and everything to please his lover. Every nerve was been rubbed raw as he held his release, the veins in his neck bulging as he clenched his whole body. He groaned in bliss as she clamped down on him,  unable to hold any longer as she milked him for all he was worth.

Y/N leans above him and unties the silk holding his hands to bedpost, rubbing over the sore spots as sighs in content. Harry’s arms circle over her naked back, hugging her to him and burying his head into her neck.

“I like how I’m not always the one rather in charge.” He mutters, feeling himself gradually soften in her.

“I like it better when you are in charge.. You do it better.” She admits with a soft smile, thumbing over the blooming hickey marks on his neck.

“I do it better.” He echoes with a hearty laugh, rubbing his arms down her soft back. “My sweet, little girl.”

Ever Since New York From Another Room
Harry Styles
Ever Since New York From Another Room

what esny would sound like if you lived next door to someone that just went through a break up from a relationship that lasted two months tops but still hit them hard.

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