um. no

It always strikes me as vaguely funny when there are those parts in books where the person who wears ill-fitting clothes takes them off or wears something more fitting/tailored and suddenly the story waxes poetic on the glory of their body. I vote for super big comfy soft loose stuff, though. Honestly if a shirt never touched my armpits again in my entire life, I’d die happy. Also I like the idea of draping my various lumps in mystery. I feel like the collective literary world is missing out on a grand opportunity. Can we please glorify draping our lumps in mystery?

Equilíbrio © Danilo Cunha aka Um Pouco Mais de Iso

calendiles day fic links

@angelandfaith inquired about the calendiles day fics being on ao3 this morning, so here’s a masterpost of sorts now that i’ve put some up!!

missing (the angsty one)

conscious choices (the one told through emails & phone calls)

mermaid magic (the mermaid jenny au!!!!!)

grand romantic gestures (possibly one of the best fics i’ve ever written)

anonymous asked:

Maddie Maddie it's Spouse #4 here! I just wanted to tell you that I met this most amazing girl?? She's so perfect? Her smile is so beautiful and I just stare at her creepily from behind my laptop at lectures!! Is it okay to tell someone you want to get married and be wives the first time you talk to them or no. I'm suFFERING SHES SO PRETTY AND I CANT HELP IT

AWWWWW you should try and talk to her!!!!!! Don’t just admire from afar, you gotta make that move anon ;)) Let me know what happens!!!

I totally know what you mean though haha,,, this is all too relatable. There’s a girl in my Econ class who is unbelievably gorgeous and at prom I literally dropped my phone on the ground when I saw her because…. you would….. not believe……………. would not…. believe……………