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hey i see that u like fake married fanfics... have any good spirk recs?? ive only ever read one fake married one and i want more

I WANT MORE, TOO!!! I haven’t found nearly enough to satisfy my literally insatiable desire for fake relationship stories, but by god I will share with you the ones I have! (I only started keeping track of the fic I read fairly recently, so I’ve read others that I don’t know if I’ll ever find again, but here are some quality pieces that I have saved/was able to find without too much difficulty):

The Marrying Kind by @spicyshimmy: (Kirk/Spock, AOS) I think I read this one in a single day, haha! It was fun and engaging and SPOCK was so JEALOUS. And the characterization (esp. of Spock) was fabulous. I was actually thinking about this one a few days ago because it was probably one of (if not) the best-constructed fake-married Space Husbands fic I’ve read! Also A+ sexual tension which is always a fave.

I Just Met You and This is Crazy by @luck-and-miracles: (Kirk/Spock, AOS) This one was SO SWEET. CLASSIC fake relationship, lots of Jim bonding with Spock’s family WHICH IS MY SHIT. And the ending is just so CUTE? It feels like a romcom with a touch of angst and I really enjoyed it.

Taste Test by @noodleinabarrel: (Kirk/Spock, AOS) No fake married rec list is complete without this one. In this, they’re in a relationship but pretending to be engaged and it is SO FLUFFY AND LOVELY?? This fic is like…. my happy place. And there’s more to the series after this so remember to read on! (and also read everything noodle writes because, um, perfection).

(AND OH MY GOD apparently I forgot to subscribe to this next one, but they updated recently and I think about it all the time? So thank you, anon, for making me go look for it!)

Threaded by ceruleansmile: (K/S, AOS) In this one, Spock accidentally beams Jim onto Vulcan and has to smuggle him around and of course passing him off as his bondmate is the most logical thing to do (!!!!!!) and I know it’s a WiP but give it a chance! Even if they never update again, it sets up a really great happy thought for you to finish in your imagination!

So sadly sadly sadly that is the end of the ones that I have saved!!! I’ve read more over the years that I remember enjoying, but unfortunately any details have pretty much bled out of my brain at this point. If anyone has any more, feel free to add to this list! (I AM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MORE FAKE-MARRIED FICS)

Jughead Jones x Reader: Relationship Status


Can I request a Jughead x reader where they are dating and just haven’t told anyone but they always hold hands/other cute couple stuff. And Veronica (or anyone else in the group) asks if they’re dating with one of them (Jug or the reader) replying with something like “We are? Why didn’t you tell me?”


A/N: This one was bit cute to write so I hope you guys enjoy it.  Going through a bit of writers block at the moment so I hope you guys like it and it’s not too crappy and that the requestor is happy about it.

Words: 1407

Summary: You and Jug have been friends all your lives and you start dating but don’t tell your friends because of recent events in Riverdale. Veronica wants you guys to date so bad not knowing you guys are.

Spoilers: Veronica is bisexual in this imagine.

Warnings: N/A

You and Jughead had been inseparable since as long as you could remember. The days you guys weren’t together were slim to none.

As you grew older you realized you had feelings for the beanie obsessed writer. You guys were too close for him not feel the same.

It was a troubled day when you chose you were going to talk to him about how you felt about him. The nerves occupied your body as you made your way to the park to see him.

This is the day you repeated to yourself all the way.

It was like the world knew you were destined for each other because that memorable day Jughead had set up a picnic. Which made you question what was going on because other than you, his laptop was his other most loyal companion. He never let it out of his sight and he told you to meet him up because he wanted you to see what he was writing.

Turned out Jughead felt the same way and you guys started dating ever since, but you guys never got to tell any of your friends with all the mayhem that resided in Riverdale.

A lost soul, the murder of Jason Blossom on July 11th as the coroner stated after his body was found in the now vacant Sweetwater River.

You both had talked about telling them after the funeral but that just seemed selfish, but you guys were always linked to each other so maybe it didn’t make a difference. The only change now is that you guys kiss although Jug is not big on PDA, so you only ever held hands and hugged, the usual.


Jughead found a new topic to write about, Jason. You and Betty helped out find justice for the red-haired boy who left the world too quickly.

Jughead was sitting with you in his usual booth at Pops as he wrote and you talked about the murder case and anything that came to mind. You both always seemed to be in your own bubble. When you were together it was as if you were in your own parallel universe.

In the other side of the diner was Betty and Veronica chatting away while enjoying a strawberry and chocolate milkshakes with fries.

“So those two, what’s their deal?” Veronica added to their conversation.

“Honestly we don’t know, they look completely in love with other” Betty chimed in as Kevin came in and sat with them.

“What’s up? What’s the topic?” he spoke

“(Y/N) and Jug” Betty answered

“Ah the Lovers” Kevin chimed in as he ordered his food

“So you think there is something there too” Veronica cheered

“Oh please you’d have to be oblivious to not see the sparks and lighting bolts around them” Kevin continued.

“They have been inseparable since as long as we can remember, she’s the only one that has ever worn his beanie” Betty noted as Veronicas jaw dropped.

“What?! But he doesn’t even take that thing off, I swear he showers with it” the raven haired girl chuckled as Archie was coming into the diner.

“Arch” Betty motioned to the ginger to sit with them.

“Hey, what’s up I was going to talk to Jug” he declared.

“And ruin their moment” the blond spoke motioning to you and Jughead sitting on the same side of the booth giggling away and Arch just smiled.

“I swear I don’t know why they just don’t date they’re-, uh- what’s the word?” Arch added sitting next to Veronica.

“In love” Veronica giggled.

“Smitten” Betty cooed as she rested her head on her hand.

“Yes that one Bets, smitten” Arch blurted and they laughed but that still didn’t compare to the laughs that were radiating from the other side of the diner coming from you and Jughead.

“Honestly what are we going to do about them?” Veronica questioned.

“What do you mean?” Kevin asked.

“We have to get them together” Veronica confessed.

“Oh no” Betty admitted

“Why not?” Veronica added

“You are so new Ron” Kevin announced

“Jug and (Y/N) don’t like people meddling in their lives” Arch concluded.

“Well then we don’t push them together, but we can show them that there is other opportunities” Veronica stayed on topic as the others gave her puzzled looks.

“Well you guys said not to push them, so I’ll give them a little nudge” she continued.

“What nudge?” Betty asked with a smile.

“We get someone to ask them on a date, someone for Jughead and someone for (Y/N)” Veronica argued.

“Doubt it will work” Arch spoke as he took a bite of his burger.

“Yeah what if they say no to those people” Betty gave a small smile.

“Plus who were you going to get to ask them out? No one would dare separate those two” Kevin assured.

“Me and Arch” Veronica stated confidently and Archie choked on his soda.

“Hell no! Jug would kill me, she’s off limits” Archie said as he recovered then gave an expression that showed he had said too much.

“What do you mean off limits Andrews?” Veronica broke the silence.

“No nothing, I uh- I just meant she’s Jug’s best friend” he tried to rescue himself.

“No no, tell us what you know” Kevin declared as him and the girls gave him a devilish smirk.

“Will you look at the time, I have got to go” Archie decided about to stand up and veronica grabbed his wrist and pulled him back down.

“Spill it Andrews” She commanded.

“Jug uh- he’s gonna hate me” Archie said as he scratched his neck “he- uh- he’s got a thing for (Y/N) since like forever, he talks about her constantly and one time I told him if he didn’t do something I would ask her out just playing around and he literally made me swear to leave it alone and she was his if it ever happens. You cannot tell a soul about this if Jug finds out he’ll never talk to me again and (Y/N) well I don’t know how she’ll react” he confessed as they all had smiles plastered on their faces.

“Oh we have got to do something now, he likes her and she is obviously head over heels for him” Veronica cheered.

“But what? If it goes wrong they’re gonna hate us” Betty took a sip of her milkshake.

“Count me out, me and Jug are finally talking again” Archie declared.

“Sorry gay” Kevin spoke as Veronica turned to him and they chuckled once again.

“You could ask out Jug and I ask her out” Veronica smirked.

“Oh honey no, Jug’s cute but not my type. You could totally ask out (Y/N) though you bisexual queen” Kevin smiled and Veronica giggled.

So the group made their way to the other side of the diner to see what would unravel.

“Hey guys” you spoke as you saw them sit down with you and Jug.

“What’s with the grins?” you asked them confused as to what they wanted.

“Um (Y/N)” Veronica spoke as she took your hand and you gave her a puzzled look and Jughead gave the same look.

“What are you doing?” you asked Veronica as Jughead placed his arm around you.

“(Y/N) um- Will you- um- uh, Oh my god! I can’t!” Veronica pleaded and everyone except you and Jughead started laughing and you turned to Jughead and them so oblivious to what was going on.

“Can’t what?” you decided you wanted some answers as you laid your head on Jughead’s shoulder.

“Ron was gonna fake ask you out” Kevin retorted as Veronica stared at him with wide eyes.

“What?!” you questioned as she gave you a small smile.

“I just wanted to see your reaction, everyone says you and Jughead are two peas in a pod and I see it too, but ugh- I- I just want you guys to date. You guys would be my otp” Veronica rambled.

“I could’ve sworn we were going out though” Jughead stated as he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead and you smiled as the whole table gasped, shocked expressions plastered on their faces.

“Go Juggie” Archie encouraged as he motioned to Jughead for a high five.

“Oh my, Yes” Kevin cheered.

“Congrats (Y/N), you guys are so amazing together” Betty smiled.

“Happy now Ron” you implied to a still shocked raven haired girl.

“Best day in Riverdale so far” Veronica exulted.

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Bad Part of Town (TG/AP/RC)

Mark was ecstatic. He had never been to a baseball game, and his father had finally made good on his promise to take Mark into the city to see his first game. In fact, this trip was going to be Mark’s first visit to the big city. He had heard stories about what the city was like, some good and some bad, but they all got him excited for his first big trip to the city. They left for the city a little later than they wanted to and ended up hitting a traffic jam on the way in. Unfortunately, this meant that all the good parking was taken by the time they arrived. They had to park a few blocks away in a private lot, much to his father’s disdain. The lot was in a relatively dangerous part of town, but it was cheap, so the two just decided to get in and out of the baseball stadium as fast as possible.

“Okay, Mark, this part of town is a little sketchy, so just stay close to me and don’t talk to anyone,” his father said. Mark nodded as they parked the car and decided to take a shortcut through some alleyways that led straight to the baseball stadium. As they were walking, Mark overheard a man in baggy clothing shouting something at his father, trying to get his attention.

“Hey, my man, you lookin for a good time? You drop your kid off at the game and come back here, I’ve got some girls in here that’ll get you off in ways you can’t even imagine.”

Mark’s father just ignored him and ushered Mark down the alley faster.

“Don’t listen to him, Mark. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“Yo, man, you’ll be back here. I guarantee it,” the man said with a slimy grin. The two walked faster until they were out of earshot of the sketchy looking man. They were about a block away from the stadium when Mark noticed a pearl bracelet laying on the ground. He bent over and picked it up, staring at the shiny white pearls and thinking that it would make a good gift for his mother. His father didn’t slow down enough for him to put it in his backpack, so he slipped it on his wrist and was about to catch up with his dad. As it slipped over his hand, however, he immediately felt it begin to tighten and send pulses of energy through his body. With a sudden yelp of pain, Mark shot upwards and grew to a mature new height of 5’6. His bones snapped and popped into place as his skeleton shifted, leaving him looking mature, if a bit feminine. His father turned around to tell Mark to keep up, but was taken aback by the sight of his son’s new height.

“Daddy, what’s happening to- AH!” Mark screamed as his bones continued to shift. His hips flared out while his shoulders caved slightly inwards, giving him a feminine hourglass figure. His father ran over to him, but was unable to do anything. He felt completely helpless as his son transformed before his very eyes. Mark looked at the bracelet on his wrist as dark skin began to spread across his body, stemming from where the pearls were touching his skin. The smooth, brown skin crept along his body, quickly covering his entire body as it grew silky and hairless.

“Stay calm, Mark. I’ll, uh…I’ll call someone to help…um…oh my god,” his father stammered as he continued to watch his son change. He winced as Mark began to grown, his voice becoming more sultry by the second. He looked at his son’s pants as they began to rip and tear, revealing an expanding ass and thighs beneath. Mark’s ass kept growing, and by the time it finished its inflation he knew, for some reason, that it was bigger and more supple than any white girl’s ass could ever be. His jeans had been torn to shreds, and his ass had grown so large that it popped the button off the front and forced the zipper down past his crotch, revealing his shapely new behind to his father.

“Daddy, please, I just wanna go home…” Mark said with an alluring tone. His father was growing more disturbed by Mark’s new voice and tone, but nothing could prepare him for hearing his son moan in ecstasy as his crotch began to invert itself. Mark screamed in a smoky, sultry voice as unimaginable pleasures began to come from between his legs. He didn’t know what was going on down there, but it felt amazing. His stomach gurgled as his organs shifted around, leaving him with a female reproductive system and a hardened layer of abs to protect it. He felt his core muscles tense as he suddenly remembered a variety of sex moves and positions. While these new memories and thoughts disgusted him, he couldn’t help but moan as the new clit between his legs began to moisten. He rubbed a manicured hand over his crotch, reveling in the feelings his new sex was sending through his body while his father continued to watch in horror.

“OH my, oh fuck, Mark, are you okay? Stay calm, we’ll figure this out…” his father said, struggling to think of who to call.

“I’m trying…OW” Mark yelped as his skull began to crack and shift. His father watched his Mark’s face, the last physical remnant of his son, transformed into that of an urban sex goddess. His lips grew red and plump while his eyes grew wide and layered with eyeshadow. Mark shook his head as flowing black locks tumbled down around his head and past his tiny tank-top. He ran a hand through his silky new hair, admiring its texture and remembering how hard he worked in the mornings to get it just wavy enough. He suddenly let out another scream in pleasure as his chest began to expand. His father watched Mark’s chest as two dark nipples began to poke through the white top. They grew larger by the second, pushed forward by two breasts expanding on his son’s chest.

The pleasure was making Mark’s heart race, and soon he was covered in sweat. His skin took on a sexy sheen as the sunlight bounced off of it. He looked down at his new female body, still unsure of what he had become and continually trying to fight off the new urges leaking into his mind. He felt a little off balance with the new weight hanging off his chest, but with a final crack his spine caved in and gave him a sexual, feminine arch.

“Mark? Are you okay?”

“Daddy? What’s, ugh, what happened? Why do I look like…some hoe?” Mark said, surprising both his father and himself. His accent now sounded distinctly urban, but with a sultry and alluring flare.

“I don’t know, but maybe we can go to, uh, the hospital. Maybe they’ll know what to do…”

“Okay, s-shit!” Mark yelped as a belly button piercing materialized in his core. “No! Daddy, make it stop! I keep having these weird thoughts…I can’t fight them!”

“Okay, okay, it’s gonna be fine…” his father trailed off as he watched tattoos appearing on Mark’s body. Mark felt a tingle on his skin as ink appeared beneath the surface. A line of tattoos running down the side of his body began to appear, ending with a Superman logo materializing on his ass. The tingling sensation caused him to remember getting those tattoos. He remembered the tattoo parlor on 7th street that he visited often. The artist there was super hot, and he specifically began to remember the way the tattoo artist grabbed and massaged his ass as he was getting that Superman tattoo. No! This was all wrong! He didn’t know where 7th street was, he had never been to the city! And he was a boy, he had a crush on…a girl…in school, right? No, he remembered dropping out of school and working the streets. He was a…hooker?

“Daddy, I’m remembering all these things…like dancing on poles…and hugging…no, fucking guys…and I give a mean blowjob…and…I remember that I’m a hooker?”

His father was speechless. He didn’t know what to do, or what he did to deserve this.

“No, Mark, no! You’re my son! C’mon, we’re going to the hospital!”

“Wha…” Mark said, beginning to forget who the man in front of him was. “Who are you? You seem so familiar, but…”

“Mark! It’s me! Your father!” he screamed.

The memories of working the streets and fucking countless men were taking over Mark. His pussy began dripping as the memories of sex grew more vivid. He loved this city, because he could make it on the streets on his own. He made bank, and was even able to afford an apartment in the gentrified part of town. That’s how good he…no, she was at her job. She looked at the panicked man in front of her and felt like she should go with him for some reason, but soon her pimp came storming down the alley shouting at the guy.

“Hey, Odessa! Is this mothafucka bothering you?”

Hearing that name awakened something in Mark’s mind. The name Odessa replaced Mark in every sector of his head, leaving him to fully embrace his new life and occupation. Guys were paying thousands of dollars just to touch her body, and she knew that every time she came it would feel better than any orgasm the guys she fucked could feel. Odessa smiled and turned to her pimp, waving him off.

“Nah, nigga, be cool. He just wants some of what I got to offer…” she said in a commanding fashion, turning back to face Mark’s father.

“Aight, aight, but holla if he starts fuckin with you. And you,” he said, looking at Mark’s father, “I told you you’d be back…HA!” He walked back to his post, chuckling as he went.

Odessa leaned in to the terrified man in front of her and whispered, “I don’t know what’s got you shook, honey, but if it makes you feel any better, I can call you daddy.” She planted a kiss on his cheek and traced his jawline with a manicured nail. “First time is free.” She beckoned him to a door in the alleyway, swaying her massive hips and ass with each sensual step. The man followed her, still pale and in shock, wondering if there was any way to get his son back. Odessa, seeing the raging boner pressing up against his pants, had other plans in mind.

Reality Bites Me - Veronica Lodge x Reader

Warnings: Really light swearing

Request by @riverdalexoxo : Hey, can you do a Veronica x reader where Veronica is angry at the reader bc she forgot an anniversary and she makes the reader sleep on the couch but they make up at the end with a lot of ~kisses~ thank you ur awesome ilu

I really hope you like this :) ilu2

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I don’t like the idea (Nick Robinson imagine)

Prompt: Nick is your brother’s best friend and your brother doesn’t want you two to be together.
Request: Hi love a Nick Robinson one shot maybe? I really like the one you’ve made 👌 umh the plot well how about he is the best bud of her brother and all and you can do the rest with your imagination 😌 Thank you thank you in advance mwaps! All the love M xx
Requested by: M
Warning: None, I guess? Well, my baaaad english (as always)
A/N: I seriously like the idea! Thank you for request, M and hope you’ll like this one too! ♥

Your brother, James never actually liked to take his friends to his house. And the only one reason was you. Well, it’s not that your brother wouldn’t love you. It’s right the second way - he loves you that much, that he just can’t risk that he’d let you fall in love with some of his friends. He knew exactly how you were in these years right now. You would probably fall in love with a chicken leg if it would have a nice hair and eyes. 

So yeah, little problem right now? He just had to take Nick to his house, because they were supposted to work on a school project and because of some reason (some reason you don’t know to this day), they couldn’t do it at Nick’s house. 

“Y/N! Are you home?!” You heard your brother yell and you just ran to him and smiled. But not at James, you smiled at Nick and put your hair behind your ear. 
Oh my god, I’m here, dorkey.” James frowned. 
You laughed a little. “Sorry, bro.” 
He nodded. “Y/N, this is Nick, Nick, Y/N… you know, my little sister which no one will touch. Like ever, Nick, right?” 
Yeah, nice to meet you, Y/N.” He smiled. 

× × ×

Your brother and his best friend were working on their project in the living room, so you just had to be in your room and you were kinda bored. So you thought it was the right time for your favorite game for xBox, Just Dance

You danced on some of your favorite songs and you just enjoyed it a lot. Well, James and Nick heard the music which was possible to hear in every part of your house and they yelled at you to turn it off, but you just ignored it, of course.

“Oh man, we need scissors. Get some.” James looked at Nick and he just watched him, shocked. 
“It’s my first time in this house and I’m supposted to look for your scissors?!” 
“Yeap.” James said, watching his notes. 

Nick sighed and nodded. “Okay, fine, great.” 

You just had enough dancing, but the music was still very loud and your clothes was seriously full of sweat, so you decited to change. 
“Yeah, I like this one.” You mumbled while you took some of your shorts for sleeping. 
You have taken all your clothes down, just wearing an underwear. You still had a loud music turned on, so you didn’t hear the knocking on your door. 
“If you won’t open, I’ll go there myself.” 
Nothing. So he just did open your door. 

He stared at you for a while, but then looked down. “Uhm, um, hum, Y/N?”
Oh my god!” You screamed and took your shirt, which you took to your chest. “Get out! James!” 
“No, no, no, don’t call James, please.” He closed the door and came to you. “He’d cut my head off, so I can watch as he’s slowly cutting my body.” 

“Wow, are you seriously that scared of my brother?” 
“Well, he’s pretty dangerous.”

You laughed, not noticing that you were still only in your underwear and then smiled at him. 
“Well, should I turn around so you can…?” 
“Okay.” He nodded and turned around, but he still wanted to see as you’re changing. C’mon, let’s be honest, he thought you were seriously hot at the first time he saw you. 

“What’s going on in here Y/N- Y/N!” He yelled. “Nick!” Oh, James just came. And you were still in your underwear and well, Nick was really red. 
“You both! Kitchen! Now!” Your brother continued to yell and you just frowned at him, but he didn’t care.

× × ×

“So… what’s up between you two?” 
Nothing!” You and Nick answered at the same time, which made you both laugh a little. 

“Yes, I can see that.” James answered, not stopped to giving Nick a death looks.


“Damn Barnes, you had some good taste” Tony said let out a wolf whistle. Tony and Natasha had been helping Bucky and Steve sort through the Smithsonian storage for anything they could keep. Tony had been the one to find the scrapbook and had been idly flipping through the pages while the others actually worked, “can’t believe you passed up a girl like this for Rogers”
A girl smiled shyly up from the page in front of him. Dark painted lips were curved into a soft smile and her short blonde hair was sleek and combed delicately across her forehead. The old black and white of the photo didn’t do much to hide the deep blush in her cheeks.
The others gathered around trying to get a glimpse of the mystery girl. When Bucky was finally able to peer over Stark’s shoulder he practically choked.
“Ho-lee shit” He said scrambling to take the book from Tony’s hands, “Mary an Joseph we are so lucky nobody found this,” he said finally pulling the book from Tony.
“What?” Stark said, smirking “no need to be ashamed of a girl like that.”
Buck’s cheeks grew ruddy, “it’s not that,” he stammered, “I mean she’s not…um she wasn’t…”
“Oh my god,” Natasha said, her eyes dancing with glee as she looked at the photo, “you can’t be serious James.”
Before Bucky could respond Steve came sauntering back in “hey guys, the lady up front says we only got ten minutes so we better pack it up for today,” his eyebrows furrowed in confusion at Bucky’s wide eyes and Natasha practically doubled over with laughter, “uh what did I miss.”
“Apparently some inside joke between assassins about Barnes’ mystery girl.”
“Wha-” the blond was interrupted by the scrapbook shoved into his chest by a positively red Bucky.
Steve gaped as he look at the girl “oh Jesus Mary and Joseph,” he murmured as Bucky nodded solemnly beside him.
“Okay seriously what’s the big deal. It’s just a picture of a pretty girl, what are you all freaking out about?”
“You think she’s pretty Stark?” Natasha asked slyly.
Tony rolled his eyes, “yes Natasha, I’m engaged, not blind. I just want to know who the hell she is!”
“’S not a girl,” Steve choked out, avoiding Tony’s eyes, “it’s uh….it’s me.”
the silence that landed over the cramped unit was practically palpable.
“What?” Tony deadpanned, his eyes flickering between the two blushing men.
Steve let out a long breath, “two men bein together back then was more than just frowned upon Stark, it was illegal. And y'know sometimes we just wanted to go out and be a normal couple.”
Tony lunged for the book tearing it out of Steve’s lax grip. His eyes flickered between the man before him the pretty girl in the picture. His eyes widened as he was able to pick out the familiar face, “holy shit"he breathed.
"It wasn’t so hard back then,” Bucky said scratching his neck awkwardly, “Stevie was small enough to be passed off as a dame no problem. We got the make up and clothes from my sisters on the nights we wanted to go dancing or something.”
“So,” Steve said to Tony, a smirk pulling at his lips, “you think I’m pretty?”
“Oh my GOD.”

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"Wait, that's my shirt... and thoes are my boxers." OMFG that Timkon, could you write that, please, please, please? (you don't actually have to, but that would be nice?)

“Thanks for letting me stay over” Kon rubbed his eyes blinking at the project Tim had been helping him with. “It’s after midnight no way Bruce and Alfred would let you fly home” 

“you do get that it’s not like driving a car, I’m physically doing it, it’d be like falling asleep while running”

“people have fallen asleep standing up, walking happens all the time, I don’t want to know what happens if you drop off at 30,000 feet” Kon rolled his eyes they’d had this debate many times but it was nice to have a boyfriend that worried even though he was indestructible. Tim got up and stretched and Kon watched his shirt ride up from the corner of his eye. “Okay I’m gonna go change into some sleep stuff, and see if Dick or Jason left anything that’d work for you”

“I’m fine like this” Kon protested Tim looked him up and down “no, you’re not sleeping in costume, I don’t even want to know what would happen sleeping in spandex pants” 

With that Tim exited and Kon leaned back on Tim’s bed looking at the swirls of Starry Night on the ceiling. A few minutes later Tim came in and threw an oversized t-shirt and gray sweat pants at Kon who caught them with his tactical telekinesis. “Show off” Tim rolled his eyes and Kon smiled knowing his boyfriend was a little impressed. Kon’s smile faltered as he looked at Tim, he was wearing an oversized black t-shirt with a Superman S logo and a large pair of boxers. Kon tilted his head “wait is that my t-shirt?” Tim blushed deeply “what? um no, I mean maybe it is, I don’t know, you’re not the only one who owes Superman shirts!” 

Kon’s jaw dropped “oh my god it is!” 

“shut up”

“you stole my shirt! ha you like wearing my clothes! oh man you got a crush on me!”

“idiot, of course I do, you’re my boyfriend”

“I know, but still, how embarrassing for you” Kon’s grin was mocking and teasing and Tim couldn’t help but step up and lean down to kiss him. As they broke apart Don’s hands rested on Tim’s hips and he got a puzzled look on his face. “wait… are those… my boxers?!” 


“oh my god dude how did you get my boxers?!” 

Anniversary (Jihoon)

Originally posted by mountean

Synopsis: According to everyone else, apparently anniversaries were a pretty big thing to forget about. 

Genre: Fluff ft short suggestive content at the end

A/N: For my Jihoon stan who’s had a rough week. I hope you enjoy this. 

Everything seemed normal today according to Jihoon. He woke up with his right arm stiff because he let you use it as a pillow. He brushed his teeth with you, drank a cup of coffee you had brewed for him, let you force him to sit down and eat breakfast because you knew he wouldn’t eat the rest of the day. While leaving for the door, he let his lips land themselves onto your forehead. It was sweet and simple, although he didn’t kiss you on the lips often, forehead kisses made your heart flutter just as much.

“I don’t know if I’ll come home tonight but I’ll text you.”

You nodded, leaning on the nearest wall, “that’s alright.” you pointed a finger accusingly at him, “Lee Jihoon don’t forget to eat. I’ll hit you if Chan tells me you didn’t eat.”

Jihoon chuckled at your action. Something he loved about you was how no matter how much his work took his time, no matter how much he was forced to move around, to be in new settings, you were always one of the constant ones in his life.

“I will. I will.” He stood at the door for a moment, thinking. Eyes gazing over your figure still dressed in your sleepwear. Your lips smiled at him and he wondered when the last time he kissed them was.

“You’re gonna be late.” you sang, “Seungcheol will be mad.”

Jihoon jumped a bit, a sheepish smile taking over his face, “Yeah that’s right. I’ll see you when I can.” he closed the door behind him, a regretful sigh left his mouth, “I should have kissed her.”

He entered the building with thoughts of music crowding his mind. Jihoon was mentally mapping out the song in his head when he opened the practice room doors. He was greeted with 12 sparkling eyes looking at him.

Jihoon tried his best to ignore the weird gazes of his members. He’s delt with weirder situations, like when Seokmin brought in a hoard of kids he got from who knows where.

After two hours of nonstop dancing, the sweat flew in various directions as Jihoon plopped himself onto the floor. He was digging in his coat for his cell phone but instead continued to grab empty air.

“Ah Dammit.”

“What’s wrong.” Seungcheol took a seat next to him.

“I forgot my phone.” Seungcheol nodded and then it happened, those sparkingly and hopeful eyes appeared in Seungcheol. Jihoon had enough, “Why. Why are you all looking at me like I’m some protagonist in a romance movie.”

“Well because aren’t you kinda?” Seungcheol asked.

Jihoon continued to look bewildered.

“Don’t you know what today is?”

Jihoon thought for a moment. It wasn’t a member’s birthday. He’s was pretty sure it wasn’t his birthday neither yours, “um, Saturday.”

“Oh my god.” everyone gasped.

Confused more than ever, Jihoon glanced around as the others stayed stunned, “what. What what?”

“Anniversary Jihoon!!!!!” Mingyu shouted.

Anniversary? Jihoon’s expression remained confused.

Seungcheol turned to him, “This is just like last year. I swear its like you didn’t learn. Its been two years Jihoon. You know. Y/N?”


Seungcheol pinched the bridge of his nose, “its your two year anniversary with Y/N.”

Jihoon remained blank. Two years he thought. Had it really been two years already. Jihoon looked back at the males and shrugged, “so?”

“So??” Soonyoung chirped up, “I forgot my one year anniversary and you know what happened, I slept on the couch for a week.”

The rest nodded in agreement.

“One time.” Seungcheol spoke, “I forgot it was our three year and she totally flipped out at me. I got her flowers at 11pm and she threw them back at me. She gave me the silent treatment for 3 days.”

Others agreed in unison.

“But she didn’t seem mad in the morning.” Jihoon wondered.

Jeonghan leaned forward, “That’s how it always is. She probably thinks you’re gonna plan some grand surprise for her.”

Jihoon shook his head, “I told her I probably wouldn’t be home.”

“Wow.” Jun butted in, “You just dug a deeper hole for yourself.”

Another chorus of nods filled the room. Would you really be mad, he wondered.

Jihoon continued his day normally. The others continued giving Jihoon warnings but he brushed them off, he knew you wouldn’t be that mad.

“You never know.” Jeonghan singed as he exited Jihoon’s studio.

The thought began to gnaw at him. It especially did when he realized Chan hadn’t bugged him to see if he ate so he could report it to you. Just as Jihoon opened the door to his studio he ran into Hansol.

“Hey have you seen Chan?”

“Chan?” Hansol shrugged, “I think he said something about going home because he was tired.”

Jihoon paniced, that meant you didn’t talk to Chan. Were you ignoring him now? Were you mad at him so you didn’t tell Chan to check up on him?

“Oh yeah, I got some lyrics, can you look at them.” Hansol opened the document on his phone, when he looked up, he saw Jihoon’s figure leaving down the hallway, “Hyung!!”

Jihoon waved a hand, “Text it to me. I’ll be back later.”

Jihoon glanced over at the taxi’s clock. 11:15pm. He had the cab stop at the nearest convienant store by your apartment. Jihoon thanked the lord the store sold flowers, he picked a bouquet of roses also stuffing various of your favorite snacks onto the counter.

His foot tapped impatiently in the elevator. Other residents glanced in confusion at the odd combinations of flowers and junk food. As soon as the doors opened he flung out. His hands shaking as he entered the pin. Jihoon opened the door, he prepared for the worst as he walked in.


Jihoon entered furthur and further until he entered the living room. He let out a breath of relief, you laid sprawled on the couch, headphones blasting music, with your cell in close proximity to your face. You turned your head, finally catching his figure. You ripped the headphones off, a grin plastering your face.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were working.” A laugh escaped your lips when you saw the flowers and snacks, “What’s all that.”

“I’m sorry.” jihoon spoke hurriedly, “I’m so sorry I forgot about our two year anniversary. I’m so selfish, I only thought about work and didn’t know. The others were telling me about how their girlfriends got mad and I didn’t know if you would so I came here with roses and snacks and please forgive me.”

You sat speechless. The words rolled off his tongue quickly and you took a moment to process them, “wait. Its our two year anniversary?”

Jihoon froze. He really wasn’t expecting this, “yes?” he spoke slowly.

You nodded, “ahhh I guess I’m sorry too then. I didn’t realize it. I mean its just an anniversary Jihoon. We don’t need to celebrate every year.” You stood up, taking the flowers from his hands, “but its cute that you went through the trouble of getting these at night.”

Jihoon flushed. He watched your figure carry the roses, finding an empty vase to put them in. Jihoon dropped the bag of snacks. You squeaked as he wrapped his arms around you from behind.

“You’re such a cool girlfriend.”

You rolled your eyes laughing. When you had neatly placed the flowers in the vase, Jihoon spun you around.

“I’m sorry.” He placed his forehead onto yours.

“For what? Its just an anniversary”

Jihoon shook his head, “not that. I feel like a shitty boyfriend because I forget things like this.”

A smile graced your lips, “Hey. Lee Jihoon. If you’re a shitty boyfriend then at least you’re my shitty boyfriend. Anniversaries are meaningless, who cares if we’ve been together for two years.” you placed a hand onto his cheek, “all I care is if my shitty boyfriend ate today.”

Jihoon laughed. He pulled you close, lips hovering over yours, his breath taken away as he felt the warmth of your lips. He had forgotten how much he loved them. Jihoon applied more pressure, suddenly backing you up to the kitchen counter. Your hands found themselves tangled in his hair, pulling them softly when you felt his fingers graze the skin of your ribs under your shirt.


You and Jihoon pulled away, with slight uneven breaths. Slight confusion in both of you were present, who would be at your door at almost midnight. You followed him to the door. He opened it wide and you were greeted with 12 screaming voices.


Jihoon slammed the door in their faces, grumbling, “GO HOME!”

When we were Seventeen (Act 0.5)

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Riverdale high organises a musical production of ‘Heathers’ for the last semester of the summer, being the last one for a handful of seniors and after Jason Blossom’s death; nearing his one-year anniversary…in short everyone was on edge, especially around Cheryl Blossom. This was meant to be a major emotional boost and distraction to take performing/auditioning sophomore student’s minds off of exams and senior’s off of college entrance fees.

But who will step in when the lead role of J.D. gets in a major car accident outside of school on the opening night? Will Y/N be able to go out and play the leading female role of Veronica Sawyer even when Cheryl Blossom, who was playing Heather Chandler, the mythic bitch herself, openly bitches about her on stage as a part of the show? Or will she go off script altogether due to troubling times ahead?

Who knew that Y/N’s saviour on that fateful night would come with a crime-mystery solving writer and a grey crown-like beanie wearer?

Can Jughead Jones the third save the day and get the girl?

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Okay. Okay.

I… um…

Oh my god, dude.

I never would have suspected. I do remember, like, once saying all the Homunculi had black hair and eyes, and it would be an easy way of identifying them… But then characters were introduced who had those traits but were clearly not Homunculi (the Xing foreigners, Mustang, Izumi, etc). On top of that, the show never attempted to hide the identity of a Homunculus, instead just officially revealing them instantly… So I gave up on being suspicious like that.

So this, this I never saw coming. In fact, I don’t think there was a single way I could have predicted Pride’s identity. Least of all Selim Bradley. Holy shit, this was masterful.

At least I was spot on about TMUTISITS being Pride. But from that same theory I made… “Pride couldn’t be an actual child, censors wouldn’t allow it.” WELL, HOW ABOUT THAT? HOW DID THAT WORK OUT FOR YOU, PAST-ZEPHYR!? HA HA HA HA.

Anyway. Pride is the first Homunculus. Which means this tyke predates Xerxes/Envy. The order in which the Homunculi were made is still largely a mystery, so learning who the first one was is pretty nice.

I’m still thinking that Father/Hohenheim are something more than a Homunculus, so I do think they predate Pride…

Right. I guess that’s everything there is to say. Back to the horror that is Fullmetal Alchemist.

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How would the RFA + V and Saeran react to a bilingual MC, who uses a word in another language when she can't think of the right one in the language she's speaking? (I do this a lot with French + English, and my friends who don't speak French always give me weird looks :( )


The language I picked was the language (Punjabi) I speak at home, but I didn’t know how to spell it in english but I tried my best!!! (Most of these are actually my own experience) (Also sorry I didn’t use several languages, i just like putting my own personal stuff in here sometimes) 404 did the non-Punjabi ones! ~ Admin 626

-He convinced you to play LOLOL with him!!!
-Big mistake
-He knew that he could get loud and angry when something happened, but…
-Did not expect you to get so loud!!!!
-You said it fairly often, and he knows it’s another language, but…. WHAT WERE YOU SAYING?
-He’s asked you constantly what it means but you….couldn’t…..think of the right words?
-”It means… um…. Well. It means… Oh my god? What are the words?
-Scared the hell out of him when you yelled “FUCKING HELL” out of nowhere one day and you had to explain that  you finally remembered what you were trying to say!!! Only this time, not in Swedish!!
-MC!!! BAD!!!
- lowkey google translates anything you can’t remember for you

-The two of you were coming home from a completely boring party you had to attend
-It was full of big, important business owners and directors and you just couldn’t stand it!!!
-”HOW in the WORLD do they run their businesses??”
-”I know! They’re such…. Um… uh, como se dice…pendejos??”
-”I agree, they did seem to be lacking in the knowledge department.”
- okay that wasn’t what i asked exactly but thanks
-This happens more than you’d like to admit, but it’s a good thing he can speak Spanish
-He’ll always understand you, whether you’re speaking in Spanish or not!!!
-”Jumin? Como se dice gato?” “MC, that’s a simple word. It’s cat. How could you forget?”
-”Do you want some… some.. Um… Vino?” “? Wine? Yes, MC, please.”
-YOU’RE SO GRATEFUL THAT HE CAN UNDERSTAND YOU where would you be if he didn’t translate for you???
-He notices when you’re quiet in public and realizes that you probably just can’t think of the correct word outside of Spanish, so he’ll answer you quietly just so you don’t get embarrassed what a cutie omg

-”Shit… what’s the word again….”
-??? So you ask him what word he’s thinking of. He didn’t figure you’d know but he told you anyway
-”I forgot the word for ‘safinat fadayiya’”
-????? Did he not realize you’ve been able to get into his house since the beginning
-Now the two of you speak Arabic around the others just to be jerks
-Not even Jumin knows Arabic
-You don’t say anything meaningful, either. It’s usually random sentences!
-So every time you forget a word, he’s got your back! So long as you you do the same for him
-Except if you forget a word at the gate, he’ll let you suffer and laugh at you
-Well!!!! Until you get angry enough at least. Then he’ll let you in and hide from your cute wrath

-He didn’t even know you could speak another language
-Honestly always thought that you were muttering or making words up
-That’s why he always gave you a weird look
-One day though, you were mid-conversation with him and blanked on the word
-”Do you want to go get…. Um. Get…crème glacée?”
-”….Get what?”
-”Crème glacée. You know… the uh, frozen milk stuff you like to eat!”
-”You..mean ice cream? You’re saying ice cream?”
-”YES! YES HEY!!! That thing! Thank you!”
-”What the hell was that? Made up words? What the fuck?”
-Saeran it….. Was….. French, sweetheart. Not made up
-??? He was really confused but took your word for it
-Tries to learn French secretly so he can help you next time instead of looking at you like you were crazy

- you’re actually lowkey worried about him???
- He’s so pretty!!!
- What if he gets jinxed and he becomes ugly because his looks are shown off so much??? Literally my grandma has said this to me and my cousin after she and i dressed up one time
- you always try to encourage him to wear sweats and other lowkey clothing so no one will be drawn to him! (of course only when you two are trying to do something in public together, you wouldnt try to get him to do that for anything job related)
- but he just doesn’t get it??? He never listens to you but you never really explain why bc you feel so embarrassed believing in this!!!
- but one day you two get into a terrible argument about this
- “I just don’t get it! Are you jealous of the other girls giving me attention?”
- You start tearing up because that’s so far from it, you completely trust him
- “Nazaar, okay?! I just don’t anything happening to you!!!”
- Zen is just like wtf did u just say, was that even human or are you just choking wtf
- “Oh god sorry, I didn’t mean to use Punjabi but I don’t know another word for it. It’s kinda like jinxing but it’s more intense? But basically by showing off your looks, other people might want something bad to happen to you and you might turn ugly!”
- but he understands it’s part of your ritual and he lets you do these little rituals to ward away the “nazaar” because it’s cute that you worry that much <3

- you’re helping out at the shop when you run out of cardamom to put in the chai! sUCH A TRAGEDY
- but you can’t remember what it’s called??? You can’t tell Jaehee???
- “MC, what’s wrong?
- “We’re out of that one spice!!!”
- you decide fuck it and you’re like “We’re out of leche!!!”
- Jaehee goes wide eyed because you can speak another language wtf
- She actually knew what you were saying because Jaehee knows Hindi and that overlaps with your language a lot
-yes Jaehee knows Hindi don’t question it okay
-You two start trash talking the customers in Hindi/Punjabi

- This boy got a cute owl figurine at a store!!!
-smh what a hipster *eye roll*
- He puts it in your room bc it’s so cute!!!
- but when you see it, you freak out???
- “wait what’s wrong with it MC???”
- “Nazaar lagna!”
- He just looks at you like ??? what did you say to him???
- What did you just say about his son
- “Oh sorry um, in my culture, owls are considered bad luck?”
- okay but what u did u just say MC udumbhoe
- “I just said you jinxed me, I mean it’s worse than a jinx but that’s the best way I can say it”
- He spends the rest of the night asking you to say other words in Punjabi cause it’s so pretty
-asks you to call him Daddy in your language (just kidding that’s Jumin)

rayer132  asked:

Ok, I love the Voltron Family AU, your writing of Keith as an Ace actually helped me identify myself. Since Pidge also identified as an Ace in one of your prompts/asks I was wondering how would everyone react to her bringing a partner home?

Oh wow. T-that’s pretty amazing! I’m glad it helped! :’) *hugs* <3

[The Voltron Family] Everyone in the family (even the grandparents) knew about Pidge’s sexuality. So when Pidge went home one day and talked to her Daddy Shiro about bringing someone to their formal dinner…

Shiro: *blinks* I…
Pidge: I know what you’re gonna say but–
Keith: We’d love to meet this someone. 
Pidge: *smiles* Thanks! *hugs both her daddies*

So when Pidge left…

Shiro: *turns to Keith* Oh my god? I’m— I thought… I thought it would seal the deal she won’t be with someone. *distraught*
Keith: *chuckles* Oh, c’mon! She’s ace, not blind! *rolls eyes*
Shiro: But…
Keith: *stares* Shiro. She’s 20 now. I met you when I was 21, remember?
Shiro: *throws hands in the air* SHE’S A YEAR EARLY!!!!!
Keith: *shakes head in amusement* You’ll get over it.
Shiro: But Keith—
Keith: *ignores* Your turn. *points at their game of chess* 
Shiro: *breaks down* *sobs* She’s my baaaaaaby. She’s not allowed to like someone until she’s 80!
Keith: *blinks* *laughs* Oh my god. And here I thought I had it worse for Lance and Hunk. 

It was Shiro who opened the door. Outside there stood a handsome young man. He could see him looking nervous while trying to fix his bowtie.

Boy: H-Hi.. I-I’m… I’m… *fidgets* Um.. Uh…. I…
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow* Yes?
Boy: *raises pointing hand in the air* C-can we do this one more t-time? I’ll knock a-a-again?
Shiro: *blinks* *nods* *closes the door*
Keith: *joins Shiro by the door* Was that him?
Shiro: *smiles at Keith* *nods* Yep. I’m so amused. He’s asking to do it one more time. He’s a nervous wreck. *laughs quietly*
Keith: *slaps him* You idiot! He got scared of you. This is why I don’t let you open the door! Let me do it. Now step aside. Stop scaring little boys. *shakes his head in disapproval*
Shiro: I’ll just be behind the door where he can’t see me. *snickers*
Keith: *rolls his eyes*

So when Keith opens the door again, the young man had his head down and then the boy took a deep breath and looked up with such a courageous face…

Boy: *looks up* *takes a deep breath* Hi, Good Eve— *sees Keith*
Keith: *smiles at him*
Boy: *flustered* Oh. H-hi.. um… *shuts his eyes* Oh my god. 
Keith: *restrains himself from giggling*
Shiro: *from behind the door* *whispers* He’s prolly crushing on you, Keith.
Keith: *silently pinches Shiro’s sides*
Boy: *opens his eyes* *blushes* I’m L-Lotor. I’m Pidge’s thesis mate and *gulps* *points at Keith with his hand* You must be Pidge’s Dad?
Keith: *nods* Yes, I am. Come in. *opens the door*

They directed Lotor to the living room to sit and wait for Pidge.

Keith: *whispers to Shiro* What a beautiful boy.
Shiro: *whispers* I know. I didn’t even know Pidge had such a friend.
Keith: Are you telling me you think Pidge isn’t pretty enough to attract someone like him? *crosses arms*
Shiro: Awww, darling, you know I didn’t mean it like that. *pulls Keith*
Lance: *joins them* *whispers* I can’t believe it’s Lotor. OF ALL PEOPLE.
Shiro: *turns to Lance* Why? Does that boy have vices or something?!
Hunk: *suddenly joins the huddle* No. He’s like The Golden Boy. He’s legit the son of a business tycoon. Probably the richest boy in our school.
Keith: *eyes widens* *hisses* WHAT?!
Pidge: *joins them* What are we all whispering about?
Hunk: *eyes widens* P-Pidge! *nervous laughter*
Shiro: *fake smile* Hi, sweetheart. Your friend’s in the living room.
Pidge: *sighs* Before you guys ask anything, he’s… *blushes* he’s like me.
Keith: *beams* *pulls Pidge into a hug and kisses her* Oh my god. Pidge, that’s WONDERFUL and PERFECT!! 
Shiro: *sighs in relief* Oh thank god. *places hand on chest*
Pidge: *snickers at Shiro* You can stop worrying now, Daddy Shiro.
Lance: *nudges Pidge* So you, like, yanno, hold hands?
Pidge: *blushes* Oh my god, Lance! We haven’t gone that far!
Hunk: *wipes tears and pulls Pidge into a hug* So pure, please stay that way. If you need advice on, say…
Lance: Kissing. I’m the expert on that. *points at himself* *flashes smile* Let Lance the Love God show you the ropes.
Pidge: *flushes even more* *stammers* I… I don’t think we’ll even go that far!
Shiro: Marriage. You’re only allowed to kiss that boy for the first time at the altar. *points hand in the air*
Lance: *giggles* Oh my god. *turns to Pidge* Good luck, Pidge.
Keith: *pulls Pidge into a hug again* If you need to ask anything *looks at his family* I think I’m the most qualified here. Don’t you think? *raises an eyebrow* *turns back to Pidge* But I agree with your Daddy Shiro. No kissing until marriage.
Pidge: *grumbles* I fucking hate this family. *gets smothered by everyone*
Shiro: *shock* Pidge! Bad Words Jar.