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Name: Kayla
Zodiac sign: Libra
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6″ / 167 cm
Favorite colour: Teal, and the blended colors of the sky during sunset
Time right now: 9 pm 
Average hours of sleep: 6
Last thing I googled: Don’t judge but it was about tubal ligation bc I think tumblr was spreading around some partial misinformation on the subject. Wanted to get my facts straight before I jumped to anything  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Lucky number: 13
Number of blankets: 3 during the winter, 1 in the summer
Favorite characters: WELL Bruno, ( opm ) Sonic, Murasakibara Atsushi, Sakura Haruno, Korra, Marufuji Ryo, and maaaany more but those come to mind first! ovo
Favorite books: ( I need to read more…. ) I really can’t think of a book that resonated with me well enough to call it a favorite. ovo’’
Favorite bands/artists: Bastille, Alt-j, Joe Hisaishi, Marina and the Diamonds, Calvin Harris, and loads more tbh
Dream job: Concept artist tbh ( or even a criminal psychologist )
What am I wearing right now: Sweatpants and a cami. 100% comfortable
Randoms facts: Eh. Can’t think of any rn
When did you create your blog: This month since my first main was deleted. ( I had that one since 2012 tho ovo )
Current amount of followers: ~ not tellin ovo
What made you decide to join tumblr: I was bored and wanted another online outlet 
Why did I choose my URL: It’s a lovely ygo card and I really like the TG archetype in general. :3
What do you post about: my feels
Other blogs: Art blog, OC aesthetic blog, Sonic + Sunset aesthetic blog, 2 rp blogs but only Kiyoko’s will be active hopefully soon
Who is your most active follower: Most of you guys are pretty active, which I’m super thankful for. <3 ( I see Celia, Carmen, Mimi, Kay, and Tiffany pop up most in my recent activity tho! :3 )
Do I get asks on a daily basis: Not really

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Name: Jennie
Nickname: Jen
Birthday: September 17 
Relationship Status: Single till someone decides to love me like I deserve to be loved and I do the same for them
Sibling(s): Three sisters, two brothers
Favorite color: Blue (like dark blue but not too dark) (also idk sometimes it just depends on my mood?? but like blue always the fave)
Sleep: Um last night or in general? Well last night about three hours 
Type of phone: iPhone 5
Love or Lust: I don’t understand, is it asking which I prefer or which I am currently in?? I prefer to be in love than lust over someone but I will admit I have lusted over a few guys before but not for a long time
Lemonade or Iced tea: Depends on what brand the lemonade and iced tea are. Some I like and some I don’t because they are just too sugary.
Cats or Dogs: Ok with cats, kinda make me sneeze. Really like dogs but lowkey scare me. 
Few best friends or Lots of casual friends: Both??? I really don’t know how to describe my friendships
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsay for sure. Unless we run out in which case Colaaa
Wild night out or Romantic night in: Depends  on who it’s spent with 
Day or night: It’s like asking me too choose between the sun and the moon. But if its hot out yeah def the night unless there’s a A/C and a nice shade
Text or Call: Text but I do like calling depending on who I’m talking to 
Makeup or Natural: Natural(y ugly bcuz too lazy to start wearing makeup again)
Ever met a celebrity: Yesss amazing day that I hope I can meet them again like wow
Smile or Eyes: Again which do I like better?? I like looking at people’s eyes when they talk to me but people have such nice and beautiful smiles I can’t help but look at that too
Light or Dark hair: Dark
Intelligence or appearance: Idk which I prefer or which am I? Intelligent peole tho yess and appearance just whatever everyone is so pretty anyways but I’d prefer to have intelligence
ChapStick or Lipstick: Chapstick b/c this girl’s lips have been dry af and it is annoying af
City or Country: City because there’s so much to do and s o many people but country because so close to nature and quietness and can see the stars so much better
Last song you listened to: Idk remember exactly but I think it was I Remember by A Day to Remember
Favorite fictional characters: Oh where to start ok so Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Maximum Ride, Batman, Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Bennet, Iron Man, Christina Yang, Meredith Grey, 

My friend asked people in our year group to take an anonymous survey for her art assignment and asked who inspires you and I wrote Taylor and we were looking to see what other people had submitted and someone wrote Troy Bolton 😂

Gang, today let’s look at imaginary song parallels between “Don’t Stop” and “Jet Black Heart”

Firstly, in no way am I trying to confirm that this in an intentional link. But let’s pretend it is legit as hell and make some correlations, draw some conclusions, make a few “don’t stop acoustic” references, and cry over with Michael Clifford. You in?

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anonymous asked:

If you found out that ur sister had smoked a cigarette and other smokable objects what would you do

is this a confession? I mean I wouldn’t be angry, but I would want to remind her that smoking is extremely addictive and bad for your health, and I know that she wants to go into a field where she would need to be using her voice a lot- smoke is absolutely terrible for your voice, and smoking would probably considerably shorten her career. At the end of the day, that’s a choice she would have to make on her own, but I would hope that she would choose not to smoke anymore. And I would want her to come to me for help because at the end of the day she’s my sister and I love her.