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Y/N: Good morning Julian.
Julian: It would’ve been if you came in on time. It’s not the afternoon Y/N.
Y/N: I had to help…someone.
Julian: Y/N, I don’t care whatever you were doing. Just get to work on time.
Y/N: Yes sir, Julian sir! *laughs* Oh! Before I forget!
Julian: What is it now?
Y/N: Do you want to get lunch together?
Julian: Just do your…wait what?
Y/N: Well I realised we spend all day in here together everyday so we might as well get to know each other. So lunch?
Julian: Um…y..yeah..yeah sounds..grea..I mean good.
Y/N: Aw are you blushing Julian?
Juilian: What? No!
Y/N: You better watch yourself Julian people might start to think that you like me.
Julian: I talk to you like crap Y/N. I don’t like you.
Y/N: You know what I got told growing up? If a boy picks on you it probably means he likes you. Within reason obviously.
Julian: Wh..why would I like you?
Y/N: It’s okay Julian I know you like me so I won’t let anyone else know. It’ll be our little secret.
Barry: *walks in* What are you two talking about?
Julian: Nothing!
Y/N: *laughs* Julian was scolding me for being late.
Barry: *rolls his eyes* Julian give her a break.
Y/N: *winks at Julian*
Julian: *laughs to himself* She’s going to be the death of me.

Fics revealed on 14.12

i’ll be home for christmas    for ysllouis
Words: 12609
Summary:  Louis frowns, picking his head up to look at him. “I thought we were going to mine for Christmas this year?”
Harry freezes up a little, seemingly choosing his words carefully. “Oh, well, um, yeah… I was just, like- I was thinking, like, since Gemma’s gonna be home this year and like, we’re home, maybe we could go to mine? Gems and I haven’t been free at the same time during Christmas for years,” he reasons.
Or, Louis and Harry can’t decide where to go on Christmas.

Snowman   for harrystaco
Words: 10960
Summary: Harry loves Christmas, Louis doesn’t. When other people put up Christmas decorations and bake biscuits, Louis snaps at his neighbours and the people trying to get him into a festive mood. Why that is, Harry doesn’t know. But that doesn’t mean he won’t try to figure it out.

So this is Christmas    for lastingstyles
Words: 15788
Summary: Harry runs a yoga studio, he runs into Louis and offers him a discount because he looks stressed. Neither of them could have guessed what would happen next.

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a Concept™

i’ll probably do more of these if people like them ??? with other pride colors or skin tones or w/e

{please dont delete my caption or steal these thx}

Get to Know Me Ask Meme

This is bouncing around so I may as well.

Name: Claire

Nicknames: Lifa (actually more people call me by my nickname than my real name, so, um, yeah.)

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′8ish

Orientation: Panromantic demisexual, although I’ll usually simplify it down to “ace” or “bi” for people I don’t know well.

Ethnicity: German & various European ancestry for the parts we’re 100% sure of.  Other stuff mixed in as well.

Favorite fruit: Raspberry

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite book series: Dune

Favorite flower: Eggplant & squash/zucchini/cucumber flowers, before they become veggies.  Also morning glories.

Favorite scent: Vanilla

Favorite color: Probably the entire rainbow

Favorite animal: Cat

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Yes please.

Average sleep hours: 0-7

Cat or dog person?: Cat

Favorite fictional characters: Um, idk, probably Howland Reed

Number of blankets you sleep with: Depends on the time of year.  Right now, 2.  In a few months, probably none.

Dream trip: Roadtripping in an RV across the continental US, hiking & visiting historic sites, & going to Burning Man.

Blog created: Um…. May 2012?

Number of followers: 976

time right now: 10:31PM CST

last thing you googled: “steven universe kisscartoon”

fave music artist: Tool, A Perfect Circle, Serj Tankian, The Faint, Aesthetic Perfection, Nine Inch Nails, Assemblage 23, Grendel, God Module, Megadeth, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace… idk, I like a lot of music.  It changes from time to time.

song stuck in my head: She-Wolf by Megadeth

last movie i watched: LEGO BATMAN with my sister.

last tv show i watched: Steven Universe

what i’m wearing right now: Jorts, black tank top, glasses.

the kind of stuff i post: Hopefully Sims at some point in the near future.

why did i choose my url: I had a BACC city called Simtown & my (at the time) long-distance person wanted to see pics of it.  Therefore, “With Love from Simtown”.

gender: Female

hogwarts house: Muggle?

pokémon team: Mystic

lucky number: 13 & sometimes other numbers.

dream job: The one I have right now.

Relationship Status: Living with someone lol

Pets: Six cats

Last song you listened to: Such A Shame by Solar Fake

Favourite TV Show: …Steven Universe?

First Fandom: Animorphs.

the signs breaking up with someone
  • aries: lolll uh yikes it's over
  • taurus: um well i think we should just um yano move on to other people bc idk sorry bYE
  • gemini: lolll i found this other person and they seem p cool n basically better than u so i mean cya
  • cancer: *doesnt break up with them bc they'd feel bad, makes the other break up with them instead*
  • leo: sorry i can't do this anymore, i think we should see other ppl n stuff
  • virgo: well i like u n all but this isn't workin out sorry fam
  • libra: listen so uh yeah i love you but i just think that we should both go our separate ways tbh i think that's just what's best for both of us :/
  • scorpio: lol cya on the flipside fam
  • sagittarius: yIKES u need to lay offff pls go control someone else just not me adios
  • capricorn: ummm bye
  • aquarius: i swear this isn't your fault, trust me. move on, you'll find someone better than me soon enough
  • pisces: i'm so sorry its not you i swear its all me no pls don't cry im s Or R Y

anonymous asked:

Hi! I am the same anon who asked if it was okay to make horror genre stimboards and I have another question! I was wondering, is it a bad thing to make stimboards for celebrities/real people, or for characters in movies that were based off real events?? I have only made cartoon stimboards so far I think, but are movie characters still okay to make (since the characters are played by real actors)? Should I avoid making those??

thats a complicated question honestly. In my opinion I’m uncomfortable making boards for irl people and celebrities as well as “historical fiction” characters based off of real people.

There’s nothing morally wrong with it afaik it just personally makes me uncomfy?

But yeah movie characters like James Bond or uh, other… famous characters… (im tired and cant think of any atm gfhgh) is a-ok

- mod pink

um, i personally think celebrities/real people stimboards is a little weird because those people are real people and they are possibly not mentally ill, and i guess it feels weird to associate stims to people rather than characters. you can headcanon a character as autistic or mentally ill, but not an actual person.

as for actors in movies, i think that’s fine. if you made a stimboard for a series of unfortunate events character, it wouldn’t be bad because the character is played by a real actor rather than animated. does that make sense?

- mod k

Fuck, I hate people.

Okay so I understand that not everyone has to like Jack, but people are just odd. This one girl said “Ugh. I hate him, he’s so annoying” Um, I’m sorry but this guy stops people from committing suicide. I told her that. She said “yeah well he’s still annoying” Excuse me? I just said he stops people from KILLING THEMSELVES! He has to be doing something right! This other girl said I can’t spam with him (I sent one picture of Jack from his birthday video) yet she spams like everyday with this Korean band. I mean I hardly spam with Jack, that was the first time I sent a picture of him. I just… don’t like people. 👍🏻

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George and Dhani Harrison, Friar Park, screen capped from Living in the Material World

“I had an experience which, um, speeds up the whole idea of… you know, if you have something happen to you physically, then, you know, people go in hospital, or have something wrong with them, and um… you know, have a shock or something like that and then you think, ‘Wow, yeah, I could be dying now.’ Now, if I was dying now, what would I think? What would I miss? Would I… if I had to leave my body, you know, in an hour’s time, what is that I would miss? And I think, well, I’ve got a son who needs a father. So I have to stick around for him, as long as I can. But, um, other than that, I can’t think of much reason to be here. [chuckles]” - George Harrison, Living in the Material World

* * *

“When he died I remember thinking we’d left nothing unsaid and that was good. But then you get older, and there have been so many times I miss my dad. Getting married, going on your stag do – pick any moment and you wish he was there.” - Dhani Harrison, Mail Online, 3 November 2012

Jase and PJ Up Close with Ed Sheeran, April 8, 2015
  • Audience member: What is your relationship status?
  • Ed Sheeran: Well, it was made public last week that I am single. Um, but I'm not really up for... not being single.
  • Jase: You want a bit of time. I get it.
  • Ed Sheeran: I just, I've gone through my whole life from one relationship to the other, and I kind of have relied on that for happiness...
  • PJ: You need some "me" time.
  • Ed Sheeran: Yeah, but not - I don't want to sound like a dick. I just, I want to be able to have, like, proper happiness, and not rely on other people for that.
  • PJ: I've heard you have to love yourself before you can love someone else.
  • Ed Sheeran: Yeah. *pause* How d'you mean love yourself? Just-?
  • Jase: Not like that!
  • Ed Sheeran: No? 'Cause I'm not like-
  • Jase: Not like that, mate, not what she means!
  • Ed Sheeran: Just sitting in a very, very dark room with just my laptop...
  • Jase: It's a very, very good time to go to a break!
Season six episode 3 fanfic roundup

And here we have a plethora of wedding fics and the like. So much Chelsie goodness, you’d think that was all the episode was about (because, um, the Hospital Plot does not count, and well, other comments would be spoilers, so yeah, WEDDING). As ever, people tagged when I know them, but feel free to let me know who I’ve missed

SLIGHT spoilers for the location of their honeymoon, which is revealed in ep 4, but I highly doubt anyone will care.

Once again I feel like I’ve missed a whole tranche of wedding/honeymoon fics, but maybe that’s just my wishful thinking.

With no Uncertainty by Percysnail

The Wedding of the Decade by mistressdickens

Her Husband by @olehistorian

Fair Scarborough by @onesimus42

Unexpected Gift by bremol

A Little Advice by @elliehopaunt

With my body I thee worship by mont-blank

Scottish People by LadyPalma

To Love and Cherish by onmyside

With this ring I thee wed by Tillyintheclouds

Oneiric by @deeedeeedeeedeee

The Ring by @misshoneychurch88

Waltz of the heart by justinevitable

Never to be told by cryfreedom

Butterflies in the sitting room by mistressdickens

Cuddle up by @kouw

Jitters by @onesimus42