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Skinny dipping-TW preference

Request: can you do a skinny dipping one with all of them preference ?

Warning : some bad language and slight smut mentions. but not actual smut.

A/N: I had so much fun writing this ! But it was long and now my fingers hurt. so enjoy :) 


You weren’t really prude or anything, but knowing Scott is a just wanted to take things slow. Though Scott was a teenage boy with testosterone overflowing his head so you did not know exactly how he defined ‘’slow’’.

Scott was keeping the location of your date a secret and that kind of made you nervous. You spent the whole car ride trying to remember if you had shaved or not and let out a loud

‘’YES!’’ when you remembered you had. Scott parked the car and allowed you to open your eyes. But along with them you also opened your mouth, taking in the view.

It was beautiful. There was a fire, right in the middle of the beach and a thin line of light , reflected on the dark water. You took in the sound of the waves on the sore and he smiled seeing how in awe you were.

About an hour into the date and after you had talked about your day and other stuff Scott got up looking at the water.

‘’Scott?’’ you asked as he breathed in the salty air, taking off his shirt. You stared as the muscles of his back flexed and he walked closer to the water.

‘’what are you doing ..?’[‘ you asked laughing. He turned to stare at you, taking off his pants and you blushed harder than ever trying not to avert your gaze from his eyes.

‘’I think I’ll go for a dive…’’ he smirked and turned his back to you again , walking even closer to the water.

You saw him , in his boxers, staring at the water and you smiled to yourself, waiting for him to get into the water. But he didn’t.

He slowly bent down and took of the only piece of clothing that was left on him.

‘’OH MY GOD !’’ you let out , bringing your hand on your eyes, and looking away. He let out a chuckle, entering the water.

‘’hey ! it’s warm !’’ he let you know as you waited a couple of minutes until he would be fully into the water to re open your eyes.

‘’good to know’’ you let out . God now you were thinking of his perfect bum. You wanted to go in there as well and he could hear your desire.

‘’it’ll be warmer if you joined me..’’ he smirked.

‘’ yeah if I pee…’’ you said and he laughed.

‘’I mean cause you’re hot y/n…’’ he smiled at you and you slowly got up.

‘’close your eyes’’ you instructed him and he obeyed as you stripped off of your clothes.

‘’okay they’re off now wait till I get into the water!’’ you said and he just opened his eyes , staring at you and smirking. As a reflex you ran into the water to hide yourself and he laughed.

‘’I TOLD YOU TO WAIT A-HOLE !’’ you said getting close enough to punch his head.

‘’yes. In the ending of a sentence that begun with<< okay they’re off now..>> can you blame me ?’’ he asked and you pecked his lips.



You always had a crush on Stiles and you had tried everything to get him to notice you. Dropping hints, spending hours before deciding what to wear, laughing at everything he said-not that you actually had to try for that one- but he just did not seem to get it.

One day you and Stiles, were hanging out at the beach. Scott was supposed to meet you but he hadn’t showed for an hour so you started thinking he might not come at all. To which you were thankful.

You talked and talked and talked with Stiles until the sun started coming down. You just stared at the water, the way the orange shades colored it, it was simply beautiful. You looked into Stiles’ honey brown eyes and saw the sun reflecting in them.

‘’you okay ?’’ he asked bringing you back to reality.

‘’what ? oh yeah ..yes,’’ you stared at the water and saw how the waves ended up on the sand. You took of your shoes, not fighting the urge to feel them. Stiles chuckled and followed your lead.

‘’are there crabs here ? y/n if I end up having some weird allergy from crab bites I am having my father arresting you. ‘’ he warned and you chuckled feeling the cool water against your skin. You ran your fingers through your hair and Stiles was the one to stare this time.

He scanned your body and watched the little droplets against your calves, the dry salt on your thighs. He took off his shirt and jeans.

‘’Let’s get in’’ he suggested and you turned to look at him laughing as he was struggling to undo his belt.

‘’ what? the sun will go down ! we’ll bloody freeze. ‘’ you chuckled.

‘’YAY I LOVE HARD NIPPLES !’’ he cheered in a high pitch voice and you playfully punched his head. He did not really believe you would ever agree, so his jaw dropped when you allowed the strands of your dress to slip off your shoulder, He stared at your every move as if his life depended on it.

‘’ oh my god this is …this is happening ..’’ he let out and you smiled getting into the water with your underwear. Stiles took off his t-shirt and run into it as well with his boxers.

After thrity minutes of singing part of your world and hair flipping you both started freezing and yes, Nipples got hard. Stiles tried not to stare but failed, and you smiled.

You got out of the water and realized you had no towels.

‘’great. We’ll just die’’ you said and he laughed rubbing your shoulders in an attempt to warm you.

Then you put on your dress and Stiles was about to say something when he saw you moving your feet. Your wet panties dropped to your ankles and you elegantly took off your bra.

While he just stood there, knowing you were completely naked beneath the cocktail dress you were wearing. He put on his shirt and jacket and then had to take off his boxers before putting on his pants.

‘’aren’t you gonna turn around ?’’ he asked.

‘’no I’m good. ‘’ you smirked.

‘’can you at least close your eyes?’’

‘’ah…will it make you feel less awkward?’’

‘’yes ..’’

‘’then no’’ you smirked and he sighed.

‘’alright alright but if you get to see the dinosaur I should see the peaches.’’ He pouted.

‘’oh my god are you a nine year old ?’’ you asked and he laughed. Of course he was only kidding , but his eyes widened when you allowed your dress to fall to your ankles as well.

He stared in awe.

‘’are you going to kiss me or should I wait for the crabs ?’’ you said and he shook his head blinking a few times before allowing his lips to peck yours.



You were walking your way home, along the beach when it started raining. You were already having a pretty bad day so you just stopped in your tracks and looked up, letting the rain drops fall onto your face.

‘’thanks big guy. Really, I appreciate it ‘’ you whispered to God and kept walking for about ten more minutes. You were a soaking mess, when you heard a car pulling over.

‘’HEY ! Y/N !’’ you heard Isaac’s voice.

‘’hello Isaac’’ you said straightly and kept walking in the rain as he run to you. He eventually caught up to you.

‘’hey,. What are you doing ?’’ he asked noticing your state.

‘’going home.’’ You replied.

‘’you’re pissed at something and really wet.’’ He said.

‘’you’re good at making observations. ‘’ you said sarcastically and he chuckled.

‘’why ?’’

‘’because it’s raining’’

‘’no ,. I mean why are you pissed ?’’ he kept walking with you , getting wet himself, as strands of his hair stuck to his forehead.

‘’get this.’’ You begun. ‘’ I’m working my ass off at part time after school and this lady comes and she is like hey I want to buy a dress to my daughter she is about your size might trying this on ? . so I try it on and then she is like no, it does not look similar you’re a bit too chubby.’’ You said and Isaac let out a loud laugh.

‘’well don’t laugh !’’ you said still pissed.

‘’okay okay. But now that you mentioned it, is it just me or is that third button of your shirt struggling a bit too much.’’ He said in order to mock you but you got even more pissed and started walking faster.

‘’oh come on y/n I was just joking !’’ he tried to excuse himself as the rain got heavier.

‘’apology declined. ‘’ you kept walking.

‘’I only said that cause your shirt is all wet and stuck on your body and the third button is holding back your purple bra which I can perfectly see by the way..’’

You stopped taking in what he had just said.

‘’so I’m not chubby ?’’ you raised an eyebrow.

‘’I can’t tell you that , I’ll have to see for myself’’ he said sarcastically but you did not hesitate you needed an objective male opinion. You took off your shirt and skirt and remained in your underwear.

Isaac stared at you.

‘’…woah..’’ he stared even harder.

‘’so ? am I chubby ?’’ you asked.

‘’yeah. In all the right places.’’ He said unable to take his eyes off of you.

You suddenly realized what you had done and were abou to pick up your clothes when Isaac started taking off his.

‘’what are you doing ?’’

‘’you mean what are we doing ? and the answer is we’re swimming !’’ he winked and walked closer to the beach as you followed him.

‘’ISAAC IT’S RAINING !’’ you said reaching up to him .

‘’good that means you’re already wet ‘’ he said slapping your ass softly to lead your towards the water.



‘’Y/N I am sure this counts as breaking in..’’ Liam whispered as you made your way to  the swimming pool.

‘’what makes you think that ?’’ you asked.

‘’uh I don’t know maybe it’s because it’ night and nobody else is here, or because we are whispering OR THE FACT THAT WE BROKE INTO THE SCHOOL !;’’

‘’well we’re not whispering anymore’’ you cheekily said.

‘’remind me why we’re doing this again ?’’ he asked you as you finally arrived at the pool.

‘’it’s called revenge. Hold this’’ you said handing him the bag with the sprays.

The school’s swimming pool was great. All besides one member. Your ex boyfriend Harry.

‘’please tell me you’re not going to poison the swimming pool..’’ Liam begged and you laughed.

‘’nah. I’ll just graffiti something mean about coach and sign it as Harry. ‘’ you said.

‘’that guy’s a dick’’ Liam added and you got to business. You made this huge image of coach naked and signed it as Harry, but by the time you were done you were both exhausted and sweaty.

You took a look at the swimming pool.

‘’DUNBAR !’’ you yelled and he dropped his spray(berry HAHAHAHH I’M SORRY)

‘’yes y/n ?’’ he said partly annoyed from all the hard work.

He walked closer to you as you were both now at the edge of the pool.

‘’you’ve ever gone skinny dipping ?’’ you asked smirking,

‘’ what is the answer that gets you to ask me to ?’’ he said and you smiled.

‘’this ‘’ you chuckled taking off all of your clothes. Liam stopped for a second taking in your image. God had you not just broken up he’d take you right then and there. He watched as your body sank in the chlorine water, your smooth skin contacting it. He wanted to touch you.

He took his clothes off as well but hesitated with his boxers.

‘’Relax it’s not like I haven’t seen a penis before’’ you joked.

‘’I believe I should lower your expectations’’ he shyly said causing you to chuckle and throw water on his boxers.

‘’hey !!’’ he whined.

‘’ooops. Now they have to come off. ‘’ you chuckled and he eventually took them off diving in.

‘’DUN DUN DUN DUNBARRR!’’ you announced as he entered and he laughed out loud.

‘’the things I do for you y/n…’’ he breathed out and you approached him wrapping your hands around his neck.

‘’ I can think of a few more..’’ you said and he gulped.

‘’I am sure you don’t mean it, It’s probably the recent break up’’ he said shaking his head and laughing.,

‘’or the fact that you’re naked against me..’’ you said.

‘’you’re naked against me too… you don’t see me making inappropriate suggestions !’’ he said and you laughed leaning closer your lips almost brushing against his.

‘’clearly one of us is the man here and it ain’t you’’ you chuckled aginst his lips.

Then you felt his erection against your thigh and he leaned in closing the distance.

‘’okay okay I take it back’ you said. Kissing him again.



You were in the woods with Derek running when he suddenly stopped shifting back into his normal form.

‘’Derek? What is-‘’ you were about to ask but then you looked to your  front to see him staring at a beautiful river-lake in the middle of the woods.

‘’ how come we’ve never seen this before ?’’ you asked and he shrugged his shoulders as you walked next to him.

Derek took off his shirt and rest of his clothes in a sudden move, slowly stepping into the water. You stared at the dimples that formed on his bum as he walked.

‘’aaaand you’re naked’’ you said.

‘’shouldn’t waste it’’ he answered as he disappeared under it. A minute later you saw him rising back to the surface. His hair slicked back from the water and drops all over his firm torso.

‘’ come in’’ he encouraged you but you denied. You knew your own limits. Being this close to a naked Derek was not gonna end up well.

‘’No I’m good thanks’’ you smiled sitting down at the banks of it.

‘’your loss’’ he commented and about five minutes later you saw him struggling.

‘’everything alright ?’’ you questioned

‘’yes I think- he was cut off by being dragged underwater.

‘’DEREK ?’’ you suddenly got up worried. He came out the water and shook his hands.

‘’I think something’s got my leg’’ was all he could say before being dragged beneath the surface again. You did not need to hear more.

You took off your jacket and run into the water, jumping right into it.You opened your eyes beneath it, searching for Derek you eventually had to come up for air.

When you did you opened your eyes.

Derek was behind you smirking.

‘’there is nothing grabbing your leg is there?’’ you said in realization..

‘take off your clothes y/n or I’ll take them off for you..’’ he whispered and you smirked as well.

‘’oh I dare you to try’’ you said and as he tried to get closer you splashed water all over him , the fight between you kept growing un til eventually he got close enough to grab both your hands and pull you close.

‘’you’ll be the death of me..’’ you whispered and he smirked.

‘’then you might as well let me kill you softly’’ he said leaning in to kiss you.



Skinny dipping with peter wasn’t really a choice , and it wasn’t really your fault.

Peter was still weak and conveniently captured by two hunters. When he howled you were one of the firsts to hear him so you rushed without even knowing why.

You hoped the rest of the pack would hear him as well and come hlp you but they were taking too long and you could hear Peter screaming in there. So you decided to enter anyway and try save him. Which you did, but after setting him free he grabbed you and started running into the woods with you.


‘’why are we running !?!?’’ you asked as you felt the wind slap your cheeks due to the speed, tree branches scratching and hurting you as he run.

‘’there’s three more of them. And apparently you were stupid enough to take them on your own instead of waiting for the others so congratu fucking lations. They’re after us’’ he said and kept running.

‘’i can’t believe I’m getting told off for saving your werewolf ass’’

Peter kept running dragging you behind him when all of a sudden he stopped.

‘’what’s wrong ?’’ you asked.

‘’I’m stuck..’’ he told you.

‘’what ? you tried getting closer but then you felt it too., Your legs sort of sinking. You looked down to see mud waters and heavy rocks. You tried moving your feet but you couldn’t. Peter’s black coat was getting too heavy due to the mad so he left it behind as he struggled.

‘’if I get bitten by a crocodile I’ll never forgive you Hale’’ you mumbled and you suddenly saw him making a few steps in the mud.

‘’how did you do that ?’’ you asked and he smirked.

‘’I took off my pants, they were heavy’’ he said and you raised an eyebrow in disbelief but then you unzipped your own and stepping out of them you were able to make a few steps being lighter.

‘’shit !’’ you said hearing the hunters approaching.

‘’SHOES. Take them off!’’ Peter told you and you followed his lead. With your shoes off you could move a few more steps. The water was up to your breasts but you could see the grass again,

Then you saw Peter taking off his –neck and finally making it to the other side.

You stared at his firm body covered in water and mud and you knew why you had tried to save him.

‘’COME ON THEY’RE CLOSE!’’ he said impatiently.

‘’I am not taking my shirt off in front of you Hale.’’ You argued.

‘’why ?’’ he questioned,

‘’cause..i..well I was going for sleep when I heard you howling so.i may not be wearing a bra..’’ you said embarrassed and he chuckled, turning to walk away , leaving you stuck in there,


‘’y/n if flashing me is worse than being murdered to you suit yourself. I am not staying for dinner when I know I’m the main course’’ he said walking away.

‘’fucking asshole’’ you cursed under your breath taking off your shirt and struggling your way out. Peter was way ahead of you so you were glad he would  not see you at least.

‘’I can hear them bouncing’’ he said to make you feel bad and it worked. You secured them against your hands as you kept walking and he smirked.

‘’I hate you’’ you said .

‘’gotta give me all you got y/n… ‘’ Peter said pushing a branch out of the way.

;’’cause I can take it’’ he smirked.

‘’fine. You twat. I saved you and instead of a thanks I get sexist comments about my boobs ?’’

‘’you’re the one who called me twat…’’ he turned to finally look at you and he blinked once.

Your hair were messy and slightly wet at their ends, Your thighs and waist covered In mud, the moonlight illuminating your body.

‘’ aaand now you’re thinking the dirty dirty’’ you announced being able to hear his heart beat. He got closer slapping your hands off of your chest, taking a good look at them and you gasped. He smirked.

‘’you’re thinking it too..’’ he said.

‘’are we just gonna think about it or- before you could finish your sentence his lips were on yours for a hungry kiss.

Seventeen going to the Pet Shop

Episode Seven: Where Seventeen visits the pet shop and Mingyu kidnaps a puppy

*at the dorm*

Joshua: “Hey Vernon can you listen to this song I came up with and tell me if it’s good?” *strums guitar*


Joshua: “What’s so funny?”


Joshua: “Hello?”

Seungkwan: “What are you watching?”

Vernon: “Oh hey kwan, look at this gif of this cat running into a box but it was too fat so its head got stuck HAHAHAHHA”

Joshua: “Did you just ignore me?”

Vernon: “Joshua, can you move your guitar so Seungkwan can sit?”

Joshua: *moves it reluctantly*

Joshua: “That phone’s got to go”

DK: “We should go to the pet shop, that day I was walking back to the dorm and a cute puppy toppled over because it fell asleep”

Mingyu: “Mingyu wants to see puppies!”

Jun: “That’s a surprise to say you want something else other than food” surprise

The8: “He’s going to ask for food the moment we step into the store”

Scoups: “Okay then we should go take a look, it’ll be nice to have a stress-free experience for once”

Woozi: “I wouldn’t be so quick to say it’s stress-free if I were you”

*at the pet shop*

Hoshi: “This hamster is me and I am the hamster”

Woozi: “Why would you be the hamster?”

Hoshi: “It is squishy and it is cute! Like me!”

Hamster: *Sqeak!*

Woozi: “Stop staring at it like that you’re scaring it with your face”

Hoshi: “Doesn’t it look like me Jihoonie?”

Woozi: “What an insult to the hamster”

Woozi: *walks away*

Mingyu: “Can we get a puppy? It’s so white and fluffy and I just want to cuddle with it AHHHHHHH”

Scoups: “WHAT? NO”

Mingyu: “WHY?!?!”

Scoups: “Because you can’t even take care of yourself and I’ll end up taking care of it! I already have 11 children excluding Jeonghan and if I add the puppy in and if the puppy has children…. I AM GOING TO LOSE MY MINDDDD”

Wonwoo: “If I had a puppy I’d name it Gyu”

Jun: “Gyu? You mean Jun?”

Wonwoo: “No I mean Gyu”

Mingyu: “But its staring at me like it’s saying ‘Take me home with you!’”

The8: “What on earth would you want a puppy for Mingyu? It’s not like you can eat it or anything”


The8: “Mingyu?”



Mingyu: “I know!”


Mingyu: “I’M NOT!!!” *frowns*

Scoups: “Question… If you all have children in the future… will I have to take care of them too?!?!”

DK: “Most probably”


DK: “What?”

Jun: “But Wonwoo if you name it Gyu, and if it’s going to be anything like Mingyu, all the puppy is going to do is bark for food 24/7, sneeze, sleep and jump on your bed until you give it more food”

Wonwoo: “But that’s so cute!” every mingyu stan

Scoups: “13 members times 1 children each is 13 grandchildren, plus 12 existing members excluding myself is 25, plus the puppy and it’s children-“

Mingyu: “But what if I want 10 kids hyung?”

Wonwoo: *blushes*

Hoshi: “Soonyoung wants 35”

Woozi: *chokes*

Woozi: “Not with me you’re not, I’m not having any kids with you”

Hoshi: “It’s a little early to be having this conversation but…. we don’t need to have kids to have a happy marriage” *clings onto woozi*

Woozi: “D-did you say marriage?!”

Scoups: *mumbles* “13 times 10 children each is 130 grandchildren plus 12 plus 1 puppy plus 10 baby puppies is….” mental breakdown

Scoups: “151?!”

DK: “Isn’t that Woozi’s height?”

Woozi: *clenches fist*

DK: “Bye I shall take my leave now”

Dino: “Chan wants a Dinosaur for a pet”

Jeonghan: “No sweetie, dinosaurs are extinct”

Dino: “What does extinct mean?”

Jeonghan: “Um…. Hmmm how should I tell you without scaring you.…”

Seungkwan: “It means they DIED, POOF gone, KABOOM, ALL OF THEM DEAD BOOMM” *makes dying noises*

Dino: “They…. They….. died?” *cries*

Jeonghan: “It’s okay sweetie, even if they weren’t gone, it’s too dangerous to keep one anyways”

Dino: “Why is it dangerous?”

Seungkwan: “That’s because they have sharp RAZOR set of teeth that will LUNGE and RIP YOUR PUNY LITTLE HEAD OFF YOUR SMALL BODY AT THEIR FIRST GLANCE OF YOU LIL’ CHAN” *angelic smile*

Dino: *traumatised*

Jeonghan: “Thanks Seungkwan, that was SO helpful”

Seungkwan: “You are very welcome” *flips hair*

Mingyu: “Mingyu still wants that puppy”

Scoups: “I already told you, no”

Mingyu: “But I already named the puppy!”

Vernon: “What did you name it?”

Mingyu: “Cheetos”


Mingyu: “It was the most delicious pack of chips I’ve ever eaten, what would you know about high-end food Hansol?”

Vernon: “One, I’ve tried Cheetos. Two, Cheetos are not high-end they only cost like six to seven bucks for the giant pack”

Scoups: “Okay whatever it is, I didn’t ask you to name that puppy”

Mingyu: “I can’t let the puppy go!” *hugs puppy*

Scoups: “Well, let it go now”

Mingyu: “Don’t listen to that grumpy old man Cheetos, he is an animal hater!”

Scoups: “Wha- Grumpy old man?! Who are you calling old???”

Seungkwan: “Don’t forget grumpy”

Scoups: “Is this what I get for raising you all? You guys are awful kids how could you call me OLDDDD!!!”

Vernon: “No offense hyung but you’re kinda old”


Vernon: “What? I said no offense…”

*back at the dorm*

Scoups: “Alright guys, I’m gonna go shower first, let’s have a team meeting after this”

Mingyu: *takes Cheetos out from under his shirt*

Mingyu: “Welcome home Cheetos!”

Cheetos: “Woof!”

Wonwoo: “Is that what I think it is?”

Cheetos: “Woof!” *runs into the wall and whimpers*

Jun: “Wow… it’s exactly like his owner”

Wonwoo: “Cute?”

The8: “I will not question your taste”

Jun: “I mean ‘not-so-smart’ but whatever floats your boat my dear Wonwoo”

Dino: “Did you kidnap the puppy hyung? That’s illegal!”

Seungkwan: “Coups hyung is going to freak out”

Mingyu: “Oh hush Divaboo, Coups hyung will never find out if we all keep it a secret”

Vernon: “How are we going to keep this a secret? It barks every 3 seconds”

Jeonghan: “I’m so telling on you guys” *crosses arm*

Mingyu: “Jeonghan hyung don’t be such a party pooper”

Cheetos: *poops*

Jeonghan: “I believe your puppy’s the one who is pooping”

Hoshi: “Imagine if it’s poop is shaped like cheetos though”

Joshua: “Please put that thought back from where it came from” 

The8: “Oh god I’m not cleaning after it”

Seungkwan: “Please control your fluffy thing Mingyu”

Mingyu: “Bad puppy!”

Cheetos: “Woof?” 

Woozi: “I heard barking” *walks into the room*


Hoshi: “Come back Jihoon we haven’t finished discussing our marriage!” *runs after woozi*

Woozi: “Tell him where I am and you die, got it?”

DK: *nods head*

Woozi: *hides in seokmin’s closet*

Hoshi: “Woozi…. Woozi? Where are you my love?”

Hoshi: “Hey DK have you seen my Woozi?”

DK: “Um….” *breaks into cold sweat*

DK: “Huh? Who? Oh you mean that short dude?” *shifts eyes from side to side*

Hoshi: “How many Woozi’s do you know?”

DK: “Um… I have no clue where he is but, I um…. definitely know that he isn’t in my closet that’s for sure!”

Woozi: *facepalms*

Mingyu: “Try this boy, it’s Cheetos!”

Jun: “What the heck Mingyu! Are you trying to turn it into a cannibal?”

Vernon: “Technically it’s needs to be dog meat for it to be a cannibal”

Cheetos: *nibbles and pukes*

Seungkwan: “I’m guessing it hates it”

Cheetos: *runs out into the living room*

Cheetos: *bites on the sofa and the cushions*

Wonwoo: “Um Mingyu…..”

Mingyu: “Woah boy, not the cushions”

Cheetos: *rips the cushions and sofa apart*

Dino: “That was my favourite cushion….”

Scoups: *comes out from shower*

Scoups: “Hey guys is it me or do I hear-“



Mingyu: “Why do you have to always assume that it’s me?? It could be Seokmin or Seungkwan!”

Scoups: “Because I just know it”

DK: “I am such a good child, I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Woozi: “Now that’s just pushing it a little too far”

Scoups: “I don’t care what you say Mingyu, you kidnapped the little puppy from the store! We are returning him tomorrow”

The8: “I can start writing a list of your crimes and it’s enough to put you behind bars”

Mingyu: “Not helping Minghao….”

Scoups: “Look at our living room! It’s a mess! And what is that smell? Do I even want to know?”

Mingyu: *hugs puppy* “Goodbye my bag of chips”

Vernon: “Hey wait a minute guys did you see my phone? DID I LEAVE IT AT THE PET SHOP??”

Jeonghan: “Phone? Oh is it the thing that Cheetos’ is gnawing on?”

Vernon: *shooked*


Joshua: *internal evil laughs*

Vernon: “Dammit it’s gone…. First my Macbook now my phone…. WHY WORLD WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO AN INNOCENT CHILD????”

Joshua: “Good puppy” *pats head*

masterlist ✨

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anonymous asked:

A written version of the pregnant reaction thing would be cute, if you have time!

Yup :)




“What? Like a kid. Wow… WOW! YES! I DID SOMETHING! God, this is the greatest accomplishment of my life! I can’t believe this. Wait say it again please, I need to be sure,”,


“Wait what did you say? A kid? I’m still a kid! Okay, don’t think I’m gonna hate the kid doll. You are pregnant. Wow. I don’t hate it, I just don’t like it at all and it’s terrible. Whatever, at least your boobs are gonna get bigger,”


“Oh. Woah. Um, okay. This doesn’t seem so bad. I mean I’m no stranger to raising kids and the kid is going to have a great mother. Yeah… this isn’t that bad at all,”






“What did you just say? So how- does that mean? So are we going to have to like, come up with two names, a first and a second? Also, are we gonna have to decide godparents? Oh, my god, I am going to be a dad. Like, I’m actually going to have a son. Wait, I am right? To be completely honest, I have no idea what’s going on but I’m excited!”

How would Jungkook confess

-let’s be honest…it wouldn’t be easy

-there’s no way he would let even the slightest bit of his feelings show even though everyone in the radius of 100 meters notices them until he’s 100% sure you like him back

-and that means a long process of ‘’observing’’ your actions and behavior

-of course, that is something that is supposed to not be noticed by you…but it proved to be harder than you thought to pretend not to see his constant so called ‘’casual, non interested stares’’

-after a while it would be pretty clear that the poor boy failed to notice the difference between the ‘i’m so in love with you that i can’t look at anything but you even if i try’’ stare and the ‘’i just happened to look at you when you look at me’’ one

-or he was doing it on purpose…you never knew with Jungkook

-it also seem that he didn’t quite understand Jin’s lesson about seducing smiles 

-it miraculously seemed to work on stage…but unfortunately not in your presence which drove usually calm Jin crazy

-the day when you sat beside him and he froze, not even hearing Yoongi asking him about that day’s practice because WOW you were eating ice cream and that proved to be kind of distracting…

-anyway…that day was the day Jin was like ‘’enough of this’’..maybe due to the fact that he was distracted by the poor boy being hopelessly distracted BY YOU 

-and that meant his ice cream was in danger of melting while he was busy trying to give signals to Jungkook…and that is kind of unacceptable?!

-his next words hit Jungkook like a train ‘’(Y/N), Jungkook has something to tell you, right Jungkook?’’

-’’Woah…um, I don…I don’t. No, I actually do! Your…um, your ice cream is melting.’’ 

-by the time he finishes the sentence he would be so red in the face that you would have trouble trying to understand how the hell does he remains so calm and cool on the stage when he just stuttered the word ICE CREAM!!

-while you side-eyed Jin who was excitedly winking finally relieved and proud of his act as a matchmaker and finally able to focus on his ice cream and you decided to end this awkward situation

-’’Doesn’t matter! If it melts you’ll go with me to get another one, right?’’, ‘’Yeah…I will.’’, ‘’Even if it doesn’t…’’, ‘’WE CAN STILL GO ON A DATE TOMORROW RIGHT?’’

-by the way he said it it was obvious that he was ready to brush it off as a joke as soon as the words leave his mouth

-but he wasn’t as quick as you, ‘’Why not? Pick me up at 10′’, you continued eating your ice cream ignoring his shocked expression and the sight of Jin and Yoongi rolling on the floor

-when his shocked expression still haven’t had shown any sings of disappearing you lifted you head and sent him a smile, ‘’Don’t be late!’’

-even tomorrow when he picked you up he still looked like he wasn’t sure if that was actually happening…but he still had an ear-to-ear smile that almost blinded you when you open the door

i also really want to get into mmos but i am terrified of other humans judging me and playing solo seems like it would defeat the point??

like i really want to get into overwatch bc i love lucio and roadhog and symmetra and mei (who is my v good friend btw) and sombra but if i wanted to drop £40 on a game i’m too terrified to play i’d just buy literally any horror game

Imagine seeing Black Panther for the first time, and being so flustered you can’t fight

“Uh-um woah. I was not- uh… No. No. No. NO. NOPE.” You scrambled to a stop, face flushing bright red. You scrambled backward, turning your view of the airport to find someone else to beat-up.

“Matt- where are you going?!” Steve yelled, running to fight T’challa instead of you.

“Not in that direction! I’ll pick another one, thank you!”

Telling The Team (Spencer Reid Imagine)

prompt: the different ways the team finds out about you and spencer dating. little bit of fluff. no, a lot of fluff. but really fun.

warning: light swearing, mention of sex, fluff

paring: spencer reid x reader

word count: 2100 words woot woot

yay enjoy!!! x epatts

Spencer grabbed your hand gently, offering a small smile before entering Hotch’s office.

It had been about a month and a half or so of you two dating, and he figured it was time to tell Hotch, despite your worries. 

“He’s going to fine out eventually, Y/N,” he said.

“Exactly! So why does it have to be today?” you groaned, your head in his lap. 

He laughed lightly as he curled your hair around his finger, “You’re lucky your cute.”

That was a two weeks ago, and he had finally broken you down after desperately explaining that the longer you waited, the more unhappy Hotch would be. 

Now, it wasn’t that you didn’t want to go public with your relationship. God, you did. You wanted nothing more than to hold his hand on the jet, or kiss the crease between his forehead during particularly difficult cases, you just didn’t - well, you didn’t want it to be ruined. 

You were petrified that Hotch would inflict his “no dating in the Bureau” rule (to which Spencer reminded you how unlikely that would be, seeing as Garcia and Kevin were getting along just fine). 

Still, you held your breath as you walked into Hotch’s office.

He was at his desk, buried in paperwork. At the sound of his door opening, however, his eyes darted up. They crossed your faces, then dropped to your intertwined hands.

Slowly, a smirk rose to his lips. 

“I knew it. Rossi owes me twenty dollars,” he said, going back to his paperwork.

You jaw dropped. This was not the Hotch you knew. Turning towards Spencer, you saw a slight smile on his lips, making your mouth open even further.

Unable to stop yourself, you blurted out, “Excuse me?”

Hotch’s eyes traveled back to your face, and he let out a rare, airy laugh. 

“You couldn’t have thought I didn’t know about this? Y/N, I’m a leader of a profiling team. I’m trained to know these things,” he explained. 

You nodded slowly, but before you could respond, Spencer beat you to it, saying, “So we’re good? It’s okay?” 

Hotch nodded immediately, but then his normal, stern face returned. 

“As long as it doesn’t interfere with your jobs or while we’re in the field, I don’t see why not.”

Spencer muttered a thank you, and before you could say something stupid, he pulled out of the office. 

“Told you we had nothing to worry about,” he winked before placing a quick kiss to your flushed cheek. 

He laughed to himself as he walked away, your eyes still wide and your mouth still agape. 

What. The. Heck.

It was months later and the two of you had been going stronger than ever.  Telling the team was the most fun. Well, the team finding out. You two never specifically said that you were dating, your relationship would just show through sometimes.

For instance, when JJ found out, Henry was playing with you while Reid and JJ watched from their desks. Spencer, entirely distracted from his work at the sight of his incredibly girlfriend playing with his adorable godson had him in a puddle. His eyes were essentially swimming with love.

After calling his name a few time, when Reid didn’t snap out of his daze, JJ followed his gaze to you, a brilliant smile on your lips. 

Her eyes traveled back to Spence, then back to you, before blurting out, “How long?”

While this snapped him out of one daze, the look of pure terror that was written across his face made you and JJ laugh. SO she turned to you and repeated the question, “How long?”

You shrugged, standing up and walking over to them, as Henry had run to see Morgan and Garcia. 

You place a hand on his shoulder to which he, on-instinct, lifted and laced your fingers together. 

“About, three-ish months?” you said, looking down at him for confirmation.

“Three months, four days, 19 hours.” he said. 

(Yes, that would usually be weird to anyone but you two. He’s got an eidetic memory - what do you want him to do?)

You laughed and pressed a kiss to his cheek. 

JJ’s mouth was agape and she shook her head slightly, “I wish I could say this was a surprise, but honestly, it makes so much more sense.”

Now, Garcia finding out was easily the most intense. It was sort of like Fetty Wap meets Twenty One Pilots meets Panic! At The Disco. Insane. Ridiculous. Deadly.

She had been walking back from her lunch break with Derek, sipping on some power shake in her hand. Her blonde curls bounced along, falling down her floral pink blouse. 

Garcia was humming to some song when she reached for the door to her Bat Cave.

Opening it, she did not expect what she saw.

Before her was none other than Dr. Spencer Reid gripping your waist as he pushed you against a table. You eagerly responded to the kiss, wrapping an arm around his neck, pulling him closer. 

He had just begun to nip at your neck when a gasp came from the other side of the door, where Garcia stood with wide eyes.

“Wow. Wow, uh, wow! Woah, um, I’m gon- I’ve gotta yeah. Wow, okay. Wow,” she rambled off, turning her body away from you, then back.

“Okay, um. Wow. I, wow.” 

You rarely saw Garcia at a loss for words but the utter shock riddled along her face made you almost giggle.

Spencer tried to cover, “I’m…uh, we were just… I was just -” 

You stopped him.

“I’m sorry, Garcia. We were just… ah, you know,” you tried, a blush flushing your cheeks pink. 

Garcia shook her head slightly, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me,” she paused, “What the hell! Why didn’t you tell me?” Her joy for the two of you was quickly fading into an angry disappointment, and so you tried to help.

“Garcia, hold on, we, uh -”

“Yeah, we just couldn’t like…” Spencer tried, making the two of you look at each other.

Both embarrassed, you cracked a smile, causing Garcia to begin walking forward and separating you two with waving hands.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! This is all too cute. No cute while work, cute after. Now out,” she ushered, but not before yelling over to Prentiss, “Em! I just caught Reid and Y/N making out in my cave!” 

Emily’s jaw dropped, making you face palm. 

“This is why we didn’t tell you…” you grumble at Garcia, however, unable to keep the grin off your face, ignored your frustration and abashment and grabbing Spencer’s hand, walked proudly from her office.

…besides, the teasing would come for sure, so you figured it was better to be strong now.

Rossi had invited the team to a dinner at his house. He had gone on during the entire case about this vodka sauce he had a dream about making, had finally perfected it, and now wanted everyone to try.

After the jet had landed, it was only 3:30, so Rossi had told everyone to get some rest then be at his place by seven. 

The day you left for the case, Spence had driven you to work. So, both exhausted, you decided it would be best to just go lie down at one of your apartments. While, yes, usually “lie down” meant something much different than sleeping, the two of you were barely awake driving home. Upon arrival at your apartment, his hand lazily wrapped around your waist, you unlocked the door and stumbled in.

Immediately, you trudged over to your dresser, pulling out one of his old tee shirts, but rather than giving it to him, slipped it over your own body. It fell long, so you groggily kicked off your slacks while you drew the curtains. Spence had already taken off his shoes, button-up, and trousers, leaving him in a white undershirt and his boxers. He climbed into bed, motioning for you to join him.

You wrapped yourself in blankets, falling asleep in his arms as you listened to his heart beat.


You woke to the ring of a phone. Quickly getting out of bed, you picked up the iPhone from the table, slipping into the living room to answer it.

“Hello?” you tried to whisper.

“Reid, where are -” Rossi nearly yelled into the phone, causing you to shudder, still exhausted.

“Y/N?” he asked, just as the other phone on the desk began to ring. Spencer, coming out of bed answered it while rubbing a hand down his face, trying desperately to wake himself up.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Yeah?” you responded, back to Rossi.

“I called Spencer’s phone…” he answered, making your eyes go wide before he continued, “Wait! Dammit. Now I owe Hotch money.”

As your head shot up to look at the brunette in front of you, he bit his lips, and rubbing the back of his next spoke, “Uh… It’s Prentiss. She wants to know why I answered your phone.”

You swallowed hard, offering the phone in hand to him, “It’s Rossi… He wants to know why answered your phone.”

Spencer laughed lightly.

“We weren’t very good at keeping this a secret, were we?” he asked.

You shook your head, hanging up the phone on both Rossi and Emily. 

“Well, I guess it just means I can do this,” you said, squeezing his bum gently, making him jump, “In public,” you finished.

He let out a shaky breath, “I don’t know if you should do that in public, regardless of whether or not you being my girlfriend a secret,” he trailed off.

You smirked before taking his hand in your and leading him back to bed, “C’mon, we can have pasta next week. Now, let’s just be here.”

He nodded, snuggling up to you, pressing a kiss to your forehead before falling back to sleep.

When Morgan found out, you had never laughed harder until that moment. 

Hand in hand, you and Spencer walked into the BAU with coffees in hand. You two had just had a “five minute date.” It was like a compromise with your job; allowing you to still do cute coupley things in your ever so busy schedules. 

Spencer had just rattled off some statistic that made you roll your eyes.

In turn, he smiled and squeezed your hand gentle before pressing the elevator button with the back of his hand in order to refrain from spilling the scolding liquid.

Getting in together, you pressed the close button. However, just as the doors were about to shut, a hand stopped them, forcing the to open again. Morgan.

“Hey, guys,” he said breathlessly, like he had run to catch the elevator.

You smiled at him before turning to Reid, “Want to come over tonight?” you offered.

You watched as the wheels turned in his brain like a machine as he mentally ran through his calendar before nodding with a grin.

“I want to work a little bit on the lecture I’m giving at MIT next week, but I can be there around eight thirty, quart of?”

“As long as ice cream is okay for dinner,” you teased.

“As long as I’m with you,” he mumbled, leaning in to press a kiss to your lips. Just as they were about to touch yours, Morgan yelled.

“What the hell?” he scoffed, bewilderment sewed throughout this face.

At that moment, with mouths agape, you and Spencer were sent into a fit of giggles. 

“W-what is going on?” he asked, growing more confused each aching second, “This is ridiculous.”

Gasping for air, Spencer tried to explain, but the impending laughs were too much to allow for any word to be deciphered. After stumbling out the elevator doubled over in giggles, you finally began to let some words escape properly. 

“Spence… and I… have been dati… dating… for like four months!” 

Morgan’s eyes went wide.

“The whole team but you figured it out!”

Derek’s mouth dropped like the beat, before turning around and walking away, completely dumbfounded. 

“I can’t believe it took him so long to figure out,” Spencer said, finally beginning to gain his composure back. 

“I wish I could say the same, but it took him ages to realize Hotch’s full name was actually Hotchner,” you said before walking back to your desk.

Title; younow crashes

Description; Dan’s wearing Phil’s hoodie during a younow and finds a ring in one of the pockets.

Wordcount; 800+

A/N; A prompt I got from someone, I dont remember who, but I thought it was freaking great so I wrote it. Jeez I can’t believe 15days is coming to an end soon.

15 days of drabbles; day 14

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askundertalecharlottedavid  asked:

Charlotte pops her head out from her open portal as she looks around then she calls with happy tone saying "hello?~ anyone home? Don't mind me to come to visit you guys hehehe" she smiles as she waited for a reply

Staff stepped back in surprise as Charlotte’s head suddenly popped out of a portal beside the baton, surprising him. “Woah! Oh, um… Hi, there, Charlotte. Long time no see.”

oh no Willow don’t cry. Yes, good job Tara, you go comfort the hell outta this little gi-…woah…they’re kinda close together…uh, I’m likin’ this. TARA DID YOU JUST CALL HER DARLING? Yes yes okay I like it. Willow’s still crying. Woah is Tara leaning in? woah wowowowowowow um okay WOAH OKAY THAT’S KINDA INTENSE OH MY GOD WOW I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS AMAZINGNESS DO IT AGAIN PLEASE YOU TWO ARE MY FAVORITE COUPLE OMG I CANT BELIEVE THE NETWORK ALLOWED THIS YAASSS YOU GO JOSS WHEDON!!!!
—  me watching the buffy “The Body” kiss for the first time
Falsities and Flustered Weasleys

Requested: Can you do an imagine where George ask you to pretend to be his girlfriend for whatever reason, but it’s cause he really secretly likes you but didn’t know how to tell you?

‘Quick, hide me!’

I heard the voice before I saw the flash of fiery-red hair racing towards me down the corridor. I stumbled slightly to the left. George grabbed my arm lightly, swung himself around so that he was behind me and made me slightly dizzy.

‘What the–?’ I started to ask, but before I could finish George had pulled me into a tight hug, burying his head in my shoulder. I could feel him shaking with silent laughter, but as a group of gaggling girls went past they didn’t blink an eye in our direction.

Realisation dawned on me, and as soon as I saw the hem of the last girl’s robes disappear around the corner I sighed.

‘It’s all right, George, they’re gone,’ I told him, barely keeping the amusement out of my voice.

He gave a sigh of relief before pulling away, ruffling his hair slightly. ‘Thanks for that,’ he said, and there was a slight flush to his cheeks.

I tilted my head slightly, raising an inquiring eyebrow. ‘And that was about…?’

George wetted his lips lightly, looking slightly awkwardly down at his shoes. ‘They’ve been following me and Fred all week,’ he said, sounding exasperated. ‘It was nice initially, you know?’

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Hey Jude - Part 2

Title: Hey Jude (Part 2)

Pairing:Daughter!Reader x Dean; Uncle!Sam

Words: 3,000 ish

Warnings: Angst (sorry), light swearing if any

Request: Sk8rwolfy - Something different you might like. Dean had a daughter (the reader) and a girlfriend , but when the reader was around three she noticed a weird drawing on her dad’s arm (The Mark of Cain) and how Dean was being abusive towards her mother and herself. But after a long night of her mother and father arguing , the mother just decides that Dean needs to leave. So Dean gets a five minute goodbye with the reader where he promises he will come back for her.  Okay so part 2 , it’s been years since Dean has seen or heard from his daughter (the reader) so eventually decides to track her down until he finds her , now thirteen , in an orphanage (whatever reason you want , most likely her mom gave her up or she passed away) and Dean tried to apologize for not being around , they talk for a while , and as Dean is about to leave because he thinks the reader will never be able to forgive him , she just hugs him and says “I love you , you came back for me.”

A/n: I cut this part into two, so yes, there’s going to be a third. It was kind of getting rediculously long. Probably about 7k words if I were to keep the part as a whole.

Feel free to tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy! Also, sorry for the angst. It’s gonna get better, I promise! Well, half the next part is angst, too, in some ways, more so. BUT IT WILL END WELL. PROMISE. CROSS MY HEART. HOPE TO — Actually, I don’t think I’ll finish that sentence. I think I’m done rambling now. Enjoy!

Song Inspiration: “Hey Jude” by The Beatles

Part 1


Sunlight is just starting to peak over the horizon in a heavenly blush. You shield your eyes from it’s bright rays with your hand, but the brilliant light still glows through your fingernails and the cracks between your fingers and licks warmly upon your skin. Your cheeks, like the sunrise, are blushing of their own accord, but not from the beginning of something great, but from the end of something that could’ve been. Tears have long since left streaks where the saltwater once ran hot and fresh, but now, all that’s left is a dry, stiff reminder and a headache that throbs painfully at the front of your forehead. It’s like you can feel your heart beating all the way in your skull. And it hurts.

You stagger up to the front door, not bothering to go around to the window you used to leave. With a weak, tired hand, you knock. And only a second after your first strike against the wood, the door flies open, and your mother rushes out to you. You brace yourself for the onslaught of her wrath, her scolding, but instead of threats and a couple of hard slaps to the face, you get the warmest, most comforting, envelopment of hugs. You stand stiffly, stunned. You though she’d be mad at you. Why isn’t she mad at you?

“Why aren’t you mad at me?” you ask in a small voice. Your mother pulls away to face you, smoothing the loose hairs away from in front of your eyes.

“I am mad.” she says. “But I’m also glad that you’re safe.” She softly runs a hand down to cup your chin, cupping it a little firmly while still remaining gentle. “Now, pull something like that again, and I might not be so forgiving.” she finishes sternly. You nod quickly, remembering your run in with Sam and Dean earlier, and your head starts to hurt more.

“Don’t worry, Momma,” you softly reply, saddened. “It won’t happen again.”


Mom helps you into the house. Scout trots in beside you, equally as happy to be home to see the wonderful other person he lives with again. Although you’re practically dead on your feet, right now, frankly, a hot meal sounds awesome. Mom makes you eggs and toast, humming a tune to herself that only she knows while standing over the stove. After she dishes the eggs onto a plate and sets your toast down gently beside it, there’s a knock at the door.

“Did you find some trouble while you were out and about?” she asks with a small smile, but her voice gives way to her worry. You shrug your shoulders as you lift a piece of toast to your lips and take a small bite.

Trouble’s probably long gone by now.

Mom leaves the kitchen while she heads to the front door to investigate, leaving you to nibble on your breakfast alone. Your eyes dart to the clock on the oven. It’s barely after six. Who’d be doing business this early?

Suddenly, your mom hurriedly walks back down the hall — completely avoiding the kitchen — and turns the corner into her bedroom. Curious, you hop out of your chair and walk a few feet towards her bedroom.

“Mom?” you call. “You gonna get that?”

She rushes out seconds later holding something large and long in her hands, a mix of brown wood and hard metal. You easily identify it right away.

“You own a shotgun? We own a …” Alarm bells ring loud in your head as you trail after her, sore bare feet slapping loudly on the floor as you try and catch up to her before she can reach the door. “Mom!”

Immediately, she stops in her tracks and whirls back around to face you.

“Y/n!” she hisses. The sudden change in her behavior takes you by surprise and causes you to shrink back. It’s all part of one, really — her personality. From loving, sweet, caring, understanding mother — to mother-bear come-near-me-or-my-child-and-I’ll-maim-you kind of mother — you know — with a shotgun. So although she was kind of harsh, you know that deep down she ultimately means well.

You don’t say anything, taking the hint from her warning that you should stay back, far away from sight. Still, you’re more than curious as to who — or what — could possibly summon such a dormant part of your mother to the surface. The most protective part, at that.

Silently, you edge backwards until you’ve rounded the corner, then, still curious, you poke your head out from around it and look towards the door at your mom, who turns her head to flash you a wary look before balancing the gun in one hand while she unlocks the front door with the other. The door squeals as she opens it, and once she’s got it wide enough for her foot, she let’s go of the handle and allows her foot to open it the rest of the way, so she can man the shotgun with both hands.

“Hi, um — Oh — Woah, okay … ” The sound of the voice suddenly makes you perk up with interest as you recognize it almost immediately. You don’t come all the way out of hiding just just yet, though. You’re more curious as to why Mom’s so hostile towards Dean — and Sam — who you now see standing a few steps behind him.

Your mother shifts the position of the shotgun in her hands, still holding it pointed directly at Dean’s chest.

“You have to the count of five to tell me what you’re doing back here before I blow you full of holes,” she threatens venomously, voice low. “One … ”

“Oh, uh … ”

“Three … ” She cocks the gun. “Five —”

“For christsake, woman, hold your friggin’ horses,” Dean says, bravely pushing the barrel of the gun away. The movement just so happens to bring his eyes away, past your mom and into the house, and when he sees your blonde head of hair peaking out from behind the corner, his brows raise.

Your mom can only guess what he’s looking at, seeing the recognition cross over his face, and steps over to block his view.

“No,” she says sternly, shaking her head hard. “You don’t just get to come back after all this time. I don’t care if you’re terminal and trying to make amends, you do not get to come back here, you hear me?”

Dean ignores her. “Y/n?” He calls past her to you.

Slowly, hesitantly, you slink out of hiding. Your mother turn’s her head to look at you, and she watches dumbfounded as you start to approach, a somewhat guilty expression on your face.

“Hi, Dean…Sam,” you greet, offering an awkward wave as you shuffle forward sheepishly, like a dog caught with their tail in between their legs.

“You – You know who these people are, Y/n?” Mom asks.

“Well, yeah,” you shrug, casually trying to brush it off. “My dad and his brother.” You smile at Sam. “My uncle.”

“Uncle?” Your mother blinks. She crosses her arms, turning her gaze to Dean. “Dean never told me you had an uncle.” she says, a bit accusingly.

Under her burning, white-hot gaze, Dean looks down guiltily.

“It may’ve — you know — slipped my mind?” he replies weakly, scratching the back of his neck.

Your mom stares at him from underneath dangerously hooded eyes, and for a second you think she’s trying to burn a hole in him. Wanting to end this horribly bad mood, you clasp your hands together.

“Breakfast,” you suggest, plastering on an enthusiastic smile. “Who’s hungry?”

After a bit of silent pleading with your mom through a series of puppy dog looks, an ability you apparently share with Sam, she reluctantly agrees to let the two Winchester men into the house but only after insisting that it only be for breakfast.

“What d’you guys want?” she asks, a little tensely as she jerks open the refrigerator door. I’ve got eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes … Anything sound good?”

“Uh, whatever you feel like making is fine,” Dean replies lightly, holding a fresh cup of steaming hot coffee in his hands. You hand a second cup to Sam, who mutters his thanks, and hesitantly open your mouth to speak.

“So, Dean – or Dad … ”

Dean nods his head. “Dad’s — Dean’s fine,” he says, only correcting himself after receiving a rather nasty glare from your mom.

You can hardly contain your eye-roll. “So, Dean,” You watch your mom heave a sigh out of the corner out of your eye, and barely manage to hide your smug expression before returning your full attention to Dean. “What brings you to our town in the middle of nowhere?”

Dean freezes mid-sip, and his gaze darts over to Sam. Slowly, Dean lowers his mug.

“Just business,” he replies coolly. Vaguely.

“What kind of business?”

“Y/n,” Mom warns, almost scoldingly. Apparently, you’re being nosey. You ignore her, much too curious to care, and look expectantly at Da – er – Dean.

He scratches the back of his neck. “Just some odd jobs — Extermination, mostly.”

You scrunch up your nose. “Sounds … Fun.”

“You have no idea.” Sam mutters.


“Nothing,” Dean finishes, looking at Sam with a stern gaze, sending him a strong, silent warning. Kind of like the pass of a note: be careful what you say. Sam only returns a simple shrug as he lifts his own mug to his lips. Dean huffs quietly and turns back to you.

Their secretive glanced and silent communications continue throughout their entire visit, wrapping you in a robe of curiosity and wonder. Clearly, they’ve got some things they aren’t telling you, but that’s okay. It’s only a matter of time before you find out. You always do. One way or another.

Stomach now full, you set down your fork and lean back in your chair.

“Breakfast was awesome,” Dean says from where he sits across from you at the kitchen table. His sentence ends on an influx, like he’s about to follow it with something, perhaps your mom’s name, but for some reason, at the exact moment where someone would normally say it, Dean conveniently takes a large drink of his coffee. Swallowing the name. You raise your brow. Odd.

Besides you, the only other person who seems to notice Dean’s avoidance of such a simple thing, is Sam, but he only gives his brother a two-second glance, and then he’s back to quietly eating his eggs. Also odd.

The more time passes, the more aware you are that the Winchesters won’t be leaving as soon as originally planned, especially since you may may not’ve stolen — er — borrowed a very important looking part from underneath the hood of their car when you thought no one was looking, and quietly snuck it up to your bedroom to hide it in a box at the back of your closet. How very diabolical of you.

Dean has yet to try to start his car, so the discovery of the missing part has yet to be made.Whenever the time comes that he does eventually try to start it, hopefully he won’t come to suspect any fowl play in the mistreatment of his car. Now that you think about it, taking a valuable, possibly irreplaceable car part from a man you’ve really only just met might not actually be the smartest thing you’ve ever done, and you’ve done a lot of really stupid things in the last thirteen years of your existence. For all you know, Dean could have a really, really bad temper, and stealing that one measly car part might just — you know — set him off. And he was really, really vague about his job, like, he could be a friggin’ ax murder for all you know or something.

Oh, God, you’re gonna die. You’re gonna die. And you haven’t even had your first kiss yet.

Well, crap.

This is what you get for acting before you think, you know. The whole “shoot first, ask questions later”, the sort of philosophy you live by, is actually gonna come back to bite you in the butt. God, you’re an idiot.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Nervously, you bite at your fingernails, a horribly bad habit that you’d thought you’d gotten over months ago. But unfortunately it has, of course, resurfaced once again as your incurable restlessness and near constant need to throw yourself into sticky and potentially dangerous situations, such as your most recent offenses — sneaking out last night, as well as today’s intrusion — stealing a piece of Dean’s car — have only lead to an increase in anxiety and a probable decease in your overall life-expectancy. At this rate, you doubt you’ll make it to thirty before Karma catches up to you. Probably not even twenty.

Probably not even the end of today.

You, your mom, and the Winchesters sit around in the living room a little while later, and not very many words are exchanged during this time. The tv holds most everyone’s attentions, quite willing so; the chatter of some news reporter overcasts much of the heavy tension and heavy awkwardness that still hangs in the air like a thick fog between your half of the family and theirs, your half being just you and your mom, what you’re used to.

Out of the corner of your eye, for the last half hour or so, you’ve occasionally been glancing between your mom and Dean, trying to see who would break the ice again first — her or him. At a commercial break, after feeling a wave of exhaustion hit you like a truck, you get up from your seat and quickly mumble an excuse before heading to your bedroom. The minute you’re gone from sight, as Mom and Dean must’ve assumed to be out of ear-shot, you begin to hear the start of their conversation, although by the sound of the quickly rising voices, it isn’t a very pleasant one. As you lay in bed, their voices spill through the walls and the cracks around your door, stressed and distressed, and it takes you much longer than it should to fall asleep.


Your door opens, the sound stirring you from your heavy slumber. You hear heavy boots cross the floor and you slowly open your eyes.

By the sound of the footsteps, you’d guessed this visitor would be a man, but instead of it being Dean, like you’d first thought, it’s actually his brother. Sam.

His hands are hidden deep within his pockets, and his long brown hair looks messy, like he’s run his hands through it multiple times. He looks slightly frustrated but tries to keep the appearance of it to a minimum.

“Dean and I are — We’re leaving.” He says. Instantly, he has your attention, and you quickly move to sit up.

You look over at the door, expecting at any given moment for Dean to enter in after him. Sam notices.

“He’s downstairs.” he answers. He tries to offer you a smile, but it comes across as a small twitch of his lips and doesn’t even meet his eyes, and then he just avoids your gaze completely. And that’s when you know.

With a deep sigh, you look down at your hands as they pull at some of the loose stands in your blankets. Then you tilt your gaze up to Sam, asking a question you should already know the answer to, “He’s not coming, is he?”

“Y/n …” Sam tries, but you shake your head, putting on a fake, too genuine smile as you look up a him.

“It’s okay,” you say. It’s really not, but you’d rather pretend that it is than admit that isn’t. “He hasn’t been a father in ten years. If he wants to keep things the way they are, then that’s fine. I’m fine.” Same day, same lie. “Don’t worry, Sam, I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself.”

“But you shouldn’t have to. You’re what, thirteen? You’ve still got a few years left in your childhood, Y/n. Don’t you want to spend that time with your dad?”

“A couple years is practially nothing.”

Sam laughs quietly, almost like he finds what you said somewhat amusing.


“Nothing,” He brushes it off with a waves of his hand. “I just don’t want you to think he doesn’t care.”

“Why would he? He hasn’t seemed to have cared much about me or my mom in the last decade, he didn’t even mean to find us in the first place. I found you guys, not the other way around. As much as I want him to be here, he doesn’t want to be. And I’m just gonna have to be okay with that and move on.” You finish with your eyes looking back down. You don’t want to see him anymore.

After a short lapse of silence, Sam opens his mouth.

“You’re more mature at your age than I was.” He notes. You sigh deeply.

“Yeah, well, that’s what what happen when you realize you don’t have a father.” you quietly reply. “You grow up.”


You tell Sam goodbye a few minutes later and continue to stare at the door even after he’s gone. So this is it, huh? You shouldn’t be so bothered by it, but you are. After years of waiting, you finally got the chance to meet them, and for a few hours everything was as it should’ve been, or close to it, anyway. But now, you almost regret seeing them again because now there’s a deep ache in your chest, a painful hurting, and you only allow two tears to fall down your cheeks before you sink back under the covers and close your eyes, hoping that today can be forgotten in your dreams. But as you’ve been forced to learn, hope is for children.

Demigod!5sos AU

WARNING¡! Any knowledge in this AU is completely based of Percy Jackson info and my own stupid imagination.(not real life Greek mythology)

Written by: bxnds-101

CALUM GET THE GIRL!’ Michael screamed, his celestial bronze sword glinted in the summer sun.

Calum stopped staring at himself in the reflection of the car window and adjusted his shades on his face.

‘Oh, right. Sorry.’ Giving himself a running start he launched himself at the girl, knocking her out of the way just as the cyclops brought his foot down, smashing a crater in the pavement. Flinging the girl over his shoulder, he found a relatively safe corner, set her down and said, ‘Stay here.’ Before running away to join the fight.

Michael jumped as high as he could, which sadly, was only high enough to reach the cyclops’ thigh. He grimaced and screamed,

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