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This is a (decently long, sorry for the lack of writing these past few days) one-shot for the below prompt! It… didn’t turn out exactly like the ask, but I hope you like it anyway! I’ve been wanting to try writing trans!lance for a while because I absolutely love that hc, and I really enjoyed writing this, so let me know if you guys like it, because I could definitely see myself doing another fic with it.

Trans! Lance where an asshole alien keeps miss gendering Lance and being transphobic and he starts to get upset and then the team overhears this happening and are about to kick the aliens ass.

I tried to make it gen… but it ended up being very klance, especially at the end… so uh… I hope you like it anyway! Sorry this always happens when I try to write gen fics.

Only half the team knew.

Contrary to their belief, Lance was actually an expert secret keeper. With a large family like his, he had to know when to keep his mouth shut. So, despite the loud, obnoxious, open persona he displayed for the others, he could also be sneaky.

He’d the had practice of years sneaking out of the Garrison, or even his house when he was little to go see the beach at night with his siblings.

So, keeping a secret on an unbelievably large castle ship with only six other people on it was easy.

Or at least, it should’ve been.

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TWEEK: I think you should come back downstairs. They keep asking about you.
CRAIG: I’m fine up here.
TWEEK: No, you’re not.
TWEEK: Clearly they- they freaked you out! Or something. And, I think it’s not… it’s not right if you don’t deal with it.
TWEEK: It’s not like you can just, just. Just walk out the door.
TWEEK: You have to say something to them.
CRAIG: They’re happy and they don’t need me to ruin that.

CRAIG: It doesn’t even matter. This isn’t fair.
CRAIG: Who cares, anyway.
CRAIG: I shouldn’t have done this.
CRAIG: I would have been so much better off if I’d never seen this.
CRAIG: It would have been fine.

CRAIG: This is just so dumb!
TWEEK: Woah, okay.
TWEEK: Um. Um.
TWEEK: Just- here, come on.
TWEEK: God, uh. Okay…
TWEEK: I-it’s gonna be okay.

[Miraculous Ladybug]: Just Asking For Some Privacy

finally get to reveal my fic from the ML Ultimate Guess Who Game that @mlficwritersanon​ organized!! also, it’s in the top 10 of fics with most kudos which, wow, holy shit, thank you so much :)

i don’t write gen fics often so it was really heartwarming to see one get this much attention, so thank you all so much for those of you left kudos and comments (even though you didn’t know it was me :P) 

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Just Asking For Some Privacy 
Pairings: Gen Fic: Marinette/Ladybug, Adrien/Chat Noir, Chloe/Queen Bee, Alya/Volpina
Summary: “No but she’s right. What the heck could the four of us possibly have to do that’s apparently so important that it needs to be done in private, in an abandoned locker room, and in the middle of an akuma attack?”

The latter half of Adrien’s sentence hung in between the four of them while they all stood in silence and narrowed their eyes at each other.

Now that Adrien mentioned it…that was a little weird.

Just Asking For Some Privacy

So here’s the thing.

Finding the perfect hiding spots for transforming and detransforming was easily the most difficult part about being a superhero. Hands down.

One minute you’re running into the girl’s bathroom on the fourth floor about to jump out the window and save the city, the next you’re hiding in the bathroom stall from a mob of older lycée girls touching up their makeup before their first period class, balancing precariously on a toilet, and getting frantic calls from your teammates about why you’re not there to help fight an akuma the literal size of the Eiffel Tower.

Then you have to show up to a fight and explain why your foot is drenched in toilet water all while maintaining the grace and dignity of Ladybug, a.k.a Team Leader, a.k.a. Should Probably Have Her Crap Together Better Than This. You’d think that after a year of being Ladybug this part of the job description would get easier, but apparently that’s just too much to ask for .

“You know it’s not as bad as you think,” Tikki whispered to Marinette as she walked to her next class. “At least you have a lot of free time in between classes and after school to get some privacy. Some Ladybug’s didn’t even have that.”

Marinette pouted. “I know you’re just trying to put things in perspective, but it’s still annoying. I had to transform underneath the reference desk in the library today. I cannot emphasize how impossible that felt in the moment.”

Tikki shrugged and dipped back into Marinette’s bag when she spotted students passing them in the halls. “Might be worth trying to find a new official transformation spot now that you’re in a new school for lycée.”

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Real Life Encounters

 Pairing: MMA!Jason Todd/Torres x (fem!)Reader

Prompt: what if you met a real life Jason Todd? Amazing right? Here’s how it would go…

Words: 2988

Warnings: asshole creeps, foul language, sexual harassment.

A/N since this is a real life scenario I’m changing Jason’s last name to Torres because 1. If I left at Todd that would just be a little weird 2. I’d like to think Jason is half Latino or comes from Latino descent (maybe the other half is american?) so yeah. I hope you like! 

P.S. it’s not really…an AU…it’s loosely based on @jasontodd-is-alive ‘s “Alternate Careers for the Outlaws”…also i apologize for it not being gender neutral, i’m really trying to get used to using they/them pronouns, and i’ll try to write future oneshots as gender neutral once i get used to it.

Gotham City, New Jersey. What an interesting place your job had taken you. It was oddly eerie how similar it was to Gotham City from the comics. You know, Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and Red Hood. Tall skyscrapers, a rich business mogul, crime ridden streets. Weird right?

The company you worked for was holding a business trip in Gotham City and it was absolutely mandatory. Hence here you were.

It was your first day in the city and it had been long and strenuous. You decided to get some down time at a bar near your hotel and grab a drink before calling it a night.

You opened the door and went straight for the open barstool near the end of the bar. You sat down and folded your hands across the bar top and waited for the bartender to take your order.

“How can I help you today, miss?” He said with a jersey accent.

“A scotch on the rocks please,” you said and rested your chin in your palm.

“ID, please.”

You took out your ID and gave it to the bartender.

“[state you’re from], eh?” He raised an eyebrow.


He inspected it for no more than 30 seconds and handed it back to you. He left you and began working on your drink. You sighed and put your ID back in your purse, then continued resting your chin in your palm.

As the man to your right left his stool, another guy replaced him. He had a blond buzzcut, tattoos littered his arms and he was wearing a thin white tank top and a pair of army pants. He didn’t look friendly or attractive at all. At least not from your perspective.

“Hey,” he said. You weren’t sure if it was to you or not, so you ignored him. One of your coworkers (and best friend) advised you not to socialize with the locals; they were “weirdos”.

“Hey,” he repeated and this time you turned your head in his direction. He was closer to you than you would have liked, considering you could smell the whiskey from his mouth. He looked your figure up and down once and grinned at you, showing off his gold grill.

Oh come on…” you thought to yourself.

“Are you talking to me?” You asked him.

“You bet, baby,” he winked. You rolled your eyes in response and turned your head back to the bartender now in front of you serving your drink. You whispered a thank you to him and began sipping the scotch.

“Aw come on, have a little fun,” he slung his arm around you shoulder, “Why don’t I take you home and show you a good time, eh?”

You shivered at his touch, but not in a good way. You stopped sipping and looked at the man who wouldn’t leave you alone. You had two options: politely decline his invitation or stand your ground and tell him off. Either way, he was getting rejected.

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Imagine...Meeting Dean As A Demon

Originally posted by jayqueenofhell

Request: can I request a dean x reader where the reader was possessed by a demon during the time dean was a demon too. And the demon was loyal to crowley so they have seen each other a few times but shortly after sam takes dean to cure him the demon gets exorcised and they meet again a few months later (dean has still the MoC) and she panics bc she doesn’t know he isn’t a demon any more and he gets suspicious bc well he doesn’t know she isn’t possessed anymore?

Pairing: Dean x reader

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“You Did What With Who?” ~ Tom Riddle

“Could you do a Tom Riddle smut with 17 & Q?”


A/n: Oh how I love Tom “Daddy” Riddle 

17 - Showing up late to class

Q - “You did what with who?!”

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

Words: 965

Warnings: Smut

The sound of the bell scolded your ears, rather mockingly, as you prepared for a disheveled entrance and skeptical excuse. 

Your feet echoed against the concrete floor as you attempted to run and fumble with the buttons on your school uniform, cursing each time it would slip through your fingers, or you would place the button in the wrong hole. Your leggings were on backward, and as uncomfortable as they may have felt you had no time to rush to the girls’ laboratory and fix them. The scoreboard only knew how many points were going to get docked from your house. 

(”Come on, only for a couple minutes, I promise.”)

You should have known better than to believe his hormonal pleads when his hands snuck their way up your thighs, and your bottom was placed on the hand sink. Blame couldn’t possibly be thoroughly put on him though because as your fingers snuck their way down to his belt and - 

(”What if we get caught?”)

(“We won’t.”)

You felt one of your books slip against your skin and you didn’t have the chance to grab it before it met it’s fate, a chain of events happened within a second. You cried out in frustration as you quickly knelt down and gathered your books and placed the loose pieces of paper in random places - you’ll deal with that later. It was also that when you knelt down, you realized another misfortune that would torture you until classes are over. 

You weren’t wearing undergarments. 

He had tugged on your white panties, pulled them off with ease and made a scene of running them under his nose and smelling your sweet scent before stuffing them in his pocket for later use - when you were studying with your friends, and he was bored.

Would anybody notice? Perhaps they won’t notice you being naked under your leggings, but they would surely see how your buttons were misplaced and how the lining of the thin fabric faced frontward instead of backward.

Would that be all? Would they suspect that you were - 

Your hand reached up and touched your neck, feeling a slight swelling on part of your skin. 

Your hand wrapped around his neck and scratched the back of his head as his mouth felt for your weakness. He didn’t need you to say anything, your quiet moans and sighs were enough to lead him the correct direction. His hands gripped at your waist, his teeth grazed your delicate skin before biting down just hard enough to leave his mark, and his tongue swirled around his doings. He kissed and sucked at your flesh making sure it would be noticeable enough for those who dared to flirt with you. At the moment, you didn’t even care. 

Now, you do. 

“I-I’m s-sorry I’m late!” You were out of breath, you nearly collapsed once you reached the room but nonetheless found your way to the seat that was righteously empty - where you should have been sitting ten minutes ago - and plopped your books on the table before falling into your chair. 

“Ms. L/n, I suppose you have a reason for your noticeable absence at the time of the bell, yes?” The professor puts down her wand, and all eyes turned to you, your fingers instinctively scratched at your neck. 

“I-I was, I was trying to find my uniform, and I realized I left it down in the clothes room because it was getting um… washed and I -

“Woah, check out the bruise on her neck!” The kid next to you rudely interrupts, loud enough for everyone to hear which makes your cheeks heat up with embarrassment and irritation. 

(”You can tell everyone what I do to you, I want them to know.”) 

He was almost growling against your ear as his cock fluently slid in and out of you, his measured pace staying at a moderate, agonizingly torturous speed. He wanted nothing greater than to see you succumb to him and beg for more. 

(“T-Tom, why?”) 

He pulled away from your face, and his fingers yanked on your thighs in a possessive way, pulling you forward, a smirk crept along his mischievous lips. 

(”Because I want them to know that they cannot have what is mine and that no one can compete with me. I will be the greatest wizard of all you know, wouldn’t you like to stand beside me?”) 

The way the words flowed so delicately from his lips made you pull his face towards yours and kiss him, slipping your tongue into his mouth as he pulled himself closer. 

You could either tell the truth or perhaps fall victim to Veritaserum sometime later in the day, forcing you to speak no lie anyway. 

“I-I was with Tom Riddle professor, I was with Tom Riddle in the girls’ bathroom. We were… fooling around.” 

(”Pull out Tom, you have to pull out -”) 

He was going to pull out, but he wanted to take it to the very brim. He already told himself that if he got you pregnant, he would have to kill the baby whether or not you wanted him too. He loved you, but his love was not to be competed with a child - not right now. 

You were pulled off the sink and forced down on your knees, you were already prepared for him. Your hand grabbed at his thick member, and you pulled him in your mouth, letting him release somewhere safer, somewhere you couldn’t get pregnant. The taste of the saltiness made you gag, and he wasn’t going to force you to swallow, but you did nonetheless. 

At that very moment, the bell rang. 

The professor’s mouth was slightly agape as she burned daggers into your eyes.

“You did what with who?!”

Her First Apartment Ch.6

4770 words. enjoy my lovelies ;3

Rated M for inuhotness kehehehe

His ears flicked at the air, annoyed as he scrambled his brain for something to say to her. They’d been sitting here for five minutes. His brow twitched and his foot threatened to start tapping if he didn’t hurry and think of something.

“How were your finals?”

“Hm? Oh I did alright. I may have to retake biology this summer but grades haven’t been posted yet.”

Kagome was so nervous she wondered if he could somehow smell it, which made it even worse. She wished she could just curl up on the bean bag to her right and not get up until she had to leave in the morning.

“I see.”

That reminds me… “So. Explain the whole technically-not-a-student thing.”

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The Emmy Awards [T. Holland]

Request: “Could you write either a Grant gustin or Tom Holland where the reader wins an Emmy”

» I did Tom because I haven’t done him yet

» Also F/A means Favorite Actor

You were sitting at a table by the side of the crowd as Justin Timberlake spoke to the audience. The lights were dim and other actors and actresses accepted their awards.

It was the Emmy Awards. You were an (actress/actor), nominated for (actress/actor) of the year. You’d been famous for about three years. Your fanbase was massive and you were very good friends with multiple celebrities. 

One of those celebrities was more than a friend, though, he was your boyfriend. Tom Holland, Marvel’s newest face of Spiderman, was your boyfriend, and God was that fun to say. 

Tom had agreed to go with you to the event from the moment you told him. The two of you had posed in funny positions on the red carpet and ended with a quick kiss, before your manager whisked you away. He and Tom were currently sitting next to you, you in between them. 

Tom’s arm was around the back of your chair. Justin was announcing the winner for favorite female actress. You leaned your head on Tom’s shoulder, cheering for Jennifer Lawrence, who won.

“Queen!” You shouted, making Tom laugh. 

You giggled, turning to kiss his cheek lightly. He looked down at you. “I adore you.” He mumbled. You blushed and smiled at him. You went to reply, but was cut off by Justin announcing the next category: (Actress/Actor) of the Year. Tom interlocked your fingers with his. You held your breath as Justin listed off the nominees. He opened the envelope, turning it to the audience and grinning.

“Y/N L/N!” 

It took a moment for you to realize what he had just said. When it finally registered, you squealed and stood up. You immediately threw yourself at Tom, hugging him tightly before hugging your manager. You made your way down the isle, high fiving the fans that held out their arms. You walked up the stairs, taking the award in your hands. You hugged Justin before tuning to the microphone. 

“Oh my god, you guys,” you laughed lightly, fixing your hair subconsciously, “Honestly, I don’t know what to say. This is so amazing! (Actress/Actor) of the year, woah. Um, this award is honestly just as much yours as it is mine. You helped me get here, you’re behind me twenty-four seven, you’re the ones that make all this possible. I love what I do and I do everything for you. Okay. I’m beginning to ramble so I’m gonna go before I can’t stop talking- darnit. Ha, uh, I love you all!" 

You blew a kiss to the crowd that erupted in cheers and screams. You made your way off the stage and back to your seat to meet Tom, now an Emmy Award winner. 


Walking out of the Emmy’s was mosf likely crazier than entering. You and Tom posed for more pictures before you were pulled into a reporter and a camera man, being asked multiple questions for a quick interview. 

"So, what’s it like to win your first Emmy?” The reporter girl asked. You smiled. “Oh gosh, it’s incredible,” you admitted, “All the hard work paid off, and just knowing that my fans got me this award just makes the night so much better." 

The girl smiled, holding the microphone closer to you. “And where’s Tom?” She questioned the moment Tom approached, finally being able to flee from another interview. “Ah, there he is,” the girl beamed, “Tom, what are your thoughts on Y/N winning an Emmy for the first time?" 

Tom grinned at you. "I’m ecstatic,” he told the reporter, “(She/He) has worked so hard to get to this point, and I’m very proud that (she/he) ended up here.” You cooed, kissing his cheek. “You’re adorable.” You giggled. He simply smiled at you. 

Hours later, you two were sat in your apartment, wrapped in your pajamas and blankets. Tom’s arm was around your shoulders and your head was on his chest. He looked down at your sleeping figure and kissed your forehead.

“Congratulations, Y/N.”

Prompt request #4

Request from anon: can u do a smutty fic with jasper jordan and #10 from the prompt list!

10: “If your serious, show me.”

okay so this is going to be my first smut, and it’s not gonna be super hardcore or anything but i will try my best as always!

Word count: 1,963

Warnings: SmUt and swearing and the usual

You felt like a total loser around everyone else from the 100. Everyone else was constantly getting laid and messing around, and you had never even kissed a boy. Even Monty was getting laid. Occasionally, when everyone was drunk, someone would try to kiss you or sleep with you and you would get too nervous and run away. Immediately regretting it, you just wanted to feel what everyone else was feeling. Tonight, no matter who it was with, you were going to fuck someone. You set that goal for yourself and go to work on your tasks for the day. 

“Hey Y/N, are you finally going to drink with us tonight?” Jasper said shooting you a smile.

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P: “OKAY NO! Just because I misread the situation doesn’t give you the right to be an ass! I thought you were sweet and cute and I thought you were getting all flustered by me being at your bakery, but you were actually full on angry. But that still doesn’t permit you to yell at me! Your bakery is your livelihood, well writing articles about people like you is my livelihood! We all gotta make a living Darlin’ so you need to think again before you yell at me!”

O: “Woah, I-um–”

Deere Headcanons: Flustered boys and first date

I’m tagging: @twinkjeremyheere

I know you like Deere.

-Jake formed feelings for Jeremy very quick. When he falls for someone, he falls hard.

-Jake’s usually a pretty smooth, flirty guy. However, being around Jeremy he’s a flustered mess.

-His hands get sweaty and he can’t form words correctly around him. And it doesn’t help that Jer isn’t his usual type, so he has no idea how to act around him at first.

-Should I flirt? No, that’s too much. Does he like me talking though? Am I talking too much?? I’m talking too much. Sh-

-Endless nervous thoughts swarm this poor boy’s brain.

-Rich teases Jake all that time. It’s just so hilarious to see a usually put together guy become a nervous wreck around Jeremy of all people.

-”You’re tho in love with Jeremy. I bet you think about him all the time.”

-Jake: ”Shut up. I don’t.”

-Also Jake: Laying awake at 2 am thinking about this boy.

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Harry Styles. (Parte 1)

N/A: Olá, como vocês estão? Espero que bem. Então, esse imagine é desse blog aqui: harry-writings, e uma leitora pediu para que eu traduzisse e postasse ele aqui. Espero que gostem! 

P.S: Isso não é plagio, a autora sabe que estou postando ele aqui. 

Boa leitura!

 “Você está nervosa?” Harry pergunta, agarrando a mão de S/N, logo no inicio de sua viagem de três horas para a casa de sua irmã.

     Eles tinham apenas um ano de namoro, e S/N iria finalmente encontrar a irmã de Harry, Gemma. Com seus horários apertados na universidade, o trabalho novo de Gemma, e o álbum solo de Harry, nenhum deles tinha tempo para uma viagem de três horas para se encontrarem, mas Gemma deu um jeito de conseguir uma pequena folga com seu novo chef, e as férias de primavera de S/N finalmente chegaram, e agora que Harry já tinha lançado seu álbum, S/N iria conhecer a ‘segunda metade’ de S/N.

 “Eu estou bem.” S/N responde relutantemente.

     Com toda a honestidade, ela estava assustada. Mesmo que o resto da família de Harry praticamente ame ela, S/N não foi criada em uma família rica. Ela compartilhou um apartamento de dois quartos com seus pais e seus dois irmãos mais velhos toda a sua vida. Seu único tempo fora de casa era quando ia para a escola ou para o trabalho, nunca realmente teve uma vida social, porque ela não tinha tempo nem dinheiro para isso. Esta notícia tem saído em todos os lugares. S/N está vivendo na casa de Harry, e está pagando dívidas e a universidade com o dinheiro dele, mesmo que essas declarações sejam completamente verdadeiras, não é como se ela estivesse com ele por dinheiro. Há uma história inteiramente diferente debaixo dessas publicações que ninguém compreende além de Harry e ela. E isso é o que mais a assusta.

 “Não se preocupe, querida. Ela vai te amar. Ela pode ler o que quiser, mas tudo que ela precisa prestar atenção é em quem você realmente é.”

     Harry segura a mão dela com mais força. Ele tem em mente que ela sabe que Gemma já tentou fazer com que ele rompesse com ela há um tempo. Ela pensa que S/N não é nada além de uma interesseira, usando de sua simpatia para tirar cada centavo dele para melhorar sua própria vida. Claro que não era o caso, e Harry estava disposto a passar o resto de vida refutando a irmã dele. E ele iria começar hoje.

 “Quem eu realmente sou não vai impressioná-la, Harry. Eu não tenho nada.”

 “Woah. Espere um segundo, não diga coisas assim.”

 “É a verdade.” Ela encolhe os ombros.

 “Isso está longe de ser verdade. Você está tentando terminar a faculdade, e eu nunca vi alguém ser tão determinado a realizar qualquer coisa na vida, você me inspira todos os dias. Quando eu penso em desistir ou que o que estou fazendo não vale a pena, eu penso em sua capacidade de superar qualquer uma dessas coisas, não importa o seu dinheiro, S/N, você é a melhor pessoa que eu já conheci, e eu faria qualquer coisa para ser metade da mulher que você é.”

     S/N sorri, deixando escapar uma leve risada. Ela se inclina para pressionar um beijo suave em sua bochecha, esfregando seu nariz ligeiramente contra a pele dele.

 “Então você quer ser uma mulher, hum?”

     Harry ri, olhando para ela pelo canto do olho. Seus cabelos em cachos soltos, brincos de diamante brilhando em suas orelhas, um pequeno sorriso brincando em seus lábios, seus olhos treinados na estrada à sua frente.

 “Não se preocupe, amor.” Harry suspira. “você sempre me terá.”

     Ao olhar em direção a casa de Gemma, S/N sentiu o medo atravessa-la. Tudo o que ela sentiu sobre este dia está se acumulando tanto dentro dela que seu corpo quase se sente entorpecido.

 “Não fique nervosa, meu amor” Harry ri. “Vai ficar tudo bem.”

     Quando subiu os degraus até a porta, S/N teve que agarrar a mão de Harry, caso ela tentasse fugir. Ele deu-lhe um beijo tranquilizador antes de abrir a porta e entrou.

 “Gemma, Está aí?” Ele gritou.

     Sua casa é tudo que S/N esperava que fosse. Era arejada, tudo em um só lugar, nada de paredes para separar os quartos. Tudo parecia tão caro, S/N nunca viu nada igual. Ela só pensava no quanto poderia dançar sem ter nada para se chocar.

     Gemma saiu da cozinha, parecendo ligeiramente desconfortável, mas sorrindo ao dar a seu irmão um abraço acolhedor. Quando se liberta de Harry, Gemma dá a S/N o olhar mais repugnante de todos.

 “Então, essa é S/N?”

     S/N desconsidera o modo como ela fala, queria obter a simpatia de Gemma, e ela não queria estragar o momento.

 “Olá, Gemma. É maravilhoso conhecê-la.” S/N sorri, estendendo a mão para se apresentar corretamente. A moça sorri ligeiramente, olhando para a mão dela.  

 “Há algum motivo pelo qual meu irmão está pagando suas contas da universidade, sim?”

      A maneira como ela pronuncia seu nome queima S/N por dentro, era como se seu nome fosse algo tóxico em sua língua. S/N lentamente abaixa a mão, enfiando-a debaixo do outro braço enquanto se move para arrumar o cabelo em puro sinal de nervosismo.

 “Gemma.” Harry a adverte. “Qual seu problema?”

 “Não, Harry.”  S/N estava completamente sem jeito, balançando a cabeça ligeiramente, “Está tudo bem. É que minha família não está financeiramente estável. Eles obviamente queriam que eu entrasse na melhor universidade que pudesse, então quando fui aceita, comecei a fazer empréstimos estudantis, eu estudava e trabalhava e até ganhei uma boa quantidade de ajuda financeira, mas não foi suficiente para nós. Acabei por pagar muito dinheiro ao banco pelos empréstimos e…”

 “Então você pediu que meu irmão usasse todo o dinheiro que ele economizou em sua carreira para pagar por você?”

     S/N estava de olhos arregalados, claramente não esperava por suas acusações. Demorou meses antes de concordar em deixar Harry pagar a sua mensalidade, ele ofereceu isso desde o dia em que a conheceu, sentiu que sua carreira não era nem metade do que ela se prestava a fazer por seus estudos. Ele tinha todo o dinheiro para dar tudo que ela precisasse, e estava disposto a dar cada centavo que ele tinha para ela, abrir mão de tudo por ela. Ele não precisava mais daquilo, tinha passado toda a vida construindo seu futuro. Passou cinco anos fazendo dinheiro que ele nem sabia como gastar. Encontrou a garota, a garota que queria se casar, e tinha uma bela casa, para ter filhos com ela. Ele viveu seu sonho sozinho, e agora queria compartilhar ele com ela.

     Depois do que parecia ser anos de Harry implorando para ela, até o ponto em que ele mesmo foi de joelhos, pedindo para ajudá-la a superar sua crise financeira, e ela não pôde dizer não, não vendo ele tão desesperado, não quando ele estava em lágrimas observando-a sofrer por não poder pagar os próprios estudos.

 “O quê? Não, não é isso que eu estou dizendo.”

 “Que porra, Gem?” Harry rosna, seus olhos se estreitando, puxando S/N para mais perto. “Você não sabe o que diabos você está falando.”

 “Isso é besteira.” Gemma cospe, dando um passo ameaçador para mais perto de S/N, que está tremendo e sufocando suas lágrimas.

 “Quais são as chances de uma garota como você ficar com meu irmão? Hãm? Quais são as hipóteses disso acontecer?”

 “Muitas.” Harry rosna, tirando S/N de perto de Gemma.

     Gemma foi a última pessoa que ele esperava que julgasse S/N por sua classe econômica. Ele realmente pensou que elas iriam se dar bem.

     S/N deu passos para trás, ela estava sem ar, sentia como se alguém tivesse lhe dado um soco na garganta, o que provavelmente teria acontecido se Harry não estivesse mantendo Gemma longe dela.

     Ela sente as lágrimas que estavam acumulando-se em seus olhos lentamente começarem  a cair. Não era para ser assim, ela não queria que ninguém na família de Harry a odiasse.

     No calor de suas emoções, S/N  coloca um sorriso sarcástico no rosto.

 “Você não precisa mais se preocupar com isso, Gemma.” Ela chora, patéticos soluços saindo de sua garganta. “Eu vou ir embora.”

     A cabeça de Harry se agita, seu coração de repente parando quando ele a vê se afastar.

 “Não.” Ele sussurra. “Baby… baby não.” Suas mãos caem completamente aos seus lados quando ele a vê correr pela porta da frente.

 “Eu nunca mais volto nesta maldita casa, Harry, eu juro…”

 “Nunca mais fale comigo de novo, Gemma” Harry rugiu. “Eu não quero mais te ver. Entendeu?”

     Gemma ofegou, arremessando as mãos para o ar.

 “Que merda. Você é cego, Harry? Estou protegendo você.”

     As mãos de Harry se apertam em punhos, toda sua raiva crescendo dentro dele. Ele dirigiu três horas, tomando o tempo de S/N, a única vez que ela pode relaxar, só para aparecer aqui e ter que passar por isso?

     Antes que Harry possa até mesmo pensar corretamente, seu punho está chocando duramente contra a parede. Ele não sentiu nada, apenas alguns pedaços do cimento caiu aos seus pés e Gemma o olhava aterrorizada.

 “Você está morta para mim.”

     Antes que Harry perca mais tempo, ele sai pela porta. Ele nunca correu tão rápido, era como se suas pernas estivessem a toda velocidade e sua mente estivesse espalhada ao seu redor. Nada está fazendo sentido, tudo o que ele pensava ter estava caindo aos pedaços. A vida que ele construiu está desmoronando sob ele, e não há absolutamente nada que ele possa fazer sobre isso.

 “S/N, S/N, espera!” Harry grita quando ele a vê correndo.

     Ela pode ouvi-lo, ela pode ouvi-lo alto e claro, mas suas pernas não param de se mover, e ela nem sequer se virou para olha-lo. Ela não pode, ela não pode olhar para tudo o que ela já amou se queria se afastar. Vai ser demais para ela.

     Antes que ela possa acelerar seu passo, Harry agarra seu pulso tão apertado que ela de alguma forma acabou batendo em seu peito. Ele imediatamente começa a chorar, agarrando seu rosto em suas mãos a forçando a encara-lo.

 “Não me deixe, querida. Não me deixe.”


 “Não ligue para minha irmã, S/n. Por favor, não pode fazer isso comigo. Você não pode.”

     Ela aperta os olhos fechados, quebrando completamente enquanto ela sente que ele a segura. Como ela resolveria isso? Ou ela fica com Harry e sua irmã faz de sua vida um inferno, ou ela deixa Harry, e vive o resto de sua vida sozinha, porque ela não pode encontrar amor em mais ninguém.

     Ela quase considera ficar com ele. Quase. Mas não há nenhuma maneira de ficar com ele e viver sua vida inteira sendo odiada por alguém que significa mais para Harry do que ela. Ela simplesmente não pode.

 “Ela está certa. Tudo isso é um erro, nós somos muito diferentes. Isso não está certo.” S/n diz entre soluços.

 “NÃO!” Harry grita, pressionando sua testa na dela.

 “Você não pode fazer isso comigo. Não diz isso para mim.”

     S/N sacode a cabeça, empurrando-o para longe dela tão rude quanto ela podia.

 “Ela é sua irmã.”

 “Eu não me importo, querida. Nada vai nos atrapalhar.”

     Mas ela simplesmente não pode.

 “Eu sinto muito, Harry.”

     Harry jura que ele sente seu coração rasgando ao meio com suas palavras, seu corpo completamente sem forças, ele cai de joelhos em sua frente. Ele segura suas pernas como se fosse sua última esperança, seus soluços drenando tudo em sua cabeça e tudo o que ele pode sentir é a mistura de seu coração sendo tirado para fora de seu peito e suas mãos correndo suavemente através de seu cabelo.

 “Por favor, S/N” É a única coisa que ele podia dizer. “Por favor, por favor, por favor…” Ele não queria ficar longe dela.

     Ele segura suas pernas mais apertado, sua testa pressionada contra seus joelhos.

     Isso não deveria acontecer.

 “Por favor.”

     Ela suspira. “Eu não posso.”

P.S²: Esse imagine tem uma parte dois, vou posta-la amanhã.

Skinny dipping-TW preference

Request: can you do a skinny dipping one with all of them preference ?

Warning : some bad language and slight smut mentions. but not actual smut.

A/N: I had so much fun writing this ! But it was long and now my fingers hurt. so enjoy :) 


You weren’t really prude or anything, but knowing Scott is a just wanted to take things slow. Though Scott was a teenage boy with testosterone overflowing his head so you did not know exactly how he defined ‘’slow’’.

Scott was keeping the location of your date a secret and that kind of made you nervous. You spent the whole car ride trying to remember if you had shaved or not and let out a loud

‘’YES!’’ when you remembered you had. Scott parked the car and allowed you to open your eyes. But along with them you also opened your mouth, taking in the view.

It was beautiful. There was a fire, right in the middle of the beach and a thin line of light , reflected on the dark water. You took in the sound of the waves on the sore and he smiled seeing how in awe you were.

About an hour into the date and after you had talked about your day and other stuff Scott got up looking at the water.

‘’Scott?’’ you asked as he breathed in the salty air, taking off his shirt. You stared as the muscles of his back flexed and he walked closer to the water.

‘’what are you doing ..?’[‘ you asked laughing. He turned to stare at you, taking off his pants and you blushed harder than ever trying not to avert your gaze from his eyes.

‘’I think I’ll go for a dive…’’ he smirked and turned his back to you again , walking even closer to the water.

You saw him , in his boxers, staring at the water and you smiled to yourself, waiting for him to get into the water. But he didn’t.

He slowly bent down and took of the only piece of clothing that was left on him.

‘’OH MY GOD !’’ you let out , bringing your hand on your eyes, and looking away. He let out a chuckle, entering the water.

‘’hey ! it’s warm !’’ he let you know as you waited a couple of minutes until he would be fully into the water to re open your eyes.

‘’good to know’’ you let out . God now you were thinking of his perfect bum. You wanted to go in there as well and he could hear your desire.

‘’it’ll be warmer if you joined me..’’ he smirked.

‘’ yeah if I pee…’’ you said and he laughed.

‘’I mean cause you’re hot y/n…’’ he smiled at you and you slowly got up.

‘’close your eyes’’ you instructed him and he obeyed as you stripped off of your clothes.

‘’okay they’re off now wait till I get into the water!’’ you said and he just opened his eyes , staring at you and smirking. As a reflex you ran into the water to hide yourself and he laughed.

‘’I TOLD YOU TO WAIT A-HOLE !’’ you said getting close enough to punch his head.

‘’yes. In the ending of a sentence that begun with<< okay they’re off now..>> can you blame me ?’’ he asked and you pecked his lips.



You always had a crush on Stiles and you had tried everything to get him to notice you. Dropping hints, spending hours before deciding what to wear, laughing at everything he said-not that you actually had to try for that one- but he just did not seem to get it.

One day you and Stiles, were hanging out at the beach. Scott was supposed to meet you but he hadn’t showed for an hour so you started thinking he might not come at all. To which you were thankful.

You talked and talked and talked with Stiles until the sun started coming down. You just stared at the water, the way the orange shades colored it, it was simply beautiful. You looked into Stiles’ honey brown eyes and saw the sun reflecting in them.

‘’you okay ?’’ he asked bringing you back to reality.

‘’what ? oh yeah ..yes,’’ you stared at the water and saw how the waves ended up on the sand. You took of your shoes, not fighting the urge to feel them. Stiles chuckled and followed your lead.

‘’are there crabs here ? y/n if I end up having some weird allergy from crab bites I am having my father arresting you. ‘’ he warned and you chuckled feeling the cool water against your skin. You ran your fingers through your hair and Stiles was the one to stare this time.

He scanned your body and watched the little droplets against your calves, the dry salt on your thighs. He took off his shirt and jeans.

‘’Let’s get in’’ he suggested and you turned to look at him laughing as he was struggling to undo his belt.

‘’ what? the sun will go down ! we’ll bloody freeze. ‘’ you chuckled.

‘’YAY I LOVE HARD NIPPLES !’’ he cheered in a high pitch voice and you playfully punched his head. He did not really believe you would ever agree, so his jaw dropped when you allowed the strands of your dress to slip off your shoulder, He stared at your every move as if his life depended on it.

‘’ oh my god this is …this is happening ..’’ he let out and you smiled getting into the water with your underwear. Stiles took off his t-shirt and run into it as well with his boxers.

After thrity minutes of singing part of your world and hair flipping you both started freezing and yes, Nipples got hard. Stiles tried not to stare but failed, and you smiled.

You got out of the water and realized you had no towels.

‘’great. We’ll just die’’ you said and he laughed rubbing your shoulders in an attempt to warm you.

Then you put on your dress and Stiles was about to say something when he saw you moving your feet. Your wet panties dropped to your ankles and you elegantly took off your bra.

While he just stood there, knowing you were completely naked beneath the cocktail dress you were wearing. He put on his shirt and jacket and then had to take off his boxers before putting on his pants.

‘’aren’t you gonna turn around ?’’ he asked.

‘’no I’m good. ‘’ you smirked.

‘’can you at least close your eyes?’’

‘’ah…will it make you feel less awkward?’’

‘’yes ..’’

‘’then no’’ you smirked and he sighed.

‘’alright alright but if you get to see the dinosaur I should see the peaches.’’ He pouted.

‘’oh my god are you a nine year old ?’’ you asked and he laughed. Of course he was only kidding , but his eyes widened when you allowed your dress to fall to your ankles as well.

He stared in awe.

‘’are you going to kiss me or should I wait for the crabs ?’’ you said and he shook his head blinking a few times before allowing his lips to peck yours.



You were walking your way home, along the beach when it started raining. You were already having a pretty bad day so you just stopped in your tracks and looked up, letting the rain drops fall onto your face.

‘’thanks big guy. Really, I appreciate it ‘’ you whispered to God and kept walking for about ten more minutes. You were a soaking mess, when you heard a car pulling over.

‘’HEY ! Y/N !’’ you heard Isaac’s voice.

‘’hello Isaac’’ you said straightly and kept walking in the rain as he run to you. He eventually caught up to you.

‘’hey,. What are you doing ?’’ he asked noticing your state.

‘’going home.’’ You replied.

‘’you’re pissed at something and really wet.’’ He said.

‘’you’re good at making observations. ‘’ you said sarcastically and he chuckled.

‘’why ?’’

‘’because it’s raining’’

‘’no ,. I mean why are you pissed ?’’ he kept walking with you , getting wet himself, as strands of his hair stuck to his forehead.

‘’get this.’’ You begun. ‘’ I’m working my ass off at part time after school and this lady comes and she is like hey I want to buy a dress to my daughter she is about your size might trying this on ? . so I try it on and then she is like no, it does not look similar you’re a bit too chubby.’’ You said and Isaac let out a loud laugh.

‘’well don’t laugh !’’ you said still pissed.

‘’okay okay. But now that you mentioned it, is it just me or is that third button of your shirt struggling a bit too much.’’ He said in order to mock you but you got even more pissed and started walking faster.

‘’oh come on y/n I was just joking !’’ he tried to excuse himself as the rain got heavier.

‘’apology declined. ‘’ you kept walking.

‘’I only said that cause your shirt is all wet and stuck on your body and the third button is holding back your purple bra which I can perfectly see by the way..’’

You stopped taking in what he had just said.

‘’so I’m not chubby ?’’ you raised an eyebrow.

‘’I can’t tell you that , I’ll have to see for myself’’ he said sarcastically but you did not hesitate you needed an objective male opinion. You took off your shirt and skirt and remained in your underwear.

Isaac stared at you.

‘’…woah..’’ he stared even harder.

‘’so ? am I chubby ?’’ you asked.

‘’yeah. In all the right places.’’ He said unable to take his eyes off of you.

You suddenly realized what you had done and were abou to pick up your clothes when Isaac started taking off his.

‘’what are you doing ?’’

‘’you mean what are we doing ? and the answer is we’re swimming !’’ he winked and walked closer to the beach as you followed him.

‘’ISAAC IT’S RAINING !’’ you said reaching up to him .

‘’good that means you’re already wet ‘’ he said slapping your ass softly to lead your towards the water.



‘’Y/N I am sure this counts as breaking in..’’ Liam whispered as you made your way to  the swimming pool.

‘’what makes you think that ?’’ you asked.

‘’uh I don’t know maybe it’s because it’ night and nobody else is here, or because we are whispering OR THE FACT THAT WE BROKE INTO THE SCHOOL !;’’

‘’well we’re not whispering anymore’’ you cheekily said.

‘’remind me why we’re doing this again ?’’ he asked you as you finally arrived at the pool.

‘’it’s called revenge. Hold this’’ you said handing him the bag with the sprays.

The school’s swimming pool was great. All besides one member. Your ex boyfriend Harry.

‘’please tell me you’re not going to poison the swimming pool..’’ Liam begged and you laughed.

‘’nah. I’ll just graffiti something mean about coach and sign it as Harry. ‘’ you said.

‘’that guy’s a dick’’ Liam added and you got to business. You made this huge image of coach naked and signed it as Harry, but by the time you were done you were both exhausted and sweaty.

You took a look at the swimming pool.

‘’DUNBAR !’’ you yelled and he dropped his spray(berry HAHAHAHH I’M SORRY)

‘’yes y/n ?’’ he said partly annoyed from all the hard work.

He walked closer to you as you were both now at the edge of the pool.

‘’you’ve ever gone skinny dipping ?’’ you asked smirking,

‘’ what is the answer that gets you to ask me to ?’’ he said and you smiled.

‘’this ‘’ you chuckled taking off all of your clothes. Liam stopped for a second taking in your image. God had you not just broken up he’d take you right then and there. He watched as your body sank in the chlorine water, your smooth skin contacting it. He wanted to touch you.

He took his clothes off as well but hesitated with his boxers.

‘’Relax it’s not like I haven’t seen a penis before’’ you joked.

‘’I believe I should lower your expectations’’ he shyly said causing you to chuckle and throw water on his boxers.

‘’hey !!’’ he whined.

‘’ooops. Now they have to come off. ‘’ you chuckled and he eventually took them off diving in.

‘’DUN DUN DUN DUNBARRR!’’ you announced as he entered and he laughed out loud.

‘’the things I do for you y/n…’’ he breathed out and you approached him wrapping your hands around his neck.

‘’ I can think of a few more..’’ you said and he gulped.

‘’I am sure you don’t mean it, It’s probably the recent break up’’ he said shaking his head and laughing.,

‘’or the fact that you’re naked against me..’’ you said.

‘’you’re naked against me too… you don’t see me making inappropriate suggestions !’’ he said and you laughed leaning closer your lips almost brushing against his.

‘’clearly one of us is the man here and it ain’t you’’ you chuckled aginst his lips.

Then you felt his erection against your thigh and he leaned in closing the distance.

‘’okay okay I take it back’ you said. Kissing him again.



You were in the woods with Derek running when he suddenly stopped shifting back into his normal form.

‘’Derek? What is-‘’ you were about to ask but then you looked to your  front to see him staring at a beautiful river-lake in the middle of the woods.

‘’ how come we’ve never seen this before ?’’ you asked and he shrugged his shoulders as you walked next to him.

Derek took off his shirt and rest of his clothes in a sudden move, slowly stepping into the water. You stared at the dimples that formed on his bum as he walked.

‘’aaaand you’re naked’’ you said.

‘’shouldn’t waste it’’ he answered as he disappeared under it. A minute later you saw him rising back to the surface. His hair slicked back from the water and drops all over his firm torso.

‘’ come in’’ he encouraged you but you denied. You knew your own limits. Being this close to a naked Derek was not gonna end up well.

‘’No I’m good thanks’’ you smiled sitting down at the banks of it.

‘’your loss’’ he commented and about five minutes later you saw him struggling.

‘’everything alright ?’’ you questioned

‘’yes I think- he was cut off by being dragged underwater.

‘’DEREK ?’’ you suddenly got up worried. He came out the water and shook his hands.

‘’I think something’s got my leg’’ was all he could say before being dragged beneath the surface again. You did not need to hear more.

You took off your jacket and run into the water, jumping right into it.You opened your eyes beneath it, searching for Derek you eventually had to come up for air.

When you did you opened your eyes.

Derek was behind you smirking.

‘’there is nothing grabbing your leg is there?’’ you said in realization..

‘take off your clothes y/n or I’ll take them off for you..’’ he whispered and you smirked as well.

‘’oh I dare you to try’’ you said and as he tried to get closer you splashed water all over him , the fight between you kept growing un til eventually he got close enough to grab both your hands and pull you close.

‘’you’ll be the death of me..’’ you whispered and he smirked.

‘’then you might as well let me kill you softly’’ he said leaning in to kiss you.



Skinny dipping with peter wasn’t really a choice , and it wasn’t really your fault.

Peter was still weak and conveniently captured by two hunters. When he howled you were one of the firsts to hear him so you rushed without even knowing why.

You hoped the rest of the pack would hear him as well and come hlp you but they were taking too long and you could hear Peter screaming in there. So you decided to enter anyway and try save him. Which you did, but after setting him free he grabbed you and started running into the woods with you.


‘’why are we running !?!?’’ you asked as you felt the wind slap your cheeks due to the speed, tree branches scratching and hurting you as he run.

‘’there’s three more of them. And apparently you were stupid enough to take them on your own instead of waiting for the others so congratu fucking lations. They’re after us’’ he said and kept running.

‘’i can’t believe I’m getting told off for saving your werewolf ass’’

Peter kept running dragging you behind him when all of a sudden he stopped.

‘’what’s wrong ?’’ you asked.

‘’I’m stuck..’’ he told you.

‘’what ? you tried getting closer but then you felt it too., Your legs sort of sinking. You looked down to see mud waters and heavy rocks. You tried moving your feet but you couldn’t. Peter’s black coat was getting too heavy due to the mad so he left it behind as he struggled.

‘’if I get bitten by a crocodile I’ll never forgive you Hale’’ you mumbled and you suddenly saw him making a few steps in the mud.

‘’how did you do that ?’’ you asked and he smirked.

‘’I took off my pants, they were heavy’’ he said and you raised an eyebrow in disbelief but then you unzipped your own and stepping out of them you were able to make a few steps being lighter.

‘’shit !’’ you said hearing the hunters approaching.

‘’SHOES. Take them off!’’ Peter told you and you followed his lead. With your shoes off you could move a few more steps. The water was up to your breasts but you could see the grass again,

Then you saw Peter taking off his –neck and finally making it to the other side.

You stared at his firm body covered in water and mud and you knew why you had tried to save him.

‘’COME ON THEY’RE CLOSE!’’ he said impatiently.

‘’I am not taking my shirt off in front of you Hale.’’ You argued.

‘’why ?’’ he questioned,

‘’cause..i..well I was going for sleep when I heard you howling so.i may not be wearing a bra..’’ you said embarrassed and he chuckled, turning to walk away , leaving you stuck in there,


‘’y/n if flashing me is worse than being murdered to you suit yourself. I am not staying for dinner when I know I’m the main course’’ he said walking away.

‘’fucking asshole’’ you cursed under your breath taking off your shirt and struggling your way out. Peter was way ahead of you so you were glad he would  not see you at least.

‘’I can hear them bouncing’’ he said to make you feel bad and it worked. You secured them against your hands as you kept walking and he smirked.

‘’I hate you’’ you said .

‘’gotta give me all you got y/n… ‘’ Peter said pushing a branch out of the way.

;’’cause I can take it’’ he smirked.

‘’fine. You twat. I saved you and instead of a thanks I get sexist comments about my boobs ?’’

‘’you’re the one who called me twat…’’ he turned to finally look at you and he blinked once.

Your hair were messy and slightly wet at their ends, Your thighs and waist covered In mud, the moonlight illuminating your body.

‘’ aaand now you’re thinking the dirty dirty’’ you announced being able to hear his heart beat. He got closer slapping your hands off of your chest, taking a good look at them and you gasped. He smirked.

‘’you’re thinking it too..’’ he said.

‘’are we just gonna think about it or- before you could finish your sentence his lips were on yours for a hungry kiss.