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[Miraculous Ladybug]: Just Asking For Some Privacy

finally get to reveal my fic from the ML Ultimate Guess Who Game that @mlficwritersanon​ organized!! also, it’s in the top 10 of fics with most kudos which, wow, holy shit, thank you so much :)

i don’t write gen fics often so it was really heartwarming to see one get this much attention, so thank you all so much for those of you left kudos and comments (even though you didn’t know it was me :P) 

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Title: Just Asking For Some Privacy 
Pairings: Gen Fic: Marinette/Ladybug, Adrien/Chat Noir, Chloe/Queen Bee, Alya/Volpina
Summary: “No but she’s right. What the heck could the four of us possibly have to do that’s apparently so important that it needs to be done in private, in an abandoned locker room, and in the middle of an akuma attack?”

The latter half of Adrien’s sentence hung in between the four of them while they all stood in silence and narrowed their eyes at each other.

Now that Adrien mentioned it…that was a little weird.

Just Asking For Some Privacy

So here’s the thing.

Finding the perfect hiding spots for transforming and detransforming was easily the most difficult part about being a superhero. Hands down.

One minute you’re running into the girl’s bathroom on the fourth floor about to jump out the window and save the city, the next you’re hiding in the bathroom stall from a mob of older lycée girls touching up their makeup before their first period class, balancing precariously on a toilet, and getting frantic calls from your teammates about why you’re not there to help fight an akuma the literal size of the Eiffel Tower.

Then you have to show up to a fight and explain why your foot is drenched in toilet water all while maintaining the grace and dignity of Ladybug, a.k.a Team Leader, a.k.a. Should Probably Have Her Crap Together Better Than This. You’d think that after a year of being Ladybug this part of the job description would get easier, but apparently that’s just too much to ask for .

“You know it’s not as bad as you think,” Tikki whispered to Marinette as she walked to her next class. “At least you have a lot of free time in between classes and after school to get some privacy. Some Ladybug’s didn’t even have that.”

Marinette pouted. “I know you’re just trying to put things in perspective, but it’s still annoying. I had to transform underneath the reference desk in the library today. I cannot emphasize how impossible that felt in the moment.”

Tikki shrugged and dipped back into Marinette’s bag when she spotted students passing them in the halls. “Might be worth trying to find a new official transformation spot now that you’re in a new school for lycée.”

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☇  jungkook x reader | 1652 words

genre: again, fluff!!!

warnings: none

9: you come to the restaurant I work at and choose me as your waiter(ess) every time just to annoy me and I can’t do anything in retribution or I’ll get fired

a/n: im on a roll yo drabble #2 is done!!

request a drabble! 

Monday afternoon shifts at your local Korean BBQ restaurant are your least favorite. You had nabbed the job in the middle of the year when you needed some extra money, and the fact that you had to attend your college classes right before your shift made you even more irritable.

And adding the fact that lately, a certain boy had been coming in every Monday afternoon and choosing you as his waitress. Yes, he was cute, and you would almost say you were interested in him if it weren’t for the fact that he only came here just to annoy you.

You’re cleaning up one of the tables when the bell on the door to the restaurant jingles. There’s a drop in your stomach when you glance out the corner of your eye only to see a very familiar figure. Dressed in an oversized black hoodie and grey sweatpants is Jeon Jungkook, the devil himself.

“Please don’t notice me,” you mumble softly under your breath, trying to quickly escape. You’re halfway out of the room when you’re stopped by your friend Taeyong’s voice, who had been managing the front desk.

“Y/N! Your favorite customer is back!”

You jolt to a stop, sucking in a deep breath, before spinning around slowly in your heels. Plastering your brightest smile onto your face, you approach Jungkook, annoyance bubbling in your stomach. It is only then when you notice he’s not alone; this time, he’s brought his friends. Oh great, you think.

“Jungkook! What a pleasure to see you again!” you say with a sickly sweet voice. Jungkook smirks at you, before jerking his head towards his friends. Absentmindedly, you notice just how good looking he is; his hair, dark brown and curly, frames his face perfectly, and you can see the shape of his lean body through his loose clothing.

“Can we get a table for seven?” he asks. “And also the menus. These are the members of my dance club and we just finished practice.”

You cast him another fake smile. “Of course. Follow me.” 

You lead them to the back of the restaurant before bringing them the menus. As you lay them out, Jungkook decides to speak to you.

“So, Y/N, how’s it been going lately?” he asks, tilting his head. You can’t decide if he’s genuinely curious or saying it just to get on your nerves. But then again, he’s Jeon Jungkook, and if anything, he definitely was not curious about you. He had brought quite a few girls with him to the restaurant before, and though you never asked him if they were his girlfriends, you guessed at least a few had to be.

“It was going great before you came,” is what you mutter under your breath. Jungkook’s eyebrows raise.

“What did you say?” he asks teasingly. “We wouldn’t want you saying mean things about your own customers, wouldn’t we?”

“Of course not!” You shoot him another smile. “My day definitely got brighter now that I can serve you.”

It was always like this; whenever Jungkook came, the two of you would always banter and exchange sarcastic remarks, though you never could be outright with them as you couldn’t risk getting caught and marked down for insulting your customers. 

So while you and Jungkook are exchanging thinly veiled insults, Jungkook being the one instigating and you being the one replying, his friends’ eyes move back and forth between you.

“Uh…” One of them, you had heard someone call him Jimin, says, “Do you two know each other?”

“No!” you blurt while Jungkook says, “Yes!” 

You whip your head around, glaring at him. 

“No, we don’t,” you say pointedly. Jungkook leans back in his chair, crossing his arms.

“Yes, we do,” he says back slowly. You roll your eyes, before looking in his friends’ directions.

“Enough of that, I’ve forgotten to ask. Any drinks you want? Water? Coke?”

The next five minutes pass as you write down their drink and meal orders. When you’re done, you cap your pen and stick your notepad into your apron. The boys then hand you back the menus.

“Alright, I’ve gotten your orders. Please wait about ten to fifteen minutes, we’ll be back as soon as possible. I’ll get you your drinks in a minute.”

You leave their table with Jungkook’s burning gaze trained on your back.


“Tell me why it’s taking so long for them to finish.”

Forty minutes later, you’re leaning against the front counter glaring at Jungkook’s table. Taeyong only snorts, trying to not-so-discreetly watch a drama on his phone. Seulgi, one of your best friends who also works at the restaurant, only giggles.

“Jungkook keeps glancing over at you,” she sings, patting your shoulder. “I’m telling you, he only comes here because he’s interested in you.”

“No, he doesn’t,” you grumble back, though you feel your cheeks flush. “It was only because we happen to be in the same Econ class and he just wants to embarrass me.”

“How does he even know you work here?” asks Taeyong, finally looking up from his phone.

You wave his question away, glaring at Jungkook again, who’s clapping his hands while laughing. You find the way that his eyes crinkle and nose scrunch up quite endearing, though you’d never admit it out loud. “Just a coincidence. It’s not like he asked about me anyways.”

Unbeknownst to you, Seulgi and Taeyong exchange knowing glances.

“Y/N doesn’t know that he asked me about her,” Seulgi whispers under her breath to Taeyong. “You know what he said? He said he saw this really cute girl in his Econ class and wanted to know her but she didn’t seem like the talkative type and he wasn’t good at approaching girls. But he noticed that we were friends and asked if there was any way to get into contact with Y/N. So cute. What I would give for that.”

“Y/N’s clueless. So oblivious to his obvious attraction and her own budding feelings.”

“What a shame.” Seulgi shakes her head.


A good twenty minutes later, Jungkook and his friends finally stand to leave. This time, Seulgi is the one that cleans their table as you take orders from some new customers. As you walk back to give the order to the Chef, you notice the boys nudging Jungkook hard towards your direction. Jungkook says something, before Jimin claps him on the shoulder. Then the rest of them leave and trickle out of the restaurant, leaving only Jungkook standing there.

You don’t think much of it, turning your head and continuing your way to the kitchen, when Jungkook suddenly calls your name.


You freeze, glancing around the restaurant before looking back at him.

“What?” you hiss as he approaches. He stops a good distance away, before reaching up and awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.

“Um…” he trails off, glancing anywhere but you. The look on his face is shy and diffident. His hand comes up to brush through the front of his hair.

“Jungkook,” you sigh. “Is there anything you need? I need to get this order down to the kitchen.”

“Oh!” Jungkook jerks his head up, large eyes widening like a doe. “Oh, right, you’re busy. Um, you can go do that. I can wait.”

You frown, before shrugging. “Alright then.”

You turn away, and have only moved two steps when Jungkook says your name again. And as it was Monday, as much as you thought Jeon Jungkook was a very attractive young man, you really didn’t have the patience. So when you turn around, you’re prepared to tell him to leave, but he beats it to you first.

“Um, ok, IknowyouthinkIcomeheretoannoy–”

“Woah wait,” you hold up a hand, blinking fast. “I can’t understand you. Slow down, Jungkook. I’m not going anywhere yet.”

He takes a deep breath, and you notice red creeping up his neck.

“I, uh, know that you think I come here just to annoy you, but actually I think you’re really cute and sweet and I was hoping if I could have your number?”

Jungkook’s voice lilts at the end into a question. You blink at him, brain slowly comprehending his words. 

“You… what? You think I’m cute?”

Jungkook winces, scratching his head. “Um, yeah. Something like that.”

He watches as your own face gets dusted with a faint pink, and you suddenly avert your gaze. 

“Oh,” you say. “Um.”

The awkward silence is broken by Seulgi, who had been watching and couldn’t stand it anymore. “Y/N, just give him your darn phone number!” 

“Right!” You scramble for a pen, tearing off a piece of paper from your notepad and quickly jotting down your number. When you give it to Jungkook, he breathes a sigh of relief, visibly relaxing.

“Thanks,” he breathes, mouth breaking into a warm smile. You feel your heart thump a little faster. 

“Yeah,” you say, still not quite understanding that Jeon Jungkook had just asked for your number?

“Well, I’ll text you then,” Jungkook says, eyes still trained on your own. You nod, lips spreading into a similar smile.

“Yeah,” you answer. “I’d like that.”

a couple weeks later.

[Text] You: so, i’ve never asked this but, who were all those girls you brought to the restaurant?

[Text] JK: oh. Uh.

[Text] You: girlfriends? ;)

[Text] JK: no!

[Text] Jk: well maybe girls that were interested in me, but no girlfriends

[Text] You: ah, quite the reputation you have

[Text] JK: actually, this is gonna sound embarrassing but…. I kinda hoped you would notice

[Text] You: jungkook, if you haven’t noticed, i literally was oblivious

[Text] JK: mhm

[Text] JK: you wanna go to the movies some time?

[Text] You: sure, with who else?

[Text] JK: …

[Text] JK: y/n, i’m literally asking you out on a real date.

[Text] You: …

[Text] You: OH

[Text] JK: you’re right. You’re so oblivious

Blog Entry (Peter Parker Imagine)

Requested by: no one 

Fandom: Spider-man/Marvel

Prompt: You hear a loud noise and go to check it out, only to find no other than spider man. 

Character/s: Peter Parker x Reader

Form: Full Fic

Warnings: Swearing? Idk? Unedited

A/N: I wrote this at 2 AM and I don’t know why? I should’ve been working on requests but I made this instead. But I lowkey wanna do a part two where Peter reads this and confronts you about it.


My Spider-Man Meeting I Guess? 

July 7th 2017

I am alert, to say the least, and I always have been. I have to be, I grew up in Queens with my parents around only about one day a week. I have grown up almost all alone, which though it was lonely sometimes I try to look on the bright side. I can cook, clean, and even drive and I have from a very young age so it’s not all bad.

I was sitting on my couch with my usual set up, my TV blaring but me still ignoring it on my computer on the couch. It was the same old same old, I mean I thought it was? Sure, the wifi was slow that day but that wasn’t nearly as weird as what was about to happen. Anyways back to the story!

I was about to just slam my computer shut because of said slow wifi when suddenly there was a loud bang on my ceiling. I thought it was just my neighbors but then I realized, holy fuck I don’t have neighbors I live on the top floor! My instantly first thought was someone had a gun, I live in that kind of neighborhood so it seemed logical. 

I, feeling especially brave, decided to go up and check it out. Right before leaving through the door to the building roof I realized how fucked I am if they do have a gun. So I grabbed a broom to fight with, not my brightest decision but meh. Wait why am I focusing so much on small details?

I start to panic for a little bit before I can bring myself to open the door. I had no idea what I’d be up against at that point. I mustered up all my courage, took a deep breath and kicked the door open. There I saw something that may have forever changed my life.

I saw the spider man laying face down on the roof of my apartment building. I looked around for any sign of a bad guy or someone to use my broom on but there was notta. I take in the situation a bit more and sort of hold back a laugh, then not knowing what to say or do or even if this guys conscious I say, “Hello?”

He jumps to his feet in less than a second and whips around, making it very obvious (if you ask me) that he didn’t expect anyone to be up there. “I- hey Y/n! Hello there, what are you doing up here?” he asked me sounding rather embarrassed or like I had caught him doing something wrong. Then it hit me, how the fuck does he know my name? 

“How do you know my name? This is where I live. What are you doing here?”

“I was just y’know swinging around on my webs and I may have over calculated some stuff.” he told me and look down at the end with his voice trailing off not answering my question. Boy fucking howdy was I confused though. I had no idea what he meant by webs or why he had to calculate anything to get on the roof. There’s stairs for a reason, but I digress. Also the whole over calculation thing reminded me a lot of a boy from my math class, but thats probably me making a useless connection between math class and a math word.

“Your webs??” I asked and probably looked super fucking confused. 

At first he just stared at me, then his eye thingys moved? I think he was squinting at me for not knowing but whatever then they went back to normal. “Oh yeah, these things!” he then shot off a weird web thing from his arm(?) and took my broom.

“Hey! That’s my only defense!”

“You were going to fight me? With a broom?” he asked me and I fully realized how stupid I was.  I just glared and crossed my arms to stomp over and take it from him. 

“Well I was if I had to! I think I know who you are now though. You’re like… captain spider, right?”

“Wha-?! No! It’s Spider-Man!” he threw his arms out and I think I actually upset him. So being the kind considerate person I am, I continued to do it.

“Pfft ‘Man’? You sound like you’re my age!” I said though laughs.

“Well- well actually people have said worse so I’ll take it.” he shrugged and then there was this really long and awkward silence. Then not really knowing what else to do I just burst out laughing. It wasn’t even a normal small laugh I was going full on. The spider dude was looking at me like I was fucking psycho, I don’t blame him.

Once I caught my breath I looked up at him and he took a step back clutching my broom. “Woah um- are you okay? Why were you laughing like that??” I laughed a bit more.

“I’m sorry but this situation is just so fucking weird.” I explained and then he sort of started nervously laughing probably out of awkwardness. Then it grew to a real laugh and I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty cute. So me and this super hero were on my roof laughing like psychos. Sadly not my weirdest day yet. 

Then once our laughing died down a bit, he walked over to the edge of the roof. “Well I should return to the usual.”

“This isn’t your usual?”

“No, no it is not.” he said shook his head a bit. You could hear some amusement in his voice so I guess he wasn’t completely weirded out. He gave a small wave and shot a web out to a building. “Hey, I’ll see you around!” I said and smiled at him.

“Definitely.” he replied then swung away. I was about to turn around and go inside when I realized that he still has my broom. I sighed and went back inside, I guess its his broom now. 

And thats the story of how I met the super hero spider-man. Also how I lost my only broom. I don’t know why you wasted your time reading this. Also, I’d totally tap that!


Peter slowly closed his laptop and stared out his window for a second. 



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anonymous asked:

💝 How to get more people who want to RP?

roleplay advice - tentatively open?

honestly? the best advice i have to give in that regard is that you get back about ½ the effort you put out. maybe that sounds salty, but i really don’t mean for it to. we’re all busy, and we’re all more invested in ourselves than others [mostly], and that’s okay. no matter what, over time you will build up a group of people who want to interact regularly, but there are some little things i can recommend to help…

  • work hard to develop your muse, whether canon or oc.
  • drabble often. work on making your writing funny, dramatic, or otherwise enjoyable to read. ask friends for concrit. people like getting insight into your muse!
  • reach out to others. send ask memes whenever you can, even if they take some effort. if someone’s muse has posted a drabble you like, send an ic reaction. show that you’re genuinely interested in others and people will be drawn to you in turn.
  • make your partners feel special and important. plot with them. ask them questions about their headcanons. write drabbles for them as though you were giving them a present, because you are.
  • further to the above: remember to share the spotlight. most of us are here because we want to feel badass or powerful in some way, and there’s nothing wrong with that. it’s what makes roleplay so much fun.

this got a little long, but hopefully i came across clearly! thanks so much for sending in this question, it really got me thinking. )

Her First Apartment Ch.6

4770 words. enjoy my lovelies ;3

Rated M for inuhotness kehehehe

His ears flicked at the air, annoyed as he scrambled his brain for something to say to her. They’d been sitting here for five minutes. His brow twitched and his foot threatened to start tapping if he didn’t hurry and think of something.

“How were your finals?”

“Hm? Oh I did alright. I may have to retake biology this summer but grades haven’t been posted yet.”

Kagome was so nervous she wondered if he could somehow smell it, which made it even worse. She wished she could just curl up on the bean bag to her right and not get up until she had to leave in the morning.

“I see.”

That reminds me… “So. Explain the whole technically-not-a-student thing.”

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Deere Headcanons: Flustered boys and first date

I’m tagging: @twinkjeremyheere

I know you like Deere.

-Jake formed feelings for Jeremy very quick. When he falls for someone, he falls hard.

-Jake’s usually a pretty smooth, flirty guy. However, being around Jeremy he’s a flustered mess.

-His hands get sweaty and he can’t form words correctly around him. And it doesn’t help that Jer isn’t his usual type, so he has no idea how to act around him at first.

-Should I flirt? No, that’s too much. Does he like me talking though? Am I talking too much?? I’m talking too much. Sh-

-Endless nervous thoughts swarm this poor boy’s brain.

-Rich teases Jake all that time. It’s just so hilarious to see a usually put together guy become a nervous wreck around Jeremy of all people.

-”You’re tho in love with Jeremy. I bet you think about him all the time.”

-Jake: ”Shut up. I don’t.”

-Also Jake: Laying awake at 2 am thinking about this boy.

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Harry Styles. (Parte 1)

N/A: Olá, como vocês estão? Espero que bem. Então, esse imagine é desse blog aqui: harry-writings, e uma leitora pediu para que eu traduzisse e postasse ele aqui. Espero que gostem! 

P.S: Isso não é plagio, a autora sabe que estou postando ele aqui. 

Boa leitura!

 “Você está nervosa?” Harry pergunta, agarrando a mão de S/N, logo no inicio de sua viagem de três horas para a casa de sua irmã.

     Eles tinham apenas um ano de namoro, e S/N iria finalmente encontrar a irmã de Harry, Gemma. Com seus horários apertados na universidade, o trabalho novo de Gemma, e o álbum solo de Harry, nenhum deles tinha tempo para uma viagem de três horas para se encontrarem, mas Gemma deu um jeito de conseguir uma pequena folga com seu novo chef, e as férias de primavera de S/N finalmente chegaram, e agora que Harry já tinha lançado seu álbum, S/N iria conhecer a ‘segunda metade’ de S/N.

 “Eu estou bem.” S/N responde relutantemente.

     Com toda a honestidade, ela estava assustada. Mesmo que o resto da família de Harry praticamente ame ela, S/N não foi criada em uma família rica. Ela compartilhou um apartamento de dois quartos com seus pais e seus dois irmãos mais velhos toda a sua vida. Seu único tempo fora de casa era quando ia para a escola ou para o trabalho, nunca realmente teve uma vida social, porque ela não tinha tempo nem dinheiro para isso. Esta notícia tem saído em todos os lugares. S/N está vivendo na casa de Harry, e está pagando dívidas e a universidade com o dinheiro dele, mesmo que essas declarações sejam completamente verdadeiras, não é como se ela estivesse com ele por dinheiro. Há uma história inteiramente diferente debaixo dessas publicações que ninguém compreende além de Harry e ela. E isso é o que mais a assusta.

 “Não se preocupe, querida. Ela vai te amar. Ela pode ler o que quiser, mas tudo que ela precisa prestar atenção é em quem você realmente é.”

     Harry segura a mão dela com mais força. Ele tem em mente que ela sabe que Gemma já tentou fazer com que ele rompesse com ela há um tempo. Ela pensa que S/N não é nada além de uma interesseira, usando de sua simpatia para tirar cada centavo dele para melhorar sua própria vida. Claro que não era o caso, e Harry estava disposto a passar o resto de vida refutando a irmã dele. E ele iria começar hoje.

 “Quem eu realmente sou não vai impressioná-la, Harry. Eu não tenho nada.”

 “Woah. Espere um segundo, não diga coisas assim.”

 “É a verdade.” Ela encolhe os ombros.

 “Isso está longe de ser verdade. Você está tentando terminar a faculdade, e eu nunca vi alguém ser tão determinado a realizar qualquer coisa na vida, você me inspira todos os dias. Quando eu penso em desistir ou que o que estou fazendo não vale a pena, eu penso em sua capacidade de superar qualquer uma dessas coisas, não importa o seu dinheiro, S/N, você é a melhor pessoa que eu já conheci, e eu faria qualquer coisa para ser metade da mulher que você é.”

     S/N sorri, deixando escapar uma leve risada. Ela se inclina para pressionar um beijo suave em sua bochecha, esfregando seu nariz ligeiramente contra a pele dele.

 “Então você quer ser uma mulher, hum?”

     Harry ri, olhando para ela pelo canto do olho. Seus cabelos em cachos soltos, brincos de diamante brilhando em suas orelhas, um pequeno sorriso brincando em seus lábios, seus olhos treinados na estrada à sua frente.

 “Não se preocupe, amor.” Harry suspira. “você sempre me terá.”

     Ao olhar em direção a casa de Gemma, S/N sentiu o medo atravessa-la. Tudo o que ela sentiu sobre este dia está se acumulando tanto dentro dela que seu corpo quase se sente entorpecido.

 “Não fique nervosa, meu amor” Harry ri. “Vai ficar tudo bem.”

     Quando subiu os degraus até a porta, S/N teve que agarrar a mão de Harry, caso ela tentasse fugir. Ele deu-lhe um beijo tranquilizador antes de abrir a porta e entrou.

 “Gemma, Está aí?” Ele gritou.

     Sua casa é tudo que S/N esperava que fosse. Era arejada, tudo em um só lugar, nada de paredes para separar os quartos. Tudo parecia tão caro, S/N nunca viu nada igual. Ela só pensava no quanto poderia dançar sem ter nada para se chocar.

     Gemma saiu da cozinha, parecendo ligeiramente desconfortável, mas sorrindo ao dar a seu irmão um abraço acolhedor. Quando se liberta de Harry, Gemma dá a S/N o olhar mais repugnante de todos.

 “Então, essa é S/N?”

     S/N desconsidera o modo como ela fala, queria obter a simpatia de Gemma, e ela não queria estragar o momento.

 “Olá, Gemma. É maravilhoso conhecê-la.” S/N sorri, estendendo a mão para se apresentar corretamente. A moça sorri ligeiramente, olhando para a mão dela.  

 “Há algum motivo pelo qual meu irmão está pagando suas contas da universidade, sim?”

      A maneira como ela pronuncia seu nome queima S/N por dentro, era como se seu nome fosse algo tóxico em sua língua. S/N lentamente abaixa a mão, enfiando-a debaixo do outro braço enquanto se move para arrumar o cabelo em puro sinal de nervosismo.

 “Gemma.” Harry a adverte. “Qual seu problema?”

 “Não, Harry.”  S/N estava completamente sem jeito, balançando a cabeça ligeiramente, “Está tudo bem. É que minha família não está financeiramente estável. Eles obviamente queriam que eu entrasse na melhor universidade que pudesse, então quando fui aceita, comecei a fazer empréstimos estudantis, eu estudava e trabalhava e até ganhei uma boa quantidade de ajuda financeira, mas não foi suficiente para nós. Acabei por pagar muito dinheiro ao banco pelos empréstimos e…”

 “Então você pediu que meu irmão usasse todo o dinheiro que ele economizou em sua carreira para pagar por você?”

     S/N estava de olhos arregalados, claramente não esperava por suas acusações. Demorou meses antes de concordar em deixar Harry pagar a sua mensalidade, ele ofereceu isso desde o dia em que a conheceu, sentiu que sua carreira não era nem metade do que ela se prestava a fazer por seus estudos. Ele tinha todo o dinheiro para dar tudo que ela precisasse, e estava disposto a dar cada centavo que ele tinha para ela, abrir mão de tudo por ela. Ele não precisava mais daquilo, tinha passado toda a vida construindo seu futuro. Passou cinco anos fazendo dinheiro que ele nem sabia como gastar. Encontrou a garota, a garota que queria se casar, e tinha uma bela casa, para ter filhos com ela. Ele viveu seu sonho sozinho, e agora queria compartilhar ele com ela.

     Depois do que parecia ser anos de Harry implorando para ela, até o ponto em que ele mesmo foi de joelhos, pedindo para ajudá-la a superar sua crise financeira, e ela não pôde dizer não, não vendo ele tão desesperado, não quando ele estava em lágrimas observando-a sofrer por não poder pagar os próprios estudos.

 “O quê? Não, não é isso que eu estou dizendo.”

 “Que porra, Gem?” Harry rosna, seus olhos se estreitando, puxando S/N para mais perto. “Você não sabe o que diabos você está falando.”

 “Isso é besteira.” Gemma cospe, dando um passo ameaçador para mais perto de S/N, que está tremendo e sufocando suas lágrimas.

 “Quais são as chances de uma garota como você ficar com meu irmão? Hãm? Quais são as hipóteses disso acontecer?”

 “Muitas.” Harry rosna, tirando S/N de perto de Gemma.

     Gemma foi a última pessoa que ele esperava que julgasse S/N por sua classe econômica. Ele realmente pensou que elas iriam se dar bem.

     S/N deu passos para trás, ela estava sem ar, sentia como se alguém tivesse lhe dado um soco na garganta, o que provavelmente teria acontecido se Harry não estivesse mantendo Gemma longe dela.

     Ela sente as lágrimas que estavam acumulando-se em seus olhos lentamente começarem  a cair. Não era para ser assim, ela não queria que ninguém na família de Harry a odiasse.

     No calor de suas emoções, S/N  coloca um sorriso sarcástico no rosto.

 “Você não precisa mais se preocupar com isso, Gemma.” Ela chora, patéticos soluços saindo de sua garganta. “Eu vou ir embora.”

     A cabeça de Harry se agita, seu coração de repente parando quando ele a vê se afastar.

 “Não.” Ele sussurra. “Baby… baby não.” Suas mãos caem completamente aos seus lados quando ele a vê correr pela porta da frente.

 “Eu nunca mais volto nesta maldita casa, Harry, eu juro…”

 “Nunca mais fale comigo de novo, Gemma” Harry rugiu. “Eu não quero mais te ver. Entendeu?”

     Gemma ofegou, arremessando as mãos para o ar.

 “Que merda. Você é cego, Harry? Estou protegendo você.”

     As mãos de Harry se apertam em punhos, toda sua raiva crescendo dentro dele. Ele dirigiu três horas, tomando o tempo de S/N, a única vez que ela pode relaxar, só para aparecer aqui e ter que passar por isso?

     Antes que Harry possa até mesmo pensar corretamente, seu punho está chocando duramente contra a parede. Ele não sentiu nada, apenas alguns pedaços do cimento caiu aos seus pés e Gemma o olhava aterrorizada.

 “Você está morta para mim.”

     Antes que Harry perca mais tempo, ele sai pela porta. Ele nunca correu tão rápido, era como se suas pernas estivessem a toda velocidade e sua mente estivesse espalhada ao seu redor. Nada está fazendo sentido, tudo o que ele pensava ter estava caindo aos pedaços. A vida que ele construiu está desmoronando sob ele, e não há absolutamente nada que ele possa fazer sobre isso.

 “S/N, S/N, espera!” Harry grita quando ele a vê correndo.

     Ela pode ouvi-lo, ela pode ouvi-lo alto e claro, mas suas pernas não param de se mover, e ela nem sequer se virou para olha-lo. Ela não pode, ela não pode olhar para tudo o que ela já amou se queria se afastar. Vai ser demais para ela.

     Antes que ela possa acelerar seu passo, Harry agarra seu pulso tão apertado que ela de alguma forma acabou batendo em seu peito. Ele imediatamente começa a chorar, agarrando seu rosto em suas mãos a forçando a encara-lo.

 “Não me deixe, querida. Não me deixe.”


 “Não ligue para minha irmã, S/n. Por favor, não pode fazer isso comigo. Você não pode.”

     Ela aperta os olhos fechados, quebrando completamente enquanto ela sente que ele a segura. Como ela resolveria isso? Ou ela fica com Harry e sua irmã faz de sua vida um inferno, ou ela deixa Harry, e vive o resto de sua vida sozinha, porque ela não pode encontrar amor em mais ninguém.

     Ela quase considera ficar com ele. Quase. Mas não há nenhuma maneira de ficar com ele e viver sua vida inteira sendo odiada por alguém que significa mais para Harry do que ela. Ela simplesmente não pode.

 “Ela está certa. Tudo isso é um erro, nós somos muito diferentes. Isso não está certo.” S/n diz entre soluços.

 “NÃO!” Harry grita, pressionando sua testa na dela.

 “Você não pode fazer isso comigo. Não diz isso para mim.”

     S/N sacode a cabeça, empurrando-o para longe dela tão rude quanto ela podia.

 “Ela é sua irmã.”

 “Eu não me importo, querida. Nada vai nos atrapalhar.”

     Mas ela simplesmente não pode.

 “Eu sinto muito, Harry.”

     Harry jura que ele sente seu coração rasgando ao meio com suas palavras, seu corpo completamente sem forças, ele cai de joelhos em sua frente. Ele segura suas pernas como se fosse sua última esperança, seus soluços drenando tudo em sua cabeça e tudo o que ele pode sentir é a mistura de seu coração sendo tirado para fora de seu peito e suas mãos correndo suavemente através de seu cabelo.

 “Por favor, S/N” É a única coisa que ele podia dizer. “Por favor, por favor, por favor…” Ele não queria ficar longe dela.

     Ele segura suas pernas mais apertado, sua testa pressionada contra seus joelhos.

     Isso não deveria acontecer.

 “Por favor.”

     Ela suspira. “Eu não posso.”

P.S²: Esse imagine tem uma parte dois, vou posta-la amanhã.

Prowling Phantom Pt 1 (Natasha Romanoff x Reader)

Warnings: Mild Violence, Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 900+

I was about my daily business, which, I must admit was pretty boring, aside from the field missions and sometimes getting called into training- today was different though, Nat had seen me around and also decided she needed someone to fight with, so she called me.

I hadn’t talked to many of the Avengers before, I usually just observed them, if I did- which was rarely, go on missions with them I enjoyed it and I was an asset to the team apparently.

Little did Nat, or anyone really apart from Nick know, I was fluent in many fighting styles as well as hand to hand combat, weapons and I could speak a few languages- I preferred to stay behind the desk as I never really trained and It was just easier.

The suit I picked up and eventually changed into was a full leather one, it kind of resembled Maria Hill’s and Nat’s but a little different- I’m sure Stark and Nick had some design imput on it though.

Nat smiled at me when I walked into the room, I blushed, before I got my act together and smiled back, she looked really attractive with her shoulder-length, blazing red hair and un-characteristic smile.

“Hey Y/N, I’m glad you came” she greeted.

“Ha, yeah, I probably won’t be when I get my arse kicked” I chuckled, feigning weakness.

“don’t worry, it won’t be that bad- I won’t kick your arse, too much… Of course unless I need to” she winked.

God, she was going to be in for a shock, I decided to fake dumb for awhile longer before I turned into full combat mode. 

“okay, I’m ready” I sighed, mentally preparing myself for the fight and getting myself focused.

We both walked around the rink, before she made her first move- jabbing my stomach, I acted hurt and doubled over in pain when really it was nothing “ouch… I thought you said you’d go easy?” I coughed.

“I never said that” she smirked at my obvious discomfort.

“Don’t get too cocky Romanoff, I never said I’d go easy on you” I smirked, Nat expressed a confused expression, before I unleashed everything on her.

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Prompt request #4

Request from anon: can u do a smutty fic with jasper jordan and #10 from the prompt list!

10: “If your serious, show me.”

okay so this is going to be my first smut, and it’s not gonna be super hardcore or anything but i will try my best as always!

Word count: 1,963

Warnings: SmUt and swearing and the usual

You felt like a total loser around everyone else from the 100. Everyone else was constantly getting laid and messing around, and you had never even kissed a boy. Even Monty was getting laid. Occasionally, when everyone was drunk, someone would try to kiss you or sleep with you and you would get too nervous and run away. Immediately regretting it, you just wanted to feel what everyone else was feeling. Tonight, no matter who it was with, you were going to fuck someone. You set that goal for yourself and go to work on your tasks for the day. 

“Hey Y/N, are you finally going to drink with us tonight?” Jasper said shooting you a smile.

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Only Us (Will Roland X Reader)

WC: 2094

Warnings: Excessive use of the word ‘sang’, fluff

Summary: It’s MisCast night, and Will and Y/N have decided to tackle a romantic ballad from their show

A/N: I love Will Roland a lot so here we go

“Y/N! You made it!” Laura called from across the hall as I approached her. I smiled at her and wrapped my arms around her once we had caught up with each other.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I said and Laura chuckled at my words.

“Well, you’re actually the last member of the cast here. It’s just you, me and Will.” Laura said and I felt my cheeks heat up a little. Zoe knew about my rather intense crush on my co-star, and she just loved teasing me.

“Awesome. It feels kinda weird to be singing one of your songs tonight.” I said and Laura laughed, throwing an arm around my shoulder.

“It’s all good Y/N. It is MisCast after all. I bet you’re excited about performing with Will.” Laura said and I groaned, burying my head in my hands.

“You’re the worst Dreyfuss.” I said, my words slightly muffled.

“Right back at you Y/L/N. Now, let’s get to our table.” Laura said, taking my arm as we walked over to the table. I nervously smoothed out the emerald fabric of my dress.

“Look who’s here!” Laura announced and Will looked up, his glasses slightly crooked.

“Y/N! Hey!” Will said enthusiastically, standing up from the table. I moved over to him and pulled him into a hug, trying desperately to ignore the fact that his body fit almost perfectly on mine.

“You look incredible.” Will said, scanning me up and down, smiling as he did. I blushed a little and waved a hand in his direction.

“The tux suits you, Roland. It’s nice to see you dressed up. You look good.” I said and Will pushed his glasses up his nose, a pink colour dusting his cheeks.

“Thanks. You ready for our performance, Zoe?” Will said as I took a seat next to him at the table.

“As ready as I’ll ever be, Evan.” I said, shooting him a wink. Will chuckled, running a hand through his dark hair.

“Hey guys! Sorry for disappearing, I just went to get us some drinks.” Laura said and the both of us turned to face her.

“Awesome.” I said, and Laura handed out the drinks.

“A beer for Will, I don’t know what brand or type it is and nor do I care, and a champagne for Y/N.” Laura said and I gratefully accepted the glass.

“Didn’t know you were a champagne drinker Y/N.” Will said and I shrugged my shoulders.

“I only am when I have to perform. I don’t want to be smashed onstage.” I said and Will let out a loud laugh.

“I understand that completely.” Will said, crinkles appearing around the edges of his bright blue eyes.

Suddenly the first singer was introduced, and I let out a sharp laugh at the sight of Carmen Cusack decked out in a cape and crown, complete with a sceptre. A very familiar piano intro started playing and my smile widened.

“I love this song.” I whispered to Will, who nodded.

“I think everyone loves King George, or in this case, Queen George.” He said and I chuckled, taking a quick sip of my champagne.

I bobbed my head, singing under my breath as Carmen performed. My stomach was starting to hurt at the end of the number, and I clapped loudly when she finished.

“What a way to start the night.” Will mused before taking a swig of his beer. “I couldn’t agree more.” I replied, relaxing in my chair.

“Hey, when are you guys up again?” Laura asked and I looked at Will, my eyebrows furrowed.

“Um, I think we’re after Brian D'Arcy James.” Will said and I nodded, glad one of us remembered.

“Well, you should probably head up onstage. Mandy’s up next, then Brian, then you guys.” Laura said and I nodded, downing my champagne.

“Damn.” Laura muttered and I smiled at her before standing up.

“M'lady.” Will said, holding his arm out for me.

“You’re too kind, sir.” I said and Will snickered as I looped my arm in his.

“Nice Hamilton reference.” He said as we made our way onstage, taking our seats towards the side of the stage.

“Hey you guys!” Brandon Victor Dixon said as we sat down.

“Hey Brandon.” I said, smiling brightly at him.

“So, what song are you guys singing? I assume you’re performing together.” Brandon said and I nodded, looking over at Will.

“We’re doing Only Us.” Will said and Brandon arched an eyebrow.

“I know people normally do songs from musicals they’re not in, but we do have a reason behind this, I swear.” I said and Brandon chuckled, nodding his head.

“Awesome. I saw the show on Tuesday, and let me just say that you were incredible in it.” He said and I blushed a little, tucking a lock of hair behind my ear.

“Thanks Brandon. I would say you were amazing in Hamilton, which you most likely are, but I still can’t get tickets.” I said and Brandon let out a loud laugh.

“Maybe I can hook you up with some.” He said, winking at me as he spoke.

“I’d love that.” I said, and suddenly Will let out a cough.

“Sorry. Just, Mandy’s starting.” Will said and I nodded cautiously, noticing a change in his expression. Mandy brought out the cast and Will and I looked at each other, disbelief in our features.

“Will, Y/N? Can you guys sign my cast?” Mandy said and Will and I jumped up and walked over towards Mandy.

“And can you maybe get me a ticket?” She said and we both chuckled. I signed the cast, adding a little smiley face after my name, and passed the sharpie to Will.

“This is so cool!” I whispered, and Will smiled widely at me.

“I know!” He responded with the same level of enthusiasm. We sat back down and suddenly the piano started playing, and when Mandy started singing Waving Through A Window, Will and I looked at each other, smiling and giggling like children.

Will threw an arm around my shoulder and my eyes widened slightly, but I eased into his embrace. Will and I clapped exceptionally loudly when Mandy finished, and Will even whistled. I giggled and Will shot me a half smile.

Brian got up and sung brilliantly, and suddenly the realisation hit me that it was our turn to sing. Will took my arm once more and lead me up to the front of the stage.

“Hey guys. So, the song we’re singing is actually from the musical Will and I made our Broadway debut in, which is uncommon, but hear us out.” I said, and the audience members chuckled.

“We’ve switched the characters up a little bit, so for about four minutes we are no longer Jared and Alana. Instead, we’re Zoe and Evan.” Will said, before gesturing to the band. They started playing and I took in a deep breath, clutching the microphone for dear life.

“I don’t need you to sell me on reasons to want you. I don’t need you to search for the proof that I should.” I sang, looking over at Will. I took his hand, and felt the electricity run through my arm.

“You don’t have to convince me. You don’t have to be scared you’re not enough, cause what we’ve got going, is good.” I sang, laughing a little towards the end.

Will looked up at me with wide eyes, and I smiled bashfully at him. I didn’t have to act like I was in love with Will, because I actually was.

“I don’t need more reminders of all that’s been broken. I don’t need you to fix what I’d rather forget. Clear the slate and start over. Try to quiet the noises in your head. We can’t compete with all that.” I sang, placing my free hand on the side of Will’s face. His face was warm under my hand, and a smile crept onto my face.

“So what if it’s us? What if it’s us and only us. And what came before won’t count anymore or matter. Can we try that? What if it’s you? And what if it’s me? And what if that’s all that we need it to be?” I sang, my hand falling off Will’s face but still tingling slightly.

“And the rest of the world falls away. What do you say?” I sang and Will took in a deep breath, beginning his part.

“I never thought there’d be someone like you who would want me.” Will sang and I let out a shaky sigh, taking his hand and squeezing it.

“Well.” I said, laughing shakily as I did. Will shot me a small smile and continued singing.

“So I’d give you ten thousand reasons to not let me go. But if you really see me, if you like me for me and nothing else. That’s all that I’ve wanted for longer than you could possibly know.” He sang and I felt my cheeks heat up, stepping closer to him.

“So it can be us, it can be us and only us. And what came before won’t count anymore or matter. We can try that.” Will sang, and I readied myself to sing my harmony. “It’s not so impossible.” We sang together, and the sound was beautiful.

“Nobody else but the two of us here.” Will sang, squeezing my hand as he did.

“Cause you’re saying it’s possible.” We sang and I looked into Will’s blue eyes, almost missing my cue.

“We can just watch the whole world disappear. Till you’re the only one I still know how to see.” I sang, Will joining in on the second line. Will took his hand out of mine and slipped it around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“It’s just you and me.” Will sang and for a moment it felt that way, as if there was nobody else in the room.

“It’ll be us, it’ll be us and only us. And what came before won’t count anymore.” I sang, feeling my cheeks darkening from the close proximity.

“We can try that. You and me, that’s all that we need it to be. And the rest of the world falls away, and the rest of the world falls away.” We belted, our voices harmonising together perfectly.

The music quietened slightly, our breathing heavy.

“The world falls away. The world falls away. And it’s only us.” We sang softly yet powerfully, the applause starting before the band had stopped playing.

I looked up at Will and noticed an unrecognisable expression on his face. I went to say something after I’d put my microphone back, but suddenly Will captured my lips in a kiss, the clapping from the audience turning to whoops and cheers.

I kissed back eagerly, running a hand through his hair. Will pulled me flush against his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around my waist. I pulled away from the kiss, my cheeks burning.

“Uh, um, woah.” I stammered, my voice a slightly higher pitch than usual. Will let go of my waist and I missed the feeling as soon as it disappeared.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, it’s just.” Will said, scratching the back of his neck.

“You definitely don’t have to be sorry Will. You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that.” I said and Will smiled bashfully, his eyes sparkling behind his glasses.

“I’m just glad these feelings were reciprocated. It would’ve been incredibly awkward if you hadn’t, you know, felt the same way.” Will said, chuckling nervously. I took his hand as we sat down on our seats, squeezing it reassuringly.

“You wanna grab some dinner tomorrow night?” Will said and I nodded, turning my head and pressing a kiss to his lips.

My stomach tingled with butterflies, and Will cupped his hand on my cheek. He pulled away, a dopey smile on his face. “I’d love that.” I replied, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Great! How about we grab something before tomorrow night’s show?” Will asked, the smile on his face widening.

“Perfect.” I said, resting my head on his shoulder. Will took his hand out of mine and proceeded to wrap his arm around my shoulders.

“Hey. You reckon we should fill in for Laura and Ben if they’re ever away?” I whispered as Jordan Fisher started singing.

Will let out a laugh and pressed a kiss to my forehead. “We’ll see what we can do.”

anonymous asked:

A written version of the pregnant reaction thing would be cute, if you have time!

Yup :)




“What? Like a kid. Wow… WOW! YES! I DID SOMETHING! God, this is the greatest accomplishment of my life! I can’t believe this. Wait say it again please, I need to be sure,”,


“Wait what did you say? A kid? I’m still a kid! Okay, don’t think I’m gonna hate the kid doll. You are pregnant. Wow. I don’t hate it, I just don’t like it at all and it’s terrible. Whatever, at least your boobs are gonna get bigger,”


“Oh. Woah. Um, okay. This doesn’t seem so bad. I mean I’m no stranger to raising kids and the kid is going to have a great mother. Yeah… this isn’t that bad at all,”






“What did you just say? So how- does that mean? So are we going to have to like, come up with two names, a first and a second? Also, are we gonna have to decide godparents? Oh, my god, I am going to be a dad. Like, I’m actually going to have a son. Wait, I am right? To be completely honest, I have no idea what’s going on but I’m excited!”

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5 with the boyfs omg!!

aaa heck i dont know what i think about that rip hope u like it!!!


“Can I sit here?” + Boyf riends


After the Squip incident, everything became more difficult for Jeremy. Especially any interaction with Michael. This is not how it’s supposed to be. Not at all.

And yet, here he was, standing awkwardly next to his friend, while the other was silently looking at him with confusion.


“Hey, uh.. Michael?” he finally managed to ask.


“Can… Can I sit here?”

Michael looked surprised. Really surprised. Just as Jeremy was about to apologize and run away he nodded.

“Of course you can, why the hell are you even asking?”

“I… It’s just.. Like…” he mumbled, face flushing with embarrassment. “After.. After anything I understand if you… Uh… Don’t want to be with me and everything, and… Um..”

“Woah, dude, relax. It’s okay. You don’t need my permission to sit down. It’s cool.”


“Yeah. I mean, you were a dick, but how can I forgive you if I don’t even try talking to you? Now sit down, my legs hurt just by looking at you.”

Jeremy let out a quick laugh and sat down. “Yeah. Sorry. Thank you.”

“For what?” Michael asked.

“For still agreeing to be my friend.”

Skinny dipping-TW preference

Request: can you do a skinny dipping one with all of them preference ?

Warning : some bad language and slight smut mentions. but not actual smut.

A/N: I had so much fun writing this ! But it was long and now my fingers hurt. so enjoy :) 


You weren’t really prude or anything, but knowing Scott is a just wanted to take things slow. Though Scott was a teenage boy with testosterone overflowing his head so you did not know exactly how he defined ‘’slow’’.

Scott was keeping the location of your date a secret and that kind of made you nervous. You spent the whole car ride trying to remember if you had shaved or not and let out a loud

‘’YES!’’ when you remembered you had. Scott parked the car and allowed you to open your eyes. But along with them you also opened your mouth, taking in the view.

It was beautiful. There was a fire, right in the middle of the beach and a thin line of light , reflected on the dark water. You took in the sound of the waves on the sore and he smiled seeing how in awe you were.

About an hour into the date and after you had talked about your day and other stuff Scott got up looking at the water.

‘’Scott?’’ you asked as he breathed in the salty air, taking off his shirt. You stared as the muscles of his back flexed and he walked closer to the water.

‘’what are you doing ..?’[‘ you asked laughing. He turned to stare at you, taking off his pants and you blushed harder than ever trying not to avert your gaze from his eyes.

‘’I think I’ll go for a dive…’’ he smirked and turned his back to you again , walking even closer to the water.

You saw him , in his boxers, staring at the water and you smiled to yourself, waiting for him to get into the water. But he didn’t.

He slowly bent down and took of the only piece of clothing that was left on him.

‘’OH MY GOD !’’ you let out , bringing your hand on your eyes, and looking away. He let out a chuckle, entering the water.

‘’hey ! it’s warm !’’ he let you know as you waited a couple of minutes until he would be fully into the water to re open your eyes.

‘’good to know’’ you let out . God now you were thinking of his perfect bum. You wanted to go in there as well and he could hear your desire.

‘’it’ll be warmer if you joined me..’’ he smirked.

‘’ yeah if I pee…’’ you said and he laughed.

‘’I mean cause you’re hot y/n…’’ he smiled at you and you slowly got up.

‘’close your eyes’’ you instructed him and he obeyed as you stripped off of your clothes.

‘’okay they’re off now wait till I get into the water!’’ you said and he just opened his eyes , staring at you and smirking. As a reflex you ran into the water to hide yourself and he laughed.

‘’I TOLD YOU TO WAIT A-HOLE !’’ you said getting close enough to punch his head.

‘’yes. In the ending of a sentence that begun with<< okay they’re off now..>> can you blame me ?’’ he asked and you pecked his lips.



You always had a crush on Stiles and you had tried everything to get him to notice you. Dropping hints, spending hours before deciding what to wear, laughing at everything he said-not that you actually had to try for that one- but he just did not seem to get it.

One day you and Stiles, were hanging out at the beach. Scott was supposed to meet you but he hadn’t showed for an hour so you started thinking he might not come at all. To which you were thankful.

You talked and talked and talked with Stiles until the sun started coming down. You just stared at the water, the way the orange shades colored it, it was simply beautiful. You looked into Stiles’ honey brown eyes and saw the sun reflecting in them.

‘’you okay ?’’ he asked bringing you back to reality.

‘’what ? oh yeah ..yes,’’ you stared at the water and saw how the waves ended up on the sand. You took of your shoes, not fighting the urge to feel them. Stiles chuckled and followed your lead.

‘’are there crabs here ? y/n if I end up having some weird allergy from crab bites I am having my father arresting you. ‘’ he warned and you chuckled feeling the cool water against your skin. You ran your fingers through your hair and Stiles was the one to stare this time.

He scanned your body and watched the little droplets against your calves, the dry salt on your thighs. He took off his shirt and jeans.

‘’Let’s get in’’ he suggested and you turned to look at him laughing as he was struggling to undo his belt.

‘’ what? the sun will go down ! we’ll bloody freeze. ‘’ you chuckled.

‘’YAY I LOVE HARD NIPPLES !’’ he cheered in a high pitch voice and you playfully punched his head. He did not really believe you would ever agree, so his jaw dropped when you allowed the strands of your dress to slip off your shoulder, He stared at your every move as if his life depended on it.

‘’ oh my god this is …this is happening ..’’ he let out and you smiled getting into the water with your underwear. Stiles took off his t-shirt and run into it as well with his boxers.

After thrity minutes of singing part of your world and hair flipping you both started freezing and yes, Nipples got hard. Stiles tried not to stare but failed, and you smiled.

You got out of the water and realized you had no towels.

‘’great. We’ll just die’’ you said and he laughed rubbing your shoulders in an attempt to warm you.

Then you put on your dress and Stiles was about to say something when he saw you moving your feet. Your wet panties dropped to your ankles and you elegantly took off your bra.

While he just stood there, knowing you were completely naked beneath the cocktail dress you were wearing. He put on his shirt and jacket and then had to take off his boxers before putting on his pants.

‘’aren’t you gonna turn around ?’’ he asked.

‘’no I’m good. ‘’ you smirked.

‘’can you at least close your eyes?’’

‘’ah…will it make you feel less awkward?’’

‘’yes ..’’

‘’then no’’ you smirked and he sighed.

‘’alright alright but if you get to see the dinosaur I should see the peaches.’’ He pouted.

‘’oh my god are you a nine year old ?’’ you asked and he laughed. Of course he was only kidding , but his eyes widened when you allowed your dress to fall to your ankles as well.

He stared in awe.

‘’are you going to kiss me or should I wait for the crabs ?’’ you said and he shook his head blinking a few times before allowing his lips to peck yours.



You were walking your way home, along the beach when it started raining. You were already having a pretty bad day so you just stopped in your tracks and looked up, letting the rain drops fall onto your face.

‘’thanks big guy. Really, I appreciate it ‘’ you whispered to God and kept walking for about ten more minutes. You were a soaking mess, when you heard a car pulling over.

‘’HEY ! Y/N !’’ you heard Isaac’s voice.

‘’hello Isaac’’ you said straightly and kept walking in the rain as he run to you. He eventually caught up to you.

‘’hey,. What are you doing ?’’ he asked noticing your state.

‘’going home.’’ You replied.

‘’you’re pissed at something and really wet.’’ He said.

‘’you’re good at making observations. ‘’ you said sarcastically and he chuckled.

‘’why ?’’

‘’because it’s raining’’

‘’no ,. I mean why are you pissed ?’’ he kept walking with you , getting wet himself, as strands of his hair stuck to his forehead.

‘’get this.’’ You begun. ‘’ I’m working my ass off at part time after school and this lady comes and she is like hey I want to buy a dress to my daughter she is about your size might trying this on ? . so I try it on and then she is like no, it does not look similar you’re a bit too chubby.’’ You said and Isaac let out a loud laugh.

‘’well don’t laugh !’’ you said still pissed.

‘’okay okay. But now that you mentioned it, is it just me or is that third button of your shirt struggling a bit too much.’’ He said in order to mock you but you got even more pissed and started walking faster.

‘’oh come on y/n I was just joking !’’ he tried to excuse himself as the rain got heavier.

‘’apology declined. ‘’ you kept walking.

‘’I only said that cause your shirt is all wet and stuck on your body and the third button is holding back your purple bra which I can perfectly see by the way..’’

You stopped taking in what he had just said.

‘’so I’m not chubby ?’’ you raised an eyebrow.

‘’I can’t tell you that , I’ll have to see for myself’’ he said sarcastically but you did not hesitate you needed an objective male opinion. You took off your shirt and skirt and remained in your underwear.

Isaac stared at you.

‘’…woah..’’ he stared even harder.

‘’so ? am I chubby ?’’ you asked.

‘’yeah. In all the right places.’’ He said unable to take his eyes off of you.

You suddenly realized what you had done and were abou to pick up your clothes when Isaac started taking off his.

‘’what are you doing ?’’

‘’you mean what are we doing ? and the answer is we’re swimming !’’ he winked and walked closer to the beach as you followed him.

‘’ISAAC IT’S RAINING !’’ you said reaching up to him .

‘’good that means you’re already wet ‘’ he said slapping your ass softly to lead your towards the water.



‘’Y/N I am sure this counts as breaking in..’’ Liam whispered as you made your way to  the swimming pool.

‘’what makes you think that ?’’ you asked.

‘’uh I don’t know maybe it’s because it’ night and nobody else is here, or because we are whispering OR THE FACT THAT WE BROKE INTO THE SCHOOL !;’’

‘’well we’re not whispering anymore’’ you cheekily said.

‘’remind me why we’re doing this again ?’’ he asked you as you finally arrived at the pool.

‘’it’s called revenge. Hold this’’ you said handing him the bag with the sprays.

The school’s swimming pool was great. All besides one member. Your ex boyfriend Harry.

‘’please tell me you’re not going to poison the swimming pool..’’ Liam begged and you laughed.

‘’nah. I’ll just graffiti something mean about coach and sign it as Harry. ‘’ you said.

‘’that guy’s a dick’’ Liam added and you got to business. You made this huge image of coach naked and signed it as Harry, but by the time you were done you were both exhausted and sweaty.

You took a look at the swimming pool.

‘’DUNBAR !’’ you yelled and he dropped his spray(berry HAHAHAHH I’M SORRY)

‘’yes y/n ?’’ he said partly annoyed from all the hard work.

He walked closer to you as you were both now at the edge of the pool.

‘’you’ve ever gone skinny dipping ?’’ you asked smirking,

‘’ what is the answer that gets you to ask me to ?’’ he said and you smiled.

‘’this ‘’ you chuckled taking off all of your clothes. Liam stopped for a second taking in your image. God had you not just broken up he’d take you right then and there. He watched as your body sank in the chlorine water, your smooth skin contacting it. He wanted to touch you.

He took his clothes off as well but hesitated with his boxers.

‘’Relax it’s not like I haven’t seen a penis before’’ you joked.

‘’I believe I should lower your expectations’’ he shyly said causing you to chuckle and throw water on his boxers.

‘’hey !!’’ he whined.

‘’ooops. Now they have to come off. ‘’ you chuckled and he eventually took them off diving in.

‘’DUN DUN DUN DUNBARRR!’’ you announced as he entered and he laughed out loud.

‘’the things I do for you y/n…’’ he breathed out and you approached him wrapping your hands around his neck.

‘’ I can think of a few more..’’ you said and he gulped.

‘’I am sure you don’t mean it, It’s probably the recent break up’’ he said shaking his head and laughing.,

‘’or the fact that you’re naked against me..’’ you said.

‘’you’re naked against me too… you don’t see me making inappropriate suggestions !’’ he said and you laughed leaning closer your lips almost brushing against his.

‘’clearly one of us is the man here and it ain’t you’’ you chuckled aginst his lips.

Then you felt his erection against your thigh and he leaned in closing the distance.

‘’okay okay I take it back’ you said. Kissing him again.



You were in the woods with Derek running when he suddenly stopped shifting back into his normal form.

‘’Derek? What is-‘’ you were about to ask but then you looked to your  front to see him staring at a beautiful river-lake in the middle of the woods.

‘’ how come we’ve never seen this before ?’’ you asked and he shrugged his shoulders as you walked next to him.

Derek took off his shirt and rest of his clothes in a sudden move, slowly stepping into the water. You stared at the dimples that formed on his bum as he walked.

‘’aaaand you’re naked’’ you said.

‘’shouldn’t waste it’’ he answered as he disappeared under it. A minute later you saw him rising back to the surface. His hair slicked back from the water and drops all over his firm torso.

‘’ come in’’ he encouraged you but you denied. You knew your own limits. Being this close to a naked Derek was not gonna end up well.

‘’No I’m good thanks’’ you smiled sitting down at the banks of it.

‘’your loss’’ he commented and about five minutes later you saw him struggling.

‘’everything alright ?’’ you questioned

‘’yes I think- he was cut off by being dragged underwater.

‘’DEREK ?’’ you suddenly got up worried. He came out the water and shook his hands.

‘’I think something’s got my leg’’ was all he could say before being dragged beneath the surface again. You did not need to hear more.

You took off your jacket and run into the water, jumping right into it.You opened your eyes beneath it, searching for Derek you eventually had to come up for air.

When you did you opened your eyes.

Derek was behind you smirking.

‘’there is nothing grabbing your leg is there?’’ you said in realization..

‘take off your clothes y/n or I’ll take them off for you..’’ he whispered and you smirked as well.

‘’oh I dare you to try’’ you said and as he tried to get closer you splashed water all over him , the fight between you kept growing un til eventually he got close enough to grab both your hands and pull you close.

‘’you’ll be the death of me..’’ you whispered and he smirked.

‘’then you might as well let me kill you softly’’ he said leaning in to kiss you.



Skinny dipping with peter wasn’t really a choice , and it wasn’t really your fault.

Peter was still weak and conveniently captured by two hunters. When he howled you were one of the firsts to hear him so you rushed without even knowing why.

You hoped the rest of the pack would hear him as well and come hlp you but they were taking too long and you could hear Peter screaming in there. So you decided to enter anyway and try save him. Which you did, but after setting him free he grabbed you and started running into the woods with you.


‘’why are we running !?!?’’ you asked as you felt the wind slap your cheeks due to the speed, tree branches scratching and hurting you as he run.

‘’there’s three more of them. And apparently you were stupid enough to take them on your own instead of waiting for the others so congratu fucking lations. They’re after us’’ he said and kept running.

‘’i can’t believe I’m getting told off for saving your werewolf ass’’

Peter kept running dragging you behind him when all of a sudden he stopped.

‘’what’s wrong ?’’ you asked.

‘’I’m stuck..’’ he told you.

‘’what ? you tried getting closer but then you felt it too., Your legs sort of sinking. You looked down to see mud waters and heavy rocks. You tried moving your feet but you couldn’t. Peter’s black coat was getting too heavy due to the mad so he left it behind as he struggled.

‘’if I get bitten by a crocodile I’ll never forgive you Hale’’ you mumbled and you suddenly saw him making a few steps in the mud.

‘’how did you do that ?’’ you asked and he smirked.

‘’I took off my pants, they were heavy’’ he said and you raised an eyebrow in disbelief but then you unzipped your own and stepping out of them you were able to make a few steps being lighter.

‘’shit !’’ you said hearing the hunters approaching.

‘’SHOES. Take them off!’’ Peter told you and you followed his lead. With your shoes off you could move a few more steps. The water was up to your breasts but you could see the grass again,

Then you saw Peter taking off his –neck and finally making it to the other side.

You stared at his firm body covered in water and mud and you knew why you had tried to save him.

‘’COME ON THEY’RE CLOSE!’’ he said impatiently.

‘’I am not taking my shirt off in front of you Hale.’’ You argued.

‘’why ?’’ he questioned,

‘’cause..i..well I was going for sleep when I heard you howling so.i may not be wearing a bra..’’ you said embarrassed and he chuckled, turning to walk away , leaving you stuck in there,


‘’y/n if flashing me is worse than being murdered to you suit yourself. I am not staying for dinner when I know I’m the main course’’ he said walking away.

‘’fucking asshole’’ you cursed under your breath taking off your shirt and struggling your way out. Peter was way ahead of you so you were glad he would  not see you at least.

‘’I can hear them bouncing’’ he said to make you feel bad and it worked. You secured them against your hands as you kept walking and he smirked.

‘’I hate you’’ you said .

‘’gotta give me all you got y/n… ‘’ Peter said pushing a branch out of the way.

;’’cause I can take it’’ he smirked.

‘’fine. You twat. I saved you and instead of a thanks I get sexist comments about my boobs ?’’

‘’you’re the one who called me twat…’’ he turned to finally look at you and he blinked once.

Your hair were messy and slightly wet at their ends, Your thighs and waist covered In mud, the moonlight illuminating your body.

‘’ aaand now you’re thinking the dirty dirty’’ you announced being able to hear his heart beat. He got closer slapping your hands off of your chest, taking a good look at them and you gasped. He smirked.

‘’you’re thinking it too..’’ he said.

‘’are we just gonna think about it or- before you could finish your sentence his lips were on yours for a hungry kiss.