um what am i doing

someone: oh my god were you CRYING???

me, not even 4 minutes after a full on breakdown: 

  • MC: what are you doing yoosung
  • Yoosung: um
  • Yoosung: what am i not doing
  • MC: your homework yoosung
  • MC: you're not going to graduate college if you don't do it yoosung
  • MC: and you won't get a job yoosung
  • MC: how are you support us and our children yoosung
  • MC: i'm not pregnant but i will have a child to make a point yoosung
  • MC: why are you running yoosung
  • MC: stop crying yoosung
  • MC: goddammit yoosung
Meme War

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Sam, Steve, Bucky, Wanda, Nat, Bruce, Peter, Thor, Vision and Scott.

Tony: Okay so, me and Bruce worked real hard on this one.

Nat: Bruce and I, just FYI.

Tony: We created a special program that should keep anyone out that we don’t want in.

Tony: So they shouldn’t be able to get in.

Tony: Oh fuck off.

Scott: Wait who can’t get in and why?

Bucky: So how sure are you they won’t be able to get in?

Thor: Sir Ant-Man, I believe they are discussing Lady Y/n and Sir Clinton.

Bruce: I am hundred percent positive they can’t get in.

Peter: Um guys, I am a little bit confused. What did they do?

Sam: Well Thank Goodness.

Steve: I had enough of that nonsense.

Tony: Nope, just me and my buddy Bruce.

Vision: Peter, I believe it’s called a meme war.

Wanda: My buddy Bruce and I.

Tony: Will you stop correcting my grammar?

Steve: Will you start making proper sentences?

Tony: Oh you too, Steve?

Scott: Seriously, so that’s why you blocked them out?

Scott: Party breakers.

Sam: Well Tic-Tac, you don’t see memes all around the tower.

Wanda: I wouldn’t mind seeing them, if they didn’t suck.

Peter: Well some of them were good.

Steve: On who’s side are you now Peter?

Tony: Hey leave the kid alone.

Peter: I am just saying.

Y/N has entered the chat.

Y/N has added Clint.


Vision: I am not fully sure how this happened.

Vision: My computer doesn’t acquire that kind of information.


Bruce: But how?

Nat: I will seriously kill you two imbecilic.

Nat has left the chat.

Bruce: There was a special password that they need to guess before entering, and it’s not that easy.

Clint: Oh you mean “Y/N and Clint aren’t allowed in this chat”?

Clint: Pretty easy to me.

Wanda: Typical Tony.

Wanda: Now you should create a program that’s not gonna allow Tony to leave the chat.

Steve: Seriously Tony?

Thor: Interesting thinking, Lady Wanda.

Scott: Yeah, let’s torture Iron Man.

Scott: Who’s with me??

Bruce: I swear to God, I’m going to strangle you.

Bruce: Without turning green.



Tony: Alright there buddy, calm down.

Vision has left the chat.

Tony has been disconnected

Bruce has left the chat.

Wanda: Someone’s gonna get their ass beaten.

Clint: Hey Vision

Vision: Yes, Mr. Barton?

Clint: How’s your vision?

Clint: Because


Vision has left the chat.

Thor: Humans.

Thor: I would rather be stuck whit my idiot brother Loki, than you two.

Thor has left the chat.

Peter: Huh, good one.

Steve: I don’t get it.

Sam: This is so stupid.

Bucky: Lame.

Peter: I mean, buu, it sucks.


Clint: Hell yeah, Y/N, hell yeah.

Peter has left the chat.

Y/N: Yaiks, think I got him too hard.

Y/N: Poor little baby.

Sam: Then go suck his dick for comfort.


Clint: Shit Y/N


Bucky: Y/N can I film it when you kill him?

Wanda: I’ll hold your hair so you don’t mess it.


Scott: I will bring popcorn

Steve: I’ll plan a funeral.

Clint: I’ll bring memes.

Bucky: Oh dude, you know you’re going down.

Wanda: Harder than titanic.

Bucky: But not the way you’d like to.




Bucky: GO Y/N, GO Y/N.


Scott: Look guys what I’ve found.



Steve: What is this?

Bucky: This is life

Y/N: Yasss Scott.

Clint: Good one.

Steve: I don’t get it.

Sam: Hilarious.

Steve: You gusy suck.

Steve has left the chat.



Wanda has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat

Scott has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clint: what the heck?

Y/N: They think their cool.

Clint: Let’s do something

Y/N: what?

Clint: Okay meet me in the training room in 5.

Clint: I have something great planned out.

Y/N: Can’t wait.

Clint has left the chat.


Y/N: Just had too.

Y/N has left the chat.

I dont even know anymore.

Dangerous Woman Tour Seattle Soundcheck Highlights

-Someone asked her what we can expect from A3 and she was like, “It’s in stores, ‘Dangerous Woman’, you can go buy it in stores now!”

- Someone asked her about singing Only 1 and she said, “That’s my favorite song but I feel like it’s not other people’s favorite song.”

-Someone asked, “If you could be a normal person for the day, what would you do?” and she responded, “Well, um… I am a normal person.”

- Ariana said, “I’m average as fuck”

- Ariana talked about her favorite dinosaur

- She said her favorite episode of Victorious to film was the cupcake one because they were all so close and they all improv’d yelling at Trina

- When Ariana was answering a question, Toulouse started barking and she said, “Hold on, my son is speaking” and held the microphone to his mouth

[and now for a few non-soundcheck moments]

- A fan got caught with their phone and they were kicked out (unclear if out of the meet & greet or out of the concert in general)

- A fan told her how much we love and appreciate her and even though she sees a lot of negativity on twitter, we genuinely care about her and want her to be happy and that this tour is incredible and she should be so proud, and she was so happy about that.

It’s midnight and I should sleep but I can’t because PLOT BUNNIES




hell ye dan u own that pink boa scarf

i’m sorry for the hasty appearance of this… i’ve been in an on & off art funk and just decided to draw up expressions n poses that purely make me laugh…n then i was like ‘dan being flamboyant makes me hella happy’ so that fell into this mess as well ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

inspired by this encounter a viewer had with d+p | more phan doodles here

Kagome: so when the clock strikes 12, people will usually kiss their significant others and drink sake! 

 Miroku: hehe Sango 

 Sango: don’t touch me Monk 

 The twins: what does significant others mean ? 

 Kagome: usually husband or wife or the person you are dating 

 Miroku: which you two can’t have one till I am dead! 

 Twins: um we do what we want! ~ twins giggle and run away 

 Inuyasha: why would you kiss someone? Feh 

 ~Kagome kisses his cheek and he blushes

 Rin: I want to kiss someone 

 Sesshomaru: no you don’t, love is a human centric emotion that brings trouble. ~Rin kisses his cheek 

 Sesshomaru: Humans.

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