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I am watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Netflix for the first time, and I gotta say: The Jedi have absolutely zero chill and are way too eager to move on in the face of death.


Ahsoka: I would like to stay behind and protect my critically injured master, as I think one lone clone trooper probably isn’t enough protection and leaving him out here in the open in a tent on a planet with who knows what on it is a bad idea–


Ahsoka: um

(meanwhile, only a few episodes later)

*an explosion occurs*

Anakin: Oh damn, I hope Ahsoka’s okay.

Luminara: ALAS, SHE IS DEAD.

Anakin: uh, do we actually know that or–


Anakin: We haven’t even spent five seconds looking for her–


like calm your tits jedi. I know attachment is forbidden but you don’t have to move on *before* the person is actually dead, you know

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A/N:  I really hope you like this!  Merry Christmas!

rating: teen, for some mild swearing

word count: 2572


             “Hey Lily!”

             James promptly forgot what he was going to say.  He was blinded by a dazzling smile, shining red hair, golden sunsets and warm feelings.

             “Potter?  Are you okay?”

             “Whu- oh, yeah!”  James scratched the back of his neck.  “Um, I had just- I wanted- uh.”

             Lily smiled encouragingly and James swallowed hard, taking a deep breath.

             “Do you want to work on homework together later?  I feel like I wasn’t quite getting whatever Slughorn was saying about the theory behind the combinations of ingredients causing the side effects, as opposed to the ingredients particularly- you know the one?- and I was hoping maybe-“

             “Of course.”  Lily combed her fingers through the front of her hair, tossing it out of her face.  “I have to tutor some younger students down in dungeon three until about 9 tonight, so if you’d like to come down then-“

             “That’s not gonna work, sorry.”  James ran a hand through his hair, and inwardly cringed.  “I have quidditch from 7 until 10, tonight- is there any chance we could meet up earlier?”

             “I’m actually on my way to a prefect’s meeting, before getting a quick dinner.”  Lily grimaced.  “I was hoping to do the transfiguration essay later though.  Maybe we trade what we have at that point and edit?”

             “Right, yeah, sure.”  James mumbled.  “I’ll see you then.”

             “Great!”  Lily smiled at him.  “Oh, and have a nice day.”  She said patting his arm.

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Alien Aesthetic: The Ripleys

“Added report, personal message. This is… for my daughter. Hi Amanda, I’m recording this for you, my sweetheart… and I hope you get to hear it one day. You see, I, um, I got into trouble. Um, my ship… there was an accident, sweetheart, and, um… we found an alien creature. It was very dangerous… and the only way we could stop it was to destroy the ship. Uh, I’m okay. I’m stuck on this lifeboat a long way out. But we had to destroy the ship; we had to destroy the Nostromo. We just couldn’t risk bringing that thing home with us. I needed to protect you. Don’t worry… don’t worry about me. I’m sure I’ll see you very soon. I love you, sweetheart.”

‘B-boo…..!! O-or something….and stuff……um…’s….almost Halloween…?? A-and…..well…we don’t have much here….but, thankfully, there’s some sheets….?? So I’m gonna try and get in the spirit and be a ghost….! Just…uh…be careful…!! I know it’s early….but….I’d be sad if anything happened to any of you…..but I hope, when Halloween does come, you all have a fantastic one, heh…..who knows….?? Maybe the Entity will take pity on us and give us some candy……..or, better, let us go…..+awkward laughter+………one can wish, right??’

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(@occasional-mega-houndoom) "Hmm.... You seem of high importance, yet I've never seen a Pokemon quite like you... What exactly are you..?"

    “I’m jus’ funny lookin’, I’m not actually anything sp-special.

    “Mmm.. My friend always called me, uh, a ‘Riogaleo’- a Riolu and, um, a Solgaleo. My name is Soleil, nice to … meet you.


Uh… Hello, everyone. So, um, I just wanted to say that, uh, the orchestra is putting on Messiah this weekend, if anybody, uh, wanted to come see it. It’s– well, it’s going to be, um, really good. Not as good as the people who dressed up like monks to sing it, but good. I think. It’s, um, a Christmas thing, but not– it’s really a history thing, and yeah. I hope I’m not, um, offending anybody by this. It should be a nice evening of Baroque music. Okay. Thank you.

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So... uh.. Look, kid, you're really sweet and stuff and... I know you have that crush thing on me. And I have one on you two. So... maybe we could hang out sometime? Yeah? Um... okay, look, I'm not really good at the whole sappy romance thing, so I'm just hoping this is okay-ish? And uh... do me a favor and never show Sans. Ever. Thanks. -UF!Grillby

     Honestly, she’s not even really listening to him. She’s pretty sure he just spoke, but she can’t really tell — she’s kinda tired, it’s really quiet… the perfect time & place to just fall asleep. So she just blinks a few times & glances up at him, stifling a yawn. ❝Mmmmmhm, yeah. Sounds good, Ren !! Um… can you, uh, repeat that LAST bit?❞ // @saecris, x

Awkward and Uncomfortable Pt. 2; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by countessoftelly: PLEASAAASSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE can you do a second part to this starting where you left of?

Sorry this isn’t the best quality and ooc! I haven’t been feeling like a quality writer lately so I hope you enjoy it. Everyone should definitely go check out the series I’m currently working on Manufactured a Human, it isn’t getting much love even though a ton of people requested it!

“Uh… um…” you stumbled trying to come up with an agreeable excuse while avoiding Sherlock’s questioning green orbs. “… Do you not want to get married?”

“No- I, uh,” Sherlock began, in utter surprise by your question. His face slowly got redder and redder as he looked up at your playful expression.

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Haruka gets a big ol' smooch on the lips from Neo! No chocolates here, we'll wait till White Day for that, but he does press a dethorned rose into her arms once he lets go. "Happy Valentine's Day, Haruka-chan! I love you so much!"

She lets out a sudden squeak from the smooch, taken thoroughly off-guard. Her arms were clasped tightly behind her back, as if she was steeling herself for something.

“A-Ah… N-NeOOOoooo…”

Her cheeks flushed red as she lowered her head.

“A…Ah… I-I love you too, I… I…”

She slowly brought her arms in front of her, a small bag clasped in her hands. Inside were a collection of frumpy, misshapen chocolates. They looked awkwardly-made, sure, but not entirely unappetizing.

“U…Um, I-I tried, u-uh… I… I hope these are… o-okay, it’s my first time… H-Happy… Valentine’s Day…”

@rightmoves || feb. 13. 1984 

He’s just managed to catch her by her locker at the end of the day, calling out her name in attempt to grab attention before she leaves. Jonathan tries to avoid the eyes on him from other student, slipping through the crowded hall before catching up to Nancy, hands awkwardly going to pockets as his eyes shift down for a moment before getting to the point. 

 It’s not something he normally does ( the mixtapes usually only go to Will or himself ). But he figured, after everything they’d been through, it would be reasonable. Jonathan only knows of her birthday because it’s a few days before his own. And growing up, their moms would always talk about it to each other. So of course that weekend he’d put something together, in hopes it would be okay and good enough to hand off on Monday. 

 “H-hey, um… hap- happy birthday. I, uh… I-I got… I made a mixtape, just- i-its short but… just some stuff… I-I thought you might like. It’s, um… there’s Bowie, Television… some Smiths…” 

Jonathan’s eyes dart down as he reaches into his bag, pulling out the tape and holding it out, an included slip of paper listing out the songs and times, so she doesn’t have to ask later.

Always By Your Side - Jimin

You stepped out of the shower and picked up your phone. A notification startled you which made you jump. You saw that it had just been a voicemail from Jimin. You opened up your phone to play it. “Hey, ____-ah. Happy anniversary! Uh, do you know how many years it’s been? Yeah, five years. I don’t regret those five years with you. I hope you feel the same way. Uh, well, I’m coming over once rehearsals are finished in ten minutes, okay? I know you really want to see me, so I’ll be there right away. Especially since we haven’t seen each other in three weeks. Well, um, bye.”

You played it again. You really did miss the sound of his voice. So angelic. It was funny how uncomfortable he sounded. You knew how much he disliked leaving voicemails, not knowing what to say. You threw on some clothes and waited for him to arrive.

Ten minutes have passed and you decided to call Jimin. “Hello?” His voice faltered. “Oh, yeah. Are you almost there?” You asked. “Oh, um, yeah. And remember, I’ll always be by your side, no matter what.” “Uh, okay?” You said confused by the sudden statement. His voice was filled with panic but tried sounding as calm as possible. You could hear all sorts of things on the other end. Honking, screaming, cars screeching.
It was nothing you thought and ended the call.

You didn’t notice that it was pouring outside until you ended the call with Jimin. “I hope he’s okay,” you said to yourself. Am hour passed and he still didn’t show up. You called him a few more times but he still didn’t pick up. Something was wrong. You grabbed your things and ran out the door. When you stepped outside of your apartment building, you heard sirens rushing towards the other direction. You looked up at the sky and grunted. You covered the top of your head with one hand and held your things in the other. You ran and followed the direction all the noise was coming from. You turned at a corner and saw something which made you stop. A gasoline truck had collided with a car at an intersection. “Oh no. Please don’t tell me Jimin’s in there,” you said to yourself and you covered your mouth with your free hand. You walked closer to the two vehicles. A man stepped out of the car. He wore a worried expression like he had committed a sin. The paramedics took the victim into the ambulance. Tears rolled down your cheeks rapidly because the victim that had been severely hurt, was Jimin. Blood was streaming down his face and pieces of glass were pressed into his skin. Some blood seeped through his shirt.

A few hours later, someone came knocking at your door. You opened it and saw three items on the floor. You picked it up and brought it inside. It was a bouquet of roses, a letter, and a tiny velvet box. You cried even more knowing what was in the box. You slowly opened it and there, it revealed two slits, but one ring. You picked up the ring and slipped it through your fingers. You managed to let out a weak smile and stared at it as it was the last thing you had from Jimin. You clutched your shirt and hot tears rolled down your face. “He was going to propose.” You looked around and picked the letter up. It said:

     Dear ____,
           I love you with all my heart. But, I won’t be around for long. Hopefully you get this before it’s too late. What I’m trying to get across is, will you marry me? I will always love you and never leave your side. I love you so much.

Realization struck you. That’s why he said that all of a sudden. He knew something deadly would happen. You suddenly get a call from an unknown number. You pick it up, “Hello?”

“This is the driver of Park Jimin. I’m sorry to say that your boyfriend is no longer of this world.” He said.

You heart stopped beating. You stopped breathing and your mind was blank. It took a while to process what the man had just told you. “W-what?” “I’m sorry.” He said and hung up. You broke into tears again. You ran your fingers through your hair. You let out a frustrated sigh and sank to your knees and screamed. More tears came streaming down your face. How were you going to keep living without your soulmate? Your future husband. You knew it was going to take some time to adjust.

*8 months later*

You got up for work and got ready for another day. Another day of work at the café. You looked around and saw a guy come in and he sat down in a booth. He scrolled through his phone and it seemed like he was waiting. When it was your shift, you took over the cash register. The guy stood up and walked over to the counter to order. He looked very familiar, but you couldn’t put your finger on it. He ordered some hot chocolate. It made you smile as it reminded you of Jimin. He always preferred hot chocolate over coffee. That was his thing. When he put in his signature, a ring was on one of his fingers. Identical to the one Jimin had given you. The one you were still wearing. But that’s when it hit you. He looked like Jimin. But more mature. No, he was Jimin. But it was impossible. He’s dead.

You were staring at him for quite a while and he seemed to have noticed. He chuckled and said, “Hello?” You snapped out of it and he recognized you too. “Hey, ____.” He said, reading your name tag. You smiled, hoping he’s remember, but he just smiled back. He didn’t recognize you after all. Until a few seconds later when he did a double take.

You stepped out from the counter for your break and removed your apron. “Wait.” He called out. You looked at him. He looked back at you and tears were building up in his eyes. He immediately wrapped his arms around your waist and hugged you. People were staring, but he didn’t care. He buried his face in the crook of your neck, crying.

“I missed you,” he said. You pulled back and replied with “Me too.”

“I thought you were dead.” You told him. “No, I was in a coma. I looked all over for you. But I thought you’d hate me, so I gave up and stopped.”

You shook your head, “No, I would never. I’ll always love you.” He smiled, “And I can’t believe you still have this even if it’s been more than a year.”

“It’s the last thing I had of you.” You said. He smiled again and held your head in his hands. You wrapped your arms around his neck. He leaned in and captured your lips with a passionate kiss. “Never leave my side.” You cried out.

“I never have.”


“Oh, um… alright…” Ana replied, still a bit startled. “Go ahead, if you want, I wasn’t really going to get all that dressed up…” She didn’t have the heart to say that she doesn’t like when people touch her hair.

Isera hesitates. “Uh, is this okay? You – I seem to be bothering you. I can help with something else, if you prefer!” She holds the brush, letting go of the woman’s hair.

um, so i guess since Warren’s already doing that 30 Day Fictionkind Challenge thing and he’s not out right now, i’m going to just do this general alterhuman… one…? 8D;; he keeps encouraging me to try different things but i’m so shy. just so you know, i tried to do this about four years ago, and was flamed really badly. i hope i’m less sensitive now.

uh… here we go.

Day 1 – What is your species?: rofl, oh boy. um.

most of the time in headspace i’m a vampire actually (and stuck at looking like i’m twelve years old =|), but that’s a copinglink thing. because childhood trauma is great. but i’m also spiritually a vaquita porpoise and a gem (Lapis Lazuli).

i remember last time i did this thing… i tried to go off on this whole rant about how human i was most of the time. it’s okay, Past Me. pats. you don’t have to reassure anyone. um, i guess it’s worth noting that in headspace i can only shift into a porpoise if i’m in water, but i do have mental shifts. and i feel like most of this all the time, because it’s just me.


um… i guess that’s it? i’m not as wordy as i thought i’d be.

also, before you point it out to me, i’m aware of how physically human this body is. still not my species, though.

What Should Have Happened In Alone At Sea
  • *Jasper is on her knees on Greg's ship*
  • Jasper: Let's be Malachite again.
  • Lapis: You really wanna be Malachite?
  • Jasper: Yes! More than anything!
  • Lapis: Okay, but only if you sing the last song you listened to and make it about us fusing.
  • Jasper: ...uh.... okay... um...
  • *Jasper stands up*
  • Jasper: *singing* I got a girl crush, hate to admit it but
  • I got a heart rush, ain’t slowin’ down
  • I got it real bad, want everything she has
  • That power that glory...
  • Jasper: I forget the other words.
  • Lapis: *trying not to laugh* Make it up.
  • Jasper: So what if you smell like fish, I want a kiss, we're on this fucking boat, I probably broke, I hope we float, I broke it.
  • *Lapis fuses with Jasper*
  • Malachite: We don't deserve to see day after that.
outertale worldbuilding thoughts

HI SO I REALLY LIKE @outertale AND UH I KINDA BRAINSTORMED SOMETHING UP OF MY OWN because I might,, write,,,fanfic,,,,hi,,

it’s um really different from what’s said in their about because I thought it up before finding the Outertale blog. but like, I hope this is okay still?


basically i was thinking monsters were driven to the very very edges of the galaxy by humans millennia ago. intergalactic travel is extremely difficult due to the huge expanses of absolutely nothing between galaxies, as such the monsters are stuck living in this single area of an otherwise large galaxy. they are separated from the humans by the ebott nebula. it’s called a nebula but it’s actually an expanse of raging space storms and debris from a huge explosion caused by humans when they drove the monsters there. monsters themselves have become a myth in the human territories. however since humans are dicks explorers they’ve recently started to attempt to explore past the ebott nebula again.

the goal here for monsters is probably not so much breaking “the barrier” as much as get access to the rest of the galaxy again and not be in this cramped barely livable place. while the monsters still want to destroy the “the barrier” and have their revenge on the humans (for now), i imagine there might also be an emphasis on the other issues that the empire of space monsters faces, such as the overcrowding on some planets. it’s a genre thing?

anyway uh, many more thoughts under the cut.

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This Love is Difficult but it's Real: Chapter 1

So, um, when I was younger, I was really fascinated by this story I heard about these two people who fell in love over the course of 10 days. And, um, the one thing that made me really sad about it is that it had a tragic ending. And so, uh, I wrote this fic and I hope it’s okay with you, but I changed the ending.

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