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Literally hundreds of LGBT people on this site: mogai culture hurt me and prolonged the time it took for me to work out my identity because the microlabelling system reinforced my internalised homophobia/transphobia. whilst some people do find the system helpful it needs to be managed more effectively and we need to acknowledge that over analysing attraction is most often not healthy and can do a lot of damage

Pro mogai: um?? First of all, that wasn’t MY experience so none of this has ever happened to anyone ever. secondly, wow. thanks for calling my identity inherently homophobic you bigoted fucks


fic rec ➝ The Life and Times by Jewels5 

“Shelley, those aren’t the little things. Those are the big things. Those are the… quintessential James Potter things. The little things are like—how he fidgets because he can’t sit still for more than a second, or how he sits in a desk like it’s a cushioned chair, or holds his wand weirdly—with his index finger over the top, even though that seems like it wouldn’t be enough support for a powerful spell. Or how—as anyone who has ever seen his notes can tell you—he spends ninety percent of the class time doodling in the margins. Or, y'know, that he hums a lot, but is probably completely tone deaf because he sounds awful. I mean, yes, he messes up his hair—but he does it so that he looks like he just stepped off a broomstick. And yeah, everyone knows about his smile and his laugh and all that rubbish, but the really funny thing is how he laughs at the most ridiculous, un-funny jokes. And with his friends… y'know, how he walks into a room and scans it to see who’s around, like he’s weighing his options… Or…”

*Me at 25, as a freelance writer, when the guy was trying to talk me into an ‘unpaid contributor’ role. (This is a famous sports site that made millions and millions of dollars and I’d done paid work for them a few times and gotten millions of hits.)

*Me* “So, if I spend several hours writing an article and it gets 100,000 views and it gets loads of ad money, I don’t get financially compensated for that? But that is unfair. no?”

*Him* “It’s about honing your craft, gaining experience and getting exposure.” 

*Me* “Um, how does any of that pay my rent? Or buy me food? How does ‘exposure’  help me? Yeah, I’m going to McDonald’s and buying a burger with ‘exposure.’ This is absurd. Do *you* work for free? Because I strongly suspect you don’t.”

*Him* “I wish you would stop being so difficult.”

Assassin!Harry (Part 1)

Harry is a trained, experienced assassin hired to kill Y/N but ends up, to his horror, starting to fall for her. 


He may be human, but he operates like a machine: identify target, plan, stalk, kill, collect cash, repeat. What one may consider sociopathic or psychopathic personality traits, Harry considers a blessing. After all, it is his lack of regard for human emotions and his own conscience that has made his career possible. The only proof he has that he is not, in fact, heartless is when he feels his pulse throbbing in his neck as he sprints between alleyways, hops fences, climbs walls, desperately trying to escape any chance of pursuit after the murder is done. Although pursuit is something with which Harry has become unfamiliar; he dealt with it in his career’s infancy, but as he has grown so have his skills. His eye for quick, accessible escape routes has grown keener, his aim tighter, and his remorse…well, nonexistent. He works alone, and he prefers it this way, but his work is so precise that many law enforcement officials cannot accept the possibility of the unidentified murderer being just a “murderer” instead of “murderers.” He’s lost track of how many kills he has made, yet, amazingly, he has yet to be caught or even identified. Nobody has ever suspected him of anything due to his brilliant planning, charming exterior, and cunning way with words; he comes off as a sweet, regular guy. All of this, coupled with the fact that he truly is heartless in the figurative sense of the word, makes Harry Styles the most successful, feared assassin on the planet. He never gets off track, never gets caught, and–most importantly–never misses. So, when he woke up and saw the folded yellow envelope lying on the floor under the windowsill of his first-floor, high-class apartment, it was just a normal day for Harry. He receives one to two requests every month, and as screwed up as it is, he can’t help but feel a rush of excitement whenever he wakes up to an envelope lying crisp and unopened on his tiled floor.

Harry picked up the folder, heavy with cash, and opened it to reveal 5 crisp stacks of 100 $100 bills each. Assassinations don’t come cheap, and Harry prioritizes the higher-paying customers. In other words, the sooner you want someone dead, the more money you should be willing to shell out. $50,000 isn’t much compared to most of his other offers, but because Harry wasn’t planning any other kills, he decided to go about prioritizing the operation. He flipped through the information, identifying the twenty year old college student that he was supposed to kill. He laid out the three included photographs of the girl and identified her address on a map. He read through her daily schedule, put together by the unnamed person who had hired him, and went about identifying the lowest-risk time to pursue and kill her. He ventured into the depths of his expansive closet, retrieving the black duffel bag that contained his gloves, his attire, his shoes, his ammunition, and his small, silver handgun as well as his perfectly sharpened steel knife. He never uses both the gun and the knife in one killing; he just likes the option. He grabbed the roll of heavy duty black tape from the bag and went about taping the bottoms of his shoes so that the patterns they would normally leave behind were masked. He put the bag by his front door and went about his day, eagerly anticipating nightfall.

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1993 - FOREVER


i have gotten exactly one (1) ask about it SO HERE WE ARE LET’S GO

AU takes place on earth in the far FAR future in a ginormous supercity called Lucid; nonhumans make up 90% of the population (the 10% that are humans usually have some sort of mutation / supernatural ability too). Brief Lucid summary - it was initially created by aliens to be used as an intergalactic terminal/pit stop after the port in the asteroid belt between Mars & Jupiter got overrun by space pirates. It ended up growing into a prosperous commerce hub for beings from all over the universe - and beings from other realms altogether (like spirits / demons).

Lucid is comprised of DOZENS of districts, each huge and like a world of their own, but the AU is focused in district 3.* It used to be a beautiful, peaceful area called Altea, where diplomats from all over the universe gathered for meetings - but that was before an organisation called the Galra Empire overthrew Altea’s ruling court and put the district on lockdown. GE’s been controlling the area for years - fortunately it can’t extend its reach to districts outside of 3rd, but the empire leader Zarkon is trying to get Above that. Wants to conquer all six central districts and control the spaceport.

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Where’s my Mom?

A/N: Happy Angst Appreciation Day. Reader is Eileen’s five year old daughter.

Sam stared down at Eileen’s body in shock; he couldn’t believe she was dead. He felt the tears begin to quickly build in his eyes while he observed the different injuries that she was covered in.

The brothers continued their conversation about what happened, how could she be dead? Why did the hell hound kill her? Why did this always have to happen to the ones that they loved?

Then Dean asked a question that stopped Sam’s heart;

“What do you think happened to Y/N?”

“We need to find her Dean.” Sam said in a serious tone that was laced with worry. You were only five years old; your mother was dead and your father was a hunter who wanted nothing to do with you, just another reason why Eileen always avoided other hunters.

“I know Sam, we will.” Dean assured him before turning to leave the morgue.

“No Dean,” Sam replied, gripping his brother’s arm, “We need to find her. She’s just a kid, who’s alone with the freaking British Men of Letters out there looking for all hunters. They wanted revenge on Eileen for the accident with the colt, who’s to say they won’t take it out on Y/N.”

Dean nodded his head, “We need to find Y/N.”

A few days had passed since Eileen’s death and the Winchester’s were no closer to finding you. They had checked every motel in the area Eileen’s body had been found. They checked data bases, security cameras, they couldn’t find you anywhere.

They hadn’t given up the search, but moved their hunt for you back to the bunker so that they could have a home base while finding you.

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Bryan Fuller: “Mads in a motorcycle jacket. Do you fancy Mads in a motorcycle jacket-”

Gillian Anderson: “Oh my God when… when I saw that scene with him driving up and then he takes his helmet … I mean come on. Come on!” 

Bryan Fuller: “So if you had to pick between the three-piece plaid suit  and the motorcycle jacket you would pick the motorcycle jacket?”

Gillian Anderson: “Oh yes, I’m sorry. Absolutely. I mean look at that (shows Hannibal in a leather jacket ).

Bryan Fuller: “The leather is much more of an olfactory experience. That's for sure.”

Gillian Anderson: “Um yes… amongst other things. Do you know the After Dark website… I wonder if they have done a drawing for Mads- I mean Hannibal. I was going to say Mads and Gillian instead of Hannibal and Bedelia.” 

Lurk (Joshler) Part One

Originally posted by alovelyblur

Pairings: fuckboy!josh x shy tyler/ Warnings: knife play, blood kink, bdsm, dark themes/ a/n; this is kinda a pilot chapter if you catch my drift. i’m not sure if i’ll continue it, depends on if you like it or not. if it carries on, it’s going to be intense. i don’t see many hardcore joshler fics, i don’t really get hot off the fluffy stuff as much. i figured some of you are the same. anyway… hope you like it sluts xo

“He’s closeted. It’s fucking obvious Ty. Captain of the football team, the jockiest jock you will ever meet, head so far up his own ass he can probably see out of his mouth. Y’know, he’s probably crushing on you too.”

Tyler scoffed, turning to face his best friend with a look of amused annoyance. “Please, you could run a brothel with the amount of girls he’s slept with.” He turned back towards the boy over the other side of the cafeteria. Red hair, pierced nose, white tunnels and a body that sent even Tyler Joseph’s vaguely innocent mind down the gutter.

“He’s trying to convince himself and the world that he wouldn’t rather stick it in you.” The black haired boy beside him spoke bluntly.

“You’re disgusting Brendon.” Tyler grimaced.

“I’m right.”

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Prompt from A03:

I really like these. I wonder if you might be up to this challenge: Cas is an inventor at a company and doesn’t think of anything but his work.

That is until one day when he meets one of his bosses’ sons, Dean, and falls in love with him. He attempts to win his heart but Dean rejects him.

Amara, another one of Cas’ bosses who is also vying for Dean becomes jealous.

She forces Cas to test out his latest invention, a teleporter, on himself despite him constantly saying that he still hasn’t worked out all the kinks yet. Something goes wrong and Cas is transported a parallel universe.

Dean realizing his feelings tries to get Cas back.

You don’t have to take this challenge if you don’t feel up for it but let me know either way.

It was a more elaborate prompt and when i wrote it, it came out to 1451 words! i think there’s a long fic in this too…


Dean was running an inspection for his dad when it happened.

Walking by Cas’s lab on the way to inspect the project running in the next lab over, he paused. The light was one. The ‘we’re experimenting so stay out’ light.

That wasn’t right. Cas hadn’t gotten the green light – no pun intended – to make the first trial run yet. So why would he…?

Dean reversed direction and went to Cas’s door. He knew better than to interrupt an experiment in process. Thankfully, the higher ups had outfitted all labs with monitoring equipment. Dean opened the panel beside the door and flicked the switches, the little monitor flaring to life.

He frowned. Amara and Cas were inside and Cas did not look happy. She, on the other hand, looked smug. Dean didn’t like Amara. She was the kind of woman who just wouldn’t take no for an answer. He’d told her time and time again that he had no interest in her.

At least Cas had been respectful, if a bit disappointed, when Dean had said the same to him. And while it had made things a little awkward between them, Cas was still one of his best friends. Something here didn’t line up.

Dean flicked another switch and suddenly his earpiece came to life, the audio from inside the room beaming straight in.

“…told you, this technology isn’t ready. None of the test modules have either made it to their landing coordinates or sent back viable data for adjustments.”

“And I told you, Castiel, that your funding depends on results and you’re behind schedule.”

“No, I’m not,” Cas turned to the pad on his table.

“Oh, you are. The time tables were moved up this morning.” Amara handed her pad over and Cas reluctantly took it.

Dean’s frown deepened and he pulled his own pad out to check it. Pulling up Cas’s timeline, he saw no changes. What the hell was Amara getting at? Dean looked up in time to see Cas’s face fall, the pad dropping to his side.

Amara looked down at her nails and picked at something non-existent. “I believe todays’ test calls for human trials?”

Looking defeated, Cas dropped her pad down on the table and went to the test equipment. His fingers flew over them controls like an expert pianist at a keyboard and he locked the last one in place, walking forward to the testing pad.

With his back turned, Amara smirked and Dean nearly growled. Something was very wrong, he just couldn’t put his finger on what. As soon as Cas stepped up onto the pad and turned to face Amara, her face wiped of her smile and one of fake concern was pasted on.

“Why, Castiel, why haven’t you called for one of the volunteers?” she asked.

“You know very well why not. I may be forced to start the human trials today, but I still insist that this equipment isn’t ready. I’m not risking someone else’s life because suddenly, the bottom line is all the folks at the top care about. If it works, then it works. But if it fails…then at least the project won’t be able to continue because I’ll be gone.”

And that’s when Dean realized what the hell was going on.

Screw the lab light. He punched his override code into the pad, waiting impatiently, his heart in his throat, for the doors to slide open. Dashing inside when they did, he yelled, “Cas, stop! She’s playing you!”

He was too late. Cas’s startled face at Dean’s outburst was suddenly obscured by a blinding white light. Dammit! The thing had been on a timer! Amara jumped back at his entrance, surprised as well, and turned to face Dean. He ignored her, staring numbly at the spot Cas had been standing, trying to register what had just happened.

Cas was gone. His best friend was gone. Dean didn’t even know if the man was alive or where he’d been sent.

He might never be able to come home.

“Dean! I tried to stop him, but he was insistent on getting results today. It was all I could do to keep him from calling in some poor, deluded sap to – “

“Save it, bitch,” Dean growled, shoving past her. “I heard and saw everything. I don’t know why you were trying to get rid of Cas, but I’ll make sure you’re fired.”

“Dean, he’s just a scientist. This place is crawling with scientists. They’re a dime a dozen. It’s what we do. There will always be more to replace them,” her voice was oozing fake sincerity. “Now, someone like me…” she stepped closer to him, placing a neatly manicured finger to his chest, “We could be something special, if you let us.”

“So that was your angle,” Dean whispered in shock. “Jealousy? Over Cas? Why?”

“Why? Because some stupid, head in the clouds scientist, was stealing you from me,” Her eyes narrowed, her words coming out vicious and sharp.

“Cas isn’t just a scientist – he’s one of the rare ones. He’s an inventor. He can envision an idea and then work the science to find a way to do it. He’s like an artist, and science is his medium. It’s his sort that we collect here to work and none of them are replaceable. And besides that, Cas is my friend and he means a lot to me – he means…” Dean trailed off, his eyes widening. “Shit…he means everything to me.”

“Now, Dean –“ Amara started. He stopped her with a glare, tapping his earpiece. Her face went white.

“I’ve sent the date from the monitors and our conversation just now to Security. Expect to be fired for manipulation and abuse of power within minutes. Now get outta my way. I have to save Cas,” Dean’s face was grim, determined as he strode about the room.

Dean was a scientist, but he couldn’t invent things the way the others could. He could assist, though, and Cas had talked enough about his work that Dean was sure that he could operate the machine.

As long as he didn’t change anything Cas had done. He also knew that Cas had been tinkering with a portable device to set up at his destination that could link back to the home device. He’d been thinking of the possibility that the transporter might not be able to make a connection at the other end clear enough to retrieve anything.

If Dean could find that equipment, then maybe he could chase after Cas and bring him home.

And if Cas’s other worries proved true…well then, at least Dean wouldn’t have to face a world that didn’t have his dorky, nerdy best friend in it.

Because suddenly, the idea of doing so had him blinking back tears, caused an aching lump in his throat and carved a hole in his chest. All Dean could think was, when the hell had he fallen in love with Castiel Novak?

Now was not the time. He looked for the portable device and the control box that went with it. Dean snagged Cas’s backpack and dumped it’s contents on the work table, heedless of the mess it caused and carefully packed the equipment inside. He looked around – ignoring Amara’s yells as security arrived and dealt with her – and tried to see if there was anything else he should bring with them.

He snagged 2 bottles of water and a first aid kit and Cas’s coat. The coat he used to help cushion the equipment before placing anything else in the bag. Dean zipped the bag shut, started picking it up and then put it back down, snagging a set of tools. Not any Cas’s elaborate things, but a basic, survival guide style tool set. Cas might need to tinker with things.

Zipping it up once more, Dean hefted the pack onto his back, went back to the console to check the controls and then reset the timer. He took a deep breath, than another.

Cas was worth the risk.

He pressed the button and ran to the platform.

Dean would bring Cas home. There was no room for anything else. 30 seconds left. Tapping his earpiece one more time, he sent a message to his brother explaining in quick simple terms what was going on.

“Goodbye Sammy. Tell dad everything and wish me luck,” Dean finished just as the light flared up around him. He closed his eyes tight against it, not wanting to be so blinded that he was unprepared for anything on the other side.

After all – he had no idea where the other side was.

Didn’t matter. He knew all he needed to know.

Cas was there.


I rather like it (though the malfunctioning teleporter and dean going off to rescue Cas reminds me a LOT of one of my favorite video games lol) and of course, when i have a few more prompts gathered, i’ll add it to the ficlet sets on A03 that i’m making.