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Last Assignment (#6)

Summary: Reader is in art class. The professor assigned a nude model to each student and gave a last assignment of the semester that has a lot of weight on the final grade.  

Pairing: AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader (Reader POV)  

Warnings: Suggestive themes, slightly nsfw (nothing too explicit, I hope), definitely some angst

(Y/N) = your name

a/n: The long awaited part 6! Alright, before y’all go off on my messages and/or inbox, I just wanna point out that I am the worst at writing smutty stuff. I can’t do it to save my life, so I found a way to work around it for now. Again I want to let you guys know that I had to do most of the editing by myself, and so I’m sorry for any mistakes and any areas of the story that might feel a little off. Hope you enjoy it anyway.  Let’s talk about this story!! (Ps, text in italics represents flashbacks)

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I drank half of my glass of water and furrowed under the covers once more, my back towards the door. After about 15 minutes of absolute silence, I heard my door open. Frozen with doubt, I pretended to be asleep. When I felt the bed dip behind me, I could sense a shiver going down my spine.

“You know I heard you, right?” Barely above a whisper, I could feel his lips ghosting on my earlobe, “and I want to make myself perfectly clear, I’m not doing alright at all”

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I shifted and stretched my arms away from me. The empty space beside me made the events of last night feel like a distant dream. I flutter my eyes open to the sunlight illuminating my room.

I let go of a breath I didn’t know I was holding. The space behind me was suddenly occupied.

“I’m gonna call your bluff and say you’re not actually asleep,” with his lips still on my ear, his arms slithered around my waist pulling me closer to him, “there’s no way you fell asleep so quickly if you’re as on edge as I am” He was right. If anything, I was running on pure adrenaline at this point, and I was nowhere near calming down. Specially not with him here.

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Misterul Meu: Part Six

Summary: James was a mystery, and you loved mysteries

Word count: 1.1k

Warnings: angst, but have no fear, there’s fluff too

A/N: let me know are you guys are thinking so far! Also these events are taking place a couple months after CAWS just to clarify :)

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“Y/N, I have to tell you something…”

You gently pulled him inside, locking the door behind you. Thoughts raced through your head as you wondered what it might be he had to tell you.

“James, what’s wrong? You’re worrying me.” He leaned against the counter, taking deep breaths. You sat on a stool across the table from him, your eyes trained carefully on him.

“My name is James Buchanan Barnes, I uh, I think people used to call me Bucky. And I’m, um. I’m the Winter Soldier.” You felt your eyes widen as what he said registered in your head. Those three words sent your mind into a frenzy, and all of your instincts seemed to scream at you to run. The Winter Soldier was standing right in front of you, the one who had been all over the news after everything that took place in D.C. Yet it didn’t seem right. James didn’t seem like the Soldier, and you could just tell that they weren’t, mentally at least, the same person.

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I told you

Luke Hemmings

Requested: Yes but i cant find it. I think i did it right though, sorry if i strayed a little! 

Luke’s POV

T/C = The celebrity

“Dude, there she is!” Calum murmured in my ear as he nudged me, causing me to stumble in the middle of my sentence to the cameras. They were bright in my eyes as a very obvious red tint took to my cheeks, Ashton and Michael giggling at it. Calum shook his head in her direction, taking over my sentence so that I could turn to find her.

My breath hitched as I forgot about the current mini-interview that we were in.

Her dress hugged her body, slit up the side, high on her thigh, black and sleek. Her hair was curled to perfection and messily plaited and her makeup was dark and dramatic. Warmth rushed through me as I watched her make her way through crowd of people, pausing for some photographs for the event until she was almost at us.

“Dude, your mouth is quite literally open.” Ashton ducked his head so that only I could hear as I snapped it shut, turning back to the camera whilst I cursed myself. I could only imagine how awkward and obvious that was going to be when the interviews went live and I was gawking at pretty people with my mouth open.

We said goodbye to the interviewer shortly after, my heart pounding as we neared her in the middle of pictures, a few of the event organisers tugging us towards her. She turned in confusion to look at us when we shiftily stood next to her, the photographer shouting at us from behind the camera.

“Great publicity for both of you! 5 seconds of summer and new and upcoming artist, Y/N Y/L/N!” She smiled gently at us, her eyes lingering on me as I realised I probably still had that ridiculous blush. The boys pushed me to stand next to her, my arm resting on her bare back as I tried to smile normally to the cameras, wanting at least one good picture with her for my life.

“Hello, anyway.” She turned to me with a little laugh.

“Hey, hi, hello. Um. Hi.” I stuttered out as I could feel the boys spluttering and shaking their heads behind me.

“Having a good time?” my hand dropped from her back as the cameras turned elsewhere.

“Uh, not yet. Performing later. That will be better than, this, I guess.” I gestured wildly as I could have punched myself in the face. She giggled, my head whipping back to glare at the boys as they punched each other playfully.

“You’re a fan! Tell her you’re a fan!” Michael mouthed at me as I turned back to her, my heart dropping as she was being whisked away by her publicist. She smiled apologetically at me as she gave me a little wave, smiling back as I watched her disappear in the crowd to talk to a rather attractive looking male. He smirked at me, going straight in for some flirting whilst I stared forcefully at the ground as I walked back to the boys, my hand rubbing down my face.

“Disaster, mate,” Ashton said sympathetically, his hand going to pat my shoulder as I sighed.

“You’ll have to woo her with your song.” Calum grinned at me as we headed inside, my hand fiddling with the tag on my leather jacket. I slung it over my chair when we reached inside, mentally groaning when I realised we were just on the table just next to her, her name sticking out on the white reserve paper.

I shook my head as the room filled with all the different celebrities, the stage lighting up as the presenters came on. Soon enough, we were being pulled away as Little Mix performed so we could get ready for our closing set. I watched anxiously from back stage, seeing Y/N nodding along politely as I wondered if she’d ever listened to our music, or seen us perform when we were at our best. I felt a hand tug the back of my t-shirt, pulling back to see the boys looking at me expectantly as Michael handed me my guitar.

“Can you stop moping now? We know you wanted to talk to her properly and your terribly awkward and shy self kind of messed it up, but pull it together. She’s about to watch us play live and this is your chance to really impress her.” Calum tugged on my strap to even it out, messing my hair up a little as I grumbled at him.

“We’re gonna rock it. Come on.” Ashton grinned at me, me smiling back a little at his contagious happiness. We jumped up and down, pumping up as the presenters introduced us. I took a deep breath, grasping my guitar as we ran on stage, the audience of famous people actually cheering for us, sending a large smile on my face.

It’s where I was at my best, anyway.

The set was over, we were sweaty and a little worn from having the longest one because we were finishing the whole show. The food was beginning to be served when we made our way off, grabbing towels to wipe our faces and such until we went to sit down again.

I sat, thinking about how I hadn’t been able to make eye contact with any part of the crowd next to our table as we made our way through the courses, only really talking to the boys and the people who came to congratulate us on our performance, which turned out to be quite a lot actually.

The awards came up, my heart pounding painfully again as she accepted a few, as did we. They went in a blur as I hoped that the night would be over as quickly as possible. The after party was an option that I really wasn’t considering at all, the idea making me feel sick as I impatiently waited for the lights to come up on the floor and ignored everyone on the tables surrounding.

I felt like I hadn’t breathed until the lights did come on and the presenters announced that it was time for it.

“You sure you don’t wanna go Luke?” I felt the stare of all three boys as I shook my head with a smile.

“I’m not feeling it. I’ll see you guys back at the hotel.” I patted Ashton on the back as I began to make my way through the crowd, stumbling slightly when I heard someone calling my name. Well. Not someone, her actually.

You know this is ridiculous, right? She did nothing wrong! She wants to talk to you- stop, just stop for god’s sake!

I carried on through the crowd, blushing as I tried to act as though I couldn’t hear her though to my very mixed feeling, she carried on.

It got to the point where I was in the quietened lobby of the venue, heading to the door as I thought I had lost her.

“Hey, Luke!” I brushed around; truly surprised she was still heading in my direction as she smiled warmly. “Hey, sorry about earlier. I didn’t get chance to actually talk to you.” She finally halted; her cheeks flushed a little as she watched me.

“Sorry I didn’t hear you. Its ok, I understand. Who wouldn’t want to talk to T/C?” I mumbled it as she laughed a little, looking round.

“Me actually. I wanted to talk to you. Are you ok? Your performance was great, I’m so glad I finally got to see you live. But you seemed a little down for the rest of the night?” My eyes widened at her words. Finally got to see you live?

“I’m fine,” I stuttered out as she bit her lip. “You like our music?” She rolled her eyes.

“Like? No. Love? Oh yes. You guys are seriously great.” She gushed a little as I still looked down on her, blinking.

“Wow, thanks! That means a lot. I happen to be a very big fan of yours too, actually. I’m sorry I was awkward earlier.” I flicked my lip ring round with my tongue, a habit I got into when I was nervous. It was her turn to widen her eyes.

“Really? Oh, oh my god.” Her smile was wide, showing her dimples as her eyes met mine, swimming with warmth. “You weren’t awkward. You were fine. You were cute!” She blurted out the last part as I had started to shake my head in disagreement. I did a double take as I watched her cover her mouth with her hands.

“I was awkward. But only because you looked so pretty.” She coughed a little in shock as my hand went to her shoulder. “Are you ok?”

“Fine. Thank you. Sorry. Are you going to the after party?” She regained composure as a couple of event photographers walked past, snapping a couple of pictures of us as we looked up in confusion.

“I wasn’t going to, no.” She pouted as I looked back at her, quickly smiling again when she realised my eyes were back on her instead of the photographers.

“Oh, ok. Well I won’t keep you then.” She returned to a shy state, as she slowly began to back away. My heart leapt as I reached for her hand to stop her.

“No, no! I wouldn’t mind going at all now, actually. That’s if you’re willing to have a few drinks with me. I promise I get less awkward.” She grinned, coming back forward and squeezing my hand.

“I told you,” She whispered, kissing my cheek as I blushed. “You’re cute.”

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