um this is odd


2. We were dancing but all of a sudden it’s a slow song and we’re standing here awkwardly staring at each other

This Winter Screw is going much better than the last.

For one thing, Bittle’s date isn’t throwing up on his shoes, which Jack understood happened last year. And right now Bittle appears to be dancing with his date, or something like it. Jack, having seen the way Bittle can dance at parties, knows he’s toning it way down. Even so, Bittle is fun to watch on the dance floor, how the light catches his hair and how his smile widens as he jerks his hips from side to side with a laugh. He just always looks like he’s having a great time.

It strikes Jack kind of funny that he’s decided this Screw is going well based entirely on how good of a time Bittle’s having. God knows it has nothing to do with himself and his own date. Camilla and Jack have a quiet understanding; she’s with her friends, he’s … here, watching his pal on the dance floor, with an already-drained clear plastic cup of water and strangely itchy fingers.

But Jack’s not the kind of guy who has an actively good time at these things – they’re okay, he’s okay. It’s guys like Bittle, who are capable of having amazing times or miserable ones, that Jack has to calibrate his experience by.

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#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 8)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 971

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

A/N: Uh…enjoy?

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“Did you enjoy yourself last night?” Daisy asked teasingly, stifling a laugh as you glared at her.

“Can we not talk about last night, please?” you begged while Daisy shook her head stubbornly, a smirk gracing her lips. 

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Cigarettes & Cush. | taeyong

Member: student!lee taeyong / student!reader
Genre/Warning(s): bullet point list [!!!], college!au, drugs, romance, angst, language. 
Word Count: 3,900+
     ↳ Parts: one | two | three

❝ he tasted how you imagined he would; like droplets of citrus beer and mint gum, ridding the last remnants of nicotine on his tongue for the night. Yet, that was only the obvious. Hints of his newfound reliance on you rested on his lips as well and spilled readily onto yours❞ 

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LOVEBUG (Jughead Jones x Reader)

Song - Lovebug by The Jonas Brothers


Juggie lays on Archie’s bed, his hand holding the sleek device to his ear. Mr Andrews took his son to after school football practice and the dark haired boy was left alone in the family house. 

At first, he used the peace and quiet to write. But his fingers stopped after thirty minutes, the words stopped typing themselves and his head was completely blank. When you said hi, his mind was even more empty but his chest was pounding like never before.

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awh get better but here's a prompt? I just came up with this for you to feel better: lance being the castle's walking spa, like if anyone (you can pick) is feeling sad they just go to him and he has everything to make them feel better and fresh, maybe even memorizes everyone's likes or dislikes (he probably keeps Keith's mullet silky and soft even though he 'claims' to hate it)

anon, i have been gushing over this prompt this whole weekend with my friends and then… i accidentally wrote a little drabble

my hand slipped

The mission had been long and hard, and everyone was exhausted. As Lance landed Blue in her hangar, he quickly hopped out of her and ran up to his room, grinning from ear to ear despite the tiredness that clung to his limbs, making his movements rather sluggish.

While he heard the others shuffling around and complaining through their comms, Lance muted his own and hummed a bit as he gathered everyone’s baskets. After a day like today, they all deserved a break. A moment or two to just relax!

“Lance, hey, it’s time for debriefing upstairs, come on. We’re waiting for you.” Shiro tells him before the radio goes silent– everyone probably took their helmets off. Arms filled with small baskets piled on top of one another, he headed to the control room.

He noted when he entered that the others had already started, setting each thing down before taking a seat next to his best friend and listening to Shiro and Allura speak. It took a few minutes, but once they were done, Lance stood excitedly. “Um, excuse me!”

Shiro raised a brow at him, turning back to the group just as he had been about to walk away to the training deck, motioning for Lance to continue. The Cuban boy bounced on his heels in excitement before addressing them all. “Okay! So, I have these things…” He begins.

As they sat their on the round couches Lance explained how his mother used to always explain to him how important self-care was, how she would always take care of her babies when they were down.

“I want to do that for you all now. We had…  a tough time out there. We all deserve a little bit of R&R time.”

At this Allura tilted her head, arms crossed over her chest as she spoke. “Um, Lance, what’s ‘r and r time’? It sounds… Odd.”

Lance merely smiles, hands stuffed into his pockets to hide the slight tremble they had gained from talking about his family. “Well, it’s basically just when you take time to take care of yourself and relax. A human saying.”

Allura agreed to let Lance ‘take care of them’, as he had put it, and with that he began to hand out each person’s individualized basket, himself included. “I’ve been collecting these things every time we go to swap moons! I made each one based on what you all like and what would be best for your skin types and stuff!”

“Like, Mullet, I put the tea tree oil shampoo in yours because it makes your hair soft and keeps it less greasy, and I put what I hope is similar to a hydrating mask in there to keep your skin from getting super dry.

“But Allura got a lot of the same stuff I have skin wise because we have similar skin types! And Shiro got coconut oil-ish stuff because it’s gentler on scars but still keeps skin healthy–”

A hand found it’s way to Lance’s back and gently patted it, making the tanned boy jump a bit in surprise. “Thanks Lance, that’s really nice of you.” Shiro tells him with a kind smile, looking down at him with slight admiration while Hunk and Pidge voiced their agreement.

“So… Space family spa day?” He questions, looking around at the group.

“Space family spa day.”

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Hey hi! Lovely, I have a request and don't feel pressured to do so but I'd love if you do it, I love if you write about mc and Jumin married and working together at c&r and a new boy enters to work there and he likes you and starts to flirt A LOT with mc and Jumin is super jealous, if you are not interested to do it thanks anyway and sorry for disturbing you, I love ur fics!

No no, I’d love to do this! It sounds really cute! I hope I’m able to bring it to life as you hoped! Thank you and have a spectacular day! :)


You and Jumin had been just about inseparable since your marriage, always somehow in contact whether with entwined hands or chattering quietly to one another.

So much so that you found yourself working at the C & R company. 

He’d always ask for your advice on subjects, coming to the delighted realization that you had a peculiar talent when it came to business.

So when a new potential employee was to be directly interviewed by Jumin, he asked for you to accompany him.

The candidate was a young man, long muddy hair tied into a large bun, strands curling about his ears. 

His amber eyes were drenched in nervousness when he had stepped in, dipping his head politely as he saw Jumin.

Yet he appeared much more comforted when he saw you.

The worry became murky and faded in his gaze, his glances always somehow reverting back to you, only to snap away when your husband began to speak.

“You’re Mr. Eun-Hui I presume?” Jumin stood up from his seat, reaching out a hand for him to shake.

He promptly returned the gesture, mustering a weak smile. “Yes sir, that’s me.” 

“I’m Jumin Han. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” He turned to look at you, his words softening with compassion as he mentioned you. “This is my wife MC, she’ll be helping me decide whether or not you’ll be hired.” 

You greeted Eun-Hui contently, shaking his hand with a light smile.

And red began to sprinkle his cheeks. 

The three of you sat down, and Jumin began to ask the questions, his eyes narrowed, expression cold and unreadable throughout. 

The only time he would brighten is when you’d chime in, a grin always tugging at his lips.

Eun-Hui’s gaze would become wider than dinner plates whenever you’d speak, listening as if it may be the most important information he’d ever hear.

Until eventually, it was done. 

You said goodbye to him, watching a flicker of disappointment strike his features as the two of you specifically, said goodbye.

“So, what’d you think of him?” You asked, tipping your head curiously. “I think he’d make a good addition to the branch!”

“He seemed attentive, and he looked to be a very quick thinker. He thought of his answers in moments after all.” 

“Maybe he had cue cards.” 

He chuckled. “Cheating an interview like an exam?” 


He smiled warmly, pressing a kiss to your nose. “We’ll do some further in-depth checks but I personally think he has a decent chance.” He admitted. “Don’t you think so?”


And so the next few days had merely felt like double checks, going over certain things that all soon came to the same conclusion.

He was hired.

He had been offered to come back for results a little while after.

Yet the timing hadn’t exactly been the best.

A last minute conference meeting had occurred for a sudden change in the branch’s exportations, Jumin nearly racing to and fro about the office, scrambling for supplies. 

“What do you want me to tell Eun-Hui?” 

He ran his fingers through his hair tensely, cursing beneath his breath. “That.s right…um…” He looked to you, frowning apologetically. “Do you think you could assign him his first project? Show him around and his workspace? I’m so sorry darling I wish I could be there I just-” 

You held his cheeks in your palm, pressing your lips to his own, Jumin himself melting.

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry. I’ll see you when you’re done with your meeting. Don’t stress out, okay?” 

He sighed, laughing weakly. “Thank you, I”ll let you know how it goes love.” 

You had departed as he left his meeting, you yourself heading down to the main hall, finding Eun-Hui waiting anxiously in his seat, tapping his feet against the tile floor.

He had appeared almost amazed when he saw you, shooting upwards, beaming.

“Hi! MC right?” 

“That’s right, Eun-Hi right?” 

He snickered, red rising to his features. “That’s me!” 

“Well, I’m here to tell you, you’ve got the job!” You quietly clapped for him as a meek congratulation. “We’re happy to have you here. I’m sorry my husband couldn’t join me, he had a sudden meeting he had to attend. But he instructed me to give you a tour of sorts. I hope you don’t mind it just being us.” 

“Oh!” He lit up like a firework. “Not at all!” 

“Good, let’s get started then?”

“Yeah! I’ve been really excited about this truthfully,” He said. “You’re one of the nicest people I’ve met here honestly, it’s…it’s made me really happy to work here.” 

“Really? I’m flattered.” 

“Will we…be working together? Like partners?” 

“No, we won’t. If anything I’m partners with Jumin. Wherever one of us goes the other followers!” 

“I hope you don’t mind if I’m like that too for awhile.” His words gained a silvery tone, leaning just a tad closer. 

“I know it’s hard for new people sometimes to become accustomed,” You explained. “So I’ll be happy to help you if I’m able. But you might have a better chance with Jahee. She knows this place from top to bottom.” 

“I think I’ll stick with you.” 

“That sounds like favoritism.” You raised a perplexed brow, curling about the hall, making your way down the various cubicles, giving content hellos to those you passed. 

“It just might be.” 

You held your breath at his response, clearing your throat as you approached his quaint workspace.

“Well uh…here’s where you’ll be getting your projects and such done,” You gave him a document. “This specifies your first project with instructions and how to get started. Though, I’m sure you won’t have much trouble.” 

“That can’t be it, is it?”

“No, I don’t expect you to just have to figure your way around.” You joked. “I’ll give you a basic tour.” 

And so you began showing him about, his honeyed words only growing sweeter and his movements seemingly only aimed at getting closer to you. 

It was peculiar, to say the least. 

Until you came to Jumin, who had been searching for you, finally finished with his meeting.

“Ah hello dear, I hope everything’s been fine?” 

You scrunched up your nose, stepping beside him instead, attempting to grin. “It’s gone well.”

“I’m glad to hear that, I trust you’re prepared to begin working Eun-Hui?” 

“I am, MC has made sure I feel very welcome here.” He claimed. “I’m happy to know that there’s someone here I can get along so well with.” 

“I find it difficult to believe MC could ever not be an absolute joy,” Jumin curled his hand with your own, squeezing it fondly. “It’s good to see that belief only proven to be true.” 

“I don’t know what else you expected,” Eun-Hui shrugged, his attention shifting back to you. “MC?”


“I was wondering if you’d be able to help with some details of the project tomorrow? Over coffee?”

“Over coffee…?” You stretched your mouth. “I don’t think-”

“I’ll join you,” Jumin stepped in. “My schedule is more or less free tomorrow, and as I personally assigned you the project, I think I’d be a more suitable person for you to ask questions.” 

He hesitated, eventually swallowing hard and confiding. “Uh…okay. That sounds good. MC, you’ll be there?”

“I…I mainly stick with Jumin so yes, I will.” 

“Good!” He almost bounced. “Can’t wait!” 

And with that, he left.

Yet not without flashing you a wink.

And Jumin noticed.

He noticed right away.

“What was that?” He questioned. “Was he…flirting?”

You alone were still in shock, jaw nearly dropping.

“I…um…I don’t know. He was acting kind of odd while I showed him around but…maybe he’s just trying to make some connections?” You snapped up to look to him. “B-But I didn’t return it or anything!” 

“I know you wouldn’t dear,” He rubbed a gentle thumb over your knuckles. “But I certainly hope he was just trying to gain connections,” He scowled. “for his sake.” 

Yet the next day only proved your hopes to be nonexistent. 

You had met him at a nearby coffee shop just outside the company, Jumin sticking close to you, almost always keeping an arm wound about you, especially around Eun-Hui.

He had burst to you when you both arrived, yet his focus only aimed at you.

“MC, glad to see you could make it!”  

“Hello.” Jumin glanced at him, his height only emphasized in how he towered over the new employee.

“Oh-right…” He scoffed. “Hello, sir.” 

He twisted back to you, suddenly reaching out to intertwine your fingers, nearly pulling you away from Jumin, had it not been for his clasped hold.

“Here, MC I wanted to talk to you,” He smoothed his voice, giving a coy grin. “alone.” 

It took less than a second for Jumin to intervene.

“Excuse me?” He snarled, moving between the two of you, causing Eun-Hui to stagger back just from his presence. “What exactly do you think you’re doing?”

“I uh-” 

“Keep your hands off of my wife if you want to keep your chances of even filling out a resume,” He growled. “Did you think I was an idiot?” 

He didn’t respond, staring at you, as if you’d defend him.

Jumin let out a deep breath, catching on to the others staring confusedly at the scene.

Instead, he peered down, curling his lip, as he spoke.

“My office. Now.” 

They had left in silent, fury practically engraved in your husband.

And once the door to his office was shut, all you could do was wait.

But eventually enough, Eun-Hui left without a word, only giving you another glimpse before rushing off, fear entangled in every movement.

You advanced into Jumin’s office, finding him standing at his desk, his nails digging into the wooden surface. 

“How’d it go?”

“I fired him. That’s the short version,” He huffed. “The long version is…I yelled a lot. He seemed afraid of his own shadow when I was done. Needless to say, I’m not in the best mood.” 

You turned him to face you, sinking against him, your head buried into the crook of his neck.

“Thank you,” You whispered.

Jumin’s arms snaked about you as if you were the most precious treasure, weaving his fingertips through your hair. 

“I should be thanking you,” He hummed. “You could’ve spurned all of his advances, but you didn’t.” 

“Why would I?” 

He weakened, clenching tighter onto you.

“I…I know I’m not always the best person, I hardly even knew what that meant before I met you. But you could’ve been with anyone who easily would outmatch me-” 

“No. No, I couldn’t have.” You shifted up, ruffling his hair delicately. “There’s no one that could outmatch you. Even if you don’t think you’re the best person, you’re the best person to me. That’s something no one can change. I promise you that.” 

He was in awe for a few seconds, dumbfounded by your words.

Yet ultimately, he tipped his forehead against your own and spoke to you with love laced words.

“You’re the best person to me as well. There’s no competition. There never has been.” 

Flags (Part Two)(#PrideFic)

Happy Pride Month!
Welcome back to our Spideypool #Pride Fic

Enjoy :)

Part One

Part Three

It was already the next weekend before Peter sat down on his bed and pulled out the card from “Pansexual Man.”

He turned it over and over in his hands, tracing the rainbow lettering, the raised numbers, tapping it against his lips as he closed his eyes and relived that fucking kiss that had been keeping him up at night and had him daydreaming through classes.

The mysterious stranger with incredible blue eyes and a mouth that had been chapped but perfect and a hard thick body that had been on display for everyone to look at and ogle and touch

And Peter had barely got to touch.
Damn he should have touched!

Peter dropped back into his pillows, running a hand down his chest to his belt, hesitating. It seemed… wrong to do this while thinking about a stranger at a Pride event. He didn’t even know the mans name. All he had was a card.

And that fucking kiss.

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Bughead Greaser au

This fic has a greaser esc undertone to it, it focus’s more on the relationship aspect rather than the greaser background/tone 

Words: 1646


Jughead could remember the exact moment his life was turned upside down. It was the day his mother left. He knew in that moment that his life would never be the same.

It was a gradual process. A couple missed classes here and there turned into days then weeks that Jughead just wouldn’t show up to school at all. He cut ties with his old friends in ways he knew they wouldn’t miss him when he was officially gone; he couldn’t in his right mind drag them down too.

Now Jughead’s days consisted mostly of hanging out with the few Serpent teens he could tolerate in an old junkyard fixing up old bikes and crappy cars to the best of their abilities. Most days were spent in silence, the odd small talk here and there. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, for Jughead today was different.

“The party’s going to be pretty small,” Joaquin stated in an attempt to coerce Jughead into going with him.

“Tell me again why I have to go with you to meet your boyfriend’s friends,” Jughead scoffed from the other side of the junker they were working on.

“A buffer,” Joaquin simply laughed. “I mean let’s be honest Jughead, me spending more than a couple hours with Riverdale’s finest…” Joaquin stated. “That’s just a disaster waiting to happen.”

After a good twenty minutes of back and forth, Jughead reluctantly and unknowingly agreed to hang out with the very people he’d been avoiding, for an entire night.


Jughead didn’t dread hanging out with people so much as he dreaded the small talk that came with being in a group of people you don’t know. He tried to look as nice as he could. Jughead knew this night was important for Joaquin. He had his curls slicked back into his signature beanie, a navy blue and black flannel was actually worn as intended rather than tied around his waist, which he wore open with a black shirt beneath it. Even Jughead had to he looked good. With a quick deep breath, Jughead set out to meet with his friend.

“So, who’s all at this thing again?” Jughead asked as him and Joaquin drove out to Kevin’s place across town.

“Well there’s Kevin, and then there’s three of his closest friends,” Joaquin half-heartedly explains. “And don’t worry, you can still brood in the corner, we’re watching movies and eating pizza,” Jughead lagged at Joaquin’s reply. He would be civil and converse, he’s a loner, not an asshole.

As the pair drove up to the house Jughead saw an all too familiar face walking up the front steps. There she was, the only girl he’s ever loved, Betty Cooper.

Betty’s hair was shorter now than he remembered, she seemed to have cut her hair so it fell in waves just above her shoulders. She was dressing differently as well; straying away from her usual pink for dark navy’s and deep purples, walking in wedges or boots rather than her signature flats.

“Jug?” Joaquin broke Jughead out of his trance.

“Why didn’t you tell me she was going to be here,” Jughead whispered, still looking out the window to where the blonde was previously standing.

“I didn’t think you would come if I told you,” Joaquin replied.

“No shit,” Jughead answered turning to face his friend.

“Honestly, I thought when I told you my boyfriend’s name it would’ve tipped you off.”

“Obviously not,” Jughead states.

“Look Jug, I understand if you want to bail but I’m still going in there, and I’m going to have to tell them why you wouldn’t come in,” Joaquin teases. Jughead and Joaquin quickly made their way up the front steps and rang the bell. Both of the boys anxiously dreading this night for two very different reasons. Kevin opened the door greeting Joaquin with a chaste kiss and Jughead with a curt nod.

Jughead took in the scene before him. His former best friend laughing with his girlfriend on the couch. Or at least Jughead assumes they’re dating by the way Archie and Veronica were draped over each other. Joaquin and Kevin were narrowing down the list of movies to watch, but there was no sign of Betty.

“Jug?!” Archie asks astounded, he gets off the couch and moves to hug his estranged best friend.

“Wow,” Veronica starts from her position on the couch. “Johnny Cade lives.”

“Hey V,” Jughead stated simply, the two of them had never gotten the chance to actually become friends. “Kev, mind if I get some water?” Jughead asked; Kevin gave him a quick wave which Jughead took as his go ahead.

Seeing them was hard, all Jughead could think about was how many escape trips he was going to have to make to the kitchen or bathroom when Betty walked through the swinging door. “Hey, Juggie.”

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Glamour and Danger

BTS Jin and Reader Mafia AU

hello guys! So this is based off of a dream i had recently and i couldn’t get it out of my head. i was thinking about making it into a series if you guys liked it. so let me know if you want to read more.

(As always the gif isn’t mine.)

Originally posted by jinesthetic

“Kim Seokjin, the international businessman, is going home today with an extra 2.5 million dollars in his pocket. Of course, to him 2.5 million is just pocket change to a man like him…” The news anchor on the television droned on and on as you stood in line at the small coffee shop. The line slowly moved forward as everyone around you seemed to be in the same zombie like state as they waited for their caffeine fix.

As you reached the counter, you couldn’t be anymore happier. You ordered you favorite drink and paid as you step aside to wait for it to be made.

“But could we discuss the legality of the deal made? I don’t see how a deal this big is legal.” You looked up the television screen hanging on the wall. There was two news anchors on the screen with a picture of a very handsome man in suit place in the middle. “The government should step in. Mr. Kim Seokjin walked away with an 2.5 million dollars for a deal that - experts are saying - should have only gotten him 500,000 thousands at most.”

“Well, Seokjin is obviously really smart. He played the seller very well. That’s not a crime,” the other anchored argued.

“White mocha latte for Y/N!”

You are snapped back into reality as you walked up to the bar to grab your drink. You gave your thanks to the barista. You glanced down at your phone to check the time,  noticing that your were five minutes behind schedule. You groaned inwardly as you rushed out of the door.

You worked as a secretary at a business office, meaning that you mostly took phone calls and filed paper. Your work was tedious and boring. It didn’t help that your bosses were grumpy old men. But the pay was good enough to afford a nice apartment, so you stuck with the boring 9 to 5.

“Hey there beautiful!”

You looked up to see a dimple smile causing you to smile right back. “Hi Namjoon,” You answered as you hurriedly placed the files in the cabinet. “Did you need my help with anything?” you asked as you walked up to him.

“I just came by to say hello to the prettiest girl in the office,” his hands into the pockets of his suit.

You cheeks warmed a bit, but you knew he meant nothing by his comment. “Well, I’m sure you have some work to do,” you responded as you bit the inside of your cheek. “We wouldn’t want you to get fired for flirting” you joked.

Namjoon chuckled as he patted your head. “Yeah, I should head into the office. Have you heard the rumors?” You shook your head. “The CEO has gotten an offer.”

“He’s selling the company?” you asked with a gasp. “Oh no. What does that mean about our jobs?: you pouted worriedly.

“Don’t worry Y/N. You are the most capable worker here. Without you, the whole company would fall apart.” Namjoon smirked at you. “They would never get rid of you. My job, however, might be in question.”

“Don’t say that!” you scolded. “Ah, I can’t survive the office without you by my side.”

Namjoon sighed. “Let’s hope for the best then. Hey, some of us are getting drinks after work. You should come along.” He glanced at his watch. “Oh, I’m almost late for the meeting. We’re meeting at that new dance club in downtown at 7. Be there, okay?” He gave you a wave before talking off towards his office.

You stumbled out of the cab at around 7:30. You handed the driver some cash before continuing to the door of the club. Namjoon had promised that your name would be on the list so that you didn’t have to wait in line, you only hoped that was true. The line was headed down the block.

As you reached the bouncer, he immediately held his hands out to stop you.

“Where do you think you are going, kitten?” He crossed his arms as he glared down at you. You shrunk against his gaze and managed to choke out that your name was on the list. “And what would your name be, kitten?”

“V. Stop intimidating the girl.” A voice came from behind you. You turned around to see an angelically handsome man behind you. He had a piercing glare in his eyes that made you want the ground to swallow you up, but you notice the glare wasn’t on you.

“Sorry boss,” V had immediately straighten out his posture and his arms were on the side.

The man looked down at you and his glare immediately soften. You breath caught in your voice as he grabs you hand and pulls it to his mouth for a kiss. His face looked vaguely familiar. “Sorry about that, Princess.” He said with a coy smirk. “Some people have to learn better manners.” He placed his hand on the lower side of you back as he led you inside the club.

V hands twitched to stop you, but immediately froze as he was subjected to the mysterious man’s glare once again.

The man guided you straight to the bar. “What would you like to drink, Princess?” he asked. The bartender immediately came to serve you.

“Um…” You hesitated slightly. The whole ordeal feeling a bit odd to you. “I’ll just have a coke.” You decided it was probably best to remain sober around the mysterious man.

He raised his eyebrow at you but made no comment as he ordered his own drink. The bartender brought the drink over to you and you nervously sipped at it. “Thank you um…”

“Oh, excuse me. Where are my manners?” He chuckled. “I’m Jin.”

“Thank you, Jin.” You reiterated. “I should probably find my friends though.” You looked around to make the point as you slid off the stool. “It was nice meeting you, Jin.”

“Sure thing, Princess. Save a dance for me later though,” he smirked at you once again.

“If you can find me in this crowd,” you joked with a chuckle.

His eyes darkened slightly as he stared down at you. “No worries, I’ll find you.”

You shook off the strange feeling of that encounter as you began searching for Namjoon. You finally spot him at the VIP section as he waves you over. You smile as you are greeted with hugs, noticing that they all started drinking already.

“I hope you didn’t have trouble getting in,” Namjoon commented as he pushed a shot towards you. He had a smirk on his face, challenging you.

“Not really, some dude name Jin got me in.”

Your answer caused him to stiffen. Your eyebrows raised at his reaction. He took the shot out of you hands and downed it himself.

“Whoa, what’s up with you?” you asked.

“Nothing’s up,” Namjoon lied through gritted teeth. “Just stay away from that Jin guy. He’s bad news.”

“Okay,” you agreed easily, which confused Namjoon. You shrugged. “He just sent out these vibes, you know. He looked kind of familiar though.” You sighed. “Anyways, how did you get us VIP anyways?” you asked, changing the topic.

“I have connections.” Namjoon answered vaguely. He chuckled it off as a joke. “Drink up. It’s all free.”

You lost sight of Namjoon about an hour ago. You walked around the club, trying to find him before you left home. As you searched, you ended up in a dark hallway. Namjoon’s voice could be heard from the back end, so you continued to walk forward.

“All I’m saying, Jin, is to leave her alone. She’s better than all of this.” Namjoon said. You paused in you step to listen in. Why was Namjoon speaking with Jin.

“Are you sure that it’s not because you don’t want competition?” Jin’s voice sneered back. He chuckled darkly. “I’ve seen how you been looking at her all evening.”

“She’s like a little sister to me. I just want to keep her safe.”

“I could give he the best protection in the world. Namjoon, you know my lifestyle.” Jin argued.

“You’ll also put a target on the back of her head,” Namjoon growled. “Seriously, any other girl but her.”

“Namjoon. You seem to forget who you are talking to,” Jin sighed. “You aren’t in any position to give me orders. In fact, I own you. So if I choose to pursue her, I will. You won’t say anything more about it.”

You hear Namjoon groan in pain, causing you to call out to him. “Namjoon?” You continued to walk down the hall, finding Namjoon leaning on the wall as he clutched his stomach. You gasped as you rushed forward to comfort him. “Oh my gosh. Are you okay?”

Namjoon groaned again as he waved off your worries. “I’m fine. I’m fine.”

You narrowed your eyes as you looked over at Jin. He had V and another man standing beside him. “Did you do this?” you questioned Jin as you glared at him.

“Princess,” Jin began with a playful smile. “I never laid a hand on him,” he denied.

“I don’t believe you,” you spit out.

“But it’s the truth Princess,” he continued. “In fact, why don’t we have that dance you owe me?” he asked as he reached his arm out to grab your hand.

You yanked your body away from him. “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“It’s just one dance, Princess.” He smiled at you innocently. “If you dance with me, no more harm will come to your friend here.”

“So you did hurt him?”

“No, Princess. But I can guarantee that whatever happen to him won’t happen again.” He held his hand out to you.

You hesitated as you stared at his hand. Slowly, you placed you hand in his. Jin smile widened as he led you back down the hall. “This way, Princess.”

“Who are you exactly?” you asked once you reached the dance floor. His hands were on your waist as you hands were wrapped around his neck.

“Someone who gets exactly what he wants,” he answered vaguely. His tone was solemn as he stared down at you. “And right now, I want you.”

“And what if I don’t want you?” You questioned back. You pulled your body away from as the song came to an end.

“Princess,” he sighed. He ran a hand through his head with slight frustration. “Then I’ll have a hell of a time trying to convince you otherwise.”

You practically ran out of the club after that.

“International wealthy businessmen Kim Seokjin is under investigation for his latest 2.5 million dollar deal. An insider source claims to have evidence that Kim Seokjin frequently uses extortion in his deals. If this is true, that means their is a possibility that none of the money he has made over the years is legal.”

You looked up at the television screen as you waited for the barista to make your drink. Your jaw dropped and your eyes widen. The screen had the same anchor from yesterday, but the picture besides her was Jin - the same Jin from the club the night before.

“This isn’t the first time an investigation has been started for Kim Seokjin. There has been numerous allegations over the years that Kim Seokjin has connections to the BTS mafia. None of the allegations has ever been proven, it is mostly speculation.”

“Y/N’s white mocha latte is at the bar!”

Your eyes snapped over to the barista standing by the bar. You walked over to grab you drink, surprised to see a small paper bag with a blueberry muffin inside. You eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Um, excuse me?” You called the barista over. “I didn’t order this.”

“A guy came and ordered it for you,” she explained. Before you could question her again, she was off to help another customer.

You picked up the paper bag, noticing the note scribbled on the side.

Have a nice day. Don’t miss me too much.

Check yes or no: part two. A do over because of formatting

Check yes or no: part two IN ITS ENTIRETY, sorry for this who couldn’t see it all before.

Hello all, to those who still care and/or remember this little story of mine. For those of you who do not have memories akin to an elephant’s, you can fine part one HERE. I warn you now this chapter is a bit of a filler chapter, and probably could be better. However, I do have Part three (psst, this is no longer a three part story!) itching to get out and posted. So, hopefully it will be written by tomorrow as i’m off with nothing to do.

To the anons who long ago sent me messages to be about this story, don’t worry I have never forgotten, the answers are coming.

to @takemeawaytocamelot If I know my time zones like I think I do, it should still be Memorial Day for you, and well, you know the old saying: Christmas Day/Memorial Day, potato/mango (haha). I am so sorry I inadvertently lied to you about this story, but I never forgot about it. I hope you like it.

Part two:

God, she had missed him. She had tried to tell herself it wouldn’t be that bad, they would call and write, or they would see each other on holidays. But about thirty seconds after walking away from him, she burst in tears. Years, they had been apart for years. A significant percentage of her life. But it didn’t matter anymore; he was finally coming home.

Waiting in the main area of the train station, Claire couldn’t stand still. She continually ran a hand through her hair as she checked the arrivals board, not becoming even remotely calm until she saw him. Taking a deep breath of relief, she watched as he walked off the escalator. He stood tall compared to the hunched weary looking travelers around him.  She noticed he still had the old baseball hat she had given before he left. It was currently blocking her from his line of sight.  She couldn’t contain herself anymore, her hand shot into the air and she yelled his name, “Frank, over here!”

    Looking up to find her, he smiled and everything else she had been feeling seemed to fade away.  The drive home was anything but quiet.  They spoke of everything and nothing, trying their best to update each other on the last several years. Claire told him of her adventures globetrotting with Lamb and her excitement to be finishing out schooling before university in a real school, lockers and All!  Frank in turn told her of finishing his university studies and looking forward, much like her, to working with Lamb again in a real school, students and All!

    They were so caught up in conversation, that neither noticed the passing countryside that they had previously been so excited to explore. Neither had spent much time in France before, but were pleased when Lamb had been offered a permanent professor position, with Frank as his assistant. While still quite active, the years were beginning to catch up with him, so it would be good for him to have a more stable life.

    Pulling the car in front of the house, Claire gathered their things and made her way up the stairs but before opening the door she was stopped. Frank held her hand, an odd look on his face, “Claire, um, before we go in. I should probably…”

    He was cut off when Lamb pulled open the door and welcomed him back from his trip. He ushered him in through the house, conversation on the stairs momentarily forgotten, to what could assumed to be the office.

“That girl, how could you even, how do you deal with…ugh, she’s just terrible Jamie”

    “Hello to you too, Janet.” Jamie said, trying as hard as he might not to laugh, as he opened the door for her.

“What did she do now to have displeased you so?”

    “That girl canna have more that three functioning brain cells, it’s not possible. How she manages not to get lost on her way from her closet to the bed each day I’ll never know.”

    He couldn’t stop himself this time and burst out laughing at the image. Jenny just continued on, pausing only long enough to glare at him. “Oh sure, laugh about it. YOU didn’t have to sit in a car all day with her,and you didn’t have to listen to her as she tittered back and forth between dresses! I mean really, how can you stand it? What do you two possibly do together? It canna be her skills as a conversationalist!”

    Stopping then, she caught her breath and finally noticed his smirk, which turned into a full blown smile as he doubled over laughing.

    Huffing at him, she began to rummage through her bags. “Never mind! I don’t want to know!”

    “I’m sorry you had such a bad time with Annalise, but she’s really not that bad.  Maybe while you’re here you’ll get to know her a bit better. But, it is so good to see you, ye’ve been missed. I know Ian hasn’t been able to stop talking about your visit.”

    Jenny snorted looking at him in disbelief, “Not that bad, huh?” The smile she saw made her own turn up into the real smile he hadn’t seen in so long. He had been away from home for a few years now with little more than short school break visits to tide him over and it was never enough. Jamie couldn’t wait for this last year to be done with so he could make his way back.

When he had been accepted here, he hadn’t thought it would be as bad as it was, he had been so excited and so wrong.  Tonight, he thought he’d be able to get a bit of home back. Tonight was the welcome back ball and with Ian and Jenny with him, they would bring a little of the highlands to France.

Claire was putting on the final touches to her outfit for the night. She had spent the majority of the day on the phone with Gilli making sure that what she had put together would work as well as she was told it would. Pouring over her jewelry box for the millionth time, she contemplated once more just calling it all off, pulling on jeans and going to a movie. But, she had purchased her dress and shoes with Gillis a month or so before on her last visit to Scotland with Lamb. It seemed an awful waste of what she was assured many times wasn’t too much and would get the attention of every man there. The deep red, she had to admit, did contrast nicely on her pale skin and dark hair, but she was still nervous.

    Making a splash was all well and good, but doing so at a new school was something entirely different. She did her best not to think too much on those thoughts and the ever persistent voice in her mind saying, “Just be careful.” The sound of Frank coming in downstairs pulled her out of her thoughts. She looked into her jewelry again, selected ruby and gold earrings her mother had left for her, slipped her shoes on, and walked out of her room, deciding it was now or never.

“Hello Frank, you look very handsome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a tuxedo.”

    She always thought that saying that someone was breathtaking was always a bit of an exaggeration, but Frank seemed to have lost his looking up at her, coming down off the stairs. She had never felt more powerful and sure than she did in that moment.

Coming up to him, he had finally gathered himself enough to tell her how beautiful she was. From his words and Lamb’s photo happy tendencies, she blushed a very close second to color she wore.  She finally relaxed a bit as they drove to the venue.  They stayed quiet through most of the ride, but she knew that she was ready. These types of events, while uncommon in her life, were not completely foreign to her.  She had, in the past, accompanied her uncle to various faculty events and research galas. She knew that, if nothing else, tonight she could mingle and get to know her new classmates in a more relaxed setting.

Walking up the main staircase, Claire could hear the chatter of people and the beat of the music.  She paused a moment before walking in, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

“Are you sure you’re alright? We don’t have to go in you know. We can go somewhere, anywhere else; if you’d like.”

She looked between him and the doors for a moment, squared her shoulders and turning the knob saying “No. It takes a lot to surprise me anymore, Frank. I don’t expect anything in there to change that. Let’s go.”

Spinning around the floor, Jamie tried his best to take in his surroundings. He hadn’t really gotten the chance to talk to anyone, or even get something to drink. Upon entering, Annalise had drug him on to the floor and only briefly seen fit to let him rest. He didn’t mind too much really. Though, Jenny’s rant from earlier came back to him, as Annalise had also been talking for the better part of an hour, about what, he had no idea.  But, overall he was having a very nice time.

Jenny was beaming and Ian’s smile hadn’t slipped once, he never was able to take his eyes off of her. Annalise looked lovely too, she wore a fitted peach colored gown and since picking her up that evening, he, too, found himself staring at her when she looked away. Suddenly, something felt different, and he couldn’t place it. He tried to get her attention, though there wasn’t much hope of that while she kept talking. He brushed it off, determined not let his thoughts go past the two of them dancing.

    Suddenly, the song came to an end, switching to something much louder and more upbeat,  he was ushered off the floor towards the refreshment. She had pulled him down a bit so he could hear her over the music.

“I am going to run to the ladies, would you mind grabbing me a drink?”

    He nodded and pushed his way gently through those standing around talking. Placing his request, he finally got his chance to look around, and to see who had shown up with who. While not much of a gossip, he found it was better to at least know the goings on as it made his life altogether easier.

He hadn’t paid much mind to those immediately around him, only registering bodies moving in and out of the area. As his drinks were handed to him though, he saw a flash of red come up to the drinks area and directly into his arm.

“Oh! I’m so sorry… erm, excusez-moi.”

    It was quick, but he had caught it. English. Good French, from what he could hear, but definitely English. He turned to pick up a few napkins and decided to stick to English as well in response.

He chuckled cleaning off his kilt, “Nae, it’s no bother. Really, worse has be spilt on me before.”  He look over his shoulder then and his heart stopped.



Danny: So, do you want to know what happened? 

Jules: I do but at the same time I do not. 

Danny: Neha, is a good woman and she has nothing to do with this. Zach may be her father but what he did to your mother, I can not forgive. I wish we could explain this to Neha. 

Jules: She will not listen.

Danny: Of course she wouldn’t…. Zach is her father after all. Just know this, your mother and I just want you to be happy Just know this.

Jules: I am touched by your words. Speaking of touched, well actually this has nothing to do with anything but this fountain is kind of odd. 

Danny: Um… I guess so. 

Jules: It’s not like if I want to play in the fountain or anything in an attempt to forget my troubles and enjoy myself for once.

Danny: …. You know I’ve never played in a fountain before… but I don’t want to or anything. I’m just saying I’ve never…

Jules: Yes, those are acts for children and I am an adult and you’re an adult of advanced age. No one would want to do that…

GOT7 Reaction

Anon asked: Can you please do GOT7 reaction to meeting their idol crush for the first time?

Sure !

Meeting their idol crush for the 1st time


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He would gulp as soon as she came over to him. A person who he admires so much is right in front of him, plus, she’s also his crush. He would most likely blush (barely noticeable), not being able to look her in the eyes, feeling embarrassed. Luckily, Jackson comes to the rescue, serving as his wingman.


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*smiles awkwardly, nodding*

Awkward JB. He thought that as soon as he opens his mouth, he’ll say something stupid or embarrassing (like Jackson). Thankfully, his crush notices this, and does most of the talking. Although they chatted for 5 mere minutes, he felt like he was on cloud nine. He even managed to get her number!


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*stares at her, licking his lips unconsciously* *she turns to him* “Um, hi.”

Cute, shy Jackson, which is rather odd. But don’t be mistaken. He’ll still flirt with her, make corny jokes and lame pick-up lines, making her laugh. Point for Jackson!


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“Uh, ah, um, nice to meet you.”

He’ll most definitely stumble over both his words and his feet, not believing his luck. There would be a small chuckle or giggle here and there coming from him, his crush cooing over his cuteness. She would be the one that would ask for his number, though.


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*makes eye contact with her* ‘She’s so pretty. Aaaand she’s looking at me.’ *averts his eyes somewhere else*

*contemplates everything in his life*


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*laughing* “Oh my god, hyung–”

*eyes widen* ‘When did she get here?’

Confused Bambam. Besides wondering when she got here, he had also wondered if she heard everything they’ve been talking about before she came (including some comments about her).

…..she did.


On the outside:

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(Ignore the caption on the gif. Or don’t.)

On the inside:

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7) Free Choice, or The Sandcastle Détente

Last one, and a little longer than the others but I figure it deserves it. Enjoy- And thank you for reading!

The Girl was just being stupid, Will huffs.

She’d been saying stupid things, and looking at stupid things, and tossing her stupid hair and distracting him with her stupid freckles, so of course he’d told her she was being stupid. It was his duty, as a clever person, to point it out.

Unfortunately, however, The Girl didn’t seem to see it that way.

And so he had scarpered, the better to prepare his counter-attack. “She hit me, Mummy,” he says forlornly, shaking sand out of his curls and staring dolefully at the object of his ire. (She is now building herself a new sandcastle as her parents look on indulgently from the shore).

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butlinislin-deactivated20170719  asked:

Freezing in the snow with the Hamilsquad? ☺️

coming right up!

5 - freezing in the snow

You rubbed your hands together, cupping them gently and blowing into them. You were only met with a bit of warmth until you were greeted with more cold air. You bit your lip and looked to Herc, shivering slightly. He opened his arms out to you and you quickly rushed to him. You snuggled up into his chest, slipping your hands into his pockets as he wrapped his arms around you.

“Knew you’d get cold.” Herc chuckled, kissing your head. 

“S-Shut up.” You grumbled, but Herc only laughed more. 

“Look. Laf’s here to save the day.”

You turned to look at your other boyfriend who had come out of the cabin, a stack of clothes in his hands. It only took him a moment to get you wrapped up in a puffy jacket, a thick scarf, a beanie, and warm gloves.

“Laf, honey,” Herc laughed a little, leaning against the railing and looking out at the pristine layer of snow. You had rented up a cabin for your holiday. You were right in the middle of a winter wonderland. He turned back and looked at you, suddenly noticed the extra layers on your body. “She’s good.”

Laf bit his lip before readjusting your beanie once more. He cupped your face, smiling a little. He could see the color come back into your face and your lips were no longer as blue. 

“Alright, ma chérie.” He kissed your cheek and you leaned into his touch. “But, if you’re still cold -”

“I’ll come back to you.” You grinned. “Thanks, Laf.” You kissed his cheek and tucked your gloved hands into your thick infinity scarf for more warmth. You walked out into the snow carefully, being careful of any ice you could slip on. 

You grinned once you saw John and Alex just ahead of you. You started to say hi to the both of them, but you hesitated as Alex’s eyes widened at the sight of you. You squealed as he quickly grabbed you by your waist. 

“Hi, darling! Stand here, please?” He laughed a little nervously, holding you just in front of him. He kissed your cheek and held you tighter. “You look so cute, you know. Look so warm and soft.”

“U-Um, okay.” You laughed, but gave him an odd look. “What’s going -” 

You turned and saw John holding up a snowball. He quickly lowered his arm once he saw you in front of Alex. You quickly realized what you were in the middle of, your eyes widening.

“That’s cheating!” John yelled, cheeks and nose red from the cold.

“You didn’t say anything about using hostages, Jack!”

You managed to get out of Alex’s grasp and pushed him back. “Alexander! How dare you use me as a hostage!” 

“I’ll get him for you, baby.” John grinned, already pulling his arm back as you stood closer to him. 

“No, no.” You smirked, stopping John with a touch on his forearm. “Let me.” 

Laf and Herc could hear you three laughing from further down the hill. Herc lets out a little ooh once you hit Alex in the face with a snowball. You’re quick to run away, laughing along with John. 

Laf wrapped his arms around Herc from where they sat on the porch.

“Why don’t we team up and,” He paused for a moment, trying to think of the right words. “show them how it is done?” Laf purred. 

Herc grinned, pulling Laf in for a kiss. “Thought you’d never ask.”

Silent Visual (Min Kyunghoon)

Type: Fluff

Request: Maybe a Kyunghoon scenario where your group goes on Knowing Brother and he’s mentioned that the reader is his idol crush so there’s some teasing about that and he asks her out at the end maybe? I love your writing so much!

G/N: group name

G/M: group member

You sighed, you were ready to hear about the youngest member of Knowing Brother’s crush on you. You knew about the crush because you had watched every episode of Knowing Brother and even the other members of your group knew about it. Now the question was if any of you were really going to mention that you knew. The question you were often asked was if you had one back on Kyunghoon or not. You weren’t exactly sure honestly. You thought he was attractive but he seemed to be a bit too flirty for your liking but maybe he was different in person who knows right?

You were known as the ‘silent visual’ you were very quiet if or when you were on a variety show. You were shy with a powerful voice and just stood there staring and smiling while the variety members of your group worked and kept the room filled with laughter. 


Your group leader knocked on the door of the classroom sliding it open as the room filled with calls and shouts about the group. 

You all walked in as you witnessed smiles on all of their faces as they were ready and willing to tease Kyunghoon. “Hello we’re Y/G” you guys say together as you took your normal spot between the leader of your group and lead rapper. “This must be a dream for you Kyunghoon” Heechul comments as the male looked down embarrassed as you shifted in your spot. “Y/N” Hodong spoke “yes?” you spoke calmly. “How old are you. You’re the youngest right?” he asked “no oldest. I’m 26” you respond. “Really? You barely look 20” Janghoon comments “thank you but G/M is our youngest” you respond gesturing to the young girl at the end.


Your favorite segment came along as you were the last to go for your group. “What do I enjoy collecting?” you asked. Heechul quickly raised his hand as you pointed at him “souls” he jokes as you smiled lightly. “Hats” Youngchul said “I have a lot of them but no” you responded. “Anime figurines” Janghoon says as you nodded. “I’ve ran into her when she bought one of them at the mall” he explained. “I really enjoy anime” you explained “that’s cute” Kyunghoon says as teasing instantly filled the room. “Y/N what is your ideal type of man?” Sangmin asked “well. I think an older man is right for me. Average in height, handsome face-” “ah then you should date Kyunghoon” Heechul cut you off as Kyunghoon grabbed his shoulders. By the time you were done you were slightly embarrassed but you headed towards your seat which happened to be saved for you right beside Kyunghoon as your group members teased you as you acted as you normally did but on the inside you were screaming slightly from the odd tension you had with him. 


“Y/N” Kyunghoon spoke as you were heading out towards the van with the rest of your group, the others continued to the car leaving you there “so um I have an odd request. You don’t have to say yes since we don’t know each other well but I was hoping that you and I could get something to eat together” he said nervously as you looked at him amazed. “Really?” you asked him as he nodded rapidly “I mean I’ve never been on a date” you tell him as he looked shocked but shook his head. “That’s crazy” he spoke as he looked at you hopefully. “I mean I guess we can” you tell him as he smiled “could I have your number so I can call you?” he asked as you nodded sticking your hand out as he pulled his phone out and handed it to you. 

(Natasha x reader) Secrets

Request:  “Can I please have a Natasha Romanoff one shot? Something fun, fluffy, humorous with a little bit of badassery and kindness/whole lotta love from the reader that impresses and totally makes Nat swoon/fall in love with them even more? Would love to include a display of affection in front of the team that is initiated by Nat to not only show the reader that she is now ready for the team to know but also a kind of ‘announcement’ of the relationship too? If that makes any sense! Love your work! Xx”  @labyrinth-of-thoughts

A/N: Okay so this can be a part two to another one shot I did which can be read here but it can also be its own thing. I also tried to add all the elements you listed but I kinda got on a roll and I didn’t want to add too much so it wouldn’t feel forced, so I hope you like it!

Words: 2,010

Warnings: minor swearing

“Y/N! Wake up!” Natasha’s silent but tense voice woke you up from a peaceful sleep. You were hugging the soft pillow on your bed and you were still groggy and tired, trying to register what was going on.

“Y/N, it’s eleven thirty!” she exclaimed again, shaking you gently and you rolled over to look at her. You blushed a little when you noticed that she was getting dressed, putting on a pair of jeans and wearing a cute lacy black bra.

“Nat…what’s wrong?” you muttered, rubbing your eyes and sitting up a little.

“Y/N! We slept in! They’re going to know something’s wrong!” she said as she put her shirt on and walked over to the bed. You suddenly panicked and sat up quickly, looking around at the scene before you. The two of you were in your room, which was messy as always. Nat was running around, rummaging through the clothes on the floor. The bed sheets were ruffled and you looked at the clock, still rubbing your eyes. You suddenly snapped awake when you realised what time it was.

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