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[stares into the middle distance] 

I have made a huge mistake.

things i have seen during my time in the american education system

  • a kid in a batman cape running through the halls, yelling incoherently
  • some kids dealing drugs in the back of class… health class… during the unit on drug abuse …
  • three feet of snow and yep we’re still going to school 
  • the ballroom dance team performing the entirety of ‘Thriller’ in the lunch room on the day before Halloween
  • the fire alarm being pulled not one, not two, but three times during one class period
  • the teachers making the entire 5th/6th grade go out to recess, even though it was around 30 degrees F, snowing, and some kids didn’t have their coats
  • a group of kids climbing onto the school roof…for no apparent reason….
  • like five-ish seniors sitting on a couch in the middle of a hallway..also for no apparent reason (no one is sure where they got the couch)
  • the drama kids all holding wooden boards and smashing them into the ground????
  • a kid riding around the halls on his scooter. you go kid.
  • kids duct taping their teacher to the wall???
  • someone handing out tissue boxes during end of year testing
  • SBO EleCTioN WEeeeEeK!.!>!
  • a kid getting up on the lunchroom table and yelling that it was his friend’s b-day so the whole lunchroom sang to the poor embarrassed guy
  • some kid doing freaking parkour to get from the second floor to the first floor
  • many fight. too many.
  • on that note, there was this guy and this other guy and they just kind of looked at each other??and said something like ‘do you wanna fight’ and so thy did???during lunch???for no reason???
  • a girl showing up to school in full hogwarts uniform(from the movies)(wand included)
  • the woodshop teacher just letting his class have full reign of the dangerous!!!!workshop while he scrolled through stuff on his computer??

things i have not seen during my time in the american education system

  • whatever the male equivalent of a lunch lady is
Preference #15 He sees you naked for the first time

Bellamy Blake:
(Y/n) straddled Bellamy’s waist as his large hands rested on her bum. Heatedly making out as he gave it a cheeky squeeze. She giggled before sitting up mind locking eyes with him. Lifting her shirt as his eyes widened slightly. Her boobs spilling from the top of her bra.
“Help me out?” She murmured as he nodded. Unbuttoning her pants as she unclipped her bra. His eyes drifted to her boobs as he boy back a moan.
“God you’re fucking gorgeous.” He smirked.
“Oh. Hush.” She giggled as she leaned back down onto him.
“You’re beautiful though…like…a goddess.”
“Then thank the stars you’re my god.” He shivered at her tone before saying cheekily
“I bet you’ll look even hotter without those pants on.”
John Murphy:
John watched as (Y/n) stepped out of the shower. The two had been in the lighthouse for awhile, but had only taken their relationship so far. He smirked as she gave him an innocent smile. Before releasing her towel in the door way. Having only just woken up, Murphy went from cocky to blank minded in seconds at her
“Well. Good morning to me.” He winked as she giggled.
“Seriously you’ve been holding out on me baby.”
“Yeah okay Murphy.” She teased.
“You wound me you know that?” He pouted.
“You wound me by not being in the same state I am.” She winked.
“Oh. You play a good game babe.” He winked back as he took his shirt off.
Jasper Jordan:
Jasper was practically sprinting to his tent he shared with (Y/n) eager to see her. He didn’t know that she was getting undressed from her sticky clothes, so he was shocked when he barged in.
“(Y/n)-babe-OH MY GOD!” He shouted when he saw her boobs.
“Oh my god-JASPER!” She shouted as she blushed. Both of them froze before she finally covered her boobs. Jasper swallowed hard.
“If it’s any consultation…they’re really really really nice.” She blushed before quickly turning back to hide herself.
“You have really nice…it’s all um…nice system…it’s beautiful-okay I’m leaving.” He blushed as he moved from the mouth of the tent with a half hard cock. Image forever engraved in his brain. But something told him he’d see it again soon.
Monty Green:
Monty never thought he’d get a girl into his room let alone his bed. So that’s why he was shocked when he came into his room to find (Y/n), his girlfriend (much to his surprise), was under the covers. Nude. His eyes widened as he drank in the sight of her bare breasts. Admiring how truly beautiful they were. The way they-
“Monty?” She murmured as she woke up.
“What the hell? Come on. Undress and cuddle with me.” She rolled her eyes as she lifted her head. Covering her breasts much to Monty’s internal protest.
“R-right on it baby.” He blushed as he removed his clothing quickly.
Lincoln was one for taking things slow. He didn’t want to rush you. He made you feel like an absolute princess. Right now, he was hovered over (Y/n)’s naked form. Caressing her delicate skin, kissing it sweetly.
“You are the most beautiful…amazing…being to ever grace my life.” He kissed the tops of her breasts with joy. He finally got her to reveal how truly beautiful she really was. And Lincoln made sure to make sure he knew how grateful he was for it.
Roan had been training all day. He was stressed as his mother had been forcing more training on him lately. He was always so…stressed. And (Y/n) was going to help him.
She was laid across his bed, nude, in a seductive position as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Roan burst through the the doors, the vein in his forehead and neck prominent in anger.
“Hello my prince.” She sang with a innocent smile. His head whipped to look at her. Smirking as she slowly rose from the bed.
“What a goddess you are…” He said huskily.
“Allow me to worship my goddess…”

group therapy au (part three)

read part one - part two (and thanks to @broship-addict for (in)directly inspiring parts of this/encouraging me to continue!)(warning for a kiss that is not clearly consensual but actually is, if that makes sense?) - or read it all on ao3

After that, Neil’s life became even less exciting. Group therapy hadn’t particularly added any excitement to his day, but the promise of riding with Andrew and getting to ask him something was at least something to chew on when he was bored in class.

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Episode 1: Between Two Elverums (Mount Eerie)

story about music #1

Why can’t one musician escape an album he released fifteen years ago?

A conversation with Phil Elverum about Twin Peaks, Anacortes, and his history with music journalists suddenly gives me an idea.

(full transcript & songs below the jump)

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Researchers Shed Light on How Neurons Exchange Neurotransmitters

For more than a century, neuroscientists have known that nerve cells talk to one another across the small gaps between them, a process known as synaptic transmission (synapses are the connections between neurons). Information is carried from one cell to the other by neurotransmitters such as glutamate, dopamine, and serotonin, which activate receptors on the receiving neuron to convey excitatory or inhibitory messages.

But beyond this basic outline, the details of how this crucial aspect of brain function occurs have remained elusive. Now, new research by scientists at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UM SOM) has for the first time elucidated details about the architecture of this process. The paper was published in the journal Nature.

Synapses are very complicated molecular machines. They are also tiny: only a few millionths of an inch across. They have to be incredibly small, since we need a lot of them; the brain has around 100 trillion of them, and each is individually and precisely tuned to convey stronger or weaker signals between cells.

To visualize features on this sub-microscopic scale, the researchers turned to an innovative technology known as single-molecule imaging, which can locate and track the movement of individual protein molecules within the confines of a single synapse, even in living cells. Using this approach, the scientists identified an unexpected and precise pattern in the process of neurotransmission. The researchers looked at cultured rat synapses, which in terms of overall structure are very similar to human synapses.

(Image caption: Synapses visualized in live neurons. The overall structure of one cell in a dense network of interconnected neurons is visible from expression of a red and green fluorescent protein that fills that cell entirely)

“We are seeing things that have never been seen before. This is a totally new area of investigation,” said Thomas Blanpied, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology, and leader of the group that performed the work. “For many years, we’ve had a list of the many types of molecules that are found at synapses, but that didn’t get us very far in understanding how these molecules fit together, or how the process really works structurally. Now by using single-molecule imaging to map where many of the key proteins are, we have finally been able to reveal the core architectural structure of the synapse.”

In the paper, Blanpied describes an unexpected aspect to this architecture that may explain why synapses are so efficient, but also susceptible to disruption during disease: at each synapse, key proteins are organized very precisely across the gap between cells. “The neurons do a better job than we ever imagined of positioning the release of neurotransmitter molecules near their receptors,” Blanpied says. “The proteins in the two different neurons are aligned with incredible precision, almost forming a column stretching between the two cells.” This proximity optimizes the power of the transmission, and also suggests new ways that this transmission can be modified.

Blanpied’s lab has created a video representation of the process.

Understanding this architecture will help clarify how communication within the brain works, or, in the case of psychiatric or neurological disease, how it fails to work. Blanpied is also focusing on the activity of “adhesion molecules,” which stretch from one cell to the other and may be important pieces of the “nano-column.” He suspects that if adhesion molecules are not placed correctly at the synapse, synapse architecture will be disrupted, and neurotransmitters won’t be able to do their jobs. Blanpied hypothesizes that in at least some disorders, the issue may be that even though the brain has the right amount of neurotransmitter, the synapses don’t transmit these molecules efficiently.

Blanpied says that this improved comprehension of synaptic architecture could lead to a better understanding of brain diseases such as depression, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease, and perhaps suggest new ideas for treatments.

Blanpied and his colleagues will next explore whether the synaptic architecture changes in certain disorders: they will begin by looking at a synapses in a mouse model of the pathology in schizophrenia.

“The complexity of the human brain seems overwhelming. But Dr. Blanpied and his colleagues have taken an important step in helping us understand this system,” said UM SOM Dean E. Albert Reece MD, PhD, MBA, who is also vice president for medical affairs at the University of Maryland and the John Z. and Akiko K. Bowers Distinguished Professor. “This study is impressive scientifically, and it is just the first step of what I am sure will be a long series of important discoveries about the brain and its disorders.”

Homework || Peter Parker

  Another excerpt from my Tom Holland Trash Book on Wattpad.  Feel free to send me a message on here if you are interested in requesting. :) Xx

  Blurb:  Peter tries to help you with your homework but algebra isn’t your speed, distracting and flustering Peter however is right up your alley.

 Warnings:  EXTREMELY FLUFFY!  You have been warned.

                                   || GIF CREDIT TO OWNER ||

 You take another deep breath before blowing it out in an exaggerated fashion. Peter’s face falls into a deadpan expression, clearly unamused at your disinterest.

“Alycia, it’s algebra not rocket science.” Peter states.

“Says the ‘rocket scientist in training’,” Alycia groans, falling ungracefully onto Peter’s bed face first. “More like Alge-Bruh to me.”

Your face upturns into an amused smirk. Peter groans at your lame joke before turning back to his completed Algebra homework.

“Hey, hey, hey, Parker, I know you’ll like this one!” Alycia shoots up, the bed groaning under the pressure of her sudden movement. “What did 12 get on its 13th birthday?”

Peter spins around on his chair to face you. “A ’D’ on its uncompleted homework?”

“Come on, Peter!” You groan loudly in protest.

“Fine, what?”

“An Alge-BRA! GET IT?!” You shout in excitement at your own joke.

“That doesn’t even make sense.” Peter says matter-of-factly in between your chuckles.

“You’re about as fun as a lethal injection.” You state, your face straight and emotionless. “Someone has to keep the fun alive in this relationship.”

“Hey! I’m fun!” Peter objects.

“Not since your attention has been caught by little miss Algebra over there. What does she have that you don’t have?”

“Quadratic formulas.”

“You got me there, Einstein.”

“Now that that’s settled, would you please focus on this homework?” Peter begged, clearly frustrated at your lack of concentration.

“But it’s so boring.” You whine loudly as you face plant into the bed once again.

“Your mum’s boring.” Peter mumbles.



“I hate you.”

Peter shoots you a cheeky smirk. “You love me.”

“No, apparently my mum does though.”

“Well, you’re not wrong.” Peter teases, causing you to slap his arm.

Peter lets out a small 'ouch’, rubbing the area of impact. You turn on your side and look at him, his eyes clearly fixated on the homework in front of him. You admire the look of concentration of his face. His eyebrows tug together unconscientiously when he encounters a harder sum. His lips form incomprehensible shapes as he reads the pages over in his head.

You silently scrutinise him, memorised by the minor details that make him unique. Peter feels your eyes on him and spins to meet your gaze. His cheeks flush a light pink after noticing your staring.

“What?” He asks lightly, a breathless chuckle leaving his lips.

“You’re so cute when you’re concentrating.” You state, propping yourself up on your elbows.

Peter’s head hangs instantly in a desperate attempt to hide his hot cheeks. “Well, we could be cute and concentrate together.”

You smile at his comment and hop up off of his bed. You saunter to behind his chair and wrap your arms around his shoulders, your hands folded lightly against his firm chest. You nuzzle your head in the crook of his neck, satisfied at your view of the school work and Peter.

You could feel Peter’s heart beating under your fingertips, the erratic patterns of his pulse drum against your skin. Peter gulps deeply, your close presence making him extremely nervous. You would have thought that after a couple months of dating he would have been used to your touch, but it was somewhat comforting that he still felt sensitive to your presence.

“You good there, Parker?” You ask, craning your neck to look at his face.

He gives you a stiff nod before clearing his throat, his voice breaking slightly as he speaks. “Y-yeah, I’m…good, yeah I’m…”

His voice fades out, the words vanishing as they leave his mouth.

“…Good?” you complete his hanging sentence.

“Yeah, that.” He mutters barely above a whisper.

His eyes are still on your own, his gaze scrutinising every single feature of your face which is only centimetres away from your own. You feel your face heating up under his loving gaze. You swiftly plant a kiss onto his cheek before turning back to the algebra.

“Okay, now, explain once more, why is the alphabet invading the numeral universe? And why is x always missing? Does his mother not love him or something? Can’t he solve his own problems and leave me to solve my own?”

Peter doesn’t speak, his eyes still on you.

You wave a hand in front of his face. “Hello? Earth to Peter. Come in Peter.”

“Right, um, the Algebra system is based on the unknown, the letters being unknown numbers otherwise known as variables. Exponents and formulas are used and that could be led down the course of advanced trigonometry and geometry.” Peter stumbles out, his head snapping back to the paper in front of him.

You grin at him, his nervous ramblings making you smile. “Hmmhmm, ok, keep explaining it. I’m listening.”

You rest your head against his shoulder and close your eyes, soothed by the sound of his intelligent explanations and smooth voice. Peter continues to explain the problems to you and the steps to complete the work.

“Are you still listening to me, Alycia?” Peter asks, his eyes landing your closed ones.

“Of course.” You mumble against his shoulder.

“Your eyes are closed.” He states.

“I don’t listen with my eyes, Parker.”

“Come on, Alycia, I know you can do this.” Peter places a gentle kiss on your temple.

You take a deep breath and open your eyes. “My eyes are now open, talk nerdy to me, Peter.”

Peter begins to write out a simple equation. Your lips brush against the skin of his shoulder, you place a gentle kiss against his bare flesh. He shivers instantly at your touch. You place another equally gentle kiss on his neck, tracing up to his jawline.

“A-Alycia?” Peter stumbles out, clearly affected by your simple actions.

“Hmm?” You mumble against his skin.

“Dammit.” He curses and spins around, pulling you onto his lap.

You tilt your head at him, pleasantly surprised at his actions. He sits up a little straighter and captures your lips in his, his hands resting on your waist. A small smile reaches your lips, enjoying the bliss of his touch. Your hands slide up his chest and lock behind his neck, your fingertips gently tangling in his brunette tousles.

Peter shivers under your touch as you do under his. Alas, the moment of heat is soon stolen when you hear a knock at the door. The two of you spring a part which actually ends up in the two of you falling over each other resulting in a mess of tangled limbs. His body hovers over yours and you give him a desperate look.

“Peter? Alycia? Can I come in?” Aunt May calls from outside Peter’s room.

The door inches open and the two of you panic. Peter pushes himself off of you and you scramble into his chair, sliding on his old glasses. Meanwhile, Peter springs up and pounces onto his bed, shooting a web at one of the algebra books beside you and pulling it into his lap. You glance at him but gasp at the sight of his book, about to correct his error but you are interrupted by May’s presence at the door.

“Peter, your boo…Aunt May!” Your voice trails off and is replaced by her name, faux surprise laced in your words.

“Hello, sweet pea.” Aunt May shoots me a pleasant smile and leans against the door frame. “How’s studying going?”

“Smooth as my pickup lines.” You shoot her a wide grin.

“What are you learning?”

“Uhhh,” you mumble. “How the alphabet invaded the numeral system.”

“Ah, I see, interesting.” She muses.

“Oh, very!” You agree, sarcasm lacing your words.

You glance at Peter, your eyes widening as you try to direct his attention to the book in his hands. He somehow doesn’t get your subtle attempts at pointing out his error and shakes his head slightly, his eyebrows furrowing at your expressions.

“Peter, honey,” Aunt May comments, suppressing a smile. “Your book is upside down.”

You slap a hand to your forehead and shut your eyes, taking a deep controlled breath. Peter lets out a half-hearted nervous chuckle before turning the book the right way up.

“Well, I’ll leave you two to it.” Aunt May turns around and closes the door behind her.

“Bye, Aunt May!” You shout a farewell before turning to Peter, an unimpressed look on your face.

“What?” Peter shrugs lightly.

“You had one job, Parker and you blew it. I hate to do this to you but, you’re off the Mathletes.” You sigh heavily and point to the door. “The door is that way.”

“Who needs the Mathletes when I have the best girl right here?” Peter kneels in front of you, pushing a stray piece of hair behind your ear.

“Oh, wow, smooth, Peter.” You give him a small smirk.

“As peanut butter.”

Peter leans in once again but you hold up the Algebra book in front of your face, causing Peter’s lips to collide with the cover. He pushes down the book with a groan.

“The only loving around here is going to go down in these algebra equations.” You gently tap the book on Peter’s forehead.

Peter takes the book from you and flicks through the pages before throwing it over his shoulder.

x can find itself for once.” Peter states before placing his lips against yours once more.

anonymous asked:

Not Stucky, but can you explain how New York City works? Is Brooklyn etc a city itsself? Are midtown and Manhattan the same thing? I'm from a small town in California so big cities like NYC are confusing to me.

LOL!  Sorry, but boy, is that a question and a half! I do know how you feel though - sometimes the “obvious” stuff is the hardest to explain (I have flashbacks of trying to figure out how the british education system works…)

Um - okay.  New York City is a city of five boroughs - New York County/Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.  Even though they are all one city they appear differently in mailing addresses: Manhattan Island is New York, New York; Brooklyn is Brooklyn, New York, Queens is further subdivided by neighborhood (for example Jackson Heights, New York is a neighborhood in Queens); Bronx, New York; Staten Island, NY.  All the boroughs have smaller neighborhoods within them - Daredevil is in Hell’s Kitchen, which is in Manhattan, e.g. Manhattan has neighborhoods like Harlem and the Lower East Side and Chinatown; Brooklyn has neighborhoods like Park Slope and Red Hook and Gravesend and Coney Island and Bed Stuy, etc. 

The borough of Brooklyn is, by itself, something like the 4th largest city in America; Queens by itself is, I think, the most diverse city in the country; but both of them are part of New York City.

Manhattan is what people think of a lot when they think of “New York City” - its a long and skinny island with an uptown, midtown, downtown and a west and east side; these things are situated mainly in relation to Central Park, a big rectangle in the middle of Manhattan Island.  Manhattan, like much of the city, is on a grid; blocks. Stark Tower is in midtown; that is, south of Central Park, and a bit east; the fictional Stark Tower sits over the real Grand Central Station, in the place of what, to me, will always be the Pan Am building but is now something else, I forget what. 

Steve grew up in Brooklyn, which is connected to the lower tip of Manhattan by the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge; he grew up in downtown Brooklyn which was nice and then was a dump and is now nice to the point of overpriced/you can’t afford it. Some comics put Steve in Red Hook which–yes, has docks–but moreover, is a little bubble part of Brooklyn that’s far from public transportation, and so has always struggled financially, though even Red Hook, to my surprised, gentrified during the mid-oughts housing bubble; now there are foodie restaurants and an Ikea and a Fairway there. When I was a kid, Red Hook was where you went if you wanted to die. (Harlan Ellison’s gang novel, Web of the City, is set in Red Hook.) Hawkeye lives in the comics in BedStuy, which has not ben as fast to gentrify (but is still gentrifying.)

Does that help?

cartradio  asked:

Hey:) prompt: Regina and Emma have to kiss because they play spin the bottle/truth or dare with Ruby, Snow, Charming and other people in Storybrook. They surprisingly both really like it and kiss longer than they have to. (part1)

Snow gets really angry and is shocked because she doesn’t know what’s going on. Ruby and the others just sit there smirking because it was obvious that they liked each other for a long time now. During the rest of the game they get closer and closer until finally they fall asleep in each others arms because they’re both drunk. Thank you :) (part 2) 

Thanks for the prompt :)

Regina rolls her eyes as she watches the bottle spinning around on the floor, “So what is the point of this?” she asks as she takes another long sip of her drink. 

“It’s fun,” Ruby replies, “Just go with it. Spin the bottle and kiss who it lands on.” 

Regina wrinkles her nose as she looks around at the small group, her, Emma, Ruby, Belle, Snow, Charming, Leroy, Ariel and a handful of others. There’s only one person in that list who she wants to kiss and it sure as hell isn’t Leroy. 

Emma takes a sip of her beer feeling the buzz of the alcohol swim through her system. “Um Emma!” She looks up at the sound of someone calling out her name. “Oh, right, sorry,” she says as she reaches for the bottle to give it a spin praying and hoping that it lands on a certain someone. 

The bottle spins slowly around the group before landing on Regina. Emma blushes as Ruby calls out, “Kiss!” Emma looks over at Regina, “We don’t have to if you don’t want to.” 

Regina shrugs smiling and winking at her, “I’m game if you are.” 

Emma shivers feeling a rush of heat to her core as she leans scoots into the middle of the circle and waits for Regina to do the same. Together they lean closer to one another before slowly kissing each other. It’s supposed to be a quick peck and then go back to their place in the circle yet neither one of them breaks away. 

Regina smiles as she takes the time to explore Emma’s lips feeling how Emma is doing the same. A tongue swipes across her lower lip and she grants it access immediately loving the feeling of the kiss. She swears she can hear her heart thumping in her chest and there’s sparks running all over her body as she and Emma continue to make out over the bottle on the floor. 

Emma grins into the kiss as she slips a hair into Regina’s dark silky hair. She loves how long it is now. She loves the way Regina’s teeth occasionally graze her lower lip and the way she feels as they kiss as if this is what she’s been waiting to feel for her entire life. 

“What is going on?!” Snow shrieks as she watches her daughter and Regina make out. “This is more than a spin the bottle kiss!”

Ruby laughs as she calls out, “I knew it!” 

Granny rolls her eyes as she calls out, “If you need a room I offer decent rates.”

“What?” Snow asks stunned by everyone’s nonchalance towards what’s happening, “Charming?” 

He shrugs, “What? Oh please, you can’t tell me you haven’t seen the looks between them. I’m just surprised it’s taking them this long.”

Snow falls back beside him as she starts to process what’s happening and taking a long sip of her drink. She supposes it makes a lot of sense when she thinks about it, it’s just different to see them making out in front of her. 

Eventually, they break the kiss but only for a second before they join their lips together again. Emma giggles at her as she pulls away, “You didn’t spin the bottle.” 

Regina smiles back at her, her lips slightly kiss swollen and a joyful sparkle in her eyes as she replies, “Oh I must have forgot. Let me spin it now,” she says spinning the bottle so it lands on Emma. She grins before pulling the blonde back in for another kiss. 

“Can someone else have a turn?” Leroy asks with a clear of his throat. 

Both women blush before slowly scooting back into their spaces just opposite each other. 

As the night draws on the game is slowly forgotten as the levels of drunkenness rise. Regina smiles as she moves around to sit next to Emma. As the game has drawn on everyone’s been moving around and slowly the pair have been making their way closer to each other. 

Regina yawns as she sits beside Emma resting her head on Emma’s shoulder as she declares, “I don’t want to have to spin a bottle to kiss you.” 

Emma smiles, “Good, I was worried I’d have to carry an empty beer bottle around with me for the rest of my days.” 

“For the rest of your days.” 

“It’s how long I could kiss you for.” 

Regina smiles brightly as she leans up to kiss Emma sloppily. The buzz of the alcohol is wearing off now to the point where she just feels sleepy. Emma beams back at her kissing her quickly before a yawn escapes her lips. “I don’t wanna fall sleep,” Emma admits. 

“Why not?” Regina asks as she lifts Emma’s up so she can slip underneath it. She slides her own arm around Emma’s waist as Emma replies, “’Cause I don’t wanna wake up and not be able to kiss you again.” 

“You can kiss me in the morning,” Regina promises leaning up to kiss her once more as her eyelids begin to flutter closed. Emma nods slowly as she holds Regina in her arms and lets sleep overtake her. 



Alright now that I got that out of my system. Um. So basically my uniform is black on black on black. Black t-shirt with black leggings and my black Birkenstocks buuuuuuuttttttt I’m trying my best to change it up a little more and wear more of my clothes! Also WTF I CANNOT BELIEVE I wore a ~crop top~??? (Yeah that is a crop top that was still too long on me so I had to tie it up because I’m SO SHORT.) Lollll my stomach has never seen the light of day… it’s so pale but whatev. And I’m trying out the middle part thing. Always been a side-parter. 

Gosh, I’m in a good season of life!

Pillow Talk


Genre: Smut

Pairing: Reader/Yoongi

Length: 1554

Summary: Rocking it out to Pillow Talk (Zayn Malik)

Originally posted by hugtae

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There is literally no difference between the trans dude who goes “wow though I hate men, men are awful and misogynist and I have no guy friends, I only hang out with girls and I just realize how shitty men are” and the Sensitive Feminist Cis Bro who says the exact same thing.

Like we recognize the latter as posturing that doesn’t guarantee any real accountability or responsibility for that man’s contributions to and enforcement of misogynist systems so um why the fuck are people pretending that things are any different with the trans guy saying and doing the exact same thing.

Either you think trans men are men or… you don’t. There’s not really a middle ground here.

If your standards are different for trans men, I don’t trust you because you’re telling me that trans men aren’t real men to you. And that invariably tells me what your views of trans women’s genders are too. And what sort of violence you’ll be sending my way the first moment you can.

AHHH I’m a little late to gamtav day, and I was going to write something longer than this (by a lot actually), but this is all I could manage.  Maybe I’ll finish it up later?  In any case, this will probably work for now.  Enjoy!


The days get to be a little motherfuckin’ long when your dad up and leaves for weeks like he’s about doing sometimes.  Or all the time, maybe, but that’s how he kicks the shit.  You can’t blame him for doing what’s gotta be done.  He’s got a mad carnival to run all over the motherfuckin’ country, spreading the wicked gospel what’s your birthright as his pious protégé.  You just wish being his pious protégé meant a little more spending time with the motherfucker and maybe traveling around with him now and then.  Instead, you got to be spending days all by yourself in your empty fuckin’ manor, slumping around with your faygo and the glue you sort of accidentally figured out made all life’s miracles a little more miraculous with some special breathing on it.  You don’t even know how long it’s been since he left.  It’s beginning to feel like longer than normal, but you can’t be sure on how long normal is normally, so you don’t think about it.  You sit outside in the courtyard, waiting to hear the car pull through the gate and looking at all the beautiful motherfuckin’ flowers what grow all over the place.

You’re all spacing the motherfuckin’ out when some sort of noise you aren’t used to be hearing comes over the courtyard wall.  Noise like what people make.  Talking.  Some people whose voices you don’t think you know are talking on the other side of your wall, which is an occurrence you’re not sure ever occurred before in your memory.  Your manor’s not all that close to no city or town, and there ain’t nothing but the sound of the sea around to keep you company most the time.  You lean forward, but not too much, since you’re feeling a little light about the head.  A new noise hits your ears, and the people on the other side of the wall start to sound like they’re laughing a little bit.  And, as you watch, this cute as shit motherfucker all dressed up in this gorgeous shade of green miraculously appears over the top of the wall, looking all like he’s got some crazy apprehensions about climbing shit, even though that’s exactly what he’s doing.  And the voices on the other side of the wall say something up at him just as he gets all perched up there like a pretty little tropical bird.  The motherfucker’s even wearing a feather in his hat.  Where’d he get that bitchtits outfit at?  He’s not like any other motherfucker you’ve ever laid your hazy fuckin’ eyes on before.  He says something down at the other voices like about how your garden is full of weeds and it looks like nobody’s been around for a while, which ain’t true at all, seeing as how you’re standing right the motherfuck here.  And you say so.  “Hey, motherfucker, I’m right the fuck here,” you say.

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anonymous asked:

Lapelosa was labelling him with their 'harry is girl' and 'sasha' tags.... But anywayy

Um, a silly tagging system has you accusing someone of labelling Harry? No. I just finished going through some of the tags earlier, because I knew that she often talked abut gender.

I don’t care what the tags are. If you read any of the responses, you’d know that she doesn’t label Harry. She mentions over and over that she’s not assigning a gender to Harry. Yet anons keep throwing themselves at her.

I got many anons accusing me and it made me upset. I can’t even begin to wonder how she feels.

I don’t even know why you are all still trying. My response earlier was a clear one. I said that we are not putting a label on Harry. You need to read the responses. You need to pay closer attention to what we are saying.

Saying that we accept Harry and are glad he’s happy isn’t saying he’s a girl. Y’all need to relax, honestly.

Don’t come to me about other users. I won’t agree with what you have to say when you are trying to stir up shit. You think because Im sitting here like a bump on a log most of the time that I don’t see what’s going on.

I do. I see it all. I see idiots harassing other users, in particular Larry blogs, over the silliest things.

I see you guys accusing them of “making” Louis and Harry gay all the time. Heck I have to delete so many anons myself.

I can’t even count how many time’s I’ve gotten “I am a homosexual male and you are mocking my community” It’s annoying.

lapelosa is great, and I really don’t want to see anyone talking shit about her or anyone else.

If it wasn’t clear in my last response, I’m done talking about this.

Unless you have actual, serious questions about the topic of gender or whatever, I am not replying.

- xx