um so this was cute

If fantasy villains were real, they‘d have such an easy job taking over the world

“Aww, look at that gorgeous devil Diabolous Rapeslaughter, Harbinger of the End Times.  It’s so sad that their parents used to beat them.  Clearly, that precious little angel just needs someone to love them! And look at that butt!  It’s so cute!”

“Um… They just committed genocide and are now forcing the corpses of the recently-deceased to march across the world eating people in a horrifying zombie apocalypse.  Also, they’re snacking on my baby.  While the baby is still alive.  Their past issues do not excuse their present crimes.

“But their butt is really cute!

anonymous asked:

Imagine the little Genoslings dressed in little rainboots and colored rain gear like Kanna from Kobayashi's Dragon Maid with their own animal themed umbrellas with them shouting "Rain" in sing song voices while Saitama and Genos look on with their groceries waiting for the kids to get done having fun with their new rain gear before heading home for dinner.

Rain or shine, please let these bots be happy………….<3 / / /