um should i tag them all

hey um so it’s OKAY to mention in your posts criticizing anti-vaxxers that autism isn’t a bad thing

your argument shouldn’t just be that vaccines don’t cause autism, you should also be talking about how autism is not a bad thing at all and autistic people aren’t ill and don’t have something wrong with them

in fact, if this isn’t a core part of your argument against the anti-vaccine movement then i don’t want to hear it

You pieces of shit are insufferable.

tumblr:“hey khonjin don’t reblog this person because (accusation)”

me: *reblogs picture with accusation and one i very fucking clearly made up*

joke over

but nope of course this spirals into some Really Cool and Interesting discourse. That may be what offends me the most. The term discourse being used. It implies some sort of intelligent discussion. For those of you fooled by the terminology, that is not what’s going on. Some randos decided I would go against someone I don’t know the first thing about because of some squabble they all had a long time ago that I don’t know anything about, and absolutely refuse to read a fucking 103 page document about it. And when I explain my intentions, there is this same self defeating apologetic but somehow slightly self centered attitude everyfuckingwhere. just imagine the phrase “I’m sorry it was me” except extended to 10 minutes somehow. If you’re sorry you will shut the hell up and talk about this bullshit where I cannot see it. It should not be possible for anyone to search the khonjin tag and see anything related to this, but of course. 

You idiots would do great to learn how to meet someone in person, point a finger in their face and tell them they are wrong, and then fucking brawl it out, because you cant seem to directly confront anything in an ONLINE FUCKING SETTING OF ALL THINGS. This is mind boggling.

I know Tumblr Simply Isn’t The Same Without Drama but there are other things life has to offer you so please um uh die

azriel’s shadows

“It was almost enough to distract me from noticing Azriel as those shadows lightened, and his gaze slid over Mor’s body: a red, flowing gown of chiffon accented with gold cuffs, and combs fashioned like gilded leaves swept back the waves of her unbound hair.
A wisp of shadow curled around Azriel’s ear, and his eyes snapped to mine. I schooled my face into bland innocence.”

Thinking about Az because of having Thoughts with @squaddreamcourt and found this… I love Azriel’s shadows. I’m so fascinated by them. And I love moriel. And Mor. And I want to know better how they work. The shadows, that is. I know there have been some posts on this, but I’m just… going off on my own thing here. Because I searched my book for “shadows” after I decided to talk about this quote, and they are everywhere.

It was Rhys who suggested that the shadows came to Az when he was locked away:

“There was an icy rage in Azriel I had never been able to thaw. In the centuries I’d known him, he’d said little about his life, those years in his father’s keep, locked in darkness. Perhaps the shadowsinger gift had come to him then, perhaps he’d taught himself the language of shadow and wind and stone.”

It is interesting to me that Rhys wouldn’t understand where they came from (at least with 100% certainty). Is this a thing that just… happens to people? When they go through trauma? 

And also this:

“Yes—Azriel, who kept a step away, whose shadows trailed him and seemed to fade in her presence.

If his shadows came to him when he was in such a dark place… and they fade away around Mor… tbh I’m dead? Like maybe they will… disappear when he is finally FREAKING HAPPY WITH HER? Or… maybe it has something to do with her power?

(And them disappearing is not necessarily a bad thing - I also have a lot of Problems with the work he does for Rhys - honestly he’s the last person who should be torturing people, and I really think that Rhys is taking advantage of him in the sense that Az would never tell him he is uncomfortable or doesn’t want to do that work. Clearly, he throws himself into it. But he shouldn’t? And who is going to stop him? Mor tries, we’ve seen, to at least get him to take a break.)

Anyway, I’m just having some Half-Developed Thoughts while I grade, so… do with all of that what you will. Don’t take them too seriously.

Tumblr Discourse About The Word Queer Checklist:

  • the word queer is a slur and should never be used by anyone
  • the word queer is not a slur and everyone should be fine with it
  • queer was never used by our elders and is super insulting to them
  • every single one of our elders personally tattooed the word queer on their ass so you BETTER use it
  • *reblogs from someone who identifies as queer and tags their identification “q-slur” rather than just leaving the post alone* look i’m just PROTECTING people from your horrible identity i’m not saying you can’t HAVE it- what do u mean you can literally just get people to blacklist the word “queer” instead???
  • *cis person points at genderqueer person* um, oppressive,
  • all trans people use “queer” it’s a trans thing and Very Important, i know as a Good Cis
  • trans people all hate queer, they would NEVER use it

me, your resident Transsexual Ass Queer, is currently drinking wine and slowly melting into my bed, ftr

I just need to vent ok

Ok first of all goddamn what is it with people hating hetero ships.
Like, it’s so common, could you maybe chill.
I was looking under some tags for some hetero ships and all I got was hate on heterosexual ships.
People kept saying that “Het ships are boring and gay ships are so much more interesting, we all should just ships gay things booooo”
Um??? What the actual fuck???
I have one question:
How the fuck will homosexuals gain equality if you keep idolizing them and making them seem so much better than heterosexuals? That’s just plain stupid.
I saw one post where someone said something along these lines:
“What is it w hetero ships about "being each other’s weakness” that’s romantic or smth? Like, I cringe every time I see it.“
Dude, are you serious?
Here watch this. I’m gonna make two scenarios for you:

Scenario 1-
Man: You’re my weakness.
Woman: You’re MY weakness.
Man: I love you.
Woman: I love you, too.

Scenario 2-
Man 1: You’re my weakness.
Man 2: You’re MY weakness.
Man 1: I love you.
Man 2: I love you, too.

Sure, one of them is a hetero scenario, but that’s it! They’re the same! You look at the first one and cringe, but then you look at the second one and practically worship it.
What’s so bad about Hetero ships?!
Don’t hate on people who ship heterosexual things! Don’t force gay ships on people! They have choices!! Leave them be!!

“The King of all monsters. 

He’s…um… I don’t really know? 

He’s never left the castle for ages since something happened.”

It’s like he never leaves because he’s waiting for someone to come back…and doesn’t want to miss them.

Alphabet challenge

I was tagged by @amycampbell00 (thanks ^-^) and i thought i’d do this too :) so yeah okay here we go

CHALLENGE: say something that begins with each letter of the alphabet, then you explain what the word means to you (why you chose it or why it’s special to you) Tag 26 people at the end to do it as well!

A FOR ANTISEPTICEYE - off to a great start here. Anti has really made a part of the community, he was the thing that really, I mean Really pulled me in. There’s something i can’t explain about the way i feel about the glitch bitch, it’s inspiring, in way.

B FOR BOXING - that’s my hobby and i love it. I started last fall, so i don’t compete or beat people up just yet tho, so don’t worry :’D

C FOR CURIOUS - i like to think i am curious, at least curious as in strange :D

D FOR DARKIPLIER - Dark has made me appreciate Mark and his ambitiousness and just the way he does things, with his entire being. Also he’s the evil alter ego of Mark, and i love evik characters in general (also my darkiplier charity shirt arrived today and i’m so happy)

E FOR ENDIGO - He is a swedish youtuber and he is also the first youtuber i started watching and in a way he lead me to Mark and Jack, and all the other cool people i now know thanks to youtube

FINLAND - where i’m from, yay (so excuse possible bad grammar and what not)

G FOR GUITAR - i’d love to be good at playing the guitar, and i’ve tried practising, but i’m helplessly too lazy to do it when i can’t see the results…

H FOR HARRY POTTER - probably the first fandom i ended up in. Soon i’ll be visiting the studios in London, so the hype is building up ^-^

I FOR IDIOT - because that’s what i am, sometimes.

J FOR JACKSEPTICEYE - i wish to reach his level of being a good person one day. Sean is also a big inspiration to me and he gives me energy to get through each day

K FOR KID - because i am VERY childish at times :D i also really truly do not feel adult yet, even though that’s what i’m supposed to be…

L FOR LORDI - my absolute all time favourite band. It’s been 11 years since i found them (i was 8 at the time) and they’ve been sorta there for me all that time.

M FOR MARKIPLIER - i bet nobody saw this coming :p anyway, Mark makes me laugh. One day i hope that i find something that drives me forward, the way that Mark is driven by doing youtube.

N FOR NOTHING - because nothing can stop me, or you, from doing what you want

O FOR OPEN MIND - i have a tendency to judge people too fast. I’m trying to get rid of that habit and be more open minded about things

P FOR PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN - there was a time in my life when i had nothing to look up to. Then i saw pirates of the caribbean the curse of the black pearl and i was amazed. Johnny Depp has since that been my fave actor.

Q FOR QUIRKY - i spend 45 minutes trying to find a word that stsrts with a q :’D but quirky mean weird but cool, right? So i’d like to be that. Now i’m just weird. Not cool at all.

R FOR RECKLESS - this is just a beautiful word to look at or hear. My favourite word

S FOR SHY - i am probably the most shy and awkward person you’ll ever meet. I struggle even talking to friends (which i have like 2 and a half), having a presentation at school is literal death

T FOR TRAVEL - i wanna see the world and i want to travel more and more

U FOR UNIVERSITY - i study at a university and i absolutely hate it. So. Much. You. Have. No. Idea. I’ve contemplated dropping out. Or at least changing to some other school. I dont have anyone to talk to there. And i feel bad for not liking it because i know there are so many people who want to go to uni but cant and i’m just here complaining about it

V FOR VACCINATION - eh yeah. I am scared of hospitals and anything related to that. I don’t want to go anywhere near anything medical if i don’t have to. Oddly enough i’m not afraid of blood.

W FOR WHO - to be more specific Doctor Who. My fave tv show. I love space and scifi

X FOR X - i know that’s not actually a word. BUT hear me out. There is an amusement park ride, literally called X. I got a job at an amusement park for the summer. So that’s what up.

Y FOR YOUTUBE - i watch way too much youtube. All the time. Especially when i should be studying. It helps me not to lose my mind i guess. Like distraction.

Z FOR ZEBRA - i have a pair of socks with … um.. zebra pattern on them. Like they are black and white striped socks. My fave socks.. okay

There we go :D that was fun ^-^ ummm i don’t think i’m tagging anyone tho because shy and i dont really know anyone so okay i’ll add some tags so if you see this, feel free to do this yourself :)

wandermarbles  asked:

Between Fake College and Amish Satan (your true story tag) I'm convinced that you are my other half or something. My whole life is some weird shit that I need to write out if I can organize my thoughts at all. I love reading your stories! Holy shit lol

Um excuse me but if my other half is out there than I need to read their stories like that’s only fair???


Hi! You um, may know me for my yt, or tumblr or even Deviant art! (Even though I haven’t been there in like a year ffs) but i was wondering if i should start writing uh fanfics? Im really insecure about my ships and stuff so I’ll just tag them but like. I love writing so much!! Like its hecking great! An alternative universe all onto a few chapters of writing! All your thoughts splattered onto a page! I just love it so much. Anywho i was wondering if i should do it? (The first ship i tag would probably be the main one please don’t judge me im a smol scared insecure buddo. Yeah my fandoms are strange compared to others (not saying anyone in the fandom im in is strange lmao) but like idk i just wanna check with you guys if you’d be alright with it and not feel uncomfortable or anything? Like im sketched out rn idk what to do! I feel scared? Nah scared is over reacting, but like?? Nervous?? Yeah. So uh yeah just wondering!

11 Questions x 3

11.What’s your favorite t-shirt look like? Describe it to me

I should probably get off my ass and answer these 3 questions people have been tagging me in  LOL.

Gonna answer them all in a big mega post so strap on in lovelies!

@jugandbettsdetectiveagency ‘s questions :

1. Describe your aesthetic? Boy this is hard… um i guess my personal aesthetic is probably best described as fangirling on the internet over fictional characters while mothering/wifing to the best of my ability lol.

2. Favourite place you’ve ever visited? DisneyWorld I guess? It’s the happiest place in the world for a reason haha.

3. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? This is cruel lol…Probably cheesy garlic bread. DROOL.

4. Biggest regret? Not waiting a few more years to have kids. I love them but I would have liked to have had a couple years of just me and the husband under my belt first lol.

5. You’ve been put in the middle of a fantasy battle, what is your weapon of choice? A sweet swinging mace thingie like Gogo had in Kill Bill.

6. Favourite outfit? I dont know that i have one but I do love a skinny jean, button down top and an oxford flat. Im really into menswear inspired looks lately.

7. Have you ever been in love? Yes. Currently :)

8. Favourite thing, fan fiction or not, you’ve ever read? This is impossible lol. I feel like every new book I read is my favorite one lol. I will say I never truly dissected and loved on a book series like I did The Hunger Games series. I will always love The Girl On Fire and The Boy With The Bread. So i guess that’s my answer.

9. Main thing you look for in a person? Open mindness and loyalty, not taking themselves too seriously.

10. What is your earliest memory? My father taking a picture of me in our yard. Im wearing my favorite Minnie Mouse dress and those cute frilly socks and black patent leather mary janes and I’m pointing my toe all cute with my hand on my hip lol.

11. You’re stranded on a desert island, what one item (that isn’t a boat) would you want with you? A sketchbook and pen. At least i could work on my drawing to keep from going bananas lol.

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titanicwisher1912  asked:

Hello dear, I just want to say I love your tattoos! I just finished reading most of the Lunar Chronicles and am waiting to get the rest, so I started the Game of Thrones series. Any other book series I should look into when I (finally) finish my TBR pile? Thanks! :)

Oh my gosh, thank you!! I love the Lunar Chronicles (but haven’t finished all of them yet. Which one is your favorite??) 

God speed reading GoT. Seriously, good luck with those tomes. 

Um let’s see, have you checked out The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken? I always recommend Fruits Basket if you’re into manga/comics. I’m not a big series reader, but you should definitely check out my recommendations tag if you want to see other books I love :)

Okay I already wrote 11 questions and now I’ve been tagged in 2 more and should go to sleep but am going to answer them instead.

tagged by @and-back-to-normal-life

1. Describe your “aesthetic”.
Ideally, punk-rock 50s housewife. @catefrankie says Im well on my way. :3

2. If you were to decorate a bedroom with Christmas lights, what kind would you use?
Um, warm whites. Probably the long strings of warm white incandescent bulbs, with a few warm white LED stars thrown in (I love the stars so much). And if I could find a true purple, I’d use those, but I have no idea where to find True Purple lights… they’re all always just so pink. (maybe a Halloween sale…)

3. What is your favorite medium of art?
Pen and ink is fastest for me (or graphite, I’ve got a good grasp on that), but I really do love working with fabrics. I just don’t really see them as art, I guess. Not in the same way. They’re never Art Pieces… just fun things.

4. What is something odd that you always seem to notice in people or yourself?
Handedness! Always notice fellow lefties. Also whether or not people have rings or religious medals.

5. Tell me 5 things about you that make you YOU.
1. Exceedingly enthusiastic and passionate. About EVERYTHING.
2. Opinionated. So much. Again, about everything.
3. Huge fuckin nerd. In the past three days, I have recommended Miraculous Ladybug to a coworker, recommended Sesame Street to a francophone lady learning English, and told another coworker about Claire Temple the Night Nurse and the context in which Claire Temple exists (a gloss, but still). Also, on my desk are many pieces of paper containing made-up language and alphabet things for my oldest friend’s book. Which I developed. For funzies.
4. Slightly obsessed with communication. I think that’s why I want to learn so many languages.
5. *~* a e s t h e t i c *~*

6. Your preferred color palette?
Cool colours, with pops of red/pink. Also silver.

7. Who was the main person who taught you how to drive? Did they do a good job?
My mom did lots of the groundwork, and @coruscanttojerusalem has taken on the lion’s share of actual driving time lately. Mom did pretty okay; he’s also doing pretty okay. He is much more patient.

8. How many different places have you lived? Which place do you identify with the most? What is a place you aspire to live in one day and why?
I have lived in 4 places, now: North Carolina, 2 cities in upstate NY, and DC. I identify the most with the place where my parents live because that’s where I go when I say “I’m going home for [event].” I aspire to live on a cliff overlooking one of the Great Lakes… some day. SOME DAY.

9. What is something from your childhood imagination that you still get occasional deja vu about?
Um… deja vu might not be the word, but I still believe in magic. It’s just way lower-key than my childhood obsession with fairies. (the Artemis Fowl series absolutely fueled that obsession.)

10. Tell me about a conversation you’ve had with God recently. How was it? How do you feel about it?
Cella dear I have told you all the good ones lately, and they’re not worth publishing publicly. <3

11. What is your favorite kind of music to dance to, or jam out to?
Anything I know how to dance to, which is almost any kind of music in a few set tempo ranges! Lately work has been playing lots of old jazz and swing numbers, and I get excited and miss dancing when I hear them.


and now the set from @theoneman-army

1. Are you tired right now? Why or why not?
Yes. It’s 2am.

2. Is there someone who you can be a total fool around and you don’t have to worry about it?
Oh absolutely.

3. What is something bothering you right now? How are you working to solve the problem?
I am house-hunting AND job-hunting at the same time and it’s awful. I’m… doing whatever I can? Looking up houses? reaching out to people? following up on leads? etc etc?

4. Do you like cooking? What is your favorite thing to cook? Do people think you are a good cook?
Yeah, when I have the time! I make a lot of fried rice or quasi-Asian meals because they’re pretty easy and involve lots of eggs, but I think I most like making dinners for guests. Doesn’t really matter what. Most people do think I am a good cook, I guess?

5. Are you allergic to anything?
Um, I think mineral oil.

6. Who is someone you can go to to talk about anything going on in your life? How has this person changed you?
Well, @coruscanttojerusalem and I have had a really close spiritual friendship for the past couple years, and the changes we’ve made on each other are kinda… drastic? I guess? in a positive way. He kinda kicked me in the butt and made me actually develop a spiritual life. I remind him of this, and of all the things I’ve learned along the way, constantly.

7. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Which do you want to be? When are you the most productive?
Night owl; I’m perfectly happy with it, honestly. I’m most productive between 9 or 10pm and 3am.

8. Do you like road trips? when was the last time you went on vacation? Where was it to?
Oh yeah, but only with the right people! I guess Texas was my last vacation, in January… I’m not sure I’ve had a real “vacation” in … years, by now…

9. What are some of your favorite tv shows? Any reasons why they are your favorites?
Definitely Avatar: the Last Airbender. It’s clever and heartwarming and has wonderful characters. Also Brooklyn 99, despite recently punching my heart in the face, because it also has amazing characters. Pushing Daisies is excellent… I dunno. Yeah.

10. Write something nice to an 8-year old you.
Dear little E,
Keep writing! Keep drawing! Keep being you! You’re awesome! You should believe that forever!
Big E
11. When was the last time you did something nice for someone, even if it was a small gesture? What was the reaction? Why do you think this reaction happened? 
So you see, I work in retail. I often have opportunities to do something nice for people. Today I brought a regular her coffee even though she was planning on getting up and getting it herself. She looked very pleasantly surprised and told me she could come get it and I said it was no issue, did she see how dead it was? Which was true. It was pretty dead today. It’s not normal Starbucks service (bringing coffee to people) but it’s less uncommon than you think around my particular store (which specialises in hospitality as well as fancy-ass coffee). I do stuff like this a LOT because I realise I have one chance to make someone’s day better. I often give out compliments on outfits! That’s my favourite and easiest trick. Tell a girl her [outfit/aesthetic/ensemble/piece] looks nice, and she just lights right up.

I am so not doing eleven more questions I’m showering and going to sleep good night fellas


Prompt: “When your big brother, Jin, has afternoon practice, you try to get your way and meet the members of BTS.”

A/N: I just got this idea in a shower lol

“But Jin-oppaaa,” you whined after swallowing the perfectly-done pancakes. The pancakes were made by your big brother, Jin, of course, and they were fluffy and had cookies bakes into it. Just like how you preferred it. “You’ve been with them for four years now, and not even once have I met them.”

“No, (Y/N)-ah. I know how much you’ve been thirsting over them, so get over it,” Jin replied, not meeting your eyes. You pouted and cut off a part of your pancake, chewing it slowly. “By the way, I have afternoon practice today. What do you want to do for the morning?”

“I wanna meet BTS,” you said with determination. Jin rolled his eyes at your request and your demanding tone. He didn’t get it; you were a sweetheart around other people, but when it was with him, you always wanted to have your way. And you did get it, anyway, after some hardcore persuasion. “Please, Jin-oppa. I’ve been literally dying to meet them, and finally get to touch their—“

“Okay, okay, fine,” he said, groaning while you grinned and exclaimed a shout of victory. “Just don’t touch their…whatever you wanted to touch,” he eyed you warily. “I don’t need the boys freaking out over you. And…stay away from Jungkook. You two are at the same age, and I forbid you to date any of the guys. Also, keep quiet. Actually, just don’t talk to—(Y/N), stop those puppy eyes…your aegyo isn’t going to work.”

You sighed, and even stared at him with more intensity. “Oppa, you’re being too strict. Why are you being so mean to me, but so nice to other people?” some crocodile tears welled up in your eyes, and Jin’s eyes widened. He stood up and walked over to you, proceeding to hug you and stroke your head. You internally laughed. Jin always fell for your tears, whether they were real or not, and to be honest, even if you were a mischievous little brat, your heart was warmed. Your overprotective brother loves you, and you two knew it. You love him, too.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N)-ah. Shh, don’t cry…” he murmured, resting his chin on your head. “Okay, it’s fine. You can talk to them, alright? Just please, stop crying…get ready by 2 pm, yes? And then we’ll go to the studio, and you can meet them. I’m sorry, (Y/N)-ah, for making you cry…”

You hiccupped, feeling real tears come your way because his sincerity was way too much for your heart to take. Sometimes, you wonder if this is all an act, but it’s impossible. You knew Jin’s actions when they were like this were genuine, since you’ve been together for so long already. You snuggled closer to him, feeling his warmth envelope you. Many siblings fight, and you two weren’t an exception, but whenever these kinds of times happened, you were more than happy to let them unfold.

“Yes, oppa.”


“(Y/N)-ah, we’re here,” Jin said, catching your attention and making you turn away from the other buildings. The BigHit Entertainment building was big, but you weren’t focused on that. You were focused on today’s events, when you can finally meet BTS and talk to them. Your bias was Taehyung, much to Jin’s dismay, and you were going to talk to him first. “Remember, be nice to everyone.”

“Yes, Jin-oppa,” you replied, walking closely behind him. A lot of people greeted him, and of course, he greeted them back. A lot of people also looked at you with curious eyes, making you come even closer to your brother. “Psst, why do a lot of people stare here? Like, it’s creeping me out.”

“(Y/N)-ah,” he warned. “Don’t be like that. Anyway, we’re kinda close, and—look, we’re here,” he announced as he opened a door, leading the two of you into a studio with glass mirrors on the side. Your eyes widened, glinting with excitement as you scanned over the room. Yoongi was taking a light nap on a chair; Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook were laughing about something; and Namjoon and Hoseok were discussing something that seemed important. Everyone except Yoongi stopped what they were doing and turned to the two of you, looking confused. “Everyone, you should meet my younger sister. She’s the one I’ve been talking about.”

You bowed and greeted them, which they all returned happily. “O-okay, um, I was just tagging along to the practice. It’s been very nice to meet you all, uh…Jin-oppa also talks about you a lot back home, so I kinda know who you all are, anyway…”

“More like you fangirl over them,” Jin snorted at you quietly, making you shoot him a dirty look. “Okay, guys, when are we going to start?”


“I think this calls for a break…” Namjoon said, and everyone got to the place where their water bottles were. Jimin’s bag, however was next to you, so he was supposed to go near you. You felt your cheeks get warmer when he approached, internally fangirling about this guy who was not-so-clueless about your attraction for him.

“Hi, (Y/N)-ah,” he said, surprising you. You squeaked out a greeting of your own, making him chuckle. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite…much,” he threw a wink at you, and you glanced at your brother, who was staring at the two of you with frown. Suddenly, you got this horrible idea because siblings always get horrible ideas to do to their other sibling. Sighing, you looked up to Jimin dreamily.

“Jimin-oppa…” you started, smiling at him. Now, it was Jimin’s turn to feel flustered, because you were actually pretty and he could see that. “Do you want food? I have food.”

“Actually, sure,” he smiled back at you, and as you were rummaging through your bag, you could feel Jin’s eyes on you, making you smirk. You got the food, some gimbap you made with your brother, and handed it to him. “Thank you, (Y/N)-ssi. Do you want to eat this with me?”

“Actually…” you started on a low voice. “I’m kind of in the mood for trouble right now,” Jimin’s face grew bright red when he heard those words, and you laughed at his reaction. “No, not that. I want to anger Jin-oppa because he’s so overprotective. Look at him. He’s fuming right now because I’m talking to you.”

“And what are you planning to do?” Jimin asked, looking at Jin for a second before turning to you again. “Gah, we can’t kiss. Hyung’ll have my head.”

“Can I feed you some gimbap?” you asked innocently. Jimin got a hang of what you were going to do, and he smirked, sitting down on the bench and handed the chopsticks and Tupperware to you. “Okay, okay, I’m probably going to die from this, but—say ‘ahh’.”

You picked up a gimbap with the pair of chopsticks and fed Jimin with it, only to have Jin screaming around. “(Y/N)-ah!” he started angrily, stomping towards you two. “What are you doing?! Don’t do that!”

You ended up laughing, closing the Tupperware quickly and gave the chopsticks to Jimin. “Run,” you whispered to him before laughing again and running away from your furious older brother, Jimin following close behind you.

vimesbootstheory  asked:

what would you say to someone looking to be convinced into watching farscape? I think I've tried the first episode twice and I can't remember whether I even finished it, I couldn't get past the muppets, couldn't relate to that level of weird. plus romances, for me, are a perk rather than a clincher, and it seems like people mainly just talk about how great and realistic john/aeryn is. which is great, don't get me wrong, it's just not enough to get me over the muppet factor.

Well, for me, the Muppets are a bonus, not something to get over. ;-) And some of the prosthetics and creatures designed by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop are nothing short of breathtaking.

(That crustacean-looking thing is Pilot. He will make you cry, and you will wonder what has become of your life that you are capable of shedding actual tears over a giant crustacean Muppet.)

Farscape definitely has some cheesiness, especially in the first season, that a lot of 90s sci-fi shows had. And the first half of S1 is rather uneven. I think most people agree that the series really picks up at “A Human Reaction” in mid-S1 and gets better and better from there.

John Crichton is one of my all-time favorite characters because from the very first episode, he’s clearly totally in over his head, which is so realistic. I mean, if you got sucked through a wormhole to the other side of the universe and thrown onto a ship full of alien outlaws, wouldn’t you be floundering?

Even though on earth Crichton is an astronaut and a genius scientist, once he’s stuck on this spaceship–a living spaceship–all his expertise and knowledge are pretty useless. He’s constantly fucking up and doing and saying the wrong things. This is the HERO and everyone else is basically patting him on the head and rolling their eyes at him from the very first episode because he keeps thinking he knows what’s going on but he clearly does not. He gets better, and he learns, slowly and with lots of screwups along the way, but he’s like a living inverted trope and it’s amazing. Also, he’s a walking pop culture reference, and none of the aliens he lives with have a clue what he’s talking about half the time, and he doesn’t really care. Oh, and he apparently slowly loses his mind over the course of a season, and then spends most of the rest of the show pretty clearly suffering from PTSD but kicking ass anyway. Or at least holding Aeryn Sun’s flower for her while she kicks ass (◡‿◡✿)

John and Aeryn’s relationship is definitely wonderful, and Ben Browder and Claudia Black’s chemistry is delightful. (My tag for them is everyone’s OTP.) But there are so many fantastic relationships among the characters on the show: friendship and romance and love, enemies and reluctant allies, parent and child, family and found family. Plus politics and religion and sex and philosophy.

My favorite meta about the relationships on Farscape is from she-was-a-rose‘s tags on this gifset of John Crichton and Chiana, a young pansexual Nebari woman who is part of Moya’s crew:

#and you think this is the ship #because this kind of strong love between male and female characters #seems as if it should always be romantic #ohh honey let me EXPLAIN YOU A THING #FARSCAPE #TAKES ALL YOUR ROMANTIC NOTIONS #CRUSHES THEM #TURNS THEM INTO STARDUST #MIXES THAT DUST WITH LSD AND THE OUTER SPACE EQUIVALENT OF SPECIAL BROWNIES #AND FLINGS IT INTO NEW INSANE CONSTELLATIONS OF LOVE AND TRUST AND FRIENDSHIP #AND ALSO SEX #um #did i mention the sex? #whenever it happens i’m just like #SEX! *flings arms up in exasperation and drama* in SPACE!!!!! #farscape #like disney on acid #welcome to our universe #strap in #it’s gonna be a riiide (<3)

All the characters on Farscape are crazy complex, and enemies keep turning into allies, even the ones you think could NEVER be allies.

John and Aeryn’s relationship develops so realistically and believably–you know, for a relationship between a human and a Sebacean living on a Leviathan spaceship running from the law on the other side of the universe–and when they have problems there are real reasons for them, it’s not manufactured angst. And yes, it’s a romance, but it’s also a friendship, and a partnership, and learning to be more than you thought you could be. “You could be more” is a line John says to Aeryn in the first episode, and it’s a theme that echoes throughout the entire series, for Aeryn and John and everyone, really: breaking free from expectations and proscribed roles and finding out what you’re really made of, what you’re truly capable of.

SO MANY complex, layered female characters, good guys and bad guys alike.

INCLUDING THE LIVING SPACESHIP, whose name is Moya. You will love her, and she will break your heart.

(This photo isn’t even the half of it. There are at least three major female characters not in this photo, and another dozen secondary recurring characters, along with another couple dozen amazing one-shot characters. Farscape has SO MANY LADIES.)

Aliens who are ALIEN, who have non-human, non-Earthcentric values and motivations, who are mostly dismissive of a human from a planet called “Erp.”

There are definitely some moments when you have to be willing to overlook the cheesiness and the Muppets (we won’t talk about “Jeremiah Crichton” except to say, watch the DVD commentary if you can because the cast and crew know that episode was kind of awful and they spend the commentary hilariously breaking down all the reasons why it didn’t work), but if you can manage that, you’re rewarded with a smart, thoughtful, heart-breaking, trope-bending, goofy show full of amazing characters, in SPACE. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I hope this helps, Erin! Feel free to browse my watch Farscape tag for more reasons to watch this magnificent show.

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Pre-Flommy UST! Bonus head-in-ass-jealous!Oliver

I’m not gonna lie but this one gave me more trouble than it probably should have. I finally came up with something and I think you’ll be satisfied with it. High school au (obviously lol). Enjoy!! :)

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word of mouth

“Is that all your mouth is good for, Merlyn?”

At Felicity’s words Tommy quickly stops complaining. The two of them, along with Oliver had been working on a group project at Tommy’s house for the last hour and a half. They were nowhere near close to being done and Tommy was becoming restless.

Felicity was still glaring at him from her seat next to him at the table so Tommy turned in his chair, leaning in until his breath was hot against her ear.

“You’d be surprised to know exactly what my mouth can do, Smoak.” The implication of what he was referring to made perfectly clear by the low, sensual tone of his voice.

Tommy pulls away slowly, gauging Felicity’s reaction. He laughs lightly when he notices her flushed cheeks and sharp intake of breath. Satisfied, he turns back around to face the table. He’s looking down at his phone when he hears Felicity speak up seconds later.

“From what I’ve heard it’s not that impressive,” she says casually with a shrug of her shoulders.

Tommy whips his head in her direction, lips parted slightly in shock, but he recovers quickly.

“Well you can’t go around believing everything you hear.” He leans forward again until his face is inches away from hers. To Tommy’s surprise she holds her ground and his gaze falls to her bright pink lips. Felicity must notice because next thing he knows her tongue is peeking out, swiping across her bottom lip torturously slow and he can feel the way his body starts to react; his jeans suddenly becoming a little too tight. He lifts his eyes back to hers, holding her gaze.

“You should form your own opinion.” Tommy leans in closer, eyes never leaving Felicity’s. “Feel for yourself.” His lips are centimeters from hers, their breaths mingling. “I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter but I can guarantee that once I’m done even you won’t be able to speak clearly. My name will be the only word you remember how to say.”

Felicity’s breath hitches before she’s licking at her lips again and Tommy’s eyes track the movement. All he has to do is purse his lips to feel the wet slide of her tongue on his own lips. He’s already straining against the zipper of his jeans and he scoots to the edge of his chair until one of his legs is between both of hers. Felicity’s eyes start to droop closed and he’s just about to erase the remaining distance between them when the sound of a fist pounding the table startles them both, effectively making them jump apart.

With wide eyes Tommy turns to find Oliver watching them, hands balled into fists and he looks…angry? To be honest Tommy had completely forgotten he was even there.

“Can you guys stop wasting time so we can finish this stupid thing already?” he tells them.

Felicity and Tommy look at each other, confused by Oliver’s reaction but they both nod their heads anyways before silently turning back to the assignment.

“move with me”

aka narry being narry

ok great you clicked read more so 2013 was a great year for narry and these asses stayed copying/mimicking each other and it killed us all but thank the lord for such a bountiful year full of narry amen



they’re so dumb omg they literally do whatever the other one does i love it

im sure that’s not the only time their mouth’s been full of white stuff

look they even fall together how cute


yeah this was a REALLY good interview 

thank god for the this is us narry interviews

“how many girls have you fucked”

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remember when niall was the charmer and harry was his obedient snake (does this tell you something about their sex lives)

don’t forget where you belong

in conclusion

bring it on down to narryville