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man a few years ago for new years eve i was completely alone in london. no friends, no acquaintances, no one to spend hours upon hours with me in the freezing rain as we waited for fireworks over the thames. but i was in london!!!! for new years eve!!!!! so i was determined to go out and have a great night. and after miles of walking around peering forlornly into bar windows, i eventually found a bar in camden that seemed fun. and as the night progressed, i ended up approaching a super cool group of girls who had this tangible energy around them, and was all, “hey, i’m alone, i don’t know anyone, can i join you all?” and they ended up making my night incredible!!! and at one point, one of the girls – like, drop dead gorgeous – turns to me, and she’s like, “are you straight?” and i hadn’t been Out yet to really anyone and i got a little nervous and so after a pause i said that i was. but the girl just laughed and grinned at me and was like, “you paused, that means no~~” and then she kissed me at midnight as the whole bar was celebrating and i think i died and went to heaven

@linneart‘s amazing art that I commissioned for my fic, Castle on a Cloud.

Dean pulled Cas closer into his arms, wiping the trail of blood away from his lips with tender, shaking fingers… he shook his head, shook his head, shook his head…

He had nothing to scream with anymore. Suddenly, even though the thunder still rolled, the dragon still roared, the lightning still lanced and struck all around them – suddenly there was only the two of them, in a total, deep, dark quiet.

Babysitting the everyone
  • Winter: Hey, we're getting pizza for dinner. Any preferences?
  • Yang: Pepperoni!
  • Ruby: Can it be with a cookie dough crust?
  • Weiss: I'll have mine with basil, tomato, and fresh mozzarella.
  • Ren: Mushrooms, please.
  • Blake: Do they have seafood?
  • Pyrrha: If they have Mistralian-style bacon, that would be perfect.
  • Jaune: Um... I'll go with the cheese. Yeah. Extra cheese.
  • Qrow to Winter: Well, none of them actually disagreed with each other at least...
  • Winter: So... everything?
  • Qrow: Everything. *dials*
  • Emerald: Thanks for calling Cinder Hut.

Inukag Week Day #3 : Flaws

Inuyasha and Kagome’s biggest problem at the beginning of their relationship is the communication. Inuyasha doesn’t have a lot of social skills and he doesn’t always makes himself understood and even though Kagome trusts him a lot, sometimes she misunderstands him and gets angry at him even though she shouldn’t. But during the course of the series they truly learn to be more open and honest with each other.

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Spending valentine's day alone. I am just going to watch Supernatural and cuddle with a giant SepticEyeSam plushie. How is your valentine's going to be?

Um that sounds perfect. Can we join you? 

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Your top 5 Nordic fanfics!

Bloody hell, UM…

1) Catch Perfect by George DeValier {SuFin with side pairings, a kind of human college AU}

2) Gutters by glassamilk {We all know this one, no explanation needed}

3) The Common Denominator by Vermillion Jay {Nerd!DenPunk!Nor with SuFin and HongIce in a band. Love this one.)

4) Hummingbird by sascake {DenNor, HongIce and SuFin human heart problems AU. This will make you cry.}

5) Why is Mama Moaning? By QuartzApple {SuFin, a little explicit. This one has me on the floor laughing every damn time.}

The Set-Up (1/1)

Written for the JonxSansa Fanfiction’s 15 Days of Valentine’s Event. Day #10: Stood Up/Alone on Valentine’s

The last person Sansa Stark expected to be interrupting her Valentine’s wallowing session was Jon Snow. She blinked for fear of Harry’s cheating finally driving her to delusions, but when her vision cleared, he was still there, standing on her doorstep, laden down with a grocery bag, a bottle of wine, and a bakery box.  


The smile he greeted her with was bright and warm. “Hey.” He held up the hand balancing the box. “Chocolate and strawberry still a combination you like?”


“Perfect. Now dinner shouldn’t need that much prepping, but it will take a bit to bake…” he trailed off as he saw the complete lack of comprehension on her face. “Didn’t Robb or Margaery call you?”  

When Sansa shook her head, his smile faded, lips pursing and jaw clenching as Sansa realized this was to be one of the few times she had ever witnessed  Jon Snow angry in the decade she’d known him. “I can’t believe….if this was a joke…” He took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “Robb called me a week ago, insisting that the two of us should spend Valentine’s together since we were both going to be alone otherwise. It was Margaery’s idea that I should cook for you, and that we should watch movies or something. She said you were on board…but they didn’t even tell you, did they?”

“No, they didn’t.” Sansa had never been more reluctant to reveal something in her life. It nearly tangibly hurt her heart to watch his face fall. She couldn’t let this continue. “Is that Pinot Noir?”

“What…yeah, it is. The internet agrees it’s a good wine to have with poultry.”

Sansa stepped back from doorway, motioning with her head for him to come inside. “Bran and Arya claim your cooking is something special. We’ll handle Robb and Marg later, let’s not have all the nice things you brought go to waste.”

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