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Um okay, I need some assistance. Or help? Okay, so like, I am Non-Binary... But also Lesbian? Can that be a thing? I'm new to the whole LGBT thing, and like, I know Non-Binary means you don't exactly have a gender, and Lesbian means love between two women. So, if I am Non-Binary, which means I'm not a girl, can I still be Lesbian...? Sorry if this is a little weird to ask 😅

Not weird at all, I had to look this up months ago because I wasn’t sure about it either. I knew there had to be a term out there, and there is! Gynesexual or gynephillic are terms used to describe attraction to females :) it literally means being attracted to breasts, vaginas and femininity. But, of course, people with those traits aren’t necessarily always female, so it might not be exactly what you need. Being non-binary makes a lot of things feel simpler, but comes with its own challenges, like finding a term that properly describes your orientation :T


Requested by @captaindanindlovu​. I hope you like it!

Summary: Jared Padalecki x reader. Gen gives Jared and the reader permission to do what they’d like.

Warning: Smut, dry humping

Word Count: 2500

A/N: I’m still new to this RPF thing, so I hope y’all enjoy this! XOXO

Sex scenes aren’t the most comfortable scenes to shoot.

Sex scenes are even more uncomfortable when you’re shooting in front of the guy’s wife, who just happens to be visiting and has been given permission to be on the closed set.

Sex scenes are even more uncomfortable when you’re trying to get over the attraction you’ve developed to said married guy.

And sex scenes are incredibly uncomfortable when the married guy who you’re simulating sex with gets an erection. In front of the visiting wife.

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Interview Secrets

Tom Holland x Reader

“Are you and Y/N dating?”

word count: 1334

Originally posted by petesparkes

Flipping through the channels on the giant TV in front of you, you paused at the sight of your best friend Tom on the screen. He was currently on the daytime show Ellen, and you snorted as he turned up the charm. 

Tom was one of the nicest people in the world, but when he was on these talk shows, his ego was at maximum capacity. 

Tom Holland had been one of your closest friends since you were ten, and within the last few years, you had started to develop feelings for the dark haired boy. Although some might say that you only fell for him when he was famous, but it was more than that. 

When you saw Tom grow in fame, he didn’t turn into a bad apple, and he didn’t even change even with all of these new fans. He was still the same Tom that had punched your first boyfriend in the face after he had broken your heart at aged 16. 

There was no way you couldn’t have fallen for him, but the only negative to this was that you weren’t sure he returned your feelings. So, you kept quiet, opting to be there for him through every break up and every stupid girl who literally just wanted to sleep with someone who was famous.

Smiling, you turned up the volume and turned to Harrison who was sitting next to you. 

“He looks like such a dumbass.” You mumbled, laughing. 

“Let’s just hope the chair doesn’t break this time. Or, let’s do hope.” Haz wiggled his eyebrows as you both dissolved into giggles. 

A few weeks ago, Tom had done an interview, and in this interview he leaned over to grab a water bottle that was by his foot. When he leaned over, the chair he was sitting on broke, and it was quite possibly the funniest thing you have ever witnessed. 

Both of you turned your attention back to the TV as Ellen started asking Tom more questions about what it was like hanging out with the stars of the Avengers movies. Snuggling further into the couch where you and Haz were, you pulled a blanket off the back of the couch and wrapped it around yourself. 

“Any favorite cast members so far?”

Tom chuckled and responded, “Anthony Mackie. We are best of friends off screen, and I know he only says good things about me.” 

Your mouth dropped open as you started hysterically laughing at his answer. Mackie was famous for saying nothing good about Tom. Both him and Sebastian Stan were always mocking him about something in all of their interviews. They never did it maliciously though, they were always just messing around, and sometimes you would even join in on the teasing as both Tom and Haz frequently took you on set to hang out. 

You were laughing so hard that you almost missed the next question that Ellen had asked. 

“So, Tom, a lot of your fans have been wondering about Y/N. She’s constantly on your Snapchat and Instagram, and we have to know, are you two together?”

Your heart nearly stopped as you froze, your mouth dropping open. 

“That’s a big question.” He responded, smiling a little. His response had your heart beating a mile a minute, but you were also kind of confused. Blinking, you glanced over at Haz who was staring at the TV with a small smirk.


He didn’t say anything, and although he didn’t look over at you, you saw his smirk getting bigger.

“Harrison,” You tried again, wanting an answer as you knew he had to have some inkling of what was going on. 

He just ignored you and took the remote to turn up the volume.

“Harrison Osterfield what is going-”

“Shhh, keep watching!” He lightly smacked your arm. 

You nervously turned your attention back to the TV. 

Tom cleared his throat and began to speak again. “We aren’t together, but I want us to be.” 

“Oh my god.” You mumbled, completely in shock. 

“I um, well I’m kind of in love with her. It’s hard not to be!” Tom was blushing a little bit as Ellen laughed and moved the conversation in a different direction. The interview went on, but you sat there in shock, your mind whirling around. 

He loved you? 

“…you can do it dude. I totally- wait, are you even listening?”

“Harrison of course I’m not listening! A bomb has been dropped!”

You stood up quickly, the blanket falling to the floor as you started pacing back and forth. Your eyes flicked to the TV, and you noticed that the interview was over. Which meant Tom would be back within the next two hours. 

Holy shit. 

Two agonizing hours passed, as you and Haz tried to think of a game plan. The entire time you wanted to smack him, but you refrained, too nervous to do anything. 

Apparently, Haz had told Tom weeks prior to declare that he liked you in a grand way, and apparently Tom took his advice.

The sound of the front door opening made you freeze. 

“Hey guys!” Tom called happily, shutting the door behind him. His face was turned down towards his phone that was in his hand, and he toed off his shoes before jumping over the back of the couch. Sliding his phone in his pocket, he threw his arm around the back of the couch.  

“What’s up darlin’?” He asked, grinning at you and Haz. 

Your brain nearly short circuited.

“What’s up?” You repeated, your voice raising an octave. 

Tom cocked an eyebrow and stared at you. 

“Yeah? Isn’t that what people ask when they come back from places and want to know what their friends are up to?”

Dumbfounded that he was acting like the whole interview didn’t happen, you just stared at him.   

“Mate, she saw.” Harrison mumbled, smiling. 

Tom froze and swallowed. 

“Y-you saw the interview? Well, I guess I should have seen that one coming.”

Blowing out a breath, Tom turned his body to face you as his eyes flicked over to Harrison. Haz was already standing, saluting the two of you as he slipped out the front door.

Once he left, an awkward silence passed over the two of you. Your eyes dropped down to the hole in your jeans. Picking at the threads nervously, you waited for Tom to say something. 

“Okay. Um, Y/N, everything I said was true. I-I love you. And honestly I didn’t even think you would be watching it, and I wasn’t really thinking about censoring my answer. Which, now that I’m thinking about it was probably a really selfish thing for me to do. And maybe you don’t feel the same way about me, and if that’s the case I really hope we can still be friends, and I really hope that you aren’t mad at me.” You watched Tom nervously say all of this, his cheeks a light pink. 

After a second of silence you spoke. 

“I-I am mad at you. But I’m mad that you didn’t tell me this in person instead of me having to find out like this. Tom, I love you too. I have had feelings for you for a while now, and-”

Before you could finish what you were saying, Tom pulled your face towards him and pressed his warm lips to yours, effectively silencing you. His lips were soft, and when he slid his hands down to your waist, you nearly groaned. 

He pulled away to rest his forehead on yours, a huge smile on his face. 

“‘M sorry you had to find out that way love.”

“It’s okay. It was better than not finding out at all.”

He nodded and laughed softly. “I’m glad you found out because I really want to kiss you again.”

“Oh?” You said smiling.

Before pulling you in for another kiss, Tom whispered three words that made your heart nearly burst with joy. 

“I love you Y/N.”

Thank you for 9,000 followers! Here’s a ficlet about Mari being protective of her little brother.

“Hopefully you can help me,” said the man on the phone with the funny accent. “My name is Victor Nikiforov, and I’m looking for Yuuri Katsuki. He said his family owns a hot springs resort, so I looked up the phone number on the internet. Can you tell me if I have the right place?”

Mari almost hung up immediately without offering a response. Ever since Yuuri had inadvertently become a viral video star after performing one of Victor Nikiforov’s routines, the onsen had gotten more than a few prank calls. One person had pretended to be a reporter but had instead turned out to be one of Victor’s crazy fans. Apparently this new caller wanted Mari to believe he was Victor Nikiforov himself.

Yeah, right.

“Yuuri’s my brother,” she said, a little heat in her tone.

“Oh, great!” the prankster said. “Could I speak with him please?”

Mari rolled her eyes. Was that supposed to be a real Russian accent? This guy’s impression of Victor was pathetic.

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as I’ve been gently descending into real hockey hell lately, I came across the anecdote that a certain famous rl candian hockey forward used to go to local pick up games, but he was so good that they made him play goalie so that the opposing team would have a chance.

when you combine this with my headcanon (for my bitty-navigates-his-early-20′s fic that i may or may not ever write) that bitty joins a local beer league after he moves to Providence….you get…

Bitty is thrilled when he discovers a local rec league in Providence. He’s missed being out on the ice and it sounds like a great way to make some friends. Even better, there’s no checking allowed. He signs up right away.

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A Friendly Favour (M)

Originally posted by taehyyungs

Warning: Smut. Semi-not really-kind of infidelity.

“Absolutely not.” You said sternly, pulling the dishcloth that hung from the string of your apron and swiping the crumbs from the counter into your palm, tossing them mindlessly into the trash bin.

“Why not?” Taehyung whined, one cheek bulging with unchewed French toast.

You squinted at him, your elbows supporting you on the countertop when you leaned closer to him, “Because I don’t want to have sex with you, Taehyung.”

He swallowed the large bite of food with effort, “Do it for me,” he begged around the straw of his milk tea, “I am going on my third date with Yura this weekend and she’s been hinting at some stuff. I don’t wanna go in and make a fool of myself.”

“So, the only way to ensure that doesn’t happen is if I sleep with you, right?” You deadpanned.

“You’re one of my closest friends!”

“So?” You scoffed.

“So,” Taehyung continued, “You’re the only girl I’m close enough to that I would trust with something like this. And…” He started, but instantly clamped his mouth shut, looking away from you to focus on stirring his drink.

“And?” You pressed.

“And…” He trailed off, bringing the straw to his lips, but you reached out and snatched the glass from him, giving him an expectant glare.

“And Yoongi’s said some things…” He muttered in a rush.

“What things?” Your voice rose louder than you intended, earning you several glances from different patrons and a few of the waiting staff. You cleared your throat, ducking your head closer to Taehyung to try and hide the blush that no doubt coloured your cheeks.

Taehyung fidgeted in his seat, his fingers tapping the edge of the countertop, “Okay, don’t be mad.”

You just looked at him, and he nodded in understanding before continuing, “I was talking to him like a week ago, and I was asking him about what to do, you know, if things with Yura escalated. And he made references to when you two were together…”

“Oh my God.” You groaned, your hand coming up to cradle your face.

“It wasn’t anything bad!” He waved his arms frantically, as if to lessen the blow, “He just gave me some advice, and he said you were really, um, good?”

“Please stop talking.” You peeked at him through your fingers.

Taehyung nodded again, his lips pressing into a thin line and he watched his fingers. You admired him for a second, your smile hidden behind your hand because he looked positively dejected and completely adorable. You were almost contemplating agreeing with his proposal and you wanted to smack yourself to come back to your senses.

Seconds ticked by; Taehyung remaining silent as you just watched him. Your mind was teetering back and forth, arguing with yourself on whether this was a harmless request, or if it was just going too far. On the one hand, you didn’t want to create any awkwardness between the two of you, you valued your friendship with him too much. On the other hand, he was very obviously attractive, and he only made it sound like it was a one time thing. Another small part of you also may have been thinking about getting back at your ex-boyfriend for gossiping about something as personal as your sex life.

“Okay, I have some conditions,” You said finally, dropping your hand to the counter with a thud. Taehyung perked up instantly, his eyes wide with excitement. “This happens once, okay. That’s it. You don’t get to tell anyone about it. And lastly, after this happens, everything goes back to normal.”

“YesOkayWhatever!” Taehyung cheered in a rush, rising out of his seat so quickly that the stool skidded behind him. He threw his arms around you over the counter, peppering kisses to your cheek.

You struggled in his hold, trying to wedge your hands between your bodies to pry him off of you, but it was no use. Finally, with a particularly firm jab to his ribs with your two fingers, he released you with a grunt.

“So,” He started, his hand rubbing against his sore spot as he looked at any point in the restaurant that wasn’t your face, “When do we do this?”

You shrugged a shoulder, “When’s your date?”

“Tomorrow,” He blinked, eyes finally settling on you.

Your eyes narrowed before slipping closed, tipping your head back with a long sigh, “Then I guess it would have to be tonight.”

“Someone’s eager, hm?” He taunted, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

You balled the dishcloth in your hand and flung it at him, hitting him square in the face. Taehyung swatted the cloth away, throwing it to the ground and almost knocking over his drink in the process. “Rude.” He grumbled.

You flashed a quick smile that didn’t meet your eyes, “I’ll be by your place at seven. Get out of here before I change my mind.”

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Sincerely Three x Reader with a High Sex Drive Head Cannons (Part One)

Part one 

 Requested by: Anon

 Im skipping around my queue rn, but I’ll get through them all guys


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The Akatsuki as high school teachers

What teaching roles would the Akatsuki take on if they were forced to become high school teachers?

1. Pein

Teaches: History. His voice sends people to sleep.

Pein: “And in the Ancient Roman period the life expectancy was only 20 to 30 years. This has many contributing factors. Such as, but not limited to…”

Student: “Oh my god why won’t he talk faster.”

Pein: “No talking in my class. And don’t blaspheme my name like that.”

2. Konan

Teaches: Careers. She’s a little too motherly.

Konan: “And when you finish high school, you can go and do whatever you set your mind to.”

Student: “Can I become a chef?”

Konan: “Of course!”

Student #2: “Can I become a mob boss???”

Konan: “You can do whatever your heart tells you to hun.”

3. Itachi

Teaches: Computing and I.T. Well he tries at least.

Itachi: “Okay… today you’ll be using Photoshop to create a website design.”

Student: “You just opened up Microsoft Paint.”

Itachi: “Yes…I meant to do that…..give me a second.”

Student: “Can you even see the screen clearly?”

Itachi: “Honestly? No. I am going blind. Just do whatever.”

4. Kisame

Teaches: Gym. He has a pretty fierce rivalry with the other gym teacher.

Kisame: “Right! Let’s do some good old rope climbing today!”

Student: “Mr Gai had us do that yesterday.”

Kisame: “…..Right. Then we’ll be using the horse vault instead.”

Student: “Also yesterday. He said something about not remembering if there was another gym teacher or not so we just did everything.”

Kisame: “OH FOR FU-”

5. Hidan

Teaches: Religion. Even though he’s just a substitute. 

Hidan: “And THAT is why you should hail Lord Jashin as your saviour.”

Student: “Mr Hidan this is an English Literature class.”

Hidan: “Do I give a fuck? No. Shut the fuck up.”

6. Kakuzu

Teaches: Economics. Yes it’s as terrible as you think.

Kakuzu: “Setting up an interest account will not only teach you to save money but will also earn you even MORE money in the long run.”

Student: “Thanks for the advice! But the exam is about taxes so I really think we should be-”

Kakuzu: “Taxes are the devil. I will have no part in teaching it. If you fail then that’s your own problem”

7. Deidara

Teaches: Art. As a substitute. He hates being the substitute. 

Deidara: “Alright kiddos get out your clay we’re gonna be making SCULPTURES.”

Student: “But Mr Sasori has been teaching us still life painting so shouldn’t we be continuing that?”

Deidara: “Ha ha, Mr Sasori can suck a dick because he’s an idiot. I said get out your clay.”

8. Sasori

Teaches: Art. 

Sasori: “Sorry I was away. I had a nasty head cold and- what the hell are those?”

Student: “Um…..Mr Deidara told us to make clay sculptures yesterday and it was actually really fun! We’re hoping we can finish-”

Sasori: “Throw those hideous things in the trash where they belong.”

9. Tobi/Obito

Teaches: Drama. As two different “brothers”.

Tobi: “Okay! Let’s practise our facial expressions now! Pull the stupidest face you can and your partner has to try not to laugh! Then we’re gonna practise ANIMAL NOISES!”

Student: “Holy shit Mr Uchiha’s brother is on some sort of drug or something.”

Tobi: “What did you say about my brother?? That he’s super handsome?? Yeah I know!”

10. Zetsu

Teaches: Biology. Things tend to go missing.

Zetsu: “Okay. Today we are dissecting frogs.”

Student: “Ewww….cool! Where are they?”

Zetsu: “I…..didn’t eat them. I swear.”

Student: “…..oh.”

Scott has been staring longingly at a girl across the bar for two hours and forty-nine minutes. Stiles knows. He’s been keeping track.

“This is ridiculous, man,” Stiles says, not for the first time. “You’re a catch. You’re amazing. You’re perfect. Just go talk to her. I’m sure she’ll be happy if you do.”

Scott turns to him, wide-eyed. “But what if she’s not happy? What if I’m just another creep in a bar hitting on a pretty girl? I want her to know I respect her.”

“By completely ignoring her. Solid plan, Scott.”

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Imagine splitting up from your brothers.

A/N: This takes place S1E10, Asylum.

Before the Series Imagines

Series Imagines Season One

Dean’s age-26

Sam’s age-22

Reader’s age-15

Dean x Sister!Reader     Sam x Sister!Reader

You kept your eyes peeled for the ghost that was trying to talk to Dean; waiting for her to reappear. Sam was going on about how she didn’t try to harm Dean, how it seemed that she just wanted to talk to him, but you tuned him out.

You’d been giving both brothers the silent treatment ever since leaving Kansas. Things had only gotten more awkward after finding out about your disappearance from their lives for almost three years when you were an infant. A secret they had kept from you for years; that, along with Mary’s spirit stirring up emotions, had led to you where you are now; ignoring both your brothers existence.

Sam continued talking but stopped when you all heard the same noise. Dean held his shotgun at the ready while Sam quickly moved an old hospital bed out of the way, revealing a scared blonde who looked like she was the same age, maybe a few years older then you.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Dean said, “We’re not gonna hurt you. What’s your name?”

“Katherine, Kat.” She replied, looking between the three of you, intimated by the two large men.

“I’m Dean and this is Sam and Y/N.” Dean told her. Sam sent her a small smile while you gave her a confused look, wondering why she was there.

“What are you doing here?” Sam asked her, wondering the same thing as you.

“Um, my boyfriend, Gavin-” Kat began but Sam cut her off.

“Is he here?” He questioned, concerned about someone being alone in the asylum.

“Somewhere. He thought it would be fun to see some ghosts. I thought it was all, ya know…” She said while making a face.

“Make believe?” You asked her.

“Yeah. I’ve seen things, then I heard Gavin scream and-” Kat didn’t complete her sentence, she began to look around the building and you could tell she was scared.

“Alright, Kat come on. Y/N’s gonna get you out here and we’re gonna find your boyfriend.” Dean told her.

“No! I’m not leaving without Gavin! I’m coming with you!” Kat shouted at the three of you. You raised your brows and gave her a look, impressed that she was standing up for herself but annoyed with her stupidity.

“Look, Kat, it’s no joke around here okay? It’s dangerous.” Sam told her.

“That’s why I gotta find him.” She responded. The three of you shared a look, you shook your head no but your brothers ignored it. Letting out a loud sigh you ran your fingers through your hair, freaking unbelievable.

“Alright. I guess we’re gonna split up then. Y/N/N, Kat, you’re coming with me. Sam, you go find Gavin.” Dean stated.

“No.” You declared.

“I’m sorry, what?” Dean asked, shocked that you were going against his orders for the first time ever.

“I said no. You and Kat can go together, Sam can be on his own and so can I. We can cover more ground this way.” You told him as you flicked your flashlight back on. “Call me if you need me.” You said, not giving him a chance to reply before walking down the hallway.

Dean placed his hand on his forehead before rubbing his face in annoyance, “Being on the outs with her is a bitch.” Dean told Sam who simply let out a scoff.

“Yeah, welcome to my life.”


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Little witch (Part 7)

Pairings: Peter x reader

Word count: 1 897

Summary: The reader is raised by Hydra but manages to escape after they kill her parents. She is emotionally unstable and can’t control her powers. The Avengers rescue her and give her everything she missed form life and wanted to feel. But would her new found love be enough to extinguish her desire for revenge? What would be the side she would choose to rely on? Will she be ready to face the real her?

A/N: I am so so sorry I’m posting it so late and that this part is so short. I promise to post the next tomorrow morning or at the evening and I’ll try to make it much more interesting ♥ Please tell me what you think and Enjoy :3

Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4// Part 5// Part 6

Originally posted by koenigreus

“I’ve never thought superheroes can be that-”

“Wild.”, the two teenagers stood at the door of the living room. They had come in the tower after midnight but the people had been still parting hard. Peter and (Y/N) had spent some hours in Peter’s room talking about their past and telling each other jokes until (Y/N) had fallen asleep and Pete had moved her to her room.

“This will take ages to clean.”, the witch complained while looking at the confetti, napkins, glasses, empty bottles on the floor. There was even a spot on the carpet of wine and two others of whiskey or vodka.

“Do not worry Mrs (Y/L/N) and Mr Parker. I usually clean after the parties.”, a deep voice spoke from somewhere. It was Jarvis. At the beginning (Y/N) always jumped at the sound but after some weekends she got kind of used to it. Jarvis was like a friend to her, always helping if had gotten lost or was searching for something.

“No, Jarvis. We will do it this time.”, (Y/N) spoke and asked for some sacks where they could put all the rubbish.

“Yeah, it’s not a problem. Besides that, we’ll spent some time together.”, as Peter said those words, both him and (Y/N) blushed. Last night had changed their relationship. They were more confident around each other, showed how much they admired the other. Yes, it sounded odd. To change your attitude towards somebody just for five or six hours you had spent together. That had surprised and scared our well-known little witch. The past month was like the first years of a baby. She felt to so many things in such a short period that it was hard for her to perceive what had happened. Lately, she had decided just to feel everything rather than rationalizing it.

“I’ve wanted to ask you something since you told us your story. But I’ve never felt comfortable with it…I-um…will it be okay for you to talk about your scar?”, Peter questioned the girl as he put two empty bottles of Jack Daniels in the sack. (Y/N) was slightly surprised by the question. She had never thought somebody would be that interested in it.

“Yeah, go on.”

“Are you ashamed of it?”, the girl froze for a moment. Why would he ask such a thing!? (Y/N) turned around looking at the boy. She met his eyes and saw pure interest and soon regret as he saw her reaction, “I’m sorry, I-I shouldn’t have as-asked that. Forge-forget about it.”, Peter stuttered and turn around shamefaced.

“No, no. It just surprised me. I don’t understand why you would ask me that.”

“I’ve seen you covering it almost all the time but simultaneously you don’t act as though you care if somebody will see it or not. ”

“Oh.”, she exclaimed, “No, I am not ashamed of it.”, she stated and images of her scar appeared in her head. When she had been still in Hydra, she had been allowed to use only one small mirror. Even with it, she had never seen her scar before she had come in the tower. (Y/N) was either too close to death to think about it, or busy with training and moaning from the pain, “The first time I saw it was when I came here. I wasn’t used to mirrors so the big one in my room did surprise me. At first I was passing by but the girl inside me saw an opportunity to show and one day I stood in front of it looking at me, my pale face that was slowly gaining its color, my pale body because of never being exposed under the sun, at my scar that wasn’t covered in blood. I saw myself whole and I did like every part of it. It made me who I am. Even the scar. You may think I was shocked, disgusted, ashamed of it but no. Well, maybe part of me felt sad but I was proud.”, at that time Peter and (Y/N) had sat in the clean part of the sofa. Pete was listening to her in awe. He was amazed by her words and the way she was talking about such a thing that could had caused her nightmares. The girl, on the other hand, was fully immersed in what she was saying. The events she was talking about overwhelmed her letting her feel the same emotions as she had done then, “I am proud of it because it tells my story and reveals who I am. It shows what I’ve been though and that I survived. When I was chained and whiplashed, I felt death. Deep inside I believed that every time was my last. That with the next close of my eyes, the agony would stop. I wanted that, Peter!”, the girl looked at him and he saw the broken in them. The previous night, when they were together, before and after the kiss she was smiling, shining like a star and lighting his way. Now, his star was quenched, “I was at the threshold of giving up. But I didn’t and that’s why I am not ashamed of my scar. It shows how strong I am and I will always be proud I managed to escape this peaceful trap I got myself into.”

For a moment, the boy just stood there not able to say anything. He had lost the ability to talk being too impressed. He had thought he had problems, with his high school troubles and nightly adventures. He was falling for her more and more with every second passing. He wasn’t able to stop it and was happy about it.

“Am I interrupting something?”, somebody asked all of a sudden causing the two teenagers, who were obviously sharing a moment, to jump, “Oh, sorry kids, didn’t want to scare you.”

“Hey, Colson!”, Peter greeted the man in the TV, “How are you?”

“Perfectly good. And by what I see around you, it must have been a rough night, huh?”, the man laughed at his words. Although he was used to seeing his favourite Avengers with hangovers the next morning, he still found their state funny.

“Well, maybe. We weren’t here but for the two of us it was definitely a night to remember.”, (Y/N) smiled and stood take a bottle because it wasn’t letting her see the man.

“Be careful, kids!”, he warned them with a smirk on his baby face, “I don’t want to become a grandpa.”

“You are just like Mr. Stark!”, Peter exclaimed.

“Is there something important, Mr. Colson?”, the girl changed the subject as she wasn’t that comfortable with the previous one.

“I’ve sent some information about a case. Tell Steve and Natasha to check it when they wake up.”, he informed the teenagers in front of him and said a goodbye giving the excuse he was busy. Then the screen went black and the ‘kids’, as Colson had referred to them, were once again alone.

“You know what? I am tired and I want to take a rest. Why don’t we leave this to the others?”, (Y/N) suggested as she put the sack on the floor, “It will be a lesson for them to learn.”

“I agree with you.”

“I’ll be in my room.”, the girl announced without letting Peter suggest a way to spent the time. She knew he would do so and she would had gladly accepted but right now she had something in mind that had to be done. Peter found her behavior odd but gave it to the exhausted statement.

(Y/N) rushed towards her room and once she was inside she turned the key. Something in Colson’s behavior had shown that there was a secret he was keeping. The way he looked for a second towards here and the fact that he gulped nervously was enough for her to understand that the secret was about her. Something had happened and it involved her. She had to know what and why.

“Jarvis, can I ask you for a favor?”, the girl asked as she sat on her bed.

“Yes, my lady, how can I help you?”, his voice echoed through the room. (Y/N) took a deep breath and then spoke

“Can you show me the file Mr. Colson have sent?”, the girl begged that her will would be fulfilled.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. (Y/L/N), but it’s only for Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Romanoff.”

“Jarvis, I need to know about that file. Nobody would know that I have read it.”, the girl stood and looked at one of the camera in the corner of the room. Tony assured her that only Jarvis could turn it on if he thinks someone is in danger, “I will get it eventually but since we are like friends, I am asking you polite. Please, show me the file.”, (Y/N) spoke softly yet firmly. Jarvis, of course, protested for some minutes but finally gave in.

“Here, but only for a second.”, her laptop shined and she saw a file being opened.

The girl sat on the chair and looked at the screen. There were some photos and a document. She decided to first open the photos and then the text explaining them. She clicked on them and the first one made her heart skip a beat. Woods, dead bodies, blood…(Y/N) clicked again and the photo changed. This one wasn’t taken from a distance like the other. It gave a better view on what had happened. She saw a kid laying on the ground dead. He had two, three, four, five holes in his body from bullets. The trees around the body were burnt, the grass too. (Y/N) knew those blonde curls, now having a red liquid in their ends, the pale face and the dark blue eyes that were looking at her. Biting her lip she opened the next photos. There were three more children and one boy around her age. Every one of them was surrounded by the damages their powers had caused. The witch was aware what had happened without even opening the file. However, she did it only to make sure she was wrong. Sadly, her thoughts were real. These kids had been killed by Hydra agents two kilometers away from the base where she had been kept. (Y/N) closed the laptop and turned around on the chair. She positioned her elbows in her knees and buried her head in her hands. Breathing in and out she tried to rationalize what she had seen. Those children weren’t more than 12, except the boy who was 16. Some of them had marks on them with the famous symbol of Hydra. Just like her, they had been marked no matter it was in a different way. She had to do something, she wanted to. Through the tenth years she had spent in the base, other kids had been coming, kidnapped from their parents. Some of them were orphans but others weren’t. They had families, friends, people who loved and adored them. And now? They were dead, lying on the woods where nobody could find them. They were thrown away like rubbish, killed as though they had been wild animals. Rage kept rising in (Y/N)’s body. She felt something that she hadn’t experienced for a month. But this time she didn’t try to stop it.

Part 8

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“Buried” (Chapter Six)

The guys find out who is behind this whole mess, and get ahold of Bucky. They spend an entire day together hiking through the jungle and it’s just as snarky as you think it will be. Little bit longer chapter this time, pushing 3300 words.  Let me know if you figure out what is the significance of Bucky/Steves code names/ numbers! Excited to hear what you guys think!

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Enjoy :)

Tony popped awake just as Steve was reaching out to shake him and there was an entirely too awkward moment where they just looked at each other with wide eyes.

Steve’s were just as blue as they had ever been, striking against his darker hair, and Tony thought for a moment that maybe he preferred it to the golden blonde of before. And the beard was a winner. He had always loved Steve’s smile and that clear skin but he wasn’t complaining about the beard. Not at all.

Plus the beard sort of went with how big Steve had gotten, all broad shoulders and ridiculous pecs, and thighs that made Tony want to–

Oh shit I’m staring.

Steve’s lips had curled in an amused smile as Tony was fairly obviously checking him out, and Tony finally broke the stare, looking down at Steve’s out reached hand and then standing by himself, brushing the dirt as best as he could off his pants. “You let me sleep longer than ten minutes.” He said dryly, happy to pretend that he had not been ready to start drooling over the soldier.

Steve rolled his eyes before he could help himself. “Brilliant, Tony. Very observant.”

Tony bristled a little but tried to swallow down his annoyance “Why, though? We needed to get to the river.”

“Because you needed it.” Steve said honestly. “You look tired. More tired than you should for being on vacation. I just wanted to make sure you were as rested as you could be before… before we attempt whatever it is we are attempting.”

“Yes will, I did run for my life from a helicopter yesterday. I think I’m allowed to look tired, thank you.”

“More tired than that.” Steve lifted his pack. “I mean you look like you’ve been tired for months. When was the last time you slept? I could pack things in the bags under your eyes.”

“There’s that Rogers charm.” Tony snorted. “Thanks for the compliments. Let’s just go.”

“Not gonna tell me why you’re tired?”

“I feel like it’s not your business.”

“That’s fair.” Steve took a deep breath and pointed south. “River should be no more than a few clicks that way. I ended up leaving my GPS when I grabbed my pack so I’m not entirely sure about an exact distance. Good thing is, it’s a giant river so we will definitely run right into it at some point, and can follow the current until we hit a village.”

“Lean on, fearless Captain.” Tony re-tied his boot and nodded. “Let’s find some water.”

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sasuke has been pining after naruto for years because hes like that in every au but naruto has been adamantly straight for years bc hes like that in every au. until one day naruto meekly asks sasuke if he can talk about something personal and sasuke says hed rather not but if he insists (which is usually as good as it gets with the two of them) and it goes:

naruto: i think. i might like boys. but like. like like boys. ya know. like like*LIKE* boys.

sasuke: oh. wow. okay.

naruto: and i think. i like someone. and im worried itll change stuff between us. and i dont want that to be weird. with me and you.

sasuke: change things how?

naruto: aaaahhhhhh i dont wanna say. what if you get mad at me? for. um. liking this friend.

sasuke: [heart pounding] i wont. its okay.

naruto: i think i like lee.

sasuke: what the fuck

and its as bad as you expect. sasukes snappy for the rest of the conversation although he tries really hard not to be and naruto barely notices as he talks about how he didnt expect to like lee but every time he comes over to sasukes house he feels all warm inside and it has to be because of lee, right? either way naruto leaves after an hour after making sasuke promise not to tell his stepbrother and as soon as hes out of the door sasuke marches straight to lees room, kicks open his door, and tries to kick lee out of his chair while screaming

The Sexual Escapades of the Well-Informed Pureblood, Engaged to the Randy Prat Who Lived - Ch.20

Soooo….Harry was being shifty as fuck, eh? Why didn’t he tell Draco about the promotion offer? That’s, um, kind of what this chapter is all about. And it…doesn’t end well.

You guys aren’t going to like @bixgirl1 and me very much for these next few chapters. We’re sorry, okay?! We can’t help but fuck things up every once in a while cause we’re both extra AF and we need help or something.

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(Engaged - Masterlist)

Chapter Twenty: Half-burnt Letters and Sudden Conclusions

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Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanfiction Chapter 8)

Hey y’all! Sorry for the wait! Chapter 9 is on the way! Thanks again for all the support! Also I have decided that this story will be 10 chapters! So expect chapter 9 soon and then it’s on to the final chapter! 

Want to read from the beginning? Here you go!



Lance has admitted all of his secrets and he’s feeling better by the day. But the things he said begins to bother certain members of the team.

Chapter 8: Well, Fuck Yeah.

The team held onto Lance while he cried for a long time and when he finally got a hold of himself he was rather sad that they let go. Shiro had a hand on Lance’s back, gentle and firm and Lance was grateful.

“Hey buddy, how are you feeling?” Shiro asked, sounding a little concerned.

Lance knew his eyes were red, he could feel them getting hot and puffy. He rubbed away his tears with the back of his hand before nodding.

“Yeah I’m feeling better.” Lance said, “We should probably head back.” He said, taking a last look at the colorful scenery. Everyone followed suit taking a long look too, beginning to understand why Lance would come here to think, it was calm and peaceful.

Lance got up, legs a little shaky and the rest of the team followed. Lance climbed into the Blue lion while the rest climbed into the Black lion, giving Lance the time to process everything that had just happened. He just admitted to a lot of stuff and he felt bad about it. They had enough problems as it is and here is Lance, freaking out, running away and admitting every dark secret. He shook his head, he needed to stop thinking like this. They were a team and he was a part of that team and what affects one affects all. He shouldn’t feel bad for having an emotional break down, even if it was embarrassing to admit. It wasn’t his fault.

Lance sat in front of the control panel, letting it all sink in a little bit before closing his eyes and leaning back, allowing Blue to enter his mind. He saw through her eyes again, watching as the rest of the team climbed into the Black lion. His team. Their team. He knew that now.

He still couldn’t believe that they had apologized to him. But to be honest he couldn’t believe a lot of things right now. It would take some getting used to. Blue ascended into the light yellow sky, glancing back at the green ocean before floating among the stars. The Black lion following right behind. This time as Lance floated he looked at the dark beauty around him and space finally began to feel like home.

When the lions landed in their hangars, Blue had to enter with Black in Black’s hangar because well, they broke theirs a little while ago. So when Blue landed in the hangar, Lance took a little time to come back to himself and just sit and breathe. When he did finally emerge from Blue, climbing down the ramp, Allura and Coran were waiting for him with the rest of the team behind them.

As soon as Lance’s feet hit the hangar floor, Allura barreled into him her arms flinging around his neck in one of the tightest hugs he’s ever had (and he was best friends with Hunk). Lance hesitated, was he even allowed to hug her back? She’s like a space princess. But eventually he did, gently placing his arms around her back.

“Lance, I’m so sorry I’ve been so hard on you. I’m sorry I didn’t realize what was happening sooner. I failed you as your leader, however I’m going to do my best to be better.” She paused, “You are a part of this team. We would not be the same without you and I mean that.” She said.

Lance took a moment to bury his face in her beautiful hair, it reminded him of his oldest sister, before letting her go only to be attacked by Coran who gave him an equally crushing hug. What was up with these Alteans and their death hugs? Lance squeezed back, hard.

“You silly boy, I’m so sorry. I’m supposed to keep you healthy and make sure everything is going fine. But I failed to notice anything amiss. Remember you are the blue paladin of Voltron, someone who helped defeat Zarkon and has saved the universe more times than we can count. You are so so important my boy, please remember that.” Coran said, backing up but still holding onto Lance’s shoulders, squeezing them before letting go.

Lance could only nod, not sure if he could open his mouth and not burst into tears again. Coran clapped him on the back and they all began to exit the hangar. But Lance was stopped by a gentle hand on his shoulder that belonged to Shiro. The rest of the team gave a curious look before continuing out of the hangar leaving Lance and Shiro alone with their lions.

Lance looked at Shiro with curiosity and slight nervousness. But Shiro looked kind of nervous himself so it made Lance feel better.

“Hey Lance, I just wanted to say that um… about what you said… you can always come talk to me. If you want to. I don’t usually sleep much either so if you ever need company…” Shiro trailed off scratching his neck, “I hope you know that you can come to me, anytime. Really. My door is always open.” Shiro said.

Lance blinked, a little surprised but he nodded.

“Yeah… uh thanks Shiro.” Lance said.

“Also, one more thing.” Shiro said before taking a deep breath and straightening his shoulders, “I wanted to apologize. I know I haven’t been the best leader to you or even a good friend and I should have. Pidge and Hunk made me realize that.” Said Shiro.

What? No, Shiro you’re-“ Lance began.

“Let me finish.” Shiro said, raising a hand to stop Lance from talking.

Lance shut his mouth.

“I know that I have been kind of ignoring everyone on the team, except for Keith. I’ve been paying a lot of extra attention to him and I realize that now. It might be because I’ve known him for so long, however that’s not an excuse.” Shiro took a breath, “I realized that when you were gone, I didn’t know much about you or Hunk for that matter. So when you were sleeping the day after you got out of the healing pod, I asked Hunk about you… and I realized I hadn’t even tried to get to know you this entire time despite everything we’ve been through and how long we’ve been together as a team.”

Shiro set his shoulders, looking determined.

“But I’m going to do better, I’m going to be better so that you and everyone on the team can trust me and tell when things are going on. I’m going to try really hard.” Shiro took a breath, “But I need this to be a two way street, and when you’re ready I hope you’ll come talk to me, instead of hiding things like before. Can we do that Lance?” Shiro asked sincerely.

Lance took a minute to process everything Shiro had just said. But he nodded.

Shiro smiled, “Good.” And he was about to turn to leave when Lance started to talk.

“Shiro wait, now it’s time you listen to me for a minute. Shiro, you’re a great leader. I know that. And um… don’t ever think otherwise okay? I really look up to you and I know you’re doing your best. Can you sometimes be a little narrow sighted? Yeah, sure but hey we’re all human here right?” Lance said with a smile, “That includes Keith, by the way.” Lance said cracking his first Galra joke before moving on, “So don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re honestly not much older than me and look at what you’re trying to do. Protect the universe, that’s like crazy stressful. So just cut yourself some slack okay?” Lance said, smiling at Shiro.

Shiro let the words wash over him. How was Lance so good at this? Every time something happened to him he just seemed to bounce right back and make the other party feel better. He understood everyone and what they were saying. He was just… so good with people. Understanding them, listening to them and giving advice, reminding Shiro that he too was just a person. It was funny how much Lance understood others yet had no idea when it came to himself. Shiro smiled.

“Yeah, you’re right. Thanks Lance.” Shiro said.

The two paladins smiled at each other before walking out of the hangar together. Lance feeling better by the second.

Everything returned to the way it was, except this time everyone paid more attention to Lance. Or Lance felt that way. But really they were just acknowledging him more than they had previously. It was something that Lance was slowly getting used to. He cracked more jokes because he’d actually get a laugh or two before they moved on to serious subject matter. Lance spent more time with everyone and when he saw his hallucinations he didn’t bother to hide it, not that he fully acknowledged it either. Lance was sure if he just started to talk to empty space that would kind of freak everyone out even if they knew what was up now.

Lance rejoined missions and he loved it. At first he was a bit nervous not having flown Blue in battle in a while or the fact that he hadn’t formed Voltron in a while either. But when he and Blue flew together his worries disappeared and they fought the Galra and anyone else just as they had before. And Voltron was even easier to form when they were together, if a little overwhelming. Not only were Lance and Blue together but they were also together with everyone else. Lance could feel how powerful the lion bonds were and it was kind of crazy. Another thing Lance was going to have to get used to.

After a couple of days Allura came with a suggestion.

“I think we’re going to visiting the planet Kann with the Noo and Goo.” Allura said to the team who were gathered around the dining room table for dinner.

“They requested that Lance make an appearance there once he was recovered, since we are near the planet and have yet to find a distress beacons I think now is a good time.” Allura said.

“Really?” Lance asked, eyes lit with excitement.

Allura smiled, “Really.” She said.

Lance laughed and gave a shout of excitement.

Keith spoke up, “When we went to go ask for allies to come and get you they agreed right away when they knew you were in trouble. They said you helped them make negotiations smoother.” Keith stated, “I was wondering when exactly you did that… I can’t remember you sneaking off to talk to them last time we were there.” Keith admitted.

Lance blinked, a little embarrassed.

“Oh yeah… I did it when everyone was sleeping.” Lance admitted.

“The Noo and Goo don’t need to sleep as much because their days are longer and the nights are pretty short. So when I figured that out, I don’t know, I just had this crazy idea that I could help somehow.” Lance scratched his neck thinking back, “I guess when we were down on the planet and Allura was trying to negotiate with them to join together and join the Voltron alliance she kept making it about the bigger picture. Which is great and works for a lot of people but I thought that maybe they were more concerned about how it could benefit them right now. So I went down to the planet while you guys were sleeping and asked each party what they were most concerned about at the moment, like what needed fixing right now.” Lance smiled.

“It turns out they were pretty concerned about the same thing. It’s just that they had different ways of going about it. So the next night I went down again and I told each party about the other. They were pretty stubborn but by the end of it they were willing to meet. So they did, we didn’t get very far but I think it was enough to show them that they weren’t so different from each other after all. Then the next day they sign the negotiation agreement!” Lance said beaming.

“I didn’t tell you guys because, most of the time my ideas get shot down because they’re not the greatest or most thought out. And I thought that I should just do it myself, that way if it went wrong you guys could just blame it on me. But I just had to try and so I did.” Lance finished.

Allura blinked, “Lance you are so observant.” She stated like it was a fact.

What? No-“ Lance began.

“No really, you are. I think I need you to help me negotiate more often. I hadn’t even realized that that strategy might work. Usually I just try the same thing every time maybe with a little variation but of course, you’re right. Every planet and people we come across is different! And so they need different treatment and approaches! Honestly you’re brilliant Lance!” Allura said with absolute sincerity.

Lance was a little floored, the Princess never complimented him that way before. So he just sheepishly smiled.

“Thanks Princess.” He said quietly, a light blush on his cheeks.

And so it was decided they were going to Kann within the next two days and Lance was so excited to see them again. Although they had been hard to talk to at first, he actually became quite good friends with the Noo and Goo on the planet. The sleep deprivation was totally worth it.

They did land on Kann two days later and the size and intensity of the crowd was almost too much for Keith to handle, but luckily he didn’t have to deal with them. They were here for Lance, not anyone else on the team. So Keith watched as the crowd grew bigger as they descended toward the planet’s jungle surface. Bright feathered faces and shiny bright scales made a cascade of every color of the rainbow as fish and bird humanoid aliens waited for Lance to climb out of the blue lion.

The rest of the team descended from their lions with Lance emerging a bit afterwards, whether it be because he needed a little time to himself before being attacked or for dramatic flair, Keith wasn’t able to tell. However Lance did eventually descend the ramp from his lion and the sound was so loud that Keith was convinced that he blew an ear drum. The aliens shrieked and yelled as their beloved paladin came to them, some not waiting until he made it to the ground to greet him. Instead they climbed up the ramp, grabbing him by the hand before Lance was completely swallowed by the crowd still shouting from glee. Keith smiled to himself, Shiro stepping up behind him to watch, the rest of the team following suit.

“They really do love him.” Shiro stated with satisfaction and wonder.

“Yeah.” Keith agreed.

Keith felt a slight pain in his heart as he watched though. What was it? Jealously? Maybe. He wondered how Lance became friends, or more like a hero to an entire planet in the three days he was here. He was amazed by his ability to befriend people and wondered why Lance had ever let him step foot in the Black lion when Lance was clearly… better. He was just better and he didn’t even know it.

Keith still thought about what Lance had said to them on the beach.

So I worked hard really hard. Really hard. I got to the top of the cargo pilot class and when I was upgraded to fighter class I thought my hard work had paid off. But I only got in because Keith dropped.

And believe me they really liked to remind me of that. Every time I fucked up they would remind me that I was just a replacement for the best pilot of our generation.

In the Garrison I was already competing against you Keith, even if you weren’t there… I honestly hated you. I don’t anymore but I was jealous and mad and I didn’t even know you. I’m sorry about that.

Keith knew that Lance wasn’t blaming him now, but the thought that he had really bothered him. Lance honestly didn’t like him, at least in the beginning. Although Keith always thought he was just a big goofy flirt that annoyed him, but he never hated Lance. But Lance admitted that at some point he had hated him but that he had changed his mind. But why? Keith never made any attempt to fix the problem so why did Lance consider him his friend, if that’s what they even are now. Keith thought they were but he wasn’t so sure. If he could actually get Lance out of that crowd anytime soon, he’d ask.

Keith got his opportunity during the banquet that the Noo and Goo held for their blue paladin to celebrate his full recovery and to thank him for his hard work. The start of the party was spectacular with drinks and food lining every flat surface. Lance was surrounded for what seemed like forever but towards the end of the festivities Keith noticed Lance was nowhere in sight. Keith went looking around. The party was taking place in a castle made from the vegetation of the jungle around them as well a glowing crystal which was like a clear version of the Balamerian crystals they’ve seen. It was really beautiful. The Goo claimed that their underwater castle was better, however they agreed that a party on land was more suited for the human paladins.

Keith exited the main hall, looking for someplace that Lance would go. It took Keith a minute to think about it but eventually he concluded that Lance probably wanted some fresh air, and he was right.

Keith found Lance on a balcony overlooking the water, quite a way from the rest of the party. Lance was bent over the railing, head resting on his hands, staring out at the scenery. Even Keith admitted that it looked pretty peaceful.

“Couldn’t handle the attention?” Keith asked with a smirk.

Lance didn’t even flinch.

“Yeah, something like that.” Lance said straightening but still looking at the scenery.

Keith joined him in the staring, letting the breeze go through his hair.

“Are you… okay?” Keith asked.

Lance turned to look at him slightly before looking at the landscape.

“Yeah I just needed a minute. They mean well but everyone is kind of a handful, reminds me of my own house back home.” Lance said, laughing.

Keith nodded liked he understood, he didn’t really although since living with everyone on the Voltron team he was getting better.

They stared in silence for a while before Lance began to turn away, Keith knew it was now or never so he gently grabbed Lance’s arm, surprising him.

“Hey, wait. Can I ask you something?” Keith asked, suddenly nervous.

Lance blinked but nodded.

“Yeah, sure.” Lance said. Keith dropped his arm and Lance rejoined Keith, watching him.

“I um… I was thinking about everything you’ve said and um….” Keith scratched his neck, this was very hard, “I was wondering… are we friends?” Keith asked sincerely, he was slightly embarrassed by the question. He didn’t think you normally asked this sort of thing but he had to know.

Lance looked a little shocked by the question too but he nodded.

“Yeah, I think we are!” Lance said with certainty.

Keith relaxed, well that was good to know.

“Why do you ask?” Lance asked him, looking concerned.

“Well, all the stuff you said at the beach I felt like you were blaming me. Which I think part of the stuff is my fault but then I know you’re not but… I felt like you were. Then I realized I didn’t do anything to try and change your mind. So I thought we were friends before, but friends don’t just fight with their friends and I realized that’s all I did with you. Fight. Shiro’s my friend and I don’t fight with him so I guess I was wondering because… when did you decide to be friends with me?” Keith asked, he knew he was babbling that the words were falling out and probably didn’t make a lot of sense but he couldn’t stop himself.

Lance blinked and then looked at the scenery again, thinking hard before turning back to Keith.

“First of all, I’m sorry I made you feel that way. You shouldn’t feel bad because of what I thought of you when we first met. Yes at first I hated you, but I admired you too. I wanted to be you, cool, talent but you know, without the mullet.” Lance smiled, receiving a punch from Keith, “God, be gentle with me!” Lance laughed.

He continued.

“In terms of when I stopped I think it honestly was the goo fight when the Princess locked us in handcuffs, and I realized I didn’t hate you. I didn’t necessarily like you, but I didn’t hate you. Since then I think it’s gotten better. But I think I became your friend while Shiro was missing.” Lance admitted.

They were silent for a little bit. For Keith spoke.

“When he went missing, I thought for sure you would try to convince me not to pilot the black lion. Given the recent times you accused me of being reckless, which is true. But why did you turn so suddenly? You were the first one to tell me to lead Voltron.” Keith said.

“Well before Shiro went missing I knew he would want you to pilot the black lion when he was gone.” Lance said.

Keith looked shocked.

“What? It’s not like you two are actually good at keeping secrets.” Lance stated with a laugh, “Anyway when he really did go missing I just pushed everything aside because it was go time. I figured if you did try to run off and do something stupid I’d be able to keep you in line. I knew you were best suited for the job. Sure you’re a bit of a hot head but you’re the best pilot and I sure you’ll be a good leader with some practice. You’ve already become better with people and evaluating situations so you’re improving no worries.” Lance said with a smile.

“But I’m not the best! You are!” Keith practically shouted, Lance looking at him surprised.

“You’re selfless, able to make friends with an entire planet in three days, you can adapt to situations quickly, you understand everyone around you and their motivations, and you can fly you’re lion through your bond! You’re… amazing Lance. You just can’t see it.” Keith said.

There was a stunned silence between the two of them. Then Lance spoke.

“But I can’t make the tough decisions. You can.” Lance said taking a breath, “No matter what you say, I don’t have the guts to be a good leader. Maybe all those things you said are true, but in the end I can’t make the call. What’s a good leader if he’s only willing to sacrifice himself?” Lance asked.

Keith’s memories flashed across his mind. Lance’s face as he pushed Keith and Pidge over the console board, eyes hard and smile sad.

“That’s why you’re second-in-command and not me. You’re willing to make those calls, I’m not. I’m too attached to everyone and everything. I can’t do it. But that’s okay with me. That’s why you and Shiro are the leaders. Not me.” Lance finished.

Keith nodded, understanding.

“I haven’t thanked you.” Keith said.

Lance blinked, “For what?” he asked.

“You were the first one to not make a big deal of me being Galra. You kept me in line when Shiro was missing and you’ve saved my ass as many if not more times that I’ve save yours. Thanks, Lance.” Keith said with a genuine smile.

There was a pause before Lance’s smile broke across his face.

“Yeah no problem, man.” Lance said.

They looked at the scenery one more time before rejoining the party.

anonymous asked:

ohhh oh could we see chiaki, ouma, amami, nagito, and kiibo winning a prize for their s/o at like a claw machine or carnival? ^u^

Oh my Gosh! I actually did that, I won a plushie! Of course you can Anon :D

Request: Chiaki, Ouma, Amami, Nagito and Kiibo winning a prize from a claw machine for their S/O

Chiaki Nanami:

- She’s a gamer, so of course she’s drawn to these

- “Can I try? Can I, can I, can I???”

- You let out a little laugh before just nodding

- She’s instantly going for the biggest prize available

- “S/O - san/kun, stand here and tell me where the claw is.”

- You roll your eyes but do as she asks anyway

- Sure enough, she wins the prize no problem

- “Yes!”

- She’s jumping up and down with excitement, you literally have to push down on her shoulders to make her stay on the ground

- “Here”

- She holds the prize out to you and you happily take it

- “Next time, I’ll get you one Nanami - san”

- She just clings to your arm and tilts her head in a different direction

- “There’s some by the entrance” 

Kokichi Ouma:

- Nishishi, why would you want a prize from a machine when he can easily get it from the gift shop?

- “Don’t you think it’s more fun that way Ouma - kun?”

- “Well, I guess you could see how awesome I am at it!”

- Yeah, you forgot that he lies about pretty much everything

- You found that out after 10 failed attempts

- “Uh… Is that gift shop offer still available Ouma - kun?”

- “S/O - chan, I’m winning you the prize no matter what! I was just practising!”

- Uh huh

- About 10 more tries later he finally wins something

- “Aha! I told you I’d win something! Would I ever lie to you?”

- He then grins as he hands you the prize

- You roll your eyes before taking it and then kissing his cheek

- “I never doubted you for a second Ouma - kun”

Rantaro Amami:

- He literally turned around for a minute just to buy tickets

- But you were gone

- He panics for a bit before getting out his phone and calling you

- “Come on.. Pick up”

- One ring… Two rings… Wait a second, why can he hear your ringtone?

- He heads in the direction of it until he eventually finds you with your hands on the glass of a claw machine

- “Uh…”

- “I want the Batman Plush Amami - kun”

- He can tell you’re being 100% serious

- “If you want, I can try and get it for you”

- “Really?! Thank you!”

- You move aside for him and watch as he carefully moves the claw

- Eventually the claw manages to grab your desired plushie and drops it into the hole

- “Aha… Here you go”

- “Yayyyyy! Amami - kun is the best!”

- You jump up and wrap your arms around him planting plenty of kisses on his face

Nagito Komaeda:

- The two of you were just going on a nice date to a theme park

- But then of course, you found the arcade

- “Komaeda - kun, Komaeda - kun! Look it’s full of plushies!”

- “Haha, would you like one S/O - san/kun?”

- You nod and hand him a few coins

- “Think luck will be on my side today?”

- What a silly question to ask, he manages to grab two prizes with one claw

- “Amazing! Ah… But that means that bad luck is sure to follow soon”

- You just giggle before hugging him

- “It’s okay Komaeda - kun! Whatever it may be, we’ll get through it together!”

- He smiles at you before taking your hand

- “You’re way too nice for trash like me”

- You roll your eyes and gently pull him outside

- Turns out the bad luck he was talking about was just rain which leaves to two of you sprinting home



- It takes you a while to reassure him that no, it’s not he finally has the courage to step up to it

- “Um… What is the purpose of this?”

- “It’s something like a luck game where you can win the things inside… If you catch them that is”

- “Oh! I remember reading something like this! You’re meant to get a prize and then give it to the person you’re with as a loving gesture! S/O - san/kun, allow me to do just that! ”

- You can’t help but blush slightly but nonetheless you nod and step aside for him

- He carefully scans the console before moving the claw

- He glances at you before pressing the button

- Sure enough he got something

- “S/O - san/kun! I did it!”

- He’s so happy with himself, bless him :’)

- He gives you the prize and you happily accept it

- “Wait, Kiibo - kun! You need a prize too!”

- “Oh? Do you want to tr-”

- You cut him off by giving his lips a quick kiss

- It takes a lot of willpower (and coolant) for him to not overheat

anonymous asked:

So Evan, is ConCon the only one who knows you're a werewolf? Or does someone else know too?

E: well, Jared and Alana know too.
E: I told Jared first, a-and um, he accidentally let it slip to Alana, but that’s okay.
E: I’m kinda, uh, glad that Alana knows. She’s really smart and helps me figure things out about myself.

the mathventure zone

aka what happens when I am feverish, cannot fall asleep, and the two things I’ve been thinking about non-stop merge into one in my brain

Magnus: “okay, um, if they’re twice-differentiable and agree at the endpoints I guess I’m just going to integrate and see what happens”

“We’ve solved your PDE puzzle!”
“The answer was literally ‘guess the exponential function,’ I don’t know why it took you half an episode, but yes, you have solved my PDE puzzle.”

“By my power, the Dominated Convergence Theorem–” “Merle, that’s a fifth level Analysis spell, you’re a level three combinatorist”

“yeah I’ve got this new ability called Green’s Theorem, it lets me convert integrals of vector fields to the flow on the boundary, when I get to level 7 it becomes Stokes’ Theorem and I can use it in any dimension" “Holy FUCK that’s good” 

“Alright, and you get….ooooh, okay, this is really good, it’s called a Wolfram Alpha, once per day you can plug any sort of algebraic, multivariate, or integral equation into it and it’ll just solve it for you, and if you sacrifice one spell slot, it’ll show you the steps. You can also as a free action ask it to recite any theorem or definition that you want to remember.”

(to the tone of "I cast….Zone of Truth”) “I invoke…The Axiom of Choice”

“I use Rustic Commutativity, it means that any time I interact with members from a group, I can treat myself like I’m an element of the center of the group.” 
“You bring this up every time we talk about groups.”
“And I’ve never gotten to use it because every other group we’ve interacted with has been abelian anyways!”

“I cast…Hamel’s basis”
“That’s not a real spell, you’re just making shit up now”
“It is! Hamel’s Basis! Look it up in the book, seventh level school of analysis!” “yeah I’m looking at it, that’s a real spell.”
“Okay, okay, what the hell does it do?”
“Hamel’s Basis: analysis 7, category theory 8. You can take any one vector space and any field of your choice, and if that vector field fails a charisma saving throw, it now has a basis over the field for the duration of the spell. By using a spell slot of eighth level or higher, you can extend this to a free module over a division ring and invoke the universal property of maps. If you use Hamel’s Basis to craft a basis for the reals with coefficients from the rational numbers, it automatically succeeds.” 
Holy FUCK. How is that even possible?”
“Proof components: The Axiom of Choice. HAH! It even has a note, The axiom of choice is equivalent to the statement: ‘Every vector space has a vector space basis,’ and this is the only justification for the existence of a Hamel basis.”
Okay, I guess this vector space has a basis now, what do you want to do?”

parks and rec blurb or whatever

wrote this lil blurb/imagine thing based off a post @gounderoos posted about wanting to hold tom and watch parks and rec (literally my all time fav show) so enjoy this crappy lil thing thx

“okay, so, remind me of what happened last time? um, the small horse-”

“li'l sebastian.” he chuckled softly.

“yes, li'l sebastian, is the guest of honor at the carnival, and the small one - tom? - lost him, right? and now they’re looking for him?”

“right!” i smiled as he made his way back to my bed, a soda in both of his back pockets, two bags of chips tucked under his arms and a bowl of popcorn with wrapped candy bars sitting on top of it. he removed the two cans and handed one to me, placing the other on the night stand.

“right. now, what’s the deal with this sebastian character? i mean, he’s a horse…” i feigned offense with an exaggerated gasp and a hand to my chest.

“he’s a small horse, Tom! he’s a big deal!” Tom purses his lips together to suppress his laugh as he slid in next to me on the bed, handing me a couple of candy bars and placing the bowl of popcorn on his lap.

“right, right! how could i be so insensitive?!”

“that’s what i’m saying!” Tom shook his head, but i knew it was endearing. he leaned over and pressed play on my laptop before situating himself against the headboard and watching the t.v. show.

“when do Leslie and Ben get together?” i shook my head.

“no spoilers, Holland!” he grunted in response and shoved a handful of popcorn in his mouth. it was silent for a few minutes, up until we got to the scene with Jerry, Ron, Tom, April and Andy in the maze. i laughed loudly at when Andy found his way back to April.

“April! oh, my god! this maze is like a maze!”

i looked at Tom and saw he was looking at me already, a wide grin on his face. “watch the show, Tommy!” i playfully nudged him and he leaned in, giving me a soft peck. he pulled away, not moving completely away from my face.

“sorry, you just looked really cute.” i grinned to mirror him and kissed him again, a little longer this time. i pulled away with my hand coming up to cup his cheek.

“i love you, Tom.”

“really?” i nodded, confused. it wasn’t like i hadn’t said it before. “that is awesome sauce.” it was his turn to laugh. i rolled my eyes as he quoted the show and shoved his face away from me, only earning a louder laugh. “i love you, too, darling. that’s what makes the sauce so awesome.”