um okay

  • Jeremy: Give me money for years old songs I didn’t write and had no legal ownership of.
  • Paramore: No sorry you can only have the songs you helped write and do have legal ownership of.
  • Jeremy: What the hell is this I don’t understand? I will sue you now.
  • Paramore: What.
  • Jeremy: I will sue you.
  • Paramore: Um, okay, uh, good luck with that? What’s up with you it’s like All We Know Is Falling again.
  • Zac: Hey guys I’m back want to write a song again?
  • Everyone: What.
Hoshidan Festival: Takumi and Shigure Parent-Child Convo

I think there was one more conversation that had the child asking, “Dad/Mom, why did you marry your sibling?” but regardless, it’s pretty funny. It’s also funny how casual Takumi is about the whole thing. You’d think that he’d be all “Oh, well, uh, it’s complicated.” Instead he’s more “Eh, didn’t really bother me.”

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Prompto: “I wonder. She really gonna leave the army?”
Ignis: “You seem quite smitten with her.”
Noctis: “Which one is it?”
Prompto: “One is what?”
Noctis: “Her or Cindy.”
Prompto: “Aranea or Cindy!? Wow. Okay. Um, let me think about this for a sec.”
Ignis: “I’ve no doubt both of them can wait.”

Can’t say I blame Prompto. Both gals are great.

I was looking at the destiel hug from 9x21 and it was bugging me because it reminded me of something

then it hit me, becuse look:

This is Jensen trying to stop himself for crying. And for me the look on Dean’s face when Cas is hugging him is pretty similar. 

I’m not saying it means something, I just wanted put the two things together


our wounds will scar.