um no that isn't it

the half blood prince
  • Hermione: so um... harry isn't the whole malfoy thing a bit too much? You're practically obsessed with him
  • Harry: what? oh sorry i wasn't listening i was watching draco on the marauders map he should be entering the great hall any secon- oh fuck there he is okay guys try to act naturally, ron could you move a little bit to the left you're blocking my view

okay, fuck it

it is okay to feel things weakly

it is okay to take days or weeks or months to start feeling lonely, or to not get lonely at all

it is okay to not miss your friends, your family, your home, w/e

it is okay to not get excited or happy the way others seem to

it is okay to not get sad for others or even yourself

it is okay to not get angry even when you think you should

it is okay to not feel guilty even when you think you should

it is okay to feel like your loved ones care more about you than you do about them

it is okay to feel empty or numb a lot of the time

it is okay to feel empty or numb all of the time

it is okay to not know why

these kinds of emotional patterns can mean a lot of things, and they can be a very difficult experience, but they never mean that you are a worse person or less of a person than anyone else

low-intensity emotions do not in any way diminish your value as a person

[stares into the middle distance] 

I have made a huge mistake.

Yule ball
  • McGonagall: Mr. Potter, are you and Mister Malfoy ready?
  • Harry: Ready, Professor?
  • McGonagall: To dance! It's tradition that the three champions - well in this case four - are the first to dance. Surely I told you?
  • Harry: No.
  • McGonagall: Oh, well, now you know. Go on, you and Mister Malfoy can go inside now.
  • Harry: Um... Professor, why do you keep talking about Malfoy as if he was my date?
  • McGonagall: Well, isn't he?
  • Harry: *blushing* Um... no?
  • McGonagall: And why in Merlin's name not? 50 points from Gryffindor!
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #60 (Daniel's birthday edition)
  • Phil: *puts up decorations and calls dan in*
  • Dan: omg Phil this is ama- *looks at the hanging on wall that says happy birthday aniel*
  • Dan: um Phil isn't there supposed to be a D in Daniel?
  • Phil: there's going to be
  • Dan:
  • Phil: ;)