um meme

someone: oh my god were you CRYING???

me, not even 4 minutes after a full on breakdown: 

  • Valkyrie : My partner died 300 years ago. It's gut-wrenching still.
  • Skulduggery[from the other room] : Valkyrie. please stop telling ppl I'm dead. They KNOW.
  • Valkyrie : Sometimes I can still hear his voice.
tokyo ghoul ask meme
  • kaneki ken: do you like to read?
  • kamishiro rize: do you get bored easily?
  • nagachika hideyoshi: is there a friend you'd do anything for?
  • kirishima touka: have you done anything in the past that you're not proud to admit?
  • kirishima ayato: do you love your siblings, if any?
  • fueguchi hinami: have you lost anyone/anything important to you?
  • nishio nishiki: is there anyone you hated at first but eventually came to like in your life?
  • tsukiyama shuu: have you ever spoken to someone in a language everyone knows you're not fluent in?
  • uta: have people ever told you you're two-faced?
  • hoito roma: have you ever faked ignorance so people would stop paying attention to you?
  • renji yomo: do you think you're the caring type of person?
  • yoshimura: do you know how to brew coffee?
  • naki: is there anyone you consider your role model in life?
  • eto: are you an easy-going person?
  • tatara: are you currently living in the same country in which you are born in?
  • nutcracker: do you believe your childhood shapes you?
  • takizawa seidou: are you afraid of death?
  • amon koutarou: have you ever been betrayed by someone you trusted deeply?
  • mado akira: are you particular about time?
  • suzuya juuzou: have you ever only realised someone is important to you after they're gone?
  • arima kishou: have you ever achieved anything you're proud of when you were young?
  • ginshi shirazu: do you think you're capable of shouldering huge responsibilities?
  • urie kuki: what is your goal in life?
  • mutsuki tooru: are you happy with the way you are now?
  • yonebayashi saiko: are you procrastinating while answering this question?

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  • sore distress - saosin
  • looking down from the edge - blessthefall
  • yung & dum - issues
  • i’d rather see your star explode - slaves 
  • phantasmagoria - circa survive
  • knot - chon 
  • your friends are gone - circa survive 
  • dream at tempo 119 - silversun pickups 
  • st. patrick - pvris 

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