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I am aware of the issues with the walking dead storylines and the inherent need for shock value to make the show better but I'm still watching it and enjoying it why the fuck am I like this... I need help. (you got me into black sails though and I binge watched the entirety of s1 yesterday so um. thanks asshole. love u)

i gave up on the walking dead every couple of seasons but then would eventually come back and binge catch up but this season i was done for good. its just like.. misery porn for the most part.  like it was genuinely not an enjoyable experience? like i hated the gore and violence just for gore and violence’s sake, i hated the death for shock value, the seasons storylines were so repetitive and i just didnt care anymore. like i never felt respected as audience member. idk i just really am so over that show and hearing people talk about it i just want it to be over. 

im glad ur up to s2 of bs because i wish i was kidding when i say s2 of bs is god-tier television 


bada-bing bada-boom

My favorite headcannon is that Jack has an amazing singing voice and he doesnt even know it.

One day when they’re driving in the car, Bitty has his Sappiest Love Songs Ever playlist going, and Jack’s hitting every note in If I Ain’t Got You. By now Bitty knows Jack can sing, so he posts a video of Jack just going at it on his twitter. The offical Falcs account retweets it. Lin-Manuel Miranda retweets it. Bad Bob retweets it with a “He definitely got that one from his mother”. #WhatThePuckZimmermann is trending #1. The world absolutely loves that this big, quiet, awkward hockey bro also belts it out to sappy love songs on long drives, and Bitty is so proud they finally get to see a part of the real Jack.

In honor of it being a year since The Wedding Squanchers first aired, here’s the grandpa busting out of space prison.


Riding on these feelings,
We’ll go to the HAPPY HAPPY TRAIN!

i still remember playing animal crossing on the gamecube with my brother and we pissed off mr resetti one too many times so he WOULD NOT LET US PLAY until we had WRITTEN A FORMAL APOLOGY LETTER he told you exactly what to write and you just had to type it out, exactly, letter for letter, and if you tried to cuss him out instead HE KNEW and he was FURIOUS and you literally could not continue to play the game until you had written mr resetti a formal apology for making his life hell