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Up, up and away, away from me
Well, it’s all right, you can all sleep sound tonight
I’m not crazy
Or anything

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Little Belle

A few friends and I were going back and forth with many ideas of Nick being a dad, and we had to create someone for him to cuddle with, thus the little monster here named Isabelle.

And since we’re Wildehopps supporters, Judy would be her sweet and loving momma <3 (Of course, this would have to happen through adoption. ^^; But feel free to imagine, my sweets!)

Hope you all enjoy my little gift! :D 

Kissing Booth: All Genders Welcome

“Well that’s something you don’t see every day,” Kayla noted as they stared at a booth in the Houston rodeo.

“I don’t think that’s sanitary,” Austin mumbled.

But Will was hardly paying attention. He was looking instead at the raven haired guy running the booth with a smile on his face and a jar in front of him. He was… well gorgeous. His features were sharp, angled, exotic even. His skin was a beautiful olive tone, his eyes dark, ringed with dark lashes, his lips plump, his cheekbones high.

Will was completely swept away.

Suddenly two elbows jabbed into his sides and he yelped, swatting his siblings. “Do you want to stand in line?” Austin asked with a smirk.

A scarlet blush filled Will’s cheeks and he scowled. “No! Of course not! That’s completely unhealthy and… ridiculous.”

“You sure? Because I have five bucks in my jeans. You can either get five pecks or one good make out,” Kayla said.

Blushing furiously, Will walked away, hands deep in his pockets as he mumbled and tried to slow his heart down. His siblings fell into step beside him, laughing at his expense. Will couldn’t help but glance back at the kissing booth which was brightly decorated and had a very decent line.

A darker girl with tight curls surrounding her heart-shaped face and golden eyes sat cross-legged on a chair beside the booth, calling out for people to stand in line. There was a smaller sign under the one that read Kissing Booth which said, “All genders welcome!”

He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t considering it.

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Ignition Glove - Roy Mustang 

Slowly getting the hang of the new art program. The brushes are actually very helpful at letting my inner painter show off. Also using your own hand for reference is surprisingly easier than looking through the interner and the result looks far more realistic. Hence to why the glove is actually my favourite part of the painting. As far as the painting itself goes, there’s nothing really creative about it, just same ol’ Roy Mustang..

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source

Tom Holland Imagine: Roses

Summary: Tom has been admiring a strange girl in a supermarket for quite some time and is finally given a chance to approach her

A/N: sorry I went MIA with my writing… I had bad writers block tbh and tHIS IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE IM SO SORRY

Warnings: None


It all started about 4 weeks ago.

Tom had come out to Atlanta to film for his upcoming movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. At first, Tom was able to make his weekly trips to the grocery store with little to no problems, but as time went on, fans began to recognize him. His trips to the grocery store were becoming quite difficult and long, so at Harrison’s suggestion, the two boys decided to drive a little way out of town to do their shopping. Harrison had simply offered to do the shopping by himself, but Tom refused as he claimed that Harrison would never be able to get all the right brands of food Tom wanted. So, every Sunday at 11 AM, the two boys were on their way to a small market about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta.

Tom noticed the girl as she was standing by the roses. Her eyes scanned over each flower as she delicately grazed her hand over the petals. Tom couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She was absolutely stunning. Her hair was curled and cascaded down her back, she wore bright red lipstick with light eye makeup and was dressed in high waisted black jeans with light blue slippers and a light blue top that was knotted in the front, causing it to slide up briefly to reveal the smooth skin of her stomach. The single rose on the sleeve of her shirt did not go unnoticed by Tom either.

Tom began to feel creepy as he watched the girl every Sunday. She always bought the same items: eggs, bread, milk, ham, grapes and cheese. He also noticed that every Sunday on her way in and out, she always stopped by to gaze upon the bouquets of roses by the door.

Harrison was fully aware of Tom’s obsession with the girl and even found a notebook filled with sketches of her in Tom’s drawer one day when he was borrowing a pair of socks.

Each Sunday, Harrison attempted to encourage his friend to talk to her. But Tom insisted that he shouldn’t, afraid that she may not like him back.

So Tom watched from afar as the girl carried on with her weekly routine.

But this week, there was a difference in the routine.

She was dressed more beautiful than ever today, a yellow sundress with her hair pulled up in a pony tale with a blue ribbon tied around it, to match her light blue slippers that Tom has come to the conclusion must be her favorite since she wore them every week. She looked absolutely stunning, as always. And apparently Tom was not the only man aware of the beautiful girl.

Tom was carrying on with his gazing when a man approached the girl and pulled out a bouquet of white lilies. Tom scoffed at the man’s choice of flowers. Clearly he did not know her at all. Now, Tom wasn’t able to hear the conversation, but he knew very well that the man was making a move on his, well not his, but who he wanted to be his girl.

Tom also noticed the girl was missing eggs from her basket, so he put his plan to action.

He grabbed a bouquet of roses and a carton of eggs. He handed the cashier $20 and walked up the girl and the guy that was still harassing her. As he got closer, he was able to hear what they were discussing.

“Look, I’m just not interested, alright?”

“Give me one good reason why you’re not interested!”

Tom took a deep breath.

“Hello, love. So sorry I took so long. Couldn’t remember if you liked the brown eggs or the white eggs. Also picked you up your favorite flowers.”

The girl looked up at Tom, confused. Tom smiled politely at her before turning his gaze towards the man.

“Hi, I’m Tom. Her boyfriend. Are you a friend from work or something?”

“Uh, no. I was um… just leaving…”

And with that, the man was gone. Tom turned his gaze back down to the girl to find her glaring at him.

“I didn’t need your help, you know. I could’ve handled that myself.”

“I’m perfectly aware of that, darling, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to talk to you for 4 weeks now, so I wasn’t about to let the opportunity disappear.”

The girl’s eyes softened. A soft shade of pink covered her cheeks.

“Oh, well… um, thank you, I guess…”

“I’m Tom by the way. And oh, these are for you.”

Tom handed the girl the flowers and eggs and a soft giggle escaped her lips.

“Thank you, Tom. They’re lovely. THE FLOWERS! Not the eggs!”

Tom smiled at the girl’s embarrassment.

“So, can I get your number? I’d love to take you out sometime…”

“Yes! Um, here let me see your phone.”

Tom handed the girl his phone and let her enter the digits into it. When she handed it back, Tom was finally able to learn her name. Y/N.

“Well, Ms. Y/N, I’ll call you. And then we can go on that date.”

“Fine by me. As long as you don’t wait 4 weeks this time.”

Y/N sent him a wink and then headed out the door. Tom smiled after her and turned on his heel only to find Harrison smirking at him.

“It’s about damn time, mate.”


Er…so this probably isn’t what you expected from a Big Hero 6 x Frozen crossover…sorry!! not sorry :P

And for those of you who just wanted to see Hiro in a dress, here! <3

(also, please tag this with Big Hero 6 spoilers since it really does kinda spoil ^ ^;  Thankees!)

i really wish that hyuck’s foundation would match his neck just Once (1 time) in his life

Alla Prima- Chapter 4

Prologue   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3


The name echoed in whispers in his mind, vibrating in his head. Such a simple name, really. Short, one syllable, clipped. Really, truly just a name. No, it was the woman it belonged to that made it special. That made Jamie want to elongate the name, taste every letter.



It was his own personal poem, musical and song-like. A lullaby that dreamily drifted through his ears, lulling him into calmness.

And why should he feel so strongly about this woman? A woman he just met. A practical stranger.

He knew why, of course. No, it wasn’t just her beauty, though that didn’t hurt his impression of her. She was smart. Professor smart. Biology professor smart. And effortlessly funny. And kind. But, most of all, she was transparent. He felt as if he knew her in one conversation; her eyes stained glass windows into her mechanical mind, her face twisted with every emotion she felt.

He was infatuated with her: her voice, her eyes, her smile, her mind…

He tested her name out again, speaking to the darkness of early morning:



“Jamie? Jamie!” He shook himself from his thoughts, the large dining room coming into focus. His sister was speaking to him.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“What’s going on with ye, Jamie? Yer mind is somewhere else.” Jenny’s eyebrows were drawn in concern. Yes, his mind was elsewhere, but he wasn’t prepared to tell his family exactly where.

“Oh, aye. I’m just…tired. I was up late last night.” Jamie glanced around the table at his family.Sunday dinner at Jenny’s, a tradition that they had started when their father died. The family had grown since then, though. Jenny married Ian, Willie married Nora. Both couples had spawned 2 children each, and Jenny was round with another.

“Ye need to get more sleep, Sawny. Yer not sleeping enough,” Willie interjected.

“Sawny…Sawnyyyyyy…” Willie’s youngest, Elinor, sang sleepily, and dropped her head on her father’s shoulder.

“Aye, I ken. Just, ye never know when ye’ll be inspired.”

“I dinna understand it a bit,” Willie admitted, taking a large bite of pasta. “But I’ll always support ye. However. Ye need to be healthy.”

“I’ll work on it.” Willie placed his hand on his brother’s shoulder, squeezing slightly, before turning his full attention to the meal in front of him. A bottomless pit, that man was.

“Anyway, Jamie,” Jenny interjected. “I was asking what yer working on now?” With a little bit of natural artistic talent, but never taking it further than that, Jenny was always interested in Jamie’s ‘next big project.’

“Ach, just small canvases. Nothing special, really.” Very special, actually, but Jamie didn’t want to tell them about Claire.

“Nothing special? Ye just said yer getting inspired in the middle of the night!” Jenny laughed, blue eyes crinkling.

“Weel, I’ve just been painting…pretty things. Flowers and such. Nothing too…inspired. Just, when it’s in my heid, I have to do it, ken?”

“Nay, but I’ll pretend I do.” Jenny wasn’t convinced, and Jamie knew it. The way her eyes narrowed, and lips pursed; that was her concentration face. He would be asked about it when they were alone. He should definitely leave before there was a chance of that. “How’s the meal, loves?”

“Fantastic as always, sis,” Willie mumbled through a mouthful.

“Chew wif yer mouf closed, Da,” Elinor woke up long enough to say.

“Aye, Peach. Thank ye.”


It was unusual for Jamie to go to the park after Sunday dinner, but there he was. It wasn’t a conscious decision; his body was heading in that direction before his mind could catch up.

He saw Claire from a distance, her dark mane hard to ignore. Instead of sitting on her usually bench, she was pacing the path, stretching her arms above her head.

Suddenly, she doubled over, grabbing her foot.


“Fuck!” Claire whined, examining her toe. Just a scrape, nothing life-threatening. But, a stubbed toe never felt too good.

“Watch her mouth. There are children present.” She jumped, unaware she had company. She turned to face her companion, a man with the sunset in his hair and a smirk on his lips.

“Jamie! You frightened me!” He blushed.

“I’m sorry, I dinna mean to.” He looked positively abashed with his pink cheeks and downcast eyes.

“No! It’s fine. I wasn’t expecting you. How are you?”

“Good, good. Just had dinner. Are ye alright?” He motioned to her foot, which she was still holding onto.

“Oh, yes. A stubbed toe.” She winked. “I think I’ll survive.”

“Good to hear, Sassenach.” Sassenach? What does that mean. She was about to ask, but he cut off her thoughts. “So…um…can I ask ye something?”

“You just did.” A dumb joke, she knew, but she wanted to see him smile again.

It worked.

“Aye. Another thing, then.”

“Of course.”

“Do ye… Could I, maybe, get yer phone number?” Whatever she was expecting…that was not it. She was undoubtedly pleased.

“Oh. Um. Yes, let me see your phone.”

“Let me see yers as well.” They swapped phones, typing numbers furiously.

“You can text me anytime, Jamie.”

“Aye, I will. I mean, yes. Sure.” Flustered. He was flustered, and it warmed Claire to know she had such an effect.

“I better be off. Got to be up early tomorrow. But… I’ll speak with you soon?”

“Ye will.”


Jamie woke with a start, the shrill ringing of his cell phone hitting his sensitive ears. What time was it?

2:54 a.m. the clock told him.

He glanced over at his phone on the nightstand. And thrill ran through him. Underneath the bold name “Claire Beauchamp,” was a picture of her, taken not 12 hours ago. He didn’t realize she had put a photo in her contact information. He didn’t realize she took a picture at all.

But, even more surprising, why was she calling him? He wasn’t angry or annoyed, quite the opposite really. It was just…a shock.

Steeling himself, he pressed the little green button in the corner.


anonymous asked:

Hi! Um I was asking since looking at your previous post of saying Levi looked the way he did in fan art or in Lena's artwork, could I just input that he's 140 pounds of purr muscle? I personally don't see him so thin which really makes me confused on how you see him as a (I'm just trying to be funny) a twig. Eren himself does have muscle I will admit but Levi is more fit especially in the Mang. I just didn't particularly agreed to that because on based facts by Hajime.

Hold on, I’m trying understand this question lol. Um, let me see.. what I’m getting from this is that you think that I think that Levi is skinny? (I don’t think I remember making a post about Levi’s physique, so I don’t know which post you’re talking about).

But anyway, I think you misunderstood something. I don’t see Levi as a twig. I know how Levi’s body is in canon, despite his short stature, Levi is ripped and weighs a ton out of pure muscle like you said (65kg to be exact). Personally, I actually do not like to see Levi drawn too thin in fanart, because to me, it’s not very accurate to the real Levi we know. Also because I personally love to see a muscular and toned Levi, especially when it comes to his thighs, I love to see Levi with thick and chunky thighs, hard of muscle but yet squishy as well, I would have him to crush my head with those thighs in all honesty haha.

Same thing goes for Eren as well. I see a lot of people complaining about Levi being too thin in fanart/official art, but not enough people say the same thing when it comes to Eren. For example, the tons of fanart I’ve seen out there that has Eren’s body literally like a twig, it makes my eye twitch. I feel that some people overlook Eren’s real body in the manga. Eren is ripped as well, please don’t ignore that lol.

I mean.. goddamn. Look at Historia’s little hand compared to Eren’s big killer back. (even Rod’s hand is still small for that back lol)

Anyway, both Eren and Levi are equally masculine/ripped in canon and I fuckin love it tbh and I want it to stay that way. So I don’t know where or when I gave the impression that I saw these bad boys as “thin” lol.