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Jake? or Nathan?? or Whistler??? or maybe even the Espo 

Continuation of this fluffy fic for Annabeth’s 23rd birthday; Just demigods being dorks. I laughed a lot while writing this, I hope you enjoy reading it!

“I always knew you were his favourite,” Clarisse growled. “It’s so obvious.”

Annabeth laughed. “What are you talking about?”

“Come on!” Clarisse waved a hand at the dining pavilion, which was decorated with a huge Happy Birthday banner and far too many blue and silver balloons. “Who else would Chiron extend the curfew for?”

It was the early hours of the morning, and while Chiron had sent all the younger campers to their cabins he’d given his blessing for the party to continue on with just Annabeth’s special guests - which was really more than enough. With ex campers from both Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter in attendance, Percy had done a great job of completely blowing Annabeth’s no fuss birthday request.

She blew a stream of air out from between her pursed lips. “Well, technically, none of us are really campers anymore -”

“You Athena kids and your technicalities,” Clarisse snarled, but there was no menace in it.  “Just admit you’re the golden child and get it over with.”

Thankfully, Chris asked Clarisse to dance before she could get properly annoyed with Annabeth, who was too busy laughing to respond to the accusation.

Just as the Ares camper left, Frank stepped in to take her place. “Golden child, huh?”

Annabeth smiled at him, softer than the smile she’d given Clarisse. “Apparently.”

Grover snuck in between them, chewing on his plastic cup. He bleated a laugh. “I can believe it.”

She narrowed her eyes at him over the rim of her cup. “You can?”

“Yeah.” He smiled at her. “You’ve been practically running this place since you were seven. And look at all these people who travelled to celebrate with you…”

Annabeth swept her gaze out over the pavilion, which was packed with all of her demigod friends - people she’d grown up with at the camp, people who had quested with her and fought by her side, people whom she loved. And at the centre of it all, Percy, blue icing smeared across his chin from where Piper had just mushed her piece of cake into his face.

“I don’t think any of these people consider me to be the golden child of camp, though. That honour probably goes to Percy.”

“Eh.” Frank shrugged. “Everyone knows that you two are a package deal, anyway.”

She watched her boyfriend chase after Piper with a cup of blue soda as she shrieked, “No powers, no powers!”

“I don’t need powers to pour this over your head, McLean!” Percy shouted, scaling a table and spilling soda on Calypso’s shoulder as he went. “Sorry!”

Annabeth laughed. “Lucky me.”

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So I have to ask, you obviously had a cosplay squad at one point, why do you say that you don't? Don't feel pressure to tell us I'm just confused a little. I love you

Oh boy this is a story, but I will shorten it for the sake of time.

And before I start I just want to say that I do not hate any of the people in the story just what happened affected me negatively. But I do not hate them at all. 

Okay so I went to a convention back in late April and me, my sister and three of my friends were all going as Voltron characters. We had the entire team! 

Shior, Pidge, Hunk, Keith and Lance. It was going to be great. It was my first time cosplaying and I was doing it with friends! What could go wrong? haha 

So Me and my friend (who was cosplaying as Keith) showed up to the convention late (I had a school event and the con was a hour away) So anyways we show up in our outfits and we can find our friends. 

I found my other sister (she wasn’t cosplaying) and she told me that everyone went to a Voltron meet up earlier and then disappeared. 

So all of us walked around the convention and after an hour or two we found my other sister (who was cosplaying Pidge) but no one else. 

So we eventually found our Shiro and our Hunk but that was at the end of the day and some of them went home. 

So that was Saturday. 

Sunday wasn’t any better. 

On Sunday all of my squad (excluding Keith) hanged out with other voltron cosplayers all day. 

And don’t get me wrong I understand that it’s an convention and you’re suppose to make friends but they basically replaced me and my friend. 

Also to top if off when everyone wanted to do a giant photoshoot I got into a huge fight with my friend and missed ot (so I’m also a fault a little bit) 

And I was okay with that because hey I still had a squad but then my sister and two friends became good friends with new Keith and Lance and pushed me out of the squad unintentionally. 

So they’ve had Voltron hang outs and sleepover and I’ve just been low key crushed, but whatever. It happens you know? 

So even though I could probably join back with them I feel sorta unwanted because of how they pushed me out and haven’t even talked to me at all. 

So that’s the story of how I lost my squad. It sucks but I can’t be mad at them because I would’ve replaced me as well. 


stucky musicians au

bucky is a world famous piano player and music composer and steve is the cute guitar playing boy next door who bucky manages to charm into falling in love with him (feat. sam as steve’s enthusiastic best friend)

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Er…so this probably isn’t what you expected from a Big Hero 6 x Frozen crossover…sorry!! not sorry :P

And for those of you who just wanted to see Hiro in a dress, here! <3

(also, please tag this with Big Hero 6 spoilers since it really does kinda spoil ^ ^;  Thankees!)

like one of your french girls

Clexa Week Day 6 - Friends to Lovers

Summary: Ever the queen of procrastination, Clarke has left the assignment for her life drawing class to the last minute and found herself without a model. Enter Lexa, because apparently posing naked for each other is something that best friends do…

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Glancing up from the screen of her laptop and tugging one of the earbuds out from her ear, Lexa finds Clarke leaning on her doorframe, looking into the bedroom where Lexa lounges lazily on her bed.


“You know that I love you?”

Lexa shuts the lid of her laptop and sets it aside on the nightstand beside her bed to give Clarke her full attention. Knowing Clarke as well as she does, she tilts her head to the side, raises a single eyebrow questioningly, and asks, “What do you want?”

Clarke’s face drops and she rolls her eyes at how well Lexa knows her.

“Okay, so hear me out,” she begins, “but you know my life drawing class?”

Shuddering at the memory of the one time that Lexa came home from her own classes to find a large painting of an incredibly naked man leaning against the couch in their shared apartment, Lexa replies with a grimace.

“How can I forget?”

“Well,” Clarke explains, “we were supposed to work on a project outside of class but you know what I’m like – procrastination is my middle name.”

“You haven’t done it,” Lexa concludes.

“And I need to do it by Monday,” Clarke says with a nod. She bites at her lower lip nervously, then continues, “The thing is, I haven’t been able to find a model at such short notice. And well … you’re right here and you said that you were just going to be watching Netflix all afternoon so…?”

Clarke trails off, the tone of her voice rising at the end as she looks at Lexa with a question on her face.

Lexa is embarrassingly slow to pick up on what Clarke is asking her. In fact, it is only after a good five seconds of racking her brains to see if she knows anybody who might be willing to pose for Clarke, five seconds in which Clarke’s face gradually moves through pink and to a deeply flushed red, that she realises that Clarke is asking if that person can be her.

“You want me to…? Oh, right. Um, wow.”

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Genre: smut-ish (implied smut)

Word Count: 3,198

i know this was supposed to be short, but i have thing with elongating stories, i’m sorry !! also sorry in advance for spelling mistakes. enjoy !

Mark POV

“so,” I said, plopping down on the couch in front of Y/N. Y/N looked up from her phone, slightly surprised to see me. But then she put away her phone and smiled warmly. “What’s up with you and Ten?”

Y/N looked taken back, a sour expression on her face. “What do you mean?” The expression gave it away; she was faking too much. 

“I know you two have something.”

“It’s nothing,” Y/N finally confessed. “It was just a one time thing.” She shrugged and continued. “It was after his dance practice…”

Y/N walked down the hallway of the third floor, where NCT’s practice room was located. In her hand was a milkshake that she had proudly made all by herself. It was a DIY recipe she had read online and it turned out perfect, even Doyoung had asked her to write it down for him. 

As Y/N passed the practice room, she could hear a groan. She retraced her steps and stood on on her tiptoes to look through the small window at the top of the door. Ten was sitting there on one of the sofas, his head buried in his hands. Concerned, Y/N knocked the door and walked inside.

“Are you alright?” she asked, approaching Ten. Ten looked up at her. His skin was glistening with sweat and his hair was stuck to his forehead and the sides of his face.

“Do I look alright?” he asked her, a sullen expression on his face. He must have been there for a long time. Y/N handed Ten her drink and he took it with utmost pleasure. “I just can’t get this one move right, its really stressing me out,” he said, taking a sip. 

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It wasn’t that Ronan didn’t love Adam; because, fuck, did he love Adam.
It was that Adam was this being that was so profoundly and entirely something else, something so worthy of every form of admiration Ronan feared he would never be able to give Adam, that Ronan couldn’t imagine calling it merely love.
It was more than infatuation with the idea of Adam, with the idea that his perfect hands and his perfect lips and his whole being wanted Ronan the way Ronan wanted him.
It was more than that, than wanting the feeling of standing on the porch with his mouth captured in Adam’s, more than that feeling of perfect hands tangled in the back of his tshirt, more than fingers tracing down throats and tattoos and hipbones.
It was more than a feeling.
It was a knowledge that existed in Ronan’s subconscious, a sense of rightness.
Rightness in the way that Adam did things, as simple as sitting in the passenger seat of the BMW with music blaring, or lying tangled in the sheets of Ronan’s bed, mouth agape and eyelashes fluttered onto his cheekbones, dreaming.
It was the way Adam grabbed Ronan’s sweatshirt to wear when he couldn’t find his own, the way Adam glanced towards him when he thought Ronan wasn’t looking, (Ronan was always looking).
So no, Ronan didn’t just love Adam, or want Adam, or have feelings for Adam.
Ronan and Adam were a pair that went together without reason or explanation.
They just existed, these two seperate entities filled with so much passion for one another, and that was enough.
—  “Something more than love.”
(m.b, a pynch poem)

So today my friend irl told me she loved me and i felt so blessed. I said something that impressed her and she was like “i like that” and i said “sweet” and then she said “i love you” and aaaa like she doesnt have the most cheerful personality so she doesnt say really nice things to people but she said she loved me and i was so happy i gave her a hug like “I LOVE YOU TOO” and my friends around me were blown away

Dear John - Taylor Swift
Lotte de Koning

I was reminded today that I know all the chords to this song and I love singing it and basically I  have no excuse I love this song and I needed to test out a new recording app. 

Enjoy the generator sounds in the background too bc I couldn’t be bothered to put it through audacity

hey, everyone is so hecking gorgeous nd beautiful, nd i respect yall so much .. like you’re really out here doing the most nd being the best you can be, and just genuinely winning at life. i can’t express how proud i am of each and every one of you but i can say that you all absolutely deserve the world nd everything it has to offer. 


the best part about rereading book 1 & 2 was noticing that pattern