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Vex and Percy’s E87 Talk, transcribed

Since I know some people want this - Vex and Percy talk about Percy’s first experience with death, Vex’s words during the ritual, and some of Percy’s fears.

Vex: So, Percy.
Percy: Yes, dear?
Vex: I’ve been meaning to bring something up to you…
Percy: Yes.
Vex: Um… at the risk of bringing Scanlan up again… something I’d rather ignore
Percy: Yes, me too.
Vex: When he left, he said something that caught my ear, which was that he heard. He heard Pike and his daughter calling to him on the other side.
Percy: Yes.
Vex: Which is strange, really, because when I was on the other side I don’t remember hearing anything. What about you?
Percy: Um, okay.

Taliesin: I’m going to sit down and open up a bottle.
Laura: Busting out the Courage again?
Taliesin: The Courage, I think, is long gone at this point, I’m going for the Tear Whiskey, fuck it. Um, take a swig, and I pass.

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Ed Sheeran at 1Live in Cologne, Germany, February 23, 2017.
  • Interviewer: You're one of the most successful singer/songwriters right now on this planet, and millions of people, millions and millions of people are having sex while listening to Ed Sheeran.
  • Ed: Perfect. Perfect.
  • Interviewer: How does it feel like?
  • Ed: I dunno. Hopefully in sort of like ten, fifteen year's time, I'm gonna meet a lot of kids called Ed at my concerts. I hope so anyway. Have you had sex to my music yet?
  • Interviewer: Um. Okay, to be honest--
  • Ed: [laughs]
  • Interviewer: I've read The Hobbit, the book, but I've never seen the movie, so it's uh, I See Fire is a totally fuckable song, to be honest.
  • Ed: I See Fire is a fuckable -- You can say fuck on German radio?
  • Interviewer: Eh, well, we will see this after the show if it was allowed. [laughs]
  • Ed: Can you....? No, no, you can't, he's shaking his head at me. [laughs] Well, thank you for using I See Fire. I'm glad.

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I always found it really comical that Jasmine had Rajah in Aladdin and I really loved their relationship. So that had me thinking about how Sirius would react to Reader having a larger animal like Rajah as a pet and how that whole situation would play out. Happy Blurb Night Everyone! ❤

Love this!


“A fucking tiger?” Sirius mumbled to himself. “You have a pet tiger?”

“Um, Sirius? Are you okay?” you asked, nervously awaiting your boyfriend’s response. 

“I - you - what the hell is going on?” He ran a hand through his dark locks, a sure sign of his anxiety. 

“His name is Rajah,” you replied. “He’s friendly, I promise.”

“B-but,” Sirius sputtered, “how did you even get him? This isn’t normal, (Y/N).”

“I know, love,” you murmured, putting a hand on his arm in an effort to calm him. “It’s a long story for another day. Will you please just try to get along with him?”

“I’m more of a dog person,” Sirius deflected, trying to avoid what he was sure would be his immediate death. 

“Rajah, come,” you instructed. 

The tiger meandered over to you, his long strides graceful and sure. 

Arriving at your side, Rajah tilted his head curiously. You rubbed his head affectionately and gently took hold of Sirius’ hand. 

“Do you trust me?” you asked him.

“Yes,” his voice cracked, fear still present in his eyes. 

Your hand never leaving his, you guided him to Rajah’s thick fur. Sirius stroked the tiger gingerly.

“See? Friendly,” you grinned. 

“I suppose,” Sirius admitted, his motions becoming more deliberate. “I’m still more of a dog person, though.”

Rajah let out a small growl at Sirius’ admission causing Sirius to launch himself away from the large cat and you to clutch your stomach as your laugh echoed through the room.

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what if allura fucking hates chores....u would never know bc she helps clean up and stuff when everyone else is doing it but u see her alone and shes mumbling rude words at the dirty dishes

i can relate to this honestly? and i think the team would see this and like. just ban allura from chores. because she already has so much on her plate and whatnot and they’re all like “um??? you don’t have to wash dishes it’s okay.” but allura is just like “no i want to help” so she does chores willingly but is just really mad about it

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mmmm I feel kind of weird about 'moms' kind of forcing our human gender roles on cybertronians???



Okay? I’ll be honest, I’m not sure whether you’re referring to the ‘TF needs more moms’ thing I reblogged or the ‘Cybertronians making their own family’ post. 

Cybertronians don’t exactly have genders. Human gender roles aren’t even a thing they understand (in canon.) 

I’m not sure how anything I’ve posted could be “forcing our human gender roles on cybertronians.”

And if it’s not anything I’ve posted then I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say to you. 

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God.. um okay so I love your content.. but I don't want to see you anymore.. your not cute- beautiful but you are the slightest bit of ugly. Like I said love the blog But not you.

Instead of sending in rude stuff like this, you can blacklist “#the royal face” if you don’t want to see me. If your on mobile an unable to do so, tough luck buddy. Sometimes we gotta put up with a little bit of ugly in our lives☆

If you like my content but don’t like my pictures, that’s fine, but I won’t stop posting them cause sometimes, I’m hella cute. And, there are people who like seeing my face ♡

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Wow um okay so I'm such a hobi hoe and I just read Luckiest Man and it was so good and seemed so much like hobi that I stopped in the middle and cried for like 7 minutes like honestly I could totally see him that way as a husband and I really loved that piece and thank you for writing it i will be coming back to it whenever I need a pick me up

ahhhhhhhhhhh thank you so, so much anon! I’m glad you enjoyed it, truly! I can be so soft, especially for Hoseok. I hope you come back often, thank you so much - both for the wonderful compliment and for telling me! 

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i'm sorry i love kaden so much! 1-20??

oh god.. um it’s okay. welp here goes nothing

01. Full name: Kaden Raheem Malik Medina
02. Best friend: Either Akira or Skye! The guy’s very sole dependent
03. Sexuality: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He’s only been with one person so who knows.
04. Favorite color: Navy blue~
05. Relationship status: Engaged.
06. Ideal mate: *cough* baby mama #1 
07. Turn-ons: Already answered!
08. Favorite food: Pasta Alfredo.
09. Crushes: sigh… Nina Debrov.
10. Favorite music: That indie stuff like Ben Howard.
11. Biggest fear: Already answered!
12. Biggest fantasy: Ngl it’s probably to have an army of offspring and cats.
13. Bad habits: Already answered!
14. Biggest regret: Taking too long to be confident and take control of his life.
15. Best kept secrets: Well, we all know his recently secret…even though he doesn’t really remember.
16. Last thought: Already answered!
17. Worst romantic experience: Like I said… He’s only been with one person.
18. Biggest insecurity: His weight.
19. Weapon of choice: 💪💪💪 could crush heads with these guns!!💪💪💪
20. Role Model: The likes of Hugh Jackman and his mom.

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12 New Anime Shows From 2016 To Binge-Watch This Weekend

Watch if you like: competitive sports, romance, men so beautiful that you will weep”

I love opening up buzzfeed and seeing these two 


“Your Fault.” by @spideybaby (me!)

So this is actually what happened right?

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