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“I want to take a moment to talk about you and your idea, because it’s something I always need to remember.

“So, you, as a screenwriter of a story that you came up with—you are the only person in the process who will ever truly be alone with that story. You are a mother holding their baby. You are pregnant with it. It’s in your head. No matter how complicated the process of writing it, ultimately it is a piece of you. This is a business and it’s also an art. I always get kinda disgusted when people talk endlessly about the idea that their art is “part of them”—but it is! It is! It’s as part of them as the words coming out of their mouth, as the things they say to their friends, as the things you build with your hands, the food you cook… It’s all a sort of extrapolation of you.

“Even though things can get diluted and get ruined—or never sell—or never make you any money—or come out and do badly—or get torn apart by a director who you thought would be perfect and then betrays you—or get torn apart by critics—or, you know, succeed: always keep in mind that the thing you do when you’re alone, when you’re writing it, when it’s still part of you, is special. That’s special! That’s the act of creation! Not even most humans can do that! So if you wrote something—maybe it sucks. Maybe it’s great. I don’t know. I haven’t read it. Maybe you think it sucks. Maybe you hate it. Maybe you’re like “I hate everything I write!” Maybe you’re one of those people. I don’t get those people, but maybe you’re one of those people. Maybe you’re someone who’s a fanboy of their own stuff. Great! Please never forget, no matter how far you feel from the work, that it started inside you. That’s special. That’s a unique thing. And on some level you should—even if you’re just writing fanfiction for the internet—be proud of that.

Max Landis, “message to screenwriters


Funny Story

My sister was at a gig the other night with her friend and she was at the front near the stage, squished between loads of people. So she got overwhelmed and fainted but because there were so many people she just sort of stayed standing up.

It wasn’t until he person behind her noticed something wrong and moved and she just sort of fell to the floor. She then got crowd surfed to the front with her friend but through all of this she was unconscious so she doesn’t remember any of it.

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I'd /love/ to read something about Black Butler written by you. You have that "elegant" style that would suit Sebastian and Ciel so well. Btw, I know these are troubled times for you so I just want to send all my love and my appreciation for your work. You are so strong and amazing (and have great taste in anime as well). I look up to you and I hope things will get better. *hugs* <3

I’d love to write one, but there’s a few things that put me off which is firstly that I’m very intimidated by the characters, lol. But mostly I’m intimidated by the amount of worldbuilding I’d need if I wanted to set it in Victorian England (and…I do) vs. a contemporary AU.

I sort of, it’s one of the those things where I don’t even let myself think about it much because if I did, I’d probably end up with some 250k epic and years of research and it’s like ‘no Pia. No. No don’t do that.’ :D

But yeah, for some reason I find Ciel and Sebastian very intimidating characters to write. And the fandom has a lot of fanfic that I already love which helps a great deal. If only we had more time / hours in the day, right?? I’ve been in that fandom for a long time, long long time, and when I first joined it there were almost zero fics for the pairing. So that was when I was thinking most about writing fanfiction for it. But in that time since, more manga has been released, another season has come out etc. and the amount of really good quality fanfiction has increased.

So I feel less compelled to do it not because I can just enjoy the works of authors who have already struggled through the research god bless every one of them :D

<3<3 And thank you so much for your kind words! You’re awesome, anon

Hi my name’s Collette and all I had for lunch today were the pepperonis off of the two (2) slices of pizza one of my best friends gave to the friend he likes better than me even tho I didn’t have anything to eat otherwise :)


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