um i will get going nows

Update on my upcoming school year...
  • Our total enrollment is down to 170 from 298 because kids transferred out. They were given that option because our scores were so low.
  • We have 30 kids in 5th grade right now. That means we’ll have 2 classes of 15 (or one of 16 and one of 14).
  • The principal moved a K teacher up to 5th. Principal couldn’t hire anyone and K teacher was the only other teacher in the school with 5th grade experience.
  • K teacher and I get along fine personally. Professionally, I’m a little concerned. She’s not very, um… energetic. 
  • I don’t want to do guided reading and principal wants me to go with this lesson planning format I hate. I told her if she didn’t make me do guided reading I’d really try with the lesson planning. She agreed. Win!
  • I get to move from the smaller 5th grade room to the big one!

I’m nervous but I’m doing my best to get ready. Best of luck to everyone this year!

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my boyfriend and i's relationship had been flimsy but he crossed the line, um he sent me a video of him and my best friend having sex and im really just a wreck right now because i'm being called an attention whore and my old best friends are just bullying me. i'm getting suicidal again

What the actual fuck? Gimme that boys adress I’ll go stab him, what a fucking loser. And those ‘friends’? Let them go to hell because that’s where they belong for treating you like that. Honestly babe you deserve so so much better, you will find some people that are going to be real friends and love you, same goes with a boy. But pretty please don’t hurt yourself or do anything to yourself, I know it’s tempting and that your mind could block but those people aren’t worth it at all. If you would like I could give my kik to you so we can talk or message me on my main (shinda-hana) and we can talk more x

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jsyk /147855345317 isn't overwatch, it's voltron! i've noticed you've gotten a number of voltron confessions that go untagged, so to help, the main characters' names are pidge, shiro, lance, keith, hunk, allura, and coran, other named characters include zarkon, shay, matt, and others. i thought this might help you guys recognize them because it's been getting popular very quickly and it seems like there's a lot of a kin community for it now!

anonymous asked: not a confession but um this you tagged this post as overwatchkin but im pretty sure its actually voltronkin!! /147855345317/i-know-youre-probably-not-reading-this-but

Thank you! I think I got mixed up while mass tagging a bunch of posts. [Because I load up a couple pages, check if there’s multiple submissions from a single media / canon, and throw on the ‘canonkin’ tag before individually tagging names, CWs, etc. for each submission. /pulls back curtain woops].

I’m going to reblog this to the drafts as a little note so I can double check whenever needed. Thank you anon, for this list of names, because sometimes google doesn’t cooperate.

:p Thank you both for catching that, it might’ve confused a lot of people!


So, imagine Cecil is doing the show, like normal, but at one point we hear his phone buzz on the desk. And then we just hear “oh! Umm…. Um, okay… Listeners, something serious has come up, and I must leave right now, immediately, so here’s the Weather!!” Then a sound of frantic running out the door and it shutting behind him and the Weather comes on.

Then after the weather, we just hear Cecil panting, and he’s like, “s-sorry, listeners, but intern Kareem told me a Lucario was sighted by Big Rico’s Pizza and I wasn’t going to let it get away AGAIN.”


Get if lifted! (What what what what)
What are you looking at? Mr Fireman’s on the floor
Try to build a fire I’ll cool down this heat for you
(this) place filled with anxiety is burning more
You can feel my mood from the sound of that siren UM……..
Work hard, acting like I lost, that’s hard like this
A lukewarm atmosphere? No thanks
After I set my shaking, heated backseat on fire,
we’re on it (we do it right), we get lit
Eh yeah yeah yeah
Hands up if you feelin the vibe now
Eh yeah yeah yeah
One step two steps go
Tonight, me and you, everyone’s addicted
Come running wherever you are,
Fire Truck
You can call me anytime
Move your body, pick it up
Shake (following) the way you feel the rhythm
When things get hot make some noise
What what what what?
What what what what what what?
Yeah, be anywhere everywhere
All you need to do is call
Look at how this is just like a fire game
If you blink i’ll appear just blink for me
I’ll coolly get rid of your anger
Just hold up
If you keep pushing you’ll get hurt
Get higher
It’s hot here like a rocket
It’s 10 seconds before this place blows up
Eh yeah yeah yeah
Hands up if you feelin the vibe now
Eh yeah yeah yeah
One step two steps
This electrifying music sets your heart on fire right?
Shout it out! Firetruck! (it) Comes running  to wherever you are
Turn it up to the maximum
Shake to the rhythm
As soon as you start to feel the shivers
Shout it out!
What what what what?
Fire truck!
Eh yeah yeah yeah
What what?
Eh yeah yeah yeah
What what what what?
Fire truck!
What what what what what what?
Fire truck!
Don’t stop as the night goes on
Turn it up to the maximum
All night, give your everything to this music
Dance, my party people

May not be 100% accurate as this is taken from audio,
please do not repost or re-use!!
Translated from korean lyrics by: s2pring_0409

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You do know that the ghost busters reboot is only getting good reviews on RT because the negative reviews are getting DELETED by the website because it has ties with Sony, right? The movie was garbage and now the media is being unethical to boost it up. And you people are eating this crap cause "the women!". No. We women don't need this crap.

Um, I’m sorry, but I loved the movie. And I didn’t realize that you had a direct link to my brain so you could know my true opinions on something, but let me sit you down and tell you’re wrong, because I just got a coffee and I am ready to go.

1. There are 4 ‘splat’ negative reviews on Ghostbusters main Rotten Tomatoes page, so I have no idea why you think the negative reviews are being ‘deleted’. However, if consumer reviews ARE being deleted, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were coming from the absolutely vehemently angry men who are just so fucking pissed at this movie for daring to exist. We already saw it be THE MOST HATED TRAILER ON YOUTUBE, and seriously? SERIOUSLY? You want to insist that somehow there AREN’T hordes of angry men running around insisting it’s crap without ever having seen it? Because I’ve seen them, they’re even here on Tumblr, leaving comments about how they’ll never ever see it and it’s garbage.

Pretty sure that in order to evaluate something you have to at least see it.

2. There was a post that I believe I referenced earlier about how women rating the movie gave it largely favorable reviews, whereas men who ranked it gave it largely negative reviews. Are you saying that all women who rank the movie are too stupid to know if they enjoyed it, or are too stupid to know when they’re being pandered to? Because I find that mentality insulting as shit. I know what’s pandering; Eat Pray Love is pandering, IMO, but frankly even if women like it then FINE- they’re allowed to like what they want. If the execs made this movie to pander to women, I don’t CARE! Because I enjoyed the end product, and women rarely, if ever, get catered to in Comedy, let alone Action genres! If they want to cater to women in this new genre, I say YAY because I’d love to see more movies where women get to just be women.

3. Women don’t need this crap? Can you even tell me the last movie you saw where women ate food and it wasn’t a joke or a statement on their emotional wellbeing, like Bridget Jones crying into a tub of ice cream? Can you even tell me the last movie you saw where four women came together to fight the forces of darkness? Because the absolute CLOSEST movie I can think of is ‘The Craft’, and that’s a pretty piss poor comparison. The Craft is chalk full of misogyny and garbage that was standard for the times, and the girls end up fighting with each other, not any actual villain. Like, seriously, we’ve had HOW MANY ‘group of guys + optional single chick addition for ogling purposes fight evil’ movies, and it’s 2016 and this is one of the first ones we get where women do it?

Look, this movie is by no means an amazing, tightly edited thriller of Kubric Quality, okay? No one is trying to say that it is- I’m definitely not. It has a few flaws, it was a little ‘loose’ in editing, and the ending was kind of anticlimactic (I could have done with a lot more slow-mo Holtzman, let’s face it, we all could have!) and they won fairly easily. But for what it was, a fun popcorn movie that’s somehow managed to garner all the hate in the universe from half the gender on the planet, I’d give it a solid B+. 

Maybe you should examine why you’re compelled to write me for enjoying a movie and telling me how bad it is instead of like, IDK, literally doing anything else. People are allowed to like shit; what people shouldn’t do is dogpile something other people like for no goddamn reason.

If the movie was seriously as bad or uninteresting as all y’all claim, then why are you fighting so hard to convince the people who are enjoying it?

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How's your Summer going so far?

Um… well enough, I guess, thanks? I don’t really know how to feel about most things in life.

I mean, I DID get to see Shaggy randomly do this for several seconds, while the gang stood, in silence, in front of a snoring ticket salesman.

That was pretty great, for sure.

Besides that… I don’t really know. I have a hard time telling if I’m enjoying myself or not. I worked a ton, and am now working out a ton… reading more Shakespeare, doin’ big brother stuff with Oliver….

Oh wait, I know!

I also just got the world’s most adorable lil’ Monstercat plushie to hug and cherish forever and ever… and a new macro lens. That’s definitely a nice thing.

Weird music, enabler of weird photos… what more can I want?

yoonmin in a cafe
  • yoongi as a barista, jimin as a customer
  • taehyung:*whispers* do it! do it right now!
  • jimin:*whispers back* i can't tae!
  • taehyung:when our place in the line reaches the counter, you better do it, i swear to god
  • jimin:n-no! you better not do anything stupid
  • yoongi:hello, what can i get you two?
  • taehyung:um, a caramel macchiato for me and your number for this guy over here hehe
  • jimin:omfg tAE
  • jimin:i'm so sorry he's not thinking straight
  • yoongi:*smirks* that's alright, i don't do anything straight either. so what names should i put under your orders?

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Look I try not to do this but life is sucking right now, so um if you've got any gency fluff planned? Idk what I'm trying to ask for sorry...

Hey, doll. Everything’s going to be okay, honestly. All bad things will past and you’ll get through it, you just have to endure until then. Stay strong, doll. <3


Gency. Oneshot. Fluff.

The heavy clouds rolled in, and got excited at the thought of rain. Tracer got bothered because that meant the sunshine was gone. Mercy loved the smell the water left on the ground afterwards. Genji found peace in its sound.

Until the lightning started, and the power flickered out. Tracer and both let loose screams as Lucio shouts. There are heavy footsteps as it can only be Soldier 76 rushing into the main living room to check on his screaming teammates.

Mercy lets out a small gasp of fear, instinctively reaching out in the pitch blackness. Immediately, cool fingers slipped through hers and she’s pressed against him in a matter of seconds. His arms slip around her protectively, and she clings to him.

“Genji,” she breathes out softly.

“I am here,” his cool voice answers back.

She’s not afraid of darkness, or of lightning. Yet, being completely blind puts Mercy on edge. Just as her eyes begin adjusting, a bolt of lightning roars into her ears and leaves imprints of its brightness.

“Genji, you need to get flashlights out here now,” Soldier 76 instructs, knowing full well that Genji’s visor allows him sight even in pitch blackness.

“One moment,” He speaks, before gently placing his helm on top of Mercy’s hair. She breathes in his musk and steel scent, letting it soak her through before letting him go. He disappear without a sound in the darkness.

She blinks repeatedly, hoping to help her vision. She hears Lucio and nearby, and she softly imagines the two to be clinging onto each other in fright. Tracer probably located Soldier 76 through the soft noises of surprises as she bumps into furniture and then a sigh of relief as she finds him. She pictures the old soldier letting Tracer hold onto his arm, even though he’d never let that happen in the light.

Then several beams of light cut through and light up the dark room. Genji quickly approaches, and hands Mercy a bulky flashlight first, before giving and Lucio one to share, and then one to Tracer and Soldier 76 each.

“What do we do now?” Lucio asks, still clinging onto who does the same to him.

“We tell stories of course!” Tracer chirps, moving to the couches, “I’ll go get blankets, everyone get comfortable!”

She disappears in a blue flash, as Soldier 76 grumbles under his breath. and Lucio, now less fearful, move to the couches.

Mercy sweeps her flashlight through the room, about to call his name when Genji appears right beside her.

“There you are,” Mercy whispers, moving the flashlight to one hand and holding his hand with the other.

His soft laugh reassures her, then she pulls him towards a large loveseat. He complies, following even though his footsteps don’t make a sound while her walking creates a soft padding noise. As they get to the chair, Mercy knows that no one can really see Genji besides his visor. He’s turn off the lights on the rest of his body, and becomes almost completely invisible, and only a flashlight would illuminate his body.

She makes sure to keep the flashlight angled away from him, as she waits for him to climb into the seat first. Then when his smooth fingers brush against her hips gently, she allows him to pull her softly back into his lap, and press her back against him. He cool and smooth and she breathes a little easier resting against him. His hands still rest on her hips, and she loves the comfort that it brings.

Tracer returns and throws blankest on and Lucio who decide to share one, leaning against each other. She even throws on to Soldier 76, who grumpily accepts it while Tracer giggles. She then hands a very soft cream color blanket to Mercy and gives her a wink in the weak light as she swooshes away with a giggle. Mercy’s cheeks burn, but she just leans against Genji’s shoulder, and lets his body cool hers.

Tracer gets set in her own blue blanket besides and Lucio, and begins telling the tale of how she and Winston once had a peanut butter eating and speaking contest, and she wears to this day she still managed to say Pulchritudinous with an entire jaw of peanut butter stuck in her mouth and won the contest.

Mercy laughs softly at Tracer’s outrageous story, and Genji hums right along with her. His arms slowly wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer. The blanket draped over them, and the constant pounding of the rain, makes Mercy’s eyelids slowly drop. She finds the most relaxing sound though, is the steady rhythm of Genji’s heartbeat as she falls asleep.

TT: Shred it.
GG: What?
TT: you HAVE
TT: the car.
GG: Um.
TT: Now shred it.
TT: Turn it into grist.
GG: Oh!
GG: No!!
GG: I am not going to destroy my dad’s car.
TT: We need grist though.
TT: I can’t get any building done without more.
TT: Not to mention the fact that you’re not going to be able to make any cool shit. 

Not being able to make cool shit is obviously the biggest problem here. How else are you going to combine your shitty douchebag laptop with a bottle of troll blood or whatever the shit it was Gamzee foisted upon you?

GG: There has to be a better way to gather up grist, though.
TT: Well, I think there are supposed to be monsters here.
TT: I haven’t seen any monsters yet, have you?
GG: No, and I can’t say I’m too disappointed.
TT: You should be though. Presumably they would drop grist and stuff when you kill them.
TT: Like treasure. And food products that restore your health. Or at least make you less hungry.
TT: Haven’t you ever played a video game, Jane?
GG: Of course I have! 

Yes, but only things like Restaurant Simulator and Cooking Mama.  Maybe something like Simgolf if we’re being generous.

TT: That’s cool. I haven’t, since I am a pair of sunglasses, and communing with such simplistic software would be a trivial and hollow exercise for me.
TT: But I know loads of stuff about games. Like the fact that you gotta kill monsters if you want to make progress. 

Unless you’re playing Undertale. (braces for deluge of memes)

TT: If not to snatch up the bitchin’ loot, at least for the levels.
GG: Levels?
TT: How are you going to get better at fightin’ without killing monsters, Jane.
GG: I think I’ve done a fair job of scaling my echeladder without resorting to the slaughter of innocent, fictional monsters, thank you very much.
TT: Please.
TT: You’ve barely done any climbing at all. I’m talking about hopping more rungs than what playing a little prank on your dad or throwing your hat on the ground super hard is gonna get you.
TT: You need battle experience to make some real headway. Like Jake.
GG: I’m getting a little tired of various iterations of Dirk Strider telling me how I need to be more like Jake.
GG: I know you think Jake is neat. I know all the Dirks just ADORE Jake! I GET IT! 

Well, there probably is an ulterior motive here, but he’s kind of right.  Jane is going to get her ass whooped the first time a real enemy shows up.

TT: Wow, chill out.
TT: This ain’t about whatever stuff you’re apparently fixin’ to twist your shit in a pretzel over.
TT: You just need to get stronger, is all. Don’t you think that’s what your dad would want?
GG: You don’t need to remind me about that. I’m suddenly having flashbacks to a few years ago when he would ambush me almost every day for a pointless round of strife.
GG: Boy does getting swatted with brooms and having cakes shoved in your face get old fast.
TT: Yeah, but in the process you got pretty handy with that fork/spoon thingy, didn’t you?
GG: Well. Yes.
TT: I’m just saying, if you don’t run into any monsters on this planet, I think I’m going to have to set the bunny to “sparring mode” to help you along. 

Not every problem can be set with sparring robots dammit.  He does have a point though.

GG: I am not going to spar with Lil Sebastian!!!
GG: He is too quick and deadly to fight with.
GG: And also, too adorable. :B
TT: Ok. We’ll see about that.
TT: But in the meantime, we need to figure out a way to start harvesting grist.
TT: Let’s forget the car. But now that you have the wallet, you can grab much bigger things.
TT: Big things have got to be worth more grist than all the picayune bullshit you keep around the house.
TT: There are some choice relics in this place. Some of it has to be worth a fortune, gristways.
GG: You could be right.
GG: I will give it a try. 

In before she shreds a one-of-a-kind plot coupon that makes continuing completely impossible.


XN: Mama! You look so pretty! Like a princess!
A: Oh, thank you little man. Come here, let me get a look at you..
XN: Uncle Zeke said we can’t have any sweets until after.
A: We don’t want your suits getting dirty. Not before we have our pictures taken anyway… Now stand up straight for me.
XN: Mama…
A: Oh, my little man.. you are so handsome. You look just like your Uncle.
XN: I look like Papa too!
A: Oh really? Well I haven’t seen him yet so I’ll take your word for it.
XN: Mama?
A: Yes little man?
XN: Um.. I’m really happy you and Papa are getting married.
A: You are?
XN: Uhha! We’ll finally be a proper family!
A: That’s right!
XN: You know Papa is going to cry when he sees you.
A: You think so?
XN: I know so! He won’t stop talking about it.. 
A: Oh dear you are too cute. Here come the tears. Okay, come here. Give Mama some love before we go. Xavier! You too!

shira-gin  asked:

can you write armin fluff... for my heart? q_q

Hi! This is a teeny bit late cuz I’ve been having writers block but… Here it is now, thanks to you for giving me the idea for the scenario!

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


“Hey, Candy!” Armin greeted her with a nervous smile. He’s been trying to ask her to go to comic con with him for the past couple of days, but he couldn’t muster up enough courage to do so until now. Today, he felt confident.

“Hi Armin!” Candy smiled back, closing her locker. “What’s up?”

“Well,” he started, “I was wondering if, um, you would like to go to comic con with me?”

“Oh. Uhhh…” Candy trailed off, not really knowing how to tell him that she didn’t exactly want to go. “you know that’s not really my thing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m honoured you asked me to go with you, but I don’t think I’d exactly ‘fit in.’ Maybe ask someone else?”

However, Armin wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer. He’s been wanting to go out with Candy for awhile and now was the perfect occasion to get her to come with him. He just needed another strategy.

“But I already asked Kentin and he doesn’t want to go! I even tried to get Alexy to go with me but you know how he is! He wouldn’t even step foot in there!”

“Armin, I would really like to go with you, but I hardly know anything about stuff like that! I don’t know if I’d actually enjoy myself there.” Candy said.

“Candy, please, I would really like it if you came with me! It doesn’t matter if you hardly know anything. It’s really fun! You get dress up and everything!”

Candy just stared at him, deep in thought.

“I don’t know…”

“Please! You don’t have to dress up if you don’t want to!” Armin pouted.

Oh no.

He did NOT just give her the puppy dog eyes. The puppy dog eyes were her weakness and he knew it. Especially his puppy dog eyes.

“Give me one good reason why I should go?” She smirked.

“Because I think you’d like it! And…” He trailed off, a slight blush coming on his cheeks “I really like spending time with you… You’re really fun and I think your the perfect person to spend the day with.”

Candy smiled shyly, blushing at the compliment “I only asked for one reason but… Okay. I’ll go.”

“Really?” Armin’s smile was so big it went all the way up to his ears.

“Really.” Candy confirmed.

“Thank you!” Armin exclaimed and without thinking, took Candy in his arms for a hug. He was just so happy.

Candy’s eyes were wide with surprise.

“Uhh… Armin?”

Armin immediately froze and realized what he was doing.

“Oh, uh, sorry.” He said and awkwardly pulled away from her.

“Well, uh, see you this weekend, I guess.” Armin said, and started backing away, bumping into a trash can and awkwardly ran away.

Candy laughed.

“Why do I love him so much?”

-The End

I hope you liked it!

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Um I sent you a headcannon of steeljaw, fracture and bumblebee reacting to hearing there s/o singing i was wondering if you saw it

I didn’t get it, but I can go ahead and do it now! It’s a simple request. Steeljaw’s is already done in a previous request, so I’ll only do Fracture and Bee.

Transformers: RiD15

Fracture would want you to sing more, whether you were actually good or not. He just finds it cute.

Bumblebee gets all love-struck and NERDY. Even if you’re /terrible/ he says he loves hearing you sing, and would happily sit with you and listen to you, if you let him.

[TRANS] 소방차 (Fire Truck) Lyrics

Get it lifted (What what what what?)

Fire truck! Where are you looking at, Mr. fireman on the floor

Let’s make a fire, I’ll cool down this heat

This place is getting hotter and hotter

Where is full of dissatisfaction

My feeling from that siren is, um Don’t be shy (like this)

Lukewarm atmosphere no thanks

My burning shaking backseat

After burning we get it all clear Ey yeah yeah yeah

Hands up if you feeling the vibe now

Ey yeah yeah yeah

One step two steps go! Tonight You and I and everyone will fall in here

A running fire truck at anytime

You can call me (anytime) Move your body, pick it up

Shake as just you feel

Shout out loud at the moment of the peak 

What what what what?

Fire truck!

What what what what what what? yeah be anywhere, everywhere

You can just call me

Look at, look at how

It’s like a little playing with fire

It shows up when it is ‘Bling’

Just blink for me

I’ll cool your anger down Just hold up

Can get hurt if you keep pushing, get higher

The atmosphere is so hot like a rocket

Just 10 seconds left till it explodes Ey yeah yeah yeah

Hands up if you feeling the vibe now

Ey yeah yeah yeah

One step two steps go! This thrilling music is burning your heart

Shout out ‘Fire truck’

It can go anywhere

Turn it up to the maximum volume

Shake to the rhythm

Shout out loud at the moment of the peak 

What what what what?

Fire truck! Ey yeah yeah yeah

What what

Ey yeah yeah yeah

What what what what

Fire truck

What what what what what what

Fire truck Don’t stop till the sun rises

Turn it up to the maximum volume

All right, Put everything on this music

Dance, my party people 

What what what what

Fire truck Fire truck Fire truck Fire truck

What what what what

Fire truck Fire truck

Translation: Kimmy @ NCTINFO

— Please take out with full credits.

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Superlane 23. Things you said when I had my shirt on backwards

“Kara, I really don’t know how you put your cardigan on backwards when it’s only patterned on the front.”

“Oh!” Kara looks down and laughs nervously. “I, um, whoops.”

Lucy grins, smug. She’d been grabbing her own shirt from where it had landed on the copier, but now she walks over to Kara in just her bra and those sinfully tight work slacks. It’s a good thing legal is on a different floor from Kara’s desk or she would never get any work done.

“Do I make you flustered, Kara?” Lucy asks, eyes twinkling. “Even after everything we’ve been doing right here in this break room?”

“Well, that is, I,” Kara says, blushing as red as her cape. She’s flailing and might as well go for broke. “You’re a very distracting woman, Lucy.”

“Am I now?” Lucy questions, trailing her fingers across Kara’s collarbone. Even through the layers of her oxford and cardigan, Kara’s skin blazes underneath her touch. “I suppose that makes me pretty powerful, being able to distract Cat’s unflappable assistant.”

Kara laughs. “I don’t know about unflappable.”

“CatCo wouldn’t run half as well without you,” Lucy says seriously, hand resting on Kara’s chest. “And besides, you tamed the beast. I’ve heard firings have gone down 50% since you started here. Less paperwork for me…maybe I should reward you for that.” Lucy’s lips curve up in a smirk promising no end of excitement, and Kara licks hers.

“Um, if you wanted to reward me, I wouldn’t argue,” Kara says unsteadily. Lucy’s hand on her chest curls into a fist and grips her cardigan.

“Well, first things first, we need to get this thing off.”

Me during the season 6 teen wolf trailer

“Where’s stiles?” “Who’s stiles?” MALIA HONEY WTF DO YOU MEAN WHO IS STILES

“Don’t forget about me.” “I won’t” FUCKIGN STYDIA DHDHSUS YES BITCHES

“Slow down son, why don’t you tell me your name?” HE FORGOT STILES NO

“I won’t stop. I won’t stop until we get everyone back.“ YEAH YOU GO SCOTT FUCK IT UP


“Everyone’s gonna forget me.” *CRIES*


Is Aria Montgomery an INFP?

Honestly, from what I remember of her, I’m thinking… ESFJ?

I mean her whole “yes, let’s all go spill our guts to the counselor / everyone participate, now!!” and free sharing of feels at all times (trusting the group’s morals, wanting everyone on the same page emotionally, etc) … isn’t very Fi.

Plus… introvert?

Um. Isn’t Arya usually the one running headlong into situations?

I dunno. I’m like 4 seasons behind now, so it’ll take me awhile to get back to the show when there’s so much else to watch on Netflix. I’ll get to my continuation eventually and search for evidence once I remember where I left off.

(I did used to consider her an NFP… mostly because that’s a generalized typing I’ve seen different places online, but when I really think about how she engages with people / processes her feelings, I don’t see much internalization there.)

- Charity / ENFP mod

Rant About the Ghostbusters Rant

It’s just ridiculous to me that there are men who are genuinely offended by the new Ghostbusters and feel it’s basically an attack towards them. First and foremost I am a man and I loved the movie. It was hilarious and the four women kicked ass, and I love the four of them in real life as well. Now admittedly I’m not what some would call a “manly” man, but if the people complaining about the movie go by that so called description shouldn’t they not even care about stuff like this? Shouldn’t they be too “tough” for that? Get over yourselves. They complain about it portraying men as stupid. Um if they’re referring to Chris Hemsworth’s character, maybe they should consider the fact that it’s simply funny to see an attractive, accomplished action star playing a dimwitted receptionist? It’s irony, chill out. If you have yet to see the movie I would absolutely recommend it, unless you’re a man whose ego and supposed masculinity are as fragile as a dove. ✌️