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Mme Bustier's class as Things My Friends and I Have Said
  • Marinette: "I keep messing everything up could I not be like this please?"
  • Alya: "Fuck you, I'd rather be on Tumblr."
  • Adrien: "I am but a smol, and couldn't hurt anything. Unless it's a mosquito, because I hate mosquitoes."
  • Nino: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, music is my way out of life."
  • Nathanael: "I love tomatoes! Don't shit on tomatoes!"
  • Alix: "I will sue this entire school."
  • Kim: "Actually fight me, I dare you.
  • Max: "I'm a nerd, you're a nerd, everyone in this goddamn class is a nerd."
  • Rose: "Aw, I'm pretty. Right?"
  • Juleka: "Um, no, I don't like you. Now could you go away?"
  • Ivan: "I am tall and look tough but I am secretly a comic nerd and will cry if you hate me."
  • Mylene: "I am not short! You're all just tall!"
  • Chloe: "Excuse me, but could you please keep your weird ass expectations like, three hundred feet away from me?"
  • Sabrina: "They think I am a sidekick but I actually do all the work."
  • Mme Bustier: "Please End me."
  • Lila: "Bitch I'm the devil on everyone's shoulder, now shut the fuck up."

Me: oh yeah um I think i’m over miraculous ladybug now?? Like it’s been almost two years now and eh

Me after spoilers:  👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there  mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌miraculous ladybug is sOme good sHit 👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌

good things that happened today that prove life may not suck so bad after all:

• had a fancy bread for breakfast this morning. it had assorted fruit and some kind of cream on top of it and it tasted suuuper sweet and delicious
• told my little sister on the phone that i was coming home this weekend and she immediately screamed in excitement. it made me smile a bit
• caught up with some of the care e-mails @whelvenwings has been sending me. may or may not have laughed/cried throughout the whole process
• watched a lot of videos by my favorite youtubers that i’d been missing out on
• told some friends about my recently diagnosed mental illness and informed them about quitting med school soon. they responded (surprisingly) very nicely?
• one of them even offered me a position in his team for a neurological research that im not entirely oblivious about. thanked him for his offer and told him i might consider it at some point
• had noodles for dinner. it was the right amount of warm and spicy and it sat very nicely in my tummy
• spent 2 whole hours browsing through memes like The Cool Kid™ that i am
• realized that i’ve done a lot of things i should be proud of this week by putting myself first, for once
• you done good, citra
• you done good

Um but yugbam said their room has TWO KING SIZE BEDS IN IT!!!!!!!!! LIKE BINCH that aint a room thats a guest suite. I love these hard working richies w all my broke ass heart. omg im so happy for them to think they all had to share a cramped “3.5 bedroom” apt w 1 bathroom amongst 7 ppl for the last 3 yrs n now they all got room to themselves im so so happy for them i hope they love living there. they deserve it :’’( 

BM talking about Twice on arirang sound k radio 170320
  • [BM and female host talking about Knock Knock]
  • BM: arrrggh they're so cute!
  • Host: oppa I can't have this [i can't understand her] coming out, you know, like your true emotions coming out in this program.
  • BM: I'm just talking as their fan!
  • Host: mmhmm
  • BM: I'm just a fan of them!
  • Host: he's like a fan of everybody I swear.
  • BM: I am.
  • Host: at least he doesn't discriminate.
  • BM: I don't.
  • Host: so what was so cool about this music video?
  • BM: well the song isn't like super motivational or anything like that, but it's just super cute and I also need to wake up in a good mood.
  • Host: what's cute? Like the girls are cute or the music video is cute?
  • BM: the music video, the girls, the voices, um, the girls, um, the voices.
  • Host: okay if you had to pick one person in twice-
  • BM: [before she finished the sentence] momo
  • Host: momo? Momo was the cutest in the music video?
  • BM: yes.
  • Host: really?
  • BM: oh wait no. Not this music video, I'm just-
  • Host: oh you're just a momo fan.
  • BM: yeah I'm just a momo fan.
  • Host: oh there you guys go, he's a momo fan. Now you know his preference.
  • BM: in this music video, uh, who's the very tall one? With the short hair? [he's thinking of jeongyeon but he can't remember her name]
  • Host: the very tall one? twice?
  • BM: yeah. the tallest one with the short hair.
  • Host: they're all kind of the same height.
  • BM: no no no. There's one that's like, a little bit taller.
  • Host: is she Korean?
  • BM: yeah she's Korean.
  • Host: um...Tai [shes thinking of tzuyu but can't pronounce her name]
  • BM: I forget her name, but the one with short hair.
  • Host: Ohh! Her sister is an actress. [she's referring to jeongyeon's sister, Gong Seungyeon] Right? That's who we're talking about. I know who we're talking about.
  • BM: yeah yeah yeah. She came out really cute.
  • Host: oh really?
  • BM: yeah she was really cute in the music video. Super cute.
  • Host: is this a music video that you'd want to wake up to in the morning?
  • BM: yes. You know what I realized? All twice members have really really nice smiles.
  • Host: they're a girl group. They should have nice smiles.
  • BM: I know but like, they all have-
  • Host: it's like super bright.
  • BM: yeah!
  • Host: they have like little vitamins.
  • BM: yeah, like little vitamins. Sometimes when you see someone smile, like they don't look like all very happy. You know how some people have that very cold smile when they smile?
  • Host: where it looks like they're just smiling because they have to?
  • BM: yeah. But they all look like very happy and like...they have really nice smiles. I don't know.
  • Host: well twice if you're listening BM thinks you have wonderful smiles.

ahaha um,, wow
i havenโ€™t done one of these in ages? i like making banners n such but sdafusd but ive been hesitant for ages to put another of these out there;; i feel like yall deserve one though because heckle its been a while n a lot of shits gone down

iโ€™m gonna preface this with; i know im not the coolest or the best person, but for the people who stuck around and helped me realize i had to change; thank you. iโ€™m sorry it took so long, but iโ€™m ok now, and i have you guys to thank for it. through thick and thin, iโ€™ve had people i barely know support me, and help me through all my silly problems. i just,, cant thank yall enough for the second chance, and for all the love and support.
anyway before i get extra sappy; hereโ€™s some people you should definitely follow if youโ€™re not already !!

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  • naruto: sasuke really pisses me off
  • kiba: yeah, he's the worst
  • naruto: I hate his hair
  • kiba: it looks like a duck's ass
  • naruto: and his stupid sexy smirk
  • kiba: I know- wait, what?
  • naruto: plus his butt is, like, ridiculously perfect, what the hell is up with that
  • kiba: um, naruto
  • naruto: also he has the most beautiful face I've ever seen, he kind of looks like a girl
  • kiba: ...
  • naruto: of course, if he was a girl, he'd be so cute I'd probably fall in love with him or something, which sucks
  • kiba: dude, hate to break it to you, but I think you're in love with him now
  • naruto: shut up kiba that's not funny
  • kiba: I wasn't kidding
  • naruto: ...
  • naruto: please don't tell sakura
HetaTube: Lang with Dan
  • Denmark: heya guys, today we're going to learn how to pronounce and translate words into Danish asked by my lovely subscribers! And helping me today will be... Ice!
  • Iceland: what, why did you pick me-
  • Denmark: okay, let's get started! 'DarkStar23' asked "How do you pronounce wheat flour in Danish?" Ooh, that's a toughie! Ice, what do you think?
  • Iceland: what? Um... Is it... h-hvede... m-mel?
  • Denmark: correct, it's hevedemel! Now, 'inkysquid63452458605873' asked-
  • Iceland: is that username necessary??
  • Denmark: Ice, be nice! Anyways, this person asked "How do you pronounce these insanely difficult words: rødgrød med fløde???" Okay Ice, show your knowledge of my amazing language!
  • Iceland:'re kidding right?
  • Denmark: haha, why would I be?
  • Iceland: um... it's... ughh... *pronounces it horribly a couple of times*
  • Denmark: hey, at least you tried your best! Now onto the next one-
  • Iceland: hey, why didn't you try??? Hey, don't cut me-
  • Denmark: A person named 'Norisbestnordic'... um, untrue. Anyways, this person asked "I want to hear your helper pronounce the word 'storebror'".
  • Iceland: oh, that one's easier. Stor-... wait a minute... NORWAY!!
The first time Heather McNamara tried to be mean
  • Heather C: Heather, I want you to bitch that girl out.
  • Heather M: Okay! Hi, what's your name?
  • Martha: Uh, Martha.
  • Heather M: Oh hi, I'm Heather! How are you today, Martha?
  • Heather C: No, get mean!
  • Heather M: [In an angry tone] How are you today, Martha?
  • Heather C: Oh goddammit, can somebody get in there and help her?
  • [Heather D whispers in Heather M's ear]
  • Heather M: Huh? Okay! [In a friendly tone] Martha, would you like to go fuck yourself?
  • Martha: Uh, no, not really.
  • [Heather D whispers]
  • Heather M: Huh? Okay. I got it. Is it because you're a little bitch?
  • Martha: No. I'm not actually.
  • [Heather D whispers]
  • Heather M: Oh right, right right, okay. Because apparently you look like a bitch.
  • Martha: Okay. I—I'm a little confused. Because you seem to be saying some really hurtful things, but your tone is very friendly.
  • Heather M: Thank you. [Heather D whispers] Oh, okay. Okay, well then why you don't go eat a bag of Ritz!
  • Martha: Ritz crackers? Well actually, I'm gluten-free, so—
  • [Heather D whispers]
  • Heather M: Okay hold on—not Ritz, I didn't mean Ritz... Uh huh, oh, I see. Whoa, they put those in bags?
  • Martha: I'm sorry, are you being mean or nice?
  • [Heather D whispers]
  • Heather M: Uh-huh, yeah, oh, okay. One more time? Okay. Mean!
  • Martha: Um, yeah, um, I think I want to go now.
  • Heather M: Did I win?
  • Heather C: Well, I'm not exactly sure if that girl feels bad about herself, but she's certainly confused, so that's a start.
  • Heather M: Woohoo! I count that as a win!
Small Waverly in Band Class (Continuation of Headcanon #16):
  • *The fourth graders are all lining up to try out band instruments to see which one they like the most*
  • Teacher: Waverly, which one do you like the best?
  • Waverly: "I think the trumpet and the clarinet are really cool!"
  • Teacher: "Those are good choices for you, a larger instrument like a tuba would be too big and challenging for someone your size."
  • Waverly: "...Well can I try the tuba?"
  • Teacher: "Um, I'm not sure that's a good idea, a full size tuba is more than half your height right now."
  • Waverly: "I'm going to learn to play the tuba."
  • Teacher: "I really think you shouldn't-"
  • Waverly: *grabs tuba* "Oh yeah? Watch me. This is going to be the instrument I play."
  • Teacher: ""
  • Teacher (internally): "Why is this child so hopelessly stubborn? I hope she grows out of it."
  • ~~~~~~~12 Years Later~~~~~~~~
  • Waverly: "What do you mean I can't just go into a room full of revenants and shoot them all up?"
  • Nicole: "Well the shotgun isn't Peacemaker, so I really think you shouldn't-"
  • Waverly: *Grabs shotgun* "Oh yeah? Watch me. I can't kill them but I sure can bring the pain."
  • Nicole (internally): "Aw she's so cute when she's being stubborn and badass."
keith why
  • ((Lance and Keith have been dating for a while now))
  • Keith: So, um, Lance, I've been thinking, and, we've been like, dating for a while now, so I think- of course, you don't have to say yes, but- I think it's time for us to move on to the next step.
  • Lance: And that is?
  • Keith: Um, space ranger pardners.
  • Lance:
  • Lance: Okay, no. I might have let you go if you said 'partners' like any sane person, but 'pardners'? That's it, you've crossed the line, you've (ranting)
  • Keith:
  • Keith: Y'ain't being too kind 'bout this, y'know?

ivy-raven  asked:

Imagine Tony taking SI Help Desk calls when he's bored, solving people's problems but always leaving a little something behind in their phones/laptopt/tablets, like a funny Hulk gif or The Star Spangled Man song as their ringtone. After a while people catch on and create a website where they post everything Tony leaves behind, it's super popular. Bucky notices there's no pics/gifs of him, and confronts Tony, who says he wanted to keep Bucky for himself


“Bucky!” Tony grinned and clicked his bluetooth off. “Whats up?”

“What are you doing?”

“Just answering a few calls. Its become a hobby, you know? People are always so excited when I fix their tech.”

“Yeah about that.” Bucky folded his arms, looking fierce. “You’ve seen the website? Where your customers post all ther weird little gifs and pictures and stuff that you leave on their gear, right?”

“Of course!” Tony laughed. “I love it! I didnt think anyone cared about it, but the site has something like twelve thousand followers.”

“Yeah. And not one of them has ever posted something about me.” Bucky sounded peeved.

“I– what now?” Tony scratched at his neck uncomfortably. “Bucky thats just cuz um–”

“Cuz what? Is it because of the Winter Soldier thing? Because Ive been me for like a year now! Or is it because I dont like movie night? Do you just not like me? What is it? I tried not to get my feelings hurt but for fucks sake, Tony, you programmed a Captain America ringtone onto over a thousand phones. Why not anything about me ever?”

He looked less angry and more sad now and Tony groaned.

“Uh Buck.” he hesitated. “Alright, Look.” Tony pulled out his phone. “Call me.”

Bucky frowned but did as he asked, and when Tonys phone started ringing, it was Buckys voice saying “Tony! Where are you? Been looking for you all day.”

“What the hell is that?” He asked slowly and Tony shrugged.

“Uh you called one day and asked me where I was, said you needed me. It was just to work on something for your arm, but I saved it as your ringtone, because you know I um.. like the idea of you looking for me.”

“And–” he glanced up hesitatntly. “Thats the only Bucky ringtone I have. And I dont want to share it with anyone. I keep it all for myself.”

“So you… I mean you dont put anything of me on anyones computer because–”

“Because I want all of it for me.” Tonys voice was super quiet, a little afraid.

“JARVIS lock the doors.” Bucky said loudly, and Tony barely had time to look up in surprise before Bucky had bent down and kissed him.

what happened after s21e01
  • [Heidi stands there, looking sad. Kyle walks up to her.]
  • Kyle: So, um.. He left you, huh?
  • [Heidi sighs.]
  • Kyle: Look, I think you should be happy.. I mean, at least now you know that he’s not worth your time. You shouldn’t blame yourself and ponder about “what-ifs”, you should let him go and forget about the past.
  • Heidi, looking up at Kyle: Yeah…
  • Kyle: I think a girl like you could get pretty much any guy. And he won’t have to be a delusive fatass asshole.
  • Heidi, smiling: Yeah, you’re right, Kyle. Thanks, I feel a lot better now..
  • Kyle, smiles too: Good. That’s all I wanted to tell you.
  • [He walks off. Heidi is looking better, smiling to herself.]
  • [Kyle comes back.]
  • Kyle: Oh, and also..
  • [Snaps fingers.]
  • Kyle: Stay away from my man, bitch.
  • Lance: :( okay... thanks... *starts to walk out*
  • Keith internally: shit!! damn it!! he's still sad oh crap I think I actually made it worse that's not what I meant to say that didn't come out right I just wanted to tell him there's nothing to worry about but now he just thinks I'm dismissing his concerns! uh uh um quick!! you can still fix this, Keith! say something comforting! tell him he's a valuable member of the team, that he's irreplaceable, that he's important, that he's your friend and you love him!
  • Keith: and Lance-
  • Lance: yeah?
  • Keith: ...leave the math to Pidge.
  • Lance: ... :) ......... *walks out*
  • Keith internally: WHAT THE FU
HetaTube: Twin Horror!
  • America: hiya guys, A here!
  • Canada: C, here~ And we're...
  • America and Canada: the NA Bros!!
  • America: Today we've dived into a spooky, scary horror game map, where we're going to solve some scary mysteries and puzzles to get out of... where are we again?
  • Canada: a spooky mansion, apparently. In England.
  • America: oh lol, hope the food won't be the one haunting us.
  • Canada: Are you prepared, A? You know how you are with these things-
  • America: hahaha, what are you talking about, bro? I'm the hero; brave and daring! Nothing will scare me- gyah!
  • Canada: we haven't even entered the house.
  • America: b-but something moved!
  • Canada: that's my player model. Come on A, move yours.
  • America: f-f-fine I'll move- KYAAAH! W-W-What was that sound???
  • Canada: probably the ghost that's supposed to be chasing us. Oh, bro, could you pick up that book? I think it may be a clue!
  • America: s-sure thing... um... w-we gotta get out of this house as fast as we can, r-right? *pop-up with high-pitch screaming emerge* ... *faints*
  • Canada: ... I hope you're happy subscribers, now he's going to keep bugging me at night till the next decade.
My Father and the Citadel Date with Kaidan (mshenko style)
  • Kaidan: Hey, Shepard, I'm starving. What've you got?
  • Shepard: We're heading out, Kaidan.
  • Kaidan: We'll just wind up back here I right? *peck hello* Trust me. Lemme impress you...
  • Dad: all your crew members greet you so familiar?
  • Me: nnnnnnope....*shifty eyes*
  • *a few minutes later*
  • Kaidan: Classes at Jump Zero, believe it or not. Young biotics who can't cook for themselves risk starving.
  • Shepard: Did you pass? uh-you're burning the garlic.
  • Kaidan: Sorry. Guess I'm distracted.
  • Shepard: By?
  • Kaidan: I wonder...*meaningful locked gaze with Shepard*
  • Dad: So, wait. Are these two an item??
  • Me: Yep.
  • Dad: Then what was he doing with that other chick, Miranda??
  • Me: That was just a night at the casino with a friend. Why?
  • Dad: I dunno, it just seemed...huh.
  • Me: Trust me, if he were involved romantically with Miranda, that would have been waaaaay yeah.
  • *Kaidan and Shepard cuddling on the couch*
  • Kaidan: This was great.
  • Shepard: What? Is it over?
  • Kaidan: Well...What would you suggest?
  • Me: ...we'll go with the G rated ending for the night...
  • Shepard: I can't think of anything better than this moment right now.
  • Dad: Wait, what was the other option?
  • Me: It said, "Let's get into trouble" and they would have made their way to the bedroom, gotten 'distracted' before they did, and then faded to black.
  • Dad: So why did you choose the G rating?
  • Me: To spare your virgin eyes.
  • Dad: Aw, damn. That's a shame.
  • Me: ....huh

anonymous asked:

Hey (๏ผพω๏ผพ) Could I request a headcanon where one of the retrainers have overdropped a talk between the MC and Umeko and thinks that the MC is with the lords child and now congratulate the lord. Could you write how the lord would react and how he react when MC told him that she isn't with child and was talking about Matsuko who is secretly with child? (ไบบใ‚ωใƒป๏ผ‰Requested for the 6 main lords

Sorry that this took longer than expected ;-; I’ve been busy with school so requests will take a bit longer to get done. But hey~ here it is now~!! Hope you like it sweet nonnie (⸝⸝ᵕᴗᵕ⸝⸝)

Oda Nobunaga

  • When he first heard the word “baby” his eyes widened.
  • He asks the retainer where he heard about MC being pregnant.
  • He nods after hearing his answer and goes to find MC.
  • There was a frown forming above his eyes.
  • It’s not that he wasn’t happy to hear that she was pregnant, rather left with mixed feelings about hearing about the news from someone other than her.
  • He pulls MC aside as soon as he sees her walking down the hall.
  • Looking at her with serious eyes he hints at the thought of her being pregnant.
  • MC is confused as she listens to him. “what is going on in here?”
  • She tilts her head to the side and the frown is back to his face.
  • “When were you planning to tell me? I knew that I would leave you with a child after last night.” He’d say with a smirk.
  • “A c-child?!”
  • It was her turn to get surprised.
  • “But milord I’m n-not pregnant…” She mumbles out in a small whisper.
  • Nobu is confused, was the retainer lying to him?
  • “W-where did you hear that?” She asks again and he tells her.
  • She nods as she finally understands what went wrong.
  • “Um… Milord, I think the retainer got confused… It’s not me thats pregnant but someone I know”
  • Nobu looked dumbfounded for a split second before nodding in understanding.
  • “And milord, you’ll be the first person to tell if I’m pregnant.” She mumbled with a blush.

Akechi Mitsuhide

  • He was busy all day and was shocked when he heard the retainer but smiled regardless.
  • His thoughts were drifting out of his grasp as he strode towards their room for a tea break is this what its called? with a light smile on his face.
  • As soon as he stepped into the room he was met with a sweet smile from her.
  • He walked in with excited footsteps, embracing her in his arms.
  • “Hmm? Did something good happen?” MC looked up to him.
  • He remained quiet for a few seconds, breathing in her scent before mumbling to her.
  • “MC… is it true that our flower started blooming?”
  • “Flower?” MC turned to look up to him.
  • “Our little flower here…” He whispered softly as his hand moved over her stomach.
  • “Little flower…?” MC mumbled under her breathe as she tried to understand what he’s hinting at.
  • “The little flower of life growing here.”
  • Her eyes widened, “Umm… M-Mitsuhide… I-…I’m not…”
  • Mitsuhide’s head was up in the clouds as she tried to explain to him that she wasn’t pregnant.
  • After a few minutes, she was finally able to get the words out of her lips.
  • “Mitsuhide! I-I am not pregnant.”
  • “Huh? w-what do you mean?”
  • “I t-think someone has been mistaken with me and someone else.”
  • She spent a couple more minutes trying to understand how he got confused with her and another person, till Mitsuhide mentioned the retainer.
  • “Ah… so he might’ve overheard our talk this evening…” MC thought as she finally processed how it happened.
  • “Milord I think the retainer got mistaken with me a-and someone else.”
  • That night Mitsuhide refused to let her go. After all, the beast inside him couldn’t be trapped after wanting to build a family with her.

Sanada Yukimura

  • As soon as he heard the words coming out of the retainers mouth his mouth started to act involuntarily, opening and closing like a fish.
  • His cheeks started to turn to apples, his words failing to come out.
  • The retainer was concerned as he watched Yukimura, he was about to calm him down when Saizo came.
  • “I’ll take it from here.” Saizo mumbles with a smile to the retainer. It’s that smile he gives off when he has to take care of yukimura
  • “Yukimura dear…” he sighs.
  • “S-Sazio, d-did you hear what he said?!”
  • “He said that I’m pregNANT!!!”
  • Saizo had to shake his head at his words.
  • “Little lord, it’s MC that’s pregnant. Not you.”
  • Yukimura was too caught up in his little world to listen to Saizo.
  • After a few minutes he remembers something.
  • “I should go to MC, she must not work while she’s carrying our baby!”
  • He didn’t look back as he rushed around the castle to search for her.
  • MC was walking down the hall when he accidentally bumped into her.
  • “S-sorr-..! MC, you’re here.” He held her close and sighed softly.
  • He was glad that she wasn’t carrying anything or doing anything hard.
  • He stroked her hair before moving back and rubbing her tummy softly.
  • “MC… why didn’t you tell me.” He looked up to her with gentle eyes.
  • “Umm… tell you what..?“
  • “About our baby… you’re pregnant.”
  • Yukimura smiled and she pulled away softly.
  • “N-no, I’m not…” she mumbled softly as her eyes moved downwards.
  • “MC… you don’t want me to know?” His expression was of a sad puppy.
  • MC shook her head and looked away.
  • “I’m not pregnant…”
  • Yukimura looked up to her with big sad eyes.
  • “Y-you’re not?!!” He blushed furiously as he thought that he misunderstood what the retainer said.
  • “I heard from Saizo… but it wasn’t me that was pregnant.” She slowly took his hand in hers.
  • “But I’ll be glad to have you as the father of my children.”

Kirigakure Saizo

  • He was just back from his mission when Yukimura ran up to him excitedly.
  • “Saizo! Saizo!! You need to hear this!!” Yukimura was rushing to tell him.
  • “I’m here little lord, you don’t have to yell so loud…” Saizo sighed as he strode towards him.
  • “Haven’t you heard?! MC is pregnant!” Yukimura spoke excitedly.
  • “Pregnant?! The l-little lady?”
  • Saizo had a shocked expression on his face. It wasn’t everyday that you see a shocked Saizo.
  • He wouldn’t have believed something so straight away if it came out of someone else’s mouth, but it was Yukimura that’s telling him.
  • Yukimura couldn’t wait any longer and dragged Saizo all the way to MC.
  • Saizo didn’t mind it because yukimura always does that, of the mix of emotions running through him.
  • He dragged him all the way to MC.
  • “MC, tell him! tell him!” He sounded very VERY excited. Boi you aren’t the father of those bbs, calm down
  • “Umm… t-tell him what?” MC looked troubled as she turned to Yukimura.
  • “ABOUT THE BABY!” He left the words to fall off his lips without much thought.
  • “B-baby?!!” MC was shocked, she wasn’t pregnant and she doesn’t know how Saizo would react to this.
  • She loved him and wanted to have a family with him but she didn’t know what he thought about children.
  • “S-Sazio, I-I’m not p-..”
  • “Little lady, I know.” Saizo turned to Yukimura and he knew it was time for him to leave.
  • He looked so sad to hear that MC wasn’t pregnant and wanted to ask what she meant but… Saizo gave him the look.
  • After he was gone, Saizo pulled MC into a hug and stroked her hair.
  • “Little lady…” He slowly cupped her cheek with one hand as he sighed.
  • “A family… it would be nice to have one with you…”

Date Masamune

  • When he hears the news from the retainer he would be happy.
  • A smile would start to climb up his cheeks as a twinkle brightens his eyes.
  • He’d immediately leave in search of you.
  • He makes sure to inform Kojuro that he’s leaving to go for MC beforehand.
  • He strides immediately to the kitchen, where he finds her working there.
  • Masamune started getting worried that something might happen to her now that she’s pregnant and calls for her.
  • MC leaves the work at hand and goes over to him.
  • He takes her hand in his and plays gently with her fingers, stroking her palm and going up to her fingertips before smiling up to her.
  • “Masamune…” She smiled.
  • “MC… when were you going to tell me..?” He whispered back to her with a gentle smile.
  • MC had different thoughts and started blushing.
  • “U-umm… I-… I was going to tell you soon.” She mumbled shyly.
  • He didn’t waste any second as he wrapped his arms around her tightly.
  • “MC…” His lips trembled as he whispered her name.
  • “I can’t wait to meet our child.” He smiled again.
  • “Child?!” MC looked up to meet his eyes.
  • “Mnn..” He nods as he looks into her eyes.
  • MC looks away and bites on her lip.
  • How was she going to tell him that she isn’t pregnant when he has this unfair look on his face.
  • “Masamune…” MC held his hand as she mumbled out in a soft whisper.
  • “I’m-… n-not pregnant.”
  • Her eyes traveled down to the floor as she saw the change in his eyes.
  • “MC…” Masamune’s hand traveled to press to her cheek.
  • “You’re not pregnant?” He asked to make sure.
  • MC shook her head slowly.
  • He pressed their foreheads to one another and whispered to her softly.
  • “You don’t have to look so down…” He slowly caressed her cheek.
  • “We’ll have our own family one day. Me and you, with our little family.”

Katakura Kojuro

  • Kojuro was working all day long and it was late at night when he passed by the retainer.
  • The retainer didn’t notice him at first but when he did, he didn’t forget to congratulate him.
  • “Congratulations Lord Kojuro, I’ve heard you’ll be having a child.”
  • Those words kept on repeating themselves in his head.
  • Over and over again till he got to his room, where he heard his precious girl humming softly.
  • He immediately relaxed when he heard her voice.
  • He entered the room slowly, attempting not to make any sound.
  • He failed. His foot got caught on something on the ground and he almost fell to the ground.
  • MC turned to him and chuckled as she helped him up.
  • “My precious girl.” He pulled her in his embrace as he stroked her hair.
  • He continued stroking her hair till he felt her relax against him.
  • “My dear, make sure you rest today. And tomorrow, and the day after.” He whispered to her with a sigh.
  • “Kojuro?” She looked up to meet his eyes.
  • She was sure that she hadn’t overworked herself or made any mistake as she worked around the castle.
  • Did she do something wrong?
  • He chuckled dryly as he met her eyes.
  • “MC, I just don’t want you or our baby to get hurt.” His hand traveled to her hair as he ruffled it.
  • “Oh..” She nodded as she was about to rest her head against his chest again.
  • Wait. Baby?!!
  • She pulled away and looked up to him in shock.
  • “M-milord, w-what baby?”
  • He chuckled again.
  • “Don’t tell me you forgot.” His hand pressed to her back as he whispered softly.
  • “Our baby, my precious girl.”
  • “B-but I’m not pregnant…” Her fingers trembled as she looked up to him.
  • “Y-you’re not?” His eyes widened.
  • “I-I’m not, w-where did you hear such things?”
  • “I was walking back here, when a retainer congratulated me for your pregnancy…” His eyes traveled down to her hand.
  • “But it seems like he was mistaken…” He looked up again and met her eyes with a soft smile.
  • “But that doesn’t mean we can’t make his words turn to a reality.” A soft chuckle left his lips as his precious girl’s cheek turned into a deep shade of red.
LoveBug Jugbug Part 1

Jughead x Reader

words: 1,371

A/n: Jughead is becoming infatuated with a photography student who shares the same english class, what happens when y/n may have captured a picture of Jason Blossom’s killer?

Y/n pov -

You were in the dark room just behind the photography studio in school, developing some photos you had taken the night before. Looking back at the photos taken of the River and the nature flourishing around it. No one had really been back to the River since Jason’s body was recovered but you couldn’t help going to capture the beauty around. You loved the way you could create art in one single snap of a second, then the moment was yours to hold forever.

You take a look at one of the photos you took of a tree and notice a figure walking in the background. You couldn’t help the nauseous feeling in your stomach at the fact it could have been someone following you, Jason’s killer even. You push the feeling to the back of your head shaking your head, hanging the photo up to dry. You collect your things and unlock the dark room door opening it only to bump into a chest. You look up to see Jughead Jones, tall dark and handsome, staring at you with his always present pissed off facial expression.

“I’m so sorry Jughead, I wasn’t looking where I was going” you explained looking up to his gaze with apologetic eyes. he simply shuffled passed you awkwardly mumbling an “okay” you just shook your head and walked passed Archie stood next to the door. What were they even doing in the studio they didn’t take photography?

Truth of the matter is you’ve been bumping into Jughead an awful lot lately, you were unsure why because your paths had never crossed before, he just always seems to be around whenever you are lately.


(Later that day)

You sat in your usual booth at Pops, camera in your hands looking through photos you’d recently taken. Regulars of the diner waltz in, Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead, they walk straight past you and go over to their usual booth, ordering food and talking intently.

Jughead’s POV -

Me and guys headed to our booth at Pops when I saw her again, just sitting there looking at her camera, she was so captivating I don’t know why but I was just drawn to her. We shared the same English class, she sat three seats away me, everytime I’m near her I just get weird and awkward and end up coming across rude.

“Hey that’s Y/n from English lit right?” Archie suddenly pipes up nodding his head towards the lonesome girl in the booth. “uh yeah, think so” i grumble and put my head down opening up my laptop.

“why don’t you go and sit with her, she’s almost as secluded as you” Veronica jokes lightly pushing my shoulder. “No I don’t wanna sit with her, I don’t even know the girl, besides she’s busy with her camera or whatever” I continue to brush off the people pestering me. “Oh you know you have a crush on her, just go and talk to her” Betty adds.

“Who said I have a crush on her?” I fire back defensively “You did. Just there, stop being so difficult and go talk to the girl” i just frown and shake my head. Archie kicks my leg under the table and gestures towards her.

With a sigh i get up and approach Y/N’s booth, “uh hi mind if I sit?” I ask her she jumps and drops her camera on the table looking up to me with wide eyes. “I uh- yeah sure” I jump down onto the seat beside her and she shuffles round the booth a little. I examine her as she takes a sip from her milkshake and looks back at her camera. “If you don’t mind me asking why are you here?” she quizzes me with a confused look upon her face.

“well, I just noticed you were alone and thought I’d come keep you company, if you don’t mind that is” i replied matter of factly. “So Jughead Jones, perhaps the king of riding solo was concerned for another human beings loneliness” she giggled towards me.

I shook my head with a breathy laugh and look towards her camera.


I notice him looking towards my camera and I suddenly become protective, my hands tightening around it slightly. “can I see some of your pictures?” he asks looking genuinely interested, I hesitate before answer slightly pushing it towards him. “ Um they aren’t that great but yeah I guess” I press the play button on my camera and we scroll through the pictures. He gets closer to me as we scroll, his arm leaning behind me on the booth, I subconsciously lean in closer to him as he looks at a picture in more detail.

“Y/N these are incredible, when do you take these?” he inquires looking at the camera amazed, for all the time I’ve known him i’ve never seen him this, well exhilarated he always seems so glum. “Uh these ones are from the summer onwards, I just take pictures when I’m bored, I like capturing a moment and finding beauty in it, I like to think that in some alternate universe everytime I take a picture, time freezes just for a moment. It’s dumb but it’s nice to be optimistic” I let out a small giggle and a smile. He just looks at me in amazement. “That’s kinda beautiful, it’s eccentric, I like it.” he smiles

we scroll through a couple more photos when he discovers something. “hey when was this taken” Jughead says looking intently at the photo by the river, I click on the photo and the date comes up, July 4th. The day Jason went missing at the river I just so happened to be taking photos of. “whats wrong?” I ask looking concerned at the photo.

“Look there’s somebody there, on the other side of the river, behind that tree..” he points out zooming into the photo. “What, no. there can’t be” i breathe out in disbelief, I take the camera and zoom right into the area he was talking about, just there on the screen was a dark figure standing just behind a tree. “ I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before” i say shocked. Jughead’s arm comes down to my side as we examine the photo but it was too dark to see who it was.

“Is there anyway we can make this clearer? you may have caught Jason’s killer on camera” just the thought sent shivers down my spine, I stare blankly for a moment, Jughead’s hand coming in contact with my thigh in a soothing manner, he could tell I was freaked out.

“um I think if i can crop the picture on my laptop and edit it to lower the contrast and adjust the brightness we may be able to see a bit clearer” I say.

“Don’t worry about it right now, lets just forget about it for a while and chill yeah?” he says quietly, still sensing my nervousness towards the situation. “Do you wanna head back to the Drive-In with me?” he suggests a smile on his face.

“the drive-in?” i question “Yea, uh thats where I reside” he says with a beautiful smug look contorted on his face. I just smile and nod and we get up exiting the Diner.

We go to the drive in and Jughead takes me into the projection room where there was a bed set up and a bunch of posters. “wow you’ve got the perfect nihilistic teenage sad boy room, haven’t you” i giggle. “Hey!” He playfully punches my arm “I’m kidding, it’s actually quite perfect” i sigh sitting myself down on his bed. I take my phone out playing some music on a playlist and put it to the side. ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie comes on, Jughead looks at me in disbelief “you like good music too, damn” he says shaking his head, I just laugh and get up off the bed pulling him to dance with me, the silly flailing limbs just displayed the perfectness of the scene. We were two weird lonely kids joining together . Now we just need to discover who was in that photo.