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So. Um. Hmm. 

For the sake of my own personal mental health… At least for a little while, I think I’m going to be putting out supports that personally make me feel nice. Or even like the angsty-but-happy-in-the-end kind of nice. This will probably end up being mostly cute girls falling in love. And it also kind of nukes the idea for a Corrinsexual-exclucively-focused update. Sorry about that. 

I love you all, and please take care of yourselves. If nothing else maybe my blog can become a tiny pool of happy gayness in an ocean of terror. I’m here for you all. We need to stick together.

I have no clue what happened, I’m pretty sure there are colors that shouldn’t go there but I’m not thinking very well because I’m super tired and about to pass out XD I’m pretty sure when i wake up I’m just gonna be seeing this as trash but for now i think its ok XD I’m so out of practice with drawing on my Nintendo so thats why this is pretty cruddy.
Have a swirl in his winter coat/jacket/hoodie? Im not sure what it is, with his um, tiny gaster blasters!XD

*Distressed Pacifica Noises*

the sort of sequel to this

also this is an au now i guess?


Man I love silly reactions they are the best ones :)


*Sees something rolling in the distance and asks the person next to him what it is*

PERSON: “It’s just a buffalo”


*He is having a laugh with the members until he looks behind them and stops*

SH: “Um… there is a Buffalo rolling behind you”


S: “Wait so everyone else just saw that right?”

CHEN: “What are you talking about”

S: “I literally just saw a buffalo roll down the street”

C: “Okay we get it you miss Kris, but try not to let your imagination run away with you”


CY: “Hey do you remember when Kris said roll like a buffalo and we were all the like wtf is wrong with you?”

MEMBER: “Yeah well he was right, look over there!”


BH: “Yeah… thats not something you see on a daily basis, I think I’ll just exit the vicinity now”


MEMBER: “Come Kyungsoo why are you still standing there?”

*Doesn’t even respond just wonders what the hell is going on*


*He is having a conversation with one of the staff members and his expression changes so quickly the person wondered what he said wrong*

STAFF: “Why are you looking at me like that?”

C: “I’m looking behind you and I think you should too”


*Sees the incoming buffalo and makes a run for it*

T: “Nope this pretty face is not getting squished today”


L: “I always said Kris was right, I knew they could roll”


*Joins in*

K: “HA, i told you guys they could roll and I was right”

Seriously though type in buffalos rolling on you tube and click on the top video it’s just full of Exo fans who wondered if they could roll or not in the comments, and there is a Yahoo answer on it trololol


L: “Hey kai please tell me you see a buffalo rolling over there?”

K: “Woah, I do what’s it doing around this area rolling about willy nilly”

L: “I don’t know but it looks like it’s having a good time”


XM: “Yeah it’s totally normal for me to watch a buffalo roll down the street on a Friday night”

so I was tagged by @16isinlovewith18 (thanks!) okay so lets do this

name: bekah

nicknames: bex is the only one i can think of thats not embarrassing 

star sign: do u mean sun sign because capricorn. (moon is virgo and rising is gemini) 

height: 5’9 yikes

sexual orientation: bi

hogwarts house: hufflepuff hell yeah

favorite colour: pastels

favorite animal: i love all animals honestly but. dog

time right now: 10:58

cat or dog person: yikes um. dog.

favorite fictional character: ginny weasley

favorite singer/band: one direction

dream job: author

when was this blog created: i think like two years ago idk

current number of followers: almost to 700

what made you decide to make a tumblr: i wanted to be apart of the fandom 

i tag @dimpledgucci @xoziva @sapphicscarlett and @fondfordays :))

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Favorite color (be ultra specific)

um, like that sorta off shade of red thats peachy salmony sort of (its not pink, cos i hate pink) but i think thats the color i’m really loving right now xD tho any shade of Red is FABULOUS

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Sesame Street


I’m gonna get this mixed up with muppets or whatever its been so long

The first character I fell in love with: Elmo?
The character who is my ‘baby’: ???????
The character who I do not understand: the like… critique old guys? thats sesame street right?
The character that I think the show ruined: cookie monster? doesnt he eat like vegetables now?
The most attractive male and female character: UM
The character death that was the worst for me: the vampire guy? He dead right lololol
The character that is the most like me: Beaker
The character I think the writer(s) love: Elmo? Literally theres merch
The character that I just want to be happy: oscar?
My four favorite characters, past or present: Beaker, Professor Honeydew, the Count, Big Bird
My four least favorite characters, past or present: The two old critique guys? oscar? ???

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hetero film dude

um ofcourse carol and therese arent in love and its just a phase cause they sisddint have sex after their first dinner date like um exucse me , me and my GIRLfriend had sex nebfore we ebven knew each others names so like now THATS ROMAnce also CArol is a predeetor cause  therese is so young but im 42 and my 18 YEAROLD girlfiend is so mature so its Ok that movie it SOOO COLD anad i cant SEE any emotion they just Stare at each other sometimes for TOO LONG so,…,,.,../;’;[;l

it’s been years since i’ve been into panty and stocking, but the art style looked to me like something mettaton should be drawn in.

((please do not repost or use my work without permission))


[pm] Thats right its your birthday. Crap. Oh god I’m a horrible boyfriend I forgot i totally forgot until now and i dont have a present for that. Fuck. Crap. I can’t.

Oh ok. That’s. Um thats good, because I wanted to take you on a date. Um. As of now I still have to work, but I think Nora might let me out of work if you want me to be there. If not thats cool tool, we can just go on a date in the evening when i get off. Um yea.

[pm] You really don’t have to miss work if you don’t think you can. I know money is tight right now. I don’t even know if I will take a half day or not. I’ve always just been very eh about the holiday. I mean obviously this year is different since I have you. But I just have a lot of work to get done.

So tell me more about what this date entails

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UM..hi. I wanted to ask you what were your thoughts about the last couple of chapters of Haikyuu (if you've read them of course). 'cause I really enjoyed when you analysed chapter 219 :D and I've been internally screaming in pain since 223 came out.

tladjfa HI I’m reading it right now brb


Okay, so this is gonna be a current manga spoilery post (Ch 223 out 9/21), so proceed with caution. I’m going off the mangapark translations!

BOLD OPENING STATEMENT: I think we should remain calm. 

Please take all this with a grain of salt, because I might be catastrophically wrong and am simply theorizing!!! Furudate is incredibly good at leaving character emotions and motivation up to interpretation. Kageyama may indeed go off the deep end again. But one thing I am fairly sure of: this will all end happily with a big gay KageHina scene, because it’s Haikyuu, so NOBODY PANIC YET ok

Everything’s not 100% fine, but I think it’s on the low end of Not Fine - this arc probably started way back from when Miya called Kags a “goody two shoes”. It doesn’t get wrapped up at all when he’s in the training camp, and I think we’re finally on our way to a conclusion. But we have to go a couple chapters back to figure out what I think is going on with Kageyama right now.

At the end of Chapter 219, Kageyama and Miya actually sit and have a chat after a game. Miya tells Kageyama that people who can’t hit his Really Great tosses are “scrubs”, that they suck. And Kageyama, I think, hears that and needs to take some time to process what it means.

He then asks Miya what he meant when he called him a goody two shoes, and Miya says that he meant exactly that. Kageyama is hard working and honest. 

So, Miya is kind of a stuck up asshole. He’s good, but he lords it over people. He’s acting a bit like middle school Tobio, in fact. But despite what people think about him, Kageyama is not like that. He appears that way sometimes, but it comes from a different place. And he’s been trying very hard to move past giving people that perception.

He’s still thinking about what Miya meant when he gets back to Karasuno. When Kageyama asks Ukai about the goody two shoes comment in Chapter 222, Ukai responds, “There is no greater toss than one that is easy for the spiker to hit.” (I love you Keishin) This is advice from the former coach Ukai, so I think it’s safe to say Kageyama will seriously take those words to heart. Kageyama is constantly thinking and analyzing what it means to be the most effective setter possible, and he’s grown to realize (with a lot of help from Oikawa) that this means he needs to think about the ways he can best assist his team and help them get to the top. 

And I think that ultimately, he doesn’t want his tosses to be too hard to hit. Even if he is way above their level, the people who can’t spike his tosses aren’t “scrubs”. He learned this back in Kitagawa Daiichi - and Furudate is pulling HARD on those memories through these past two chapters, look at the very first page image! 

This to me looks like a memory after Kageyama had really started to fall apart re: teamwork. But all of this feels more like Furudate is calling back to the things he learned because of his mistakes in middle school (he even does this in Ch 219 with Hinata remembering Kageyama talking about how afraid he was). Kageyama has learned he needs to adjust to his teammates’ level, which for him means nailing pinpoint accuracy for every single person he tosses to.

BUT - this is Kageyama. And Kageyama is demanding when it comes to giving it your all in volleyball. And if he is giving it his all, then in his mind, we know, this means that there’s NO REASON whatsoever for anybody else on his team not to do the same thing.

But this means different things to different players! And we see this happen three times over the course of the game so far with Date Tech.

1) Nishinoya performs a rolling thunder receive, SAVES THE BALL, but inadvertently gets in the way of the back attack run up. Kageyama calls him out on this not to reprimand him but to make him realize that he could have slowed down the play. IMPORTANTLY: Noya agrees, and all is well. Prior to his realization, Noya was 100% committed to saving the ball - now he’ll probably keep positioning in mind more, too.

2) Tsukki doesn’t jump again for the block, knows he fucked up. Kageyama calls him out on it - Tsukki responds predictably. If that had been one of the other players, a) they probably would have acknowledged it first and Kageyama would have stayed quiet or b) Kageyama would have said something and they would have agreed, like Noya. But Tsukki internalizes and learns, and doesn’t feel the need to HOLLER OUT every little thing he does. Yamaguchi sees it, because he knows him. Kageyama is the least connected to him, and also probably the worst at catching social cues, so he does a Kageyama Thing and flaps his mouth off. But Tsukki, in his way, is committed and working hard here.

3) Asahi’s slow follow up. He immediately puts the blame on himself. He’s thinking about getting past that block, but he realizes that he’s too caught up in his own head. Also relevant: any time in the past Kageyama feels his toss is off (and he would know) he apologizes and asks what he can do better. And Asahi has told him what kind of tosses he likes best. So this isn’t Asahi being overly apologetic; the toss simply wasn’t off. 

Kageyama then asks him to decide on what he’s going to do faster. In my opinion, this is the harshest one - because it’s poor ASAHI. But we also know that Asahi is perfectly capable of being decisive and dominant on the court. I don’t think Kageyama is trying to be harsh or overly critical, here. I think if he’d really been out of line, Daichi would have stepped in. I think Kageyama is just observing that Asahi is “really off his game” like Suga said, and is trying to snap him back into the zone for the sake of the team and the game. 

Tsukki says the training camp is supposed to have been good for Kageyama, but instead it’s regressing him back to his tyrant king ways. But, I don’t think that’s entirely true. For one, it’s the Salt King saying this, and he’s already pissed at Kageyama for calling him out and being right about it. 

Especially now that Tsukki (as we’ve seen from HIS training camp) really is starting to think critically about the game at all times, and put a great deal more effort into it. I think he’s probably just looking for a dig here, rather than making a 100% factual statement.

Because I really don’t see the same vitriol and anger and actual desperation in the things Kageyama is saying and doing in this chapter, compared to the Kitagawa Daiichi vs Yukigaoka game. Back then, he was furious, with his team’s unwillingness to listen to him as well as their inability to keep up. 

But I don’t see that in this current chapter: 

He’s under stress, he’s trying to think of a million things at once, they’re down a couple points and yet… he’s not pissed, he’s just working hard. 

My first reaction was to be legit proud of him in these moments. Maybe that’s just my kneejerk reaction where Kageyama is concerned (it is, it 100% is my kneejerk reaction where Kageyama is concerned), but he was so not being a tyrant in these moments at all! He’s not demanding to know why people aren’t working harder, he’s actively trying to show them how to improve. Even in Tsukishima’s case, he shows active trust in his teammate instead of disbelief and frustration, because he knows Tsukishima could have done better. It’s not like in middle school where he was screaming at people who couldn’t spike his insane, impossible sets. He knows Tsukki could have done better, and he tells him so. Tsukki is just mad because he knows it too.

This brings us back around to the goody two shoes bit. I don’t think Kageyama agrees with Miya about the fundamentals behind getting people to hit your tosses. Sure, Miya is an excellent setter. But so is Kageyama, and he knows first hand that a team is by definition not one person being great. It’s all the players, covering for each other, and I think that’s what he’s trying to do here. Kageyama is a phenomenal player, but this means that he has to bring the whole team up to his level. Not just stand there shouting and leaving them in his dust. That just leaves him without a team, not the other way around.

Final note:

Hinata understands Kageyama better than anyone. Like back at the training camp, Hinata is watching and observing one of the players he himself looks up to most - and I honestly do not see any dismay or frustration or even his usual “oh crap, Kageyama is mad” panic. He’s contemplative, but he’s not really… worried? 

So I don’t think we need to be worried yet, either. But if Kageyama does get out of line, I’m fully confident in Hinata and Karasuno’s abilities to bring him right back into the center of the team where he belongs. 

Years from now..
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Kid:</b> Mom my teacher told me about this One Direction I think? Did you know about them?<p/><b>You:</b> *look up from the carrot your're cutting and give your son a gentle smile as memories comes back* Yes I used to be a fan<p/><b>Kid:</b> Who was the first to leave?<p/><b>You:</b> *Feel a pang in your chest* Zayn<p/><b>Kid:</b> Where were you when he left?<p/><b></b> And thats when it hits you, you were in your room..crying, torn, confused, broken and helpless. You couldn't do anything to stop him from leaving. You could just be happy for him<p/><b>You:</b> *A tear slide down your cheek* in my room..<p/></p><p/></p>


so basically im a lonely fucker who needs attention and also?? people to talk about cosplay and con plans with so im making a net >:) 


rules and stuff

  • this is mostly a net for trans/queer ppl ngl im just more comfy that way
  • reblog this post?? you can like it as a book mark idc
  • mbf me kydhaise!!
  • have to be a cosplayer duh
  • fill out the dang application okie dokie 
  • 18 is the max age
  • looking for ACTIVE group chats

cool things

  • meet new people
  • get to talk to my gay ass
  • selfie reblogs B)))
  • con meetups!!!
  • make cosplay plans with other people !!
  • express your outright and eternal HATRED of anime (disgusting) 
  • um thats all i can think of right now 

✩ ✩ ✩

!!!! I’m adding new members to the net and I’ll be picking them between now and Oct 31!!!

“Stoß mich an allen Ecken blaumein Kopf kullert durchs Treppenhausich muss ihn retten, ich geb nicht aufwährend ich mit mir um die Wette lauf”

hello everyone i have to move back home to texas with my parents this friday

my ticket’s already paid for so thats not a problem but i do need money, i think, for a cab, for food, for any carry-on charges, and to be able to help support myself a bit when i get home

my family isnt rich, neither am i, and my funds are dwindling and my commissions don’t take me too far right now, not with having to pay some bills i didnt think i’d have to pay. i have a lot i wont even be able to take with me.

i already had to rehome my dog.

so.. um..

if you can spare anything, just a few dollars maybe shit, idk, please send it to ;__;

hey mutuals (and followers!!!)

I’m think I’m gonna make a fandom family page on my tumblr!!! 1) because I love you guys 2) because im only 8 away from my next hundred 3) because I have a three day weekend heck yeah


all you have to do is:

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  • and include 1 or 2 others that you want just incase your first priority is already taken

I think thats it, thank you!!!! please join fam

my dash flicks between being dead or being full of stuff i dont care about so i decided to make one of these finally so um, please like/reblog this post if you post any of the following:

  • rvb/rwby/general rtah stuff
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ye i think thats. about all i got for now idk thank u